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Tips you have to know when buying Nightgown The color of nightgowns should be quietly elegant The nightgown with dark dying color is not healthy for people. The light and quietly elegant color is not only suitable for home wearing but also make you calm down and feel peace. But the red and blue nightgown will affect people’s emotion and sleep. Therefore, pink is a rather proper color when choosing sexy gowns or pastel yellow, powder green or beige. The night gown should be loose and comfortable .The front width and back width of lingerie or the nightgown should be large enough, can’t be too tight or just fit. The reason is that if it is too tight, you will go through horrible dream when you sleep. Furthermore, the lingerie should be easy to wear, to take off and to wash. The more ideal lingerie should be the knitted lingerie. It is because that this kind of lingerie not only light and soft but with elasticity. Pure cotton or cotton-based fiber will be the best material. For cotton material is hygroscopic so it can absorb the sweat from the skin well. It can ventilate the heat well and be soft which can reduce the hurt to skin. Cotton is different from man-made fiber for it will not cause allergy and itch. Thus, the lingerie made from this material is a best choice to wear next to skin. Although the silk lingerie is soft, pretty and sexy, it can reduce heat. There is a Pajama day in a company in Korea, all the staff should put on sexy negligee as soon as they arrive the company. It id said that this can motivate people’ creation in this way. Some freelance also own pajama culture for they are SOHO. Though with a nightgown can pull people together, it is weird in the career. If someone can create a business pajama, different from the traditional one, it will be better. People need space, lingerie just like some private thing. If all the people wear pajama to work, what space do you have. Once you put on the nightgown at home, you are totally released.

Tips you have to know when buying Nightgown