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April 21, 2017 Volume 100, Issue 7

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April 21, 2017

Facebook Killer takes another life Nike unveils new atheltic Hijab

By: Grafton Carlson LO’T News Editor Steve Stephens, a man from Cleveland, Ohio, has recently been dubbed the “Facebook Live Killer” after going on his self-proclaimed “Easter day Slaughter.” Stephens, a 37 year old, grew up with his mother in Cleveland while keeping his nose relatively clean. He graduated from a high school in Cleveland’s East side before attending Myers College of Business in the late 1990s and early 2000s. One of his former peers, who graduated with him in 2002, described Stephen as a, “funny guy, always laughing and joking.” Prior to the incidence on Easter Sunday, Stephens was unknown by the law, avoiding any run-ins, besides minor traffic violations.

Police have speculated that the reason for Stephens sudden outlash was far from random. Recently, Stephens ended a three-year long relationship with Joy Lane, who is now in police custody. On top of that, he had posted a series of Facebook statuses that described how the effects of insurmountable debt combined with the breakup caused him to “snap.” The gunman’s mother told CNN that she had talked to him on that Sunday, when he told her he was, “mad with his girlfriend” and that it would be the last time they would see each other. This all led up to the live Facebook video of Stephens randomly shooting Robert Godwin, 74. In the graphic video of the killing, Stephens can be seen stop-

ping his car and approaching Godwin, saying: “Found me somebody I’m about to kill… this old dude.” After this statement he forces the grandfather to say his exgirlfriend’s name and saying she is the reason he is going to be murdered. In the following hours, he went on to claim that he had taken the lives of fourteen others. Shortly after this, all of the posts and the account were deleted by Facebook. After a stressful hunt, Steve Stephens was found driving in Pennsylvania. After a brief chase by the police, Stephens spun out of control and then pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the head. While the police wish the situation ended differently, they are glad to say that Stephens is no longer on the streets.

By: Riya Jain LO’T Reporter On April 7th, President Donald Trump launched a missile strike on a Syrian government air base in response to a toxic chemical attack that killed over seventy civilians. In September of 2013, following the globally controversial use of chemical weapons in the Syrian war, the United States and Russia reached an agreement in which it was decided that the Syrian government should destroy all their chemical weapons and refrain from using any ever again. The United States blames President Bashar al-Assad and his regime for the attacks; however Bashad

has denied any responsibility. The missile strike marks the United State’s first direct military action in Syria. Several civilians, including children, died in the attacks. Trump said, “Yesterday’s chemical attack, a chemical attack so horrific in Syria against innocent people including women, small children, and even beautiful little babies, their deaths was an affront to humanity. These heinous actions by the Assad regime cannot be tolerated.” Subsequently, United States warships launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the airbase, which was home to the the warplanes that launched the chemical attack. Trump’s missile strike

has stirred up controversy from both sides of the political spectrum. On numerous occasions from 2013 to 2014, Trump tweeted that the White House should not interfere in Syria at all; however, he recently stated, “I think the Obama administration had a great opportunity to solve this crisis a long time ago when he said the red line in the sand,” prompting outcries of hypocrisy. Some right-wing supporters of Trump, including political commentator Ann Coulter, have criticized Trump’s decision, citing that Trump campaigned on a promise of not getting involved in the Middle-East. The situation has yet to be resolved.

By: Riya Jain leased a commercial LO’T Reporter encouraging young Nike recently anwomen to break stereonounced that it will begin types, featuring Muslim selling a ‘Pro Hijab’ in the female athletes comspring of 2018, making peting while a voice it the first major sportssays, “What will they wear brand to manufacsay about you?” The ture a performance hijab. ad quickly went viral. The Hijab is marketed While many praised the towards Muslim female company for standing athletes, as current hijabs in solidarity with Muscan be a hindrance while lim female athletes, the competing. The Pro Hijab product was met with has a single-layer pullsome criticism and boyon design and is made of cotting from the right. a lightweight polyester Yet, the Nike website with tiny holes for breathstates, “The Nike Pro ability. It is loose-fitting Zahri Lari models with the Nike Hijab Hijab has been a year and opaque, satisfying Pro. in the making, but its the requirements for hi- Courtesy of The Independent impetus can be traced jabi women. The Hijab “thrilled and a bit emotional much further back to is already being worn by to see Nike prototyping a Hi- Nike’s founding mission, to athletes such as the Emi- jab” and was “blown away serve athletes, with the signarati figure skater, Zahra Lari, by the fit and light weight.” ture addendum: If you have who explained that she was, In February, Nike re- a body, you’re an athlete.”

Trump takes action against Syria Overbook results in right hook While he was being re- United Airlines and a drastic By: Kier Cook moved, United Airlines staff change in policy. In addition, LO’T Reporter knocked out two of his teeth, United Airlines has already United Airlines has startbroke his nose, gave him a lost almost 800 million doled to review its lars in stocks, and policies after a pasits stock will probsenger was forcibly ably keep declining. removed from an Now, other airoverbooked flight lines like Delta after he had already will start offering boarded the plane. passengers up to Dr. Dao, the pas$10,000 for their senger who was seats on an overforcibly removed, booked flight, an was refusing to give amount of money up his seat on the most passengers plane because he Nick Nicotera roasts United Airlines on Twitter would be inclined had appointments Courtesy of to accept. Although the next day and this is a very concould not afford to concussion, and injured him cerning event, the intermiss them. However, United badly enough that he needs net is still managing to Airlines staff seemed not surgery now. This has led make jokes and funny to care about this, and vioto lots of embarrassment for memes out of it, as usual. lently removed him anyway.

News April 21, 2017


“Cinderella” takes the stage Galaxy S8 is out of this world By: Mandeep Kaur LO’T Reporter On March 16th, 17th, and 18th, the Moline High School Theatre presented the musical “Cinderella.” The musical featured a beautiful young maiden, who lived with her illmannered stepsisters and her egocentric stepmother. In the musical, the charming prince’s parents invited every eligible girl in their village to a ball where the prince was asked to choose the perfect girl for marriage. However, aware of Cinderella’s polite demeanor and breath-taking beauty, the stepmother tried to occupy Cinderella with various chores on the

Every action of the characters was met with a parallel drum beat and every magical moment met with the fine tunes of the violin. Background music seldom goes unnoticed due to our mind’s ability to adapt to sounds. However, during this play, I couldn’t help but notice the rising crescendos and the strong drum beats at every moment of the musical. Even before the musical started the orchestra produced beautiful sounds that virtually transported you to the magical setting of the musical. In addition to its external beautifying qualities like the music and props, this musical was full of

Cast of Cinderella poses for the end of the show Courtesy of Isaiah Randall night of the ball. After the stepmother and stepsisters were convinced that they appeared attractive and well-mannered, Cinderella was left at home with a destroyed pink gown. Then, the fairy Godmother arrived and, noticing Cinderella’s despair, helped her to reach the ball on time and in a gorgeous gown. Throughout the musical, the background music was engaging and uplifting.

life lessons that are important for individuals of all ages. Firstly, the difference between external and internal beauty. Cinderella was a symbol of politeness and hard work that was complemented by her external beauty. Cinderella’s ability to have a meaningful conversation with the prince instead of just serving as his maid made Cinderella the most eligible young maiden for marriage.

The characters had stunning voices and role-playing skills. The fairy Godmother’s role was important in sending a message out to those grown souls who think that dreaming is for the young. She explains how one needs to believe in wishes for them to come true and that it is possible for the impossible to happen. Also, the impolite stepsisters added humor to the musical and made the entire production a light-hearted treat for the audience. Overall, the musical “Cinderella” was a magical and mesmerizing production that detached its audience from reality and took them to a place where politeness and hard work mattered equally to the external beauty of individuals, where the most important part of marriage is friendship and not service, and where dreams come true if one is willing to take responsibility and do the work.

By: Abhi Sodhani well as added auto focus to changed is the phone’s batLO’T News Editor make taking selfies easier. tery. This raises eyebrows Time for an upgrade? One of Samsung’s big- of some phone users beNo need to wait any longer gest changes is the addition cause Samsung has added because Samsung released of the Bixby; an AI assis- more pixels to its screen but its new flagship phone, tant. Initially Bixby was set no more battery life. This the Galaxy S8, today. This to launch with the phone but could explain why Samsung phone has customers in Samsung has pushed back has made the default resoawe with its inlution Full HD incredibly appealing stead of Quad HD. new look. The S8 Samsung has relaunches with the ally cranked up the Infinity Display: a power on this new screen that wraps phone because they itself around most split the procesof the phone. This sor to have one do display rids the maintenance and phone of the home background work Samsung’s new “Infinite Display” is larger and button as well as while the other is now a default on their flagship smartphone. makes the curve runs the phone’s Courtesy of The Inquirer a default feature primary applicaof the phone. This tions. Along with new design also moves the its release date to later this the new processor, Samfingerprint sensor to the Spring. Bixby, which can sung is introducing Blueback of the phone next to be activated with its own tooth 5.0 to the world. The the camera. This allows button on the S8, will in- new version of Bluetooth for easier fingerprint ac- clude the feature Bixby Vi- allows users to connect cess as well as makes the sion. Bixby Vision uses the to two wireless devices phone more eye appealing. camera to scan something as well as increasing the Samsung has decided and then give more infor- range of wireless connecto keep their 12MP rear mation about it, including tivity. This new phone hits camera from the Galaxy prices and related products. the stores today for a whopS7 because it is still one of Samsung hopes that Bixby ping $720. Although the the best around, but they will provide competition price is steep, the phone is have upgraded their front for Amazon’s Alexa. An- the most advanced out there facing camera to 8MP as other feature that has not and will be sure to impress.

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Editorial April 21, 2017

Fast foods fatten Americans one fry at a time

way of serving foods, households that cook less would be be a mandatory half an hour of “active” time, and By: Pranjal Kadwe greatly affected. health insurance companies could provide lower rates or LO’T Editor-in-Chief The portion sizes in this nation should not be promoting benefits for people who are active. We’ve heard it all. Obesity is rising at alarming rates. Pertaining to high school, Illinois students are currently The overall health of the nation is quickly deteriorating. We an unhealthy diet. A citizen’s health is not the responsiblilty must make drastic changes in our lifestyles. We’ve heard it of any food company or restaurant, but shouldn’t there be required to participate in physical education from K-12. Many schools have athletic P.E. so that students can lift. so many times that, at this point, it almost all sounds like some type of government regulation? With Michelle Obama’s previous gibberish. initiative, many school lunches have Yet the fact still stands. According to Medical become healthy, yet the effectiveness of News Today, the number one killer in the United these healthy changes is questionable. I see States for the past five years has been heart many students eating an Uncrustable and a disease. Two great determinants of heart health bag of chips for lunch. These type of foods are the type of foods we eat and the amount of should not be served or promoted, esperegular exercise in our lives. cially to students who are developing their According to the National Institute of Diabetes habits in high school. Students can be makand Digestive and Kidney Diseases, more than ing similar lunch choices in other schools; two in three adults are either overweight or obese, therefore, regulations should be stricter. and one in three adults are obese. The rates around Overall, the United States as a whole the world for obesity are almost half of that. It is must take action over this growing probno secret that obesity is one of the largest health lem. Individual choices are failing us as a issues in the nation. nation; Therefore, some freedoms should Why is it that Americans are gravitating towards unhealthy and fattier foods? Fast food restaurants Eye-opening graph depicts the wide-spread sales of McDonald’s compared to the be restricted in order to improve the overall health of citizens. The government could are a very accessible part of life. Oftentimes, GDP of Afghanistan. Courtesy of Mayo Clinic step in with regulation of portion sizes in people find themselves rushing from one place to restaurants, or the application of a tax to another, and preparing healthy meals in between can easily Alcohol and tobacco cause deleterious effects on the junk foods. Hopefully, restaurants will eventually gravibecome an inconvenience. These individuals can simply stop at the nearest McDonald’s, Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A human body; therefore, the government has applied a higher tate towards healthier choices, or people will eat more tax on these products to prevent citizens from consuming home-cooked meals; however, these regulations could and buy a quick meal. The best part: it’s cheap. Unfortunately, most fast food places have a menu with them. Likewise, various cities across the country have improve American health conditions drastically. few healthy options, so people tend to buy the highly caloric adopted the soda tax, which simply applies a and fatty options. If customers do choose to purchase higher tax on sugary, carbonated drinks. Thus, in theory, the same priniciple should healthy foods, they are generally more expensive. However, the fast food chains can not take all of the be applied to sugary and fatty foods. Candy blame; customers knowingly consume these foods since all bars and bags of chips should cost more than natural granola bars and butter-free popcorn. the nutrition facts are public. Additionally, people in other first world nations have While this is not a flawless solution, many similar access to these type of restaurants but have lower customers would rethink their food choices from at least a financial aspect. obesity rates. So what’s the difference? Furthermore, action must be taken over Portion sizes are one huge difference between the United States and European countries. According to the Eastern the lack of exercise across the United States. Association for the Study of Obesity, Italy has a relatively In jobs with no physical activity, there could low obesity rate in comparison to similar countries. Portion sizes are also much smaller in Italy than they are in the United States. In Italy, people are served the approximate amount of food that they should consume for the same price that Americans get an excessively large meal. If the United States were to adopt this

Editors-In-Chief: Pranjal Kadwe & Riya Patel


Feature Editors: Dana Plagenz & Isabel Zimmerman

News Editors: Grafton Carlson, Karthik Prakash, & Abhi Sodhani

Sports Editors: Katherine Douglas & Anna Finch

Focus Editors: Siddhi Kapur & Kaity Miner

Head Photographer: Brandon Zetina

Entertainment Editors: Truman & William VanVooren

Business Manager: Connor Dessert

Advisors: Heidi Norcross & Jay Bohnsack

Editorial April 21, 2017


TXT slang finna b slept on in the cla$$room bruh By: Riya Patel LO’T Editor-in-Chief As teenagers and people living in an age of major technological advancements, social media impacts our lives tremendously. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, kids use the internet to connect with friends

Slang can cause confusion for teachers, peers, and anyone whose not “woke.” Courtesy of iFunny. and other people around the world arguably too often. Although these apps and sites are immensely convenient for communication, the shortcuts and internet slang are starting to affect the classroom. A recent report from Pew Internet and American Life

Project found that text-based shortcuts are starting to appear more frequently in formal writing. Even at the collegiate level, students are beginning to input slang terms and phrases, which is highly unprofessional when emailing professors. In fact, according to a Cal-State East Bay Professor, Sally Murphy, a student began an email with “Yo, teach.” Murphy points out that “It has a real effect on the tone of professionalism” and how “They’re going to lose all credibility.” Many professors are concerned that when searching for jobs, students will struggle to switch out of informal tones to address professionals properly. These tones also affect college application essays where professors like Chad Dion Lassiter from the University of Pennsylvania believe that the problems continue because adults and teachers do not hold kids accountable for their informalities in communication. “Admissions officers have shared with me that a lot of the essays they’re encountering now are deeply rooted in this technological culture of cut-off sentences where you’re writing like you speak,” he notes. “After the first few sentences, college admissions professionals toss them to the side.” Slang is also becoming a problem for people outside of the US, who learn formal English and can not understand native English speakers in the country. It’s understandable for foreigners to be frustrated when they spend years learning our language and then are unable to make out simple statements and phrases like “Wus good?” or “Link up.” Another major problem with internet slang and “text speak” is that students do not always realize they are bringing it into the classroom. In order to prevent the use of slang at higher levels of education or in the workplace, teachers need to start explicitly differentiating formal and informal writing. That way students can break their habits of using phrases and idoms that are influenced by social media and hopefully be successful in more

professional settings. There are some instances where on Twitter, you can be reading a Tweet and understand about thirty percent of it. A new fad now is leaving out parts of sentences making them incoherent. For example, instead of writing “That’s what I’m saying” kids write “I’m saying,” completely leaving out majority of the statement but expecting people to understand what they are trying to say. When phrases like “on fleek” and “bye Felicia” were used frequently, or when people first started saying “jk” instead of “just kidding,” how are people who are not knowledgable in modern slang supposed to make out what kids are saying.

These texting shortcuts represent the frequent use of abbreviations. Courtesy of Additionally, based on regions and high schools, the slang varies; so when communicating with other students through social media or in person the difference in dialect can be cool but also very confusing. Obviously when speaking to peers, there is less of a need to use formal language, but the problem is that these habit of shortening words and speaking with slang phrases are starting to carry into the classroom. Teachers can not make out what students are trying to say, and it’s starting to affect their formal writing styles. For example, losing transitions, shortening sentences, both adaptations convenient for Twitter’s 140 character limit.TX

LO’T Editorial Policy Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respresenting all sides of an issue. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Pranjal Kadwe and Riya Patel, and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack


Focus April 21, 2017

Disco made its mark


Disco is “staying alive” By: Siddhi Kapur L”OT Editor The disco dance has returned to Moline High School for the first time since the 90s and is now Moline’s only casual dance. Nowadays, formal dances such as Homecoming, Sadies and Prom generate more stress than enjoyment between planning pictures, finding a date and coordinating attire. Unlike these formal dances, the disco dance is a place to hang out and have fun with friends and, most importantly, actually have a chance to dance. A casual dance means for less time spent stressing over little details, offering an enjoyable and memorable experience. Students were encouraged to come

released, disco went mainBy: Alexis Wolf stream. The movie added LO’T Reporter Disco started out as to the popularity of disco a secret rebellion to the in the late 1970s, and kept Nazis in France during WWII. The Nazis took away the French’s music, so in turn the French created underground clubs to enjoy their music. In America, New York was the first city to open a disco nightclub in 1965, and it allowed people from various groups to intermingle and get on the floor. Up until 1977, the disco scene Image from Disco Demolition Night was mainly occupiedPhoto Courtesty of Chicagology by minority groups, but when Saturday Night Fever, the movement strong for a starring John Travolta (the few more years. Sadly, the guy from Grease), was American punk rock kids

started killing Disco with Disco Demolition Night in 1979. The event was broadcasted all across the nation from Comiskey Park in Chicago, and included a riot that made the field unfit to play on. Today, Disco still has an affect on pop music. There have been several attempted revivals over the years, but maybe Moline could kick-start a true revival of the disco scene at this year’s disco dance on April 13, 2017.

By: Hannah Hutton LO’T Reporter Heading out of the sixties, the 1970s brought a whole new face to American society. Peace took the country by storm as the Vietnam War came to an end, and the country was filled with the buzz of new technology and culture. The decade brought movements towards women’s rights, anti-war and environmental awareness, along with what many attribute to the 70s: music and disco. Movements in the 70s include the women’s rights movement, anti-war movement and environmental movement. Second wave feminism flowed through America as leaders such as Gloria Steinem fought for equal rights for women, hitting topics such as employment, homelife and liberation. While family life was still held in high regard, divorce rates shot up during this period, and women began filling jobs previously reserved for men in the work force. Also, the anti-war movement led to protests and marches in America starting in the 60s and moving into the 70s as a response to the Vietnam War. Finally, environmental awareness rose in the 70s, and the U.S. celebrated its first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The 1970s also brought in much iconic culture, such as fashion and disco. Popular pieces included bellbottoms, leisure suits, jumpsuits, wrap dresses and plat-

form shoes. Hairstyles wandered from the neat styles of the 60s to more unkempt looks. Girls wore their hair long and straight, while some chose “The Farrah,” a feathered hairstyle inspired by actress Farrah Fawcett of “Charlie’s Angels.” Men sported grown out, shaggy hair, often in “helmet” styles or afros, completed with sideburns. And, of course, who could forget the chest hair? Another 70s craze was disco, as iconically captured by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, released in ‘77. While the average middle-class American spent time in disco clubs, these clubs were also attended by diverse groups of people, even becoming popular with minorities. Through the 70s, some major musical artists included ABBA, the Bee Gees, the Jackson 5, Queen and Led Zeppelin. Overall, the 1970s was a memorable decade that changed America forever. With proactive political movements such as women’s rights, anti-war, and environmental awareness movements, Americans worked to write their own legacy forth from the 70s and for future generations. Though like any decade, it brought sometimes questionable fashion. It left America with the taste of peace and love in their mouths. It was disco-filled and groovy. It was the 70s.

Flashback to the 70s

together in the West Gym in full 70s attire to participate in a costume contest and let loose to some 70s favorites from 7pm-10pm on April 13. The usually drab gym was decorated extravagantly by a professional decorator. Drapes and strings of lights suspended from the ceiling hung above students. In the center of the drapery hung a dazzling disco ball further illuminating the room and setting the mood for the night. Bellbottoms, hoop earrings and disco dancers filled the dance floor. A contest was held for the best 70s costume and with many noteworthy contestants, the competition was close. Isaiah Randall stole the contest and the

$50 prize rocking an afro, drag, tons of sequins and bellbottoms. He sealed the win with some crowd pleasing dance moves that demanded a roar of applause from the impressed audience. The disco dance was surely a night to remember for all who attended. Be sure to attend next year’s themed dance hosted by Moline’s Publications Department for a night full of fun and dancing in a casual, stressfree atmosphere.


April 21, 2017

Another Chance to Dance: Prom

By: Lily Glackin LO’T Reporter


Dr, Moline, IL). If you favor a department store over a specialty store, Younkers, Von Maur and Dillard’s at North and South Park Mall offer great selections. For online shopping, you can check out Lulus, Peaches Boutique, or JJsHouse. If you plan to order a dress online, order soon because Prom is soon approaching! You can also check out a

Quad City favorite, Ducky’s Formal Wear (1534 River Dr, Moline, IL ) for some classy tuxedos. Tickets are now on sale in the bookstore and can be purchased up until the date of the dance. Anyone looking to bring a date from another school should be sure to get a guest form filled out before purchasing tickets.

With only a short couple months until summer and graduation, everyone is looking forward to the next biggest thing: prom. This year’s prom will be held at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa on May 6th, 2017. The theme for the night will be a classic take on Beauty and the Beast. Want to go to Prom but can’t find a dress? If you’re still struggling to find the perfect dress you can check out Special E f f e c t s Fashion Boutique (2200 36th Ave, Moline, IL) or Little Various prom dresses following the latest two-piece dress style Black Dress Photo Courtesy of Seventeen (1526 River

The first 4 students to tweet their favorite disco song will recieve a gift certificate.

Costume contest winner Isaiah Randall and sister Isadora Randall pose in celebration of Isaiah’s victory. Photo Courtesy of Isaiah Randall

Top: Competitors in the costume contest show off their 70s attire. Right: Ethan Johnson gets down to some 70s classics. Left: Isadora Randall enjoys her night at the disco. Bottom: Students show off their disco skills and dance the night away.


8 Entertainment April 21, 2017

Legend of Zelda: Breath of “Beauty and the Beast” is a the Wild is worth your time beautiful film for all ages

By: William Van Vooren Line O’Type Entertainment Co-Editor Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the new game for the Nintendo Switch and the Wii U. The game was released on March 3, 2017, and is an action-adventure game for $59.99. Breath of the Wild is easily one of the best games I’ve played--period. From going to shrines and completing the puzzle or from climbing a tower while under attack to unlock more of your map, its constant exploration makes the game enticing to play. This game starts the player off pretty blind with only a brief introduction to the player’s character, Link, and the goal of completing four shrines. After getting a paraglider for the shrines, the game truly begins. From here on out, the

player is given one objective and then it’s his or her choice of what to do next. The game play is well polished and diverse. First off, the game is mainly decision based, with hearts being scarce and the game guiding the player based on the level of the monsters he or she fights. The fighting is fairly basic with mini combos here and there. The player can fight with either a bow or spear/sword/axe. The weapons range in usage from some being slow to others being fast. Some of the minor negatives are the stamina bar and health bar, which are both improvable, making them only minor issues. The graphics and sound/ music of this game are fantastic with the game being beautiful with its bright days and moonlit nights all adding up to a more enrich-

ing experience. This all is surprising considering that you can play this game portably with the Switch. The sound and music are also superb with the music being a good indicator of what’s to come. For example, when the player finds a group of monsters, the music will increase in tempo, making the game more fun. This combined with every other little thing in the game makes a person want to continue playing even though he or she may be at a tough spot. This leads me to my verdict--this game is a 9.8/10 with all the attention to detail in every aspect of it. Since it is so polished, it would be very hard to hate this game. This is good for any video game fan as I hadn’t played a single Legend of Zelda game and am still enjoying it.

A stable in Lengend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Photo cred:

By: Hannah O’Donnell Line O’ Type Entertainment Reporter Recently released on March 16, 2017, the new adaption of Beauty and the Beast retells the classic story while bringing characters to life. As enchanting as before, the film shows the classic characters in new and different ways. It is ultimately a great film for the family but less so than the original. The plot of the story is virtually the same, but a more modernized touch is put on many aspects of the movie. Naturally, there are differences in acting from the original because of it is not animated, and the original came out in 1991. However, these changes are (for the most part) somewhat refreshing. It is pleasing to see the same story interpreted differently but still with the same underlying idea. In terms of drama, there is more drama and intensity and less direct appeal to children. The characters are more serious as the acting is directed more for an older audience. While going to see the movie is definitely appropriate for the whole family, older children may find it more appealing. As far as actors are concerned, Emma Watson does a splendid job at doing Belle’s character justice. Watson is both strong, calm, and welltempered as the animated.

However, her acting style shines through and takes the character in a different but equally appropriate direction. She was the right person for the job, and it seems unimaginable to think of anyone else who could have played Belle As far as other characters go, many were not physically there, but rather they were shown through special effects. These special effects were tasteful and classy, showing characters like Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, LeFou, in a realistic but not overdone way. While this was impressive on the whole, Beauty and

the Beast was magical but in an entirely different way than the 1991 film. More emphasis on drama and intense scenes was put in place, and differences in how characters were interpreted was definitely seen. These positive notes show that the film was more than delightful to watch. On the other hand, being partial to the animated film (as many who have seen that one are), and understanding that small children may have a slightly hard time understanding all of the movie lead the rating to be a 4.5/5 stars.

The beast and Belle dancing. Photo Cred:

100 years of LO’T sports names never ceased, LO’T By: Kaity Miner exploded with nicknames LO’T Feature Editor Since its beginning 100 in the 60s. Moline’s tennis years ago, Line O’ Type team adorned quite a few has been the eyes and ears such as netsters and netmen. of Moline’s sports. Before Others included tankers for the dawn of Twitter and the swim team and harriers sports reporters like Dan for the cross country team. Makarewicz and Marc Nes- Another distinctive feature seler, students looked to of LO’T in the 60s includes Line O’ Types for sports a “make a note” box that standings, game sched- detailed upcoming sports ules and athlete features. events and district meetIn the 1920s, sports re- ings. Line O’ Type emphaporters detailed highlights sized that, unlike today’s and touchdowns from the tryouts, varsity cheerleadfirst football game of each ers in the 60s were chosen year and close games dur- by a committee of teachers ing the rest of the season. and student congress repreDuring this decade, the last sentatives. Moline’s sports Friday night football game teams have expanded to inof the season ended with a clude bass fishing and bowlshowdown on the field be- ing. From action shots to tween Moline and Daven- Maroon of the Month, LO’T port. Though this tradition continues to adapt to the evhas come to an end, through er-changing world of sports. the years LO’T has never failed to come up with nicknames for Moline’s sports teams. For example, the football team of the 30s was coined the plowboys. Moline football team adorns an early While the nick- LO’T edition. Photo Credit: Kaity Miner

4500 49th Ave, Moline, IL 61265 Phone:(309) 797-9900

Feature April 21, 2017




Which Easter candy is best?

By: Isabel Zimmerman LO’T Feature Editor To settle the heated debate of which springtime delicay reigns supreme, Line O’ Type Feature Editors Dana Plagenz and Isabel Zimmerman made

April 21, 2017

it their personal mission to find out which Easter candy is the tastiest treat. We narrowed down the extravagant array of cavities-inwaiting to only five of the best and brightest sweets out there. The results are below!

1. Reese’s Eggs 2. Jellybeans 3. Peeps 4. Chocolate bunnies 5. Cadbury Creme Eggs

How are Easter eggs made?




By: Makayla Castillo LO’T Feature Reporter Hello! Welcome back to the show: How It’s Made: Easter Edition! Today I, Ronald Rabbit, am going to give you an inside look at how the Easter Bunny’s eggs get from my factory to your front door, backyard, and trees just in time for Easter Sunday. First, we go to the place where all the eggs are made. You may be slightly confused as to why we’re in an aquarium right now, but it’ll all make perfect sense soon enough. You see, to save money, we now use fish eggs instead of actual eggs! It’s perfectly safe.

You just toss some steroids rating! The factory may in there, sprinkle a little bit look a little cramped, hot, of genetic engineering, add dirty, and maybe in some a dash of Agent Orange, violations of the safety and ta-da! Good as new. code, but I can assure you Though there have been we take good care of our a few... incidents, I can as- rabbits! The rabbits start sure you, the beach house I bright eyed and bushyjust bought because of the tailed at exactly 3 a.m. money we saved is beauti- and work designing and ful, it’s right coloring the eggs! on the sand! A perfect system if So it’s safe I do say so myself. to say that Wow, it’s just amazthis was the ing how many eggs best decithey can get done sion for evworking like that! eryone (but And now the realmostly me). ly cool part; getting Now let’s the eggs from us to go to the fun Photo courtesy of you! You see it’s part; deco-

quite the delivery method. We train our bunnies to form an assembly line, where they line up and stand, passing the eggs over and over and over to the next bunny and the next bunny and the next bunny until viola, just like magic, the eggs are in yards for children to find on Easter morning. Now you know hoe the wonderful magic behind the Easter Bunny’s operation works! Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

Note: This article is purely satirical and in no way represents the views of Line O’ Type members or staff.



April 21, 2017

Boys Tennis aces MHS home events: Mark your calendar! 5/8 Baseball v. Geneseo 4/22 Softball v. Rock Island early season play 5/8 Girls Soccer v. Geneseo By:Megan Meyer LOT Reporter The Moline Maroons Boys’ Varsity Tennis team has faced challenging opposition this year. Throughout the season, the team plays in many meets in the Chicagoland area, which is home to many top ranked teams in the state. While these meets don’t always produce stellar outcomes that the team hopes for, they give players valuable experience in pressure situations; likewise, each Moline player becomes physically and mentally stronger to best prepare to face teams in the Western Big Six. To further add to the team’s solidity, Coach McCracken constantly looks for ways to help the boys improve. Coming off of a solid season in 2016, McCracken and his team hope to achieve even greater success this season and ultimately a Conference title. Success in the WB6 and beyond will be frequent

as the Maroons retained a wealth of talent from last year’s roster. Notably, the squad is marked by the return of 2016 State Qualifiers Senior Lucas Petre and Junior Shiv Puri. Also standing out as a vital athlete for the Maroons, Junior Shaddy Khalafallah, who is currently ranked 18th in the State of Illinois by the Tennis Recruiting Network, rejoins the team after an Individual WB6 title in 2015. Other key players include other skilled players such as Juniors Kacper Ryba, Abhi Sodhani, Hunter Henning, as well as Seniors Grafton Carlson and Karthik Prakash. With the combination of experience and depth, the Boys Tennis team is competitive, but it is a squad that can achieve greatness this season. This duo of qualities has and will continue to push the Maroons toward success. Moline next faces Rock Island at home on April 26th.

Lucas Petre prepares to return the ball during a match. Photo Courtesy of Grafton Carlson

4/24 G. Track v. Geneseo/Galesburg 4/25 Softball v. Sherrard

4/26 Boys Tennis v. Rock Island

4/29 Softball v. Alleman 5/5 Boys Tennis @ Moline Invite 5/6 Boys Tennis @ Moline Invite 5/6 Softball v. Galesburg

5/8 Softball v. Normal Community

5/12 Boys Track @ WB6 Champs

5/16 Softball v. Geneseo 5/16 Girls Soccer @ IHSA Regionals 5/18 Boys Track @ IHSA Sectionals 5/18 Baseball v. Galesburg 5/19 Girls Soccer @ Regional Final 5/22 Baseball v. Assumption

Maroons of the month: Benson & Pittington By: Anna Finch LOT Sports Editor As a junior, starting for the first conference game of the year can be intense, especially when it’s against one of the top teams in the Western Big Six. “Playing in the first conference game of the season is definitely nerve wracking because you just want to do so well,” Junior Jordan Benson said. However, on April 8th, Benson put his nerves to rest when he had an excellent performance on the mound against the Quincy Blue Devils. Benson pitched all nine innings with a stunning 101 pitches, which included 70 strikes. As a result of his tremendous effort, Benson struck out 12 of Quincy’s batters. Benson’s incredible leadership, along with a remarkable offensive effort by the Maroons, won the game 2-1. Following the Maroons’ win, Benson said, “With this start, I feel

like the rest of our season will be really great,” Benson continued, “I really think we have a really good chance to win conference.” Since their conference opener, the Maroons have gone on to have a 3-1 record in the Western Big Six thus far with two wins over Quincy and a split record against United Town-

At the 2016 Western Big Six girls conference meet. Megan Pittington had many outstanding performances. She won the conference title for the 100, 200, and 400. One week later, Pittington would also win those same three races at the sectional meet, which meant she qualified to compete at the state meet. Attending the state

Photos courtesy of Photographic Arts ship. The boys have a great possibility of continuing to dominate the conference and winning a title.

meet as a freshman for one event is extremely rare, but competing in three events at the state level that early is nearly unprecedented.

This year, as a sophomore, Pittington has her goals set high. “My freshman season was definitely a good start for the rest of my track career,” Pittington stated. “It has helped motivate me to set my goals higher for state this year.” So far, it appears that she is in a great position to blow past her accomplishments from last season. Pittington has earned personal records in all of her events, and she has broken meet records at several competitions. At the Shipley Invitational, the sprinter smashed her personal bests in all three of her events and set a new meet a record in the 100m dash against tough opponents from Rock Island and Sterling. “My coaches and teammates are really pushing me,” Pittington says; “They are preparing me to really compete for a place at state.” With Pittington’s results so far, placing at the state track meet is definitely within her reach.


Sports April 21, 2017

Baseball and softball pitch strong WB6 starts By: Kiya Richie LOT Reporter The 2017 spring sports season is well underway and Moline teams on the diamond have not disappointed yet. Battling several injuries to key infielders, the softball team has still been delivering win after win. Despite

Brody Harding throws the ball to a teammate. Photo by Dana Plagenz.

some tough losses to Unit- Currently, the squad mained Township in Conference tains a 9-5 overall record and are 3-1 in the Western play last Saturday, our girls still appear sharp. W i t h s o m e s o l i d wins over t o u g h competitors like Sterling Alyssa Ealy hits the ball for a base run. in nonPhoto by Dana Plagenz Conference play, the softball girls are add- Big Six. After graduating ing to the already highly several vital Seniors last decorated program. Hopes season, what was to come are high to get Head Coach for the team was uncerMark Gerlach to his 500th tain; however, outstanding win this season, and the performances by Juniors goal doesn’t seem too far Jordan Benson and Brody Harding among others off. In addition, the Varsity this season have ensured Baseball team has had simi- Moline Baseball is still a lar success on the diamond. legitimate contender for a

Girls soccer builds bonds

By: Lacey McMillion LOT Reporter Moline’s girls soccer team is notorious for being a close-knit group, sharing the trust and bond needed to rely on one another on the field. Judging by early season play, the 2017 Varsity girls have found their chemistry. Junior Captain Lily Glackin adds, “We have better relationships than most teams, so I believe that will make us a better team in the long run.” Such a positive atmosphere amongst the squad makes practice more enjoyable for the group. Junior Alannah Crompton excitingly commented, “I love how close our team is. It makes it so much easier to play the game.” Not only that, but Senior Captains Jazmin Torres, Ava Gomez, and Junior Captain Lily Glackin, also reliably set a positive and motivated tone at practice and at games. They greatly emphasize the importance of a friendly environment where everyone can thrive. On the field, the team relies on outstanding Freshmen talents Karima Rangel and Allie Van, who help score crucial goals in tight situations among their upperclassman. “Our team does have quite a few young players,” Glackin said, “but we communicate and listen to each other well, which helps us to play cohesively.” The whole team is excited to see how their season will continue and how their bonds with one another will grow stronger.

Western Big Six title. With two conference victories over the notoriously tough Quincy Blue Devils and a split with the United Township Panthers, the boys are sitting well in repeating as WB6 Champi-

ons after last year’s victory. Even with such promising starts, much of the season is still to come. Both squads on the diamond still have months to improve their skills to better their technique against tough

teams in the late season. This early success marks a key push of momentum and confidence that will carry the Maroons to continued standards of excellence in the WB6 and beyond to the State tournaments.

MHS LineOType April 2017  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the April 2017 issue. Look for nostalgic recollection...

MHS LineOType April 2017  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the April 2017 issue. Look for nostalgic recollection...