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during your stay (continued)

If you are sick, you should make an appointment to visit a General Practitioner (GP). You will need to book an appointment in advance, however some clinics have appointments available if you ring early in the morning (between 8 and 8.30am). There are GPs located on Curtin’s main Bentley campus (Building 109) as well as physiotherapists and counsellors. There is also an on-campus pharmacy where you can purchase both prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

• recognise that cheating, plagiarism and fabrication or falsification of data are not acceptable • adhere to the proper use of copyright material • act at all times with respect for the rights of others, and to be sensitive to and embrace diversity • be available during the examination period. Any travel arrangements should be scheduled for after the examination period • switch off mobile phones during lectures, tutorials and when in the library • access OASIS (the online student portal) regularly and check the Official Communications Channel (OCC) • pay tuition fees by the due date. Failure to pay tuition fees will incur an enrolment sanction • ensure that all enrolment details are correct • ensure their student visa remains current. The visa should reflect the specified length of the course in which the student is enrolled in.

Around Perth there are many hospitals and medical facilities that specialise in health issues. Curtin’s medical centre can provide you with more information. Visit Medicines Pharmaceutical products in Perth can be quite expensive. Medications such as antibiotics and antihistamines will require a doctor’s prescription and may cost approximately A$20 for a course (a course of antibiotics usually runs for five days). Some milder antihistamines may be bought over the counter and may cost around A$12. A pain-relief tablet such as paracetamol or aspirin may be purchased at supermarkets without a prescription.

Counselling Services International students with pre-existing disabilities or medical conditions, or those who become disabled while studying in Western Australia, are provided with support from the university. Curtin has committed confidential support services for students with disabilities and medical conditions.

Please contact University Counselling Services on +61 8 9266 7850 or visit

Health Screenings (Health Sciences Students only) As a condition of access to Health Department facilities, all clinical/laboratory students in the Division of Health Sciences must be screened and vaccinated against a range of infectious diseases. Without full vaccination, you may be excluded from clinical practice and therefore unable to finish your studies. For information about these vaccinations and to download the relevant forms, visit www.healthsciences.curtin.

Student Responsibilities It is the student’s responsibility to: • inform themselves of, and comply with, all relevant laws, University Statutes, rules, bylaws, the university’s Guiding Ethical Principles, policies and procedures relating to their rights and responsibilities as a student. Visit www.students. for more information • participate constructively in their learning experience • be aware of information on course requirements, unit requirements and academic progress • behave in an appropriate manner within the learning environment, showing respect for both staff and fellow students • act at all times honestly and responsibly in relation to academic matters and the use of University facilities

It is a condition of the student visa that: • students maintain up-to-date contact details (including Australian residential address and phone number) with the University • students notify the University within seven days of changing their residential address while undertaking their studies at Curtin • course requirements are satisfied and a valid enrolment is maintained • Overseas Student Health Cover is maintained and paid by the due date. If health cover expires, benefits payable will be suspended.


start preparing 2010/2011 pre-Departure guide for international students 1 Congratulations on being offer...


start preparing 2010/2011 pre-Departure guide for international students 1 Congratulations on being offer...