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EDITORIAL Dear Partners As we reach the mid-point of 2014, it is really exciting to reflect back on what has been achieved already this year – and to look forward to the future. These last few months have seen various team members and volunteers travelling to South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Northern India, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia and Sri Lanka! There has been much to do, but also so much encouragement. Whilst some of these destinations involved the beginning of new work, in many locations we were building upon what has gone before. I’m sure you can imagine the thrill of seeing all that is developing and growing - seeds that have been sown beginning to now bear fruit, both metaphorically and literally. We have witnessed real individual and community transformation. Less children and adults dying from preventable disease; those who had been alcohol dependent not just set free but spreading Good News in their communities; crops producing more return for less or no cost; new businesses started and thriving, providing much needed income to the poorest; village chiefs determining to lead in ways which reflect the Kingdom of God, and regularly meeting for prayer and Bible study; marriages restored, providing new hope for wives, husbands and children...I hope you get a flavour of our excitement as you read the articles. Looking ahead we are planning trips to take place in the latter part of the year, once more visiting several nations, continuing and extending our work. We will be publicising more details as the year goes on through our website, our Facebook page and our monthly email newsletter, e:Link. It could well be that some of you reading this magazine are not currently on our distribution list for this newsletter, but would like to be. It really is a great way of keeping right up to date with our news. Please use it to help you pray for us! You can subscribe by emailing and asking to be added to our distribution list. We are also finding time at the start of October to celebrate all that God is doing and raise more resources to support this work, with our Gala Dinner. It would be great to see loads of you there. You can read more about this in the magazine, and we will be sending out regular updates with our newsletter. I recently used a new phrase in describing all that is happening with us: Links in action – God at work! I hope you will be encouraged as you read just a small selection of stories that show how we see that happening.

BILLY KENNEDY That they might be one I have long given up the notion that there is a single secret to success. No individual programme or following a prescribed set of steps will automatically lead to greater fruitfulness. We are all unique. Every leader is unique. Every situation is unique. Every community is unique.

down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.

My experience is that it is by trial and error, experimentation, listening to God, responding to the environment and making the most of the challenges we face, that we get to a place of productivity and fruitfulness.

Reading this Scripture I realised that unity was not an optional extra. If we were to see what we wanted to see in our towns and cities then we had to do it with the rest of God’s people.

However, we do find a place in Scripture where a greater measure of anointing is guaranteed, a refreshing that leads to fruitfulness can be seen and there can be a certainty of God’s blessing upon our lives. That Scripture is Psalm 133. How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running


It is as if the dew of Hermon, were falling on Mount Zion. For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore.

In John 17 Jesus prayed for the Church, “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one - I in them and you in me - so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

The unity Jesus prayed for was a particular type of unity. It was the unity that existed in the Godhead between Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It was a unity that honoured the distinctiveness of the individual members but described the love, honour and respect that bound them together as one. Theologians have coined the term ‘perichroisis’ to describe this divine dance. Alistair McGrath writes that it “allows the individuality of the persons to be maintained, while insisting that each person shares in the life of the other two. An image often used to express this idea is that of a ‘community of being’, in which each person, while maintaining its distinctive identity, penetrates the others and is penetrated by them.” For too long churches have been competitors for people in a membership market and we need to move to become partners who together could lead our towns and cities into life. In Philippians 1: 3 – 5 Paul says,


“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now…” The word that is translated ‘partnership’ here is the word ‘koinonia’. In the New Testament ‘koinonia’ is translated as fellowship, communion, gift and partnership. It describes the deep communion we experience in Christ, the unity that binds together the Body of Christ, the very practical implications of taking responsibility for one another and the co-labouring in the gospel as Paul describes in Philippians 1. If we are to see the impact of the gospel in our towns and cities that we long to see then I believe that one of the prerequisites is what we do with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Only in our togetherness can we present Christ in all his fullness to the world.

Billy and his wife Caroline Kennedy are Senior Leaders of New Community, Southampton. Billy also leads Pioneer, a network of more than 80 partnership churches of various sizes and with varying structures, that can be found across the UK – with many more associate churches in mainland Europe, Africa, India, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Kingdom Resources – Resourcing the Kingdom! Here is a recent message we received in thanks for one of our regular Kingdom Resources parcels. You can read more at the end of this magazine. Thank you so very much for the parcel with a book, music CD and message CD and your magazine. Your choice of the book, music and message CD is good quality spiritual stuff. Missionaries like us who get very little input because we are away from the city are blessed with this gift which enriches us and also takes us to international input. We pray blessings for those who sponsor these parcels, their little giving brings richest results in the lives of us who meet the most deserved in dark places. Indeed it motivates us to go a further mile for the Lord.

Billy Kennedy


LINKS TRIPS Malawi Trip March/April 2014 This trip had two teams operating. Ian and Liz Linton, Lucy Reveley, Chris Blackburn and Cathy Stewart led the first team with the second comprising Andy and Lina Read. Both teams were together for 48 hours, working with Hope Missions in Lilongwe. Here are just some of the highlights.

Community Healthcare in Gunde

Gunde is a village on the outskirts of Lilongwe where we conducted training alongside Hope Missions Ministries. What we saw and heard there illustrates what can happen when our training and strategy works at its best.


Hope first started visiting Gunde at the request of the Village Development Committee (VDC) in Chapsinja – a

village where we have done a lot of work together. The Chapsinja VDC began taking the Community Healthcare training with which they had been equipped out to Gunde, and did a great job. Links then came alongside and provided more training, and now the Gunde CHC team are training others. Here is what Lucy – a first time Links team member – observed. “The whole team has been involved in training around Gunde since October. Their training has included issues to do with malaria, epilepsy, meningitis, diarrhoea and safe water. They have used drama, songs and explanations, and their training has been well received. We spent an afternoon walking around the village and it is obvious that the training is being put into practice. Virtually every home had a latrine and many had a simple form of a ‘Tippy’ (a hand-washing device). The village was clean and tidy.”

Leadership Development It is generally true that when we consider all the training and projects in which we are involved with our partners, the places where it works best are those that have the best leadership in place on the ground. For that reason alone it makes a lot of sense for us to invest in training leadership – both traditional and church. Also, of course, as much as possible we want to see Godly leadership in place, for the general good of the communities we serve. On this trip Links CEO, Andy Read was privileged to have the opportunity to run two one-day training sessions with two sets of leaders. In both he used materials that combined Heartlife principles

LINKS TRIPS ( with some ideas and activities pulled together for Links by Dan Turner, Managing Director of Bunches. The first day took place in Gunde, with twelve village leaders, including the Group Village Head (GVH). For some months now this group has met together each week for a time of prayer and Bible study (using Bibles provided by Links). It was an amazing time of sharing hearts and learning. Andy’s starting point was that there were things about what they have to do as leaders that would be outside of his knowledge and expertise – so Andy listened to them. From there they went on to see how the principles they were looking at could apply to their real life situations. The day ended with a ‘prophetic’ action as they all crossed over a line scratched in the dirt outside, symbolising moving from previous ways of leading to new ways that God was showing them.

The second day was held in the Church of Pentecost building in Blantyre, and pulled together around forty traditional church leaders from the communities of Chadzunda, Machinjiri, Maziabango and Mpembe. The day ran in a very similar way, though the numbers involved made it possible to use more group-based activity. Once again I was so encouraged to see a wide range of leaders, some quite young and some certainly less so, determining to change and move forward.


It was so encouraging that in many places the teams visited they saw evidence of the simple agricultural principles we have begun being put into practice. Beehives are a-buzzing – and honey is beginning to come. Moringa

trees are taking root and growing, providing future hope of increased nutrition for poor families. Most dramatic were the fields of maize – with tall plants producing large, healthy cobs, which had been fertilised using pitcompost as shown in our training. This free resource is producing crops which are far outstripping plants grown using insufficient quantities of expensive commercial fertiliser. ‘Links in action, God at work.’


LINKS TRIPS ZAMBIA TRIP APRIL 2014 In April, Andy and Lina Read with Lucy Reveley traveled to Zambia to follow up on development initiatives that began last October and to further the relationship by implementing Community Healthcare and MED training. They partnered once again with Lackson and his wife Fainess, Links partners from Blantyre. Since our last visit to Zambia in October, Shiloh Hands of Hope gathered the local communities and government officials together to participate in restoring and reopening local boreholes and the planting of 500 moringa trees in seven different areas. When we arrived we were happy to see that the work was done so well. Lackson drove us by a large field to share their vision for a Headquarters and Training Centre and where they had planted the moringa trees we brought on our last trip. We also journeyed to the community of Mapala to see the restored borehole that was reopened after four years without use.


Sadly, a few days before we arrived, a member of Lackson’s volunteer team called Jeff had passed away. Instead of the usual Sunday morning gathering, I was asked to speak at Jeff’s funeral. They assured me that they felt it was God’s will that I was there at that time to speak at the funeral. The first day of training we continued to honour Jeff by challenging all involved to continue his work in community development.

For this initial training, we had delegates from five communities. We began by introducing them to Links, and working through a needs assessment.

We discovered needs including: clean water, lack of food, malaria, diarrhoeal diseases, education, family planning and more in the surrounding areas. Lucy and I trained half of the team in Community Healthcare and Lina trained the others


in MED. At the conclusion of the time, we strategised action plans for the future development in Lundazi and the villages nearby. Another trip to Zambia is tentatively

scheduled for the autumn of this year to continue our work in Lundazi, to build upon what has already begun there and to possibly extend our partnerships into communities beyond where we have already started to see Kingdom work.

If you would like to be involved in the ongoing work in Zambia, please mark any gifts ZAMBIA. Thank you!

Andy Read CEO of Links


LINKS TRIPS GHANA TRIP MARCH 2013 Andy and Lina Read travelled to Ghana to reconnect with the Church of Pentecost (CoP), the very place where Links began in 1979. They were met by the Apostle Johnson Agyemang Baduh, Church of Pentecost (Johnny). When we first arrived in Ghana we were taken to the new CoP Convention Centre complex. This is an AMAZING centre, with auditoriums for 5000, 2000, 800 and 200 people, plus a large catering complex and many accommodation blocks, set in acres of land. Johnny had asked if we could go for the last couple of hours of the last day of a retreat for the leaders of the churches in his area, and if I could bring a short word; I had no idea of the scale of this. I went thinking I might be addressing 60 or so leaders, but in the event I spoke to 1200 people in an auditorium which could hold 5000. Pastors from one of the congregations where I was due to speak the next day warned me that they were having an ‘African Sunday’ so I might want to wear something appropriate – so a trip to the shops was necessitated before


the hotel and a long sleep! I had been asked to speak twice on the Sunday morning; once at an English speaking congregation with a start time of 7.30am, and once at another congregation starting at 10.30am. The first had numbers of around 500 and the second around 300. All seemed to go well. We had the opportunity to see two communities while we were there that could be where we start new work with a Links team. The first was Oduman, where we were met by two pastors, Apoti and Martin, before driving further out to a more rural area, where we were met by the local chief and his son. We were invited to explain why were visiting and explain a little about the work of Links International. We were also able to ask a few initial questions about the community and their needs. It was clear that Community Healthcare training, Micro-enterprise Development and the Agriculture techniques that we are able to bring would all be both appreciated and needed. For example, there are very few latrines in the whole community.

Later that same day, we visited a second area, nearer the coast called Tettegu. The people in this community are part of the Ewe tribe, who speak the same language as that spoken by the Togo people. They are largely a fishing community, also catching land crabs from around the lake near the village. We were met by a number of people from the CoP church community, including the district pastor Tawiah and his wife Tabitha. A representative of the community chief also came to meet with us. Once again we explained our presence and the work of Links, before being given a short tour of the area. It seems like this could be a viable opportunity for Community Healthcare Training in the future.


On our last day we were taken to the National HQ of CoP in Accra – and actually their International HQ. We were welcomed warmly, with many speaking of the historical connection between CoP and Links. One of the more significant meetings was with the head of PENTSOS, which is the CoP Social Services department. We talked about the possible ways in which Links could serve the CoP vision in Ghana, broadly within their existing identified priorities. I was also asked to speak at a ‘prayer meeting with the theme of healing and deliverance.’ Once again I had no real concept of the numbers of people or character of the meeting. As it turned out, I spoke to a congregation of just over 1000 people in a very enthusiastic atmosphere! One word of knowledge for healing that I had was followed up by the meeting leader, and a lady seemed to be healed of whatever was preventing her raising her arm above shoulder level. Many others also professed healing.

After lunch, we went for a short meeting with Apostle Dr. Opoku Onyinah, the Chairman of CoP. Again, we were greeted warmly and he expressed a desire that we should work with CoP in Ghana once more. I was invited to speak at the Council meeting for a few minutes about Links’ work and possible ways of working together. I also expressed something of a sense of ‘rightness’ about reconnecting with the roots of Links. The Chairman referred back to a prophetic word he had received from Norman Barnes many years ago, that spoke of advancement which, as he pointed out, has happened! To read more about our visit to the CoP, you can visit the website at


LINKS GIFTS Training course places - Worldwide

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Moringa Trees - Worldwide

Our trips usually provide training in healthcare, micro-enterprise and education. Attendees are keen, so we’d like to accommodate more.

One kit (including spare candle) provides clean water for more than two years: £45

Micro-Enterprise Investment

Setting up a family in a sustainable business helps them work their way out of poverty. Loans are repaid over 6 months, so the investment helps two families each and every year!

One initial investment: £100-£250

LINKS GIFTS Mosquito Nets (Africa)

Solar Lamps

Malaria kills more people around the world than the AIDS virus and a mosquito net can protect a whole family.

For school children to study in the evening, for families, and to generate income from mobile phone charging.

One net: £7

Large: £40 Small: £10

Links Air Miles

Contribution to Trust Fund

We have calculated that, on average, it costs Links £7.50 per 100 miles to send a central team member to monitor progress at one of our communities.

Our Trust fund pays for the central costs of all that we do and, whilst we aim to be good stewards, core funding is often a challenge.

100 Links Air Miles: £7.50

Sample contribution: £5

These are just some of the gifts that are available. Please have a look at to see the full range of ways in which you can bless others. Thank you for your support.



please cut along the dotted line


PROJECTS Tamboka - Bikes for Learning One of our partners in Malawi, the Foundation for Education and Social Development (FESODEV) in Blantyre, told us about a problem they had discovered amongst high school aged girls who live in the communities of Machinjiri and Chandzunda. “We have learned with great concern about a challenge to the education of girls in the two communities where we are partnering with you to bring transformation. The communities face high drop outs of girls from secondary schools. This is due to traveling long and hilly distances from home to school. This leads to numerous girls getting to class late and tired. That badly affects the girls’

The project has gone ahead with support from Links. When Links CEO Andy Read recently visited the communities with his wife – and Links Trustee – Lina, they were able to meet some of the girls who are benefitting, hear more about their challenges and officially present some of the bikes. performance and gives them a negative attitude towards school. For this reason the girls often choose to drop out and are getting early marriages.” The solution that FESODEV suggested was to provide bicycles for these girls. They identified an initial group of forty to share twenty bicycles. In this way the bikes remain shared, rather than becoming the personal property of just one girl. They will then be ‘recycled’ when the original girls finish their schooling. They also planned training for the girls, to include simple bicycle care and maintenance.

There are still more girls who face these challenges in these and other villages. Education is extremely important for the future development of both the individuals and their communities. If you would like to help us to help them, please mark any donations ‘TAMBOKA’. Thank you.

They decided to call this project ‘Tamboka’ which in their local language means ‘We have been rescued’.


LINKS TRIPS Sri Lanka TRIP April 2014 Ann Edmunds and Voon Chan went to Sri Lanka in April where they met up with Graham and Ruth leading Marriage Encounters. They worked alongside Karen Dey with the Paalam Project to facilitate CHC training. They write here about their trip: We arrived at Colombo airport on 1st April and were met by Karen Dey. The next day we travelled to Irupalai in the area of Jaffna in the north of the country. We stayed in the home of Jenny Sinnadurai, the founder of New Living Ministries (NLM) of which Paalam Project is the social action arm. Jenny and Karen, women of great vision and wisdom, work closely together to see that vision becomes a reality. For the trainings, Voon and I had about 32 young adults attending between the ages of 20-30 years in the first week held at the New Living Flame Church. There were about seven distinct villages or communities represented during the first week. The second week we had over 60 adults that attended, representing about nine distinct community areas.


During the first training week, we found village mapping was a helpful opening activity that got people talking and interacting. This was a pictorial representation of the facilities and resources that were already available within the communities. The participants expressed what they were proud of, as well as the challenges they faced, within these communities. This led to a Community Assessment and many areas of challenge and concern were identified. Based on this assessment we looked at the following topics: Alcohol Misuse and Prevention, Diabetes and Child Abuse. The second week was located in a more urban setting and the CHC assessment reflected something of this in relation to some of the challenges raised. The priority areas were identified as: Children and Nutrition, Alcohol Abuse and Child Abuse - very similar to the previous training week. This week of training proved slightly more challenging due to the large numbers of participants, the geographical spread and the need to translate into two different languages (Sinhala and Tamil).

On the final days of training in each location, we talked a bit about Action Plans and the questions that need to be addressed in deciding what actions to take to address the concerns and challenges they are facing in their community. They all received their certificates as well for completing the CHC training course.

It was a fantastic time! It was a great team! The leadership of the Paalam Project is excellent and this has been such a positive factor in visiting Sri Lanka.

LINKS TRIPS MARRIAGE MINISTRY Graham and Ruth Swaffield visited three locations in Sri Lanka in March/ April 2014 for Marriage Encounters. They write here about their trip:


Our hosts in Kandy were Sunil and Janaki. Sunil is the Chairman of the AOG church in Kandy. After arriving, we stopped to meet Pastor Tillekeratne and his wife. They have a marriage ministry and after talking to us they invited us to return later to speak to Church leaders. We spoke to 18 couples there, all Pastors and their wives. Whilst in Kandy, we attended a prayer meeting at Pastor Bandula’s church and he asked us to return on the Sunday following to speak to all the married people in his Church, and we did.


We journeyed by train to Colombo where we met Karen from the Paalam Project who were our hosts for the next two weeks. The next day, after meeting Ann and Voon from Links, we travelled nine hours to Jaffna. We held a Marriage Encounter (very different style this time) as the participants could not stay at night. This was held over four days with Sunday

church in the middle. Graham spoke at the Church service and nine people came to Christ and many came for healing.


After a long return road trip we held another Marriage Encounter for four days (again a different style). Graham spoke again on the Sunday and to our knowledge two came to Christ with many others coming for prayer. On our last day, we spoke at a youth meeting, which lasted two hours longer because of the interest and the many questions they had. The group was divided by gender and this gave the youth an opportunity to ask the ‘hard’ questions. Thank you all for your support and prayers, Graham and Ruth Swaffield


One of those that came to Christ was the husband of a lady that had attended our Marriage Encounter but he only came on the Saturday because of work. This man (a Hindu) had been very violent to his wife over a long period. He went home and removed all the Hindu idols from his home and now has a good relationship with his wife and two children. The change was very evident as his face was very straight and sad but after receiving Christ a smile came that lasted. In Columbo, John told us about his money problems and how he had found it difficult to relate to his wife and son because of this stress. Following the talk about money and trusting God in this area he found release and was able to show affection again to his family. Someone coming from Jaffna told us that the delegates appreciated the teaching and were asking for a ‘Part 2’ next time.


ACT4YOU Beauty from Brokenness Rich red earth, poverty, a large township and an even larger squatter camp, this is Imjandini township in the Low Veld, South Africa. Serving its inhabitants is the Alliance Church of God under the leadership of Pastor Vussy. Beauty from Brokenness partners with the congregation to bring vulnerable children into a place of safety where they are educated, learn about the Gospel and receive three meals a day. A farm, carefully tended by church members, ensures 13 meals can be provided for just £1. Children receive a sound basic education with the help of dedicated Christian teachers. Above all, safety is provided for vulnerable children whilst their parents are working in the fields, and for orphans who need a place of sanctuary. Six newly planted house churches in the hill country are rapidly expanding, one exceeding 50 members. A new building is currently being constructed together with a free crèche as a service to the hill communities. Bibles are provided and Gospel teaching is on the


weekly agenda. Fresh, clean water is a high priority so a standpipe has been installed in the main church and large tanks catch the rainwater and service the farm. On the side of one tank is a large notice quoting John 4:14: ‘Anyone who drinks of this water will thirst again, but anyone drinking the water Jesus gives will never thirst. Knock on the church door for more information.’ The main church has twelve flushing toilets connected to mains facilities. However, the hill church will have to wait for this luxury as roads and drainage do not yet exist. Evangelistic outreach to schools is prioritised, so Beauty from Brokenness partners with local Swazi evangelist Futhie. After taking morning assembly, Primary and Senior School children take up the offer of prayer and many children are committing to Christ, some leaving the gangs that make up a large part of their lives. To encourage new and potential believers, a choir is being used as an outreach (weapons left at the door).

Futhie also helps distribute specially produced packs to help girls’ sanitary needs. Currently, the girls lose one quarter of their education because they have no monthly protection and must stay at home. Beauty from Brokenness’ vision is to develop the house churches, provide refuge and reach out with practical and spiritual help in their areas. It is also committed to providing farms to build up poor immune systems. But above all it exists to promote the Gospel of Jesus and provide safety for vulnerable young lives. For more information, please see: or email info@beautyfrombrokenness.

LINKS USA honourING Norman & Grace As you likely already know, Links was founded by Norman and Grace Barnes after Norman caught a vision for connecting resources with needs around the world through the vessel of strong relationships. One trip to Ghana began what would become a lifetime taking Good News to the poor across the globe. As their network of relationships grew, they were invited to come to America. We are very grateful they felt led to come, and for over 20 years Norman and Grace have been investing into churches, businesses, and friendships for the sake of equipping people for mission and building the Kingdom of God. Thousands of people in America have been influenced by their willingness to go wherever God would send them. Norman and Grace have now entered a new season where they feel the Lord has called them to do less travelling. Though they are travelling less, it now seems that the world is traveling to them more. They are still very much involved in missions, hosting people from around the world, mentoring, and serving their home

church. After one more trip in SeptemberOctober, their trips to the US will cease. Well into those 20+ years, American friends began to catch the vision that Norman and Grace had been living out. As a result, Links USA was born. Links USA is growing steadily, and we have been privileged for Norman to serve as the Chairman of our Board of Directors. It is amazing that one couple’s vision can be infectious enough to bring about so much movement in such powerful ways for the glory of God. Norman’s final sermon in the US will be at The Abbey Church on Sunday, September 21st. It’s hard for us to imagine not having Norman and Grace with us on a regular basis, but what they’ve taught us will continue to bear testimony to their faithfulness through the years.

Legacy Offering On September 19, 2014, Norman and Grace are hosting a reception for their Golden Wedding anniversary in Azle, Texas. Though size has limited the breadth of the event, you can still be a part of honouring them. Norman and Grace have requested that friends consider giving a Legacy Offering in their honour in lieu of gifts. This offering will be used to expand the work of the Links USA office in partnership with Links UK and beyond. There is no greater honour than investing in the amazing work begun by our dear friends. Legacy gifts to Links USA can be made directly on the website: using the ‘give’ tab.

Congratulations on 50 wonderful years, Norman and Grace!

Jason Bollinger Links USA


FUNDRAISING LONDON MARATHON On a sunny day in April, tens of thousands of people lined the streets of London to watch the annual Virgin London Marathon.

At the time of writing, money is still coming in – but it seems likely that including Gift Aid this year’s total will top £13,000, which is a truly wonderful result.

This year we had five runners and they did an amazing job, both in running and raising funds through their efforts. Every year, many people who start running have to drop out, so simply to finish is an amazing achievement – especially on a day as warm as this year’s event proved to be. To finish in such great times is a bonus!

We are now taking applications both for next year’s Virgin London Marathon and also, new for us next year, the British 10K London run. The course for this takes in many iconic London landmarks, including a grandstand finish on Horse Guards Parade. Another fantastic way to run to make a difference around the world.

Amy Berrett 4:59:01 Nick Franey 3:44:52 Stephen Klemich 4:15:50 Debra Mason 2:59:40 Rich Swatton 5:49:52


LINKS EVENTS GALA DINNER October may seem a long way away... ...but NOW is the time to book your places at our next Gala Dinner!

by contacting the Links Office, either by email ( or telephone 01903 778515. 

To sum up…

Following on from the success of last September’s event, our next Gala Fundraising Dinner will take place on October 4th at the wonderful location of the Eton Dorney Boathouse, situated at the 2012 Olympic rowing venue. 


We are pleased to announce details of a fantastic line up for our cabaret entertainment. 
Comedy and mindbending illusions will come from the one and only STEVE LEGG (www. - the man Joe Pasquale called “the second funniest comedy magician I know!” There is more standup from award-winning comedian PAUL KERENSA (www.paulkerensa. com). Aside from performing his own material at prestigious festivals such as Montreal and Edinburgh, Paul is also an established contributor to such shows as Miranda, Not Going Out and The Now Show. 
Plus, after her great sets at last year’s event, we are so pleased

to welcome back TINA OLDHAM and friends ( for music to light up the evening. 

A great meal, fantastic entertainment, encouraging stories from our recent work, wonderful items in our charity auctions, in a beautiful setting…it all adds up to an outstanding evening out! PLUS it all helps to support our work seeing communities transformed around the world. Book now!


We hope you will agree that all of the above, plus a delicious THREE COURSE MEAL with wine, tea, coffee plus a predinner drink all included, represents good value at the standard price of £65 a head. However, it gets better…It would really help us to get bookings in place as early as possible, so we are extending our previously announced ‘Early-Bird’ offer to the end of July. Now, if you purchase a whole table of 8 places, you will be able to buy this for £60 a head. 
Currently tickets can be reserved and purchased



£45 blesses someone with three parcels a year. The parcels remind missionaries and workers that they are loved and thought of. Here are some of the many ‘thank you’ emails we recently received: Greetings to you and your workmates. I want to appreciate Links International for the work they are doing. I and my family have been so much blessed with the books and the CDs you have been sending us. I gained much from your books when I was in


Book: Your Guide to Living Life Out Loud by Dave Bell

the Bible College about two years ago. It helped me during my research time. May God bless your ministry. Uganda Thank you so much again for sending us the beautiful package of a book by Dave Bell, ONE Event 2013 worship CD and a teaching CD by Dave Smith. We are truly grateful to you and all the staff and board of LINKS for your continued faithfulness in sending us these wonderful and powerful materials for us to grow in our Christian behaviour. Please thank all the dear ones there at LINKS and again thank you so much for your service and kindness. India

Teaching CD: ‘Times and Seasons: Preparation and Breakthrough’ Dave Smith

We want to thank you so much for our wonderful gift package, received yesterday. My husband and I are so excited to have the 2013 ONE CD. Last year was the first time we didn’t have anyone buy us one for Christmas and so we were excited to find it in the package. I am looking forward to reading Dave Bell’s book too, having read the first one and really appreciated it. Thank you again for thinking of us and sending these great gifts. Macau A big thank you once again for the package which I received yesterday. As always, it is a great encouragement. Kenya

CONTACT US LINKS OFFICES UNITED KINGDOM (HEAD OFFICE) PO Box 198 Littlehampton West Sussex BN16 3UQ +44(0)1903 778515 SOUTH AFRICA James Bierbrauer UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PO Box 1223 San Marcos, TX 78667 + 1 512 765 4657


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Norman and Grace Barnes, Founders of Links International // Fran Beckett, Charity Consultant // Stuart Bell, Team Leader, Ground Level // Dr Steve Brady, Principal of Moorlands College // Rev Steve Chalke, Founding Director Oasis Trust // Gerald Coates, Pioneer // Dr Patrick Dixon, Global Change // Dr Rowland Evans, Nations // Mrs Faith Forster, Ichthus Christian Fellowship // Dale Gentry, Prayer Breakout Network // Floyd McClung, Formerly International Director YWAM // Micha Jazz, Peaceworks // John Noble, Spiritconnect


Links International works in association with the following ministries to present the challenge of world mission to the Church.


Links Magazine is sent free of charge to our partners and on request. All gifts to Links International are acknowledged and used as directed and designated; if the designated project has already been fully funded, discontinued, or cannot be completed for reasons beyond the control of Links International, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to use the funds for other similar projects, where most needed. Undesignated gifts are used for the general purposes of the Trust under the direction of the Trustees. Our accounts are audited annually. A copy of our report and accounts is available upon request. As a registered charity, Links operates its own Gift Aid scheme. Further details are available on request. All cheques should be made payable to Links International. Registered charity number 327000

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£8 x 12 months = Transformational Investment At Links International we are always grateful for any financial gifts we receive to support our work. Whether the monetary value is high or low we realise that each and every one represents an expression of commitment, love and care for the people around the world who benefit. Of course, when donors are able to make a regular commitment that is hugely helpful. Regular giving allows us to plan to make longer term commitments to projects and partners. In short, they help us with the sort of sustainability that we encourage in our work overseas. So, would you consider making a regular standing order to our work? Just £2 a week - that’s £8 per month - can make a real difference. And 100 such donations would give us nearly £10,000 to help change lives and transform communities around the world! Please use the enclosed form or contact us at




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