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If you are planning a nappy cake to take to your next baby shower, here are some great ideas for those little gifts to tuck inside. They will make all the difference, and your nappy cake will be the star of the show. In case the nappy cake is new to you and you don't know what one is, it's a present made out of rolled-up nappies or diapers, formed into the shape of a wedding cake with up to three tiers and filled with little baby gifts. Before we get onto the gifts, a quick word about the nappies or diapers themselves. Although many nappy cake recipes call for disposables, a nice touch these days is to use cloth nappies, especially eco-friendly cloth nappies, because this gives your cake the kudos of being more environmentally friendly. Now, we move onto the gifts themselves. Take a look at this inspiring list: A one-piece baby suit is something that any new mother can always use so why not tuck one of these into your cake for starters? Try to go for quality because they take a hammering in the wash. Burp cloths are great because they are inexpensive and small enough that you can fit several in between the nappies in your cake. How about a set of teething rings? Now these are going to be in the baby's mouth, so make sure you use a reputable baby store. Little bottles of baby wash, baby shampoo and baby talc are always well-received because the average baby will get through an awful lot of each of these. Because they are to be gifts, try to go for something a little more special than the usual brands. Perhaps something from a natural range would be especially appealing. Baby bottles are too big for the cake really, but you could fit one into the centre somewhere. It may actually help to stabilise the cake if placed vertically. How about a baby hat? A little unbleached organic cotton number cannot help but be wellreceived. A baby book is something that not everyone will think of. You can easily tuck a small one out of sight in the folds of the cake; something by Beatrix Potter, perhaps. A bib can be made into something really special if you have the time and skill to embroider it with the baby's name. You can also buy bibs with the name already in place. What's special about this one is that you can fold it around the nappy cake in such a way that the name is visible at the front. It's a great personal touch. Finally, not so much the icing on the cake as the topping, choose a cute little stuffed animal that the baby will love to play with, and carefully tuck this into the top so it sits in full view. Apply some of these great ideas to your next nappy cake and you will see for yourself just how

popular the result is with everyone at the baby shower.

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==== ==== Check out these amazing Nappy Cakes now! ==== ====

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Check out these Nappy Cakes because they make the ideal Baby Gift!

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