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March 3, 2017

Volume 100, Issue 5


News March 3, 2017

A whammy of a Grammys When will robots have rights? By: Sanjana Yerrapothu went on to even perform her pelled to make political LO’T Reporter song of the year “Hello” on statements regarding the The 59th Annual Grammy the Grammys stage. Even presidential election, with Awards were held in the Sta- then, this was not Adele’s their words as well as their ples Center in Los Angeles, most notable appearance on outfits . In Katy Perry’s perCalifornia on February 12th, the stage for the night. Over formance of her latest debut 2017. Hosted by the “The 26 million people watched “Chained to the Rhythm,” Late Night Show’s,”James as Adele broke her Gram- Perry wore an all white outfit Corden, this year’s Gram- my award for Album of the while also donning an armmys rocked poband with the word litical statements, “persist” printed showstopping perprominently. Her formances and, performance clearof course, debatly had a message able awards. . opposing President Among the nomiTrump. In addition, nations, the singer, when introducing Beyoncé, earned Drake, Beyonce, Chance The Rapper, and Adele Metallica and Lady the most nominaGaga, Laverne preformed at the 2017 Grammys. Courtesy of tions for different Pitchfork Cox, who plays a awards. Artists Ritransgender female hanna, Drake, and Kanye Year in half declaring Be- on “Orange is the New West tied for second, receiv- yonce’s album “Lemonade” Black,” referenced the uping 8 nominations each. This truly deserved it. Winner coming Supreme Court case was followed by Chance of Best New Artist, Chance surrounding students’ right the Rapper with 7 nomina- the Rapper, also performed to use a bathroom dependtions and returning singer that night. Other notable ing on what gender they Adele with 5 nominations. performances included that identify. Tributes were paid Adele graced the stage, of Beyonce; having re- to many artists who had receiving the most awards cently announced her preg- passed away in the last year. of the night. Some of these nancy with twins, the perThe 60th Annual Gramawards included Album of formance was tributed to my Awards will be held the Year, Record of the Year, the beauty of motherhood. in New York next year for and Song of the Year. Adele Many artists felt com- the first time since 2003.

By: Grafton Carslon LO’T News Editor With today’s advances in technology, the debate of privacy through electronics is an ever growing debate. This brings up the question, “are electronic devices protected by the first amendment?” A recent court case decision has acted as a catalyst for this discussion. Andrew Bates was recently accused for the murder of his friend Victor Collins in one of the latter months of 2015, November to be precise. There was an Amazon Echo located at the crime scene,

and as a result, the case demanded the audio from the Echo over a 48-hour period. Amazon willingly gave up the subscriber information and purchase history; however, they claim the audio should have First Amendment protections and Amazon wants the warrant thrown out. Not only does Amazon believe Echo users’ voice commands are protected as free speech, but also the response. Amazon also argued that the requests and responses would reveal much about user and their

interests so they deserve protection from the government. Contrary to Amazon’s opinion, Professor Massaro claimed, “even if they [algorithms] are speech, they may not always be protected from government regulation. That something may be covered by the First Amendment does not mean it is protected.” As the court case proves, this is a very divided argument that doesn’t necessarily have a right answer. Consequently, the decison will be reviewed for many future cases.

By: Kier Cook LO’T Reporter A huge mix-up occurred at the Oscars on Sunday night. Warren Beatty, one of the presenters, read the wrong envelope when he announced the winner of the Best Picture oscar. Beatty had an envelope that read, “Emma Stone, La La Land” and as-

sumed that “La La Land” had won the Oscar. However, the envelope he had was actually the envelope that contained the winner of Best Actress, which was Emma Stone. Then, it was realized that “Moonlight” was the true winner of the Best Picture award , and one of the men from “La La Land”

expressed to the audience that there had been a mix-up and “Moonlight” had indeed won. Overall this was said to be the biggest mix-up in Oscars history!

By: Riya Jain LO’T Reporter On January 26th, 2017, scientists announced that they had created the first humananimal hybrid: a pig with human organs. Through this innovation, scientists will be able to address a shortage of donor organs for people who need organ transplants. The hybrid is a type of chimera, which is an organism that contains cells from two different species. The technology was made possible through the discovery of stem cells, which are cells

that can be used to make up any kind of body tissue. Scientists injected human stem cells into pig embryos, which were later put into adult pigs to continue growing. After about three to four weeks, they removed the embryos from the pigs to study their growth. While the embryos were surviving, they were not quite perfect. The presence of human tissue slowed the growth of the embryo, and there is still a chance the organs grown could be rejected by human bodies because they contain

too much pig tissue. For these reasons, it could take several years before the scientists produce organs that can be transplanted into humans. The hybrid has posed some ethical debates and dilemmas. Animal rights advocates have protested the exploitation of pigs to produce organs for human use. Others ponder, “Where do we draw the line between a hybrid and human?” Despite these concerns, the organs produced in this process have the power to change and save lives.

Oscars marred by gigantic snafu

Courtesy of Filmiano

Human-pig hybrid? When pigs fly!



March 3, 2017

Operation: Deportation By: Oyniso Bakhriddinova LO’T Reporter During President Donald Trump’s campaign, he promised to deport illegal immigrants throughout the country. One thing is for sure: no problem separates America quite like immigration. In the past, a “comprehensive reform” has been a priority for many politicians of both parties. This included reforms suggesting alternative plans to secure the border, authorize realistic amounts of newcomers, and ultimately provide a path for the naturalization of many illegal immigrants already inhabiting the country. Donald Trump sought

change this policy. On February 21st, the president signed an executive order advocating that the government should target illegal immigrants for deportation. This will substantially expand the pool of possible deportees from around 2 million to anywhere from 8 million to 11 million. President Trump is also avid on speeding up the process for deportation. Currently, illegal immigrants situated within 100 miles of the border who have been in the country for less than 14 days can be deported exclusively without a hear-

ing. The administration may possibly change the regulations so that any illegal immigrant who has been in America for less than two years can be deported without standing before a judge. On February 21, the Department of Homeland Security released guidance memos authorizing immigration agents the flexibility to detain, arrest, and deport all “removable aliens.” Homeland Security Secretary, John F. Kelly, notified immigration officers to expand the net and set the stage for the recruitment of thousands more of enforcement agents.

By: Kennedy Cook LO’T Reporter Toy making company Mattel has recently come up with a new, more technologically advanced toy that is soon to make an appearance on store shelves. More specifically, it should be available this fall, as said by Mattel. The Hello Barbie Hologram is a new type of Barbie that is essentially a plastic container

that has a computerized Barbie living within it. Tasks the Hologram Barbie can complete include: changing appearance, clothes, and skin tone at the sound of a child’s command. It connects to the internet, takes part in conversations, dances, practices yoga, and much more. Starting at just under $300, these new dolls work for 24

hour bursts, but they must be plugged in. This toy is now known as “a young girl’s first personal assistant,” because it can offer reminders to its owner and give weather reports as needed. Overall, this new invention is a breakthrough in the ever growing technological world and a way for technology to further its growth in reaching people of all ages.


Tesla owner puts life on the line By: Kier Cook LO’T Reporter Elon Musk, creator and owner of Tesla, provided a man free repairs to his Tesla after he sacrificed the car to save another man’s life. Manfred Kick, the 41 yearold who was driving the Tesla Model S on the German Autobahn near Munich. He reportedly noticed a man in a Volkswagen driving in an erratic manner, swerving back and forth and running into the guardrails. Eventually, Kick noticed the man was unconscious and knew he needed to help.

He called the police, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the Volkswagen crashed into someone else. Therefore, Kirk pulled his Tesla in front of the unconscious man, and proceeded to slow down until they both came to a stop. Kick then exited his car, entered the man’s Volkswagen, and started giving him first aid while bystanders called emergency services. The paramedics then noticed that the man had apparently suffered a stroke and he was rushed to the hospital. Although Kick saved

the man’s life, the German police still are required to investigate the accident; however, he is likely to receive an award for his actions, rather than any negative consequences. After hearing of the accident, Elon Musk offered to repair the Tesla free of charge, as there was €10,000 in combined damage ($10,581.60). Not only did Kick have his 15 minutes of fame for his heroics, but he was lucky enough to have the damages it caused paid for in full, which is well deserved.

Child ’s first personal assistant

Tesla owner who sacrificed damage to his own car. Courtesy of Twitter (@StLTesla

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Editorial March 3, 2017

Milliennials and their gosh darn cell phones growing up. Instead, they had more free time to play, be By: Pranjal Kadwe However, while technology has had these major negative with family or friends, or read books. LO’T Editor-in-Chief impacts, it has also enhanced our lives in many ways. In There were plenty of possibilities without the huge school, many classes have shifted their classwork to The generation gap between millennials and older distraction of phones, social media, or video games. Google Drive, which has been a huge convenience for evgenerations is eminent now more than ever. Technology They all had more chances for hobbies and more tangible eryone; it allows for fewer printed papers and collaboration has advanced in an exponential manner over the course interactions. with other students. The underclassmen at of the past three decades. Millennials Moline even have their own Chromebooks are the first generation who have had a to do their schoolwork. strong presence of social media during Online news has made it incredibly easy their upbringings. This generation and to stay informed about significant events the future ones are largely impacted in around the world. Social media has made multiple ways. it almost effortless to communicate with Stereotypically, older generations are people thousands of miles away. Texting always telling those young millennials to has eliminated many previous daily inconget off of the internet and go have a real veniences; even phone calls are not a neceschildhood. sity anymore. As difficult as it may be to admit, there Yet all of these technological benefits can may be some truth to those statements. easily cause an addiction. It is a problem Simply by observing high school students, when people are texting more or spending the severity of the cell phone addiction more time on social media platforms than is truly prevalent. Instead of listening in interacting in real life, face-to-face. class, teens have earbuds in and block out In addition, social media can allow for their teachers. When friends are directly in bullying and rude comments, like Donald front of them during lunch, they will pull Trump’s name-calling on scoial media their phones out to play games or check up platforms like Twitter. There must be some on their social media. type of a balance. However, as a millennial myself, I Obviously, the internet has improved understand the craze. We have all grown our lives, but people have been abusing this up with these influences constantly around great privilege. Excessive usage, bullying, us, and as a result, technology has become and the lack of real life, face-to-face a large part of our lives. From playing interactions are just a few of the negative video games to educational purposes, the impacts. Technology could be a very internet has had an extremely powerful helpful enhancement in our lives but only if effect on us. it is used correctly. I remember spending hours upon In the future, I hope that children have hours playing games on my computer their childhoods outdoors instead of on when I was as young as nine years old. phones. I hope that people have more face I remember having friends who would to face communication than texting. I hope spend the same amount of time playing technology addiction is a thing of the past; video games with their friends at the same instead, I hope for a better understanding of age. But we were still lucky; must of us Children are texting on their phones outside instead of actually playing tag. the negative impact of technology and need preferred playing outside still because the Courtesy of for moderation. social media craze had not taken over. Lately, I have noticed fewer children Feature Editors: Dana Plagenz & Isabel Zimmerman playing outside during the summers when Editors-In-Chief: Pranjal Kadwe & Riya Patel I used to spend almost every warm day Sports Editors: Katherine Douglas & Anna Finch in the sun. It truly is a scary thought. News Editors: Grafton Carlson, Karthik Prakash, & Abhi Sodhani Children should be very active at their Head Photographer: Brandon Zetina age and learning social skills instead of Focus Editors: Siddhi Kapur developing an addiciton to the internet. Entertainment Editors: Truman & William VanVooren Business Manager: Connor Dessert Older generations did not have these Advisors: Heidi Norcross & Jay Bohnsack type of sources of entertainment while


Editorial March 3, 2017


Collegiate athletes do not recieve proper compensation By: Riya Patel LO’T Editor-in-Chief    Even as high school athletes, balancing schoolwork and athletics on top of other clubs or work can be difficult. So imagine a college athlete who is constantly at meetings and practices for their sport. On top of that they have classes to attend, and then they have to study and prepare for the same exams and homework as every other student. It’s not a secret that college athletes get special treatment, and many deem this treatment unfair; however, from the perspective of almost every student athlete, they are truly deserving of it.     Many college students complain about their packed schedules that may consist of class, studying, practicing for their intramural teams, maybe grabbing dinner with friends, and attending club meetings. Imagine doing that on top of an additional four or more hours of training, which requires you to wake up earlier and leaves you physically exhausted. The same academic excellence is expected of collegiate athletes, but many people do not understand the extra physical and timely strain of sports.     Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman, addressing a question about struggling as a college athlete, described his frustration with critics claiming student athletes do not take advantage of the free education they are given. He continued coaxing the audience by saying “Show me how you would schedule your classes when you can’t schedule classes from 2-to-6 o’clock on any given day. Show me how you’re going to get all your work done when after you get out at 7:30 or so, you’ve got a test the next day, you’re dead tired from practice, and you still

have to study just as hard as everybody else every day and experienced life as student athletes firmly support the idea get all the same work done.” The bottom line is that it is of school›s paying their players. In an article in Jacobin not easy. magazine, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, former basketball player     Some of the benefits that student athletes “unfairly” for UCLA, described that “he could barely rub two pennies receive include early choice of classes, preferential together on most days.” He also talked about the difference rooming, usually top notch between academic scholardorm buildings near their ships where any excess funds training facilities, and paying a full tuition can be tutoring. Getting early picks used as spending money, and of classes seems extremely athletic scholarships where reasonable because these there is no spending money athletes have to pick times allotted for athletes. All of to work around their practice the money in athletic scholarschedules, which is not too ships go to academics, sports, much to ask for. Additionally, rooming, and meal plans. the dorm situation is also very There is no extra money reasonable for convenience available for players to use purposes. If these students for expenses unrelated to spend most of their time Student athletes are overworked without proper benefits. schoolwork or athletics. So in their training centers, it Courtesy of in the limited free time they completely makes sense for get, athletes are usually broke them to live as close to them and unable to participate in as possible. The luxury of these buildings can be seen as any activities outside of their sport and school. unfair, but honestly, based on the amount of money that According to The Huffington Post, the NCAA made these athletes bring in for their schools, it is warranted. The a profit of about 80 million dollars in 2014, and players tutoring they are given also makes sense because on top of who put in around forty to sixty hours of work every week, having way less time to study compared to other students, more than most full-time jobs, get paid nothing. players are usually accepted against the merit requirements Critics of collegiate athletes, and those who say they of the school, making their classes even harder, despite should not get paid because of the multitude of benefits having “easy” majors that teams may pick for them. they already receive, do not understand the hardships that     The individual scandals involving specific players are these kids face. Without knowledge of their schedules not fair, but every other athlete that is overworked is still and the physical expectations they are faced with, people criticized unjustly, and they should not demean student athletes for neglecting schooltruly do not reap all the lavish work or being unappreciative of the aid they recieve.Since benefits that many people are athletes sacrifice their time, academic achievement, and convinced they do. Bad apples bodies to produce revenue and entertainment for their rein a bunch are almost always spective schools, people should not be so quick to judge unavoidable. In fact, many them for the “benefits” they receive. They should be recprofessional athletes who have ognized for their hard work and compensated accordingly.

LO’T Editorial Policy

Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respresenting all sides of an issue. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Pranjal Kadwe and Riya Patel, and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack


Focus March 3, 2017

Civil disobedience throughout history

Student Natalie Chritstenson marches at the Women’s March on D.C. Courtesy of Natalie Christenson

By Hannah Hutton LO’T Reporter Civil disobedience has remained a current topic for centuries. In December 1773, one of the most famous acts of civil disobedience occurred: The Boston Tea Party. An act of retaliation against Britain’s intolerable tariffs, 342 chests of tea were plunged into the Boston Harbor. More than a century later, the Civil Rights movement was in full force. Peaceful protests, inspired by Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi, were widely practiced in the AfricanAmerican Civil Rights movement. Prominent leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks headed peaceful protests to terminate segregation and grant equal rights to African Americans. King, who

By: Lily Glackin LO’T Reporter From the Boston Tea Party in 1773 to protest British taxation to current protests with the Women’s March on Washington in 2017, protests have made a lasting and accomplished impression. The Women’s March on Washington project was a direct response to the election of Donald Trump and with that on Saturday January 21st, history was made. In Washington alone, more than 500,000 showed up, but worldwide, more than 5 million participated. This march was estimated to be three times larger than Trump’s inauguration itself. Men, women, and children

the record-setting number of marchers seem to suggest otherwise. Many marches on Washington have brought success in their outcomes. Some such marches are the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom led by Martin Luther King Jr, the March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam in 1965, and the Women’s Strike for Equality in 1970. Since standing up for our rights and freedoms are staples of American democracy, marches on Washington will continue to be an important part of our country’s history , so organize some friends, design some posters, and make your voice heeard!

Protesters march on D.C. all marched on Saturday, January 21st for human rights, women’s rights, racial equality, religious freedom, and LGBTQ rights. Sister marches were located around the world in countries such as France, Mexico, Antarctica, and Canada. Within the US alone 408 protests were planned for January 21st. The Women’s March was peaceful, with no arrests made in Washington, Chicago, or even New York. Furthermore, many celebrities, activists and speakers attended these marches as well, some of which include Ariana Grande, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Though some criticize the marches as ineffective,

claimed “Our lives begin rights are human rights.” to end the day we become Over five million worldsilent about things that mat- wide participated in the ter,” led many protests, such march, standing up for prinas the March on Washington ciples such as ending vioand the Montgomery Bus lence, reproductive rights, Boycott, which Parks fueled LGBTQIA rights, worker’s when she refused to give rights, civil rights, disability rights, up her bus seat in the immigrant rights, and days preenvironceding the mental jusprotest. tice. The The NoDAPL Women’s m o v e M arch ment is a and the response NoDAPL Courtesy of TES Teach to the movement are two of the most relevant Dakota Access Pipeline, issues regarding protests in which would transport oil today’s times. The Women’s across North Dakota, South March on Washington, Dakota, Illinois, and Iowa, which took place on January with the problem being the 21, 2017, was a response to disturbance of sacred Native the newly elected govern- American grounds due to ment to say that “Women’s the pipeline and the pos-

sible environmental hazard and threat to the Sioux Indian water supply. The NoDAPL movement peacefully protests the pipeline’s construction to fight for the rights of the tribal nations and the environment. There is no doubt that these groups will continue to fight for their causes or that more acts of civil disobedience will occur in the future. When faced with injustice, people initiate change by making their voices heard, and dedication, passion, and strength in numbers fuel the fight.

The first 4 students to tweet to the Line O’Type @mhs_lineotype a picture with the correct answers to page 10 challenge will receive a gift certificate.



Focus March 3, 2017


Social media raises awareness Marching in the name of science By: Kaity Miner LO’T Reporter protests and marches, many Social media is a of which social media users dominate force in today’s can identify with and supsociety, and many teenag- port. Thanks to its accesers today have fallen prey sibility and speed, social to its allure. While social media enables individuals media wears a variety of to virtually come together, hats from acting as a creative outlet to fulfilling the inevitable need to procrastinate, for many who have grown up with it, social media has morphed into a primary news source covering everything from the latest trends to national affairs. In Courtesy of CrossFadr recent months, social organize a protest or march, media has honed in on and connect with thousands politics and the conse- of others. With the help quences of a nation at odds of social media, mobilizing within itself. In particular, a protest has never been social media is capitaliz- easier. Furthermore, social ing on the coverage of media can build momen-

tum and raise awareness for a protest. Take Twitter as an example. Recent updates include a relatively new feature that allows a user to explore the latest in news, sports, and entertainment. With features like this, being exposed to recent p r o tests and marches like the Scientist’s March and Women’s March is inevitable. Social media’s ability to mobilize protests and raise awareness for protests entices users to become active participants in an ever-changing political climate.

climate change and addiBy: Riya Jain tionally, the Climate Change LO’T Reporter Scientists across page on the White House website was removed. America are organizing a March for Science. The March will take place in Washington D.C., on April 22nd, which is Earth Day. The March is a response to the anti-science policies of the new Trump administration. Recently, the president has issued gag orders banning the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the departments of the Interior, Agriculture, and Health and Human Emblem of the Scientist’s March services, from sending out Courtesy of news releases, creating blog The march was entries, or updating the con- tent of their websites. A organized to protest these similar policy was issued policies; its website states: specifically to employees of “The mischaracterization of the Agricultural Research science as a partisan issue, Service, which researches which has given policy-

Refugee ban causes impromptu airport protests

By: Ashley Oerman LO’T Reporter What is wholly immigration policy to some; a superficial label for a broader debate, propelled by various social and ethical concerns, for others. On January 27th, with the swish of a pen, Donald Trump authorized “Protection Of The Nation

From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States”; others know this controversial executive action as the President’s “Muslim Ban.” According to the New York Times, the order suspended refugee admittance from select countries for 120 days, and “indefinitely” from Syria In addition to barring refugee admittance, once the

Protestors crowd airports against Trump’s “travel ban” Couertesy of San Frnacisco Gate

refugee program was to be regenerated, the executive actions requests the cumulative number of refugees to be accepted, from all nations, to be sliced in half from the original 110,000 to now 50,000. Additionally, certain provisions would allow the White House to prioritize refugee acceptance on the basis of religious affiliation. Aside from the notion of ceasing the acceptance of refugees, the action immediately discontinued entry to U.S. from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days. A common adjective for this executive order has been “quick”; this description has not failed to accurately sum up the encompassing consequences. Protests erupted around the country ignited by a concern for the moral dilemmas of both the action’s conse-

quences and principle. Some contend that the notion of closing doors to refugees, for a debatably indefinite period of time, conflicts with America’s core principles of open doors and equal opportunity. This is demonstrated by the several lawsuits filed against the order. U.S. diplomats signing letters of dissent, and multitudes of Americans pouring into airports to protest the ban. On legal grounds, opponents of the order assert that it requires an unconstitutional test based on religious belief and infringes on the right to due process under the law. Under these circumstances, a federal judge has blocked the order’s effects; President Donald Trump, insulted the judge calling him a “so-called judge” and has promised to replace it with a revised one, which is reportedly in the revision process.

makers permission to reject overwhelming evidence, is a critical and urgent matter. It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.” The leaders of the March for Science stress that it will be an all-inclusive movement, united by a love of science. They state their goals for the march are to humanize science, partner with the public, advocate for open and accessible science, support scientists, and affirm science as a democratic value. Of the last goal, they write, “We gather together to send a message: we will all work to ensure that the scientific community is making our democracy stronger.”

8 Entertainment March 3, 2017

For Honor shines This album doesn’t stank in its new debut

By Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment CoEditor For Honor is a game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game is a new title and has been anticipated ever since its reveal trailer a couple years ago. The game itself is a 3rd person melee combat game that combines fighting games and a 3rd person view. The game includes a story mode and multiplayer. The area the game struggles and excels with are story mode, multiplayer. To begin, For Honor is primarily a multiplayer

These chapters have six parts each, with each part usually ranging from 10-25 minutes and ranging in difficulty. The story mode lasts about six hours; however, even though the story mode is a nice addition, it is more of a narrative tutorial that includes gorgeous cut scenes along with getting yourself familiar with all the classes rather than trying to make the single player a memorable part of the game. Next, the multiplayer in the game is where For Honor really shines. The game consists of three modes: death match, do-

or’s multiplayer excels at is the customization included for each tribe and specific character. For example, if I am playing as the Samurai and choose the Orochi character, the loot I buy and get from battles will be specific towards that one character, and I can then customize helmets and armor to sword blades and hilts that have different boosts. The thing the multiplayer struggles with is the way matches are set up and use peer to peer matchmaking, which causes bad connectivity. If one person in the party has bad connection it makes the

For Honor Promo Shot with 2 knights fighting a samurai on the battlefield. Photo Cred: game; however, the game minion, and brawls. My game at times unplayable. does include a story mode. favorite mode is dominion, In the end, For Honor reThe story mode includes which has four heroes vs ceives a 8/10. For Honthree chapters each; for four heroes, along with a or is available for Xbox one tribe of the game the small army of A.I. grunts One, PS4, and PC. For tribes are the Knights, the fighting for both sides. Honor was released on Vikings, and the Samurai. The other trait For Hon- February 14th, 2017.

Outkast members Big Boi and André 3000 on the album cover of Stankonia. Photo Cred:

By: William Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment CoEditor Stankonia is an album from the fall of 2000 made by Outkast, a duo consisting of André 3000 and Big Boi. After rehearing one of Outkast’s most popular songs “Hey Ya!” in Mr. Lamphier’s class, I decided to dive into Outkast’s library music, starting with one of their most popular albums Stankonia. This album consists of 24 songs with an hour and thirteen minutes run time. However, 8 of the songs are interludes that are meant to set the theme for the album. This album’s most known songs are: “Ms. Jackson”, “B.O.B.”, and “So Fresh, So Clean.” It is easy to

see how these 3 songs are the most popular with the smooth beats in “Ms. Jackson” and “So Fresh, So Clean”, the general speed of “B.O.B.”, and the catchy hook in all of these songs. My personal favorites are “Gasoline Dreams (with Khujo Goodie)”, “Ms. Jackson”, and “Snappin’ & Trappin’ (with Killer Mike & J-Sweet)”. All of these songs represent what Outkast does best with the trading of verses, their good production, and quality lyrics. For example, in the song “?”, André 3000 raps extremely fast with good rhymes and in the song “Snappin’ & Trappin’ (with Killer Mike & J-Sweet)”, Killer Mike and Big Boi trade verses

addressing each other near the end of the song. One of the reasons why this album is so highly regarded is the fact that each song is different from the last and you definitely won’t forget a song with the catchiness of the lyrics and beats. Overall, I give this album a 8/10 since it provides a good number of songs that I was able to add to my personal playlist; however, the run time is a little consuming for one sitting and one weak stretch of songs near the end makes me almost cut out a little bit earlier than the actual run time. Stankonia has aged well and I encourage you to listen to this staple of Hip-Hop history.


By: Dana Plagenz LO’T Feature Editor Let’s face it: it’s second semester, so you’re not eating breakfast. You’re lucky if you even make it out of bed before 7:50. However, you’ve always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is true. So how do you get yourself out of this seemingly never ending spiral of hunger and sleep deprivation? The answer is simple - prep your breakfast! Here are some super easy smoothie mixes that you can bag and place in your freezer. Just add a cup of yogurt, milk, juice, or any other liquid to these mixes and you’ll be ready to face the day. Legend-Berry: 1 C raspberries 1 C blueberries 1 C strawberries 1 C spinach

Pineapple Paradise: 1 C raspberries 1½ C pineapple 1 C mango ½ banana

Kiwi Combo: 1 kiwi 1½ C watermelon 1½ C grapes

Radical Red Berry: ½ C raspberries 1 C strawberries 1 C mango

Feel free to try out any combination of fruits or vegetables. The amount of combinations and flavors you can make are limitless, so get out there and get to blending! Your future self will thank you.

Photo courtesy of

Feature March 3, 2017



Feature March 3, 2017

100 years of Line O’ Type QC rowing team sets records articles and sections jokes, editorial, and eighth Type condensed the sections By: Kaity Miner into three categories: news, grade section. LO’T Feature Reporter In a 1926 issue, Line O’ feature, and sports. Around Flipping through a recent issue of the Line O’ Type, Type staff put out a notice this time the paper also articles from movie reviews to all students encouraging condensed the “Staff” box to political news fill the submissions such as poems, to include only section editors, advisors, pages. Today’s and managers. sections include During this defocus, entertaincade, a college ment, editorisection made als, feature, and a short-lived sports sections. appearance in Listed in the a few issues “Staff” box are before a focus the editors of section took its each section, inplace. cluding LO’T Well into the advisors and ed90s, the news, itors-in-chief. feature, focus, Rewinding and sports sec100 years, Line tions persisted O’ Type featured in every issue seven different for four desections. It not cades. Continuonly listed the ing the trend, editorial staff, another section, but also the rethe entertainporters, business ment section, staff, and distribwas added to utors. Granted LO’T in the that having a variety of articles is A notice from the 1926 Line O’ Type. Photo courtesy 2000s. The entertainment seca LO’T standard, of Kaity Miner tion features rein the first four decades of the newspaper, comics, and reviews to be views on the latest movies, the paper boasted a news, added into a new column. books, albums, and trends. feature, sports, exchange, Toward the 1950s, Line O’ In addition, the editorial section made a reappearance. Despite the changes made during the last 100 years to LO’T sections, the quality and variety of articles remains a standard upheld by LO’T staff. The vast amount of talented reporters, artists, and editors here at Moline over the past 100 years can be clearly seen by taking a look at any Line O’ Type.

By: Dana Plagenz LO’T Feature Editor

Many people in the Quad Cities know about local sports such as football and basketball, but not many people know about the world renowned rowing team located right here in Moline. The Y Quad Cities Rowing Club has been competing for decades all over the country and the world. On February 18th, Moline Junior Meranda Castaneda and her team of nine girls broke the 100,000 meter lightweight world record. Meranda also used to hold the 100 meter 17-18 year old lightweight world record, which was recently broken by her own teammate. Many other people on Meranda’s team hold world records in the heavyweight and lightweight divisions. Meranda has been rowing for the Y since she

was twelve years old. Meranda states, “I’ve always loved rowing because of its uniqueness and the willpower and strength it takes to be a good rower.” Meranda doesn’t just row for her team. She also trains new kids who decide to give rowing a try. She says that her team is always looking for new members, especially boys. “I think it would be awesome if more people were interested and passionate about it,” encourages Meranda, “People don’t realize how great and beneficial it is and how strong we are. They don’t realize or respect the conditioning or time and energy we put into it.” This couldn’t be more true. Meranda’s team works immensely hard to train their bodies to be able to row for hours straight, and it certainly pays off. Meranda says the hardest part

about rowing is “getting sweat in the eye and not being able to help yourself because you’ve got two oars to hold on to.” No matter how hard rowing gets, Meranda wouldn’t have it any other way. “We really are a family,” declares Meranda. The Y Quad Cities Rowing Club is certainly an impressive, underappreciated local sports team that deserves some recognition. If you want to start rowing yourself, all it takes is a Y membership and some determination. Meranda states that she is not the optimal build for rowing, but that hasn’t stopped her from being part of a nationally recognized team. “I’m short, I’m not lanky or tall. But I build on what I have, and I still feel great!” If you see Meranda, be sure to congratulate her and her team on all of their accomplishments.

Meranda and her teammates rowing in sync at the Midwest regional tournament in Cincinnati last summer. Photo courtesy of Meranda Castaneda



March 3, 2017

“pin” a Big Six four-peat Mark your calendar! WrestlersChampionships. Although leman for senior night, is no need to do in order to ac3/18 Softball vs. Sandburg

3/20 Girls’ Soccer vs. Geneseo 3/21 Baseball vs. Dunlap 3/31 Girls’ Soccer vs. Pekin

4/1 Track & Field @ Shipley Invite 4/4 Softball vs. United Township 4/6 Baseball vs. Rockford Boylan 4/10 Baseball vs. Rock Island 4/10 Softball vs. Sterling 4/14 Boys’ Tennis v. Belleville 4/15 Boys’ Tennis @ Moline Invite 4/18 Girls’ Soccer vs. Rock Island 4/19 Baseball vs. Alleman

By: Lacey McMillian none qualified for the State small feat. complish our goals next LO’T Reporter Championships at SectionReflecting on Moline’s year,” he says. ”We are a On the mats, the Boys’ als, Moline’s area wrestling competitions optimistically, young team and we will be Wrestling team claimed its Terronez feels that the 2017 more than ready for what dominance is still remarkfourth-straight WB6 title season set a strong founnext season brings.” ably evident. After all, winlate this past January. The dation for a new group of Even though the wresning 24 straight Western title, while expected, was a Big Six showdowns, includyouthful wrestlers. “This tlers’ official season may be culmination of a 5-0 WB6 ing an exciting win over Alseason showed us what we finished, they are continuing overall record and marked to better themselves the squad’s 24th conduring the off-season secutive Conference through weightliftaction win. ing, conditioning, and The following wrestling open mat opweek, the Maroons portunities. “Our hard placed third at the Rework out of season is gional Meet. There, how we’ve become as Grant Olson took first successful as we are,” for the 138lb weight Terronez states, “We class as did Paladin are constantly workMartinez in the 132lb ing to become even division, and Sophobetter on the mat.” more Jayden Terronez Based on this season’s placed second in his results, all of the Maweight class. Overall, roons’ dedication has seven individuals ad- Senior Hunter Day tries to pin an opponent at the Sectional Meet. certainly paid off. vanced to the Sectional Photo courtesy of MHS Wrestling Shutterfly page.

MHS Bowling strikes down the competition in major meets By: Madison Perry LO’T Reporter The Moline Girls’ Bowling Team has had a “striking” end to its season. Leading up to the conference meet, the team built momentum off of first-place team finishes at both the Geneseo and Galesburg Invites. Strong performances by Seniors Sydney Biscontine, Cynthia Hemm, and Emily Mack ensured that the Maroons would be in top form come January 30th. At the WB6 Conference Championships, the girls finished with a respectable second-place title behind rival United Township. Among many notable per-

formances, Sydney Bis- Now that Conference is the Varsity squad placed contine bowled a 1152 in over hopefully our bond second behind UT at the a high 6 game series to place second overall individually to earn All-Conference honors along with Junior Destiny Rottman who finished sixth individually. Biscontine rolled a 276 following nine straight strikes in her last game. Although the team performed well in the lanes, Team Captain Emily Mack is most thankful for the bond the girls have. The Girls’ Bowling team is all smiles after their title win. “As a team we’ve re- Photo courtesy of Cynthia Hemm. ally come far,” she says. “We’ve bonded so much will continue to grow.” IHSA Regional Meet. Talover the past four years. The following week, lying 5355 points, the

Maroons held off Rock Island, who finished only 12 pins behind in third. Key results include Emily Mack’s fourth place finish individually (1192) and Destiny Rottman’s seventh place finish (1127). Even though the girls achieved much success up to this point, their ultimate goal was to bring a team to the State Finals for the second consecutive year. To qualify, the Maroons needed a fourth place finish at Sectionals, yet they fell just short with their still-impressive seventh place rank. At her final

high school meet, Senior Cynthia Hemm bowled a 1121 series for 6 games to put her among the best in the sectional and a strike away from an individual berth at the State Finals. “As a team member I always work hard and do my best at competitions. When I’m struggling, I always remember to think positive to pick myself up if I falter, and I try to remind my teammates of this too,” Hemm says. Maintaining a similar mindset into the next season, the Girls Varsity Bowling Team will strive for another State team berth along with WB6 and Regional Championship Titles.


Sports March 3, 2017

Gonzaga, UConn lead current NCAA ranks

hope that 2017’s March point the thrill-seekers. By: Megan Meyer Madness will be just as exOfficial seedings will be LO’T Sports Reporter citing, and by the looks of released on March 12th, but Time and time again, current NCAA seedings, current rankings help precollegiate basketball fans the season will not disapdict what seed each team have asked themselves if will receive. According any Division I NCAA to the ESPN, the top four Championship game can men’s teams in the nation compare to the heartare Gonzaga (1), Villastopping thriller that was nova (2), Kansas (3), and the 2016 Men’s Title North Carolina (4). Even game. The bout that some so, both ESPN and CBS dub “the best in history“ predict that Villanova will was filled with a backride its momentum from and-forth battle between last year’s title win to a powerhouses Villanova top ranking in the Eastern and North Carolina. The region. Also predictably pulse-rushing final ten ranked #1 is Gonzaga in seconds of the game the West, North Carolina featured a three-point in the South, and Kansas miracle shot from North in the Midwest. CurrentCarolina’s Marcus Paige ly, powerhouse Gonzaga, to tie the game 74-74, at 28-1, has a strong bid and only seconds later, a to knock off the reignbuzzer-beating 3-pointer ing NCAA Champions. from Wildcat Kris JenIn the women’s divikins handed Villanova Gonzaga Junior Guy Landry sion, the question is not the National Champion- Edi goes for a dunk against BYU. how excitingly close can ship 77-74. Many now Photo Courtsey of

Spring sports kick off in WB6 By: Kiya Richie LO’T Reporter As the snowy weather fades to crisp spring, a new season of athletics are ready to kick off here at Moline High School. During the 2016 season, the Maroons became WB6 Champs in baseball, softball, and girls’ soccer. Thanks to many returning players from these squads, the spring is sure to be filled with success. The softball team graduated only one senior from their Conference Championship team of 2016, so much of its depth still remains. Athletes to watch include Senior Ashley Barker who is returning after in-

jury. Similarly, the baseball team can rely on returning talent in players like University of Illinois commit Brody Harding and Senior Adrien Reese. The squad is eyeing another Conference title going into the 2017 season. Led by Coach Sanchez, much depth remains on the soccer field. Hoping to complete a sweep of the boys’ and girls’ soccer championships in the Western Big Six, the girls’ soccer team can rely on returning varsity starters like Junior Fiona Roehrs and Seniors Ava Gomez and Hanna Snider. Over at Browning Field, both track teams aim to

grasp a WB6 title and clinch State Finals berths. Athletes to watch on the girls’ side are returning state qualifier, Sophomore Megan Pittington and Senior Anna Finch. For the boys, Senior returning state qualifier Marcellous Johnson and Senior Connor Dessert look to be key contributors to team results. All and all, the spring sports teams have the depth to bring titles to MHS as they normally do. With WB6 Sweepstakes rearing into the final stretch of the athletic year, it is sure to be an eventful season that can ensure a Moline victory for the 23rd consecutive year.

the title game be, rather it is how much can the University of Connecticut win by? UConn has decisively led the way this season by winning 100 consecutive games as of February 14th. The organization has won four

consecutive championships and are on the path to grasping a fifth. Connecticut is currently predicted as the top seed in the Bridgeport region. Also ranked #1 is Baylor in the Oklahoma City region, South

Carolina in the Lexington region, and Mississippi State in the Stockton region. Overall, the race to the top of NCAA Tournament brackets is sure to be an exhilarating experience for both players and fans alike.

MHS LineOType March 2017  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the March 2017 issue. Look for nostalgic recollection...

MHS LineOType March 2017  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the March 2017 issue. Look for nostalgic recollection...