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October 7, 2016

Volume 100, Issue 1



October 7, 2016

Missouri’s concealed carry law could get out of hand By: Aaron Miller LO’T Reporter Gun violence is an issue that has been growing immensely this past year, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Beginning January of next year, Missouri will be joining 10 other states and allowing residents to conceal carry without a permit or background check. Some, like the NRA (National Rifle Association), have deemed this decision as being a part of “a great day for freedom in Missouri.” Others, like Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, told New York Magazine they believe this law will only

make it easier for someone to obtain a weapon whose, “background check revealed criminal offenses or caused the sheriff to believe they posed a danger.” Debates over the new law being passed continue as Nixon’s recent veto attempt was met with a 24-6 override by the Senate and a staggering 112-41 override by the House. Suffice it to say, many politicians can’t wait for Missourians to exercise their Second Amendment right to the absolute fullest. Now being hand in hand with the “stand your ground” laws, which allow for one to defend themselves

to any extent they please so long as they feel threatened, many law officials are fearful of what is to come. Kevin Ahlbrand, the president of the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, states in a Columbia Missourian article, “We’re going to have to assume everyone we approach is armed.” With tensions between police and civilians at all time highs, especially in a state that hosted disastrous riots in Ferguson only a few years ago, the results of this law may be less than favorable. The law will be put into effect at the start of 2017. At this point, dissenters of

Missouri was given an F regarding gun laws based on data collected by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. Courtesy of

the new law are banding together in hopes of promoting a new Amendment that will impose more restrictions on

gun permits. Until the year comes to an end; however, the Missouri state government will be able to contin-

ue checking for any red flags with the right to deny the conceal carry privilege to its residents still intact.

Charlotte shooting intesifies Black Lives Matter movement

By: Riya Jain while Scott is LO’T Reporter still in his veThe flame of the Black Lives hicle, “Keith, Matter movement was fueled get out the car! further on September 20th when Keith, Keith, Keith Lamont Scott was shot don’t you do it! by a police officer in Charlotte, Don’t you do North Carolina. The shooting it!” Later, she has led to protests and discusis heard saying sion of systemic racial profilto the officers, ing by police officers. Scott was “Don’t shoot shot by officer Brentley Vinson, him. He has no who claimed he saw Scott rollweapon.” She ing a marijuana blunt and later is also heard exiting his vehicle carrying a telling the ofgun. The department said they ficers about clearly told Scott to put the gun Scott’s brain down many times and shot when injury and that he didn’t comply. Scott’s famhe just took ily later stated that he was brain his medicine. damaged, impairing his abil- Mob in Charlottle, North Carolina unites to protest shooting. Scott’s wife ity to communicate. There have Courtesy of ABC News and family, been controversies surrounding the gun found at the scene; claim he was reading a book in his car although no book there is suspicion that the gun was planted by the officers was found. themselves. The incident was also recorded on officers’ dashcams Scott’s wife released a video of the incident. Although and body cameras, although these videos do not show the the shooting itself cannot be seen, his wife is heard saying, shooting either. They show Scott exiting his car, walking

backwards, and standing outside his vehicle with his arms at his side while the officers point his guns at him. The videos aren’t clear enough to discern whether or not Scott had a gun. The event sparked a series of protests. Initially, they were peaceful, with protesters carrying “#blacklivesmatter” signs. Later, they escalated into violent riots, with people throwing rocks, setting fires, and vandalizing property. Police responded to the protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets. In all the chaos, a civilian fatally shot a man named Justin Carr. Above all, the shootings have fueled the national conversation about racial profiling. The actions of the officers have fed the debate concerning the implicit bias that has lead to so many recent shootings of unarmed black men.

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News October 7, 2016


Making Homecoming great again Clinton trumps Trump in debate

dit. . . And as soon as the According to a CNN/ better than the last couple By: Oyniso Bakhriddinova audit’s finished, it will be ORC Poll of voters who years’ because they played LO’T Reporter the next year as well, but better music and were more The first of many highly released” Trump acted as watched the debate, SecreHomecoming 2016 can be lenient.” Another plus about anticipated presidential de- if the audit was restraining tary Clinton was considered seen as a step in the right this year’s Homecoming bates of the 2016 Presiden- him from releasing this in- the winner overall by 62% direction. week is that there were less tial election finally occurred formation; however, Holt of voters who watched, To kick off the fun-filled incidents of TP-ing and on September 26 at Hofstra pointed out that a tax au- while comparatively only week, the school decided vandalizing. Although some University. This intense dit does not hold someone 27% said they thought Donto have a movie night at students continued to partic- matchup between former back from releasing their ald Trump won. Despite this Browning Field. When ipate in these illegal Home- Secretary of State Hillary taxes, and upon check- statistic, Trump claims that asked about this, MHS se- coming “festivities,” there Clinton and businessman ing, this statement was he won the debate easily were far Donald Trump was mostly confirmed as even the IRS even though he “spent 50 fewer people bickering back and forth commissioner agreed with percent of his thought prothan the pre- between the candidates, Holt. Feeling the heat of the cess” dealing with a faulty ceding years, and, because of this, view- spotlight, Trump shifted the microphone as he told which shows ers did not learn much about attention to his rival by say- FOX News. The citizens of how Home- the candidates’ policoming is cies. A memorable progressing. The students moment from the working with debate was when the teach- taxes were brought ers and the up. Trump was talkcommunity ing about the burhave made den of taxes on the great ad- people when Lester vancements. Holt, the moderaEven though tor of the debate, H o m e c o m - brought the topic to Trump and Clinton shake hands before their debate. Moline marching band walking in the Homecoming parade. ing may not a more personal lev- Courtesy of ABC News Photo by Micah Gentry have been el - specifically how we are finally getting on the nior Grafton Carlson said, “I ideal, it is evident that Trump is discussing taxes ing how he would release America will have to wait right path. enjoyed being able to spend Homecoming week is im- but still has not released his his tax audit as soon as and see how the rest of this In 2014, a change was my Tuesday night watching proving and will slowly but tax returns. Trump went on Clinton released her thirty presidential election plays made to the dance that in- a movie with my friends in- surely become everything to say, “I don’t mind releas- three thousand emails that out with these two very colfuriated many students: stead of doing homework. It we hope for. orful candidates. ing. I’m under a routine au- were deleted. grinding was banned. This was fun to get away from all new change provoked the my school work and relax students enough to protest during Homecoming week.” the dance by hosting their Movie night was a great adown “Anti-Homecoming.” dition that will hopefully Kids that went to the school become tradition in years dance criticized the poor to come. Kier Cook, a setaste in music and the re- nior that has attended every moval of grinding. This Homecoming at MHS, exnew change also led to the pressed his thoughts about increase in rebelling with this year’s dance by saying, illegal activities during the “Although my freshman week, such as trespassing year dance was the best beand vandalizing. Many of cause we were able to grind, these problems carried into the dance this year was By: Abhi Sodhani LO’T Reporter As another successful Homecoming week passes by, it’s important to see how far we have come! Over the last few years, Homecoming has been getting out of hand. However, through the hard efforts of Moline High School and our community,

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Editorial October 7, 2016

Testing: besides a sharpened pencil, what’s the point? By: Pranjal Kadwe LO’T Editor-in-Chief With all the standardized testing changes at Moline High School, it is easy to get confused in the mayhem. With pretests, SAT, ACT, and PSAT, you start to wonder: is all this testing really necessary? On the first day of school, students in all grades are given a pretest over all of the content they will be learning during first semester, but what do these tests prove? Obviously, students will have more knowledge on the posttest than on a pretest for a class they have not taken yet. Thus, these first day pretests should be eliminated because they are pointless. Adding on to the topic of testing, Illinois’s switch from

The main difference between the two tests that is causing problems in Illinois is the price. (Photo Cred: the ACT to the SAT has confused many students for the past two years. Last year, the state passed the bill to have the SAT be the new state mandated standardized test. However, there were no state funds for these tests, so the Moline School District paid for the ACT. This year, Illinois has enough money for the SAT, which will be held on April 5th for all juniors. This switch has made many students upset. Junior

Siddhi Kapur voiced her opinion, saying, “I have been preparing for the ACT all of high school. Preparing for both tests [the ACT and SAT] is an even bigger stress, especially during my already busy junior year.” While they are both similar standardized tests, they still have distinct differences. The ACT has a science section, while the SAT does not. The SAT requires some vocabulary practice, but the ACT does not. One huge change for students is that in the SAT, math is worth more at 50% instead of 25%, and reading and English combined are worth 50% For many students applying to competitive colleges, one point can make the biggest difference. By putting the stress of both tests on juniors, students may have a decreased chance of scoring as well, which directly impacts their college admissions. However, as Mrs. Sanders stated, students applying to competitive colleges could take the ACT on a national test date to make up for the inconvenience. The entire problem is caused by the costs of the two standardized tests. Since the SAT became cheaper than the ACT, Illinois decided to switch. These tests should not be commercialized. Companies require funds to make these standardized tests; however, once two companies are competing, such as the College Board and the ACT, you start to wonder what the purpose of these tests is. Is it all just another scheme for money

Editors-In-Chief: Pranjal Kadwe & Riya Patel


News Editors: Grafton Carlson, Logan Pauley & Karthik Prakash

or a genuine attempt to test students and see if they are prepared for college? One solution would be to make one government funded standardized test for entrance into colleges. This way, the integrity of the test would be guaranteed. However, proponents of having multiple tests may say that the two tests, the SAT and the ACT, are different and that students with varying strengths may perform better on one over the other. However, with the new changes in the SAT, the test has been formatted to be more similar to the ACT. Thus, in the near future, students may no longer have the option to take two different types of standardized tests. Overall, standardized testing, while necessary, has caused confusion and conflict in the state. Those of you who will be taking these tests should be aware of the tests and the changes in the district before or during your junior year, saving yourself from confusion in the future.

Sports Editors: Katherine Douglas & Anna Finch Head Photographer: Micah Gentry & Brandon Zetina

Focus Editors: Rocio Enriquez, Ava Gomez & Savannah Hampton Staff Photographers: Pilvi Blom Entertainment Editors: Truman & William VanVooren Feature Editors: Dana Plagenz & Isabel Zimmerman

Business Manager: Connor Dessert Advisors: Heidi Norcross & Jay Bohnsack

Editorial October 7, 2016


To kneel or not to kneel: A First Amendment right? By: Riya Patel LO’T Editor- in-Chief

City Chiefs showed their support by linking arms during the anthems prior to their games, and the Chiefs’ Cornerback    Over these past few weeks controversy has arisen over Marcus Peters raised his fist, starting a motion of players the validity and morality of certain athletes’ choices to mimicking his action. kneel during the national anthem. It all started during the     A major theme in the quarterback’s message is that cops 49er’s first two preseason games when Quarterback Colin should not be allowed to avoid the necessary consequences Kaepernick sat down unnoticed during the national an- for killing unarmed men and women regardless of their them. He was passively protesting the nation’s wrongdo- race. His protest goes hand and hand with the Black ings against African-Americans and other minority groups Lives Matter movement, which started in 2012 after a in the country. By the third game, on August 26th, the pub- neighborhood watch leader, George Zimmerman, was lic noticed, and Kaepernick sparked controversy across the acquitted after shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed, nation for continuing his decision to sit down during the seventeen-year-old black boy. Although there will never anthem. As stated in an interview with the NFL he said that be substantial evidence to prove someone is racist, there is “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a a certain point where one must admit there is evident raccountry that oppresses black people and people of color.” ism. However, Kaepernick and his supporters are not push    The team supported Kaepernick’s decision to sit out dur- ing their views onto others, and they are simply spreading ing the anthem, stating,“In respecting such American prin- awareness for domestic affairs concerning the prominent ciples as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, discrimination and oppression in this country. According we recognize the right of an individual to choose and par- to the F.B.I.’s Supplementary Homicide Report, nearly 32 ticipate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.” percent of people shot by the police were African-Ameri    The quarterback’s choosing to sit during the national can, a proportion more than two and a half times the apanthem progressed into kneeling during the pregame ritual proximate 13 percent of African-Americans in the general alongside his teammate Eric Reid. Soon teams across the population. Though some argue that there is a better way nation had players showing their support for Kaepernick’s to raise awareness about the issue other than disrespecting movement. Jeremy Lane was the first non-teammate to the symbol of America, Kaepernick is still kneeling and kneel in support of Kaepernick’s cause, stating that “I not turning his back, or participating in riots, or spreadwasn’t trying to say anything. Just standing behind Kae- ing hateful messages on social media. However, apparently critics like it more when people go around burning buildpernick.”     In addition to NFL players, Megan Rapinoe, midfielder/ ings and wrecking property. winger in the National Women’s Soccer League, showed     He, along with many other Black Lives Matter her support for the movement by kneeling prior to her match supporters, agree that problems arise when cops and other between Seattle Reign and Chicago Red Stars on September citizens perceive men or women as a threat because of their 4th. She talked about how “Being a gay American, I know skin color. Even when there is no gun present, someone is what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all subdued crying for mercy, or people are moving away to of your liberties.” Likewise, minority groups all over the protect themselves explaining a situation, law enforcement nation as well as other supporters understand that need for officers detect threats. The uneasiness that is affiliated change in the country and continue to support this peaceful with black people is the same anxiety that pulls the trigger, and it is an indication that there is still systemic racism protest.     Some teams including the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas in America. However, the negligence and reluctance to acknowledge these signs of racism, especially in court, where justice is supposed to be served, drive protests like Kaepernick’s. To stay true to the foundations instilled in the Constitution, Americans need to be treated as equals. That includes being prosecuted Whether you’re heading to a four-year school or you’re undecided, let us help you reach YOUR goals. equally. Officers using race as a reason to We also offer short-term certificates in many careers to help you get ahead! shoot an unarmed man should not be held Speak to an advisor at 309-796-5341. to different standards when being charged for murder. Juries and police review boards Visit for upcoming events or to schedule a tour. find these unjustified actions as “reasonFollow us on Facebook and Twitter. Email able” because cops claim to be in situations where they feel threatened. Unfortunately,


the only thing they are threatened by is skin color.    People against Kaepernick’s movement claim that he and his supporters are disrespecting the country, flag, and US troops. They want to understand why in his sixth year in the NFL he decided to protest a government that “oppresses black people and people of color.” Critics insist that his remark about how “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder” is vague and immature and is certainly not a reason to boycott

Kaepernick and Reid are kneeling during the national anthem. Courtesy of the Sacremento Bee. our nation’s anthem.    Another commonly used argument of the opposition is that his protesting is disrespectful towards the military and veterans who protect him and his freedoms; however, people tend to forget that these freedoms include his First Amendment right to express his opinion openly without consequences. The brave men and women fighting for this country are protecting his right to disagree and take actions against institutions that he feels are unjust. The military defends our constitutional rights as Americans, and getting offended by someone exercising his/her rights shows a disregard of differing opinions and stubbornness to accept other views. This is exactly what the Constitution is there to protect us from, one person or group of people dictating the beliefs of everyone. People like to argue and say that the execution of his message is ill-mannered, but Kaepernick is simply using his platform as a professional athlete to address the prevalent racism and oppression of minorities.     Even though Kaepernick has attracted both negative and positive attention for his decision to kneel, his mission to spread awareness has been accomplished. Regardless of what side of the issue people are choosing to take, the public is gaining an understanding of discriminatory issues, and as a result, there are more supporters joining the movement. The growing support can result in the addition of better law enforcement programs to help lower the number of people killed every year by officers; thus, taking a big step forward to end institutionalized racism.


Focus October 7, 2016

Missions in Liberia; Maroons in Japan Young Life at the West Virginia camp

By: Cathy Rosas LO’T Reporter    Aside from from being a librarian at Moline High School, Mrs. Mesick loves travelling internationally and the learning experience that comes with it.     In 2008, she travelled to Liberia, a country in Africa, to learn more about the country and its inhabitants. The country had been suffering a civil war 16 years prior to her visit, which had left the nation’s

infrastructure in ruins, causing poor conditions in many communities. There were minimal resources such as electricity, clean water, educational opportunities, roads, etc.    Mrs. Mesick had stayed in a mission center in the capital of Monrovia, provided by a church. While she was there, she spent time helping and teaching the kids in the communities, whom she absolutely loved. She also spent time with

Mrs Mesick calms an ailing Liberian baby. (Courtesy of: Mrs Mesick)

other groups of residents, who taught her about the culture and lifestyle of the people through their backgrounds.    The main thing Mrs. Mesick learned while in Liberia was about the war and the impact of it. Young children were forced to fight in the war, pushing back their education and causing them physical and psychological trauma. The war caused a lack of education for the members and unacknowledged mental health needs. The people were in poor conditions but trying to get back on track with education, health, the structure of the society, which is why they were so grateful for Mrs. Mesick’s visit.     The people of Liberia were very appreciative for her help and acknowledgement of their poor conditions. It will have a lasting and positive impact on them.     Overall, it was a great experience for her; she learned that our country has a responsibility to reach out to other communities in need and that individuals should be accepting of differing cultures.     Adding on to her travelling, Mrs. Mesick will also be going on a two week trip to Japan with the school in June, 2017. It is pre-planned, and students will interact with Japanese students to engage in cultural learning activities. Spots are still available if any student is interested in joining! She says this trip will differ from previous ones because of the various people participating in it and the diversity of the activities. Mrs. Mesick’s insight on travelling is to always embrace the adventure and opportunities that come with it!

By: Alex Meyers LO’T Reporter This past summer, I hopped on a bus to a Young Life adventures camp in West Virginia with fourteen people. Out of the fourteen people, I was only close with half. Before getting on the bus, I was greeted by my leader, who said he would not be there, but I knew I’d still have a good time. After the half day journey, we finally arrived. We were told to get ready for ziplining as soon as we made it to camp, which was a great way to start the trip. Then, we headed to base camp to learn about the place we would be living for the next week. We were all provided a chair and a hammock that would be useful throughout the week. Later in the day, when we had eaten dinner,

we gathered around the fire for a song or two and head out for group talks with our cabin members. Throughout the week, we would whitewater raft, hike, mountain bike, kayak, paddle board, and cliff jump. Whitewater rafting was interrupted by a severe thunderstorm, but that didn’t stop us. We continued to raft and even went down a fourteen foot waterfall! The next day, we hiked all day long at a rock climbing spot. I had a great time even though I fell down and barely stopped myself by grabbing onto a rope. After a long journey through the forest, we finally made our way back to base camp. The next day, we mountain biked to a waterfall and then swam in the river. Not only was it a tiring day, but it

was also a memorable day. The final full day was spent at a lake where we kayaked, paddle boarded, and cliff jumped. Even though we had to use an outhouse, a freezing cold low pressure shower, and live without running water for a week, it was one of the best weeks of my life. However, the most memorable thing was having late night talks on a cliff with some great guys. There were five people I was close with and two people I got close to at that camp, and I couldn’t be happier about it. There isn’t anything like spending hours talking to your friends and leaders and being able to be so open about your thoughts. West Virginia Adventures camp will always be a place that I remember.

Moline Young Life takes on West Virginia and adventures near a waterfall on camp. (Photo Cred: Chloe Benson)

Focus October 7, 2016


Volunteering abroad in Cambodia at an HIV+ orphanage

By: Savannah Hampton LO’T Focus Editor I first heard about the Wat Opot organization in the book by Gail Gutradt, “In a Rocket Made of Ice.” The book describes a small community in rural Cambodia --located between Thailand and Vietnam-- initially devoted to helping people with HIV and eventually expanded to an orphanage. Wayne Matthysse, a retired military medic, founded Wat Opot as a health clinic at the height of the AIDS epidemic, and the community now houses more than

fifty children. My mom recommended the book on the organization and suggested that we volunteer there together. I read the book and knew I wanted to spend my summer with the children, but my mom couldn’t make the entire trip. I decided to email Wayne because I was so passionate about the cause. Emails were exchanged and, in early June, I commenced the trip to the other side of the world with my parents who came to drop me off. Upon arrival, I toured the ten-

acre campus and met some of the children and fellow volunteers. My parents then left me alone in a foreign country to watch children while I still felt like a child myself. During my five weeks in Cambodia, I taught the children to read and write in English, ran preschool with a group of wild fiveyear olds, cooked with the older kids, taught boys to swim, climbed mountains, ran at 5 AM, bargained for food at the local market, meditated with monks, but most importantly, I

Missionary work in South Dakota

By: Savannah Hampton ed with the kids through potty mouth, but his big LO’T Focus Editor sports or videogames, but talk didn’t intimidate Julia, This past summer, her approach was more and by the end of the week, Junior Julia Piehl went to the compassionate; she would they were closer than ever. Standing Rock Reservation find a child and let them Julia made connections in South Dakota for a misknow she was there for with all the kids, but she sionary trip with her church. them. The children on the particularly enjoyed her The Walk on reservation typically don’t time spent with the youngWaters Church goes to this receive much attention, er ones. Her long week particular reservaended with a Pow tion every year to wow the tribe had volunteer with the in celebration and children for just over thanks. At the cerone week, and this emony there were year Julia decided dances, stories and to attend after hearan overall feeling ing how much the of appreciation experience impacted from both the volher sister. Julia went unteers and comto the Wakpala community members. munity and spent Julia walked her time completely away from the devoted to the twentrip drained physity-some kids. cally and emo Julia spent tionally, but most her week attending importantly she and leading Bible felt changed. She studies with the kids, now is looking but a majority of her Julia poses with Synch, a boy she made a into the medical time was spent one- deep connection with. (Photo Cred: Julia field or Peace Corps on-one with the kids Piehl) because of her love who didn’t receive enough so Julia’s thoughtfulness for helping others. In a love in their daily lives. Her made an impact. Synch was more worldly aspect, she day started at 7 a.m. with one of the boys she made a wants people to learn from worship, and by 11 the reserparticular connection with. her story that, “You don’t vation children had woken. Julias says he is the sassiest have to be religious to do Julia mentioned how the five-year old on the resr- missionary and volunteer older male volunteers bondvation. He has a very bad work.”

found a family. Meditation with the local monks gave me insight to myself and the community. No relationship I’ve made in America can compare to the love I shared with the kids while we played soccer in the monsoon, or the deep understanding I shared with the volunteers from Australia and Germany over books we shared, or the respect I felt every time Wayne treated a wound or welcomed a new child into the family. From this trip, I’ve taken away not only love for the children and cultureSavannah relaxes with the Cambodian children in the afternoon heat. but a new passion for(Courtesy of: Savannah Hampton) volunteering.

The first 4 students to tweet to Line O’Type @mhs_ lineotype the correct staff members pictured on page 10 will receive a Whitey’s shake.

8 Entertainment October 7, 2016

Madden 17 jumps to new levels “Snowden” is a movie worth your time

LO’T Entertainment Editor Truman Van Vooren Madden 17, the newest entry in the well respected Madden franchise, is developed and published by EA. Madden 17 follows Madden 16, which didn’t just change the roster but added new mechanics and game modes into the game. Now Madden 17 improves on all of the

call is missed by the AI or the game glitches out. The gameplay in this game is super smooth and fast. One thing they added to the game was mid run QTE (quick time events). These can range from stiff arms to spin moves that require the tapping of a specific button. Graphics/Audio: Madden 17 has some of the best graphics sports games have

LO’T Reporter to vouch for the man being by showing Snowden’s Hannah O’ Donnell opinions and how they pardoned “Snowden”, the reSnowden is known for make an effect on his decently talked about film by leaking classified govern- cision to do what he did, Oliver Stone, is quite the ment info after leaving his but it tends to favor the movie. Stone’s comeback job at the NSA. Snowden side of him being a hero. is better than ever with this ,then under heavy fire by Still a controversy today of eerily thought provoking the press, fled to Moscow, whether he should be parfilm. Though one thinks Russia, where he currently doned or not, “Snowden” they know everything that resides. While some be- leaves the audience being they need to know about lieve him to be a hero for forced to think about if the situation, Stone impleshowing the true colors of what he did was right or ments key aspects of it that the NSA, he is also widely wrong. The movie proves stir up emotions within thought of as a traitor to to be thought provoking the audience. The movie the United States by be- and unsettling throughchronicles the true events traying our country. out the entire movie’s run of Edward Snowden, a NaPolitically, the movie time, which furthers that tional Security Agent. Edequally shows both sides this movie is one to see. ward Snowden is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he does a fantastic job for not knowing anything stating multiple times online that he “knew nothing about Snowden before overall players.Verdict: the movie.” Levitt has Overall Madden 17 is a big become knowledgeable enough improvement to enough about the situation Edward Snowden movie poster. Photo cred: buy this year with the improvements to solid foundations and the introduction of new mechanics that change how the game flows. Do you prepare Score:8/10 Madden 17 more for family is available for PS4, PS3, vacations than Xbox One, and Xbox 360. who become very repetitive after a few hours.Modes: Madden 17 really did not add any new modes but did revamp some and improved on the foundation they had with others. The mode that probably got changed the most was franchise mode. The other feature Madden improved was madden ultimate team by making more accessible to get higher

“Overall Madden 17 is a big enough improvement to buy this year with the improvements to solid foundations and the introduction of new mechanics that change how the game flows.Score:8/10” things Madden 16 did right and adds a couple features. Gameplay/Fun Factor: Madden 17 is at its best when you are playing against a friend and you break a tackle and get to the endzone and celebrate while your friend can’t believe the play. But it can be rage inducing when a easy

to offer with the look of the players and field. However, the graphics are not a huge improvement from last year but instead a minor increase. Audio is amazing considering the sound of the teams playing, but it does struggle with the same thing that they struggled in last year, which is the announcers

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Todd Gurley III hurdles over Eric Reid in Madden 17 . Photp cred:


   Member SIPC

Feature October 7, 2016


Moline High School holds the greatest homecoming on earth

By: Gowri Warikoo LO’T Feature Reporter Homecoming passed by in a flash. Homecoming week was filled with many exciting events to bring together students and help school spirit flourish. To start the week off, students created themes for each day of the week. On Monday students dressed in pajamas, Tuesday was tie-dye day, Wednesday students donned American attire, jerseys and “jorts”

(jean shorts) were worn Thursday, and Friday students displayed school pride in maroon and white. Participation levels were high; everyone was in the Homecoming spirit. There were 24 seniors elected for Homecoming Court; with the Homecoming Coronation on Monday crowning Ryan Reed as king, Riley Olson as prince, Emma Kindred as princess, and Jewelry Thornton as queen.

Homecoming spirit was was shown on Browning not limited to in-school Field’s brand new scoreactiviboard ties, a screens. lateT h e night w e e k showended ing of w i t h Ferris the anBuelnual paler’s rade, an D a y actionO f f packed The Junior class float blasts out of the high school parking lot during the homecoming parade on Friday, September 24th. Photo credit: Robin Hyer


football game, and the event everyone was waiting for - the homecoming dance! Bringing an end to the weekday festivities was the Homecoming parade and football game. The parade was an enormous success with many club and sport floats on display. Even though Moline did not win the game, students of all grades cheered together while dressed as “goons.” All sorts of fun costumes were displayed, from senior

Grafton Carlson dressing as Harambe, to a bunch of bananas leading cheers. Saturday brought the Homecoming Dance, which was circus themed. Student Congress members used red and white decorations to adorn Wharton while students danced the night away. Homecoming was a success this year filled with something for everyone. From watching movies to looking like a goon, MHS had it all!

15 reasons to love fall

Young Kiya Ritchie and her brother Bryce playing in a leaf pile. Photo credit: Heather Ritchie While days are getting shorter, By: Dana Plagenz LO’T Feature Editor nights are getting colder, and sweaters are being uncovered, many people are pining for the dog days of summer. Instead of mourning the loss of shorts and tank tops, enjoy autumn’s weather with warm clothes and even warmer beverages. In celebration of this new season, as of September 21, here’s a list of the top fifteen reasons why you should love fall. 1. Pumpkin-flavored everything 2. Pumpkin patch adventures 3. Visiting the apple orchard 4. Colorful trees 5. Sweaters, scarves, and fuzzy socks 6. Halloween AND Thanksgiving 7. Playing in leaves 8. Hiking 9. Football games 10. Haunted housing 11. Hot chocolate, coffee, and tea 12. Bonfires 13. Fall candles 14. Corn mazes 15. Apple cider



October 7, 2016

One-hundred years of homecomings at MHS BY: Kiya Ritchie LO’T Reporter Homecoming has not always been the light, fun week of theme days and minor vandalism that it is today. Early homecomings were strict on traditions and much more lavishly celebrated. Several aspects of the week long festivity have changed in the last century. Some of these changes are great improvements, and some are actually great losses. For example, far fewer legal issues were involved during the early and mid twentieth century homecoming weeks. We are still working on returning to that point. Also, floats in the parade, which used to take around two weeks to

build in the 1950’s, used sports, Edmund Lindley. ball before the homecoming Presently, homecomto be much more extrava- Before this trailblazing game, as opposed to being ing royalty is not strictly gant and abundant than year, the queen traditionally announced with her king, limited to athletes. Actuthe two or three we have presented the captain of the the prince and princess, ally, those crowned are oftoday that are usually put football team with the game and the rest of the court. ten avid theatre or music together in under a participants and not week. The floats were athletes. This is a wellarge, pomped, and often comed change, alloweven had moving parts. ing diversity among Attendance at the the court, so the entire coronation of homeschool and all of its coming king and queen crafts are represented. would fill the auditorium There used to be sevto the brim circa 1930. eral courts and coroAlso, students were only nations in the Mopermitted to attend coroline School District, nation if they purchased beginning in middle a yearbook (which was school and having only $3.75). The first a separate one for king was not crowned each grade after sevuntil 1938, and was only enth. This tradition ever awarded to a high simply died out due caliber athlete, like the The Junior class float in 1993 came in third place behind the Sopho- to lack of interest. original king and three mores and the Seniors. This year the Maroons nabbed a 35-21 victory Of course, the year letterman in three over Alleman. Photo by: Peter Morash themes for homecom-

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ing and, more importantly, the superfanning the homecoming game, have grown more creative. Actually, before the 1970s, a theme for the dance and parade was not commonplace, giving float builders free reign. Perhaps this is why the floats were more lavishly decorated. Looking back at homecoming through the years, there is evidence on how the week has improved but also how it has digressed. Today, a higher attendance at the week’s festivities and a bit more prestige offered to the king and queen would put the celebration leaps and bounds higher than it currently stands. The power to top any homecoming week yet next year lay in the hands of the student body.

See Whitey’s ad on page 7 for contest details











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Sports October 7, 2016

Field House Frenzy returns By: Lacey Mcmillion LO’T Reporter We all know the sound of the MHS student section cheers, such as the iconic “Motown, you know” chant. Moreso, most students are probably familiar with Moline’s wacky, supportive superfans, who are again taking on the title of the “Field House Frenzy.” The Field House Frenzy originated back in 2010, but the name sadly did not last; however, six years later, the Frenzy is back and better than ever. “Mr. McGuire, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Moore have really been working with us this year. They want to revamp the superfans just as much as the students do, so we have come together to boost the school spirit at MHS,” says Senior Chase Gelaude, one

Frenzy leader. For instance, students are now allowed to bring props, such as confetti poppers, into the student section at Browning Field. A massive amount of students have participated in the Frenzy so far this year, making the high school student section larger than in past years. Along with the name change, superfans are more diverse this 2016-17 season because all grades are encouraged to sit and cheer with the Field House Frenzy during any varsity sporting event. “With all the grades involved, everyone feels welcomed, and our chemistry really allows us to collectively cheer as loudly as possible,” Senior Hanna Snider notes. “Attending sports is much more fun now than it has been in the past.”

Moline superfans smile and cheer at a football game. Photo Courtesy of Ashley Barker

* * * * *

Important Dates

Soccer Senior Night:October 6th Western Big Six Conference Tennis Meet: October 8th Volleyball Senior Night: October 10th Swimming Senior Night: October 18th Cross Country Regionals: October 22nd


Fall sports kick off strong 2016-17 seasons

By: Fiona Rohers LO’T Reporter The 2016-17 athletic year has begun with confident starts from the Moline sports teams. Boy’s varsity golf kicked off its season, as well as the MHS athletic year, on August 15th at Peoria Notre Dame High School. Since then, the squad placed 15th out of 24 teams at the Dragon Invitational on September 17th. Key athletes include returning Senior Eric Spurgetis, who recently became an All-Conference Player after tying for silver at the WB6 Conference Meet last week. On the court, girls varsity volleyball dominantly improved from a shaky first few weeks of the season. The squad is 6-1 in conference play after falling to Quincy two sets to one on September 6th; however, two wins against rival, and strong opponent, Rock Island have contributed to the outstanding record. Overall, the team is 20-6 thanks to strong performances and leadership by Seniors Anna Finch, Dana Plagenz, and Isabel Potter. Similarly, girls swimming is doing extremely well in the pool. The varsity team is currently undefeated in the Western Big Six and has only one loss on the season following a one point defeat by Pekin. Individually, standouts include Freshman Olivia White, who is ranked third in WB6 in two events, Freshman Gabby Lopez, currently seeded fourth in the 100 butterfly, along with Seniors Katherine Douglas and Kara Christiansen, who lead the Western Big Six diving events. To continue to improve, the team emphasizes that each athlete works hard. Junior Kennedy Cook states, “Our sport is very underestimated, but our team works hard each and every day to compete in our passion.” As the season continues, they are hoping for the best at their conference and sectional meets. Continuing excellence, boys varsity soccer is reaching incredible levels of success. The team captured the WB6 title with a huge upset over Quincy (2-1). Only the week before, the Maroons were victorious against long time rival Rock Island High School (3-0). That momentum has propelled the varsity team to an overall 5-4-2 record and a 5-0-0 record in conference play. The boys varsity soccer team is led by Seniors Gavin Graham and Armando Trigueros. Trigueros is confident that the season will close on a strong note, “We are going to keep fighting and getting positive results.”

The girls varsity tennis squad has faced a tough season so far, travelling to the Chicago suburbs for many invites. In WB6 play, the team dominated their dual meet against United Township, winning every match. Additionally, Senior Doubles Partners Riya Patel and Kate Helms placed third at the Moline Invitational. The tennis team is led by first ranked Kate Schaechter in singles, and the duo of Patel and Helms in doubles. On the field, Moline’s varsity football team is staying positive despite a rough start to the season. Quarterback Eric Maffie notes the squad’s drive to win, “We are determined to win every time we step foot onto the field.” An athlete to watch is Senior Running Back Ladji Diallo. The Maroons currently are 1-2 in the WB6, and they will host Alleman High School on October 21st for Senior Night. Cross country’s strong season also adds to the success of the fall sports with key athletes including Annie Knobloch, Alexis Wolfe, and Andrew Ellison. The team frequently travels for away meets and invites. For instance, on October 2nd, the girls varsity squad placed 10th at the Clinton Invitational, while boys varsity finished 7th out of 13 teams. As the season closes, all runners hope to decrease their times in order to prepare for the Conference, Regional, and Sectional meets. As the fall season progresses, each sport is taking the final steps toward the highly important meets and postseason.

Charlie Theunick battles with Rock Island soccer player. Photo By: Brandon Zetina


Sports October 7, 2016

Moline High School scores new scoreboards

By: Megan Meyer LO’T Reporter In the past year, Browning Field and Wharton Field House have received a revamped look. At Browning, a megatron scoreboard has been added to the northwest corner of the field. In the Field House, with the addition of the new floor in 2015, a center-hung scoreboard and two video boards now replace the old ones.

At both locations, words, pictures, videos, and advertisements are shown during games. Indoors, crowd participation is encouraged more than ever before, with the starting lineup featured on the video boards as well as “ace”, “great volley”, and “kill” after key plays. “The new video boards make it a lot easier to follow the game when so much is happening at one time,” says spectator

Ava Gomez. Now audiences can be more involved with all sporting events in the Old Brick House. With a similar effect, the new megatron scoreboard at Browning Field has helped fans of all ages keep up with the football games so far this 2016 season. Animations for strong plays, touchdowns, and flags on the field are all displayed. For those who

Team USA rings in Olympic success

By:Sanjana Yerrapothu Individually, American Ashton Eaton repeated as the Olympic decathlon champion, LO’T Reporter This August, Rio de Janeiro hosted the making him arguably the world’s overall Olympic Games, 21 days of the most in- best athlete. On the court, the women’s and tense and diverse competition in the world. men’s basketball teams won gold, continuMore than 11,000 athletes from 205 coun- ing the strong legacy of USA Basketball. Continuing the high tries participated in 42 caliber of athletics sports, including first while breaking societal time appearance of barriers, the first U.S the Refugee Olympic athlete to compete in Team. Although the the Olympics wearing city faced controvera hijab, Ibtihaj Muhamsial political instability mad, earned bronze for and health hazards, the her fencing prowess. Rio games exceeded Although Team low expectations acUSA won frequently, cording to many. disappointing upsets Like the city, Team occurred as well. In USA performed exwomen’s volleyball, ceptionally well under Serbia defeated the pressure. A staggerU.S in the semi-finals ing 213 United States with a nail-biting tieathletes brought home breaker, forcing Team medals including 46 USA to settle for a gold, 37 silver, and 38 bronze medal. Tennis bronze. Among USA’s most elite, a collec- MHS Grad and Olympian Aisha Praught play saw the Williams sisters accept their first tive eight olympic andcompetes at track meet. ever loss in doubles, three world records Photo Courtesy of Jay Bohnsack and both exited the were broken. Decorated veterans Michael Phelps (5 med- singles tournament early after surprisals) and Katie Ledecky (5 medals) domi- ing upsets. Even so, Team USA granated the pool in record setting fashion. ciously accepted both wins and losses. Similarly, US women’s gymnastics team, Now the nation looks to Tokyo 2020 where the Final Five, won 9 medals, the most the world’s best athletes will again gather by any Team USA gymnastics squad. for three weeks of intense competition.

arrive to the games early, Moline’s own student athletes are also featured on the board explaining the MHS code of conduct. Also bigger and better, the amplified sound system helps spectators hear announcers clearly. Even neighbors blocks

away can hear commentary during home games! Thanks to the Moline Booster Club’s coordination with local businesses, the two new, amazing score and video boards were possible. Countless hours have been devoted by the Boost-

er president, Booster members, several Moline faculty, and some dedicated MHS students to get the boards up and running. Already, their impact at sporting events is being felt by all who attend, creating a uniquely “Maroon” atmosphere.

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MHS LineOType October 2016  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the October issue. Look for nostalgic recollection of...

MHS LineOType October 2016  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the October issue. Look for nostalgic recollection of...

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