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WELCOME TO JAKARTA The Home of Startups in Indonesia

What is Jakarta? Indonesia the only South East  Asia that joined G20. It is a  developing yet growing country  and Jakarta is the capital city of  Indonesia. It is a big city, located  in Java Island, the most  populated island than 17.000  other islands. Implicitly, this city  has the main role for Indonesia  economic growth. A good place  to take a startup internship.

TIME AND WEATHER Local time use GMT+7 The temperature will range from 25 °C to 34 °C

CURRENCY AND EXCHANGE RATE We use IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) in coins and paper bills with the value from 100 to 100,000 1 $ = IDR 14.143 (approximately)

COUNTRY CODE AND EMERGENCY CALLS Our country code is (+62) Immigration (021) 6541213 Police 110 Fire Department 113               Ambulance 118

Places to visit around Jakarta Biggest Malls in Indonesia

The Legendary Kota Tua

Jakarta have the biggest and best malls in Indonesia. Which is Grand Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, The Pacific Place, Pondok Indah Mall, and Mall Taman Anggrek. So don't worry about missing malls in Indonesia!

Jakarta was first established as a capital city by Dutch colonials, and the area that is now called Kota Tua served as the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. The area has several old, European-style buildings that still stand today. Tourists can tour the place by foot or rent a charmingly decorated bicycle. There's also Fatahillah Museum which contains the history of Jakarta

TMII (Miniature of Indonesia)

A Thousand Island

a synopsis of Indonesian culture, with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia's 26 provinces encapsulated in separate pavilions with the collections of rumah adat as the example of Indonesian vernacular architecture, clothing, dances and traditions ar e all depicted impeccably. We can say this is the "trailer" of Indonesia

Thousand Islands, yes, the same as the popular dressing we put on salads! Here, in fact, this is the name given to the many tropical islands scattered in the Bay of Jakarta. The best place to go to the beach at weekend!

...and many more!

Food to try around Jakarta Rendang

Indonesian Fried Rice

*nominated by CNN to be one of the best cuisines in the world

*nominated by CNN to be one of the best cuisines in the world Indonesian Instant Noodle (Indomie)

Indonesian Satay

*nominated by CNN to be one of the best food in the world

it might not be one of the best food in the world, but it sure is one of the best food for the Indonesians!

...and many more!

You can also visit other parts of


Let's take a look on our


Business Development in Indonesia I ScaleUP @Vexanium

Available Positions: 4 Duration: 6-8 weeks Job Description: 1. Find blockchain companies to do token sale/airdrop with Vexanium 2. Become a Vexanium represenative 3. Present and deal with potential clients Requirements: 1. Mandarin proficiency 2. Background in Business field 3. Proactive

Business Development in Indonesia I ScaleUP

Available Position: 1 Duration: 8 weeks Realization: May Job Description: 1. Introducing business to candidate clients 2. Making and executing business development planning 3. Develop Marketing strategy 4. Maintain good relationships with existing or candidate clients 5. Achieve Business development department's target Requirements: 1. Adaptability 2. Critical Thinking 3. Content Marketing 4. Market Research

What do they say about the opportunity?

#Their Testimony

"People here are funny, generous, wholehearted help you when you need. They made me one of the best experience i ever have in my life. This is a rare opportunity that i can get in my career, I have a chance to work in a blockchain start-up, not just gave me new working experiences but also new knowledge about blockchain and its applications. It actually changed my life" - Hoan Nguyen, Marketing in Indonesia I ScaleUP

#Their Testimony

" I am so glad to have taken this opportunity as through these 6 weeks, I have developed myself in practical and life skills far beyond what I expected... I have gained new professional experiences, a new outlook on a foreign culture, and many friends who are close to me like family." - Chong Wei Xian, Business Development in Indonesia I ScaleUP

what to bring? 1. Type C Charger

2. Working dresscode (we will tell you on webinar)

3. Apps to Download

4. Other travel essentials

f o e n p o i y t T a d o m m o c c A

d e v o r p p a t o g u o y r e t f a ou y m r o f n i l il w we

1. Boarding House

2. Host Family

3. Office Room

Typ e of T ra n sp o r ta t io n 1. Gojek/Grab Motorcycle: IDR 10.000-15.000 (1 km-15 km) Car: minimum IDR 10.000 + IDR 3.000/km

2. Public Train IDR 3.000 for the first 25 km + IDR 1.000/added 1 km

3. Angkot IDR 3.000-4.000/km

Our Services 1. Arrival and Departure Support We will pick you up and guide you to your stay when you arrive, and we also bring you back and guide you to the airport when you finish

2. First Day of Work We will accompany you on your first day of work to help you to get to know the startup and set the expectation between you and the startup!

3. Accommodation No need to worry about accommodation because we got your back on it! We will help you to search for it, but please recheck on each opportunities prior to see if they provide accommodation.

Our Services 4. Meals once per day (work days) You will get meals once/day on your work days! (MondayFriday)

5. Cultural Visit+Lead Session One of the most exciting things in applying our opportunity is Cultural Visit! We will take you to a cultural place during the weekends and it will be held twice in a month. We will also track your development through Lead Session.

6. Development Spaces We will make sure that you will have development spaces and regular feedback from the company which is once a week as this is purpose of joining this program!

1. Meal Cost Standard Meal: IDR 20.00030.000 Mineral Water: IDR 3.0005.000 (600 ml) Instant Noodle: IDR 3.0005.000 Instant Noodle: IDR 5.000 Cup Convenience: Â IDR 5.000 Store Bread Cereals (Nestle 170gr): IDR 25.000

Basic Living Cost 2. Entertainment and Recreation Cost Cinema: IDR 50.000/show Recreation Parks: IDR 100.000-200.000 Cafe: IDR 20.000-40.000

3. Accommodation IDR 1.500.000-IDR 2.000.000/month

First Method of Recruitment Process


apply on


receive requirements via email


submit requirements


reviewed by the startup



Second Method of Recruitment Process


apply on


receive requirements via email


contact opportunity manager

4 5

Interview and review by the company announcement!

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