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December 21, 2011

Human resource managers want brief, gap-free resumes




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As many seniors enter their last semester, the task of combining four years of education, activities and work experience in a professional resume grows closer. A resume is the first impression for a prospective employer. Having an inadequate resume can be a deciding factor an employer. “Human Resource (HR) Managers typically have an elimination mentality because sometimes there are hundreds of candidates applying for a job,” Susie Stearns, director of the career center, said. Most employers look at a resume for as little as 10 seconds, according to Stearns. Resumes written in a narrative, using paragraphs and lengthy sentences often take too much time for a HR Manager to read. Instead, use bullet points that highlight skills and achievements and avoid giving detailed job descriptions. “It has to be quickly and easily digested,” Stearns said. Most companies follow an equal opportunity employment policy so adding personal information such as sex, age and ethnicity may also get a resume set aside according to Brian Berry, senior staff consultant for Palmer Group, an employment firm located in West Des Moines. “Employers are looking for a reason to not hire you,”

Susie Stearns

director of the career center

Berry said. “Don’t give them one.” Any large gaps in employment history should be explained in the attached cover letter. “If I see big gaps in employment, it’s a red flag,” Stearns said. There are many items that should be included on a resume. Employment awards for excellence and achievement, especially in attendance, should always be highlighted on a resume, according to Berry. “This is your professional story and it is always a work in progress,” Stearns said. Even if work history does not relate to a previous degree, many positions have transferable skills such as customer service, sales and leadership that can be applied to any in-

“Human resource managers typically have an elimination mentality because sometimes there are hundreds of candidates applying for the job.”

dustry. “I just did a resume last semester,” Derek Hanson, English senior, said. “Really none of my work history relates to my career. I tested it in an interview setting and I realized even though my work experience isn’t directly related it is relevant.” Students who do not have a long work history do not need to be concerned. Volunteer work, in any capacity, can say a lot to a potential employer. Include any clubs, organizations or athletics in on or off campus, Stearns said. Stearns is available to assist students with resumes between 8:15 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday at the Career Center. Appointments can be made by calling 515263-2888.



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Hometown: Indianola, IA Why you should know me: I teach almost all the drawing courses here, and you’ll see me around Rasmussen pretty much all day everyday. Favorite class taught at GV: Drawing Problems 2 - It’s the one where I really get to work with the most advanced students one-on-one to pursue their goals in creating art Any given night you’ll find me: At one of my kids’ activities or maybe a band practice. So you’re in a band? Yes, two. Monday Mourners (a four-piece country rock/American band), and Don’t Wake the Baby (more acoustic, classic country and roots music). Do you play around Des Moines? El Bait Shop, Vaudville Mews and a variety of other places in and around Des Moines. Monday Mourners also played at Little Big Fest this year. What instrument do you play? Bass guitar

Seasoned cast worth the watching Jason Link STAFF WRITER

The Dilemma is the latest effort by acclaimed director Ron Howard. The movie stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as two long time best friends trying to get their performance parts company off the ground into a successful business. While tech savvy Nick Brannen (James) is buried in making his eco-friendly engine modification work in time for the deadline, his smooth talking partner Ronny Valentine (Vaughn) spies Brannen’s wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) on a rendezvous with another man. Here is where the excitement begins. Vaughn falls into a poisonous plant resulting in rashes and painful urination, gets beat up by Geneva’s fling, and makes an

all too inappropriate toast at his girlfriend Beth’s (Jennifer Connelly) parent’s 40th anniversary; all while trying to find the right time to tell his best friend about the secret. Plenty of confusion and tight spots leave you rooting for Vaughn while the deck get stacked against him one crazy situation after another. The revelations of a marriage held together by threads causes Valentine to think about his relationship and where the future may take it. The cast is supported by Geneva’s lover named Zip (Channing Tatum), and Queen Latifah who plays the deal maker between Brannen/Valentine and Chrysler. Zip is a buff and tattooed, punker who shows a softer side that includes tears when his fish

tank is destroyed. Susan Warner’s character plays an all too small of a part creating most of the laughs with her innuendo filled excitement. You end up thinking she uses slick business deals as aphrodisiacs. As with many of Howard’s many other efforts there are enough lesson-filled, real world situations that maintain a conservative approach to comedy. A well told story shows Howards nearly endless bank of experience. The soundtrack is perfectly matched to the film’s excitement with tracks by artists such as Wolfmother and The Black Keys. The final word says this movie is worth seeing. It will not top the funniest movie ever list any time soon, but is worth checking out while still in theatres.

IMDB “The Dilema” debuted January 14, 2011. The plot follows two best friends, Vince Vaughn and Kevin James, after Ronny Valentine (Vaughn) withnesses Nick Brannes’ (James) wife kissing another man.

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El Bait Shop, Vaudville Mews and a variety of other places in and around Des Moines. Monday Mourners also played at Little Big Fest this yea...