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Varieties Cabernet Sauvignon-



Mild bodied with low levels of tannins. Flavors include berries, cherries, plums, and spices mixed in with black pepper and cocoa. Merlot is a great table wine that many people will enjoy because of its low levels of tannins. They are one of the most versatile wines and may be paired with nearly any dish from steak to pasta.

Pinot Noir-

Light to mild bodied with similar tannin levels. Flavors include sweet berries, cherries, plums, and earthy notes. Pinot Noirs may be paired creamy or spicy dishes, and with nearly any meat.

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Medium to full bodied and may contain medium to high levels of tannins. The flavors include berries, raisins, plums, black pepper, and are often oaky. Zinfandels are versatile full bodied wines that pair well with many dishes from Cajun and oriental to fish tacos and beef.

guide it is a good idea to consider price and for what occasion you are buying for. • • • •



Crecommended for storing unopenned bottles.

levels of acidity.

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Red wines best retain their flavor between 55 and 65 degrees. Premature aging may result from higher temperatures. A bottle must also remain on the side with the wine touching the cork to prevent it from drying out.



A variety of blends are made to produce different tasting wines. Many often combine wines with high tannins with those with low levels to balance the overall taste.


A wine may be recorked or covered with an alternative option such as plastic rap if cork has been discarded. The wine may be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days, and should be taken out prior to drinking to return to a room temperature.



Note: Unblended varieties are often referred to as varietals.

Nightly- $10 Weekly- $10-$20 Monthly- $25-$50 Yearly- $25 and beyond

You may also purchase for special occasions where personal budget may be a factor. Do not be discouraged with a small price range; great wines are available for reasonable prices, an inexpensive bottle with special significance can go a long way.

May range in body and tannin levels. Flavors of cherries and some flowers may be noticed. Chianti is paired well with Italian dishes, though some may stay away from tomato based dishes due to the wine’s high


Medium to full bodied and with similar tannins as a Cabernet. The flavors are similar as well also including bell peppers, dark chocolate, and smoked meats. These wines are paired well with veggies and strong meats such as wild game or peppered steaks.


Z infandel-

Medium to full bodied with high levels in tannins. The flavors are often dark cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and vanilla. These are popular amongst many red wine drinkers and are perfectly paired with red meats.


In the Home


Gifting Wine

Woccasion from a holiday to a birthday. Safe

ine can make an excellent gift for nearly any

options will include wines such as Merlots or blends low in tannins. Exceptions may be made if the recipient’s preferences are known.

On the Town Ordering Wine

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From A to Z infendale



A beginners guide to loving red wine in the home or on the town.

ine is an excellent way to enhance the dining

pairings may be ignored when ordering full bottles to accommodate everyone. Closer scrutiny may be used when ordering glasses for yourself only. Servers will also be a great resource for which wine to order, and may even offer suggestions for specific courses. Wines will undoubtably be marked up from retail prices. Cheaper wines are marked up higher and may be in the range of 250%-300%. Higher ticket bottles will posses the best restaurant value as fewer people ordering these bottles will tolerate the high mark ups.

Wine Service

Mas a wine service. This is how wine is served

any finer restaurants will have what is known

when a full bottle is ordered. The server will bring up to four glasses, the wine, and the wine bib.

The server will open the bottle at the table and lay the cork in front of the host to examine if desired. A small amount of wine is poured for the host to taste. The host is whomever ordered the wine. The host will then sample the wine and generally give an approval to serve the bottle. The wine may be rejected for an error in the variety, though this should be pointed out prior to opening the bottle. The waiter will then serve those around the table starting with the ladies, and proceeding clock-wise always ending on the host. This completes the wine service, though some servers may return to finish off the bottle by pouring to empty glasses.



Wine Brochure Design  

This is an brochure I had created while at Grand View University.

Wine Brochure Design  

This is an brochure I had created while at Grand View University.