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February 2, 2018

Volume 101, Issue 4



February 2, 2018

shootings spark debates Winter Olympics heads to South School By: Serina Daniels dreds of students fled the County marks the eleventh school when they heard gun- school shooting this year, Korea despite global tension LO’T OnReporter January 23rd, be- shots. Since it was the begin- a day after another shoot-

By: Sanjana Yerrapothu LO’T Reporter The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang in South Korea starting with its first competitive event on February 8th and last on February 25th. The Opening Ceremony will take place on February 9th in the PyeongChang Olympic Stadium. The city of PyeongChang follows Seoul’s Summer Olympics of 1988 to become the second city to host the Olympics in South Korea. The city is located in the Gangwon province of South Korea in the Taebaek Mountains. PyeongChang is ideal for the competitive events due to the city’s high elevation. The competitive events of PyeongChang Olympics include alpine skiing, biath-

lon, cross country skiing, bobsled, curling, freestyle skating, Nordic combined, figure skating, short track, ice hockey, luge, ski jumping, skeleton, snowboarding, and speed skating. Although South Korea managed to finance the Winter Olympics despite being under budget, overall excitement and ticket sales have been low. The PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games will be broadcasted on TV on NBC, watched on demand on, or be viewed on the NBC Sports app. In addition to many athletes around the world congregating to compete, delegates from North Korea will make an appearance in South Korea. After several years of

tension between North and South Korea, they discuss the Olympics and possibly peace between the two nations. North and South Korea agreed to compete together as one country. A North Korean figure skating team qualified for the games in 2017, but it it the decision of the coach whether or not to send the team towards competition. While North Korea may still compete, the entire country of Russia is banned from competing due to an ongoing investigation regarding the use of the dope. Although Russia is banned, certain Russian athletes will be invited to compete to showcase their talents under a different flag. Conclusively, There are many interesting stories to keep up on and pay attention to this time around.

fore the morning bell rang at Marshall County High School in the small, closeknit community of Marshall County, Kentucky, a 15 year old student entered with a handgun and fired on his classmates, ranging from ages 14-18. The shooter, whose identity is currently undisclosed because he is a juvenile, killed two 15-year-olds, one male and one female, and injured 18 others. His motives remain unknown. Bailey Holt died Tuesday at Marshall County High School in Benton. Another 15-year-old, Preston Cope, died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Most of the 18 injured remain unknown. The casualties were low because hun-

By: Peter Son LO’T Editor A foreign word to most high schoolers is cryptocurrency. What is it? How does it work? Who cares? By definition, according to, cryptocurrency is a digital currency theoretically immune to government interference, counterfeiting, and fraudulent transactions. Recently, cryptocurrency is hitting an all time high. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) are examples of the currencies invading the social media, news, and people’s wallets. As of late January of

2018, Bitcoin’s market cap is at $188,528,361,135; Ethereum’s market cap is at $97,760,513,322; Litecoin’s market cap is at $10,029,269,816; Ripples market cap is at $53,651,001,053. Market cap means the amount of money in circulation of that specific cryptocurrency. Buying cryptocurrencies is like investing money into any other company in the stock market. People can go to websites such as CoinBase, create an account, validate your identity, and buy any of the 1400 cryptocurrencies on the market. With these cryptocur-

rencies, you can save money, time, and effort, when purchasing items online. Companies like Amazon, the world’s leading online shopping site, and Newegg, a online shopping site for appliances, have implemeted ways to pay with Bitcoin to allow customers an easy payment method. However, while cryptocurrency may have the appeal of economic potential, it has a negative side as well. Cryptocurrencies allow people to buy anything, anytime, from anywhere. For example, there are three black markets ― AlphaBay Market, Abraxas, and Nucleus

Market ― that list a total of 50,552 drugs and 38,787 in other items. These drugs and other items are easily accessible by anyone and cannot be stopped by governments because they do not have the capabilities to do so. The black market networks are too vast for the government to control; therefore, it would take too much time, effort, and money to try to control such a network. Besides this ability to purchase anything online, cryptocurrencies’ benefits greatly outweigh their drawbacks because they These are a few of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies people have revolutionized the on- can now purchase. line shopping experience. Courtesy of

ning of the school day, many could get a ride from nearby cars with parents in them and call their parents to pick them up. Classmates of the shooter have begun to post

pictures of the shooter on social media while concealing his name. The identity of the alleged shooter will be made public if the case is successfully moved, as the local prosecutor wants, to adult court and the suspect is indicted by a grand jury. The suspect is facing two counts of murder and 12 counts of first-degree assault. The shooting in Marshall

ing at a high school in Italy, Texas, where a 16-year-old student shot a 15-year-old girl, who is now recovering from her injuries. She was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Dallas. This tragedy brought memories of previous tragedies, as it was near the site of the 1997 high school shooting in Benton. Then, as now, the teenage suspect was faced with charges in the adult court instead of the juvenile court. As always, this school shooting brought about increased debates over stricter gun control laws and prevention techniques. Students and their families nationwide can only hope that improvements regarding guns control occur sooner rather than later.

Cryptocurrency: The future of the economic world

News February 2, 2018

Government shutdown still possible

By: Hailey Schmacht government programs, na- to go back to their home LO’T Reporter tional parks, and U.S. veter- countries and come back leThe U.S. government ans. One of the biggest ef- gally if they wish to return. officially shutdown on Fri- fects of the shutdown is that Senate Majority Leader day, January 19th due to the government workers do not Mitch Mcconnell has said disagreements on medical get paid. Despite this, party that he will try to fund the budgets and the 700,000 polarization between Dem- government through Febimmigrants that will ruary 8th, and in that be deported with the time he has promised end of the DACA prothey will come to an gram on March 5th. agreement on this issue. DACA was a plan put However, he said that he in place by President can’t promise the agreeObama that allowed ment will be in favor of children of illegal imDreamers remaining to migrants to stay here the United States. Durwithout penalty. These ing this time, the govindividuals, known as A sign informs the public of the 2018 ernment will also have Dreamers, are granted federal governmnet shutdown. to come to an agreefreedom to stay in Couresty of ment on the Children’s the country because Health Insurance Proof the fact that they ocrats and Republicans re- gram budget being renewed were only children when mains too strong. The Dem- for 6 more years as well as they were brought here. ocrats will not stop until rolling back several healthCongress was scrambling they see another plan to sup- care taxes. So until Februto end this shutdown, as the port the Dreamers staying ary 8th, U.S. citizens will last one had monumental in the United States, while be on edge anticipating the effects on issues regarding Republicans want them government’s next move.

Mudslides devastate California By: Zamone Perez LO’T Reporter Mother nature, continuing the trail of natural disasters rocking the nation in past months, hit southern California neighborhoods with catastrophic mudslides, leaving hundreds of residents devastated and thousands of evacuees homeless until further notice. Swaths of communities south of Santa Barbara, frequently described as some of the most prized real estate in the area, saw their homes completely destroyed and main highways filled with multiple layers of mud. One hundred homes were total losses with three

hundred more partially damaged; however, thousands more houses remain at risk depending on the upcoming forecast. Residents, according the Washington Post, recalled “apocalyptic” scenes, with mud and debris stretched across the area. Beyond the materialistic losses, many mourned the deaths of individuals who did not survive this tragic event. Children were left without parents. Husbands lost wives. Search efforts began pulling entire families off rooftops. Community members aided in the effort by scouring once multi-million dollar homes and mud covered creeks.

Some firefighters and rescue crews came across the disheartening scene of lifeless bodies being pulled from the destruction. No matter, traces of hope still scattered what seemed to be a desolate landscape. Stories of people being pulled from the muddy depths proved emotionally charging for many rescuers who found the task of finding the dead and alive difficult. Despite the tragedy, we can still find joy in a community coming together in the face of adversity; proving that no matter the natural disaster, this nation and its neighbors can come back from even the worst troubles.


MHS’s newest principal! By: Kennedy Cook cipal in many years Mrs. make the final calls. When LO’T News Editor Sanders replied: “I feel asked about her plans for As Principal Dan Mc- proud. I am honored to be the coming years, she said Guire’s retirement grows that person, and I’m not she is planning to research closer, the look for a methods for more colnew principal to begin laboration and input from the 2018-2019 school the teachers. She believes year has already come that communication and gone. Although the throughout the school students and staff will isn’t bad, but it’s not as deeply miss Mr McGuire, great as she’d like it to be. a familiar promotion to Besides staff communithe Moline High School cation, Mrs. Sanders feels Administration has been that the school’s curricuadded. Trista Sanders, lum is being taught well, the Assistant Principal of and she hopes that it will Curriculum, Instruction, continue to improve and and Assessments, has be used successfully. Her been chosen to take on other big plan is for Mothe role of principal in the line High School to keep coming years. In light of Mrs. Trista Sanders, our new MHS the community at its forerecent women’s marches front. She stated that the principal and movements, it is exschool should be devoted Courtesy of MHS citing to see Mrs. Sanders to “serving our comstep into this administraonly proud of myself, but I munity,” and to do this she tive role that has been held am proud of our wants to set up a communiby men for many years. ty advisory board that meets The last time there was a only a few times a year. She female principal at Moline envisions that the school High School was in 1883, can collaborate with loan entire century separatcal businesses and places ing the two. In the Mowhere students are most line/ Coal Valley School present, such as, where District, there hasn’t been they work and hang out. much history of female addisOverall, the district is exministrators besides in the trict as a whole. I cited to welcome Mrs. Sandelementary school realm. do feel sad that there ers into her new position, The only female superin- hasn’t been another female and she is excited to step tendent was Dr. Diana Cub- principal in so many years into it as well. It’s inspiring bage in the 1990s. Other because it is hard to be- to see her become this monexamples of memorable fe- lieve that there hasn’t been umental figure in the area, males in the district include: anyone just as qualified. and it is good for young the first woman to hold the However, I am glad they are girls to be able to see her title of Special Supervi- looking at merit and creden- as a female role model in a sor for Penmanship was tials rather than physical ap- high position of authority, a in 1911, Grace Dale was pearance. I am excited to be hot topic in the country latethe first junior high prin- a role model in our district!” ly. So, the Moline/ Coal Valcipal in 1932, and the first As a person who has ley School District waves a High School Dean of Girls been in the district for tough goodbye to Principal was employed in 1933. many years and sees how Dan McGuire and offers a On how she feels about things run each and every warm welcome to incombeing the first female prin- day, Mrs. Sanders can now ing Principal Trista Sanders.


Editorial February 2, 2018

The power of words: What you say really matters

By: Siddhi Kapur LO’T Editor in Chief

Words have had great weight throughout history. Words have the ability to both start and end some of the world’s greatest tragedies and wars. Unusually enough, from a young age, we’ve all heard the adage, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” However, today, this mantra couldn’t be further from the truth. At some point or another in one’s life this can be seen as entirely untrue. As human beings capable of emotions, it is logical and natural that we care what others think about us. Those who claim to not care have conditioned themselves to be apathetic as a coping method. This indicates that at some point in time, words did hurt them in order for them to have the need to shield themselves from the power of words. Although this notion that words don’t hurt was taught to children out of good intention, there often is an opposite effect. By teach-

ing children that words shouldn’t hurt, we are really telling children that when someone is mean to them, they should not take it to heart. We don’t want them to hold a lasting image of themselves based on what others tease them for. What is not considered, though, is that children may take this phrase as an indication that what they say to others has no impact, so they may say whatever their whim. Sadly, while some people, particularly children and teens, are able to brush off hurtful comments as their parents may have suggested, others take these words to heart, which, in some cases, has caused these children to take their own lives. Because teens are often so impacted by the negative words of others, society has attempted to place greater emphasis on bullying prevention. Bullying is known to intensify feelings of isolation and make individuals

more self-conscious. These effects may thus worsen pre-existing cases of mental illness, in some cases, to the point of fatality. Nevertheless, even with the known power

of words, many incidences of bullying remain ignored. The excuse of “normal childhood teasing” is still used, even when far too many children take their lives from these malicious ridicules. This past June, a 12 year-old girl named Mallory Grossman took her life after months of taunting were finally too much to handle. Grossman was tormented for months by her peers over social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, for “being a loser” and “having no friends.” At one point, she was allegedly asked “Why

don’t you kill yourself?” Even when not directly spoken, words have great impact in all forms, including over social media.

regarding the bipartisan immigration proposal. This comment can be immediately deemed both inappropriate and offensive. For a world leader to use such offensive language exemplifies how desensitized our society has become to hurtful comments. If a comment must be censored, it should not be said, especially on a national platform that should be of utmost politeness.

to say in conversation in today’s world. Yet when such hurtful words are said, their repercussions must be considered. Words are damaging and we The basis of this isshould look back to a sue is found in the nordifferent childhood adage rather than “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” The Golden Rule better displays the morals we should follow in order to minimize harm. As the phrase by malization of hurtful Margaret Atwood goes, words. In recent news, “A word after a word this was illustrated after a word is power.” by President Donald Thus, actions should Trump’s comment reSuch normaliza- be taken in accordance ferring to African coun- tion has made most tries as “s-hole coun- everything fair game with the knowledge of the power of words. tries” during a meeting


Loving loveone.can. .humsongs those tunes in



February 2, 2018

Since we’re all in this together: Let’s Get Better Today

By: Lily Glackin LO’T Focus Editor

their head. On the contrary, songs like “Michelle” and Over decades, music has Something are two of the shifted dramatically, and less popular, but still the with that came various best, love songs that The forms of love songs. Not Beatles have produced. You only has the type of music could go on and on listing changed, as well as changlove songs by The Beatles, ing love songs, but also love but let’s move on to anothsongs exist in many different er artist crazy about love. genres of music. From blueStevie Wonder is another grass to hard rock, there is musical genius regarding the ability to find at least one love songs. Besides the obpopular love song that has vious, being blind while been produced within that obtaining the ability to play genre. In music, love has multiple inbeen comstruments pared to and write miserable many songs, and exhis music is hausting the epitome things like of good love battlefields songs. “Isn’t and the She Lovedevil. On Love: the soundtrack of life. ly”, written the other Photo courtesy of about his hand, it Caption courtesy of Savannah daughter, is Hampton has been an amazing written as the most wonderlove song that can be applied ful thing to happen to a perto almost any type of love. son, oxygen, or even banana He writes about his daughter pancakes. Love songs allow and how beautiful she is. Anmany different people to other song of his was “I Was empathize with each other Made To Love Her” talking through the same feeling of about his romantic partner. either being in love or havEd Sheeran is modern ing your heart broken by and the majority of his songs someone you love. Whether are love songs. Starting crying in the shower listenwith “Photograph”, a clasing to “Jar of Hearts” by sic, and one of the firsts, it Christina Perri or singing talks about various types of at the top of your lungs in love that are remembered the car to “Perfect” by Ed as memories in pictures. Sheeran, both elicit strong This feeling can be about feelings about what love is. children, parents, friends Love songs have been popuor family. It isn’t restricted lar across the board solely to the typical relationship because of this reason. type of love. Today he has The Beatles are the first songs such as “Thinking Out to come to mind when talkLoud” and “Shape of You”, ing about love songs. The directly talking about a partfamous “All You Need Is ner that he is in love with. Love” and “I Want To Hold He writes so beautifully that Your Hand” is well known they make you wish that throughout the culture of his songs were about you.. love songs and almost any-


February 2, 2018

By: Savannah Hampton LO’T Focus Editor Les-be-honest, not everyone is straight, and let me be perfectly “queer”, this is an LGBTQ-positive article. High school is a hard time for finding love, and first romances can be even trickier when you don’t follow the “norm.” The Williams Institute, a leading UCLA think-tank dedicated to collecting statistics on the LGBTQ community, found in 2011 that approximately 3.5% of American adults identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. 0.3% of Americans identify as transgender. However, in the 7 years since this study, it’s been hypothesized that up to 7% of Millennials and GenZers consider themselves a part of the queer community. What does this mean for love for the non-heteronormative society? First off, despite remaining prejudices against the community -- no unisex bathrooms and denial of the right to buy cakes at certain businesses -- for the most part, acceptance of queer life seems to be on the rise. According to, even the majority of most religious groups in America are now accepting of non-heterosexual relationships. Furthermore, the legalization of gay marriage

WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. The pictures above are an example of what we editors see on a daily basis. On behalf of students everywhere, we ask you to NOT continue displaying PDA. Looking too long may lead to severe cognitive damage and/or permanent blindness. Photos Courtesey of Lily Glackin

The first 4 students to tweet to the Line O’Type @mhs_lineotype the correct answers to page 10 challenge will receive a free shake.

L O V E Is L O V E

in 2015 was an integral success on the way to equality. While all that political stuff does affect teenagers, what about the difficult romance issues? Regardless of who you are -- or aren’t -- attracted to, relationships are tricky. The important thing to remember is to never settle for an unhealthy relationship and be on the lookout for that special someone. All teens are in the same boat for at least one thing: confusing feelings based on hormones. Talk out your emotions with close friends and trusted adults and know that one day, regardless of your sexuality, you can find someone who makes all the struggle worth it. Moline High School also strives to be more inclusive for queer causes. Recently expanded from the name “Gay Straight Alliance” to now include gender topics, the new “Genders & Sexualities Alliance” club boasts over 30 consistent members. If you want to join, there are weekly meetings after school in the library on Fridays. In addition here at MHS, there are “Ally” stickers located around the building to show that our staff is also supportive of all students. Queer love has also recently started to take over pop culture. “Love, Simon,” the first large-scale teen love

story centered on a gay couple, “comes out” on March 16. “Every Day” tackles queer love and even gender nonconformity and hits big screens February 22. On the music front, Halsey’s hit song “Bad at Love” encompasses the singer’s bisexuality. Hayley Kiyoko, the girl from “Lemonade Mouth,” is releasing her debut album Expectations on March 30, and the recording promises to be full of odes to other girls. Sam Smith’s “Thrill of It All” was released in November and still tugs at the heartstrings of all his fans. More LGBTQ characters are popping up on tv and in other aspects of entertainment, so be on the lookout! While there are numerous artists, characters and icons who you can relate to on this topic, representation is still not nearly high enough for many members of the LGBTQ community, but representation will only increase with time. Whether you consider yourself lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, pansexual, non binary, questioning, or choose not to label yourself, you are worthy of love -- both platonic and romantic -- from those that surround you, but you certainly don’t need a newspaper article to tell you that. Love is love is love.

Meghan Markle en- Celebrating Valentine’s Day <3 edgement, and everyone at least a dozen couples disBy: Emme Schwabe gaged to Prince Harry seems to forget to remem- playing their love for each LO’T Focus Editor come the first black princess of By: Riya Jain the United Kingdom. She studied LO’T Reporter theater at Northwestern UniverOn November 27th, 2017, Prince sity and starred in the legal draHarry of Wales announced his enma Suits from 2011 gagement to Amerito her engagement. can actress Meghan In 2011, Markle Markle. The two married producer were introduced to Trevor Engelson, each other by a mubut filed for divorce tual friend and dated two years later. for over a year before Markle is involved becoming engaged. in humanitarian The couple is due to work; she has admarry on May 19th. vocated for gender Prince Harry is the equality and clean son of Prince Charles drinking water. and the late PrinUpon announccess Diana, and is the ing her relationship younger brother of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry look lovingwith Prince Harry, Prince William. Harry ly into each others eyes. Markle was subis currently fifth in Courtesy of ExtraTV jected to harassment the line of succession from online trolls to the British throne. and the media, for both her raHe served in the British air force cial background and her status and was deployed to Afghanistan as a divorcee. Kensington Palace twice. He later launched the Invicreleased a statement condemntus Games, an international athletic ing the harassers, and urging competition for wounded veterans. them to “pause and reflect before Markle, who is biracial and of any further damage is done.” African-American descent, will be-

Valentine’s Day: the most underrated holiday. About 10 trillion pounds of chocolate are purchased, millions of flowers are bouqued, and a completely necessary amount of candy grams are delivered. The words “I love you” are put to good use as boyfriends scramble to shower gifts upon their girlfriends, and every nice restaurant becomes booked for the night. One of the best things this holiday offers is the color scheme of pink and red and hearts for the entire month. Red, pink, and purple, arguably the best colors on the spectrum, are pretty much everywhere. Who knew that Cupid’s vomit could bring romance and pizzaz to school bulletin boards everywhere? While February is dominated by a single day glorifying the wonders of romance, Groundhog day passes with little mention or acknowl-

ber the birthdays of some of our most beloved presidents. Before Valentine’s Day was celebrated with candies, flowers, and cards; it was marked by an annual pagan fertility ritual. Thankfully Saint Valentine, who encouraged Christians to marry, gave this day a new meaning, and the pope established February 14th as the feast of Saint Valentine. One thing we can always look forward to on this holiday is the excessive amount of PDA. Thankfully, as Moline High School students, we get the privilege to be around abnormal amounts of lip on lip action and hand holding in our hallways alone. However, just when we think it can not get better, it does. Valentine’s Day seems to top Moline PDA levels because just about anywhere you go on this day you’re sure to witness

other and this lovely holiday. If you’re single, even better. However, the real meaning of Valentine’s Day is to express your love in a specific dollar amount, so this may come as bad news if you’re broke. Nothing says, “I love you” more than an overpriced, heart-shaped box of chocolate covered strawberries. Really wondering how to impress your boo? Just get them a pandora ring or one of those cute little initial jewelries. Or better yet, go to Jared. However, anything less than the best will just mean that your relationship is doomed and that clearly you don’t really love your significant other. Most importantly, don’t forget the reason for the season. Why express your love and appreciation for those you love on a daily basis when you could just save it all for one much anticipated day?

8 Entertainment February 2, 2018

Albums to expect in 2018 Star Wars: The Last Jedi By: Clovis Kenese L’OT Reporter Yung Gravy: Yung Gravy has yet to release a bad song. Gravy also has yet to release an actual album. A handful of singles and a couple EP’s have been enough to show Yung Gravy’s one of a kind flow. Hopefully 2018 is the year we will see a full project. J. Cole: Cole released an album in 2016 and a couple singles after that, but none of it came close to being as good as 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Cole’s last album For Your Eyez Only told a more personal story compared to his first and has been followed by silence since then. J. Cole is ex-

pected to release a project this year. Drake: Drake’s been silent until recently ,releasing two new singles, “Diplomatic Immunity” and “God’s Plan.” Sadly the 2017 Drake was nothing like 2015 Drake who released two albums only months apart. He caught our attention last year with More Life, so it’d only be rude to stop there. Hopefully Scary Hours is the first look at 2018 Drake. Kanye West: Kanye did not release a project or single in 2017; however, he did have a feature on the Cyhi the Prynce track “Dat Side” hinting that something is coming soon.

Kanye’s last project The Life of Pablo came with mixed feelings, some saying he is washed while others arguing it was actually a lot better than given credit to. The mood of his next album is up in the air because of the “mental breakdown” he had. Hopefully, Kanye has a strong 2018. Denzel Curry: Denzel Curry was about to drop his project Taboo at the end of 2017 following up his 2017 ep 13 but the 2016 XXL Freshmen decided to hold off on the release trying to perfect this album as a leadup to his 2016 album Imperial, which was one of the better rap albums of 2016.

is to go and save Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding. To accomplish this, the player chases Bowser throughout the world, going from area to area in order to collect moons and other collectibles, which will let the player go to the next area. This leads to extravagant areas, ranging from the moon to a New York City-esque town. This game ties everything together so well that it’s hard to put it down. While playing the main story I ended up getting caught up just going from moon to moon and getting area-specific coins to buy cool outfits proving how much there is to do. The portability of the Switch really helps this

game out. I spent the majority of the play on the go, just playing whenever and wherever. Also, like most Nintendo games, the music in this game is phenomenal, adding on to each area’s atmosphere. The end-game is significant as when you beat the game a bunch of extra stuff gets added increasing the amount of what you can do. “Super Mario Odyssey” is very accessible to all types of players, from hardcore gamers to casual gamers, with the player being able to decide how much commitment he or she wants to give. Overall, this game exceeded all my expectations, and I can’t wait to see what Nintendo does next. 10/10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi title poster. Photo Cred:

2017 Game of the Year

By: William Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment CoEditor “Super Mario Odyssey” is easily my favorite game of 2017, topping out other games I played like “The Legend of Zelda” and “NBA 2K18”. “Super Mario Odyssey” was released for the Nintendo Switch on October 27, 2017. Following the now standard 3D Mario games,. “Super Mario Odyssey” differs from its predecessors in two major ways. The first is being able to throw your hat and control other enemies, and the second is the open area aspect, which has no specific levels but instead a bunch of different areas to explore. The goal of Odyssey

By: Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment CoEditor Star Wars: The Last Jedi, released on December 15th, 2017, is the 8th installment in the beloved Star Wars saga and is directed by Rian Johnson. Rated PG-13, The Last Jedi came out with very high expectations and a large number of questions that needed to be answered from the previous movies. Some of the questions that needed to be answered were: 1. Who are Rey’s parents?, 2. Who from the original cast survives?, and 3. Who really is Snoke? The film answered all of these questions but not in the way some of the fans thought, or wanted. Plot: The plot of movie has two main storylines. These two storylines involve Finn trying to get help for the resistance, and Rey trying to become a more powerful jedi with the help of Luke Skywalker.

The plot featuring Finn is one that underwhelmed me somewhat and doesn’t feel like it accomplishes anything in the storyline. Rey’s story, on the other hand, answers the majority of the questions and is far more interesting than Finn’s. Acting: Most of the actors/actresses do a fine job in this film; however, Adam Driver as Kylo Ren does a phenomenal job, improving on his performance from The Force Awakens by making Kylo Ren less whiny and having more internal conflict in his actions. One thing that is very noticeable with all the actors is that the director included a lot more humor, for better and worse, in this movie than in the previous Star Wars movies. There are multiple times in the movie where one of the characters says a nice one liner and creates a laugh in theater, but there are also sometimes when humor is

incorporated into the film even though it is not necessary. Special Effects and Score: The Last Jedi excels in special effects that really stand out during the starfighter scenes. Another standout scene is the Kylo Ren fight, which has visuals that wow the audience. The soundtrack as well is magnificent in that John Williams composed the score and does a great job even at 85 years old. Verdict: Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an installment in the franchise that will always have mixed feelings attached to it; however, I, for one, think it was an outstanding episode that has some of the more memorable scenes in the franchise. Additionally, the movie comes with a great soundtrack and special effects, along with some stellar acting by the main antagonist. The Score: 8/10

Feature February 2, 2018

The signs as quotes from my Econ teacher


The 2018 Golden Globes show a bold black-out

By: Makayla Rangel L’OT Feature Reporter

An ode to Omar Babu Clovis :A Valentine Poem By: Clovis Kenese L’OT Feature Reporter

5th grade we miss it Everybody got a card Happy valentines Sunrise and sunset All pale in comparison To the one I love Hurts how valentines Is the only day for love When it should be all On foe nem, you cute– Shorty also kinda bad– I might have to cuff.

By: Omar Babu L’OT Feature Reporter

Clovis Your Dark Complexion Truly mesmerizes me, Bro

subject of sexual harassment. The most The 75th Golden memorable was Oprah Globe Award cere- Winfrey’s acceptance mony, broadcasted on speech when receiving January 7, was not the the Cecil B. DeMille usual award ceremony. Award for her outstandUnlike other award ing contributions to the shows, the 2018 Gold- world of entertainment. en Globes included Being the first Africanmore than just recogAmerican nition to talwoman ented actors to receive and actressthe award, es. Celebrithe talk ties offered show host words of adnot only vice about s p o k e sexual misa b o u t conduct. sexual haThe controrassment versial topic victims, stemmed but also from Holabout the l y w o o d ’ s Many celebrities also importance sexual ha- brought activist as their of equality rassment al- date! Photo courtesy of on the basis legations, but E! Online of race and the all around dedica- gender. Oprah said in tion to the cause in the her speech, “I want all show was displayed the girls watching here, for victims all over. now, to know that a The two correlating new day is on the horimovents are named zon!” The 75th annual “Times Up” and “Me Golden Globes is a Too”. Celebrities pro- landmark to the start of tested against sexual change regarding injusharassment with black tice and sexual harasstie attire, showing their ment in the workplace support to the victims. and everywhere. The Celebrity advocates for time for justice is now. the movements also gave their word on the



February 2, 2018

Valentines Day Mad lib

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The lost elementary school art of Valentine’s Day

BY: Makayla Castillo L’OT Feature Editor Imagine this: You’re in the fifth grade in elementary school. It’s been a very cold winter, so cold that they wouldn’t let you outside for recess. However, there is finally a light on the horizon called Valentine’s Day. Armed with Ninja Turtle and Hello Kitty Valentine’s Day cards with taped-on lollipops and Sweetarts for

every person in your class, you’re ready to take this day on with a driving force. You get to school and somehow suffer through a few hours of teaching. Finally, it happens. For the next few hours, you and your friends pass out the cards and treats you all spent (almost too much) time on. It was a day to remember. Fast forward a year, you’re in middle school and as the day ap-

proaches you automatically know something is off, and when it finally comes it’s confirmed that this holiday tradition dies in middle school. Somehow better than Halloween, this iconic elementary school past-time is always in our hearts. And as that time keeps getting farther and farther back we all are left wondering… will Valentine’s day every be as amazing as it once was?

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February 2, 2018

Boys Basketball scores big Bowling team goes on a roll

the WB6 in overall rankings: By: Lacey McMillion 1st place with 20.3 points/ LO’T Sports Reporter After opening up confer- game, 3rd place with 53.9% ence play dominating fellow field goals, 4th place with Western Big 6 teams, the Maroons have kept the momentum flowing with a current record of 6-1 in conference. Starting standouts include Brody Harding, who is in 5th place with 51.4% field goals and 4th place with 76.9% free throws, and Drew Billups grabs the rebound. Wiemers, who is in 3rd Photo by Abhi Sodhani place with 79.4% field goals. Currently, junior 6.0 rebounds/game, and stand Deonte Billups leads 2nd with 14 of 28 3-point-

ers. Depite his outstanding performances on the court, Billups says, “Traveling to Pekin and staying the night in the hotel with the team was the most fun part of the season.” Another favorite memory of the season comes from sophomore Sam Monroe, who says, “My favorite memory is definitely beating Rock Island at home in a thrilling overtime win.” Head over to Rock Island tonight to support our boys as they take on the Rocks!

By: Megan Meyer LO’T Sports Editor The Moline Girls Bowling team’s season has crossed the halfway point, and the team is now focused on finishing strong. While the Maroons faced tough competition through the duration of the season, their best meet was the Kewanee Invite, where they placed third overall. Throughout this season, the Maroons have been led by senior Destiny Rottman, who plans to attend Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, Iowa next year as a

Rottman bowls in a meet. Photo by Lily Glackin member of the bowling team.    Because the team has to travel frequently for out of town meets, they have

had many overnight stays. Junior Courtney Declercq says, “My favorite part of the season has been bonding and swimming with my teammates in each hotel.” On the other hand, the most challenging part of the season for the whole team has been picking up spares and splits. On Monday, January 29th, the team battled it out in the Western Big 6 Meet and finished in third place. Using this strong finish, the team looks forward to the conclusion of the season with hope of a sectional or state bout.

ronez cheers his teammates By: Peter Son on from the side, encouragLO’T Sports Editor Although many suc- ing and motivating. When cessful student athletes his teammates step off the compete in multiple sports, mat, he instantly praises some prefer to focus on one sport all year. Junior Jayden Terronez is a prime example of this type of athlete. He has earned the title of January’s Maroon of the Month. He is currently 33-5 and has led the Moline Boy’s Wrestling team to a dominant record of 23-4. Terronez expresses that he tries “to dominate every match no matter what,” but he’s “still not where [he] wants to be.” Without Terronez, the Maroons would be missing out on over 20 Terronez poses for a picture. pins that are crucial points Photo taken by Kaity Miner for the whole team needs. Not only is Terronez them if they won, or comsuccessful as an individual forts them if they had a wrestler, but he is a team tough match. Senior Hunter player as well because he Henning highlights that Tersupports his teammates ronez “does a lot for the constantly. At meets, Ter- team and somehow finds

a way to motivate all the wrestlers in the room, no matter the age.” Henning also states that “[Terronez] has great work ethic that rubs off on everyone.” Coach Bill Carlough emphasizes that “Jayden is a leader on the team not only because he’s a captain but also because he’s an example through his training. He’s always working to get better and sets high realistic goals to place at state.” His leadership is shown through his progression on the team. As a freshman, he did not compete in the varsity matches but then continued to train hard and did so in his sophomore year. Even though it is only his second year as a varsity wrestler, he is the captain of the team, showing the leadership capabilities and talent Terronez possesses. Congrats to Jayden and the rest of the team!

Maroons of the Month: Crompton and Terronez

has earned at least ten points win over rival Quincy, beBy: Megan Meyer and ten rebounds in each coming the ninth player LO’T Sports Editor Growing up, a lot kids at- of her last twenty games. in Moline history to reach tempt different sports to find Her successful streak of this milestone. Crompthe one that sticks with them double-doubles landed her ton was surprised by her as they get older. However, teammates and coaching there are rare cases of kids staff when the game in who grow up into successQuincy was stopped afful multi-sport athletes. ter she scored her 1,000th One such case is Moline’s point. She was given a very own Alannah Crompplaque to celebrate her ton, a senior who has momentous achievement. played volleyball, basketThroughout the seaball and soccer throughson, Crompton credits her out her years at MHS. teammates for pushing Being in the winher to be the best player ter season, it has been she can be. She says that, Crompton’s turn on the “We all get along so well, basketball court for the which is great both on and past few months. In her off the court. The best part third varsity season, she of this season has been is mainly a post player; the crazy bus rides comhowever, Crompton is Crompton poses for the camera. ing home from tournaknown to step into any po- Photo taken by Kaity Miner ments.” For the team as a sition when she is needed, whole, Crompton states, even running the point. a spot as the Metro Pace- “We are looking forward In one of her greatest setter for the Dispatch- to the rest of our conferachievements this season, Argus in late December. ence games and regionals.” Crompton is currently on a Most recently, CrompCongrats to Alanroll of twenty straight dou- ton scored her 1,000th ca- nah and the whole team ble-doubles, meaning she reer point in a conference on a great season so far!



February 2, 2017

Lady Maroons pulling their weight Upcoming varsity events and times

By: Kiya Ritchie ing in rebounds and three performances, paired with pointers, respectively, and strong senior leadership LO’T Sports Editor In the Lady Maroon junior Megan Pittington from Crompton and Thiele basketball program, hard third in free throw percent- as well as Fiona Roehrs, Lework is not a goal- it’s a age. Freshman Bralee Trice tecia Billups, and Shannon requirement. Long sumFowler, make for a force mers spent traveling to be reckoned with. to tournaments and off The girls have cerseasons in the weight tainly put all of their room come hand in hard work on display hand with reperesentthis season, but their ing Moline on the court. strength on paper is This work has helped nothing compared to them secure second that of their bond. The place in the conference ease with which they after a recent win over Freshman Bralee Trice shooting a work together is truly United Township. The free throw their greatest asset as Lady Maroons are also Photo Courtesy of Lily Glackin a team. Of course, the represented all over the stats aren’t too shabby stat leaderboards. Sehas also contributed statisti- either. Best of luck to the niors Alannah Crompton cally on the varsity squad. Lady Maroons as they apand Hannah Thiele lead- These impressive individual proach post season play.






By: Fiona Roehrs level” Henning elaborates. starts with hard earned wins They were a little shaky at regionals and sectionals.” LO’T Sports Reporter The wrestling team has at the beginning of the seaAs far as rivalries go, set exceedingly high goals son, losing three of their the wrestling team is no for the 201-18 season, but current four losses early on. different from most other the track they’re on Moline athletics. makes those goals The most competiseem incredibly attive regular season tainable. It’s a fact meet is against none that wrestling is other than Rock Isone of the toughest land. “Rocky is alsports out there, with ways the toughest strenuous practices in our conference in a very hot room merely because the and heavy lifting rivalry is always being a daily rouso intense,” Hentine. The boys are ning states, “both content with that, DJ Parker grappling a Rock Island wrestler teams always come though, because Photo courtesy of Lisa Ohlsen ready to wrestle.” those conditions are However, through being their overwhelming However, Henning views their persistent hard work success this season. When that as proof that they’ve and the talent of this years asked how they’ve been so improved over the past squad, they overcame the successful, senior Hunter few months. They’ve used Rocks. With their biggest Henning attributes it all to those losses as motivation rivalry out of the way, the simple hard work. “Our to push forward toward the team is locked in on their team prepares for meets big goal: state. “As a team one big goal: state.. Best of long in advance with tough, we always have the overall luck to Henning and the rest focused practices that al- goal to make it to state,” of the team, and congrats low us to compete at a high Henning revealed, “but that on five straight WB6 titles.

Feb. 2: Feb. 3:

Boys B-Ball Away (Rocky) @ 7:30 pm

Feb. 3:

Girls B-Ball Home v. IA City High @ 1:00 pm

Feb. 10:

Girls B-Ball Home v. Galesburg @ 6:30 pm

Wrestling Away (IHSA regionals) @ 10:00 am

Editorial February 2, 2018


When lies come easy, society must demand the truth

By: Kaity Miner tions are not firsts of their investigation, how could LO’T Editor-in-Chief kind, their depth of deceit Trump be truly in the dark Despite our high hopes and manipulation prompt as he continuously claims? for a fresh start in the new the notion that lies have be- Trump used his position of year, 2018 lives in the shad- come socially acceptable, authority to keep others in ow of last year’s scandals, a dynamic shift in modern check; those who threatened cover-ups, and deceit. So- culture to consistently chose that loyalty, like FBI direcciety lays victim to a cul- dishonesty over transpar- tor James Comey, received ture of lying in which facts ency, inevitably enabling the boot. Despite what and falsifications become unrecognizable from one another. Looking through a scope blinded by prejudices and preexisting beliefs, accompanied by our natural tenacity to implicitly trust others, people have slowly been conditioned to accept any information noncontradictory to their credence, especially when that information comes from A comic editorializing the untruths of Trump. people we hold in Photo courtesy of high-esteem or who maintain positions of power. those in control of the truth. you may believe considerThe Trump adminis- ing this investigation, beSome lies carry more unsurprisingly, lieve that just as Watergate, weight and baggage than tration, others; they can accumulate, remains under fire in a Monica Lewinsky, and Iranexplode, and recoil. This question over Russian inter- Contra could not be kept bepast year was no stranger ference in the 2016 election. hind a curtain of secrecy, the to political corruption and Thus far attorney general truth will similarly prevail abuse of power by manipu- Jeff Session, senior advi- in light of this scandal, too. lators and institutions sworn sor Jared Kushner, and forWhile less politically to protect the integrity of mer national security advi- charged, the decades of sexothers. 2017 dragged its bag- sor Michael Flynn are few ual abuse by sports medicine gage into what we hoped to among the many who have doctor Larry Nassar finally be a fresh start; instead, our been confirmed to have ob- surfaced as of recently and country passed into 2018 structed justice during this the survivors rightly refused shrouded in a cloud of de- investigation by lying, often to hold back their testimoception and secrecy primar- to FBI investigators, about nies. Since the 90s, Nassar ily surrounding the Trump contact with Russians dur- exploited doctor-patient administration and systemic ing the election. As the GOP trust to assault at least 175 abuse by the heinous sexual cover-up unravels before girls and women, using his perpetrator Larry Nassar the country’s eyes, it begs reputation and well-known who manipulated women the question: If Trump’s talents to buy his victims’ under the guise of a medical closest allies lied to protect silence, especially in the doctor. While both infrac- his administration from an gymnastics realm. Begin-

ning with the first allegations against him in 1997 while presiding at Michigan State University, the university failed to grant any merit to the victims’ testimonies and thus enabled Nassar to continue his abuse for decades to come. Throughout the next 20 years, gymnasts who bravely chose to speak out against Nassar faced dead ends and inaction from USA Gymnastics (USAG). Olympian Aly Raisman said in her testimony in court, “Where is the honesty? Where is the transparency?” Both questions everyone seems to be asking as we wonder how these institutions with an obligation to protect their athletes failed these victims for so long. Was it too much work to investigate these gymnasts’ claims? Was lying the easy way out? Instead of addressing the allegations, these institutions tried hard to navigate around them, and now reckoning is upon them. Lou Anna Simon, Michigan State University president since 2005, faces resignation while

the university’s integrity receives NCAA scrutiny. The entire board of USAG including CEO Steve Penny also stepped down in resignation in light of the cover-up. Larry Nassar, who accused the survivors of fabricating stories and wrote in a letter to the court, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” received 175 years in prison, hopefully enough time to contemplate his actions rather than the scorn of females, including the judge who put him behind bars for the rest of his life. While we stand on our

pedestals in disdain judging the lies and deceit coming from the Trump administration and Larry Nassar alongside his enablers, we must remember to stray away from hypocrisy and strive to live our lives bringing value to honesty. Those in power find deceit justifiable because dishonesty is allowed in our culture today. In order to change a culture permitting of deceit and cover-ups, it is our moral responsibility to take individualized ownership of our actions and demand honesty regardless of consequences.

LO’T Editorial Policy

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MHS LineOType February 2018  

Volume 101 Issue 4 of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the February 2018 issue.

MHS LineOType February 2018  

Volume 101 Issue 4 of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the February 2018 issue.