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INTRO & CREW........................................2 UPCOMING EVENTS ..............................4

By: Daniel Abadia

New Movies


Winter Affair Fashion Show

2011 MOVIES ..............................................6

By: Sarah O’Neil

SPORTS & RECREATION .......................8

By: Eyren Uggenti

HOW TO .................................................. 10

By: Danilo Candido



WINTER AFFAIR .................................... 14 By: Line & Sinker Crew

Snowboarding In Whistler

INTERVIEW ............................................ 18 By: Lucas Dos Santos PHOTO ESSAY ........................................ 20 By: Alejandro Palacios LaSalle College International Vancouver Campus 604-683-2006 200 – 889 West Pender Street Vancouver BC V6C 3B2 Canada

8 Photos*, design, layout by students in Graphic Design Program in Editorial/Publication class. Read issues online: *Except where indicated.

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Our Crew

Chubby Rain. That was the somewhat Daryl Askey feeble, but amusing name of the fictional Art Director & Editor of the mag – also movie Steve Martin’s character despereducator, designer, music producer, and ately tries to produce in the actual movie more! Bowfinger. Bowfinger was not the most memorable film of 1999 (the Internet Movie Database has it rated at 6.4 out of 10), but it still gives Alejandro Palacios me a chuckle when I think about it. Another comical name in the movie is “Mind Head.” It occupied an important part Digital artist and photo of Eddie Murphy’s movie-star character’s life as the new-age editor extraordinaire. therapy organization to which belonged. I’ve always wanted to know more about Mind Head. Perhaps Steve Martin will write a screenplay all about it one day… Daniel Abadia From fictional cities and planets in sci-fi movies to bizarre Details, details: Daniel song names by obscure bands to phantom book titles in actual gets meticulous. (Hard to books, the arts and entertainment fields provide us with an tell in this photo.) unending deluge of names to name-drop. And of course the worlds of business and technology contribute to filling our minds (and heads) with funky new names on a regular basis. Sarah O’Neil Obviously naming things is tricky. Who knows what will Loves Photography and catch on? What does the name imply? Does it mean the right using her tablet for digital thing to the right people? Has the name already been taken? paintings. And with that in mind, we present our new magazine, “Line and Sinker” from your friends in the Graphic Design program at LaSalle College International Vancouver. We gave it a Danilo Candido unique name. Hopefully we will create content and design as Wake up. Design. Sleep. unique. Repeat. In this issue, we will look back at the winter fashion show (named “A Winter Affair), check out some snowboarding, and get to know some fashion design students, and lots more. So, enjoy, and hopefully you’ll start getting hooked to Line & Lucas Dos Santos Sinker.  – Daryl Askey

More Brazilian design talent here in Vancouver.

Eyren Uggenti Rock on, graphic design student.

>4 >EVENTS > Line & Sinker > Issue #1

Upcoming Events


My Chemical Romance

3 2

Date: Saturday, April 2nd Where: The Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts Tickets: $41.50 to $50.50



Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival Date: March 28th to April 3rd Where: Various locations Tickets: From $50

VBMG Night Rides Date: Wednesdays of April at 7 PM Where: Start point changed weekly Tickets: Free! Night rides are back, every week there’s a new route and new people to meet. No rush on the ride, but be there early, starts at 7 PM sharp.

6 th 10 th 13 th

Video Games Live

Date: April 10th Where: Commodore Ballroom Tickets: $29.50

Date: April 13th & 14th Where: The Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts Tickets: $46.75 to $81.25

TrentemĂ˜ller Date: April 13th Where: Venue Tickets: $20

13th & 14th


Issue #1> Line & Sinker >EVENTS >5

Deftones Date: April 18th & 19th Where: Commodore Ballroom Tickets: $53.75

18 & 19 th



Bomba Estéreo


s on A i y

pr il 22 n d

Ea rt h D a

Date: April 22nd Where: The Waldorf Cabaret Tickets: $15


Tokyo Police Club

Date: Saturday, April 23rd Where: Commodore Ballroom Tickets: $27




Tiësto Canadian Tour Date: Saturday April 30th Where: Pacific Coliseum — PNE Tickets: $95.50 to $115.50

Chris Cornell Date: April 30th Where: Red Robinson Show Theatre Tickets: $69.75 & $79.25



>6 >REVIEWS> Line & Sinker > Issue #1

2011 Movies The Hangover 2

Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows Part II

July 15

Suckerpunch A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility.

March 25

Bringing the end to an incredible series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will continue July 15th after much anticipation. We left Harry and his friends after dobbys death after their escape from Bellatrix during the horrcrux hunt. The story will continue from there with many battles along the way. Harry Potter fans can only hope this end can truly represent itself and sum up the great story that is Harry Potter.

Set in a medieval village that is haunted by a werewolf, a young girl falls for an orphaned woodcutter, much to her family’s displeasure.

March 11

Red Riding Hood

May 26

In the follow-up to the record-breaking hit comedy The Hangover, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug ( Justin Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined.

Issue #1> Line & Sinker >REVIEWS >7

July 17

With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal (Ryan Renolds) can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax…he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

Green Lantern

Transformers July 1

The Dark of the Moon.

“Transformers 3” features Sam Witwicky taking his first tenuous steps into adulthood while remaining a reluctant human ally of Optimus Prime. The film centers around the space race between the U.S.S.R. and the USA, suggesting there was a hidden Transformers role in it all that remains one of the planet’s most dangerous secrets. The villain of the third film will be Shockwave.


May 20

On Stranger Tides

When Captain Jack Sparrow crosses paths with a woman from his past he’s not sure if it’s love—or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard, Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.


November 18

Her imminent choice to either join the dark but seductive world of immortals or pursue a fully human life has become the thread from which the date of two tribes hangs. Now Bella has made her decision; a startling chain of unprecedented events is about to unfold with potentially devastating and unfathomable consequences. Breaking Dawn

>8 >SPORTS & REC > Line & Sinker > Issue #1

Sports and Recreation Snowboarding : A Definite Rise To The Occasion ; Challenge Yourself You’re 7000 feet off the ground and your hearts pumping with adrenaline. Icy cool air and beautiful blue skies consume you, and you’ve nothing but anticipation for the moment you are closing in on. A quick slip of the foot and bind of a strap and before you realize it the day has begun. You jump to your feet and feel that initial pull. You smoothly slide your way through it and can’t help but notice the powder rising after that swift carve you just felt out. The serenity of knowing you are free to roam to your heart’s content. You feel the thrill of defining that your only limits are the ones that you are yet to overcome!

Eyren UGGENTI student from LaSalle College riding the Whistler Blackcomb Excelerator Chairlift with friends.

Glacier Run @ Whistler Blackcomb

Issue #1> Line & Sinker >SPORTS & REC >9

Start Your New Year Off by Trying New Things

The vast opportunity, the shear enjoyment, and the incomparable satisfaction; all are considered in my conclusion that “Snowboarding” has become my favourite Winter Sport. As an inexperienced snowboarder, it has definitely been an exciting ride feeling it out for this new found personal interest. The best part of everything is that my exposure to the craft has just commenced. Following this interest has expanded my mind and allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities. As it all started, being twenty years old and trying something new was definitely not a new thing but turned out to be a very good experience nevertheless. I learned a lot from falling, on multiple occasions, but getting back out of the snowpack and prevailing. It was funny to struggle like a baby taking its first step; or a child riding a bike reduced to two-wheels. However in this scenario it was more like a man tumbling, unprepared without a clue, from top to bottom down the side of the strangest terrain he had ever come across. This was attempt 1.

On attempt 2, the excitement was peaked as it had been almost 365 days from the last outing. The rush began for me the moment my eyes opened that morning. Off to Cypress Mountain for a full day was exactly what was needed. Choosing to get an instructional lesson was a great investment in terms of grasping the method quickly. A short two hours later, I felt as though I had gained so much and was able to improve from my attempt the year before. I was hooked. After a good couple of runs I felt as though the day was complete and before we even reached the city that evening, I was aching for more. This expanded me whole-heartedly into a fan and an addict. Since the beginning of the 2010-2011 Season I’ve been able to get out and enjoy 3 more gorgeous days at Whistler Blackcomb and will be fitting in one last run for the end of April. The culmination of my best snowboarding year (and technically my first one) will definitely mark many positive changes for me. It has helped to progress my development in my confidence level, my enjoyment of outdoor activities, and in my belief that I am capable of more than I may have thought once upon a time. So if this sparks any type of interest or emotion, curiosity or disbelief, I must insist: “Join me for the 2011-2012 Season as it promises to be the next Great Year of Snowboarding!”

>10 >HOW TO > Line & Sinker > Issue #1

How To

Create an Oil Painting in Photoshop

Issue #1> Line & Sinker >HOW TO >11

In this tutorial we will turn a photograph into an oil painting, the image used here can be found at Stock.xchng ( photo/1302152).

The first step after opening the image in Photoshop is duplicating the layer by going on Layer menu > Duplicate layer, so you don’t work on the original image.

With the duplicated layer selected go to Filter > Artistic > Paint Daubs, the default settings should work fine, but you can play around with the sliders if you want or if you are using a different image. Click OK, now the photo already looks a little more like a painting.

Duplicate the layer, then apply Filter > Stylize > Glowing Edges, again, the default setting should work, click OK.

Invert the colours by pressing CTRL+i (Command+i on Mac), desaturate by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+u (Shift+Command+u on Mac) and change the layer blending mode to Darken, this will give the photo a nice outline.

>12 >HOW TO > Line & Sinker > Issue #1

Now it’s time to start painting, create a new layer and name it Cherry 01 (or any name you find easier to organize your layers).

Select the Smudge Tool from the Tools Panel, change your Brush Library to Dry Media Brushes and choose Flat Blunt with Texture. Set Strength to something between 70% and 75% and check the Sample All Layers box.

Start painting the cherry on the foreground, following the direction a real paint brush would. Paint each part of the photo in a different layer, repeating the steps above.

After every element of the photo is painted, create a composite of all layers by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+e (Shift+Command+Option+e on Mac).

Apply Filter > Sketch > Bas Relief, click OK and change the blend mode to Overlay, this will give more depth to the brush strokes.

Issue #1> Line & Sinker >HOW TO >13

That’s it, you made an oil painting out of a photo in just a few steps. Now, try using a different image, with different settings for the filters.

r i a f f A


A Winter Affair was put on by the fashion merchandising students Fabiola Vigil, Frances Scott, Liliana Mendez, Celina Prado, Sarah Cavan, Chelsey Severyn, Robyn Weatherly and Sandra Guerra; led by instructor Aeron Avinou. The show featured work from multiple students from the fashion design program. >Photography by Lloyd K. Barnes

Gina Shen

Brittany Wacher

Rebecca Weinberger

Andrea Hillbrecht

Wilber Tellez

Kimberly Legler

Interview LaSalle Vancouver has had many notable students over the years. This year is no exception. Here we present three exceptional future fashion designers studying here right now…

Nicole Barron — Why did you decide to study here?

I’ve been sewing for the majority of my life; it’s in the family, and I started doing bridesmaid dresses for a friend’s wedding, and I started doing home furnishings. I was working a dead end job; I decided that I needed to go back to school. So I looked around at schools in the area, but I’m from Victoria and there’s not really a lot there, so I decided to move to Vancouver to find something with a little bit more history and background that’s more recognized throughout the world.

You can go anywhere, like Australia and its recognized. ”

So I decided to come to LaSalle to do the fashion design course to learn. I liked that LaSalle wasn’t a long four-year course, and that it has locations all around the world, you can go anywhere, like Australia and it’s recognized. The tuition and the hands on experience made it a really easy decision for me. In the end I didn’t want to end up doing a bunch of book work.

— Can you recommend any of your favourite professionals? Well my idea of professionals the worlds idea of professionals are two totally different things. I look a lot to following people my age, and people that would be in my range so I did an internship earlier on in my schooling for a man that used to train under Galliano, so he’s got really good experience, but he’s just starting out so it’s really inspiring to see someone young trying to get out there and trying to make it, so I follow him but he’s not from Canada. And of course I look a lot to my peers, I follow my classmates, they’re really inspiring, we have a really great class here. There’s so much to follow that I can’t really name one person, but I do love Chanel, Chloe, Celine, and Jil Sander, but nothing specifically Canadian.

Brittany Wacher — What is your process of creation? I think I had my inspiration from everyday life, different aspects of just simple everyday life, watching other people living in my life. I think that’s the most inspirational thing possible. When I have to start, I’m really into melting wax crayons and using pastels right now to get my ideas going.

I had my inspiration from everyday life, ”

— How would you describe your style? My style is lots of colors, mismatched materials and fabrics. It’s kind of an array. An organized mess maybe. Something like that.

Andrea Hillbrecht — What inspires you? Well the inspiration for my current collection is driftwood; I don’t know why I chose it, maybe the texture. So it’s a more visual aspect rather than any sort of abstract or situational concept. I think most of my stuff is chosen to be designed by something I find visually stimulating.

— How is the Fashion Program improving your skills? It’s definitely given me a sense of structure to my design process; it’s certainly refined my skills. I came here with a fair amount of sewing experience, but learning the proper technical way of doing something makes such a difference. Your stuff can go from looking really great on a hanger to looking great on a hanger and a body.

Photo Essay

The Whim of the Masses

Photographer Alejandro Palacios It’s hard to believe that humans hate pain, misery and hardship so deeply that they reach a point where they put their lives on the fire, when you consider that they put so much into the entertainment desire.

LaSalle College Students Magazine

Line and Sinker Issue 1  

In this issue, we look back at the winter fashion show, check out some snowboarding, and get to know some fashion design students, and lots...

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