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A woman is wire and more. They think their mother with mother.

Picasso is down like a carpet on the floor. Line Lee Sky Skywalker Karlström Jenny Grönvall and more They are radicals to the core. SCENE II Jenny Grönvall comes in and makes woman. Annika Lundgren Have lovers have a dog show. The Feminist Trickster My heart and my brain. The haunted house where the wires have been cut. Anyone who does not lie dies. Line Sky Karlström

So all dogs show their tail they mind a part of yesterday they lay.

Jenny Grönvall and Jenny Tunedal At present. When this you see remember me. Picasso is down like a carpet on the floor. SCENE II The Feminist Choir Lee Sky Karlström

Hilma af Klint Shulamith Firestone

Feminism should be about being uncomfortable and not to feel at all at home. The distance between the language and my tongue. The distance between my mother and my father and me. Has been painted Is dead

SCENE III Jenny Grönvall, Jonathan Meese and Line Skywalker Karlstrom The Feminist Choir

All are dancing. So they or there.

We thank you we love your bodies in motion your bodies full of a strong art feeling and breaking and understanding but new and confusing understanding

SCENE IV Who has made it do will with them three times in dancing. Women as women. Hyacinths smells like a women's collective. Sappho

The sun rises and sets. At sunset begins the rustle of secret lesbian sex acts in the bushes in the parks in this city. Oh, you did not know. You must know and we must all go. To them bushes.


I will return for dinner. Let us then talk about women cruising the parks and public sex and a strong feeling for art but confusing. And Surrealism and chocking and diverting.


Freedom Now! Freedom Now! Down with the patriarchy!

Iris Smeds

SCENE V All (of us)

Every time I said the middleclass and class hate she became furious. Thumped his little foot. A bunny like rage.

The hotness of unhealthy scattered chaotic bodies. Wandering body parts. Bodies that deviate from the path of the general will. A stone, ein Stein. Poles, banners and buckets to keep them in. Limps. There has been a fire and parts are burnt and distorted. Direction and lack of direction. Disorientation.

Line Lee Skywalker Karlstrรถm

Today I feel like crying and then sleeping. Today I feel that I am an artist who is a complete failure. An idiot. I shame myself.

Feminist counselor Line Skywalker Karlstrรถm

To never feel completely at home, to always do a little wrong. No, she did not say I was just kidding. Did or do, now it has been done. Then she undid it and then some more. To redo it differently. Scene II and then Scene II one after the other it is getting dull and plain. And you cannot manage your health better. Getting all dirty and dressed in rags. Rags and bones and stones. What is the meaning of this work. Are you stupid?

Feminist counselor

Claude Cahn and the dog Sappho wakes them up as they go away. All dykes have dogs named Billie. And Robin. Ribbon goes out, had to go to the home of Basket. SCENE VI Jenny Grรถnvall:

Comes in. Decorate this space with tacky curtains, cheap china and artificial flowers. Skulls and everything that shines. No order. A pink flamingo and a skull. Do it and then it is undone. Because we are undoers and lovers.

Lipstick. An antagonism. A sea. A pig pink several tons. And then some. Lee Sky Karlstrรถm:

I am never invited because they don't know if it is suitable. I sometimes get an invitation but that does not mean that it is a pleasure that I am present. For those whose will is ____ by the general will.

The Feminist Choir

We love pink. Pink is subversive. Pink as the inside of your thighs. Pink as mother and tongue.

Alice B. Toklas Elke Sylvia Liv and Liv Liv Bugge and Liv Strand Delaine LeBas Life as art Sadness and weakness Sarah Lucas Tracey Emin Thea Djordjaze Being a lover a dandy a freak not a penny maker not a horse not a survivor

Kajsa Dahlberg Ester Fleckner Iris Smeds

I felt calmer when I was obsessed. I felt calmer when I was obsessed. I felt calmer when I was obsessed.

Line Lee Karlström Lee Sky Karlström

I may go and stay. I am younger.

High Heel Sisters

Are dead

Picasso is down like a carpet on the floor. SCENE VII All women Will. Do. It. Picasso is on the floor lying there as a carpet. What is together what is a collective body. Are we together are our bodies ours to share. Are our bodies one whole or shifting formations of desires and directions. Acts of community pleasure All

We are so many and we are so cool. We don't give a shit about belonging to the social body. Why should we when everything with us is a negotiation and a fight.

Lee Sky

There are no questions to answer. There are relatively no answers to questions.

Barbara Hammer

She comes in with a pole.

Karin Michalski

Does she? Did she? Now it is there, a pole and a hole. Orientations are political. Embodiments of having or having not.


This is the future. The first feminist party ever to be elected to the Parliament. You always have to buy champagne and be properly prepared.

SCENE VII We own this place. We own this history. We own this language. Line Skywalker Karlström is a restless rebel. Line Skywalker Karlström and Asger Jorn are restless rebels. SCENE VII I forgot to bring the flowers and the poles. Line Lee Karlström Lee Sky Karlström Lee Skywalker

I do not know you and do not know your name. I love to name and blame. What is the name of this I adore names.

The Feminist Choir

Restructures and collapses in chains now. Jealousy can be a political disappointment. The failure of feminist dreams of sisterhood.

ACT III Receiving Nancy Speros letters to Lucy Lippard, across times and continents, it is a good day. SCENE II Marguerite in case of all. Ellen Sunesson and Iris Smeds are here, sitting. Jenny Grรถnvall An investigation of sanctioned body conditions. The upright position is a sign for productivity. Ellen Sunesson Lying down is a threat to the late capitalist society. High Heel Sisters Standing up and doing nothing in public space. Nothing criminal. It is not very pleasant for all. Lee Sky Karlstrรถm

You are horizontal. The sun rises and your legs on earth. Night Sky. History's outcasts can come home between my legs. Lie down on a mat on a floor with the horizon. The ocean. Subversive acts of desire. My hands are empty.

The Feminist Choir

Empty hands, fists, wrists. Gestures of resistance and queer desire.

SCENE III J. Rytel R. Benborg J. Bjรถrnberg K. Stensland R. Lorentz

Rule one. Go out alone at night. I own this street and this city. Because I do not at all. I take it back and take it back. Go out alone as an act of resistance. An act that stretches in eternal time.

The Feminist Choir

The act of looking at queer bodies dreaming queer bodies.

Line Lee Sky

My body parts spread out in the space, the streets, at club. Tongue on floor and walls. Fists are tools for collective pleasure and fighting.

Sarah Ahmed

To wander is to disobey a command.

Lisa Junert

My body in this space is made of triangles and squares, prisms and octagons. Straight lines and a rod. You always have to follow the line of desire with your gaze, that point where it wishes to enter or die away.

Lisa Vippola

SCENE III K. Smelka Carried a pole. They invited her to an invitation. J. Jee Kim Came in and she asked. K. Dahlberg said let it by them. K. Astrup Liked it as a wire. T. Djordjaze Needed to be certain that there is a bloom. To a rose. T. Wrรฅnes Was not to blame. That Margeuerite was displaced. E. Fleckner Has come. T. Lovell Has been painted. SCENE IV Shaming, to feel shame, to be productively shameful SCENE V Augusta Atla

I am my empty hands.

SCENE VI Line Lee Karlstrรถm SCENE VII All

You are your tense fruity forearm. A cone and a plug.

But a coherent story does not exist. The social body deviates from their own path. The social body is fragments and is on the run. Is a scrubbing with dangling pussies and tongues.

Jenny Grรถnvall and Line Sky Karlstrรถm came. Jonathan Meese

And what is your name. Moar? I have no name in short have no name. What is the name of this I adore names.

Line Lee Skywalker

Mother and tongue.

SCENE VIIII May waltzes. Have sisters. In imitation. Of Hyacinths. Claude

Disorientation and repetition. A carpet for Tal R and a blanket for Basket.

Line Lee Sky Karlstrรถm

Jenny Grรถnvall has a body. A very vertical body. We are bodybuilders. Where does my body end? My body is a flock of red canaries all spread out.

ACT IV Buckets and poles. Fastens it namely. Desire on the above floor and walls as the knees and chests breasts writes on art with moisture and common areas that become a shared outcast yearning for low and failures. SCENE II Scene II is missing. SCENE III Those who went away left traces. Like prints. Displaced and out of place. I am rehearsing. This is thinking. To come back at the present.

In Absence Bodies Present - Nothing But Cuntemporaries Allowed  

Line Lee Skywalker Karlström

In Absence Bodies Present - Nothing But Cuntemporaries Allowed  

Line Lee Skywalker Karlström