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April 8, 2016 Volume 99, Issue 6



Biased media omits Pakistan’s bombing attacks By: Connor Dessert hundred men, women, and children. It was the largest loss of LO’T Reporter life Pakistan had seen other than the massacre of one hundred Three coordinated nail bombings occurred in Brussels, fifty children at a school in Peshawar 2014, and it was an Belgium on the morning of March 22, 2016. Thirty-two enormous surprise considering the relatively peaceful year people were killed, and some three hundred people suffered the country had in 2015. injuries in the Brussels Airport in Zaventem and at the MaalThe media attention was immediate. beek metro station in Brussels. The But that was about it. Attention to this three suicide bombers were membombing dwindled over a week ago. bers of ISIL, the militant group that When looking up the two events on claimed responsibility for the act. Google, the Brussels bombing results Media coverage was immediate yield articles and videos published just -- every news program ran the hours ago. Even page fifteen of the reports of the bombings and search results has entries that are only played the videos of the three men one or two days old. walking through the airport in the However, when looking up Pakistan, moments before the detonations. the top entry on the bombing is from Weeks after the incidents, the news “A woman’s reaction to a death in her family over a week ago. You only have to go is still broadcasting report after due to the bombing attacks in Pakistan” a couple pages into the search results report on updates concerning the Courtesy of CNN. to find articles about bombings in investigation of the people involved previous years not pertaining to the in the bombings. The public is constantly informed about recent tragedy. the affairs of Brussels and the well-being of the families afWhy is this? Does the western world care more about fected on major networks. the rest of the western world than the Middle East? Was it But there was another incident like this in another because Pakistan had religious targeting? Perhaps those are country. Some would argue it was even worse. An Easter questions for an editorial to answer, but the difference in Sunday bombing occurred at an amusement park in Lahore, media attention to the two events cannot be ignored. Pakistan, killing over seventy and injuring well over three

April 8, 2016

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Seaworld ORCAstrates an end to breeding killer whales

By: Sanjana Yerrapothu LO’T Reporter Shortly after SeaWorld announced that its most famous whale Tilikum was dying, the Florida tourist attraction unveiled its plans for the final years of remaining captive orcas. The whales currently in the care of SeaWorld will be the last generation of orcas, according to a company announcement posted on its website. It is a key piece of its larger announcement that alludes towards a newer direction for the company. The orcas will receive the best possible care and will continue to inspire guests in new and natural ways. According to its website, “SeaWorld has been listening and we’re changing. Society is changing and we’re changing with it. SeaWorld is finding new ways to continue to deliver on our purpose to inspire all our guests to take action to protect wild animals and wild places.” The company has been under intense scrutiny for its treatment of killer whales as documented through the 2013 CNN documentary “Blackfish,” which spotlighted the animals’ living conditions and the dangers posed to the handlers. The film profiled Tilikum, one of the whales involved in the deaths of three people. After the documentary was released, SeaWorld attendance declined by one million. The company said that it is ending “all orca breeding” im-

mediately, putting an end to a practice animal rights activists have referred to as “inhumane.” “This announcement reaffirms our commitment to not collect marine mammals from the wild,” the company said. “After all, we haven’t collected an orca from the wild in almost 40 years, and the orcas at SeaWorld were either born there or have spent almost their entire lives in human care.” The company plans to phase out their theatrical shows, so that the whales can finally live in the natural environment that they belong in.

Orcas are finally free from breeding and performing due to the controversy at Seaworld; however, they must remain in captivity for the rest of their lives. Courtesy of Animal Legal Defense Fund

4500 49th Ave, Moline, IL 61265 Phone:(309) 797-9900

April 8, 2016



Illinois needs to take ACTion on the ACT Racing to presidency

By: Mihika Rajvanshi testing in the state. The SAT won the bid by offering a LO’T Reporter proposal that was $1.37 million dollars cheaper. With a revised SAT and lack of state funding, it is hard However, because of the budget block in Springfield, no not to agree with Assistant Principal, Wayne Cabel, when money is allocated to funding any testing he states, “The whole junior assessment for Illinois juniors. Some districts have field is up in the air right now.” decided to fund the test out of their own This year, College Board rolled out a pocket. According to Mr. Cabel, Moline new version of the SAT. It is the first time in is one of those lucky districts. Current eleven years that the test has been changed. juniors at Moline High School will have Now the test has no penalties for incorrect the opportunity to take the ACT this year, answers and fewer but longer sections. free of charge and during school. Additionally, there are only four answers ACT possibly switches to SAT in While the 2017 graduating class to pick from on multiple choice rather than Illinois. continues to take the ACT as planned, the 5. The writing portion is scored separately Courtesy of future of prospective juniors is uncertain. from the rest of the SAT. To a large extent, According to Mr. Cabel, if Illinois has a many of the changes appear to make the SAT more similar budget for standardized testing next year, the classes of to the ACT. 2017 and 2018 will take the SAT due to the the state’s So why should this concern Moline students? This contract with the college board. It may be wise for current year, the ACT contract with Illinois ended. Through a sophomores and freshmen to study for both the ACT and competitive process, SAT secured the bid for standardized the SAT in the following years.

April Fools banned forever. . . April Fools! By: Emme Schwabe LO’T Reporter April Fools, a holiday receiving no official recognition, is celebrated by making fools of others. This pranking and practical joking is a tradition, but, not surprisingly, the origins of this holiday are uncertain. With many different stories about the creation of this holiday, it’s hard to distinguish the truth amongst the jokes. The most accepted story stems back to 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII decreed a new standard calendar for Christian Europe, which set the new year on January 1st. Before this, Europe’s nations operated on the Julian calendar, which had the new year start instead on April 1st. Despite the change, some Europeans continued to celebrate the new year on April 1st and were therefore the subjects of the pranks and ridicules of those who observed the new year months before. This is only one theory of many having to do with the creation of this holiday. Many attribute this day to the weather as well. The day falls within the arrival of spring, which is constantly “fooling” us with inconsistent weather. In modern times, many people have gone to great measures to take advantage of this holiday. Newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, and websites have made outrageous fictional claims that left viewers and listeners actually believing the joke. The origins of this tradition may be uncertain, but it is assured that there are plenty more tricks to be played and fools to be made this coming April.

April Fools is a day of pranks and fun! Courtesy of

By: Riya Jain LO’T Reporter On February 1st, the primaries and caucuses determining the Democratic and Republican Parties’ presidential nominations began. The parties assign each state a certain number of delegates, based on population as well as other factors. They are awarded delegates based on how many votes they receive in the primaries and caucuses. A candidate has to get a certain number of votes in order to win its party’s nomination. In the primaries, people vote normally, with a private ballot in a designated location. Caucuses, on the other hand, consist of small groups run by the state’s political parties, in which supporters openly explain why you should vote for their candidate. Some states use only primaries, some states use only caucuses, and some states use both. The Republican Party started out with seventeen candidates, thirteen of which withdrew by March 4th. The remaining candidates were Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. On March 15th, Marco Rubio dropped out after failing to win his home state of Florida. So far, Kasich has won one state, Cruz has won nine, and Trump has won twenty-one. So, Kasich has 143 delegates, Cruz has 465 delegates, and Trump has 739 delegates. The Democratic Party started out with three candidates: Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. Martin O’Malley dropped out soon after the race began. As of now, Clinton has won twenty states, and Sanders has won fifteen. So, Clinton has 1,712 delegates, and Sanders has 1,004 delegates. Stay tuned and keep watching the news in order to stay informed on who may be America’s next president.

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3707 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, IL 61265




April 8, 2016

With the year ending soon, don’t fall prey to senioritis

By: Tara Krishnan LO’T Editor-in-Chief

think that colleges end their plication, so a B or two search on you immediately is not going to do you in. after offering acceptance, All colleges really want then you’re wrong. Slack- to see is that you have kept

AP classes for easy elec- web-posting were the least With the cost of educatives, that’s a different story! cited reasons of those given. tion so high, scholarships The days are getting lonAlong with academics, Although keeping your are one of the best ways to ger, the periods are getting the second and third biggest college acease the slower, and the homework reasons why colleges ceptances “Out of public schools weight of will never end. It’s fourth rescind admissions is an ex- that revoked admissions s t u d e n t quarter and most of us are were due to disciplin- t r e m e l y d e b t . just about ready to give ary issues and falsified huge rea- offers, 84 percent cited So, up. What’s the point anyapplications. Disciplin- son to stay grades as a reason.” while more? As seniors, nearly ary problems can cover committed - NACAC, 2009 you may all of us already know anything from prob- to school, feel that where we want to go after lems at school, such as finishing out your high there is less pressure to exhigh school. As senior cheating or truancy, school years on a high note cel after your acceptance, Elizabeth Smith stated, to breaking the law. can have many benefits. be careful not to fall prey to “Now that I know where When asked how like- While college admissions senioritis. The colleges and I’m going to college, does ly schools would be to can go out as early as De- scholarship organizations it really matter how well I revoke an acceptance cember, hundreds of scholar- that accepted you will reach do in school from here on for various disciplin- ship deadlines are in March out to your high school out? Senior year is meant ary issues, the major- and April. Good grades and to check in and examine to be fun, and I’m trying ity of schools said they extracurriculars can lead your transcript at the end to do just that.” Now that As graduation day gets near, senior students should try not to get would be most likely to more scholarships. Col- of the year. If your grades, we’re practically in col- bogged down by senioritis. Photo cred: to penalize students leges and organizations will classes, and extracurriculege, it’s ok to slack off for violence, cheat- review your transcripts. lars aren’t looking as great a little and breeze through ing off can have detrimen- up the image of yourself ing, drug offenses, and Better grades, higher test as they were before, there the rest of the year, right? tal results for your future. that you presented in your theft. Underage drinking, scores, and involvement can is a possibility that your Sadly, that is not the In terms of how far application, whether you truancy, and inappropriate help you get more money. offers could be rescinded. case. According to a 2009 your grades need to drop had a 4.0 or a 2.5. Basically, NACAC report, the most to get kicked out, it var- as long as your grades and common reason for a col- ies from school to student. classes don’t change incredlege to withdraw an accep- Michelle Hernandez, who ibly, you should be just fine. tance is due to low grades, formerly worked as the AsFailing grades aren’t - Last quarter - No days off for a while which represents 65 percent sistant Director of Admis- the only way that colleges April Fool’s jokes - Intense amount of rain of all withdrawn offers. sions at Dartmouth College, judge your academic per- Warmer weather - Trying to save your grades This study also found that explained that her office formance. Dropping more public colleges are more would reach out to students difficult classes in favor of - Dance Marathon - Sinus infections likely than private schools with any Ds or Fs, or a GPA easy ones can catch a col- Spring sports dominating - 2016 Presidential Election to revoke an acceptance of 2.0 or lower, asking for lege’s attention. Changing - Discounted Easter candy - School smells like ladybugs based on grades. Out of an explanation. She advis- one class most likely won’t Penny Wars - Villanova win public schools that retract- es that most colleges want end with a college revoking - Spirit Cards for Sports Unlimited - ACT testing coming up ed offers, 84 percent cited you to maintain the grades your acceptance; however, if grades as a reason. If you you submitted on your ap- you were to drop all of your - Shamrock shakes - Senioritis





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April 8, 2016

Universal Basic Income: a radical experiment or the economy of tomorrow?

By Colin Brown: LO’T Editor-in-Chief Dreaming about what the future has in store always gives rise to some interesting scenarios. Fifty years from now, there is no telling what the United States could look like. Will diseases like cancer and AIDS finally become diseases of the past? Will we have actual hoverboards that lift us off the ground. These questions are fun to imagine, but one question that few people seem to be asking is “How will we all earn our income in the future.” The answer to this question may very well be universal basic income. Last month, the Canadian province of Ontario announced its intention to create a universal basic income for all of its citizens in the next several years. The universal basic income (UBI) system would give a flat-rate income to every citizen, regardless of wealth bracket. The guarantee of a yearly income to every person would ultimately make finding a job completely optional to everyone. Besides Ontario, countries like France, Finland, and the

Netherlands have all voted to try pilot programs for a guaranteed basic income. While the idea of a universal basic income may sound like a far-fetched utopian ideal, it is actually a viable social safety net that I think could benefit our country some day. As modern technology continues to advance rapidly, many workers in the job market could soon face competition from equallyqualified robots, with one study by Oxford University even suggesting that 45% of American jobs are at a high risk of becoming automated in the next twenty years. To combat the issue of high unemployment due to computers and self-driving cars, many economists are suggesting universal basic income in the U.S. as a future solution. Even if people lose their jobs to automation, individuals are still given a steady paycheck to stay afloat. Beyond unemployment buffering, a universal basic income in the United states would put less pressure on individuals to abandon their passions for a steady-income job. College students

would no longer feel pressured into studying “employable” majors like business or STEM. They could focus on studying the arts or humanities if that is what they prefer. Part of the reason why I think the U.S. should keep an open mind towards a UBI instead of quickly labeling it as a

that some (but not all) welfare programs such as food stamps and Medicaid could be entirely eliminated. Most experts agree that one large safety net program would be much more efficient for distributing money to citizens than dozens of smaller ones, and a simpler system would save thousands of America’s poorest from falling through the cracks.

Photo Credit: Steve Rushton,

communist fantasy is because its ideas have found supporters on both sides of the political aisle. Taxing the wealthy as a means of revenue for implementing safety nets is certainly a very liberal ideal, but many conservatives have voiced their support for UBI because it actually reduces the amount of bureaucracy in the safety net system. Republicans generally favor a smaller, streamlined form of federal government, and UBI would deliver just that. By giving every citizen a stable income that provides enough for necessities, it is possible

Make no mistake, universal basic income is by no means a perfect system, and many critics have been quick to tear the idea apart. One of the most common knocks against UBI in the U.S. is its apparent magical ability to come up with sufficient

money to pay all 300 million Americans a healthy income in the ballpark of $10,000. Many UBI supporters call for an annual income in the ballpark of $10,000, but even half of that amount would do wonders for our country’s poverty rate of 15%. Alaska, for example, has been very successful in paying its citizens annual average divdends of just $1,100. As for the funding issue, economist columnist Scott Santens claims that consolidating the money in smaller welfare programs into a blanket UBI program could bring the government close to giving everyone $10,000 annually. Whatever money is left to raise could be collected through additional taxes on pollutants and the super wealthy. Many other critics also dismiss UBI as being a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist yet. While it is true that a robot workforce is not currently a reality, implementing the concepts of UBI could help the thousands of Americans who cannot afford a higher edu-

cation and end up working multiple low-wage jobs to feed and house themselves. To be clear, I don’t believe that Universal Basic Income is a perfect system that deserves immediate adoption by the U.S. From fund raising to implementation, there are many details in the plan that have been worked out on paper, and would have to be tried in a real-world country of 300 million. The idea of the government guaranteeing a sustainable living the same way it guarantees national defense sounds like a genius idea, but we can’t fall for the novelty fallacy and believe that since it’s revolutionary, it must be good. But with many economists reporting that a UBI is not only possible but necessary for a prosperous future, I think the U.S. should examine the concept with an open mind. As Ontario and other parts of the world adopt this new approach to basic rights, it will be interesting to see whether the world opens up to a new style of economics. In the meantime, the U.S. should be watching Ontario closely.

LO’T Editorial Policy Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respresenting all sides of an issue. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Tara Krishnan and Colin Brown, and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack



Ideas for pretty pre-dance pics By Lexi Bull LO’T Reporter After buying an extravagant dress or renting a spiffy tuxedo for prom, students want to have some type of recollection of the memorable day; that is when having pictures comes in handy. Finding the perfect spot to take pictures can be tricky, even more so if you can not think of a single spot. For that reason, here is a list of picture spots that will help

ease the struggles. One of the most popular spots, Vanderveer Park, has an amazing fountain and rose garden. That said, some opt for a more neutral setting for pictures, so places like Short Hills Country Club, The I-Wireless Center, the Deere-Wiman House/Butterworth Center, Prospect Pavilion, The River Center, Schwiebert Park, and the riverfront are ideal for that.

For someone who prefers the Quad Cities’ scenery, the John Deere Pavilion or areas of Downtown Moline are great. For others who prefer exotic scenery, The Botanical Center is optimal with its unique array of flowers and plants. No matter where you decide to take pictures, be sure to enjoy the night because pictures are only memorable when there are great stories to go along with them.

Above: The Quad Cities Botanical Center is a nice place to take pictures if you like exotic scenery. Courtesy of Below: Seniors pose at Schweibert Park. Cortesy of Nina Tran.


Focus Need prom outfits? Here’s a fabulous place to start! April 8, 2016

ByMckenna Mathews LO’T Reporter With prom quickly approaching, some of you upperclassmen, especially girls, are probably wondering what to wear for the big night. Luckily, there are many different places to get the right outfit. One popular local boutique is Little Black Dress (1526 River Dr, Moline, Illinois). For those ready to drop jaws at prom with designer brands, this dress store definitely delivers on its promises. Some of its designer brands are: Angela & Alison, Coya Collection, Dave & Johnny, Dynasty London, and La Bella. Furthermore, they have sizes 0-30! This place is ideal only if you want to buy your dress, though; Little Black Dress does not rent out dresses due to how delicate they are. Another nice dress shop is Blush (320 Main Street Davenport, Iowa). Blush has a diverse collection of brands, including MacDuggal, Sherri Hill, Panoply, Studio 17, Hannah S, and Rachel Allan. Along with prom dresses,

both Little Black Dress and Blush offer high-end dresses for other events, like weddings and banquets, in a variety of ideal and versatile styles. Additionally, Blush has walk-in shopping and appointments, so it is advisable regardless of how you like to shop. Yet another nice store in Moline is Special Effects (2200 36th Ave, Moline, Illinois), which is near the old Nova 6 theater and Fareway. Along with prom dresses, it has dresses for weddings, quinceaneras, and other formal events. Also, all dresses are handmade. Right now, all dresses are 10% off, and all tuxedos are $40 off. More options are at the NorthPark (320 W Kimberly Rd, Davenport, Iowa) and SouthPark (4500 16th St, Moline, Illinois) Malls in stores like Von Maur, Princess Prom and Bridal, and Skeffington’s.

If you’re up for a road trip with family or friends, Peaches in downtown Chicago (5915 S Archer Ave, Chicago, Illinois) has an incredible array of options, with designer brands like Sherri Hill, Jovani, Faviana, Rachel Allan, and Milano. For those of you brave girls willing to order online, Peaches and Blush have online stores, and there’s a number of reputable online boutiques such as Prom Girl or Misses Dressy. As for guys, there are still options for you. The most popular Moline location for tuxedos would definitely have to be Ducky’s Formal Wear (1534 River Dr, Moline, Illinois). However, many prom dress boutiques like Special Effects and Skeffington’s also have tuxedos. With all these choices, you should be confident that you’ll be looking your best!

320 Main Street Downtown Davenport 563-323-1979 Specializing in Prom, Home coming, Pageant, Bridesmaid, and Cocktail Dresses Let us find the dress for YOU!

April 8, 2016

The first 4 students to tweet at the Line O’Type @mhs_ lineotype about the April Line O’Type will get a gift certificate.

Why have people stopped attending school dances?

Some brands you will find in local dress shops are Rachel Allan (upper left and bottom center), Faviana (upper center and bottom left), Sherri Hill (upper right), and Panoply (bottom right). Courtesy of their respective websites.

By Logan Pauley LO’T Focus Coeditor School dances should be some of the most exciting events in high school. However, a disturbing trend has come to light: the number of people opting to go to Homecoming, Sadie’s, and Prom has plummeted over the past few years. The main reason why people have or haven’t gone to dances appears to be that the dances are fun-- or that they just aren’t. Plenty, though, on both sides of the fence, say that friends and music have been the deciding factors in determining whether to go or not to go. Many students point out that the atmosphere, as Daniel Frazee, a senior, noted, “becomes boring or the music isn’t the best to dance to.” Others, like Emma Rose,

a junior, said that outside opinions have influenced her decision to skip school dances, expressing that, “I have not gone to any, because I hear that no one dances or seems to be having fun.” Apparently, a large body of students over the years has been unhappy with how the dances are run. Some want a new DJ and/or new music, while others want another venue. One junior in particular, Eli DeWilde, explained that he had not gone to any of the dances “because I don’t think it’d be fun to get stuck in sweaty Wharton and I don’t like dances.” For the most part, I’m with Eli on this: the dances just aren’t fun and the Moline School District will never have the money to put on a dance that is attractive and inviting for couples, friends,

and singles. More specifically, I believe the greatest decline in the general numbers of students attending dances is due to the recent grinding ban, which led to Fall 2014’s Anti-Homecoming. Personally, I feel that if students are unhappy with a simple dance without grinding on one another, no dance put on by the school district, which must adhere to school-appropriate conduct, will ever appeal to those students. As for students who hold other concerns-- music, venue, atmosphere-- I can only suggest a school-wide or district-wide fundraiser since Illinois is getting no richer and the school district will almost certainly continue to resort to scraping together the needed funds for dances that will draw in more students.

8 Entertainment

April 8, 2016

The Division review: A bare “Batman vs. Superman: and generic apocalypse Dawn of Justice” Review

By: Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment Editor

The Division is a postapocalyptic, third person shooter from Ubisoft. The game is very similar to Destiny in that both games are console MMO’s and both had a major buildup before their release dates. The Division does excel at points, such as Cover fighting, Boss battles, addictiveness, and weapon customization, but it does have some weaknesses like, the Dark Zone endgame, elements of story, and the enemy variation. Gameplay: The Division is fun at the beginning of the game but as the game progresses it starts to get redundant. For example, when you start the game, killing enemies isn’t easy but it is fun; however, as you get to 20 plus in the levels, most of the enemies are just bullet sponges.


This does not apply to the Boss battles, which I find are very strategic and are meant to be time consuming. Disappointingly, the game is not that fun once you beat the story, and the only way to keep playing is through the Dark Zone. Story: The Division’s Story mode is good, but it could have been better. The overall purpose is to gain information that will lead to a cure for a virus that is infecting New York City. The story is interesting with the missions that include the medical wing because after you beat the mission, you get a cool clip on the virus that has plagued New York. Yet, the other wings, especially the tech wing, are not as interesting because they just show off security footage of the groups that run the streets of New York fighting civilians. The biggest problem with the story is that the characters are

all very forgettable, especially the “Main Bad Guy.” PVP/Dark Zone: The initial preview was exclusively the Dark Zone. Some people consider the Dark Zone the best part of the Division. I disagree because this part of the game is very unrewarding. The reason for my disappointment is that in the Dark Zone you can kill any player, but by killing the player you become “Rogue,” causing other people to see you. With this shift, you become an easy target for others, and this results in the loss of a lot of XP and loot. Verdict: Overall, The Division is a fun game at the beginning, but is is unable to continue its addictiveness after the story is over. It is also very repetitive at times. This could possibly change with new “dungeon” type missions. 7/10 The Division is available on the Xbox one, PC, and PS4.

Photo Cred: By: Abhi Sodahni strong performances by Ben LO’T Reportet Affleck and Henry Cavill Batman vs Superman: along with the side characDawn of Justice was a disters. The action sequences appointment to the superare well put together like a hero franchise. This movie superhero movie should be. was overlong and dissatisI believe that it is important fying. This movie starring to recognize the importance Batman (Ben Affleck) and that this movie is a setup Superman (Henry Cavill) for the future with Wondid not meet the expectader Woman coming out in tions of many fans around 2017, Aquaman coming out the world. Although this in 2018 to give each charmovie did not receive acter in the league a more good reviews from critics, people could argue that it had its moments. The beginning of the movie was well done because of its relatable politics and situations of the world today. The enjoyable beginning was brought down as the movie got brought down by the typical and unsatisfying ending. The acting is good with

deep the side characters which will make better Justice League movies, foreseen to come out in the upcoming years with Justice League: Part 1 coming out in 2017 and Justice League: Part 2 in 2019. Overall you should see the movie if you are a superhero movie fan but if not wait till it comes out on dvd and such. Score: 6/10

Get ready for Prom!

April 8, 2016



These YouTube stars are the new faces of creativity

By: Rocio Enriquez LO’T Feature Reporter PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is a Swedish comedian best known for his video game commentaries and vlogs. In 2012, he reached 1 million subscribers and is now the biggest YouTuber with over 42 million subscribers. Because of his increasing popularity, PewDiePie has supported multiple charities, won awards, appeared in TV shows, created apps, and he recently PewDiepie makes gaming videos and vlogs on his YouTube released his own book. channel. (Photo credit : Mirror). Smosh is comprised of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. Smosh was the #1 most subscribed user in 2007 and 2013.The duo makes comedy scripts and lip syncing videos. Currently, Padilla and Hecox have over 21 subscribers. They also have prank interviews with celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Dwayne Johnson, etc. 2015 was a big The duo Smosh is made up of YouTubers Anthony Padilla year for them because they and Ian Hecox. (Photo credit: NBC News). released their own movie. Nigahiga, whose real name is Ryan Higa has around 16 millions subscribers, and is known for his comedy videos. He began his career by creating lip synch videos., however as his channel grew, he produced his own music. In 2012, he began hosting an online video-making competition. Ryan Higa’s first full length film was released in 2008 and was sold out in theaters. He is also well known for RHPC, Nigahiga is the name for YouTuber Ryan Higa, who makes his production company. . skits and music videos (Photo credit:

Try out these yummy in your tummy donut muffins

Ingredients: Muffins:

½ cup white sugar ¼ cup butter (melted) ¾ teaspoon ground nutmeg ½ cup milk 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 cup all-purpose flour


¼ cup butter (melted) ½ cup white sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon


1. Grease 24 mini-muffin cups. Preheat oven to 375°F. 2. To create the muffins, mix together sugar, butter, and nutmeg in a large bowl. Next, stir in baking powder and flour until just combined. Fill muffin cups halfway with mixture. 3. Put in oven until the tops are slightly golden, about 12-15 minutes. 4. While muffins are baking, mix together sugar and cinnamon. Once fully cooked, dip the top of each muffin in melted butter, then roll in cinnamon sugar mixture. 5. Let cool and enjoy!

Mr. Boothe’s retirement brings back great memories for former students

By: Trevonte Lockhart ity to make an impact on a fine square dancing and L’OT Feature Reporter the lives of students. How- step aerobics instructor. His After thirty-five years of ever, we’re sure that wher- outgoing personality always working as a teacher, Mr. ever Mr. Booth goes, he will made first hour PE fun!” Frank Boothe is retiring. make a great impact on his Quinn Daley thinks about Mr. Boothe has taught at his freshMoline High man year School for when he had twenty-eight Early Bird years. PE with Mr. About a Boothe: “I year ago, Mr. remember Boothe made Mr. Boothe the decision was always to stay here enthusiasand contic about tinue teacheverything ing while his and tried wife moved to make us to Florida for laugh, so her own job. Mr. Boothe is retiring after teaching PE for twenty-eightEarly Bird So, once heyears at Moline High School. (Photo credit: Ila Mostafa). gym was a retires, he plans to move to surroundings as he is a won- lot fun even if I was tired.” Florida and reunite with her. derful person and teacher. Mr. Boothe also has some Mr. Boothe’s favorite When thinking about advice for future teachers thing to teach in the PE cur- the impact Mr. Boothe has and the teachers he is leavriculum was the swimming had on his students, Mrs. ing behind. He says, “Enjoy unit “maybe to save a life or Norcross reminisces to a working here as much as I two or make gym fun.” time when she also had Mr. did because if you don’t As a retiree, Mr. Boothe Boothe as a gym teacher. love what you do, it’s called will definitely miss the abilShe remembers, “He was work.”



Test out your brain power with Sudoku

In Sudoku, the numbers 1-9 must be used once in every row, column,and 3X3 box, but the same number cannot be next to itself. Photo credit:

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April 8, 2016

Spain sculpts underwater DIY can cure Spring fever

Sculptures of people are put on display in the Museu Atlantico. (Photo credit: defense of the ocean” by usBy: Ashley Oerman ing eco-friendly material to LO’T Feature Reporter On February 25th, an construct sculptures used in “underwater museum” of- the museum. DeCaires Tayficially opened 14 meters lor used real human models below the Atlantic surface for his sculptures, comin Lanzarote, Spain. The pleted the arrangements, museum isn’t the first of its and then used divers and kind; upon deeper investi- resources from the Atlantic gation (no pun intended), Museum to submerge the you’ll discover this Euro- scenes. The aquatic museum pean museum is actually displays ashen sculptures of one of a series of buildings humans and props arranged designed by the same archi- in both elaborate scenes and tect to draw attention to en- exhibitions of everyday life. vironmental issues affectThese spectacles serve ing the ocean. The “Museo as reminders of the responAtlantico” is the first under- sibility the global commuwater exhibit on the Euro- nity has for ecological wellpean continent and the very being. In fact, one of the first situated in the Atlantic submerged demonstrations, Ocean! called “The Rubicon,” feaThe breathtaking muse- tures over two-dozen people um is visible through glass- marching below the waters. bottomed boats on rolling, A scene of migrants taking cloudy waves, but snorkel- a raft journey draws atteners, aquatic reef dwellers, tion to the current Middle and scuba divers receive Eastern refugee crisis and the best view. As its creator reminds viewers of obligaJason deCaires Taylor says, tory benevolence. the scenes advocate for “the

By: Elizabeth Swank LO’T Feature Reporter    With spring just around the corner, people are getting ready for warmer days and fresh ideas to liven up their wardrobes and homes. DIY, or do it yourself projects, are perfect for bringing in the new season without bringing down your wallet.     For instance, tie dying is a great way to liven up a plain old t-shirt. You can find tiedye kits at places such as Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart for about $20. To tie-dye, you take a cotton shirt, soak it in water, then tie the shirt in various patterns using rubber bands. Next, mix the colors with water in their provided bottles, and apply the vibrant colors. To finish it off, toss the shirts in the dryer; in about 40 minutes you have completely different shirts without the department store price tag!      In addition to wardrobe changes, you can also light up your backyard with mason jars. Mason jars are available at Wal-Mart for about a dollar each, and have several different creative uses. For example, I purchased some aquarium

gravel and small candles, put the candle in the middle of the empty jar, filled the rocks around it, and tied a small piece of burlap string around the lid. In about 5 minutes, I had made a simple but stylish lantern that could withstand rainy spring showers, and be cozy enough to keep in the living room.     DIY doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing things you don’t have. Use everyday objects to create masterpieces. After dyeing eggs for Easter, instead of throwing away the cartons, transform them into a cute and low cost wreath that you can make with your family and friends! Start by cutting out the indentations in the cartons into cute designs, such as circles, squares, or even flowers. Then, use paint and cover the little pieces in fun designs and patterns. After that, let your designs dry, and then hot glue them to a piece of colored cardboard or foam. Ta-da! You have a colorful wreath!     So try DIY! You will be surprised by how much you can do yourself!

Unleash creativity with mason jar light designs! (Photo Credit:



April 8, 2016

Winter sports shorts Major League Baseball predictions By: Kiya Ritchie LO’T Reporter The winter sports season was a decently successful one for Moline High School teams. Each team had a long fight through the season, and they did all they could to make our school proud. Bowling, boys swimming, and girls and boys basketball each pushed through the winter months, playing their hearts out for the Maroons during the lengthy winter months. The girls basketball season ended short in a tough loss in the first round of regionals against Danville. Some of the team’s top performers were sophomore Alannah Crompton and senior Katie Stewart, the top scorers on the team. The boys basketball team endured the same fate as the girls, ending their season in a first round regional loss against Pekin. Some of the season’s top performers were Seniors An-

fernee Crompton and Andy McLaughlin, the leading scorers and top defensive threats on the team. The boys swimming and diving team had an impressive season with several victories throughout the winter. Consistently impressive performances came from freshman Austin Morris, QC Metro’s swimmer of the year. The bowling team had a competitive season as well, carrying a high spirit throughout the winter. The bowlers brought home many victories, and even placed third at the Dixon Sectional, which qulified them for the State Championship Series in Rockford. There, five bowlers bowled over 1,000, closing out the season on a strong note. As the grass grows greener and the amount of school days left grow shorter, Moline spring sports are beginning to train hard to bring home even more titles for Moline High School.

By: Kiya Ritchie LO’T Reporter The 2016 Major League Baseball season is predicted to be a very competitive one. As the professionals prepare to take the field, they’ve been analyzed by many sources as to where they are likely to stand this year. Our most local teams, the Chicago Cubs and the Saint Louis Cardinals, are both predicted to have successful seasons, which will intensify the longlasting rivalry between St. Louis and Chicago fans. To illustrate, one Sports Illustrated article predicts

that the Cubs and the Rang- dinals are predicted to be ers will be facing off in the consistent with their past World Series. The Cubs are success, and are viewed as predicted to have one of likely to go far in the posttheir most successful sea- season as well. Perhaps sons ever, and are considered serious contenders in the post-season. In fact, USA Today projects that The Cubs will be the only team with more than one hundred wins in the 2016 season. The Car- Photo courtesy of

this year one of the most locally admired teams can bring home a World Series Championship title in the upcoming MLB season.

March Madness: Villanova defeats North Carolina 77-74 after thrilling back-to-back three pointers

By: Britta McNinch clear favorite with its 33-5 LO’T Reporter record. Even so, top seeds In 1973 the term “March from every region, includMadness” was coined to ing the Jayhawks, were not describe the single elimi- immune to the effects of nation, Division I National countless upsets. Men’s College Basketball In the first round, twelfth To u r n a m e n t . People everywhere went crazy making brackets and predicting who would win the title. Nowadays, the hype has only shot upward, leading the NCAA tournament to become one of the most-watched sporting events nationwide. Out Photo courtesy of of the 64 teams in seed Yale knocked off numThe Moline girls basketball team smiles along with their the first round of the tourna- ber four seed, Baylor, fifcoaches at Wharton Field House. Photo courtesy of Kiya ment this year, first seeded teenth seed MTSU upset Kansas emerged early as a second seeded Michigan Ritchie

State, and number 10, Syracuse, began a “Cinderella Story” run that continued through to the Final Four until a 66-83 loss to North Carolina on Saturday. Although they didn’t advance

to the championship game, Syracuse (23-13) still was the lowest seed to make it into the Final Four since

2011. After all of the surprises, only 0.0093% of brackets correctly predicted the University of North Carolina, Syracuse, Villanova, and Oklahoma as the Final Four teams according to’s Capital One Bracket Challenge. On Saturday, not only did UNC advance to the final game, but Villanova also dominated Oklahoma 95-51 to earn its spot. Monday’s championship between the two powerhouses was exceptionally maddening with back to back threes from both teams in the final five seconds. In the end, Villanova picked up the 77-74 win after junior Kris Jenkins hit a buzzer-beating 3 pointer.



April 8 2016

Boys and girls track: underclassmen make promising start By: Anna Finch LO’T Reporter Both the boys and girls track teams have high hopes and show great promise for the upcoming season. With the indoor season wrapped up, some athletes have already shown State potential. On the girls’ side, returning sophomore Jade Ford, senior Sydney Snyder, and senior Lori Aguilar have had much success and shown a lot of State potential in the middle distances like the 400m and 800m runs as well as the 300m hurdles. Ford, having run a sub-60-second 400m dash her freshman year, and Snyder, having come close to the State time of 59.21 as

well, are currently making a strong push this year in the event. “I definitely see the girls team having a lot of potential,” Junior thrower Britta Mcninch says, “The underclassmen especially are really stepping up.” Breakout freshman Megan Pittington also has a strong chance at making a State berth during her rookie year. At the Sterling Varsity Indoor Invite on March 26th, the sprinter won the 60m dash, long jump, 200m dash, and was a part of the winning 4x200m relay. Her success has transferred outdoors as well; she won the 100m dash in 12.77 seconds, only 0.13 seconds off of the State qualifying time,

at the Shipley Invitational the long jump. Freshmen on Saturday and placed sec- Lauren Bram and Lily Knoond in the 200m dash and bloch also had impressive

Sophomore Addie Sanders begins her pole vault run at the Rock Island JV Invite. Photo by: Ila Mostafa

showings at Shipley with third places in the 4x400m relay and the A 1600m run respectively. On the boys’ side, the team is looking strong on their hunt for a conference championship this season. Already, the group won the Sterling Indoor Invitational on March 26th and were the runners up at Saturday’s Gene Shipley Invitational. Junior sprinter Tyler King attributes success to the team’s hard work at practice. “It’s our work ethic that leads us to success.” Senior Daniel Frazee, Junior Connor Dessert, Senior Connor Sapp, Senior Tim Knobloch, and Senior Darius King all had strong

showings at Shipley. Frazee and Dessert won the 200m and 400m respectively while Knobloch posted the top times in the 1600m and 3200m runs. Most notably, King threw the second farthest in the shot put competition on Saturday with a distance of 58ft 10in, blowing past his previous personal record and the State qualifying standard of 52ft 8in. Overall, both track teams have put together solid starts to their seasons. The performances shown during the indoor season and at the Gene Shipley Invitational suggest that the rest of the season is sure to be full of success and fast times.


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