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November 10, 2016

Volume 100, Issue 2


News November 10, 2016

Inspection of the election By: Riya Jain LO’T Reporter On November 8th, 2016, the citizens of the United States of America had their final chance to influence the decision for president of the United States. Clinton and Trump both gave it their all during the final stretch, as could be seen with the repetitive political advertisements during the World Series. With an election that had been all over the place, citizens were anxiously awaiting the United States’ judgement day. The election was pre-

an attempt to gain a lead on the other. While some states vote for the candidate of the same party each year, “swing states” have no consistent party affiliation. The swing states consisted of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Polls and early turnout showed that majority of the swing states were leaning towards the democratic candidate. However, Clinton’s lead was too minimal to make any conclusions before Election Day. Over sixty percent of voters do not vote until Election Day, so Trump’s c a m paign Voters went to the polls on November 8th to vote w a s loomfor their desired candidate. ing over Courtesy of Hillary.

ceded by three debates during which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discussed their stances on the issues and explained why voters should choose them as their next president. The second debate featured a “town meeting” format in which undecided voters provided questions for the candidates to answer. Polls showed that the majority of viewers believed that Clinton “won” all three debates. Both candidates had been hitting swing states hard in

The election cycle was marred with controversy. Hillary Clinton’s usage of her family’s private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State, including her handling of classified information and deleted emails, had been a detrimental topic for Clinton’s campaign. The FBI’s investigation revamped after evidence had been found on Anthony Weiner’s phone. Similarly, Donald Trump’s ableist, racist, islamophobic, and sexist comments, including a leaked 2005 tape of him making lewd comments about women, were heavily scrutinized. For many Republicans, the tape was a breaking point, causing them to withdraw their support for Trump. This election was a chaotic jumble of controversies and slander. The path of the United States is unpredictable at this point. Hopefully, the newly elected president will be accepted by the rest of the population.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: A “hot” topic By: Hunter Henning Assisstant Co-Editor As the competition for the next best smartphone evolves, the demand for bigger screens, more storage, and larger batteries has led a certain phone to a melting point, literally. Recently, Samsung was forced to recall all Galaxy Note 7 due to the phone malfunctioning causing it to burst into flames. The obvious danger behind this is the possible personal and property damage, which have has caused major concerns with people questioning, “Why would these explode in the first place?” Phones, like the Galaxy Note 7, use lithium ion batteries that are surrounded by a highly flammable liquid. If the battery were to short circuit, this would create a path of small resistance for electricity to flow. This flow of electricity has a chance to heat up the liquid too quickly, which can explode the battery. But why is the Galaxy Note 7 the only phone on the market that’s

Damage inflicted on Galaxy after combustion. Courtesy of mass exploding? The answer to this is that Samsung tried to force the battery in a smaller area than it requires. This epidemic of smartphone explosions started out with 100 reports of overheated batteries causing combustion in the United States alone compelling Samsung to rush a recall announcement for every Note 7 worldwide. Consumers were granted a replacement Galaxy Note 7 in exchange for their time bomb. However, a couple weeks after the recall, similar reports of overheating batteries emerged. The so-called “safe” replacement models turned out to be just as threatening as the original devices. In full panic,

Samsung issued a second recall and offered full returns or exchanges. The company halted all shipments of the flawed smartphones, and, with the assistance of government agencies and cellular carriers, launched a search for all Galaxy Note 7s still in circulation. Note 7 Samsung delivered a statement stopping the production of all Galaxy Note 7 devices, and U.S. authorities banned the sales of the devices. Along with banning the sales, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission forbid the possession of Galaxy Note 7s on airplanes. The malfunctions of this phone have most definitely tainted Samsung’s brand. The company not only saw a loss of twenty-two billion dollars but also stained their image in the minds of consumers all around the world. Even though Samsung tried its best to resolve the incident, the consequences are inevitably going to stick with the company. Samsung has a lot of work to regain the reputatuion of “tech tycoon”.

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November 10, 2016

Line O’ Type: One hundred years of hype By: Abhi Sodhani LO’T News Co-Editor A hundred years ago, Moline High School entered the journalism game, and “ The Line O’ Type” has been evolving ever since. The newspaper was founded in March of 1917 by the senior class and was published every week on Monday afternoon. During this time the school charged a subscription price for all students who wanted a copy of the newspaper. The price of subscription was $1.00 for a year, which is roughly $20 today. Nowadays, “Line O’ Type” distributes the paper once a month with no charge. Another more obvious change is the quality of the newspaper; up until 2015 the paper was printed in black and white with color covers, but this year it has changed printing companies and now provides a colorful, quality paper. Ms. Blackall, a long time advisor for the LO’T, claimed before all of the technological advances, the paper was constructed by, “using glue and scissors to cut out columns and paste on sheets of paper to create our pages down at ‘The Dispatch’ news office.” “Line O’ Type” has strived to inform students about important information since the beginning, but the content of the paper has expanded significantly. In the beginning the paper only covered a few sections including News, Feature,

and Sports, but the paper now includes additional sections such as Focus, Entertainment, and Editorials. The paper has included more information as Moline High School has progressed with the inclusion of new clubs and organizations that have emerged throughout the last 100 years. In one newspaper issue from 1926, “Line O’ Type” reporters talked about whether the school should have a swimming team and a golf team. This shows how in 1926 not all the activities that we are used to seeing today were offered. When Ms. Blackall was asked what her most memorable moment with the paper was, she answered with, “When two editors stood up to the school administration and were able to make a change in the school to help students because of their editorial.” Throughout the last 100 years “The Line O’ Type” paper has recorded the history of our school and will hopefully continue “Line O’ Type” revels in the past with pictures from previous issues to do so for the next 100 years as well.

People attempt to remedy damage inflicted by Hurricane Matthew

By:Oyniso Bakhriddinova LO’T Reporter Starting September 28th, 2016 one of the longest lasting and deadliest hurricanes in history, Hurricane Matthew, produced widespread destruction across the Western Atlantic. Areas that were affected included parts of Haiti, the Bahamas, St. Vincent, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Lucayan Archipelago, the southeastern United States, and the Canadian Maritimes. According to CNN, the latest death toll indicates that at least 276 people died as Matthew teared through these countries. Hurricane Matthew was so powerful that in Cuba and Haiti, torrential downpours and 24 foot waves hit some areas leaving dozens of homes damaged. This resulted in a massive humanitarian crisis in the affected areas. Mourad Wahba, the UN secretary general’s deputy, said that 10,000 Haitians are living in makeshift shelter or hospitals. Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency, reported at least 1,580 homes have been flooded in the country. The recovery process is still underway as the American Red Cross has placed all of its branches on alert and prepositional stock to respond to the needs of more than 3,000 people. In the United States, Hurricane Matthew hit the southeastern states including Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Areas like Cape Canaveral (Florida), Tybee Island (Georgia), Jennette’s Pier (North Carolina), Daytona

Beach (Florida), had winds over 90 mph. Rainfall reports concluded that Matthew brought record river flooding and widespread flash flooding. The storm’s damage left the affected states trying put the pieces back together. In North Carolina, at least 800,000 homes and businesses lost power. The recovery surge is transparent, especially when Federal money was made available to aid public work like the removal of debris. Across the southeastern states, in counties like Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester, more than 3,850 people were registered for Federal Emergency Management Agency assistance to work towards relief. Cathy Easley, Trident United Way’s integrated com-

munity systems director, says, “A lot of the damage was in wooded or low-lying and flood-prone places” and “the first wave of people seeking aid showed up at the food pantries after the storm, when power outages were widespread”. 500,000 meals were distributed by the Lowcountry Food Bank shortly after the storm. Currently, people are seeking aid with damage and debris from fallen trees. People can get help from agencies and FEMA money, which provides grants for temporary housing and home repairs. In South Carolina, the state’s disaster relief fund is being dispersed through grants to the agencies. The American Red Cross expanded its shelters across five states.

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Editorial November 10, 2016

Rape culture is eminent and must be stopped

By: Riya Patel LO’T Editor-In Chief In baseball hitting a single, double or even a triple does not insinuate a home run. You are not scoring until you make it to home base, without getting out. If you get out you are lacking permission to continue to the next base. This directly applies to consent. Just because you are given consent to get to first or second base, does not mean you can “score a home run;” unless the other person explicitly says it’s okay. If you haven’t figured it out, this

Figure 1: Rape statistic about rapists walking free. Courtesy of RAINN.

Basically, when it comes to consent, no assumptions should be made. The absence of “no” does not give one permission to continue a sexual act. If the person is incapacitated by alcohol, his or her judgement is faltered, then he or she is not truly giving consent. Silence does not indicate that you are allowed to proceed, and allowing someone to get to first base doesn’t imply they hit a homerun. A verbal “yes” means it is okay to continue, but anything short of that is not consent. People always question the fact that many women fail to disclose sexual assault when it happens; however, when women do share their stories, many are questioned and accused of lying or “asking for it.” For instance, if a female college student is dressed slightly provocatively for Halloween, that does not mean she is “asking for” sex. Once again assumptions are being made. Additionally, the “gray area” of consent only shames victims into blaming themselves, which often results in the victim wishing she never revealed her story. This victim shaming is often what prevents other victims of sexual assault from coming forward about their experiences, creating the notion of a “rape culture” that questions victims and excuses assailants. Rape culture is a term designated for the blame society puts on victims of sexual rape. This can include asking if the victim was drunk or claiming “she was asking for it.” It’s when colleges are more concerned about the lawsuits they need to avoid instead of the trauma inflicted on the victims. In a study done by RAINN, Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network, it was discovered that out of 1,000 rapes, 994 assailants walk free (refer to Figure 1). In another study done by the “Huffington Post,” ninety-seven percent of people accused of rape are never incarcerated. Additionally, they found that only two to eight percent of rape claims are false. This means that over ninety percent of perpetrators are let off with little to no consequences for their actions. Recently a study done by USA Today revealed that in the past dozen years there have been 168 pro level and NCAA Division 1 sexual assault

allegations and “Of those 168 allegations, involving 164 athletes, only 22 saw their cases go to trial, and only six cases resulted in convictions.” For example, Brock Turner a twenty-year-old Stanford swimmer was sentenced to 6 months of jail time for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman behind a dumpster. The judge assigned to his case, Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford graduate, released a statement saying, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others.” After the initial sentence was determined, he was let off three months early for good behavior. So a man who sexually assaulted a girl, scarring her forever, got a ridiculously short sentence, and then he didn’t even have to complete it because of how well he was behaving. Where was that good behavior behind the dumpster? The bottom line is that there should not be leniency on rape. People should not get sentences shorter than two arbritary years, and even that’s low for the trauma they inflicted on their victims. A standard for the length of sentences in rape cases needs to be instilled in the justice system. Shorter sentences should not be given out in circumstances where the victim was influenced by drugs; if the events of the night in question are deemed as rape, no matter what drugs are involved, the perpetrator needs to be punished fully.

is much more than a baseball reference, it’s a metaphor for the basis of consent pertaining to rape. If you are “out” and you choose to continue a sexual act, you do not have permission and you did not get consent. If you did not get consent, it is rape. And if it is rape you must pay the price. According to Merriam-Webster rape is an “unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent.” Consent is the key factor in determining whether a sexual act is deemed consensual or if it fits the definition of rape. Consent is also surrounded by a “gray area” where people have conflicting views on whether Feature Editors: Dana Plagenz & Isabel Zimmerman permission was given for a sexual act or Editors-In-Chief: Pranjal Kadwe & Riya Patel not. In court, one’s capacity to consent can Sports Editors: Katherine Douglas & Anna Finch include a multitude of criteria determined News Editors: Grafton Carlson, Karthik Prakash, & Abhi Sodhani by that state. So even if it is determined in Head Photographer: Micah Gentry & Brandon Zetina court that someone gave consent for the Focus Editors: Ava Gomez, Savannah Hampton & Siddhi Kapur actions that took place, they may not have Business Manager: Connor Dessert been in the right state of mind because of Entertainment Editors: Truman & William VanVooren Advisors: Heidi Norcross & Jay Bohnsack intoxication or physical or mental barriers.


Editorial November 10, 2016


The truth behind why America supports Trump equality. One of our founding fathers, George Washington, that they are looked down upon due to their skin color, By: Pranjal Kadwe once said, “I hope ever to see America among the foremost religion, sexual orientation, race and more. LO’T Editor-in-Chief Ignoring these issues has the same negative effect as Donald Trump. Almost all of us have strong views nations in examples of justice and liberality.” denying their existence. The fight must go on until justice The United States prides itself on being “the land of the on the man, regardless of which side they’re on. He has has been served. In American history, so many people free,” so it is obviously an issue when sexism, racism, and indubitably made very sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, have fought for rights. From slavery to women’s suffrage, homophobia are reinforced by strong figures, let alone a and racist remarks throughout his campaign. His leaked the journey has been anything but simple or insults to women and claims of sexual assault straightforward. have astonished the American people, yet Some citizens believe that accepting equality many continue to support him. What is most for all people is not American. For example, astonishing is that the same people would not be homosexuality does not follow the beliefs of the ready to follow someone if Trump’s comments original Protestants who immigrated to our nation. were made by a woman or a person who is not Many Christians who were against homosexuality white, thus proving their own prejudices. and LGBT individuals believed that such people Why are so many individuals ready to let his did not exist. Yet scientific evidence exists that remarks slide? It’s incredibly clear that there debunks the claims of the original immigrants. are misogynistic and racist American voters Regardless, sexual orientation should not dictate simply due to the fact that Trump would not a person’s freedom. It should not be a matter of be supported if he was not a white, Christian only “American” values. While certain people male. For the bigoted and racist people, the may hold prejudiced and biased beliefs, their opinpresidential candidate could be considered a ions should in no way affect the liberties of others. great man because other politicians would not There is no better way to say that it is a matter dare to make such offensive and prejudiced of basic human decency. In no way is one human comments. being superior or inferior to the other due to race, However, many people do not support gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I do hope Trump’s remarks or opinions, yet they still there is a day when people are able to understand support him as a politician. Mel Robbins from this and follow it. CNN perfectly explains that no matter what In regard to current government and politics, controversial remarks or actions Trump makes, Many Trump supporters are unaware of various social justice issues in the Unitbasic human values and liberties should not be iged States, including the Black Lives Matter movement. Courtesy of politicalcarpeople support him due to his “politics,” which nored if you feel that the current political system is actually defiance of the current political sysis broken. tem. Social justice isn’t simply a matter of political correctIt’s no surprise that many Americans are unhappy possible president. Thus, while it may be true that many ness. It is an issue in the United States, which is costing of Trump’s supporters do not necessarily agree with his with modern politics. With the past eight years of having people their lives and liberties. It is more important to find controversial remarks, his opinions and beliefs should Barack Obama, a democratic president, in office, many a way to fix the current problems in government without definitely not be overlooked because they harm the liberty republican conservatives have become frustrated with attacking other freedoms. of others. the way government is run. Democratic citizens are also DISCLAIMER: This article was written before Election The elected politicians and government officials are aggravated by the lack of progress because a democratic Day. the ones who are supposed to represent the United States. president paired with the republican congress has not been successful; Obama was not able to appoint a single Citizens should be aware of basic American values built supreme court justice. Frustrations are growing in both on liberty and justice before making decisions. Do our political parties. The American people desire a huge change in the leaders really represent our government, and Donald Trump provides them with a beliefs? Are we, as a whole, Line O’Type is the official school-sponsored paper of Moline High School. The paper voice. Some may feel that there is no way for political educated on matters of social is published by the students under the supervision of faculty advisors for the Moline change to occur while being politically correct. Therefore, justice? High School community. The staff will strive to accurately report school, local, state, the presidential candidate’s unorthodox way of “telling it There is always significance and national news that affects high school students. Line O’Type Signals is also a forum the way it is” is actually what his supporters like about him. in taking the time as a open to students, faculty and administration to encourage the airing of opinions respreBut does Trump’s “rebellion” against the political system citizen to understand social senting all sides of an issue. justify misogyny, racism, and homophobia? Social justice problems in the country. All submitted material must be signed, due to a code passed by the school board. All should be of high significance in American citizens’ minds. While they may not directly responses or questions regarding editorials should be directed to your Editors-in-Chief, Many people love to live in the United States or immigrate affect you, many individuals Pranjal Kadwe and Riya Patel, and faculty advisors, Heidi Norcross and Jay Bohnsack here because of our country’s liberty and supposed are reminded on a daily basis

LO’T Editorial Policy


Focus November 10, 2016

Young adults can change the course of politics by voting By: Ashley Oerman LO’ T Reporter

Politics may occasionally be disorienting, but the lack of censorship has characterized 2016’s race for the White House as purely dumbfounding, and surely, this year’s unprecedented manner has been collectively acknowledged. The consensus asks for a person who “can get things done,” though many fail to comprehend this heroic profile requires not only the appropriate ambition and integrity to do their job right, but also a profound knowledge of the system. The posing questioning remains as to how to establish this balance or whether to at all. The product of consensus stands: we want a new type of leader. If we are at this crucial point, it’s essential to finish what has been started by elaborating our real desires by either maintaining the “status quo” or moving to radical change. The 2012 general election poll numbers (a 54.87% eligible voter turnout) demonstrated inadequate voter turnout. This is may be due to the notion that the electoral college is the real determining factor of the election’s outcome, and therefore individual votes don’t significantly impact the election. The simple answer to this unspoken question is that single votes do in fact matter. Individual votes matter, because they win elections for a state, which will in turn decide the national vote. Each vote for an inadequate candidate is taken into account. With politics as unsure and polarized as they are now, the factor that matters the most is allowing voters a source of power and a sense of confidence, which come along with


casting a ballot. The means by which new leaders are elected may appear rigorous, however, public voter input is the pinnacle of a self-governing society. As America’s international influence expands, -- economically, ideologically and politi-

cally -- the courses of millions of lives around the world lie in the hands of American voters. Are those of us with the eligibility to vote making use of this great opportunity to change the course of our country?

Veterans, new and old, deserve recognition By: Maddy Eaton LO’ T Reporter Two Moline High School seniors have shown an interest in pursuing a military career after high school. These seniors will join the proud few that make up our military and will one day be some of the people honored on our holiday of Veterans Day. Alexa Scott has enlisted in the Illinois Army National

to enlist in the Air Force after graduation. This decision has taught her that serving for our country is an honorable act, and her motive for joining is to take care of our country and protect America from harm. The history of Veterans Day, originally called Armistice Day, originates from World War 1. World War I was put to an armistice, a sort of temporary truce in wartime, on the eleventh

do such brave things, just as many before them have. Countless men and women have served and are still serving in our United States military, and it’s important to recognize and appreciate the sacrifice that they have made for so many people not only on Veterans Day but every day the like. To celebrate Veterans Day here at Moline, please attend Moline History Club’s Veterans Day

Political parties encompass an extensive and colorful past

George Washinton’s portrait by Gilbert Stuart is almost as famous as his opposition to political parties. Photo courtesy of

of the country greatly influenced American political life. In time, these quarrels led to the Civil War. The slaveholding planters of the South, the frontier farmers of the West, and the manufacturing and banking industries based in the North each wanted the government to follow a separate course of action from the other three. Andrew Jackson, a Democratic-Republican from Tennessee was elected into office in 1828. His party held great support in the South and West, and Jackson changed the party’s name to Democrats, the party that still remains today. People who had once been Federalists formed the Whig Party. Between 1836 and 1852, Whigs gave Democrats strong opposition. By the 1850’s, slavery and states rights forested the political terrain, leading to the rise in 1854 of antislavery forces that created the Republican Party of today. The Republicans ran their first presidential candidate, John C. Frémont, in 1856. By 1860 the voters had a choice of four major parties — Northern Democrat, Southern Democrat, Republican, and the Constitutional-Union Party, which drew some ex-Whigs. Strong sentiment against slavery helped Republican Abraham Lincoln win the presidency. In 1861 the Southern states seceded and the Civil War began. Today, parties have become cleaved in disagreement on anything from social security to the definition of marriage, from foreign policy and the environment. At the time of such an upheaval of an election, it will soon be our generation that makes politics, correcting the errors of the past and present, or breaks it for good.

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American teenager benefits

People head to the polls despite questioning if their individual vote matters. Photo courtesy of

By: Logan Pauley LO’ T Assistant Editor George Washington famously stated in his Farewell Address, “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines” In the 200+ years since Washington advised against parties, the U.S. has produced some of the most controversial political leaders because of roots in parties. Alexander Hamilton and other Founders who desired a strong, centralized government met together to write down their policies. In 1787 they established the first U.S. political party by calling themselves the Federalists. They were supported mainly by northern businessmen, bankers, and merchants. Federalists held that capital and industry were the basis of a healthy republic and that the federal government should act to protect the country’s infant industries. In 1796, anti-Federalists, opposers to the original political party, gathered around Jefferson and became the Democratic-Republicans. Members believed in a limited national (or federal) government. The Democratic-Republican Party drew its supporters out of rural working-class groups like planters, small farmers, and artisans. These people wanted government to leave them alone as much as possible. Jefferson’s followers wanted to leave most of the power in the hands of state and local governments. In foreign affairs, the Federalists generally supported England, while the Democratic-Republicans sympathized with Revolutionary France. By 1820, sharp differences of opinion between sections

November 10, 2016

The Hero Street Veterans Memorial in Silvis is a further reminder to the debt America owes to its past serving members. Photo courtesy of Brandon Zetina. Guard, driven by her love for our country. Alexa’s decision has taught her that many are clueless about the military and wishes to bring attention to “the loss of benefits for veterans due to the loss of money the nation has.” Her life in Moline has shown her that not too many Quad Cities natives join the army and even states that “less than 1% of the US population joins the military.” I also spoke with Madison Yodts, who plans

hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. For this reason, November 11 was commemorated as “Armistice Day” by President Woodrow Wilson. The holiday was later expanded by President Dwight D. Eisenhower to honor all American veterans of all wars, and is now rightfully called Veterans Day. Veterans Day also emcompasses the spirit of people like Madison and Alexa for their willingness to go and

assembly after school on Thursday, November 10. The assembly, taking place in the auditorium directly after school, will feature five to ten veterans speaking and answering questions on their time in the armed forces. Attendance will provide greater understanding of the holiday and our nation’s elite, so please spend your Thursday afternoon with us!

By: Rocio Enriquez contrast, the US believes such opportunities and LO’ T Assistant Co-Editor young adults should figure attention to their studies.” While not all schools Being a teenager in out their future aspirations America is a blessing. It may and hold education as a are able to provide a great not always be perfect for basic requirement that must education, it is great to be an American teenager everyone, but many people be met. Carla Islas, a senior at because the US truly wants do not realize the various opportunities they are given Moline, explains that “the everyone to reach their full US cares about what kind potential . as American teenagers. Here at Moline High Adolescents around School, we are espethe world share similar cially fortunate with all feelings and problems, the classes that we can but to be a teenager join. in the US is different For example, I’m than other countries. glad that this school Some adolescents offers plenty of dual outside of the US credit classes. Of still save up money course, taking these to afford a better dual credit classes education, and many before entering colcountries don’t even lege may initially be require teenagers to stressful, but they are stay in school. definitely beneficial in This lack of requirement is due to Around the world, children share the title the long run and the the need for children of ‘teenager,’ but some have it harder than stress of these courses also prepares us for the to help support their others. Courtesy of workload of college. families at younger So when running around ages and thus are unable to of college we are going to sacrifice this responsibility and where we are going in stressed, remember the to attend school. This life; the leaders in education opportunities you are given shows that teens worldwide are willing to guide us to as an American teenageer go through the similar success, while students in exceed those of many in situations financially, but in other countries don’t receive other countries.

8 Entertainment November 10, 2016

Audrie and Daisy: A documentary that pushes a strong message By Hannah O’Donnell L’OT Reporter

Netflix’s recent film addition includes one movie about the pressing issue of sexual assault of teens across America. The documentary begins by explaining the story of a young girl, Audrie, who passed out at a party. While she was unconcious, three of Audrie’s classmates sexually assaulted her and posted photographs on the incident on social media. A few months later, Audrie committed suicide. In Missouri, another young girl named Daisy was attacked by her older brother’s friends after she and a friend snuck out to a party and got drunk. Daisy’s case was originally dismissed, and the family went through difficult times following the incident. The striking similarities between the Audrie’s

and Daisy’s cases prompted the documentary, which was intended to leave the viewer both disappointed and shocked at the law’s way of dealing the sexual assault, to be made. The documentary was well done with its first-hand interviews. The families of the girls were tastefully interviewed, providing facts the facts. In addition, they also interviewed legal officials and males involved with the sexual assault. This interesting aspect of the movie set it apart from many other documentaries. Audrie’s attackers were given an animation and different names and were questioned about the incident involving Audrie. These interviews were successful in showing that the males committed an undeniably wrong act. Instead of being put in jail, the males were required

Audrie and Daisy film poster Photo cred:

to be interviewed for this groundbreaking documentary and to write a heartfelt apology for the events that led to Audrie’s death. Even though this punishment was not exactly what the parents wanted or thought was fully justifiable, they found that it would be an eye-opener to viewers. When it comes to the pitfalls, the documentary had some dry aspects that could be often slow. Some parts felt like they needed to lead somewhere but took a good amount of time to do so. However, the movie on the whole was undoubtedly an eye-opener and unique in its interviews with the boys. Given a 3.5/5 rating, the feature shows the devastating effects of sexual assault in teenagers across the country. Though somewhat slow, it ultimately and effectively conveyed the intended message.

Battlefield 1 bursts with variety and enjoyability By Truman Van Vooren LO’T Entertainment Editor Battlefield 1 is a first person shooter that takes place during World War I; it is developed by DICE and published by EA. Battlefield 1 succeeds at almost everything, except having a few bugs here and there. The things it exceeds at the most are its single player

Germans. All of these vignettes are fun--some more than others--but as a whole, this is a step in the right direction for Battlefield’s single player. Multiplayer: The multiplayer in Battlefield is as good as always, and unlike the last Battlefield, the servers work with no problem. The new mode Battlefield has is

Design: Battlefield has always been known for having graphics like no one else and Battlefield 1 is no different. For me, graphics have never been a key decider for a game, but with this one, the graphics just make Battlefield a contender for game of the year. The sound design in Battlefield 1 is exceptional. For ex-

Battlefield 1 promotional image. Photo Cred campaign, multiplayer, operations, which stand out ample, the sounds of planes graphics, and sound design. because of how they are al- crashing and the crackling To begin, the single most like a mini campaign sound of a sniper being player is something Battle- mission. This new mode shot are extremely realistic. field as a series has been is pretty much a conquest, Overall: Battlefield 1 known for being lackluster but instead of one objec- is right now the golden at; however, in Battlefield 1 tive, there are multiple. standard for what a first DICE takes a new approach One of my favorite modes person shooter should be by having vignettes about is rush, where one team de- with an enjoyable single the different types of sol- fends the other team from player, as well as an enddiers in World War I, such planting a bomb on its area. lessly fun multiplayer as one vignette being about The thing that makes it fun that has strong maps a British tank driver that is how it is a mix of multi- and modes. Score: 9/10 has just started or an Ital- ple modes, such as domina- It’s available on Xbox One, ian trooper who is fighting tion and team death match. PS4, and PC. with his father against the Graphics and Sound

Feature November 10, 2016


Fun ideas for fall break Spice up your life with a festive drink mix

By: Makayla Castillo LO’T Feature Reporter • Put your homework off until last minute • Catch a turkey with your bare hands • Sleep as much as humanly possible • Play Christmas music and see how many people say “Um, already? Thanksgiving is a holiday too!” • Recreate the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off • Truthfully tell your relatives what you think when they ask “How’s school going?” • Dress up and ask your neighbors for candy • Unrake any leaf pile you see • Try every single Starbucks drink available • If temperatures hit record lows, try licking metal poles for a fun surprise • Eat so much you’re considering how to apply for a job like Man vs. Food • Cover your house entirely in paper hand turkeys • Realize that everything on this list is probably not a good idea (except sleep, do that)

As we grow deeper and deeper into the autumn months, doing your best to eat healthy while By: Ashley Oerman LO’T Feature Reporter finding a way to enjoy all of the season’s tasty treats can be challenging. This time of year, pumpkin spice flavoring is all the rage and anything from Starbucks to Subway has found a way to incorporate it into products and embrace the fall spirit. Plastered everywhere, like most food flings, this product actually contains a lot of sugar and there is almost never a sugar-free alternative. If you’re someone who has grown increasingly conscious of how much money they allot to a food budget and going out to eat, then you may have been thinking of ways to cut these costs or just bring everything closer to home; some may be people who simply enjoy baking and love exploring ways to be healthier. Whatever your interest, this recipe is both healthy and simple to make! Homemade Pumpkin Spice Mix Reduced Sugar, Nut-Free, Gluten Free. Prep time: 5 mins. Yield: half-quart Ingredients: ● 3/4 cup cinnamon ● 1/2 cup ground ginger ● 1/4 cup freshly grated nutmeg ● 1/4 cup ground allspice ● ⅛ cup ground cloves Directions: Photo Mix together all ingredients until fully combined. Store in a cute fall container in a cool, dry place. Add to coffee or tea to taste.

Top ten Thanksgiving treats

Photo Credit: we all have something goBy: Gowri Warikoo ing on. Along with ThanksLO’T Feature Reporter Thanksgiving is right giving comes the delicious around the corner! Whether food! Here are the top ten it’s travelling, relaxing at things to eat at Thanksgivhome, or just sleeping in, ing dinner with your family.. 1. Turkey and gravy 2. Mashed potatoes 3. Pumpkin pie 4. Cranberry sauce 5. Stuffing 6. Dinner rolls 7. Yams 8. Corn 9. Pecan pie 10. Sweet potatoes

Photo Credit: Kiya Ritchie


Feature November 10, 2016

100 years of changing fashion at Moline High School

By: Kaity Miner time period. Fashion trends LO’T Feature Reporter were copied from popular Walking the halls of Mo- movies. Moline sport’s uniline, a blind eye is turned forms from the 1920s are to athletic shorts, leggings, nearly unrecognizable from sandals, and what they sweatshirts. are now. However, put M e n ’ s a 2016 Moline basketball High schooler in wore beltthe halls of the ed shorts 1920s Moline compaHigh School, rable in and everyone length to would stare. The today’s administration’s w o m e n ’s expectations athletic of outfits has shorts. The changed drastijerseys cally over the were tight past 100 years. fitting and From sports v-necked uniforms to A dress advertisement from and bore hemlines, fash- the 1967 Line O’ Type. Pho- an M for ion trends and to credit: Dana Plagenz Moline dress codes are on the constantly changing in re- front. Women’s basketflection of social standards. ball uniforms were quite Flipping through a 1920s the opposite consisting of MHS yearbook, guys are long sleeved jerseys with seen sporting ties and but- team numbers on front ton downs. Everything from and baggy capri pants. dress shoes to suspenders As time progressed, trends were typical for an ordinary evolved and showing more school day. For the girls, skin became acceptable. knee to ankle length skirts The iconic 1960s and 1970s and high collared blouses introduced fashion that inexemplified the conserva- corporated jeans, patterns, tive social standards of that and long hair. Not only were

pants socially acceptable for unbeatable duo. Both guys ers, and crewnecks. When girls, but hemlines shrunk and girls dressed in t-shirts, the weather was nice, girls and hair got long. Flannels, Moline spirit wear, sneak- wore spaghetti straps and turtlenecks, and vests were closet staples for past Moline teens and are trending once again. Sports uniforms from these decades more closely resembled present day ones. Nearly all athletic uniforms read Moline on the front and included a team number on both the front and the back of the jersey. The turn of the millenia invited a new fashion trend of baggy clothes and bare shoulders. Teens in early 2000s began adopting more comfortable looks. Old MHS Basketball uniforms featured short-shorts with Oversized sweatshirts and belts. Photo credit: Dana Plagenz straight leg jeans were an

denim shorts while guys stuck to band t-shirts and cargo shorts. First popularized in the early 2000s, Crocs and Birkenstocks are trending once again. Present day athletic gear and superfan themes are modeled after the 2000s versions The laidback atmosphere of today’s fashion has come a long way. What once began as suits, ties, and ankle length skirts has evolved into the sweatshirt and leggingloving teens of the present. Looking back at outrageous styles and hairdos, what we consider to be hideous now might be the leading fashion trends of decades to come.

Can you match the staff members to their high school yearbook pictures? See Whitey’s ad on page 7 for contest details

Katie Scannell - Erin Stuedeman - Scott Calhoun - Phillip Blunt - Pamela Gross Holly VanHerzeele - Allison Ryser - Trista Sanders - Zachary Morton - Martin Mahieu











Sports November 10, 2016


Maroon of the month Cubs fly the World Series “dub” gling with putting together said that, after feeling some By: Kiya Richie a list of dives that would disappointment at her lack LO’T Reporter Katherine Douglas just do that.” She also broke of record breaking her jucompletely smashed the a six dive record, which nior year, she and her teamMoline and Western Big 6 her coach had told her was mate Kara Christensen participated in an diving records intense diving that had been program to get standing for advice from Dinearly four devision 1 college cades. That’s coaches. It is just the icing on no surprise that the cake for her, the two were though, because able to be sucDouglas and cessful. Lookthe rest of the ing forward to team have been the rest of the hard at work season, Douglas all season in aspires to qualorder to accom- Katherine Douglas performs dive at a swim meet. ify for the state plish challeng-Photo By: Laurie Capan diving semifiing goals. When asked about her new re- “probably out of reach for nals by first three-peating cords, Douglas said “I knew her.” She not only proved as the sectional champion. I could score high enough her coach wrong, but she Best of luck to Douglas to break both two dive re- broke that standing record and the swimming/diving cords, but I was just strug- by twenty points. Douglas team in their post season.

Moline dominates rivals By: Fiona Rohers LO’T Reporter Over the years, Rock Island and United Township have proved to be MHS’s biggest athletic rivals. However, this year’s fall sports have shown their opponents who is the best school. This season, the Moline volleyball team defeated Rock Island twice in two consecutive sets. “We have not defeated Rock Island in two back-to-back matches in the last four years,” Captain Dana Plagenz says, “so getting that second victory was extra special.” The second match against Rock Island was settled in two sets with scores of 25-14 and 25-15. The second set was

promising to be very close until Senior Anna Finch fired off eight serves, giving the Maroons a comfortable lead. The volleyball team also swept United Township in two sets each match. The soccer team, who earned the Western Big Six conference title, won against both Rock Island and United Township three goals to none. “Both UT and Rocky have super potent offenses, so it was super cool and exciting to have our entire team rotating and playing defense well,” says Senior Gavin Graham, one of the team’s captains. With a score of 40-7, the football team defeated United Township at their own

field. Even though the varsity team received a disappointing loss from Rock Island, this year’s seniors were still 3-1 against the Rocks. Girls’ swimming and diving was predicted to lose their dual meet against Rock Island, but Moline was able to achieve an upset victory of 95-91. “We weren’t expected to win this meet, so the victory is extra special,” says Katherine Douglas, who is a diver on the team, “Our main goal is to perform our best and show the other schools how competitive Moline is.” Right: “W” flag flies above Wrigley Field. Photo courtesy of the MLB Auction

end their own 68-year title of anticipation for supportBy: Ryan Reed drought; however, the Cubs ers of both sides after IndiLO’T Reporter After 108 long years, the rallied back to force a de- ans outfielder Rajai Davis Cubs have finally broken cisive Game Seven at Pro- tied the game during the the Curse of the Billy Goat. gressive Field in Cleveland. bottom of the eighth inning. With the game undecided On November 2nd, with Since the last time the Cubs were World Series Cham- an audience of more than after the ninth, a tenth inning was due, yet a brief pions, both radio rain delay gave Cubs and television Right Fielder Jason were invented, the Heyward the opTitanic was built, portunity to rally his set sail, sank, and team before resuming was rediscovered, play. Ultimately, the Halley’s Comet Cubs scored two runs passed Earth twice, to the Indians’ one in and forty Summer the tenth inning, and and Winter Olymwon, on the road, 8-7. pics were held. To commemorate Through the the massive win, the massive drought, Chicago River was however, fans’ faith dyed Cubbie blue hardly wavered. and the Windy City Hazel Nilson, a held a massive celdedicated Cubs ebratory parade on fan born in 1908, Friday, which drew says she knew the five mil2016 season was Cubs Fan Levi Znaecki poses with the Dis- nearly the Cubs’ to win. patch/Argus the day after the Cubs’ victory. lion fans to attend. Awestruck, Moline After her long wait Photo By: Grafton Carlson senior and lifelong to see a Chicago victory, she finds the 108th 40 million, Game Seven Cubs fan, Aaron Miller feels stitch on a baseball signifi- became the most-watched that Game Seven was the cant because it represents World Series game since greatest baseball game of the drought’s final season. 2001, and kicked off in all time. Even still, he has The first step in this his- equally historic fashion mixed feelings about the toric 2016 run came when when Dexter Fowler hom- Cubs’ victory. “Having the the Cubs bested the Dodg- ered on just the fourth pitch Cubs finally win, was reers four games to two to win of the game to put the Cubs lieving and bitter sweet,” he the National League for the ahead early. At 39-years- says, “We finally won, but first time since 1945. Three old, Cubs Catcher David we are no longer the ‘lovdays later, Chicago squared Ross also became the old- able losers’ of the MLB.” up with Cleveland for the est player to homer in a After all, with the Cubs on first of ultimately seven World Series Game Seven top this year, the Cleveland World Series games. After when he hit a home run in Indians now hold the longest four games, the Indians held the top of the sixth inning. current title drought, which a 3-1 lead over the Cubs, Even with Chicago’s suc- leaves MLB fans waiting needing a single victory to cess, the game became one anxiously until next season.


Sports November 10, 2016

Fall sports earn two WB6 championship titles

By: Katherine Douglas LO’T Sports Editor

teams finished their early seasons with low scores and sectional qualifiers. The girls’ squad finished 3rd overall in the Western Big Six following strong performances from Junior Sam Cramer (10th place), Senior Paige Finch, and Freshman Madison Wenthe. All three moved on to the 3A sectional meet a few weeks later to complete their final competition of the season on high notes. On the boys’ side,

was named to the 2016 Dispatch/Argus All-Star Team. On the football field, As the leaves are changthe Maroons found posiing colors, fall sports are tives in a tough 2016 run. wrapping up. The 2016 The varsity team finished season has been extremely 1-4 in Conference play and successful for all teams in 2-7 overall. Highlights this WB6 competition and beyear include the dominant yond. “Although we are a victory in the Moline home little behind in sweepstakes opener, and a huge win over standings, all our sports rival United Township. are performing well in the Dominantly, Moline conference,” says Athletic soccer became outright Director Todd Rosenthal. Western Big Six ChampiRunning ons with a through their 4-0 record in seasons, both conference cross counplay. Unfortry teams tunately, the improved team exited upon tough the Regional starts. The tournament girls team early followcame back ing close lossfrom a 5th es to Rockton place finish Hononegah at the Westand Minooern Big Six ka; however, Championnumerous ship Meet to players still place 10th at performed the Regional exceptionChampionally. Seniors ships the Abdoulaye following Diawara, week. JuGavin Granior Alexis ham, and Wolfe, vital Armando to the team’s Trigueros performancearned Alles, advanced further to Moline Junior Kiya Richie gets ready to spike the volley- S e c t i o n a l s Honors from the sectional ball. the IHSSCA meet. The Photo by Steve Novak to punctuboys’ conferate their ence team looked strong, placing second following Senior Eric Spurgetis led strong year. Graham is also three individual Top 10 fin- the varsity team to a WB6 the 2016 Dispatch/Argus ishes. The squad qualified second place finish with an Soccer Player of the Year. On the court, Maroons as a team for the 3A sec- individual runner-up title. volleyball (9-1) also beSpurgetis also qualified for tional the following week. Girls and boys varsity golf the 3A sectional meet and came the newest reigning

WB6 Champions this 2016 season. Senior Anna Finch is elated about MHS volleyball’s first championship in her career. “We have never beaten Quincy, so winning against them for the title was a big step for our

program,” she says. Finch along with fellow captains Dana Plagenz and Isabel Potter also led varsity to an overall 27-9 record. All in all, the fall sports season has seen dominant, and excellent performances

from every sport. The rest of Moline’s athletic year is off to a strong start with two conference-winning teams already, and, according to Rosenthal, “The momentum will translate well into the winter season.”

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MHS LineOType November 2016  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the November issue. Look for nostalgic recollection of...

MHS LineOType November 2016  

It's the 100th Volume of the Moline High School student newspaper, LineOType. This is the November issue. Look for nostalgic recollection of...

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