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Image 3 Universal low height bed


The electrically adjustable LINET Image 3 bed system considers the growing needs of both the patient and nursing staff. The attractive and thoughtful design creates a bed with universal appeal for a range of healthcare environments. The LINET Image 3 combines SafeFree速 side rails and reduced, low bed height to allow patient safety and mobilisation to be handled in a unique and highly effective way.

Fall Prevention LINET ImagE 3 | safety is a key feature of the LINET Image 3 design with 100% focus on recovery of the patient in the bed. a reduced bed height combined with telescopic SafeFree® side rails creates a safe environment for the patient which can be adjusted according to their individual needs.

REDUCED HEIgHT OF 28Cm The LINET Image 3 mattress platform can be reduced to a height of 28cm from the floor; significantly minimising the risk of an injury should a patient fall from the bed. — Reduced height protects patients from injury — Combined with a floor mattress, injury risk is further reduced — For high fall risk patients, the LINET Image 3 offers a safe environment — 28cm reduced height can be achieved


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Source: Zlomy nemocničního prostředí, Statistický spolkový úřad Německo, 2008, page 29

SaFETY FEaTURES IN DETaIL NIgHT LIgHT The LINET Image 3 can be equipped with a night light to improve patient orientation. This feature represents the next step in creating a recovery enhanced environment for the patient through a feeling of safety and comfort.

BRaKE aLaRm The automatic brake alarm informs hospital staff of the possible danger caused by fall injury as a result of entering or exiting an unbraked bed.


gO BUTTON The gO button is a unique safety feature designed to prevent unintentional movement of the bed. It must be selected to enable adjustment of electrically adjusted controls and will automatically deactivate after 3 minutes if the controls are no longer in use. TÜV CERTIFIED Safety of the LINET Image 3 bed has been validated by TÜV; the prestigious independent german inspection, testing and certification organisation. Rigorous single and long term tests certify the LINET Image 3 conforms to the IEC 60601-2-52: 2010 safety compliance standard.

LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


SafeFree® Side Rails SIDE RaILS FOR INDIVIDUaL NEEDS — Split SafeFree® side rails can be adjusted to 4 different height levels meeting specific patient access and treatment requirements. The flexible design provides a feeling of security and offers protection while assisting the process of mobilisation through the removal of restriction of movement. — 40cm maximum height level of the SafeFree side rails provide complete patient protection while using higher active mattress systems up to 18cm in height (we recommend the LINET Precioso alternating therapy mattress). ®


— Full length SafeFree® side rails provide 100% safety removing the need for additional accessories between the head and foot end. Potentially dangerous gaps or pinch points among side rails and bed ends are removed. — Telescopic SafeFree® side rails operate vertically enabling unrestricted use where bedside space is limited and/or a bedside cabinet is placed close by the bed. — Smart design features: integrated mobilisation handles for assisted patient mobilisation, double locking mechanism and simple height adjustment of SafeFree® side rails.

LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


3-Stop Strategy LINET Image 3 | the 3-STOP-STRATEGY is a system with complex, automatically operated features. This includes functions for safe sleeping, independent mobilisation for quicker recovery and convenient care and cleaning procedures for hospital staff.

SLEEPING POSITION — Height 28cm — 1-button function on supervisor control panel — Bed is in lowest position, patient is protected against a fall — Variable SafeFree® side rail settings adjust to patient needs — Double step locking mechanism protects against accidental release — Full length protection from SafeFree® side rails

MOBILISATION POSITION — Height of 42cm — 1-button function on supervisor control panel — Bed automatically indicates mobilisation level when hi-low positioning and stops — Raised back rest option for improved sitting position support — Telescopic SafeFree® side rails provide ergonomic support and enhance patient confidence — Optimum height for transfer to standing position or chair

EXAMINATION POSITION — Height of 80cm — 1-button function on supervisor control panel — Automatic flat profiling of the Ergoframe® mattress platform — Contributes to the reduction of lower back injuries of healthcare professionals — Supports ergonomic care procedures


LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


Pressure ulcer prevention… LINET ImagE 3 | electrically adjustable bed with additional, innovative features designed to prevent pressure ulcers and contribute to an improved treatment outcome. The Ergoframe® profiling mattress platform provides superior comfort for the patient and forms an integral part of the anti-decubitus benefits of the bed in conjunction with active mattresses systems developed and manufactured by LINET.

BENEFITS OF ERgOFRamE® POSITIONINg Reduction of pressure in the pelvic and sacral area maintaining healthy lung function/ventilation Reduces the risk of pressure ulcers in pelvic/shoulder blade area Patient comfort in all positions, including the seating position Prevention of complications arising from pressure on the internal abdominal organs Ensures constant head support is maintained


Standard bed

areas mostly affected by extensive pressure and shearing forces

Bed with ERgOFRamE®

…and therapy systems active mattress systems play an important role in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. LINET offers its own range of active mattress systems with ‘zero pressure’ concept designed for high risk patients with reduced mobility.



aLTERNaTINg PRESSURE THERaPY is the basic therapeutic mode simulating the natural movement of a patient and thereby helping prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

The new 3 cell concept completely removes the effect of pressure. It works on the principle of alternating pressure in the individual air cells. The pressure falls to zero in one of the three neighbouring cells in a 7.5min cycle. The entire cycle is repeated constantly, 24 hours a day.

maX INFLaTE presents firm and stable support for patient care. after 30 minutes it automatically switches to the alternating mode to prevent the risk of pressure ulcers. CONSTaNT LOW PRESSURE automatically maintains the selected pressure regardless of changes in the patient’s weight distribution or position to achieve constant, good levels of pressure redistribution. TRaNSPORT mODE facilitates the transport of the patient in the bed as the mattress remains inflated for 24 hours when disconnected from the SCU.

LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed

7.5 mINUTE CYCLE Exton-Smith and Sherwin studied the number of movements in healthy people while sleeping to try and identify natural body behaviour. The research found none of the patients who moved more than 56 times during the night developed tissue damage. This frequency is equivalent to approximately one movement every 7.5 minutes.


Everyday routine has gone LINET ImagE 3 | bed is designed with an emphasis on maximising the potential to ease everyday activities such as nursing procedures, patient transfers and other routing tasks. Ergonomics, intuitive controls, smooth bed manipulation and ease of cleaning bring relief to hospital staff.

ImagE 3 – USEFUL HELP — Telescopic linen holder with dual use as storage for supervisor control panel — 3D bumper design protects bed from both horizontal and vertical collisions — Foldable mattress retainers to fit different mattress systems — CPR handle for mechanical release of back rest is easy to reach

SImPLE CLEaNINg PROCEDURE — Easily removable, light mattress platform panels enable perfect all round cleaning even outside the bed — Practical construction with smooth, gap free surfaces to ensure a thorough, efficient disinfection process — The examination position can be easily adjusted to a cleaning position saving time and making all parts easy accessible. — Cable management is designed with a focus on easy cleaning. In addition, the special holder for drainage tubes between the side rails enhances hygiene procedures.

ERgONOmY aND INTUITIVE CONTROLS — Examination height of 80cm significantly improves nurse positioning and helps to reduce factors contributing to lower back injuries in hospital staff. — Pre-programmed functions save time enabling nursing staff to focus on key care procedures. — Bed controls are clearly visible and easy to understand. Symbols on the Supervisor control panel are simple making control of the bed both intuitive and easy to remember. — Ergonomic double castors facilitate manipulation of the LINET Image 3 bed even in restricted spaces.


LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


Design… Image 3 | is elegant and its simple design with clear lines creates a pleasant, homely atmosphere. It is highly functional, bringing together ergonomics and user-friendly handling.

DESIGN ON DEMAND — Combination of elegant aluminium and wooden panels for a modern and relaxed design. — The classic bed design was created by Czech designer Jiri Spanihel. — Timeless design of the LINET Image 3 bed suits a wide range of facilities – acute and nursing care. — Colour concept offers high design flexibility: steel or plastic parts in silver and dark grey, bed ends and SafeFree® side rails with decors on demand. Customers can create their own individual design by choosing colours and equipment options. — Bed end and SafeFree® side rail construction is manufactured from 32mm aluminium profiles, compatible with various accessories and devices.

FUNCTIONALITY AND ERGONOMY — The LINET Image 3 fully respects the principles of ergonomics in healthcare with functions reflecting the needs of hospital staff and designed for enhanced patient safety. The LINET Image 3 has intuitive controls and easy manoeuvrability.


LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


…but universal ImagE 3 | can be easily used in many healthcare settings. Thanks to the innovative functions and its timeless design it can be utilised in a nursing care environment. Extensive equipment and accessory options enable the design and functionality to meet specific care requirements.

DIFFERENT BED The LINET Image 3 bed is available with plastic bed ends in various colours and single collapsible side rails. Key features of single collapsible side rails: — Easy and effective manipulation with single hand operation — Double step locking mechanism protects from accidental release — maximum side rail height of 39cm allows use of mattresses up to 17cm in height.

ImagE 3 aCCORDINg YOUR NEEDS — Robust and solid collapsible construction allows low bed height and easy disinfection. — Suitable for heavier patients – safe working load of 250kg — Double Tente Linea castors of 125 or 150mm diameter — 4-section mattress platform with Ergoframe® profiling — 8 removable mattress platform panels for easy cleaning — 3 step bed extension up to 32cm — mattress width variability (86–90cm)

SINgLE COLLaPSIBLE SIDERaILS Easy manipulation with single handed operation is more ergonomic. The double step locking mechanism protects from unintentional release.


Highest level of Safety Full compliance with EN 60601-2-52 TÜV Certification above standard of safety with ‘Safe plus concept’


Break alarm audibly informs staff of an unbraked bed and contributes to reduce falls.



Extender offers extra 10cm height of side rails. Together with the protector this creates a perfect solution for patients with a high risk of falls or for those who use active mattresses for enhanced pressure ulcer care.

Protector, located at foot end, completes 100% coverage of the mattress platform. Use of the protector is recommended for patients diagnosed as confused, with dementia or at risk of a fall.

LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed


Bed specifications [01] SaFEFREE® SIDE RaILS SafeFree® side rails offer outstanding protection with multiple height setting possibilities.

[02] mOBILISaTION HaNDLE mobilisation handle provides support required for improved independence.

[03] ERgOFRamE® maTTRESS PLaTFORm Ergoframe® mattress platform ensures patient comfort and contributes to pressure ulcer treatment.

[04] maTTRESS PLaTFORm COVERS Removable mattress platform covers facilitates simple and efficient bed cleaning.






Enables control of electrically adjustable bed functions; control panel storage area in linen holder.

[06] LINEN HOLDER Linen holder helps with daily activities and enhances hygiene procedures – such as making the bed.


COLOURS aND DECORS The LINET Image 3 bed design meets the aesthetic preferences in healthcare. The colour versions of the bed ends are highly variable and fully blend in with the surroundings. The LINET Image 3 bed is also available in a wide range of wood effects which would be well suited to any interior.


Oslo blue



Pearl white




Dolphin grey

White maple

Natural beech

Fruitier ambre

Zebra moka



Foldable mattress retainers adjust to both 86cm and 90cm wide mattresses.


[08] CaSTORS Tente Linea design castors allow easy bed manoeuvrability.





additional extension of 32cm helps adjust bed for tall patients.

[11] [10] BED END LOCKS Bed end locks protect against unintentional removal of the bed ends.

[11] DRaINagE TUBES HOLDER Drainage tube holders contribute to improved hygiene and tube management.

[12] SCISSOR CONSTRUCTION Special scissor construction of the lifting mechanism offers low height of 28cm and high SWL.



External dimension


Power supply

230 V/±10 %

mattress dimension


maximum input

max 1.6 a, 370 Va

Clearence height



mattress platform height adjustment


Water and dust protection level

Bed extension

10, 22, 32cm

Height of side rails

40cm (split side rails); 39cm (single collapsible side rails)

maximum mattress height

18cm (split side rails); 17cm (single collapsible side rails)

Safe working load

250 kg

Weight of bed

145 kg according to accessories

Backrest angle


Thigh rest angle


TR/aTR angle


LINET Image 3 – universal low height bed

CERTIFICaTES Linet is a company certified under European norms and quality systems: EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485, EN ISO 14001 The products are produced under European norms for medical technology and hospital beds: EN 60601-1 ed.3; EN 60601-1-2 ed.3; EN 60601-1-6; EN 60601-2-52


Image 3

LINET UK, LINET House, 17 Murrills Estate, Portchester, Hampshire, PO16 9RD tel: 0844 248 1833, fax: 0844 499 4409, e-mail:, web:

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Slight colour deviations are possible. Technical alterations reserved.

universal low height bed

LINET UK - Image 3  

The electrically adjustable LINET Image 3 bed system considers the growing needs of both the patient and nursing staff. The attractive and...

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