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How your $35 San Diego speeding ticket becomes a $235 fine By Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School As ridiculous as it may seem, this is actually what it is. They never tell you about it when you are issued a speed ticket. To you it’s just another unlucky day in the life of a driver, a bit of a problem that you will sort out later with the court, thanks to that officer who would hear none of your excuses. Whether it was your fault or the officer’s fault that is not the problem. The real issue is that your $35 speeding ticket will surprisingly transform into a $235 fine that the California state court will slap on you mercilessly and expect you to pay despite your many complaints on why it is unfair. In fact it is a common thing to meet some traffic offenders outside county courts in the morning sharing their tribulations and surprises on the whole justice system and what it’s supposed to achieve anyway with such harsh punishment for traffic offenders. Some stakeholders actually hold the opinion that California State has some of the highest traffic infraction fines across the whole of the United States. In California you not only pay for the base fine you receive for a breach of traffic laws, you also have to help the state run some of its local and state programs by contributing some amount into a lump sum fee, you also have to pay some court fees to facilitate the court to hear cases of people like you. A state surcharge is also added in and some penalty assessments are added to make it almost 8 times your traffic ticket. Driving in this state is almost a nightmare thanks to these ridiculous charges. Let’s say you breach the speed limit in the San Diego which is actually being above the set speed limit of a particular zone by 15 mph; if you get caught, you will be issued a ticket of $35 which will be used to charge you in court. Here is how the ticket transforms into $235, first there is a state penalty assessment of $10 for every $10 of a base fine, and it translates into $40. A county penalty assessment of $9 for every $10, you now have $36 plus $40. A state construction fee of $5 for every $10 is then added bringing your total to $96. The state surcharge is $2 for every $10 ($8) and another $4 for every $10 ($16) to fund DNA identification program. This is now $120. There is more to come your way just when you thought this was too much for a $35 traffic ticket, court fees amount to $40. This, however, does not vary and is a flat rate for all traffic tickets. Four dollars for emergency air transportation penalty and a $1 dollar for night court sessions, which you don’t have to attend during the night to pay; it’s a mandatory charge. A criminal conviction fee of $35 is added as well. Add your base fine of $35 and there you have $235 all from your “small” traffic offence. It gets even worse if for some reason you fail to pay your fine on time. The court will increase your fine and penalize you further that your fine may more than double. It remains a question of whether it is ethical for the state to raise

money through such unfair means, but while the debate goes on, you better watch your speed while you are driving in the San Diego County.

How your 35dollar san dieg  
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