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Join forces with Redline Company Let Redline become YOUR external marketing department

We give your marke ting a push...

Did you know that‌ Redline Company can become your external marketing department?

At Redline we like to work with selected clients on a retainer basis as we believe that marketing is a constant activity that needs to be carried out continuously to support and promote your business. When you become one of our retainer clients you can choose how many hours we spend on marketing your company and decide on a campaign that best suits your needs. We would become part of your team with regular meetings, respecting deadlines to ensure that the whole marketing process runs smoothly and that our efforts obtain the best results possible. The most obvious benefit to employing Redline as your marketing department is that instead of hiring just one person, you obtain:

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A whole team focused on your business A multilingual group with different skills, expertise and experience A fresh point of view and advice on your business Consultancy and motivation on a regular basis Consistency in your marketing efforts No extra employment fees such as health care, vacations, sickness etc.

What can Redline do for your business? When Redline Company becomes YOUR external marketing department, the hours can be spent on a mix of the following activities: P Brand Creation including maintenance P Meetings P Research, including international markets if necessary P Inspiration, ideas and brainstorming P Advertising and Marketing plans – including execution of tasks P Websites; from writing SEO content to construction, design and maintenance P Press Releases and Press Liaison in both Spanish and English P Newsletters, writing content, programming in HTML and transmission P Negotiating and booking adverts, outdoor advertising etc. according to budget P Events and Press Launches P Social Media and Online Marketing activities to increase traffic to your website P Copywriting in both Spanish and English P Graphic Design P Print Management P Sourcing and Design of Merchandise P Content Marketing Marketing:

is the process by which companies create customer interest in products or services through various channels 3

Why choose us?

If you are serious about the success of your business you must be aware that carefully planned initiatives deliver the best results.

From our experience, most businesses undermine their marketing efforts by employing several companies to oversee different aspects of their campaign in an attempt to save money. Most of the time this ends in failure, which is when they approach Redline to create an integrated marketing plan that will ensure that they get the best possible value for money. When you hire Redline Company as your external marketing department you will benefit from a co-ordinated marketing vision. Redline will provide a complete team of marketing professionals to work continuously on your project, holding regular meetings and providing a permanent consultancy service. Thereby relieving you from the burden of financing employment fees such as health care, holiday pay and sickness benefit. Additionally, we have wide experience of the Spanish market and can help your company to tap its potential. You do not want to miss out on the potential of a market consisting of 46 million Spanish people, so let Redline’s international and multilingual team give you a head start on the competition.


How does it work?

Whatever the nature of your business, Redline can help you to maximise its potential, BUT your input is vital! If we are to help your company to achieve its full potential we need the assistance of at least one member of staff who can provide us with information of any new products, services, upcoming events or staff news. As with all aspects of marketing, communication is key; we would request that you work closely with us to ensure that all the material that we prepare on your behalf contains accurate and current information.

When Redline becomes YOUR external marketing department, the time can be spent on a combination of the following activities:

Evaluation Get fresh eyes to evaluate and improve your current marketing material.

Brand Creation Starting a new business can be an exciting time, but you should make sure that your company gains maximum recognition. Redline has wide experience in helping new companies to decide on such marketing essentials as corporate logos, slogans and straplines ensuring that – even if you’re entering a congested marketplace – your company stands out from the crowd. If your business is already established we will make sure that we maintain the brand identity throughout all material, including creating a brand manual if you do not already have one.

Meetings At least one monthly meeting will be held to brainstorm new ideas, plan and examine feedback. This is your chance to sit down with the team and discuss your aims and objectives for the month ahead. Every month we prepare an action plan from this meeting so all parties involved will know exactly what will need to be prioritised the following month.

Research Redline undertakes to research the market and define the competition. This will ensure that we are fully appraised of your product or service and the existing market.

Drawing up an Advertising and Marketing Plan Redline undertakes to prepare a full advertising and marketing plan that takes all previous marketing activity into account. The resultant plan will be drawn up with due consideration given to budget and target market. Redline will at all times negotiate the best price possible for advertisements.

Press Releases and Press Liaison We will write and distribute press releases and liaise with appropriate publications. The press release will be tailored in accordance with the media target. We can also write articles suitable for local, national and international magazines and newspapers, although, as usual with media coverage, we cannot guarantee that these will always be published.


Special Events and Press Launches Redline can help you to organise events and launches and provide support on the day. We will also ensure that members of the press are invited.

Web Design, Creation & Maintenance Redline can design, construct and write the content for your website. Whether you already have a corporate site but would like to see better results with targeted SEO content or you are starting a new company from scratch, with our expertise we can build and maintain your website, ensuring that you present a fresh, up-to-date face to your potential clientele. We also include a mobile version, as an extension to the website to optimize its visibility on SmartPhones.

Social Media (good for SEO) Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are an effective way to draw potential customers to your website. However, few businesses have the time to ensure that their Facebook profiles or Twitter identities are regularly updated and a poorly maintained social media page is worse than not having one at all. Redline can write an agreed number of Facebook messages and Tweets per month and upload them, ensuring that your social media presence is constantly maintained.

Content Marketing incl. blogs (good for SEO) Contemporary marketing philosophy holds that nurturing a relationship with your clients is a far more effective tool than bombarding them with advertising. One of the best ways to provide your clientele with high quality information is via a corporate blog. Whether you use this to feature information about new products or services or as an informal platform to keep them abreast of your activities at trade fairs and exhibitions, Redline can set up your blog and provide a set amount of top quality monthly content. We can also research and produce copy for other relevant blogs within your industry.

Copywriting (English and Spanish) Whether on websites and blogs or in brochures, press releases and newsletters, good quality copy should be taken as read, yet companies frequently undermine their best efforts with poorly written, ungrammatical and misspelled text. Redline Company is able to produce succinct and effective writing for all your marketing material in both English and Spanish. We also specialise in producing web content to SEO standard.

Graphic Design and Print Management We have a wealth of experience in designing such essential materials as websites, flyers, business cards, advertisements, point of sale material and much more. We also offer a full print management service, obtaining estimates on your behalf and working with printers to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Sourcing of Merchandise Merchandising is an excellent way of reaching new customers, but we find that many businesses need help to decide which items are appropriate for their needs. Redline Company has years of experience in advising and guiding individuals with regard to the nature and quality of their merchandise, and can supervise the process from the beginning to the final branding of the chosen products. 6

::marb ella:: ::marb ella::

Version 4 colors English

Version 4 colors Spanish

High quality aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry

Odontolog ía estética de alta calidad ::marb ella:: Version 1 color positivo - cuatricromia -

Version 1 color positivo - cuatricromia -

C:100 / M:80

C:100 / M:80

High quality aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry

Odontolog ía estética de alta calidad

SOME OF OUR RETAINER CLIENTS: Version 1 color positivo - cuatricromia -

High quality aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry

Version 1 color positivo - cuatricromia -

Odontolog ía estética de alta calidad

| Biosculpture España | 5 cenas | Del sol Packaged | Team Kroh Dental | La Fishita | Enviroprove | Aloha Hill Club Marbella | Starlet | Puncture Safe Spain | Unique Beauty | Oasis Dental Clinic | ATUM & Partners | Passion Café | Hestiun Version white

Version white

| Glass LPS | Ogee Magazine | Thai Style | New Concept Training | Cero Arte | The Gecko Pro Tour | Christine High quality aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry

Odontolog ía estética de alta calidad

Heckel | BfB image consulting | ghd | Mind-house | Dextra Legal | Aloha Restaurant | Aqua Arena | Perez legal Group and more...

National - Spain / Bio

Sculpture España / Beauty Bio Sculpture España came to Redline in 2009. Their challenge was to penetrate the Spanish market with the excellent and world renowned product Bio Sculpture Gel. Bio Sculpture had - after only one year working with Redline Company - received coverage in magazines worth approximately 46.000€. This includes national magazines such as Cuore Biuty, Woman and Mia as well as national trade magazines such as Vida Estetica, Cabines and Nailpro. They have also been featured on national Television TVE 1.

Local - Costa del Sol / NCT / Fitness

Redline Company worked with NCT to rebrand the fitness centre, modifying the look and a multilingual website (Spanish and English). Due to the location - with a lack of natural footfall – we were also asked to promote the NCT café and Mojo restaurant, providing a full array of marketing services including a promotional video: • Graphic design: create a new logo, produce promotional

• • • •

presentations, billboards, flyers, newsletters Website: designed and build a website with CMS, write text, upload content. Social media: implement and manage accounts, write blogs PR: press releases written in Spanish and English and distributed to press Coordination: photography, billboards, press ads 7

International / The

Gecko Pro Tour / Golf

“Once our site was launched, the response was immediate; it is definitely true that careful planning pays off. By sitting down with the Redline team and telling them exactly what we wanted the site to do, it started to draw in the type of informed and enthusiastic visitors that we are hoping to attract.” Rupert Hubbard, The Gecko Pro Tour January 2012

Redline Company was originally approached by Paul Netherton and Rupert Hubbard of The Gecko Pro Tour to design a new website and manage the social media aspect of the Tour. Over time, our relationship with the client developed into a marketing retainer, and so far we have carried out the following tasks:

International / Ogee

• • • • • • • •

design of logo design and programming of website social media management search engine marketing producing a personalized newsletter design and sourcing of printed materials design and sourcing of merchandise and much more...

Magazine / Interior design

“We are very pleased with the way that Ogee Magazine has allowed us to reflect the philosophy and interests of Estomar91 and are already looking forward to publishing the next edition.”. Vladan Stojic, Estomar91, April 2012

Vladan Stojic of construction company Estomar91 approached us with the idea of producing a magazine in English and Spanish, focusing on Estomar91´s main areas of interest: building, project management, architecture and interior and furniture design. In a close cooperation with the client, we designed the entire magazine, finalised the content and managed the 8

printing process. The Redline team was able to construct a flatplan that incorporated all of his suggestions while adding some material that would attract a wider readership and including some space for advertisements. Redline’s second task was to create a website for the magazine, complete with seo and social media optimization.

National / BfB


/ Fashion

As an image consultant and business coach it is essential that my company projects the right image, which applies to all marketing. I contacted Redline to create a logo, corporate branding and a stylish website that will showcase my skills…they have delivered on all counts. I have a fantastic working relationship with Redline and I continue to be impressed by their creativity and professionalism.

Berta approached Redline mid-2013 for assistance in setting up and marketing her business to a clientele on the Costa del Sol and Madrid. Together we came up with a name, look and feel to the business. We worked on the following areas: • Graphic design: corporate identity including the name and logo, magazine advertisements, business cards, presentation designs etc.

• • •

Local - Costa del Sol / Unique

Website: design and build site with CMS and a blog, uploaded text and images, online SEO PR: write and distribute press releases, press liaison, arrange interviews and editorial Social media: Set up and manage social media accounts.

Beauty / Beauty

“I was impressed by the depth of Redline Company’s expertise the team had some excellent ideas about the best way to market Unique Beauty and knew exactly how best to execute them. Unique Beauty, January 2012

Unique Beauty contracted Redline Company as its external marketing department before opening the salon, with a view to total consistency of marketing.

• • •

Redline Company created; • a complete corporate look • website design in 2 language

all text in both Spanish and English provided SEO keywords installed and managed social media accounts as well as a beauty blog design billboards and flyers coordinated a journalist trial, inviting the local press to enjoy a pedicure at the salon.


International / NomadJets

Jetlev Centre / Action

“Redline knew exactly what I needed and how it should be done, and from get-go we’ve worked from an agreed action plan which has been followed to the letter – and on schedule. The team worked quickly, professionally and has kept me informed at every stage of the process”.

NomadJets needed short-term intensive assistance to promote their Jet-lev flight in Marbella throughout the summer season. We had 3 weeks to implement a marketing and PR plan covering design, copywriting, social media and PR generating interviews and press coverage worth over 5000€. We worked on the following areas: • Graphic design: flyers, emails, business and loyalty cards, press ads • Copywriting: advertisements, flyers, emails, social media posts, editorial

• • • • •

International / Christine

PR: write and distribute press releases, press liaison to arrange guest lists and interviews Online marketing: create B2B email campaign, inclusion in Redline newsletter Website: upload text and images, implemented Google Analytics, translated Spanish text Social media: create Facebook and Twitter accounts, manage activity and regular posts Coordination: arrange merchandise, printing and distribution of marketing material

Heckel / Spiritual

Redline Company ticks all the boxes; the perfect blend of personality and professionalism. I initially approached them to update my logo and to design a new website…today they look after all of my marketing activity on a retainer basis. Being an international team they offer different perspectives and the fact that they speak several languages is a bonus. I have no hesitation in recommending Line and her team, as you will be in safe hands.

Christine wanted her branding to present a more stylish look and to reflect her position as a representative of the Peter Hess Academy in Spain. We designed a stylish new website complete with blogs, sound links, videos, social media and multilingual functionality. The brief covered: • Graphic design: create a new corporate look, newsletters, emails, press ads, flyers, website. • Website: design and build a stylish new site with CMS, upload

• • •

images, text, video, sound files and a blog in 3 languages - and online SEO. Copywriting: web content, press releases, press ads, editorial, flyers, social media profiles, emails, blogs, social media posts PR: write and distribute press releases, liaise with press, arrange interviews, editorial and promotions, journalist trials. Social media: blogs, Facebook and Twitter: writing of posts, set up and management of accounts. 10

International / The

Aloha Hill Club

/ Property

“We are very happy with the results that we obtained from Redline Company. The speed and the professional way of taking care of every task has impressed us. And the complete corporate look and consistency in the material is just brilliant”. Aloha Hill Club Marbella, August 2011

The Siesta Homes Group –parent company to The Aloha Hill Club, Siesta Real Estate and Las Palmeras de Calahonda – approached Redline Company in 2011 with a brief to work as their external marketing department to market (initially) The Aloha Hill Club luxury development. We started by creating a totally new corporate look, tasks covered everything from graphic design, copywriting, PR, online analytics and making a promotional videos to creating a high quality corporate magazine. • Graphic design: logo, brochures, flyers, landing pages, corporate magazine, billboards, press ads, newsletters, emails and website.

International / Siesta

• •

• • •

Copywriting: press releases, newsletters, blogs, web content, articles, advertisements and posters. Website: Design stylish new site with multilingual functionality and CMS, update text and images, set up Google Ad campaign and Google Analytics, set up blog and social media links. online SEO. Coordination: professional photographers, merchandising, outside advertising, press ads and printing. PR: Press releases, press liaison, promotional videos Social media: Set up accounts, write and post social media tweets, ensure regular activity on all accounts

Real Estate

Mid 2013, Redline was asked to provide Siesta Real Estate with a brand new look and website, and to put together a marketing plan to launch the new website and a new property lounge and property club. All aspects of marketing were employed including:

• • • •

…and much more

/ Property

Graphic design: posters, business cards, website, emails, folders, Copywriting: strap lines, web content, newsletters, press releases, Website: complete design and building of user friendly site with CMS, set up blog, online SEO Social media: manage accounts, post content on Twitter, Facebook and write blogs for website


Local - Costa del Sol / Passion

Café / Catering

“We are very happy with the results that have already been delivered, via the Happy Hour campaign and the new website.” - Malcolm Spendlove, Passion Café, May 2012

Redline Company was approached by Passion Café primarily to institute a general marketing strategy. This family oriented restaurant already enjoyed a solid reputation locally and therefore has a loyal clientele, but many of these regular visitors tend to arrive during lunch time. The task, then, was to ensure that the footfall extended throughout the evening. Redline proposed a Happy Hour Offer: a two-course meal for a set price between the hours of 19:00 and 22:00, which proved very successful, so much so that Passion Café decided to come up with more such special offers.

Local - Costa del Sol / Mr

Additionally, Redline worked on Passion Café´s marketing mix by: • writing, designing and building a new website • taking photographs and video footage to be uploaded onto the internet • producing a regular newsletter • design of all flyers, etc. • and much more...

Gourmet Burger / Catering

Undoubtedly one of Redline’s favourite concepts – a cartoon burger man with a penchant for world travel – was created as a new concept, which has been carried through into the social media in the form of light-hearted travel blogs, and throughout the restaurant. The intention was to create a buzz and a point of difference which has been extremely successful.

• • • •

Graphic design: create a concept, with logo and corporate identity, flyers, menus, advertisements, loyalty cards, vouchers, posters, around the world postcards, billboards Website: design, build and write content (Spanish & English, implement a blog, links to social media PR: write and distribute press releases, liaise with press, arrange events and editorial Coordination: merchandise, billboards, printing 12

Established in 2004, Redline Company is an award winning marketing agency located in Puerto Banús staffed by a talented creative team of international professionals with expertise in marketing, graphic design, website design, copywritin g, PR, social media and much more.

• • • • • •

Established since 2004 Extensive knowledge of local market Multilingual international team Full marketing agency service Award winning design Unbiased advice, a fresh point of view and new ideas

Terms and Conditions for external marketing department packages.

You need to sign up for a minimum of 3 months when on a retainer. We require one point of contact in house to enhance the synergy of our work together. The retainer does not include costs for printing, advertising, programming, merchandise, shipping costs, travel expenses and other external costs, but we can quote for these separately. The retainer price is only for Redline’s hours. The monthly fee will be charged up front at the beginning of each month prior to commencing the work. In exceptional circumstances cancellation of the contract by Redline or client, will be accepted with two months’ notice from the date of the lst invoice. Should the client wish to cancel the contract with immediate effect, a one-off penalty fee of 200 euros ex IVA will be payable. Any remaining hours on the client’s account that have not been used due to lack of interest from the client, will be valid for 3 months from the date of the last invoice and are none-refundable. After 3 months they will be deemed as spent. If you need extra hours during busier months/periods we can quote for them separately. All media relationships are solely property of Redline, during the time of the marketing retainer and onwards. We can only make the effort to send information and follow it up. Editorial can never be guaranteed as the editorial team of the publication always has the final choice of content. This is why we always suggest that our clients have a small advertising budget to gain guaranteed visibility in the press. Please note that we take great pride in our marketing and will work hard to bring you the best results but all parts of the business chain must work together in order to ensure overall success. Business processes must be in practice making sure you follow up any leads, ensure your telephones are answered in a professional, courteous manner, making note of where leads are coming from, updating your database and answering emails promptly. We want to work with you as part of a successful team achieving the desired results. Before any marketing activity can commence it is essential that the Redline team can visit the client in order to learn more about the company, or the product/product range and also evaluate the existing marketing activities that have been carried out so far. Redline needs to see the previous marketing activities such as advertisements, press releases and so on. Images provided by Redline in design work cannot be distributed individually. Our website does not support flash, nor do we recommend the use of Flash supported software as it is not compatible with search engines, iPads and iPhones. When we design and programme websites, we always use the latest software available. In the future, it may be necessary to upgrade the website for the components to work properly. Such upgrades are included in the packages, however, we would like to make you aware, that it may also be necessary to spend additional time on maintenance at some point in the future.


This is what is included in your retainer package: (The tasks executed will always depend on the priorities and hours assigned). COORDINATION OF MARKETING EFFORTS P Monthly meeting and action plan P Monthly timesheet of hours spent P Motivation and new ideas P Brainstorm sessions P Creative input Research P P Monitoring of results P Multi-cultural and multilingual team P A clear focus GRAPHIC DESIGN P Corporate branding P Logos and design manual Brochures/flyers/magazines/ P Adverts P P Outdoor advertising signs such as billboards, mupis, bins P Business cards, stationery P Exhibition material P Personalized QR code P Web site and banners WEBSITE P Design Construction P Maintenance P P Mobile version compatible for SmartPhones Developing P P Implementing of Meta data, keywords etc. P Installation of Google analytics or other COPYWRITING IN BOTH SPANISH AND ENGLISH P Press releases P Newsletters P Blogs P Articles P SEO friendly copy for web P Interviews P Radio scripts NEWSLETTERS P Copywriting in both English and Spanish P Design set-up P Programming in HTML P Management of transmission P Data capturing P Database compilation OTHERS: P Coordination of events/launch parties P Print management P Merchandise research and design 14

PRESS LIAISON P Creation of press release P Distribution to relevant press P Research of relevant press P Online distribution of press releases P Liaison with press (both Spanish and English) P Journalist trials P Invitation of press to events ONLINE MARKETING P Banner ads P Online directory listings P Facebook ads P Adwords campaigns SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT P Setting up relevant social media accounts (twitter, facebook, tuenti etc.) Blogs P P Copywriting in both Spanish and English P Daily maintenance of your social media accounts P Research and implementation of social media trends P Creative input in social media strategy MARKETING AND ADVERTISING PLAN P Research of relevant media and methods P Negotiation with media P Creation of a plan according to budget P Executing of all steps in plan P Booking of adverts and keeping to deadlines CONTENT MARKETING P Copywriting in both Spanish and English P Articles to distribute to relevant article databases P Blog entries to external blogs P Print or online newsletters with focus on content PHOTOS AND ILLUSTRATIONS P Semi professional photography P Coordination with professional photographers P Photoshop work Illustrations P P Use of image stock library to which Redline subscribes

PCoordination of translations to other languages PSmall videos for YouTube PSecretarial services

Redline Company was established in 2004 on the Costa del Sol, Spain. Redline is a full service marketing agency, specialising in graphic design and marketing. Based in Marbella, we offer a great service for all your design and promotion needs. Specialising in working quickly and efficiently, Redline acts as a one stop marketing shop providing everything from new company logos, business cards, brochures and flyers to websites, advertising and PR campaigns and press liaison.

Contact Redline on: +34 952 816 678

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