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December 8, 2017

Volume 101, Issue 3



December 8, 2017

The last song on this memorable MHS stage By: Anna Riggins LO’T Reporter Ladies and gentlemen, “Chicago” the musical is tonight and tomorrow! Tickets are on sale now for $8 for adults and $5 for students. The show is set in Chicago during the 1920’s and is known for its flashy dance numbers, exceptional jazz music, and satirical storyline that is bound to get plenty of laughs. The main character Roxie Hart, played by Anna Rig-

gins, murders her faithless boyfriend and convinces her innocent husband, Amos, played by Keith Glass, to cover for her. Unfortunately, Amos realizes Roxie cheated on him and she ends up charged for murder in Cook County Jail . In jail, Roxie meets her idol and vaudeville star, Velma Kelly, played by Kelsey Baker, who is accused of murdering both her husband and sister. The two bombshells quickly become enemies as they compete for

help from Mama Morton, played by Olivia Franks, and the best lawyer in town, Billy Flynn, played by Isaac Waddel, in order to get the most publicity, fame, and fortune and get off of death row. Although Chicago the musical is full of flashy lights and over the top characters, there are important deeper meanings to be aware of while watching this not so family friendly musical. Some believe Chicago draws attention to the cor-

ruption of politics in Chicago (and everywhere) and how the media uses beauty, fame, and fortune to make celebrities out of criminals. Many believe it can be eery to discover the comparison between society during the 1920’s and society today with the glamorization of crime in the media. Chicago transcends time with its dazzling score, hilarious satire, and ever-present story. Don’t miss out, and go see the play tonight!

and oil, this is something that By: Hailey Schmacht is made every single day, as LO’T Reporter Smoking cigarettes causes it is what gives us electriccancers of the mouth, throat ity and the ability to drive and lungs. It has even been vehicles. Until recently, the proven to be a cause of car- public only knew of the susdiovascular disease, emphy- pected environmental probsema, loss of bone marrow, lems that all of this polluand chronic bronchitis. Ac- tion is causing, but scientists cording to Jesse Rifkin of the are now discovering that air Huffington Post, smoking has gone down by 30% in the last 50 years, but there is a new threat that has b e e n b r o u g h t Courtesy of Youtube to the public’s attention that pollution is very similar to causes most if not all of cigarette smoke in regards these same medical prob- to how it affects our bodies. lems. This silent killer is One of the most astonknown as air pollution. ishing discoveries was the Since air pollution is correlation between loss of mostly caused by the burn- bone marrow and levels of ing of fossil fuels, like coal pollution in certain areas.

Nicholas Bakalar of the New York Times, reported a study that showed the risk for bone fractures in people over 65 increased directly with the levels of pollution in which they lived. It was also found that in a group of 692 middle aged men, those who lived in areas with higher pollution also had higher loss of bone d e n s i t y. These s t u d ies will c a u s e people to rethink their efforts into lessening air pollution, as it is not only the environment that is now suffering. Those who thought these health risks left with cigarette smoke were very wrong, as there is a whole new areas of people at risk, and these studies have just began.

ing himself to his female looked victim throughout the By: Riya Jain colleagues. The women, whole scandal. She is curLO’T Reporter On November 29th, NBC producers on the “Today” rently hiding from the press announced that it had fired show, have asked to re- somewhere in the HampMatt Lauer, a host on the main anonymous in order to tons, and many wonder if “Today” show, amid allega- avoid harming their careers. she will end the marriage tions of sexual misconduct. Oddly enough, he and his that has been kept as an open “Today” hosts Savannah wife of ten years and mother secret for years anyway. Guthrie and Hoda Kotb ex- of his three children, have Matt Lauer was a coplained that the company had been living very separate host of “Today” for twenty received a years. He sexual hajoins the rassment list of mecomplaint dia figures against recently L a u e r accused of from a inapprocolleague, priate sexand had ual behavreason to ior, such believe as Louis that it was C . K . , not “an Matt Lauer, NBC Today show anchor for 21 years, fired from job. C h a r i s o l a t e d Courtesy of Keloland lie Rose, incident.” and HarSince the initial announce- lives. Former model, An- vey Weinstein. In a pubment, additional women nette Roque, remained liv- lic statement, Lauer said have reported sexual harass- ing in the couple’s property that while he felt some of ment by Lauer. Accusations in Sag Harbor, Long Island, the accusations were “misagainst Lauer range from while Lauer resides in their characterized,” there was locking the door of his of- Park Avenue apartment some truth to them. He exfice and sexually assaulting during the week. Perhaps pressed “sorrow and regret his subordinates to expos- Roque was the most over- for the pain I have caused.”

Air pollution affects health Matt Lauer out of power



December 8, 2017

Share Joys set to begin: All aboard the Share Joys Express fort, other organizations many benefits of this project By: Clovis Kenese help keep traditions going. saying, “The students who LO’T Reporter Share Joys 2017 is just NHS runs key fundraisers raise the money for Share around the corner and MHS like the donut eating con- Joys and who help shop for is as ready as ever. But not test, raffles, and ice cream the students and their famiall of us know what Share sales. Student Congress lies who receive clothing helps publicize benefit greatly from Joys really is, how it this experience. They started, and how far learn to be more senit’s come. Share Joys sitive to the needs of is a tradition older others and less conthan Mr.Mcguire himcerned about their self, 8 years older to own wants and be exact. Share wishes. HelpJoys started in ing others is 1949 when addicting.” LO’T ediFrom big tor Betty clubs and Hasson organizahad an tions to idea to individuh a v e al Staff a toy a n d c o n students, test in everywhich one here all the at Motoys entered line plays a would be givrole in maken to children. ing Share Joys As more clubs and one of the most organizations joined helpful and memoin, the campaign was rable times of the year. given the name “Share The J o y s Students can purchase a Share Joys t-shirt, designedt h e m e B u y s by Shelbi Westfall, in the bookstore for $10. f o r To y s ” . Share “Share Joys” came in 1965 when Share Joys by selling t Joys 2017 is “All Aboard staff members decided that shirts and encouraging do- The Share Joys Express.” clothes would be more ben- nations. Student Congress Hopefully everyone hops eficial than toys and the also chose the very first on board and makes the “Buys Toys” was dropped. theme, “Melt The Ice”, in 68th year of Share Joys the One of the most shock- 1978. Since 1958 Share best one yet. If you’re intering facts about Share Joys is Joys has raised $1,161,552 ested in helping with Share that in its younger years it and raised a record amount Joys shopping, please liswas celebrated for 2 weeks of $51,650 just last year. ten to the announcements Mrs. Ryser, one of the during the week of Share but has since been brought down to 2 days. Since Share key staff members in charge Joys for details or stop by Joys is a whole school ef- of Share Joys recognizes the Mrs. Norcross’ room, B206.

Christmas tree shortage

By:Oyniso Bakhriddinova crease for real Christmas trees on display. During LO’T News Editor trees. Tree business owners this recession, Americans Nearly 25 million real warn the financial crisis may spent less money on traChristmas trees are pur- have a significant tie to mar- ditions such as authentic chased every year in the ket forces that control prices. Christmas trees, thus causUnited States. As the sea- In response, many econo- ing tree growers to respond son kicks off, the National mists claim that the recent by planting fewer trees. Christmas Tree AsMoreover, a sursociation reports vey by USDA’s Nathat people buy trees tional Agricultural from November 17 Statistics Service to December 10, and (NASS) shows how are typically gone by tree sales have dethe end of Thanksclined by 26% in Orgiving weekend. egon, from 6.4 milLast month for exlion trees purchased ample, Black Friday to 4.7 million trees. sought the purchase In addition, Christof nearly 900 trees mas tree farming has at the Waynesville declined, with apTree Farm in North proximately 5.6 milCarolina. This recent lion in 2010 to 3.7 scarcity of trees has million trees planted left people wonderin 2015 (NASS). ing where all those Although Americans trees have gone. will face shortages, Unlike everyday tree sellers continue consumer products, to reassure the pubThe Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Christmas trees canlic that “We’re not glistens in the night sky not be restocked on going to be short — Photo Courtesty of Sweet Home a whim. According everybody looking to many tree exproduct shortage and spike for a real tree will be able to perts, once the tree is cut in market prices is a direct get one,” as Doug Hundley, down, the caretaker must effect of the 2008 Great the National Christmas Tree wait 10 years to replace it. Recession. Also, some re- Association representative, Therefore, this season, gions in the United States states. “But it is a tight marAmerican consumers will report scarcer numbers of ket, and prices will rise.” face a 10 percent price in-

4500 49th Ave, Moline, IL 61265 Phone:(309) 797-9900


Editorial December 8, 2017

Following the Golden Rule in adulthood By: Siddhi Kapur LO’T Editor in Chief

Victim shaming is an issue seen throughout our society, especially after the recent sexual harassment allegations recently covered in the news. Many victims fear being ridiculed or accused of only seeking out fame or money for coming forth with their allegations. Due to this fear, many sufferers keep quiet about their harassment or abuse. This long period of silence is common amongst victims and is a point the public often further shames them for, questioning, “Why did you wait so long?” The point stands that victims are just that, victims, and should be allowed the time they need to come to terms with what has happened to them before being able to defend themselves publicly, whether that is after months, years, or something that they never are comfortable speaking about. While victim shaming is most commonly associated with victims of sexual assault, victims of most crimes including racial crimes and robbery also fall prey to the public’s intense and often unfair scrutiny. Despite what some may initially believe, this issue may be more psychological than societal. According to “The Atlantic,” people are naturally prone to victim shaming due to a psychological theory called the “just world hypothesis” which follows

the idea “that people deserve our society, arises from a tions. The recent allegations fearing being the sub- of the fact that he got caught. what happens to them.” Fur- greatly misogynistic world against male public figures ject of ridicule in his next Victims of any situathermore, “The Atlantic” view. The idea that men such as Matt Lauer, Harvey tweet and the harassment tion whether it be sexual finds that American mental- are in charge and that they Weinstein, and many others to follow from his hoard assault, racial discriminaity follows the idea of the are the dominant gender to in which they have been ac- of relentless followers. tion, robbery or any other American Dream and that which women must obey is cused of sexual misconduct, While victim shaming is such crime, should not only we each are in control of a widely seen view amongst only confirm this. Even mostly done by the public be given time cope before our own destinies. People those who most strongly statements by our very own onlooking a case, it is fur- making their position one of believe that if they were shame the victims rather President, Donald Trump, ther pushed by the perpetra- public scrutiny, but also be put in the same situation as than the perpetrators. This display this. The President tors themselves. Many per- treated with the respect of the victim, they would have same misogynistic view himself has many sexual petrators recently including any equal. This respect intaken precautions Matt Lauer, cludes viewing the victim’s or made actions to never quite situation from their perspecavoid the same reaccept guilt tive and treating them acsult. Thus, many and make cordingly. In truth, anyone feel less connectexcuses to is capable of being the viced to the victim, d o w n p l a y tim of another’s crime, and believing that in their of- shaming victims and creatthe victim’s situafenses. Matt ing a false sense of security tion they could’ve Lauer, for in- for them will not make their avoided it, and stance, stat- experience untrue. People therefore finding ed, “Some of should form a sense of comit simple to shame what is being munity and support victims the victim (for the said about and instead help to preach way they dressed, me is untrue prevention and bring suptheir carelessor mischar- port to those who have alness, or any other a c t e r i z e d , ready suffered. Taking it Victim shaming is an issue to be aware of to prevent it from being normalized. victim-shaming but there is back to elementary school Courtesy of excuse). Victim enough truth with the golden rule, “treat shaming can be in these sto- others the way you would seen as a way people com- also keeps men from com- harassment allegations ries to make me feel embar- want to be treated.” Shamfort themselves into believ- ing forth about their own against him and is famously rassed and ashamed.” This ing victims is turning a back ing that they are safe and se- allegations, under the feel- known to have said, “I just statement indicated that on those who need the supcure and that what happened ing that as men they must start kissing them. It’s like though he claims remorse, port most. While this is curto the victim could never be “manly” and should not a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t he is quick to dismiss some rently normalized in socihappen to them. What these put themselves in positions even wait. And when you’re of the allegations as false, ety, scapegoating behavior same people don’t often where they are viewed as a star, they let you do it. thus questioning the validity is not normal and should consider is that while com- weak victims. These ide- You can do anything.” If of all the allegations. Such never have been perceived forting themselves, they are als of male dominance are that itself didn’t make you statements are indicative of as so. Blaming others is dragging the victims down advanced by a great num- cringe, imagine the women an individual not truly re- never the effective nor morand further discouraging ber of men in power posi- assaulted by the President, morseful of his actions, but al solution to any problem other victims Feature Editors: Makayla Castillo & Hannah O’Donnell from coming Editors-In-Chief: Siddhi Kapur & Kaity Miner forward to Sports Editors: Megan Meyer, Peter Son & Kiya Ritchie seek justice. News Editors: Abhi Sodhani, Kennedy Cook & Oyniso Bakhriddinova Head Photographer: Lily Glackin VicFocus Editors: Lily Glackin, Emme Schwabe & Savannah Hampton tim shamBusiness Manager: Zach Zelnio ing, while Entertainment Editors: Truman VanVooren & William VanVooren deeply rootCirculation Manager: Carter Schierbrock ed withinAdvisors: Heidi Norcross & Jay Bohnsack


Editorial December 8, 2017


Society must stop silencing sexual harassment

By: Kaity Miner LO’T Editor-in-Chief The powerful and rich are falling in disgrace from their pedestals that they once believed would keep them sheltered from consequences, but avoiding the inevitable has always been an impossible task. Victims of sexual harassment are finding their voices, and no amount of time justifies the wrong-doings these victims unwillingly endured. These harassers find protection in the culture of silencing and victim-blaming that society propagates. Amid recent allegations against powerful men who believe their status ranks them above the law, a desperate cry for retribution is being heard by all those who lie victim to the hands of misconduct. Accountability and even prosecution are on the table, but when will fame and fortune turn the cloaks of invisibility translucent and perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein be brought to justice for the allegations against him? We have an epidemic on our hands, and as the years have passed, harassment only

becomes more ingrained in sexual advances, requests Keeping these definitions our culture as simply “part for sexual favors, and other in mind, the accusations of life.” Harassment, wheth- verbal or physical harass- against prominent male er on the streets, in the bars, ment of a sexual nature.” It figures in recent weeks unor in the workplace should is inappropriate to engage doubtedly qualify as sexual not be accepted or disregarded, especially in light of a modern day crisis involving countless cases exposing the shady pasts of high and mighty manipulative men of status. Simply put, it is time for society to realize that no amount of money or fame should account for lawless behavior, and those committing illegal acts should be held responsible. Harvey Weinstein (left) and Matt Lauer (right) pose together. Before diving Photo courtesy of Project Republic into the recent allegations that have domi- in conduct making another harassment and even sexual nated the news, defining intentionally feel uncom- assault. Take Harvey Weinwhat constitutes as sexual fortable or pressured. Mo- stein, film producer and harassment is crucial to un- line’s student handbook also co-founder of Miramax, for derstanding the severity of defines sexual harassment example. Since October deeach case and the justifiable in nearly the same way as cades worth of allegations course of action that should the U.S. Equal Employment from groping and rape acbe taken. The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission cusations to acts of coercion Employment Opportunity but extends to define terms and intimidation to silence Commission defines sexual such as “intimidating,” his victims are coming out. harassment as “unwelcome “hostile” and “offensive.” Dethroning Weinstein from

his “invincible” pedestal he has used as an excuse to sexually harass women is only half of the battle. Others fall in the same boat as Weinstein and deserve equally reprimands consequences including Matt Lauer and Roy Moore. Matt Lauer, former host of “The Today Show,” is under fire for misconduct similar to that of Weinstein. Senate candidate and former Alabama state judge Roy Moore is under scrutiny for his involvement with underaged women while in his thirties. Despite the legitimacy of these allegations being disputed, child molestation among other serious offenses cannot simply be brushed under the rug. Matt Lauer may have lost his job and contract, but Roy Moore must be brought to justice instead of receiving endorsement

from Trump and other politicians during his campaign. Power, fame, and fortune should not exempt anyone from the scrutiny of law. As for Weinstein, Lauer and Moore, their careers, marriages and reputations might be ruined, but where is the legal action and vindication for their victims? Anyone who blackmails, sexually abuses and regularly offends would be labeled as sex offenders, so status should not grant a stamp of dismissal. This is not to say men are the only instigators of sexual harassment, but there is a historically rooted discrepancy between the amount of men in positions of power versus women. That being said, men with authority are blamed more often than women for using their power in order to manipulate others into unwelcome situations. All too often people turn a blind eye to harassment, telling victims to “toughen up” and be “less sensitive.” Instead of propagating a culture of silence, society must respond to the cries for retribution and hold the status quo responsible for their actions.

LO’T Editorial Policy

Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respresenting all sides of an issue. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Siddhi Kapur and Kaity Miner and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack




By: Lily Glackin LO’T Focus Editor Trichotillomania is the impulse control disorder characterized by the constant urge to pull hair. It’s an anxitey disorder where my anxiety comes out in an unhealthy way. When it started, I was young and didn’t think much of it. It was just like biting my nails, and my classmates were too young to notice or even care. Middle school is where my classmates started noticing which worsened my condition. I completely shaved my head and started wearing wigs. Physically, I had low self-esteem. I was too embarrassed to swim, have sleepovers, and go on rollercoasters for three years; my social life basically vanished. People constantly asked me about my hair. It was extremely hard to try to explain to twelve year olds why I pulled my hair out. People saw my disorder and my wig. I wasn’t Lily Glackin: an intelligent, bright, and happy, young girl. I went to endless therapy appointments and tried many useless medicines. I tried these therapies, self-positivity, and to change how people saw me. Changing my behavior meant changing how I was perceived by my peers, and I was willing to do anything for that. When I was ending middle school, I had grown out a short head of hair, which meant no more wigs. I was determined to change my appearance and control my behavior rather than have it control me. At first, I researched Trichotillomania because I couldn’t even pronounce the thing that was taking over my life. After learning about it, I was better educated about how to reduce the amount of pulling I did. During the day, I carried stress balls and at night I



wore hats to bed. When this effort succeeded, I was happier and ready to take on the next chapter of my life. With that came a whole new group of struggles. I was still pulling, yet I just had enough hair to mask the bald spots. When the bald spots were visible, I searched endlessly for something to cover them. I finally stumbled across hair fibers that stick to my hair. I still use them today, and most people can’t even tell I have bald spots. While searching for new and better ways to cover up my real hair to the public, I was still struggling with finding and loving who I was. Although I had controlled Trichotillomania, it was still controlling me and how I saw myself. I constantly compared myself to other beautiful girls because I didn’t look like them. During junior year of high school, I became depressed. I isolated myself from society and turned to people who would understand me better. Trying to fit in with my friends and even family who didn’t understand me was tiring. To find community, I desperately emailed multiple people with Trichotillomania. The reply was astonishingly unanimous: I had to love and accept that Trichotillomania was a part of who I was. I had to become self-knowledgeable. Understanding this was hard, but it eventually made sense to me. Trichotillomania is a part of who I am and who I have become. I want others struggling with hardships in life to know that they aren’t defined by those circumstances. Anxiety and depression can consume your life without proper help . No matter what you struggle with, I’ve come to learn that there is help available for both me and you.

Focus December 8, 2017

National Hotlines

Mental Illness

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Depression and Anxiety Hotline: (855) 645-8026 National Eating Disorders Association: 800-9312237

Local Robert Young Mental Health Outpatient Center: (309) 779-2031 Center for Alcohol & Drug Services: (309) 7527700




By: Focus LO’T Editors Although many people see mental illness You shove the feeling down and pretend as an uncomfortable subject, its commonit’s not happening. It’s not really that bad. ality should encourage more discussion. Other people have it way worse than you. I Mental illness affects all races, ages, mean, some kids don’t have supportive peo- and genders and can be treated. In order for ple in their lives, a safe home, and an inter- people to seek treatment, people must reach est outside of school. That has to be worse a place to be open about the condition. Acright? You can’t possibly be mentally ill…. cepting mental illWhat might come ness is the first step as a surprise to hear is in overcoming it. that according to the Above, we have National Survey on provided numbers Drug Use and Health, to call if you are one in five Ameristruggling with cans suffer from any of these. When mental illness every people choose to year, meaning an asignore this convertounding 48.3 milsation, it can lead lion people. So what to serious reperqualifies as a mental cussions, which illness? Contrary to is why it is so imwhat many people beportant to address. lieve, mental illness In this Focus does not just apply to edition for the patients in straight- Photo courtesy of Line O’ Type, we jackets. Mental illare hoping to sucness refers collectively to any signifi- cessfully open up the conversation on cant changes in thinking, emotion, and mental illness. As editors, coming from behavior. Additionally, people suffering different backgrounds and health levels, from mental illness may experience dis- we hope that you, the reader, will undertress functioning in many social activities. stand mental illness a little bit differently.

Focus December 8, 2017

Coping with mental illnesses

The all-encompassing grasp of mental illnesses By: Savannah Hampton LO’T Focus Editor Mental illnesses are similar to physical injuries in that they are so varied and sometimes require medical treatment, but many can be treated or cured while others can be managed for a happy and long life. The following is information on mental illnesses that affect high schoolers, according to Medical News Today. In addition, some mainstream media captures mental illness relatively well. Anxiety: Anxiety is the feeling of unease when confronted with situations that cause a person to feel uncomfortable. Anxiety can be a completely normal feeling but develops into an illness when it impedes your functioning. Symptoms can be inability to perform “simple” tasks and constant worrying. Another type of anxiety is GAD, or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. GAD is an ever-present fear of the unknown. A movie that depicts social anxiety is “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” Depression: Depression,

according to WHO, is the most common worldwide illness and number one cause for disability. Depression can be anything from not finding joy in what you used to all the way to sui-

Why” was a popular tv series that debuted this spring that shows the ramifications of extreme depression. Eating Disorders: Eating disorders refer to an abnor-

Mental illness is a broad umbrella term for a wide variety of causes and topics related to this subject. cidal thoughts. While glum moods occur to everyone, this feeling develops into a disorder when the mood becomes debilitating and lasts for long periods of time, usually months on end. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that comes with winter due to the cold and lack of light. “13 Reasons

mal view on food. Common disorders affecting schoolage people are anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge eating. Eating disorders are more common with Western high schoolers but are still present in every society. The disorders are sometimes genetic and always treatable. A Netflix original, “To the Bone,” depicts a


girl suffering from anorexia. Dissociation: Dissociation varies from chronic daydreaming to Dissociative Identity Disorder. Formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder, this mental illness has fascinated fans of the abnormal psyche for years as sufferers often have separate personalities fighting for dominance within their bodies. What’s not commonly advertised is that dissociation can be as “minor” as an unhealthy relationship between the real world and a person’s perceived view of the world. The short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber shows excessive daydreaming and its effect on Mitty’s life. What’s important to keep in mind when contemplating if a loved one or even you suffer from any mental illness is that help is available. Treatments with medication and through therapy have been proven to lessen and even eradicate conditions. If you feel you may have any of these mental illnesses or others, refer to our hotlines (left) for help.

tips; by texting 741741, you worked hard in the comBy: Hannah Hutton can be connected to the Cri- munity to be successful. LO’T Focus Reporter sis Text Line, a free service 3. Balance your energy. 1. Understand that open 24/7 that connects im- Focusing on balancing your mental illness is perfectly mediately to an anonymous energy can make dealing normal. Based on statistics one-on-one chat for any with mental illness a lot provided by the more manageable. National Alliance Be realistic, foron Mental Illgiving, and don’t ness, roughly 1 in overwork yourself. 5 teenagers aged On the other hand, 13-18 experiences on the days you or will experience just might want to mental illness. stay in bed alone, Mental illness can try to push yourlead to an overflow self to go outside, of many emotions, exercise, or spend including emtime with a friend. barrassment and Journaling can isolation. Underalso be a positive standing yourself outlet, as it comand the emotions bats keeping your you are struggling feelings bottled up. with is a good first 4. Know you may step to learning not be able to how to deal with cure it -- and that’s a mental illness. okay. Mental ill2. Utilize your Foster’s Voice is a local organization started by ness has the ability resources. Mental parents of a suicide victim. Foster Atwood took his to take the biggest illness is some- life in August 2017. and strongest peothing that no one ple and make them should have to go feel weak. It preys through alone. Thankfully, sort of crisis. There is also on insecurities and can leave resources for support and a local organization called a person feeling helpless. help are plentiful. Confid- Foster’s Voice that focuses For some, mental illness ing in parents, counselors, on suicide prevention. The may be something they will or therapists can build a organization’s website is struggle with for their entire healthy support group and w w w. f o s t e r s v o i c e . c o m . lives. This is okay. Learning keep a person grounded. This organization was cre- successful coping strategies Also, one of the benefits of ated by Foster’s parents in and trusting the process is living in modern society is hope to prote awareness for part of controlling mental the resources at our finger mental illnesses. They have illness in day-to-day life.

The first 4 students I’m dreaming of a stress-free Christmas Lily Glackin the darkest times of the year. Seasonal Afto tweet to the Line By: LO’T Focus Editor fective Disorder (SAD), experienced typiWith Christmas approaching fast, the good cally by those who have lost loved ones, hits O’Type and bad anxiety of the holiday season follow hard on the holidays. Christmas can provide @mhs_lineotype a closely behind. You not only get excited to a reminder that lost loved ones cannot be give and receive, but also look forward with them during one of the most wonderpicture with the cor- both to the good high calorie food. However with ful times of the year. Yet, even amidst the warm holiday season comes the anxiety stresses and sadness surrounding the Christrect answers to page this and depression to make it the best one yet. mas season, there is a way to deal with every 9 crossword will re- During Christmas you have to worry about type of holiday struggle. People find joy in seeing your least favorite family members, the season by volunteering and donating in ceive a gift ones you have to love but don’t have to like, order to make Christmas a little better for and worry about getting everyone the correct others. Not only that, but Christmas will certificate. present so nobody’s feelings are hurt. How- always remain a holiday focused on the @mhs_lineotype

ever, while Christmas has become distressed with a mad scramble for gifts, requiring much of your already limited bank account, many people experience Christmas as one of

loved ones that families still have the opportunity to be with. Although the holidays come with their downsides, there is always room to make Christmas a little more merry.

8 Entertainment December 8, 2017

Top 10 Christmas songs AOTY: “Luv is Rage 2” By:Clovis Kenese LO’T Reporter 1. Mariah Carey-All I Want For Christmas Is You 2. José Feliciano-Feliz Navidad 3. Brenda Lee-Rockin Around The Christmas Tree 4. The Jackson 5-Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 5. Justin Bieber-Mistletoe 6. Destiny’s Child-Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 7. Wham!-Last Christmas 8. Chris Brown-This Christmas 9. Bobby Helms-Jingle Bell Rocl 10. Cheetah Girls-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Christmas music is an integral part of christmas fun. Photo Cred:

The microtransaction problem By: Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment CoEditor

With the year coming to a close, a ton of games have been released. One problem is that more and more of these games include microtransactions, which are smaller purchases inside the game that can be used to buy in game currency, skins for a character, etc. Microtransactions have been around for about five years and are usually included in free-to-play mobile games; however, mi-

crotransactions have been transitioning to mainstream games. Some of the more popular The main problem with them coming to mainstream games is that people think (rightfully so) that if they pay sixty dollars for a game, they should not have to pay extra money in order to get an advantage in it. One of the more popular transactions used is that a player pays money in order to get some type of in-game currency that he or she can then use to buy “loot boxes,” which can either include skins with different

rarities or items that give the player an advantage depending on the game. The overall problem with microtransactions is the fact that the game will sometimes be almost locked away, or the player will always be at disadvantage if he or she doesn’t buy the microtransactions that are always promoted in the game. The future of microtransactions is unclear because even though they are heavily scrutinized, people are still willing to buy them and give the publishers money.

By: William Van Vooren fied this opinion. Although LO’T Entertainment Co- Uzi isn’t the most lyrically Editor talented, something about his music just constantly “Luv is Rage 2” is an leaves me satisfied, with album by Lil Uzi Vert rethe deluxe version being 20 leased on August 25, 2017 songs long and 1 hour and along with a deluxe ver9 minutes long. On “Luv sion released on November is Rage 2” there are only 17, 2017 adding 4 more 3 songs that I don’t really tracks. The album skyrockcare for (“For Real”, “Maleted to mass attention with function” and “Skir Skirr”). the release of the single Even with these songs not “XO TOUR Llif3”, which being my favorite, I can still was originally released on listen through them, just Soundcloud back in Februnot often. ary, but it blew up and even Some of my favorite won best song of the sumsongs off the album (demer at the MTV Video Muluxe) are “Unfazed (featursic Awards. “Luv is Rage 2” ing The Weeknd)”, “Dark did well commercially, deQueen”, and “Diamonds buting at number one on the All on My Wrist”. These US Billboard 200, and Lil songs all have insanely Uzi Vert was nominated for catchy hooks that keep best new artist at this year’s me interested and listenGrammys. ing. Uzi’s lack of lyricism “Luv is Rage 2” is my is evident on some songs, PERSONAL favorite allike “Neon Guts( featuring bum of the year and the dePharrell)” with the lines luxe version easily solidi“Back in the six-grade I

Luv is Rage 2 promotional picture. Photo Cred:

got them bad grades/I was in love with my tutor” or in “The Way Life Goes (featuring Oh Wonder)” with “No I’m not a rat but I’m all about my cheddar”. These lyrics are funny and devoid of meaning, showing that his genius may not be in his lyrics but in his beats. The production on this album is top notch with beats from producers like Don Cannon and Maaly Raw, who helped carry Uzi’s project full length and helped make the album a more commercial success. Overall, I give this album a 9.5/10 because it is my favorite out of Uzi’s released music. I have listened to “Luv is Rage 2” a countless number of times and can only wait for what he releases next. If you haven’t checked out Lil Uzi Vert, you should and keep an eye out for what he comes up with next.

Feature December 8, 2017

An Xmas movie quote crossword puzzle



3 “Oh, Christmas isn’t just a day. It’s a _____ _____ _____.” 5 “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a ______-______.” 8 “Maybe Christmas, he thought, didn’t come from the _____.” 9 “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is _____ _____ for all to hear!”


1 “Bah ______!” 2 “There’s room for everyone on the _____ _____.” 3 “Merry Christmas, ya _____ _____!” 4 “You see George, you’ve really had a _______ life. Don’t you see what a mistake it would be to throw it all away?” 6 “_______ is seeing.” 7 You’ll _____ your eye out!”

Pub poll: What is the best holiday?

By: Hannah O’Donnell L’OT Feature Editor Everyone has an opinion on what the best holiday is. Some love celebrating the luck of the Irish while others enjoy watching the skies dance with colorful chemicals on a warm July night. Some relish in feeling scared and dressing up, while others love hunting for small pastel eggs and eating chocolate bunnies. It’s safe to say most people

enjoy stuffing their faces with turkey and falling into deep food-comas midday, but others better enjoy watching a big ball-shaped apparatus slowly falling, celebrating a new beginning and some following resolutions (that usually last a couple weeks). This time of year everyone is ecstatic about cookies, gifts, and the colors red and green. Whatever the holiday, it has its merits. Each holiday

contributes a great deal to emotions; we all look forward to getting into the spirit of the season, but what are the statistics for the best holiday season? What holiday (for the most part) is considered the most enjoyed? To find out, I surveyed fifty-five Moline High School students and staff (not completely representative, I know) to see what holiday reigned over the others. Here are the results!



December 8, 2017

It’s finally Christmas-time, or is it? By: Hailey Schmacht LO’T Feature Reporter “Is that All I Want for Christmas is You?” “Yeah, don’t you know it’s Christmas time?” “It’s November.” “Did I stutter?” “TURN IT OFF.” There is always a huge argument amongst people: When does the Christmas season start? For most, this includes the acceptable date for Christmas music, decorations, and shopping. October, November, and December are full of celebration and family events. This inevitably brings up controversy over when to end the celebration of one holiday and start the celebration of another. Some fe like the iconic Lorde tweet, that they “are Halloween”, while others may only be

able suffer through one night of passing out pennies and raisins. Some count down the days until they can taste

men Noodles and head off to bed. The bottom line is, every holiday is something some enjoy, while others

specifically Christmas festivities should be put off until December. Gabe advocates celebrating Christmas related activities before then “takes away from thoroughly enjoying the other holiday.” However, junior Mady Doucette sees Christmas as “a very happy time, so why not celebrate it as early as possible?” She thinks an essential theme of holidays is simply spending time with family, so if a specific holiday enables that, there is no wrong time to start. So, whether you’re blasting Mariah Carey yearround or not, it’s all about what you take away from When should the Christmas season actually start? the holidays. If Hallmark Picture courtsey of Christmas movies make you happy then watch them. Just the pumpkin pie, while oth- couldn’t care less. Gabe don’t ruin it for anyone else. ers just have his or her Ra- Lareau, a 10th grader, thinks

Your zodiac Christmas treat By: Hannah O’Donnell LO’T Feature Editor

Oreo balls Oreo balls

Chocolateconvered pretzels

Snickerdoodles Snicker-


Caramels Caramels

Hot chocolate

Sugar cookies

Olde Town Bakery iced sugar cookies

Gingerbread cookies

Homemade fudge

Peanut butter cookies

Peppermint bark


Merry Christmas, You Hungry Animal By: Makayla Castillo LO’T Feature Editor

Peppermint fudge is a perfect gluten free treat for everyone Photo coutesy of

Peppermint Fudge Time: 15 Minutes

Ingredients: 6 Tbsp. salted butter, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 cup peppermint crunch baking chips, 2 cups sugar, 5 oz can evaporated milk, 20 mini peppermint marshmallows, 2 peppermint candy canes, chocolate Instructions: 1. Mix butter, vanilla and peppermint chips in a large bowl, and set aside. 2. Put sugar, milk and marshmallows in a large sauce pan 3. Bring mixture of butter, vailla, and peppermint chips to a boil for 5 minutes while whisking continuously. 4. Pour mixture over chocolate. 5. Mix all together until the butter, chocolate, peppermint chips are well blended. 6. Pour the fudge into 8x8 baking dish. and top with crushed peppermint candy canes. 7. Allow fudge to set until no longer soft. Recipe courtesy of



December 8, 2017

Basketball gets cookin’ at Turkey Tourney Superfan Themes last year’s game against The tiebreaker between best thing about the tournaBy: Lacey McMillion LO’T Sports Reporter Year after year, the Thanksgiving Turkey Tournament has kicked off the season for the Moline Boys Varsity Basketball team. This year, Galesburg was the host team, with each tournament game played at a different location. Moline faced tough opposition, playing against Rockford Lutheran, Peoria Notre Dame, Rantoul, Sacred Heart Griffin, and Chicago Wells. In Moline’s home tournament game against Rantoul, Moline came out dominating, bolting to an 11-0 lead. The Maroons came out victorious with a 69-42 win, a very different outcome than

Rantoul that went to three the two teams came down ment was finally being able overtimes. Notably in the to free throw percentage. to play together and seegame, Moline juing how the hard nior Deonte Bilwork in the offlups scored 24 season paid off.” points, making The Ma5-of-9 3-pointers. roons are lookThroughout the ing forward to tournament, the the rest of what Maroons credit is guaranteed to superb defense be an exciting and strong perseason. Junior formances from Drew Wiemers many different explains, “This Drew Weimers looks to keep possession of the ball. team members tournament gave Photo Captured by Abhi Sodhani for their success, us some confifinishing undefeated with a Moline beat out the rival dence moving into WB6 5-0 record. While Moline Streaks with 67% to Gales- play. It helps us see where did win all five of its games, burg’s 61%, claiming the we are and what we can the Galesburg Varsity team title of tournament cham- do to improve as a team.” also finished with a 5-0, un- pions. Junior point guard Good luck to Coach Taydefeated tournament record. Brody Harding says, “The lor on a great season!

Moline students pose for a picture in the Whieteout Superfan theme. Photo captured by Abhi Sodhani

12/8 vs. Rock Island (Neon) 12/15 @ UT (Christmas)

1/5 @ Alleman (Frat/Preppy) 1/12 @ Galesburg (Tie Dye) 1/19 vs. Alleman (Zoo) 1/26 @ Quincy (Blackout) 2/2 @ Rock Island (Super Hero)

2/9 vs. UT (Jorts & Jerseys) 2/16 vs. Galesburg (Pajamas)

Wrestlers looking for redemption

Nolan Griffin and Drew Weimers chestbump during starting lineups. Photo by Abhi Sodhani

The Moline Contemporaires dance to Beyonce at halftime of the boys basketball game against Quincy. Photo captured by Abhi Sodhani

to returning varsity starter philosophies.” He adds, By: Peter Son Jayden Terronez, “This “Our coach has us very well LO’T Sports Editor This year’s boys wres- year’s team is balanced with prepared and we believe we tling team is working hard some veteran upperclass- can accomplish things past squads couldn’t. to keep its fifth straight We have set huge Western Big Six title. goals as individuLast Saturday, the boys als and as a team traveled to Plainfield for this season. I’m South for a quad dual excited for what to face Pekin, Normal is yet to come!” West, Normal ComDespite last munity and Plainfield season’s conferSouth. They lost to ence and regional Plainfield South 31-35, wins, the varsity blew out Pekin 51-16, team faced a disand beat both Normal appointing finish West 43-20 and Norwithout a state mal Community 45qualifier. They 16, moving the team to hope to turn their to 7-1 for the season. Jayden Terronez takes the victory. misfortune around On his team’s suc- Photo Courtesy of the Moline Wrestling this season by uscess, Coach Carlough Facebook page ing their strong expressed, “Last weekstart, wanting end was a good test. men and young newcomers. to proving that they can Now we know where we As a team, we have really bounce back from a disapare and what we have to do this season.” According bought into our coaches’ pointing season last year.


Sports December 8, 2017

A quiet gym is a losing gym Upcoming varsity events and times

By: Kiya Ritchie felt,” senior guard Alannah Crompton states. “We’re a LO’T Sports Editor The girls basketball sea- loud group of girls, and we son is heating up as the Lady channel that energy to use Maroons move smoothly to our advantage. We use it through conference play. Starting the season off strong with several early wins and a strong fight against conference superpower Rock Island, the girls attribute their success to hard work in between game days. One of the team’s several mottos is, “a quiet gym is Girls basketball seniors showing thei a losing gym,” and they game faces Photo Courtesty of Tracy SantAmour certainly practice what they preach. “There’s to push ourselves harder at never a moment in practice practice and to keep ourwhere our energy can’t be selves invested in games,”

she adds. The girls have returning impact players in seniors Letecia Billups, Hannah Thiele, and Crompton herself, as well as new additions like freshman starter Bralee Trice. The talent runs deep in the group, with huge skill coming off the bench as well. The girls show potential to have a successful season and hope to use their unwavering energy to help them get there. “We never go down quietly,” Crompton insists. Best of luck to the Lady Maroons as they head into the bulk of their season..

Diving into the 2017-18 season

By: Fiona Roehrs was huge for the Maroons pions, the swimmers “want LO’T Sports Reporter because Dunlap has been to repeat [their] achieveWhen put to the test in the such a major competitor in ments from last year, which Macomb High School In- the past years for our boys. were going undefeated in vite last Saturday, the boys With this win so early in the dual meets and winning swim team had an outstand- season, the boys can only conference,” stated Klumb. ing performance. The invite anticipate to get another win As the season continues, consisted of eleven teams, over Dunlap in sectionals. captain Abhi Sodhani exwith three major competi- Most of the swimmers have plains that the team’s main tors of the Maroons goal is “to get dubs.” being Dunlap, NorSodhani and Klumb mal Community, and have high expectaPeoria Notre Dame. tions for their last Although these teams high school season, had a lot of talent, pushing their team they were no match every day to improve. for our boys who won Macomb was only the the meet with a total beginning, so the rest of 357 points, beatof this season is exing Dunlap by 54.5 pected to be very sucpoints. Senior swim Peter Son swimming the 100 breaststroke cessful for the swim captain Alex Klumb Photo courtest of Kylie Spiegel team. One major notes, “Our focus this goal, aside from getseason is to win sectionals. been working hard through- ting faster and stronger as Dunlap is our biggest com- out the summer and fall the season progresses, is to petition in our sectional and with club training, so it was send more of the team to the we have taken second place no surprise for them to start state finals. Make sure to go to them for the past two this season off so strong. As out and support the boys as years.” Beating Dunlap in reigning conference cham- they move toward that goal. the first meet of the season

Dec. 8: Dec. 9: Dec. 12:

Boys B-Ball Home v. Rocky @ 7:30 pm

Dec. 14:

Girls B-Ball Home v. Galesburg @ 6:30 pm

Wrestling Away (Prospect Invite) @ 10:00 am Boys Swimming Away (UT) @ 5:00 pm

MHS LineOType December 2017  
MHS LineOType December 2017  

Volume 101 Issue 1 of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the December 2017 issue.