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why choose curtin Experience Curtin By choosing to accept your offer at Curtin you will discover the cosmopolitan lifestyle Perth has to offer with its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, warm weather and multicultural community. You will make great friends from across the globe while furthering your education and developing personal and professional networks. For more information visit our interactive website at

Orientation Curtin has developed a comprehensive orientation program for international students that provides a fun and informative way to prepare yourself for university and life in Western Australia. It is a compulsory event that runs over two weeks. The first week, Prep Week, is specifically designed for international students, while the second week, StartUp Week, is for both international and domestic students. Orientation covers topics such as opening up a bank account, English language support, IT skills, personal safety, organising a place to live, public transport, applying for your student ID Card and much more.

During Orientation there will be campus-wide events and activities, plus faculty events that are specific to your area of study. Faculty events are held during StartUp Week. We encourage students to use the online orientation week timetable to schedule all the events you need to attend. This can be found at www. Note: enrolments briefings are conducted on the first day of Prep Week.

Student Support International Office The International Office (Building 103) has specialist staff who can assist you with: • course information • eligibility for entry into University courses • the application process and issue of Confirmation of Enrolment • course changes • study options. Student Central Once you have enrolled in your course, you should contact Student Central (Building 101) for matters relating to: • overseas student health cover registration/renewals • visa renewals • tuition fees • study skills • academic support.

International Student Advisers International Student Advisers are located within the START Team located in Building 102. They are available to assist you with personal or academic issues that may impact your studies at Curtin. However big or small the problem, they are a confidential service aiming to support you while you are away from home and settling into a new country. You can email, phone or you can come into the office for an appointment. Email or phone +61 8 9266 2434. Housing Services The Housing Services Office is located in Building 103. Housing Services provides you with impartial information about on and off campus housing alternatives. Visit the Housing Services website at

Academic Support UniEnglish UniEnglish is a free online tool for you to use to learn about your English language strengths and weaknesses. It will help you decide whether you would benefit from additional English language support. UniEnglish covers three sections: Use of English/Reading, Listening, and Writing. To access UniEnglish, once you have enrolled, log in to OASIS, click on the links to UniEnglish and follow the instructions. For all queries contact Melinda Crean on +61 8 9266 2752 or email

The Learning Centre The Learning Centre (TLC) is situated on the first floor of the library. The Centre offers a wide variety of learning support programs designed to enhance the academic performance of students at all stages of their university studies. These programs cover areas including preparing research papers, general grammar and punctuation, writing for various academic modules, note taking and critical reading skills. For more information about the programs available, contact TLC: Tel: +61 8 9266 3825 Fax: +61 8 9266 3051 Email: Web:

Social Activities Curtin Student Guild The Curtin Student Guild is a group of elected students who represent Curtin students on all major university boards and committees. The guild ensures that student voices are heard and their rights are represented at all levels through the university’s decision-making process. Over 70 clubs, representing international, religious, sports, academic and special interest groups are registered with the guild and there is a club to suit everyone’s interests and needs. You can find out more about the benefits of joining clubs and societies at


start preparing 2010/2011 pre-Departure guide for international students 1 Congratulations on being offer...


start preparing 2010/2011 pre-Departure guide for international students 1 Congratulations on being offer...