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LINES LAB is a creative agency on the global Lusophone Top 20 ranking by Monocle Magazine & A Must See according to the New York Times. Lines Lab are spaces both for working, commercial showcasing and provision of a range of creative services. Based in

CONTACTS MACAU Calรงada da Igreja de Sรฃo Lรกzaro, 8-A3, Macau | China (+853) 285 238 69 |

Macau | China and Lisbon | Portugal, LINES LAB is committed in full to the equation of objects, people and events. Headed by


Manuel CS (product designer) + Clara Brito (fashion designer)

Av. Barbosa du Bocage, 122-3esq | 1050-033 Lisboa | Portugal

the spaces Lines Lab are also laboratories for the synthesis of creation and risk. To a great extent, design in all its dimensions and, of course, in authenticity, is risk taking. The brand includes influences coming from an atmosphere of memory, traveling and cultural intersections. The strongest one is Macau itself and all the hybridism that characterizes this city, that still has so much tradition from both China and Portugal. The architecture and its syncretism as well as the everyday life of Macao streets - the way people act, dress, their habits, the food, the objects - all these elements are in the origin of Lines Lab concept, and it remains as a constant source of inspiration.