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Design Studio & Fashion Shop Asia | China | Macau: Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro No.8-A3 (tel. +853 28523869) 澳門瘋堂斜巷8號藝竹苑A3棟 Show Room Europe | Portugal | Lisbon: Av. Barbosa du Bocage, N-122 / 3º esq. – 1050-033 (tel. +351 21 795 4142) For orders and price inquire :

LinesLab 是一個註冊商標,遞屬於CDF. 一個現代化品牌,完全地忠實於一個結論, 那就是它為當今城市創意產品的定義:物件/產品+人物與事情.

Lines Lab is a venture with a contemporary orientation based in Macau, committed in full to the equation of objects, people and events. Headed by Manuel CS (industrial & urban designer) + Clara Brito (contemporary fashion & product designer).

SHL Collection _ Spring Summer 2012 by LINES LAB

The "Super Heavy Light" creative cycle The cycle started by designing Tyvek bags that afterwords became the molds of our cement products, part of our furniture SHL Project(*). The textile patterns design on this fashion collection are based on photo details from those 3D products where forms and textures made by the Tyvek molds on the cement surface were photographed and printed back on Tyvek completing one cycle of this creative process. In oposition with this alternative and high technology method we combine a second textile material: Silk. A 100 years old traditional Chinese material called Garmbiered Guangdong Silk. This silk is dip-dyed with juice of Shoulang Yam (a herbal medicine exclusively produced in Guangdong Province) The result is a collection of contrasts; between the methodology and technology of the traditional Garmbiered Guangdong Silk and the contemporary and high-tech Tyvek material where the dark colors of the natural herbs are juxtaposed to the super bright white of the synthetic fibers. SHL Collection Silhouette: Long, silky and edgy. Details: Print patterns based on cement textures. Fabrics: Garmbiered Guangdong Silk and Tyvek Colors: Dark Brown, Grey and White. (*)SHL Project SHL starts as an experimental project developed by Lines Lab that aims to test and create new products, by developing alternative solutions for both; creative and production process.

實驗.線 SHL系列−2012年春夏時裝系列 「起重光SHL」為實驗.線 Lines Lab 時裝設計實驗一大傑作,務求以另類非凡製作方法, 創造出獨一無二舒適的時裝服飾。 實驗.線為工業與都市設計師思銘諾 Manuel C.S. 和時裝與工業設計師畢焜 Clara Brito 的共同心血。 思銘諾表示「該時裝創意設計先由 Tyvek 不織布袋說起,這袋後來用作為水泥製品的模具, 製成品為SHL家具系列。 」 「然後在這些立體的水泥製成品中拍攝取材,把水泥形態和紋理融入到時裝設計中, 轉化成富質感的圖騰,最後把圖騰印回 Tyvek 不織布袋上,就大功告成。」 畢焜解釋: 「在這種另類和先進的製作方法,我們用上了兩種古色古香紡織材料−中國傳統布料馳名廣東的絲綢香雲紗, 以及產自廣東的漂染蠶絲的上乘天然草藥薯莨。」 「古今強烈對比貫穿了SHL時裝系列,傳統經典的馳名廣東的絲綢技術配以著當代先進的不織布材, 天然草藥的暗淡色調配以合成纖維的超明亮白色。 」 「SHL系列以深褐、灰白色的水泥紋理打印圖騰,彰顯了大膽前衛的設計,修長柔滑的曲線也帶出了輪廓線條美。」

Dress | ref. SHL/12.1 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.28

Dress | ref. SHL/12.3 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.28

Shirt | ref. SHL/12.4 Trousers | ref. SHL/12.5 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.28

Dress | ref. SHL/12.8 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.28

Shirt | ref. SHL/12.9 Trousers | ref. SHL/12.10 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.28

Dress | ref. SHL/12.2

Shirt | ref. SHL/12.11 Trousers | ref. SHL/12.12 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.29

Shirt | ref. SHL/12.13 Trousers | ref. SHL/12.14 Shoes | ref. SHL/12.27

SHL Scarf The “Super Heavy Light� Scarfs are a group of delicate silk accessories that combine the light weight of the fabric and the sophisticated printed graphics based on macro images of cement surfaces.

The “Super Heavy Light” Scarfs comes in tow models: SHL12_17 | 210cm X 30cm SHL12_18


170cm X 30cm

ref. SHL12_17

ref. SHL12_17.1

ref. SHL12_17.2

ref. SHL12_17.3

ref. SHL12_18.3

ref. SHL12_18

ref. SHL12_18.2

ref. SHL12_18.1

SHL MIN Is necklace designed trough a very simple technique that combines stripes of elastic and grosgrain. The outcome of this combination is a long and curly accessory that resembles Chinese food- ‘MIN’ - Noddle. MIN has three different colors based on concrete and Gambiered Guangdong Silk tons and can be used in differentref. ways SHL12_20 adding a sophisticated detail to any simple outfit. Materials: Elastic & Grosgrain Colors: Light Green & Grey & Brown

SHL Shoes A pair of comfortable shoes based on the traditional Korean shoes. Made with leather and Tyvek they came as a white and clean surface that allowed you to draw and create your own textile pattern that will add to this traditional inspired piece a contemporary twist. Materials: Leather & Tyvek

ref. SHL12_20

SHL Collection Book SS 2012  

Lines Lab Fashion collection Spring Summer 2012

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