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May 13, 2016 Volume 99, Issue 7



May 13, 2016

MHS Math teacher Scott Karl attends White House Correspondents’ Dinner

By: Savannah Hampton politics. Stars like Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra LO’T Reporter attended and paved the way for future After serving a majority of his comedians’ pass into the fun. two terms in office, President Barack Over the years the event has turned Obama hosted his last White House into an intimate night off for the media Correspondents’ Dinner on April 30, and president to make fun of each other, 2016. and this year was no exception. Comedian Starting in 1914 with President Larry Wilmore and Mr. Obama made Woodrow Wilson, the nation’s most light-hearted jokes at the expense of the elite and influential reporters have upcoming election’s candidates. The met routinely, now once a year, with outtake to social media of this typically the current president for a night of ‘adult’ event was how much we’re going recap and recall of the previous year. to hate our new POTUS (with all-new Every president since has met at least GIFs from the special night) and how one time in their term to maintain we’ll miss our current first family so. their relations with reporters. The For the past three years, our very own meeting was made official and regular Mr. Scott Karl, Moline High School math by the formation of the White House Mr. Karl takes a picture with Carrieteacher, has been mingling at the White Correspondents’ Association whose Fisher, Princess Leia in Star Wars. House dinner! He, along with his friend, job was to promote interests of those Courtesy of Scott Karl took pictures and conversed with various covering the nation’s head of politics. celebrities, politicians, and news reporters. The dinner started to shape into today’s version with the Mr. Karl said, “What strikes me when I meet these people addition of women to the party in 1962 due to John F. is not their celebrity but their humanity. I appreciate the Kennedy’s refusal to attend until women made the invite time they take to talk to fans or pose for a picture.” list. Additionally, the event has become star-studded and Mr. Karl said that these characteristics of celebrities a more public event because of the nation’s interest in

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have taught him to act the same way with his students in the classroom. Overall, the past three dinners have been great experiences for the math teacher, and he plans on attending more.

Mr. Karl takes a picture with Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys Quarterback. Courtesy of Scott Karl

Equality in currency begins with Harriet Tubman

By: Riya Jain LO’T Reporter On April 20th, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew announced the decision to replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait on the front of the twenty dollar bill with that of the abolitionist leader Harriet Tubman. Jackson will still remain on the bill, but his portrait will be moved to the back of the bill, alongside the White House. Tubman was known as “the Moses of her people” and led hundreds of slaves to freedom on the underground railroad. Jackson, on the other hand, was a more controversial figure, as his policies included the violent displacement of Native Americans and his campaign against the national bank. Everything started in 2015 with a viral online campaign called “Women on $20s,” which aimed to put a woman’s face on the twenty dollar bill in 2020, marking the centennial of women’s suffrage. Originally, when Lew acknowledged the idea, the plan was to replace Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill, but the twenty dollar bill was later chosen due to the fact that Hamilton was our first treasurer as well as the immense and rising popularity of the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” Tubman will be the first African American featured on American currency. She will also be the first woman featured on American paper money since Martha Washington

was briefly included on the one dollar silver certificate. The twenty dollar bill will not be the only bill featuring a new design. The back of the new five dollar bill will honor the civil rights movement and include Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt and black opera singer Marian Anderson. The back of the new ten dollar bill will now feature women’s suffrage leaders Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sojourner Truth, Lucretia Mott, and Alice Paul. The final designs will be unveiled in 2020 and will go into circulation a few years after. Finally, there is a step towards equality on American currency.

Harriet Tubman will appear on the twenty dollar bill soon. Courtesy of Huffington Post

May 13, 2016



Transgender bathroom law causes controversy End of Prince’s Purple Reign By: Karthik Prakash of 1972, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization LO’T Reporter Act, and even the Fourteenth Amendment. Because of the numerous complaints and utter Going to the bathroom. It seems like an extremely violations of federal law, a wave of disapproval simple task for most of us. A privilege that many take for started to engulf granted. HowNorth Carolina. ever, for some Musicians, citizens in North including Bruce Carolina the task Springsteen, is not so elemenDemi Lovato, tary. Nick Jonas, Pearl On Jam, and Boston, Wednesday, cancelled concerts March 24, that were schedNorth Carolina uled to take place Governor Pat in the state. AddMcCrory signed ing on to that Paythe papers for the Pal and Deutsche passage of what Bank are refusing is called House to follow through Bill 2. House Bill with plans of 2, or the Public expanding into Facilities Privacy North Carolina. and Security Act, With all of prohibits individthe commotion, uals from using Protesters rally against discrimination of transgender people. the Obama public bathrooms Courtesy of Breitbart administration that do not cordecided to take action. The administration threatened respond with their birth sex. In effect, this obstructs transgender individuals from using public restrooms. While the to pull hundreds of millions of dollars of funding if the act was not repealed. The federal government requested bill was meant to prevent sexual predators from entering certification from the state of North Carolina saying private facilities without notice, House Bill 2 has been it would not enforce the laws stated in House Bill 2. placed under much scrutiny. Instead of providing certification, the state of North Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts stated, “This Carolina responded with a lawsuit against the Justice legislation is literally the most anti-LGBT legislation Department. The federal administration retaliated by in the country.” Roberts’s comment is one of many filing another lawsuit against the state on May 9. complaints that citizens all over the United States have As of May 10, the federal and state governments are had. The legislation has also been accused of violating the caught in a situation of escalating tension surrounding Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Education Amendments Act House Bill 2. As well as on a legal level, protests are proceeding throughout North Carolina. In Moline High School, there is no clear policy on the matter. Gym teacher Mr. Kevin Gorgal said that in the past students have been allowed to use a faculty bathroom to change for gym class. The issue of transgender studetns using lockerrooms and bathrooms hasn’t been an issue at Moline High School thus far. While the issue doesn’t seem to be coming to a resolution, the public is expected to show support for both sides in this controversy, hopefully leading to a consensus.

By: Mihika Rajvanshi LO’T Reporter The man. The myth. The legend. Prince. He was an innovator, a singer-songwriter, an icon. He changed countless lives through “When Doves Cry.” He touched countless hearts through “If I was your Girlfriend.” He even colored countless perspectives through his “Purple Rain.” One of the most iconic men in music history, Prince, died at 10:07 a.m., April 21st in Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota. The cause of death is unknown, though some say he claimed to be suffering from flu like symptoms a couple days before or possible overdose. The Friday before, Prince’s plane made an emergency stop at our very own, Quad City International Airport. He may have been treated at Trinity before resuming his flight. The legend was later found dead in his home. He will be sorely missed. He was more than a singersongwriter. Prince was also a philanthropist, once donating $12,000 to Louisville’s Western Branch Library, the first library to service African Americans in 1905. Prince was also a Jehovah’s Witness and often went to the meetings in his hometown in Minnesota. The seven time Grammy winner will forever be remembered as an extravagant performer and his ‘Purple Reign’ will never die.

Prince will always be remembered for his impact in music history. Courtesy of Liberty Voice

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May 13, 2016

With the election in shambles, is there hope for America?

By: Tara Krishnan LO’T Editor-in-Chief

from entering the U.S., has severely alienated him from many voters. As a result, much of his party has created an “Anti-Trump” resistance. The 2012 Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has denounced him as a fraud. 2008 nominee John McCain’s advisor, Mark

all of the voters who came out to show their support The coming general elecfor him. After meeting with tion looks like it will be one Paul Ryan, who had just of the strangest, dirtiest, and stated that he was not going most interesting political to support Trump’s nomievents in the nation’s histonation, Trump commented, ry. Ted Cruz left the Repub“The thing that matters most lican presidential race last are the millions of people Tuesday after a crushing that have come out to vote loss to Donald for me and give me a Trump in Inlandslide victory in diana, which almost every state.” cleared the As for the Demopath for Trump cratic election, Hillary to clinch the Clinton has a serious nomination. lead. Clinton has 1,705 Although pledged delegates Trump has while Bernie Sandnearly clinched ers only has 1,415 as the Republican of May 9. However, nomination, a total of 2,383 delHillary Clinton This caricature of Hillary Clinton and Donald egates are needed has a serious Trump portrays an accurate depiction of the for nomination, so advantage. The election in general. (Photo cred: wikipedia) there is still time for former Secrethe radically liberal tary of State will most like- Salter, declared that he will senator to pull a victory. ly keep the White House support Clinton in the fall. Here’s the real question — in Democratic hands. Clin- Some prominent members what does this mean for ton holds a clear edge in have even aimed to gener- the future of our country? the polls. According to an ate a third party candidacy. Are we all headed towards NBC poll held last month, Last Friday, big-name a perilous future? Is there she led by 50 percent to GOP leaders held a meet- still hope? Don’t worry, if Trump’s 39 percent and ing in one of the largest the U.S. can live through 8 by an even wider 54 per- Republican vs. Republican years of George W. Bush, cent to 41 percent in a new shows of discontent over then we can survive the next CNN survey Wednesday. Trump’s probable win of 4 with either Trump or ClinTrump’s wild campaign, the nomination. Shrugging ton. And beyond that, there’s in which he has promised to it off, Trump stated that the an even brighter future for build a wall on the Mexican leaders’ comments didn’t America. It’s becoming inborder and restrict Muslims really matter compared to creasingly clear that Kanye


West wasn’t faking when he finished his MTV VMA speech by announcing that he’s running for president in 2020. According to, “During his recent In Camera interview, he revealed he’d been thinking about that presidential run for five years now.” His wife and possible future First Lady Kim Kardashian has also said that she believes he is serious about the announcement. Furthering his bid, he proudly proclaimed in his new album, “The Life of Pablo,” that “In 2020 I’m gonna run the WHOLE election.” West is getting a lot of criticism


for his stance, however. Ac- her and West, and she went cording to HollywoodLife. on to say, “Through ups and com, singer Taylor Swift downs #YESWECAN lets stated do this @ t h a t “The thing that matters kanyewest.” she’s all most are the millions of honesty,In the cheering on his people that have come f r i g h t e n p r e s i - out to vote for me” ing future of dential America can - Donald Trump, 2016 bid just be dauntso she can watch him lose. ing, but it should not be Along with Kanye, the ignored. The United States U.S. also has a lot of hope has a long-standing history with actress Lindsay Lohan. of getting through times Just a few months ago, the of turmoil. If you continue 29 year old posted a picture to believe in America and on Instagram to reveal her the ideas that we have upinterest. “In #2020 I may run held for centuries, then for president.” The picture there is nothing stopping was a throwback picture of us from moving forward.


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May 13, 2016


Less learning and more bubbling: the problem with standardized testing By: Colin Brown LO’T Editor-in-Chief The fourth quarter is almost over, but MHS students have had to jump through a few more hoops to make it to the end of the year. Students have spent the past couple months studying for and taking all sorts of exams. From standardized tests, to A.P. tests, to all sorts of post-tests, students and teachers alike have been up to their necks in assessments this semester. Even though nobody likes taking tedious exams, I’m sure many people can agree that they are often a necessary evil to make sure that students are learning the material they are supposed to. Standardized tests may have their uses, but when examined closer, the process of testing in our nation’s education system contains many flaws that do more harm than good to students and teachers across the country. Ever since the No Child Left Behind policy was passed in 2002, American public schools have had to put more emphasis on standardized test scores. The new system of testing was meant to hold schools and teachers accountable for how well their students demonstrated their knowledge. Under the system, schools’ federal funding and teachers’ paychecks were often dependent on how well their students performed. No Child Left Behind has certainly earned its fair share of criticism for putting unnecessary pressure on teachers

and students. Since NCLB’s introduction, new laws have been passed under the Obama administration that encourage states to take part in the new Common Core standards. Adopted by Illinois in 2010, Common Core’s purpose is to introduce new nationwide college and career readiness standards. States have always had education benchmarks that they must meet, but Common Core places emphasis on new

problems remain. When schools are pressured by high-stakes testing, they often lose the opportunity to teach the topics they want and implement activities that encourage creative and critical thinking. Instead, teachers often feel pressured to “teach to the test,” meaning that classroom lessons are focused too much around preparing to answer test questions a specific way instead of retaining meaningful information.

Data Credits: Education Week

sets of tests that close student achievement gaps by creating uniform national standards. Despite Common Core’s goal to improve college and career readiness, critics have called it a poorly-structured initiative that does nothing to fix the problems NCLB introduced to the education system. Common Core continues the process of high-stakes testing in which educators feel the pressure to coax high test scores out of their students. Whatever the name of the program is, the same

Not only does the modern culture of standardized testing affect the quality of lesson plans, but many critics believe that these tests are taking away from valuable classroom time. Ever since the third grade, standardized testing has been a routine part of my school year. Now that I am a senior in high school, it pains me to say that I feel as though I have spent too much of my education on various kinds of testing. At MHS, students are faced with a wide range of standardized tests, in-

cluding MAP, PARCC, PLAN, practice ACT, and the beloved ACT. While the school doesn’t have much of a say in the tests it is required to issue, the abundance of tests has drawn complaints from students and teachers alike. From Freshman to Junior year, students have to take cartoon illustrations some of the frustration teachers and student shave with standarized tests. By basskill set practices that This ing a student’s potential off of a test score, the tests ignore the student’s other abilities. often interfere with les-Cartoon credit: the fact that no matter how ing experts such as Richard son plans. Furthermore, because much of the testing expertly designed the tests Phelps have pointed out that is taken on computers now, are for measuring student 93% of studies show that the school’s computer labs learning, they cannot give a high-stakes testing have a become cluttered with test- perfect picture of their full positive effect on student potential. Some students achievement. But the fact takers and re-takers. All of these issues would underperform on tests due that the U.S. has dropped be minor annoyances if the to test anxiety, and other from 18th to 31st place testing system was simple students simply have an ap- globally in student math and streamlined. However, titude for creative thinking scores despite how much another major complaint or hands-on work instead of class time the testing proabout standardized testing bubble filling. While there cess takes up, it makes me is that there is too much un- is no denying that standard- question if the current ritunecessary overlap between ized tests can provide useful als of standardized testing all the different tests. Rather infomation to educators on need to be revamped. Ultimately, high-stakes spots in the curricuthan pressuring students to weak lum, many students feel too standardized tests may have take multiple tests over the much pressure to perform in their uses, but if our educasame math, reading, and a format that doesn’t match tion system really wants to English skills, many critics their strengths. see students blossom, then argue that only one of two On the other side of the our country should make tests per year would suffice. arguement, some educators students spend less time fillOf course, when analyzpraise the standardized tests ing out Scantron sheets, and ing the issues with standardfor increasing academic more time following their ized testing, one of the bigachievement. Some test- interests in the classroom. gest things to remember is

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May 13, 2016

Whispers of the Old Gods review 2 0 1 6 s u m m e r By: Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment Editor Whispers of the Old Gods is the third and newest expansion for Hearthstone. Hearthstone came out in March of 2014 and has been played constantly since its launch. However, Hearthstone had a lackluster expansion called The Grand Tournament last August. Whispers of the Old Gods includes two new formats-Wild and Standard--but mostly includes a lot of new cards and new deck archetypes. To begin, Standard and Wild are the new formats for Hearthstone. Standard is the one being mostly played right now because it is new and is the format that all the tournaments use. With the addition of the two formats, the developers thought that for Standard they should only keep

the cards from the the last and current year and rotate the cards that are two years old, except the classic and basic cards. Wild, on the other hand, includes all the cards but is not as friendly to newcomers of the game. Next, the addition of all

C’thun with good stat minions and then on turn ten playing C’thun and most of the time win the game or have a big minion on board that they have to deal with. With these new decks some classes have gotten a lot better, especially my

Photo Whispers of the Old Gods these new cards and exclu- favorite class Shaman. The sion of all the old ones has deck I play is a midrange really changed the decks deck that is based around that are being played and evolving your minions into created. The newest arche- a minion that costs one type is C’thun deck, which more mana, usually causing is based around buffing a positive effect. But at this

Stark which leads the team to question their morals and choose a side. Although Captain America: Civil War might be thought of to be another Avengers like movie, it is closer to a mix of Iron man 4 and Captain America 3. This movie focuses on opposing sides led by Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, so of course their plots take priority over others, but the subplots are not to be underestimated. MCU does a great job to give each character enough screen time for some character development, and to set up for future Marvel movies. Al-

great job to keep the movie lively and not too serious. Civil War does a great job balancing comedy with the serious plotline. If you put it all together, Captain Photo Cred: Finding Dory Teaser America: Civil War was one of Marvel’s top movies with its ambitious narrative, emotionally charged characters, and lively action scenes. This was a great movie to set up for MCU phase and lay the groundwork for the new SpiderMan, and the Black Panther movies. This movie is a must see and is something I encourage every Marvel fan to go watch right away!

Cap ta i n ASteveme r i c a: Civil Wa r r e vie w Rogers and Tony ready established characters humorous dialogue did a By: Abhi Sodhani LO’T Reporter The most anticipated Marvel movie of the year Captain America: Civil War picks up one year after Avengers: Age of Ultron when a mission in Nigeria goes south, the public believes that the Avengers are careless and do not care about the collateral damage they cause while fighting. The Avengers are given a choice to accept the Sokovia Accords, (an agreement that requires them to be monitored by an international government) or to retire. This agreement sparks a feud between friends

movie preview

state in the game, there are still many other decks that can be competitive. Whispers of the Old Gods added one hundred and thirty four cards, which is the most amount of cards from a single expansion. Within all these cards, there are some that are deck defining and very powerful, but there are also some cards that are either really bad or are made for arena. Arena is where you get thirty random cards from all expansions and is based around picking spells and minions out of three random cards. This is needed to show that the developers care about arena and rank. In conclusion, this is a very good expansion to a great game that improves the game in all variations by welcoming newcomers and adding fun and competitive cards. Overall score 9/10.

in the MCU, like Ant-Man, get the least amount of character development, but is made up by their amazing action scenes in this movie. This movie has done a great job with visual effects in their action scenes. What could arguably be one of the best action scenes in the MCU would have to be the airport scene debuted in Civil War. This action scene gives each character an important role and enough screen time to be remembered. The airport scene was made much better with the grand appearance of Spider-Man, Peter Parker’s

By: Hannah O’Donnell LO’T Reporter May 20th- Neighbors 2: Sorority Rules

May 27th- Alice Through the Looking Glass June 3rd- Me Before You June 10th, The Conjuring 2: The Enfield June 17th- Finding Dory July 1st- The BFG July 8th- The Secret Life of Pets July 15- Ghostbusters (2016) July 22- Star Trek Beyond July 29th- Jason Bourne August 5th- Nine Lives

May 13, 2016



MHS seniors leave an everlasting mark with a swipe of their creative brush

By: Divya Badri LO’T Focus Editor As they get ready to wave goodbye to high school, seniors Maddie McKenzie, Keena Meersman, and Skylar Francis are leaving their mark on MHS. As students walk down Dwing, they’ll notice a new mural. In its entirety, the mural is a beautiful mix of

color, notable pieces of art, and what seems like random objects. It all began with an idea in Mr. Zahn’s head. He had a large canvas with a previous piece of art on it, and he decided that it would be an excellent idea to have a new work from the students. The central theme of this mural is incorporation. The idea was to incorporate all the departments, so there are computers to represent the digital art classes, there is a young man working in pottery class, and there is also a These pottery pieces by Dulce Martine girl creating a were displayed at Moline’s Art Show.painting. Along with represent(Photo Credit: Isabel Zimmerman)

ing the various art classes, the mural incorporates famous pieces of art including Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Edvard Munch’s The Scream. There were difficulties in figuring out how to break up the space, making time to take on such a big project, and figuring out what to put on display, Skylar Francis says, “I think creating this mural for the school really brings students together. It’s kind of like our parting gift for all the students who we’re leaving behind.” Along with the mural, MHS students also enjoyed the art show in the East gym. The art show is a way for MHS art students to show others the masterpieces they have been working on all year.

Kaleidoscript ON SALE! MHS’ Creative Arts Magazine are on sale now for $3 each. Look for tables bearing the magazine during lunchCopies are also available at the Bookstore and Library. Every purchase enters you into a drawing for a gift certificate to local merchants. Check the code on the inside cover to see if you are a winner!



May 13, 2016

Cheap and chatter-worthy activities you should try out this summer By: Ila Mostafa LO’T Feature Editor Summer is almost here, and we know you’re looking for fun and exciting activities to do that won’t

Try going camping in your backyard! Though it may sound lame, you can most definitely get the camping experience without being thrust into

couple blankets or make a tent when it gets dark outside, and spend some quality BFF time stargazing and gossiping. The Farmer’s Market is also a great place for summer fun. Right next to Modern Woodman park, the Farmer’s Market is there every Saturday! Check out delicious baked goods, beautiful jewelry, and even homemade lotions and perfumes. Or, simply take in a nice day with your local farmers. Take in a movie at a Drive-In theBackyard camping is a great way to spend time with your family andater! There are friends, and there’s little to no cost! (Photo Credit: Era’s Network) drive in theaters in Makokata and in take too big of a chunk out the great big wilderness. Bluegrass. They are a fun of your pocket Here’s a list Grab your best friends, and new movie going exof activities that will make make s’mores in the mi- perience that you and your this a summer to remember. crowave, spread out a friends will be sure to love!

After a busy and stressful year, listening to some music and taking a relaxing walk by the river might just be the perfect thing to begin a chilled out summer. Try out easy, funky recipes! One of the best parts of summer is all the fresh produce you see in the store. Grab a couple of ingredients and try out some new flavors to kick off an exciting and delicious vacation. Take a day trip with your best friend! Sometimes the spontanaeity of going on an adventure is half the fun! One morning, get up, get ready, grab your BFF, and take a long drive to who knows where! Make sure you take a map, so you’re not completely lost, but just drive out

of town and see what fun things you can muster up! You could also get into the workout grind! With all the great weather and free time you’ll be having, now is the perfect time to start on that number one New Year’s Resolution that you’ve been putting off. Biking, hiking, or even going for a short run around your neighborhood is a great way to have to fun and stay fit. Have you ever been to a live show? There are lots of great local bands around the

area and places in the District such as Theo’s, Rascal’s and Rozztox always has a wonderful variety of new music and musicians you can discover! After a busy and stressful year, it’s important that you kick back and relax. Though we’re sure the next three months will go by quickly, there will be plenty of time to get together with your friends and family to try out some of these fun, exciting and totally inexpensive activities!

320 Main Street Downtown Davenport 563-323-1979 Specializing in Prom, Home coming, Pageant, Bridesmaid, and Cocktail Dresses

Nervous for next year? Here are some college tips to take with you! By: Connor Dessert LO’T Feature Reporter The time is almost here! With the school year ending, your determination and willpower wavering, and your mind set on nothing other than the next step of your life, here are some tips to help you make the most of your college experience. One fo the biggest changes in college is having a roommate. Living with a new person can be one of the most challenging aspects of college. To make the most of your stay, make sure you room with someone who has really interesting qualities.

Some examples are people to take interesting classes. ing classes, always pick who need to turn the lights With all the newly avail- the earliest classes you can on and off thirteen times able classes to choose from, find, even if they have nothbefore leaving the ing to do with room while singyour major. ing Katy Perry or Getting up those who enjoy at 4:30 a.m. covering all of may sound bad their possessions right now, but with peanut butter. you will learn Finding someto appreciate one like this will how quickly broaden your the academic horizons to the day finishes. wonderful peoAbove all ple on your col-These great tips will help you start off your collegeelse, remember lege campus.adventure as smoothly as possible. (Photo Credit:to stay conAlong withForbes). *Please note this is a satirical column. nected to your having fun withprofessor. The your quirky roommate, it may be difficult to make life of a college professor you’ll also get the chance up your mind. When pick- can be boring if the students

don’t care about their class. At the beginning of the school year, let them know you’re paying attention and that you’re a quick witted individual by contradicting everything they say for the first two weeks of class. This will certainly grab their attention, and they will very quickly latch on to the fact that you are smart cookie. Though academics are important, it is also important to have a life outside of college. When you aren’t spending your time studying or sitting through class, there are a huge number of activities you can do for fun. Try dressing up like a

ghost and scaring people as they walk to class or participating in marches to encourage your school to add underwater basket weaving classes to the curriculum. You can even try to visit every single pizza place in the city of your college in a single night, eating at one and then sprinting to the next until the wee hours of the morning. These are just a few things you may want to keep in mind when you go to college. I myself am yet another year away from joining those of you who are leaving, but I will certainly endeavor to try out these ideas.



May 13, 2016

Boys tennis:Chicago,success on and off the court softball ties with the goal of doubles and singles teams ing when it really counts. MHS By: Britta McNinch to help them win. Michael Alle and Sam Henderson are very competitive doubles team against conference teams as well as Brad wheeler and Luke Petre. In the singles division, Shiv Puri and Casper Ryba know how to handle opponents to get the successful win. On the court, Coach McCracken teaches the guys new skills that help them every day. He’s there for his team whenever they have questions. Junior Grafton Carlson explains “I feel like I have improved a lot so far and it has been a lot of fun with the team.” With the group in agreeThe boys tennis team smiles after their second place finish ment that winning as a team is the most satisfying, they at the Rock Island meet. Photo courtesy of Michael Allee are bonding and performLO’T Reporter The Moline Maroons Boy’s Tennis team has been racking up points all season long. They endured many tough tournaments, most as far away as

coming home with some hardware. Throughout the season, U.T. and Rock Island have become the closest rivals of the Maroons. Against such evenly matched opponents, Moline relies on some of the top

for WB6 championship

Senior Brandon Johnson looks nostalgically on his high school tennis career but appreciates the friendships he’s made and opportunities he’s earned this season. “My senior year playing for Moline is easily my favorite year out of my whole high school experience. As a senior I’m starting to take in it all while it lasts because there’s nothing like playing at one of these tournaments, and I’ll truly miss it a lot.” The tennis team is not only a competitive unit, but it is a close family as well. With a clear balance between competitive spirit and cohesiveness, the Moline tennis team is definitely a team to watch, cheer on, and even Senior Megan Medinger hits a hard line drive during a possibly join next year. home game. Photo courtesy of Moline Softball’s facebook.

Girls soccer scores share of conference title

By: Kiya Ritchie LO’T Reporter As the weather heats up, so does the girls soccer team. Even in the midwestern rainy and freezing conditions, our girls soccer team is looking hot on the

pitch. With a recent 1-0 win against the Quincy bluedevils, the girls earned a shot to tie United Township for the WB6 Conference title, and have momentum going into the fast-approaching post-season. Sophomore

Fiona Roehrs, a two-time varsity team member, is very happy with the team’s performance. When asked about the 2016 season so far, she emphasized that the team has improved over time despite opening the season with a few losses. “We have finally found the connection we needed,” she said. On Tuesday’s Senior Night, the varsity squad stayed in the moment and clinched a 2-1 win over Alleman following Junior Jamie The girls soccer team smiles after they defeated Alleman 2-1 on senior Althiser’s goal night. Tbis win tied the team with UT for WB6 conference champions. in the 77th minute. The Photo courtesy of Emilee Tingley

close victory sealed the title of WB6 Conference Co-Champions for the Maroons (4-1). The same day, UT lost 0-3 to Quincy leaving their conference record at 4-1 as well. Even still, Alleman, Rock Island, and Quincy also have opportunities to earn 4-1 records following final conference games later this week. A one game focus is what the girls will need to have to advance past the increasingly tough opponents on the road to a potential state title. “We need to play every game like it will be our last,” the sophomore says, “because with the high level teams we will go up against, it very well could be.” Best of luck to our girls soccer team in their home stretch of the spring season!

By: Fiona Roehrs LO’T Reporter Moline girls softball has worked hard and come a long way since the start of the season. The girls lost many seniors last season that were a major part of their team, but they are not letting that get in the way of their success. Sophomore Kiya Ritchie says, “We were forced to adapt due to injuries to key players and graduating several starters. We’ve all had to learn on the fly and it has proven to be effective.” The team’s determination to succeed is what has pushed them to many wins this season. In addition, the girls have set many goals for themselves that they would like to achieve. Ritchie defines the team’s ultimate goal as, “going to the state finals

and doing our best to win a title.” She also notes, “The conference title has been on our minds as well.” The softball team is currently on the right track to a Western Big 6 conference championship with a record of 7-1, tied for first place with Alleman. Throughout the season, the team has been consistently motivated by many factors. They want to push themselves and get the farthest they can in post season. Ritchie has also summarized the season, “The season has had its ups and downs but we are looking at a consistent up for the end of the season.” Even with the current 7-1 Western Big 6 conference record, the team still has earned an overall record of 17-5. We wish them the best of luck with the rest of the season and into the postseason.



May 13, 2016

MHS track strides toward state qualification By: Anna Finch LOT Reporter The Moline boys and girls track teams have both had seasons full of ups and downs. As the season nears an end, both teams are mentally and physically preparing for the year’s biggest meets. The girls conference track meet is on Friday, May 6th, at Rock Island High School. The boys conference meet was on the following Friday, May 13th in Galesburg. All track teams in the Western Big Six come together to compete in these meets in hopes of taking home a conference title for their schools. Last Saturday, the girls

track team competed in their conference meet and took fourth place overall with 65 points behind Rock Island (199), Galesburg (107), and Quincy (104). The meet sparked some of thr most intense competition at any meet yet this season and many athletes set new personal bests. The 400m run proved to be a strong event for the Maroons with Senior Sydney Snyder placing fifth (1:02.52) and Freshman Megan Pittington winning the event in 59.58. Pittington also placed a close second to Rock Island Senior Hannah Willhite in the 100m dash (12.64). The time of 12.64 meets the IHSA State Qualifying Standard.

Not to be outdone, Sophomore Jade Ford placed second in the 800m run, and Moline’s 4x800m relay took second place behind Galesburg.

MHS boys track will compete in their WB6 Championship Meet on Friday at Galesburg. After the conference meets, both teams will

Moline sprinter Tyler King pushes ahead of his opponent at an away meet. Photo courtesy of Moline Track’s facebook page.

move on to sectional meets where single competitors can qualify for state meets. Last year, the Moline girls track team sent two competitors to the state meet. Senior thrower Darius Martin has already thrown the shot put 58 feet 10 inches, much farther than the state qualifying distance of 52 feet 8 inches. While some team members are preparing for their final meets of the season, others are getting ready for their final meets of their Moline track careers. Reflecting on her first and last track season at Moline High School, Irem Yagcioglu says, “Track was a big part of my experience here, and I will miss

all the girls and coaches.” Similarly, Josh Oetgen, a senior on the boys’ team, states, “It’s been a very hard season, but we’ve all come a long way. I can’t wait to see all the great things the future track teams will do.” The boys track team has been fairly successful this season, taking eighth place at the Rock Island Invitational and second place at the Gene Shipley Invitational on their home track. The girls track team has also been successful, taking third at the Gene Shipley Invitational and fourth at the conference meet. Within the next two weeks, the two teams look to carry their positive momentum to the end of the season.


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