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January 29, 2016 Volume 99, issue 4



January 29, 2016

False gun threats shoot fear through Moline High School By: Grafton Carlson & Karthik Prakash LO’T Reporters

In three different Moline High School boy’s bathrooms, someone pencilled in threats to shoot up the school. One bathroom had “Jan 22 Moline will change 4ever” written on the wall and another had “I’m shooting up MHS on 1/22/16,” both causing distress among students and staff. Chaos on social media and among students ensued. Eventually, the Moline High School website posted a message ensuring safety and discrediting the threats. In addition, Mr. McGuire made an announcement the Thursday before the shooting threat saying the same message written on the website. However, on the day before the threatened shooting “Tomorrow @ 12 pm chaos will engulf the school” was written next to the previous threat. On the day of the supposed “shooting”, rumors spread like wildfire, and social media was booming with unfounded thoughts over the matter. But, threats towards schools are nothing new. When asked about the gun threat, Mr. McGuire responded, “In my 30 years of education, there has not been a year when some kind of threat was not made towards the school.” He also discussed how the various threats have evolved. Earlier in his career, he said most of the threats were bomb related. The students would be released from school that day. However, this was quickly abused; students threatened forms of violence with the purpose of skipping a day of school. As a result, the students were no longer excused for

the day; instead, the police were informed and the necessary while it is good that students and parents acknowledge the precautions were taken. These precautions included dogs and situation, the intensified fear that comes along with the news is unnecessary. extra policemen. In the future, hopefully students will have enough In this instance, policemen, both in uniform and undercover, were placed around the school on the lookout for unusual judgment to abstain from creating unnecessary chaos. As behavior. Teachers, along with students, were also instructed principal McGuire said, “Threats such as these will always to record any unusual behavior. In addition to all of these be prevalent, but that does not mean we should live our lives precautions, more extreme measures were taken such as in fear.” restricting students from leaving the classroom unless it was for a medical emergency. Many students and parents were concerned by the possibility of a shooting; thus fourteen percent of the student body was absent on the speculated shooting date. The absence was considered excused, but it still went towards the finals attendance incentive. Social media heightened tensions drastically. Various students tweeted about the situation causing fear in those who would have stayed calm. Some people tweeted pictures of the threats found in the bathroom stall. Others started false rumors about arrests and tazings. These rumors and tweets quickly spread through private messages, and the whole school was in a pandemonium. Security was added in the hallways during the school day to Mr. McGuire explained how the spread of news on social ensure safety for MHS students. Picture by Tara Krishnan. sites is both beneficial and detrimental. He told us that

Did North Korea drop the “H” bomb?

By: Sanjana Yerrapothu capability compared to the infamous atomic bombs dropped LO’T Reporter during Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Since For decades, North Korea has been one of the world’s most there is no independent confirmation of the bomb testing, secretive societies. As a result, the communist nation’s nuclear there is skepticism and condemnation of the claim. However, ambition has rigidly maintained its isolation. In early October if the test occurred, it would be North Korea’s fourth nuclear 2006, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a test. nuclear weapon, which alarmed regions surrounding Korea. North Korea’s previous tests denoted atomic bombs, which Since then, intensive diplomatic efforts have aimed to stop rely on nuclear fission. A hydrogen bomb, which relies on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. In April 2009, North Korea fusion and fission, produces a chain reaction that is far more walked out of international powerful than an atomic bomb. talks aimed at ending nuclear The U.S. Geological Survey activities. In the following recorded a 5.1-magnitude month, the country carried seismic event about 11 miles out its secondary nuclear test from the North Korean town underground. Eventually, of Sungjibaegam. Tremors North Korea declared it would of the similar magnitude folno longer abide by the 1953 lowed each of North Korea’s truce that finished the wars previous bomb tests. Experts between both Koreas. pointed out that a hydrogen According to CNN, North bomb should have resulted in Korea claimed to have sucmore powerful tremors. Howcessfully tested a Hydrogen The nuclear activity occured in Punggye-Ri, North Korea. ever, the UN security council bomb at the Punggye-ri Nu- Courtesy of LocalTVWEMP. was considering “significant clear Test Site on January 6th, measures” against North Korea. 2016 at 10:00 a.m. This declaration was aimed at sending a While it is debatable whether the Hydrogen bomb testing message domestically and internationally. If the claim is true, occurred, there is no doubt that seismic activity occurred. this would be the first North Korean nuclear test to involve Regardless, nations can still take diplomatic precautions to hydrogen bombs. Hydrogen bombs have a great destruction prevent future violence.



January 29, 2016

Earthquakes shake up communities in Oklahoma and India By: Riya Jain tion pumped underground. LO’T Reporter As a result, Oklahoma has become one of the most On January 6th, rural northern earthquake prone areas in Oklahoma was struck by two earththe world. According to the quakes. The first quake had a magChristian Science Monitor, nitude of 4.7, and the second, which residents filed lawsuits accame about thirty seconds later, had cusing a dozen oil and gas a magnitude of 4.8. According to companies for causing the the New York Times, that second earthquakes by disposing quake was the fourth largest recordof their drilling waste in ed in the state. Some experts were deep wells. The residents concerned that the quakes may be indicators of a larger shock to come. The earthquake in India destroyed mamy houses leaving aim for a permanent injunction to end the use of sixteen Last year, 907 quakes were recordedcivilians homeless. Courtesy of disposal wells. Although the in Oklahoma (nearly two and a half per day). The quakes are attributed to slippage in faults that earthquakes were not too severe, experts warn that the maghave been lubricated by wastes from oil and gas produc- nitudes of the earthquakes will increase if the drilling waste is

Obama shuns gun usage in America

By: Ashley Oerman LO’T Reporter In early January, President Barack Obama released a plea encouraging Americans to stand together in order to counter the recent spike of domestic massacres and mass shootings. In tears, Obama asserted that the most efficient method to deter these massacres was by enforcing stricter requirements for

Obama announces his proposal on gun violence, which is broadcasted on ABC. Courtesy of

potential gun owners and put barriers between the mentally ill and guns. On the other hand, some Americans are worried about their loss of the 2nd amendment -- their right to bear arms. After Obama’s plea on January 5th, Anderson Cooper asked the president to address the Americans who believe the government will ban all public access to guns. Obama reassured Cooper, insisting that he is only advocating the expansion of already existing background checks. These more extensive checks would deter those who are unsuitable to own guns. The president has been urging the American people to push lawmakers to relentlessly work on stricter gun laws and regulations. According to the New York Times, the majority of Mr. Obama’s executive actions only plan to make existing laws less vague and ambiguous instead of expanding them. These operations, however, require funding increases, which many believe Congress will reject. Surely, this public discourse has many willing to talk, from all sides, but is still in the dawn of finding a solution.

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disposed of in the same way. On the other side of the world, a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck parts of north-eastern India. According to CNN, at least seven people died and eighty-five were injured as a result. Two people also died of heart attacks, and one of a stroke. Several electricity lines were damaged, leaving many areas without power. The epicenter of the earthquake was about eighteen miles west of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state. There, a newly built six story building collapsed. The quake was also felt in the neighboring nation of Bangladesh. Tremors were felt all across the region. Another smaller earthquake, measuring 3.6, struck five hours later. Future earthquakes in Oklahoma can be avoided by imposing bans on industrial waste. However, in the unavoidable disasters like India’s earthquake, individuals could get involved in relief efforts to aid those harmed by the damage.

This is a representation of Netflix in South Africa. Courtesy of

Netflix streams in Africa By: Emme Schwabe

LO’T Reporter One of the world’s best video streaming services, Netflix, has its eyes on global expansion. Revealed at Consumer Technology Association (CES) 2016, Netflix announced its service in 130 new countries. Its overall total countries being 190, Netflix claims a whopping 70 million users worldwide. This expansion will target many nations, including Africa. The news was a surprise since Africa’s budding video-ondemand (VOD) markets. The continent’s subscribers are limited to South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. This is due to these countries’ growing use of smartphones: 34 percent in South Africa and 27 percent in Nigeria. Even in these growing markets, Netflix may experience some problems. Africa’s VOD market happens to be in high demand for local content, such as Nollywood’s film industry, an industry valued at $3.3 billion. Netflix will have to compete with VOD services in a place where local shows and films are preferred over international media. Netflix may even be limited to its users since data bundles are too expensive for the average person to pay. While it may take time for Netflix to climb the markets in Africa, it is certainly expanding in some of the world’s largest countries such as India and Russia and could possibly expand to China.



January 29, 2016

Indecision may be the best decision when planning for college By: Tara Krishnan could be influenced by a decision you make as LO’T Editor-in-Chief a teenager. If you don’t know what you want According to the University of Laverne, to study and just randomly choose a major, 4 50% – 70% of students change their majors years could turn into 5 or 6 and the price of at least once, and most will change majors your college education could drastically rise. at least 3 times before they graduate. If According to, a “‘moderate’ college budget for you are scared of an in-state oublic colyour future, you lege for the 2015-2016 are not alone, and academic year averI believe that it is aged $24,061.” Even time to embrace just one extra year is the unknown. a major expense and College brings should be avoided. a lot of major deWith a focused mind cisions. They may and the motivation be the first big deto prosper, success cisions in a teencan come to anyone. ager’s life. Some The first few years of those include of college are an exwho to dorm cellent time for kids to with, what clubs to join, and what Nearly half of all college students will change explore various subject furniture to bring. their majors by the time they graduate. (Photo areas pertaining to their interests and eventuLarger choices in- Cred: clude where to go and what to even study. ally settle on a preferred major. With nearly Senior Manasi Baheti commented, “It’s re- 1,500 academic programs available around ally hard to have to make all of these deci- the nation, it’s ok to take your time. There’s sions. Last year we were just kids in high no need to stress about finding the perfect maschool and now we’re expected to make jor before you begin. Senior Connor O’Brien our life’s decisions.” It’s hard to make such said, “There’s a lot of pressure on graduating important decisions all of a sudden. Not to students to perform well and get into good mention the fact that your entire future colleges. When it comes down to making that

LO’T Editorial Policy

Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respresenting all sides of an issue. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Tara Krishnan and Colin Brown, and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack.


decision, you should be 100% sure of what you want, and that can take time.” It is important for students to know their priorities and ultimately make the decision for themselves. Starting your college experience as “un-

When it comes down to making that choice, you should be 100% sure of what you want, and that can take time. - Senior Connor O’Brien

decided” can give you time to explore your options. Like the initial statistic shows, an incredible amount of students change their majors and go into college not even sure about what they’ve chosen. Exploring your options will give you time to get general classes out of the way and choose what you really want to do without wasting time studying a subject you don’t enjoy. Don’t limit yourself to whichever subject was your favorite in high school. It’s important to explore in a proactive way and really think about the classes you’re taking. If a subject interests you, seek out academically related clubs and look further into the topic. Another way to abate fears of the unknown



- Winter play - Support for Brenden - Halfway done with school year - No dressing in gym - Wrestling wins - Food is everywhere - Cozy winter clothes - Brick breaker - Hot chocolate - Nice weather - Kanye’s new album

is to find internships or research opportunities related to your major or even just a subject of interest. Many people end up working in fields that are different than what they’ve studied, and an internship in an interesting field is a great way to figure out if something is right for you. If you don’t feel like committing to something as intimidating as an internship, you can also consider job shadowing to dip your toes into different careers and find what suits you. One of the best parts about going into college undecided is that you get to learn from other people’s experiences and mistakes. Talk to your counselor, academic advisors, and even upperclassman. Uncertainty when making big decisions such as which college to attend, what to study, or what to be when you grow up are perfectly natural and is not something to be bothered by. Life is full of choices and the only way to truly live is to experiment. It’s okay to not know what your future plans are. The future will quickly become the present and hopefully this time you won’t run away screaming.


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January 29, 2016

Senior year nightmare: my experience with paying for college LO’T Editor-in-Chief Colin Brown Coming out of the college application season, my brain is still fried from writing all my application essays and trying to keep track of creeping deadlines. Unfortunately for me, the worst is yet to come. While simply getting into the school you want can be hard enough, the real hair pulling often comes after the high school transcripts have been mailed. In this day and age, figuring out how to pay for a higher education can be the biggest obstacle for students and their families. Two months ago I wrote another editorial about college in which I pointed out how the average college student will now graduate with about $35,000 of debt. As I map out my plans for paying for college, this statistic has been both an effective motivator and an unsettling stresser. I’m sure many other seniors are already taking similar steps as me in hopes of leaving college with minimal debt, but for any underclassmen reading this article, or for any seniors who are still unsure about how to pay for college, hopefully you can learn a thing or two about

what it will take to keep your piggy bank full. The first thing I am doing after sending out my college apps (and the first thing almost any college applicant should do), is filling out the FAFSA. The FAFSA, or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a form that students and their parents can file to determine how much financial aid they can receive. Financial aid comes in many forms, but it’s all free, and most of it is geared towards students who need help paying for school. The biggest complaint my parents have had while filling out the FAFSA is that the process is too long and complicated. Even though most schools’ FAFSA deadline is in March, it’s still a good idea to fill out the online form as soon as possible so there’s still plenty of time to ask any questions about the process. What’s more, schools give out financial aid on a firstcome first-serve basis, so the sooner a student and his or her family can get their paperwork in order and fill out the FAFSA, the better chance they have at receiving more money. Besides the FAFSA, scholarships are the next big category that I as well

as most seniors should look at next. Many students seem to brush off scholarships, believing that they have little to no chance of winning any money. But in reality, many scholarships, particularly the smaller ones offered by local businesses and organizations, are easier to win since the pool of applicants are limited to only a handful of local high schoolers. On their own, these smaller scholarships aren’t worth much, but if you accumulate several of them, they can add up to a pretty hefty sum. For me, the counseling department’s website has been a valuable resource. The scholarship webpage is regularly updated with information on new local scholarships. Even though small, local scholarships should take up the most of my time, I definitely think it’s worth investigating college-specific scholarships as well. Most colleges have a large list of scholarships for all kinds of students in all different departments. These awards are almost always highly competitive, but fortunately, many schools also award merit-based scholarships automatically to highachieving students.

Just as an example, one of the schools that caught my eye early in my college search was the University of Alabama, which automatically awards a full ride to any engineering student who has at least a 3.5 GPA and a 32 on the ACT. Closer to home, some schools like Iowa State University give upwards of $6,500 a year for even lower qualifications. But what if your grades and test scores aren’t stellar, and you’re not confident about getting any merit scholarships? Fortunately, there are many other ways

for students to set themselves apart as they apply for scholarships. It may be too late for the seniors reading this, but for the underclassmen, the best thing to do in advance of senior year is to get involved. Clubs, paid jobs, and volunteering jobs are all incredibly benefitial to the college and scholarship application process. Jobs and extracurricular activities are not just personally rewarding, they can also help your eligibility for certain scholarships. Employers like HyVee have

scholarships just for their student employees, and the experiences that come with working around the community can help narrow down your search. Paying for college is no easy task, and I’m only beginning to dive into the adventure. To any seniors in the middle of this proess right now, I wish you luck. To the freshmen, sophomores, and Juniors of MHS, consider this a glimpse into what’s in store for your last year of high school.



January 29, 2016

Moline’s illustrious illusionist Puck is life for the hockey kids have been playing dek since wrist on a skate, and Barry By Ila Mostafa high school and have even has lost teeth and ruptured Editor just wants to make you smile LO’TThere are about twelve won a championship. his Achilles tendon. “I’ve

Isaiah Randall will blow your mind with his crazy card tricks. (Photo by Ila Mostafa). By Ila Mostafa LO’T Editor A magician tells a story with three cards: two queens and one king. If a person was asked where the king is, he or she would be more likely to pick the card at the very bottom and than the one at the top. The magician flips over the bottom and top cards, and both are queens. So, by process of elimination, the middle card should be a king. But when he flips that one over, it is a queen as well. Where is the king? With a shake of the three cards, all three of the cards show kings. He then straightens them out, and the first card is a queen, the second card is a queen, and the third is king, but with a flick, all the cards become aces. Are you confused yet? The magician behind this illusion is MHS junior Isaiah Randall. Maybe you’ve seen Isaiah as he travels through the hallways with his leather jacket and headphones blasting Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. His trademark accessory is the deck of cards he shuffles in his hands. That said, Isaiah’s love for magic goes further than a few simple card tricks. Isaiah has been learning magic since the end of his freshman year through various YouTube videos and books. The first and hardest trick he ever learned was the coin trick, which he looked up on a whim one day. Says Isaiah, “The trick involves using a pen

to PENetrate a quarter,” and yes, the pun was intended. From the complicated coin trick, Isaiah moved onto various card tricks and then onto his favorite, the pen trick in which he puts a pen up his nose and brings it out of his mouth. Though Isaiah is very talented, he only considers himself a “part-time magician.” When asked if he would ever consider a career in magic, Isaiah smiles, saying, “If I tried, I think I’d be able to make a career out of it. I don’t know. I’m getting better with tricks, I’m always improving.” Regardless of the future, Isaiah is very dedicated to his magic; easily mastering simple tricks and rigorously practicing more complicated ones. His favorite thing about being a part-time magician? “The reactions.” he says with a wide grin. “Some people scream, others freak out, but the best is when they tell me that I’ve made their day.” When Isaiah thinks of magic, two words come to mind: illusion and wonderment. Magic is something that most people don’t experience in their dayto-day lives, but thanks to Isaiah people get to experience something different that brings them happiness. Isaiah shines brilliantly with his unique talent. His love for magic started as mere awe at tricks, but it has revealed his true talent: making people smile.

to thirteen students at Moline who play hockey. Among this small group, we sat down with seniors Brad Wheeler, Barry Groesch, and Ryan Plumb. All three are forwards for Celly Hard, and Ryan and Barry are forwards for the QC Blues. For these three, hockey isn’t just a sport; it’s a pivotal part of their lives. When asked why he chose hockey, Barry smiles as he thinks about his first Mallards game, his first time skating at age three, and the five years he spent diligently taking lessons. “I scored a goal on my travel team and ever since then [hockey] has been my sport.” As for BFFs Ryan and Brad, Ryan’s hockey family influenced them. All three

During practice, their teams work on their respective systems, perfecting every move and every shot. When it’s game time, Ryan, Brad, and Barry are not rattled with insecurities about their performance; they are all getting ready by observing the opponents and going over strategies. These methods obviously worked in their favor; Ryan’s hockey team has gone to state, Barry has played a game winning shootout, and Brad has won four championships with the Golddiggers and Celly Hard. But hockey isn’t just fun and games. Each of the three has had his fair share of injuries. Ryan had a stick go through his lip and cut his

seen someone have four teeth bent inward,” mentions Brad. These injuries never get in the way of their love for the game, however. “I love the speed. The game is always moving,” says Ryan. When they sit down and think about the future, only Barry wants to make hockey his career. “I’d like to play in college, go to a junior team to train, and then join the NHL. It’s been my dream since I was a little kid.” Ryan wants to try to play hockey at Platteville next year, and Brad would like to continue to play recreationally. Says Brad, “it’s a great stress reliever.” Regardless of where hockey takes these three, it will never leave their hearts.

From left to right: Ryan Plumb, Brad Wheeler, and Barry Groesch all play dek hockey for their team Celly West. (Photo by Ila Mostafa.)

Want to watch some hockey?

The QC Blues upcoming schedule: Jan. 30 @ 5:15 PM and Jan. 31 @ 10:15 AM @ Eagle Ridge. Feb. 13 @ 5:15 PM @ River Edge Feb 19 7:00 at River Edge Feb. 14 @ 11:45AM @ I Wireless Center



January 29, 2016

The Tony Tones rock the local music scene with thrilling beats

By Ellie Swank LO’T Reporter

MHS students have long been known to form musical groups; such endeavors promote camaraderie, cooperation, and ignition for a common passion. These qualities are driving forces of our school’s latest progressive metal band, the Tony Tones. The Tony Tones played their first show at Theo’s Java Club on January 2, debuting three songs. Of course, that concert was in the works long before that. According to front man Tony Tonet, the band started “as a group of friends trying to play a rock techno sort of thing. Due to differences in musical taste, the band split up to be reunited a few months ago with mostly a new lineup.” Initially beginning with Tony, Jay Christensen, and Devon Hurley, the band later added

Aric Fowler and Cole Swank. hit some bumpy roads, but we That said, it’s how you over- expressing gratitude for When asked what in- overcame them with support, come the issues that really all the support from the spires their music, Jay com- encouragement and a lot of matters, and the Tony Tones local music scene, includmented, “We wanted to do practice.” added Jay. In rock are no strangers to modesty. ing MHS students, who bought their shirts progressive metal and went to their and we started to first show. “They write originals ever encourage us to since.” Taking excontinue what we amples from bands love. We play challike Animals as lenging but fun Leaders and Dream pieces of music Theater, they set that we enjoy, and out to create a perwe hope others enfect blend between joy them as well.” heavy metal and Jay expressed. progressive rock. I asked Jay With Cole’s raw, Christensen for aggressive vocals, advice about beAric and Devon’s ing a successful complex, melodic musician, and he guitar riffs, Jay’s answered, “Keep captivating drumand ming, and Tony’sMembers from left to right: Cole Swank, Aric Fowler, Tony Tonet, Devon Hurley, practicing pushing yourself compelling bassand Jay Christensen are all metal musicians. (Photo by Ila Mostafa). to what you want grooves, a balance to accomplish. By was found and the lineup stuck, but not with- and roll, turmoil and agita- The band’s gracious attitude staying positive and givout some natural setbacks. tion is expected, especially was present throughout the ing your best effort, you “While writing our songs, we with busy high schoolers. interview, with each member can reach those goals.”

To wrap the interview up, I asked them how music and the band changed their lives, and Cole said, “The band gave me a purpose to achieve and excel in something I loved and believed in. I had previously played bass guitar in other metal bands, and the work ethic it provided me with continued to motivate me to try doing vocals. The experience is amazing.” Follow the Tony Tones on Facebook for more details about upcoming shows or contact any of the members. Band logo shirts are on sale for 15 dollars each. Whether you’re pursuing your own dream or supporting others, check out the QCmusic scene. The Bierstube in Moline and Theo’s Java Club in Rock Island are great places for undiscovered gems, and everybody can do their part to encourage the growth and importance of the arts.

Moline High School musicians get jazzed up for state By Logan Pauley LO’T Focus Assistant Editor The second semester of the school year has finally begun, and for students in instrumental music classes, that means the journey to becoming a State musician is in full swing. Of course, these students have been practicing all year in the hopes of going to state if they haven’t gone before or returning to state if they went in previous years, but this is the moment that decides if their aspirations will come to fruition. Deciding who goes to state is way different with musicians than it is with athletes or other competitive teams like Chess or Debate. Mr. Morton explained it perfectly. On the whole, sports teams go

to state as such: a team. The same, Mr. Morton says, is not necessarily the case with musicians. Often the individual must work hard to place high enough at District before qualifying for All-State. Mr. Morton instructs band members and has stated that some of those talented young students who make it into State have certainly earned their way into the spots they will be fighting for in Peoria for three days. Margaret Thompson, a senior playing the trumpet, Luke McMillan, a junior playing the trombone, and Rachel Powell, a senior playing the clarinet, will audition in Peoria and see on Thursday, January 28, if they are selected for the Regular or Honors Group before be-

ing told the final news. Choir members Jamie Adams, Lauren Boswell, Hannah Frye, Dylin Idle, and Carolyn Wehr will be headed for District auditions under similar conditions. Mr. Morton has warned,

though, that, “Auditions will be quite challenging, but quite the honor as well.” The aforementioned individuals must score as high as possible on two etudes, an ability-based scale sheet, and a sightread piece. Mo-

line’s individuals will be placed based on these three criteria. When asked how his band members have become so good with their respective instruments, Mr. Morton said that many come in before or after school to get help with

trouble areas, and that some have lessons from private teachers that have helped them advance to the level that will now be tested as these young musicians audition for quite an impressive honor as All-State competitors.

The first four students to tweet at the Line O’Type (@mhs_lineotype) a video of them singing about the January Line O’Type paper will win a gift certificate.



January 29, 2016

UnderTale: the game will fill you with determination

By: Ian Brown LO’T Reporter The online world has been taken by storm, and a small indie game is to blame. Undertale was developed entirely by a man named Toby Fox, who composed the game’s original soundtrack as well. The relatively small-scale RPG was kickstarted back in the summer of 2013, and was officially released on September 15th, 2015. Undertale takes heavy influences from old JRPGs (Japanese role-playing games), such as Earthbound or the original Final Fantasy games, in terms of both gameplay and story. The game takes place in a world where, after a long-fought war, the humans of Earth beat the enemy race of monsters and banished them to live underground. The player controls a child who has mistakenly fallen into the abyss where the monsters live, and so the goal of the game is to escape the realm of the monsters. How has such a miniscule project gained so much love and attention? At first glance, it seems like your average indie game; it has a simplistic, retro art-style, a zany cast of characters, and a quirky sense of humor. However, such descriptors could be used to explain the majority of indie projects that show

up on the internet. What sets Undertale apart from the rest? One of the reasons, perhaps, is because the game nails those indie game qualifiers so well. Aside from the graphics , the characters and the sense of humor this game has are the some of the first answers you’ll get from an Undertale fan after asking them what their favorite part of the game is. The dialogue for each character is written so that they are all wildly entertaining and strikingly relatable, as well as unique and memorable. When it comes to gameplay, Undertale continues to be original. As previously mentioned, it took many notes from the classic JRPG formula, but it made sure to take out its least favorite parts: long play time, grinding for stats, and noninteractive combat. The average playthrough of Undertale takes only five hours, depending on which ending is achieved, but more or less time can be spent depending on how thoroughly the world and characters are explored. All of the bosses are at a reasonable difficulty level, so grinding for higher stats is not required to complete the game. Like other RPGs, Undertale has turn-based combat, but with a twist: you can dodge the attacks of your opponents in a bullet-hell style minigame.

Speaking of combat, another big spin this game puts on traditional JRPG tropes is that you are not required to attack a single enemy. Instead, you can worm your way out of battles with unique dialogue choices, adding a sort of puzzle element to the mix in which you must figure out what things you can do or say to make your opponent not want to fight you. Another one of the reasons that makes the Undertale experience so enjoyable is the soundtrack. From the nostalgic chiptune battle songs, to the ambient and relaxing background music, to the heavy and action-packed boss themes, every track in this game is a masterpiece. The events of the game are entertaining and moving as it is, but the songs that accompany these moments make them ten times better. Undertale is definitely not a game for everyone. It’s a melancholy game wearing the cute, cheeky facade of the other indie games it sits alongside. It’s something that, once finished, must be thought about for a long time before it can truly be appreciated. That being said, if you’re up for a short, unique, and interesting experience, I would definitely recommend playing Undertale for yourself.

Star Wars Episode VII review: The force is strong with this one By: Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment Editor Due to a 30+ year wait for a sequel to Episode VI, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the most anticipated movie of 2015 and is the newest entry in the beloved franchise. The movie is directed by J.J. Abrams and besides some of the returning actors from Episodes IV, V, and VI, the cast includes mostly unknown actors as the stars.

Plot: The Force Awakens’ storyline treads a lot of the same waters as episode IV. Thankfully, this means it is a good plot and much better than all the prequels. The plot is simple--the Rebels vs the Empire-- while the prequels have the complex stories of the trade federation, the separatists, clone wars, etc. Even though the storyline surpasses Episodes I, II, and III, the plot is still not

Star Wars Wallpaper (Photo Cred:

as good as Episode V or VI. The Force Awakens branches off into smaller stories as the movie goes on, setting up to what I think will be a better plot in Episode VIII. In addition, this movie has the most humor with all the nods to the previous movies and just some funny moments. Special Effects: The special effects in Star Wars: The Force Awakens are the best in the whole franchise. This is

not just because of how good the effects look, but it is due to the fact that this film does what the prequels did not do, which is combining the CGI and practical effects instead of relying only on the CGI. By having a focus on effects and plot, The Force Awakens will probably hold up longer than the prequels. Additionally, the lighting of the movie is exceptional, especially in one specific scene on a small

bridge in the second half of the movie. The soundtrack, in my opinion, is good with songs such as “Torn Apart” and “Starkiller Base,” but I think the other movies had more memorable ones. However, we might feel this soundtrack is more memorable ten years from now. Conclusion: All in all, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a must see movie for fans of the originals and is still a

good movie if you haven’t seen any of the previous ones. I would recommend seeing the movie in 2D over 3D--the effects are great even without the 3D glasses. Also, the film is still worth seeing even if someone has revealed some of the surprises. My score for the The Force Awakens is an 8/10,It is a great movie and I would highly recommend seeing it.



January 29, 2016

Midsummerbethan Night’s Dream is a Midwinter Night’s delight English; however, it ous repercussions when the plays aren’t known to be Though Quinn has not acted for bringing more comic re-

By: Divya Badri LO’T Focus Editor From January 21-23, 2016, Moline High School’s theater department put on its winter production of the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This rendition of the classic Shakespearan play was spoken in the original Eliza-

Broaden your horizons this month; read a book or try eating fifty hamburgers in a row.  


March 21-April 19

was set in 1800s Quad Cities. For those of you who didn’t attend the play, it’s about how the fairy king Oberon (Chase Austin) tries to prank his wife Titania (Hannah Frye) with the help of his assistant Robin Goodfellow alias Puck (Pubali Kundu). The prank has hilari-

Teach your dog to do a new trick. No dog? A cat, goldfish, younger sibling, or grasshopper will work.

You may not be an exceptionally upright person, superb person, or even a good person, but at least you know a lot of synonyms.


Cancer June 21-July 22

You really thought that when it finally all came to an end it’d be a little more dramatic than this.



July 23-Aug. 22

Your good friends will help remind you of what’s truly important in life, especially those to whom you owe all that money.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22

You’ll find to your delight that love at first sight is very real, and to your horror that revulsion and loathing on fifth sight is, too.


Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21

A tall, dark stranger in your life will lead to a time of mystery as you and he discuss the real meanings of the words “dark,” “stranger,” and even “tall.”

The stars would love to tell you what’s ahead for you this week, but they’d rather wait and see the look on your face when it all happens.

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Gemini May 21-June 20

April 20-May 20

You’ve never really thought of yourself as a cat-person, but the DNA splicing re-sequencing will soon change all that.

While being a good friend means telling the truth, you’ll soon realize that being a true friend means keeping your mouth shut.


over-the-top but unknown actor Nick Bottom (Quinn Daley) and lovers Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, and Helena (Allissa Krogman, Aaron Miller, Greyson Driscoll, and Carolyn Wehr, respectively) inadvertently get caught up in the action.    Though Shakespearean

Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18

Nothing much is going to happen to you, but really, we appreciate that you took the time to check.


interesting when students read them in class, the actors’ expressions and emotions while delivering seemingly monotonous lines were enough to have audience members laughing like crazy. The biggest scene-stealer, however, was definitely Quinn Daley’s Nick Bottom.

in a Moline High School production since January 2014’s Captain Starhawk Saves the World, the physical comedy, air headed personality, and commanding presence he brought to the stage as Nick Bottom made him the crown jewel of the cast members. Also deserving credit

lief on average was the rest of Nick Bottom’s acting troupe, which included cast members Michael Dombrock, Zamone Perez, Zach Zelnio, Matthew Schipper, and Jay Newberry.    In conclusion, MHS theater didn’t fail to impress once again despite using very classic material.

How to effectively drive in t h e M H S pcation. a rDoing k ithisnwillgensurel oyourt sfriend walking through By: Connor Dessert LO’T Feature Reporter Responsible drivers and pedestrians of MHS are ignoring the rules of the parking lot that ensure the safety of the student body. It is becoming a serious problem, and it is time for a refresher course on said rules. The first is a matter of the on-foot traversement of the lot. When partaking in this act, it is important to remember that the amount of involvement with your phone is directly proportional to your safety. You can constantly display your location through social media sites as well as text your driving friends your lo-

that all drivers recognize you and avoid hitting you. Additionally, a recently observed problem is the speed at which people are driving. It is important to remember that the best way to avoid accidents is by exiting the parking lot as fast as humanly possible. The longer you stay in the parking lot, the greater the chance of a car-to-car or car-to-person collision. “Drive thirty-five and leave alive!” Getting some of the basics out of the way, we must now recall that driving is a social experience, not just an objective task. If you see

the parking lot, be sure to stop your car, roll down the window, and grunt loudly to let them know how much you appreciate them. If you are the person walking, be sure to dart out and do a body roll across your friend’s hood. This is merely a reciprocation of their friendliness. For friendly, online interactions, take and post several selfies while careening through the lot. These are sure to be liked or favorited by all the other drivers. In the end, these are just a few tricks you can employ to be safe, but together we can really make a difference.

Nov. 22-Dec.21

Nothing will be able to prepare you for the sense of dread you’ll experience when you suddenly realize your life has meaning and purpose again.


Feb. 19-March 20


By: Isabel  Zimmerman   LO’T  Feature  Editor  

Feature Reporter Connor Dessert tries to drive through the MHS parking lot. (Photo Credit: Isabel Zimmerman) *Please note this article is purley satirical.



Let’s taco ‘bout the Taco Cleanse

By: Savannah Hampton LO’T Feature Editor The cleanse craze of 2015 is taking a dramatic turn to our southern neighbors’ food in 2016. Enter the Taco Cleanse. Similar to popular juice and tea cleanses, the taco cleanse aims to remove the self-directed negativity induced by unhealthy foods; however, instead of doing so by practically starving yourself, the new ‘healthy’ challenge does so by telling participants to let go of harsh feelings by eating a taco or two, every meal! Founded by a group of self-proclaimed “Taco Scientists” (including book authors Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger and Jessica Morris) from Austin, Texas, the new craze is written about in the newly published book Taco Cleanse: The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life. Just published this past

December, the book has become so popular so quickly because the cleanse offers a new outlook in the midst of constant negativity that is associated with becoming thin. To become a taco challenge participant, one only needs to fold their usual foods in anything from a tortilla to a waffle and truly appreciate that tacos can fix anything. Reported benefits from participants on the cleanse include a brightened outlook on the world and acceptance of self, mood improvements, and vague “lasting benefits.” Some stars are jumping on the newest bandwagon, including Jennifer Aniston, who is “riveted” by the idea! While the idea of a not-so-healthy food cleanse is highly inclusive and intriguing, this new fad may be going nowhere in a world ruled by the more popular and ‘healthy’ cleanses. that are on social media.

The taco cleanse advocates people to feel good about themselves while eating a few tacos. (Photo credit: BookTopia)

Top 12 basic trends taking over MHS

January 29, 2016

Look out for these up and coming musicians By: Rocio Enriquez LO’T Feature Reporter.

Emily Kinney is an actress and singer from Nebraska. She’s best known for her role as Beth in The Walking Dead. She has been focusing on her music lately, and the show has helped her gain fans. Kinney recently had a nationwide tour, and her first full-length album, This is War, which was released in October. She will be maintaining regular performances on both east and west coasts. G-Eazy, also known as Gerald Gillum, is a hip-hop artist and record producer from California. Before becoming G-Eazy, he joined a rap group, Bay Boyz, and began to produce a few singles as a sophomore in college. He toured with Drake in 2014 and is currently on his own tour promoting his album, When It’s Dark Out. BØRNS, also known as Garrett Borns is an indiepop singer-songwriter from Michigan. His debut album, Dopamine, was released in October. Recently, many of his fans here in Moline went

to his concert in Davenport while he was on tour. Also, Taylor Swift enjoys that his music sounds like classic radio friendly pop with a twist. BØRNS is definitely being recognized for his music, and this is just the beginning for him. Highly Suspect consisting of members Ryan Meyer, Johnny Stevens, and Richard Meyer a part of the rock trio from Brooklyn. Their debut album, Mister Asylum, is nominated for “Best Rock Album” in the Grammys. Stevens says that it is exciting to “be in the band nobody’s ever heard.” Fans of Velvet Revolver and Royal Blood are likely to enjoy their music. William Michael Morgan is a 22 year old country singer from Mississippi. Although he is very young, his voice sounds like someone who has been singing country for decades. Morgan is inspired by traditional music of the early ‘90s. He will be having many upcoming events, and he will definitely be a popular country singer.

Fitbit Wristbands that meausre how many steps you take are all the rage. (Photocredit: CFO) 7. Hunter boots By: Mikayla Carlson and 8. Anything Nike Trevonte Lockhart 9. Combat boots LO’T Feature Reporters 10. Pigtail braids The dreaded Midwest win11. North Face ter has finally arrived. With 12. Fitbit Wristbands the chilly single digit temAlong with these trends, peratures, people have put away their shorts and skirts many girls have darkened and traded them for warmer their hair or are more partial to certain colors. There’s a lot clothes. Around this time of year, of burgundy and camo green. The latest craze, sitting we see the emergence of basic trends amongst the females. at number twelve are Fitbit Here are the top twelve basic Wristbands. These bracelets measure how many steps you trends around MHS: take. It’s not just Fitbits, how1. Uggs ever, many people have been 2. Infinity Scarves sporting smart watches from 3. Timberlands 4. Crewneck Sweaters Apple and Samsung. Regardless, all we want 5. Leggings 6. White Mocha Lattes is to get through the winter as Check out indie-pop singer Garret Borns’s new album, Dopawarmly as possible. mine. (Photo Credit: In Style) from Starbucks



January 29, 2016

Super Bowl Predictions With the NFL playoffs in full swing and the race to the Superbowl concluding, teams are competing putting their whole seasons on the line. The playoff season began with the Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers, and Texans in the AFC and the Cardinals, Packers, Panthers, Seahawks, Vikings, and Washington in the NFC. As of January 22nd, the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots are set to battle for the AFC Championship while the NFC Championship match will feature the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. When asked, some MHS students shared their opinions as to who they think will be crowned the Superbowl L Champion.

The Moline High School Girls bowling team smiles for a group picture at Higland Lanes. Photo credit: Photographic Arts

Bowlers roll toward WB6 themselves an edge the other schools don’t have. McNinch isn’t intimidated by this, in fact she’s confident that her team can pull through and finish strong. “We are doing all we can to ensure that the end of the season goes just as well or even bet-

ter than the beginning did.” “We are a dominating force in the conference,” McNinch says. The conference meet is drawing near on February 3rd, and our girls are definitely prepared. Cheer on the bowling team on their road to a conference championship!

By: Kiya Ritchie LO’T Reporter The bowling team’s season is nearing its end, and the competition is fierce. The race for conference champion is on, and the top competitors are Rock Island, UT, and our very own Moline Maroons. The team has their heads very much in the game, as member Britta McNinch states, “We all have the same focus. We all want to win.” With the season’s conclusion, the stakes are getting higher at each and every meet. Every team is making its final push to get to the top. Moline’s bowlers are now putting finishing touches on their skills, hoping to give

Photo courtesy of Texas Central College

By: Britta McNinch LO’T Reporter Intramurals are a great way to play a sport that is not as competitive as being on an official Moline team. Basketball is the current intramurals sport, but activities such as dodgeball are also offered at other times of the year. Signing up to play is simple: either get a group of friends and

make a team or sign up alone and be placed on a team. Basketball intramural games are held in the main gym at Coolidge with games lasting about 30 minutes on a continuous clock, so players get in and out pretty quickly. Brock Bertelli, a player on the team, Primetime, says, “It’s a fun time for everyone who plays,

Aaron Miller: “Even though the Kansas City Chiefs should have been Super Bowl Champs this year, I believe the Panthers will beat the Broncos.”

Photo Credit:

A new type of competition

although we do get competitive from time to time as if we played for the actual team.” Caden Wright, also a player on a team called Primetime, likes the competitiveness and the fact that he “gets to play with everyone throughout the school to see who has bragging rights”. Come participate or support the athletes on Wednesday nights.

Rebecca Quick: “Im a huge Broncos fan, and I think that they are going to win the Super Bowl this year.”

Photo Credit:

Grant Estes: “I hope that the Broncos win the Super Bowl this year because they are my favorite team.”

Photo Credit:



January 29, 2016

Boys swimming remains undefeated

By: Anna Finch LO’T Reporter As anticipated, the Maroon swimmers have blown their competition out of the water so far this season, and they are still constantly improving. Breakout freshman Austin Morris has dominated his competition, currently holding the Western Big 6 top times in the 100-yard backstroke (54.67) and the 100 butterfly (53.83). Senior Joseph Son has also put forth an impressive time in the 100-yard breaststroke (1:04:57) currently second in the conference. Other key swimmers include sophomores Joey Peter Son surges ahead of the competiton while he performs Lavin, Ethan Luong, Jack the breaststroke at a home meet Thompson, and freshman PePhoto by Ila Mostafa ter Son. Combining efforts,

the 200 medley relay has proven to be a solid race as well. With this much talent it’s easy to see why the Maroons are currently undefeated. Also valuable assets, divers Eddie Doran and Abhi Sodani consistently put up needed points in their uncommon event. Sodani is ranked second in the WB6 Six-Dives leaderboard with a score of 167.10 while Doran is currently fourth on the ElevenDives chart with 243.30 With help from top placements in every event and a sweep of the diving event, the team picked up another sizeable victory against Morrison, defeating them 145-31 on January 21st. It is vital for everyone to keep pushing themselves

with Coach Craig Fredericksen’s guidance as the some of the season’s most important meets are still to come. The swimmers see that Fredericksen’s workout plans are well designed to improve performance in each event, increasing their control and efficiency. Senior Jake Taylor agrees,

“The way practices are made help the team with specific events and pacesetting in each event.” On Tuesday, January 26th the boys face rival Rock Island at home. “We just need to keep doing what we’re doing,” says sophomore diver Abhi Sodani, “If we work together, we’ll keep up our streak.”


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