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ell now that all the world’s leading news network cameras have left the island and the few days worth of free global “bad publicity” on the island of Jamaica is apparently over, let us try to analyze what really happened and let us try to get some real answers on, Why did it come to this?

I want to commence this article by saying that I am presently writing with tears in my eyes as I am a proud Jamaican and one appalled at what the world witnessed taking place in my island. Yes for the past couple of weeks the most googled Jamaican name was that of DUDUS COKE, because the turmoil that took place and is still taking place on the island

in the eyes of many was largely to be blamed on him being at large. BUT I would like to challenge all intelligent, deep thinking and rational Jamaicans to reexamine all that has happened on the island and may be you will begin to see things slightly different. First of all most Jamaicans are proud people, but I have yet to meet one that is proud of what has happened most recently in Jamaica or about what is happening in general on the island at this moment. Jamaica the land of wood and water, the paradise island of the Caribbean, where people from all over the world choose as their No 1 vacation spot, yet we all know the reality and that is there are major issues surrounding the island that needs to

be addressed and it’s only a shame that it took all of the loss of lives in Tivoli and throughout the island for certain issues to be spoken about and effort made to address such grave problems. Jamaica is not all about Reggae music and partying has many people would ignorantly view it. The facts are, here is an island with millions of Jamaicans living on it and hundreds of thousands of its citizens residing overseas and all of us know too well the reality of life in Jamaica, for though it is a place where most of us would not trade for anywhere else in the world yet most of us are not nowhere near being happy with the daily occurrence of things on the island. Our island based on its size and CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


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am not a practicing Christian but I do believe strongly in Jesus and my beliefs are that he came to save the world from their sins. I also believe that every man is entitled to his own religious belief be it Muslims, Rastafarianism, Hinduism etc. So you can understand that I am very upset to learn that perhaps the largest Black artiste alive Jay Z has made it his duty to disrespect Jesus Christ in his song “EMPIRE STATE OF THE MIND” by stating that He is not able to save and then went on to disrespect all Christians by saying that life begins when the church ends. I say to Jay Z

“big man just go on making your money but be careful who you disrespect and remember this The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, so don’t be fooled by your money or your earthly powers because GOD ALMIGHTY governs everything he puts up Kings and He takes them down’’.

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NEXT DAY SERVICE - email: Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell) In brief former Prime PAPER CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE people really came from. Minister Michael Manley’s Now I can easily debate on close connection with Cuba’s Jamaica’s financial sector, for Fidel Castro was seen by surely there are problems there those in America has, too that needs to be addressed, as




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population is like the murder capital of the world as Jamaicans die daily at the hands of fellow Jamaican murderers. The old playground has become a battle field where kids that grew up together have now turned hostile against each other. The childhood guns made and carved out of wood has now been replaced by the real steel and it is no longer a game of pretend and make believe it is now the REAL DEAL and it shows daily, for every evening as the Jamaica news is being read you can guarantee that a murder will be reported. In this article I want us to identify the problems for only then can we properly seek to address them. So the scenario of a person being shot and killed in Jamaica could be seen as a problem yet a careful examiner would see it not as the problem but only a symptom of the problem, for to get to the problem one would need to find out how did that murderer get the gun, and then when the source is discovered one would then need to find out how did that gun come into the country, what was its original country of base, who sent it to Jamaica, who cleared it into the island for everything here must’ve preceded it ending up into the hands of that killer. Now that you are following me carefully you will begin to see that the DUDUS COKE case here should not be seen in the light that the media around the world would portray it. For in a nutshell it is reported that he is to blame for the loss of life and all the discomfort that Jamaicans are undergoing nationally and internationally but just look a little closer and then you will see that DUDUS should not be seen as the PROBLEM but instead he could be looked upon only as a symptom of the problem. I trust that my fellow Jamaicans regardless of loyalty to political party (JLP or PNP) regardless of religious beliefs, regardless of being on the island or overseas I would like all of you regardless of what you once thought, to just look at where this GUN thing, that is killing off our

well as I can debate on the high cost of living on an island with so much poverty but instead I choose to highlight the murders committed on the Island simply because it is Jamaica’s No1 problem. Now in seeking answers as to, Why did it come to this? We could go as far back as slavery and debate on the “divide and rule syndrome” imposed on us by our slave masters but why should we always blame everything on things that happened over a century ago when we should now be taking responsibility for our own actions. So let’s start by looking at Jamaica’s political history and there we will see its two major parties founded by two cousins (Alexander Bustamante JLP, Norman Manley PNP) you will know then that the very diverse political opinions of these two cousins also led to the island’s political divide as far back as in the late 1930’s. One would never understand the gun culture on the island unless they understand its political association. Jamaica’s biggest divide has always been the people’s political opinions, it divides Parties, it divides Communities, it divides friends and until this day it continues to divide even Families. In certain parts of the island one cannot enter certain political persuaded territories unless they share the same persuasion and that has been so for at least three decades. Communities are divided by political colours Green or Red, the V sign or the Fist, while voters know the importance of the vote, putting the X on that paper beside the Head or beside the Bell often times means so much to their future. The influx of guns (which was initially politically motivated) stretches way back to the neighbouring island of Cuba as well as to the not so innocent shores of the United States of America.

close for comfort. So the US observations of Jamaica possibly going in the direction of a Communist government was seen as a threat and thus international restrictions were put on Jamaica as the US tried to squeeze the Jamaican government to break that close friendship between Manley and Castro. A part of the US squeeze on the Jamaica government was to equip the then JLP opposition leader, Edward Seaga, with enough guns and ammunition to fight political warfare in an attempt to dethrone Michael Manley the then PNP Prime Minister. Yes you are correct! The guns were distributed by politicians to community DONS with intention to bring fear and to take lives but the sad thing is that the politicians ultimate goal was to gain votes for his party. To date thousands of Jamaican lives have been lost due to politics and we know that the nation stood in shock in the 80’s election when over 800 Jamaicans lost their lives and only because the guns were put into the perpetrators hands by foreign influence. Jamaicans! it’s time to wake up and see that the “DIVIDE AND RULE SYNDROME” has been implied upon us far too often and until Jamaica become united enough to understand that we don’t need to Hate each other because we disagree upon politics then we will never really begin to strive as a people or as a nation. Where responsibility, is concerned then let’s give blame where it is due and by now you should know that it doesn’t begin with Dudus, this problem started before he was born and let’s remember that he was only about age 10 when 800 plus Jamaicans were killed in the 1980’s election. Let us not be fooled by those who would like to use him as a scapegoat to say he is the problem because, you will quickly learn that if he is apprehended today then

2 the problem will still exist tomorrow. Personally I love America because it is a Democratic country but it is amazing to see the level of hypocrisy displayed by its government towards my tiny island Jamaica. Look here, we all know that the infamous shower posse was born, bred and fed out of politics and I ask the question as a citizen of Jamaica. Why is it alright for you to issue guns on our island so that we can kill each other while you stand by and watch and only when these guns are used (by the posse you formed) on your soil to kill individuals there that you begin to pay attention and want to take down such a posse. Oh how I wish that you had cared for the people of Jamaica in the same way you care about the people of your own land then today may be thousands of Jamaicans that are now dead, fallen victims to these guns would be alive today. The uproar in Jamaica has left scores of people dead and left thousands in mourning but at the end of the day until the government address the root of the problem instead of trying to deal with its symptoms never will we get closer to the a solution. This article is not written to cause offence it is only written to enlighten my Jamaican brothers and sisters, for a great work as gone into keeping us ignorant. In closing we have heard on international TV news how Dudus is like the most wanted drug dealer in the world and yet cocaine is not grown in Jamaica, neither are guns maufactured there and it is believed that he never personally visited the States so something don’t add up here either it is a lie told on him being so powerful or if it is true then he must’ve been given his power by foreign source YOU decide. FOOD FOR THOUGHT: DONS ARE ONLY NEEDED WHERE GOVERNMENT FAIL, SO IF GOVERNMENT WOULD CLEAN UP ITSELF THEN THE STREETS AND THE GARRISONS WOULD AU TO M AT I C A L LY FALL INTO LINE AND THE PEOPLE WOULD NEED TO LOOK TO NO ONE ELSE BUT THE GOVERNMENT.

For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. . Romans 8:2

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Eye On Health



remenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a condition which affects many women about one to two weeks before menstruation begins. It is characterised by troublesome but usually harmless symptoms including breast tenderness, mood swings, bloating, depression and backache.

There appears to be a common hormonal imbalance in women suffering from PMS which is due to increased levels of oestrogen and decreased levels of progesterone. These hormonal changes leads to a build up of fluid in the body and reduces the amount of oxygen reaching the uterus, brain and ovaries.

What supplements may help relieve PMS?

Vitamin B6 is an important nutrient for women during their menstrual period, several studies have shown that a good supply of vitamin B6 everyday may reduce discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle. B6 may help increase oxygen flow to the female organs as well as helping to restore oestrogen levels to normal. Research has found a link between a B complex deficiency and PMS and so often the B complex vitamins are recommended by nutritionists for women suffering from PMS. Magnesium deficiency has also been associated with the occurrence of PMS. One trial of magnesium levels and PMS showed a reduction in breast tenderness in 96% of subjects and of weight gain in 95% of subjects given magnesium supplements. Vitamin E has been widely researched, with most research focussing on breast tenderness. But it may also have positive effects on headaches, fatigue and depression. Women suffering from PMS have been shown to have impaired conversion of linoleic acid (fatty acid) to gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Therefore a GLA deficiency may be a contributing factor in PMS, particularly breast tenderness. PMS

The role of diet and lifestyle in PMS Generally PMS sufferers should limit their intake of refined carbohydrates such as sugar, white flour and bread. Women who eat more sugary foods seem to have an increased risk of PMS.

Caffeine should be avoided as it is linked to breast tenderness and acts as a diuretic. One study found that consumption of caffeine beverages were associated with increase occurrence and severity of PMS and that the more caffeine women consumed, the more likely they were to suffer from PMS. Regular exercise can help with mood and also aid in stabilizing hormone levels.


enraged Jamaicans who said we were being negative ...our invitation to the office of the High Commission was turned down and even a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London said by placing Jamaica in the same line as a failed state makes them very uncomfortable. This was unfortunate as our objective was to highlight where Jamaica stands now and where we are heading if we don’t address poignant issues as we were on the precipice of being classified as a “failed state�.

sufferers often supplement with Evening Primrose Oil because it contains good levels of GLA. Evening Primrose Oil seems to work best when taken over several menstrual cycles.

Intake of fresh fruit, vegetables and fibre should be increased as several studies have suggested that diets low in fat or high in fibre may help to reduce symptoms of PMS.


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020 8725 3353/3354

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What Next Jamaica what after the Don?


atching how things are developing at home and listening to concerns by fellow Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica it does paints a clear picture that a majority of Jamaicans are clearly united in wanting to see a New and reformed Jamaica. If one can say fortunately or unfortunately an opportunity has now presented itself for such a change to start taking place. This is spread over the pages of media, the talk shows, twitter and facebook with so many groups growing crying out for a New Jamaica. Recently Facilitators For a Better Jamaica (FFBJ) held a forum in the latter part of last year in London where we discussed “21st Century Jamaica A Diaspora Perspective “ and where one of sub heading was “ Is Jamaica heading towards being a failed State� such a sub heading


Well the present situation has now overtaken us where we have this monster facing us which is simply “ Corruption and Crime� this has been created , feted and nurtured over the years and good people did not do anything, well I won’t debate whether or not anything was done as the issue at hand is what next? What next after Dudus? What next after Bruce on the basis that he resigns what next?

This is what should be on the foremost of our minds as what is before us will come to pass, the standoff will be over but what next for Jamaica is the question are we really ready for a change are we really ready to make stand as a collective and work towards a transformation of the inner-city communities?

At the same time the Jamaican government is seeking US$1 billion in loans and grants to help remove dons and rebuild the poor communities they have long dominated according to a report by Bloomberg News. The money will also be used to raise the complement of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) from its current 8,500 personnel towards its target of 12,000.

Government officials have been meeting with donor countries and international lending institutions such as the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank (IDB).


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Eye On Mixed Race Britain By Julie Jones




cannot believe that the Leader of the British Nationalist Party, Nick Griffin made the outrageous statement that there is “No such thing as a black Welshman”. What a load of rubbish! I am Welsh through and through. My two children are of mixed race origin and were born in Wales which makes them Welsh regardless of the colour of their skin, but we’re also proud of their mixed Caribbean heritage for it causes them to have the best of both worlds. I bring my attention today to a well loved and respected black Welsh man, Vaughan Gething, who was the first black president of Wales TUC and a high ranking and well revered solicitor. I was particularly moved when I heard that Mr Gething stated

“I know that I’m proud of who and what I am. I know this is my country - our country”. I have previously written about him in one of my past articles and I also drew comparisons of himself with Barack Obama. If the BNP had their own way, we wouldn’t have had greats such as Gething, black footballers, black doctors, nurses and so on. We wouldn’t have had Tiger Bay’s own international superstar diva Shirley Bassey or the world celebrated athlete, Colin Jackson. They want us to believe their lies and brainwash the people of Britain causing a breakdown in society. I was in Birmingham on the 8th August when the BNP were protesting and the amount of anti-racist groups that turned out to defend the people of Britain was astronomical. They should realise that wherever they go in Britain, they will be followed and fought against, there is nowhere to hide in this nation. They cannot, and will not get away

I watched with vested interest and great anxiety the highly anticipated Question Time episode featuring Nick Griffin and I’m happy in both the outcome and the way he conducted himself. Critically assessed as ‘Bad for him and his party’, I watched as he licked his lips nervously as he was pulled apart by the panel and audience. His comments that “if Winston Churchill were alive today he would

Churchill fought tooth and nail against the likes of Nick Griffin, fascists and the Nazi party and which is why he led us to war against Hitler and won in 1944. Like I’ve previously stated, the Polish helped us and we helped them, and Churchill said the Polish would be welcome in Britain forever more. Winston Churchill was everything the BNP are not, or ever will be. I can’t believe that after Question Time, because of his bad performance and lack of support, he tried to twist things saying it was only because the programme was filmed in London. He challenged Question Time to “come up to the north” because “it’s different up there”, as if this was a pugilistic fight, not a democratic discussion. Well I went up North, to Stoke on Trent, (where Nick Griffin’s constituency is) to the ‘Love Music Hate Racism’ event . Believe me, if Griffin had appeared here he wouldn’t

affairs except specified aspects; for example , the power may exclude the Attorney(s) right to sell the house in which the donor lives; or it may direct that the Attorney(s) is/are not to act until the power is registered.

Mr Client: You have your savings in your Wife’s name which is saving you some tax, however if your wife became incapacitated for any reason your money would be tied up indefinitely. You need Lasting Power of Attorney!

It is possible to appoint different “sets” of Attorneys to deal with different affairs, in which case a separate lasting power of attorney form has to be drawn up for each circumstances. Each Donor however must make their separate lasting powers of attorney, there is no such thing as a “joint lasting power of powers to confer on the attorney or attorney”. A Donor can cancel or attorneys should think carefully. It revoke a Lasting Power at any time is possible to allow the attorneys to while he remains mentally capable; have general powers OR it is possible but a Lasting Power cannot be to restrict them to limited powers.  cancelled or revoked once it has This will of course depend on the been registered unless and until circumstances of the donor. the Office of the Public Guardian confirms the revocation. To cancel or TYPES revoke a Lasting Power (whilst still • A general power authorises unregistered) the donor should sign the Attorney(s) to carry out a Deed of Revocation.  The format any transactions on the donors of this form is not mandatory.  If behalf which the donor is however the Lasting Power has legally able to delegate to the already been registered then the Attorney(s) donor has to make an application to the Office of the Public Guardian for • A Specific authority enables the its revocation, accompanied by the Attorney(s) to deal only with original Lasting Power and the Deed those aspects of the Donor’s of Revocation. affairs which are specified in the power. For example you Do you need one? can appoint an Attorney to deal The Married Couple with a specific Bank account. If the clients have any assets in there • A general or specific power own name or if any account requires with restrictions and conditions both signatures then the clients need authorises the Attorney(s) to deal Lasting Power of Attorney! with all the donor’s property and

Everything is in Joint Names: Mr Client your house is in joint names which is not unusual. However if either of you became mentally or physically incapacitated for any reason then you would not be able to sell the house. You need Lasting Power of Attorney!

£ounds & Sense By Dennis Anderson


nly by making a Will can you be sure that your affairs will be looked after, as you would wish. It is important if you have property or other valuable assets, especially if you have children. Most people think that everything will automatically go to their partner or next of kin, but it’s often not that simple - without a Will you leave it all to chance!


The lasting power of attorney differs from a simple power of attorney, in so much as the lasting form, allows the attorney to run the affairs of the donor, even if the donor has been confirmed to be, or is about to become, mentally incapable of running their own affairs. Simple powers of attorneys have to stop when a donor becomes mentally ill. The Act came into force on the 10th March 1986. Anyone eighteen years or over can be a donor provided that they are mentally capable at the time. The donor when deciding on

with what they are trying to do. We are a mixed race, multicultural Britain and we are here to stay and flourish. So get used to it, Nick Griffin and the BNP.

be a member of the BNP” was as ludicrous as the integrity of Nick Griffin himself. Churchill was one of, if not the greatest leader we have ever had. He would turn in his grave if he knew of this outrageous claim.


have stood a chance because the amount of people who turned up in demonstration of his vile views would have outnumbered any support he could have ever gathered. The only reason he gained seats and became an MEP is because our country’s struggling out of recession. Nick Griffin is harnessing the feeling of despair and plight as we try to bring the economy out of this slump picking up on the negativity to further his ill found views and policies and try to gain support for them. He wants us to think he’s changed, he hasn’t and he should realise he’s fighting a useless cause, he will never win. The BNP tries to stir up hatred and violence and we don’t want to see a repeat of the 80’s with Riots across the country undoing all the good work we’ve done since then. Just because they’re trying to front a new suited image to the party, they hope the new image will prove beneficial in recruiting new supporters, lest we forget it’s hideous origins and face of the past. So I want to say thank you to the BBC, and their freedom of speech ethos, which allowed millions of people across the UK to see firsthand what a slime ball and racist bigot that Nick Griffin truly is.

them for you. Try asking your Bank for a balance on your spouses account ? If you appoint someone with a Lasting Power of Attorney, they can sign for you and carry out all your financial affairs on your behalf if you should become unable to until you recover. If you become mentally impaired (even if only temporary) they can act for you in your best interests.

You can not make a Lasting Power of Attorney after you become Lets say one of you had a stroke and mentally incapable and no other you needed to move into a bungalow.  form of Power of Attorney is valid You would not be able to sell your in such cases. home without the others signature, The only alternative is for a relative or obviously this may be difficult and friend (who you can trust) to apply you may not be able to move without to the Office of the Public Guardian going through the courts.  You need to be appointed as a Receiver or a Lasting Power of Attorney!                                solicitor could be appointed to act Signing

for you.

With regard to the signing of the Lasting Power. The Donor must sign first and his or her signature must be witnessed by an independent witness.

This can be costly ~ up to £1000 in legal & court fees

In the case of a Donor who cannot sign their name due to illiteracy or physical handicap or blindness then the attestation clause would need to be amended to reflect the circumstances at the time of signing. If you can’t sign your name because of illness, accident or mental impairment ~ YOUR ASSETS are FROZEN ~ nobody else can access

A bond costing many £1000’s may be required A Receiver has to keep annual accounts of financial dealings There are annual reviews and fees required by the court

A Lasting Power of Attorney will solve all of these problems! Which do you prefer? ~ a little now ~ or possibly £1000’s later !! Don’t miss next continuation!


for - email: Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell)




very thin line between Friends & Enemies has caused many to be able to tell stories of Betrayal, Deception, Robbery, Dishonesty, Blackmail, Cheating, Jealousy, Coveteousness, Envy, Witchcraft and so on and so on…..



have seen a great evil that has beset so many individuals, families & nations, who are today grave enemies but if one would check the root of this the most unbelievable thing is that at one stage they were friends.

The bible speaks very explicitly of individuals you allow into your lives these individuals are known to us as friends. There is a deception in friendship that most of us cannot identify until it is generally too late. Many of us can tell serious stories of how we have been let down in some way or form by individuals we thought were our friends. That

The architect of our creation Jesus Christ himself was subject to the harsh reality of knowing that real friends are hard to find. Has he trod the earth to commence his ministry of preaching the Gospel He personally handpicked 12 disciples who would inevitably be the closest people on earth to him and that should have qualified them to be classified as His friends but the hard reality of not so true friendship was found in His chosen 12. Peter denied him three times before the cock crowed even after saying he would die for him, Thomas doubted His resurrection even after being taught daily by Jesus himself that these things would come to pass, the others ran away in desertion of Him, while it was Judas the treasurer that


Peace and Joy Festival 7 August 2010, 12noon - 9pm Prospect Park, Bath Road, Reading

Come together and celebrate Readings mulitcultural community with a free fusion of music, arts, crafts and food. Highlights on the day include: Stalls Live Music from local and international bands Arts and Craft stalls Live PAs Beer Tent African Caribbean Food Village



For more information contact 07941 539 807


Please use public transport as parking spaces are limited

sold Him for 30 pieces of silver. This alone is more than enough to let us know that we ought to take time in careful consideration of whom we let into our lives under the heading of friendship. We share our most intimate thoughts with friends, we share secrets with friends, we share our home, our food, even our beds with friends. Bob Marley the world’s most renown Reggae artist sung in one of his songs “Only your friends know your secret and only he could reveal it.” People who we take to be our friends have so much privilege to the ins and outs of our life but let’s look at life realistically and then we would be hit with the harsh reality of knowing that your best friend today could so possibly be your worst enemy tomorrow and guess what that enemy is now harmed with all your intimate secrets. So words to those whom have an ear you had better learn this one thing BE CAREFUL OF YOUR FRIENDS!





By Janice S Ramkissoon


e wants to make you beautiful again. Won’t you turn to Him today? The longer you leave it, the more your beauty fades. A beautiful smile, crippled with aches and pain. You know! The hidden pain that makes you sometimes lie about how you are feeling—telling everyone you’re fine. Then at home your true colours shine asking God: “Why?” You attend church for release, hoping Christ to meet. But instead, you’re greeted by imperfect beings. Anger and resentment builds up over time. Being saved becomes a thing of the past. Worship! What worship? It’s self-pity time. Time to retreat! If you find yourself in this position or anything remotely close to it – that’s a red flag on your spiritual journey. It’s a warning sign that the enemy is still in control. The cloud is still over you, the residue is still on you. You’re lost but he doesn’t want you to know. You see everyone through your natural eyes and not that of Christ. Being in a place of darkness, negativity is all you are exposed to and therefore you are magnetically drawn to this way of life. Your mountains seem so much higher than they actually are, and you feel no one’s there. Years of prayers, begging and pleading, seems unanswered. You carry the hurt so deep inside that no one recognises the pain you wear. Your light has grown dim. You’ve become weak and constantly complain. Negativity rules your day. Now that help has arrived you don’t know how to recognise it and so you turn help away. And help will come again and find you still turning it away for without light you cannot see what’s in sight.

LAUGH TIL YU DROP THE GENIE THAT DOESN’T HEAR TOO WELL A guy walks into a tavern. As he walked up to the bar he noticed a twelve-inch man playing the piano, so he asked the bartender, “What’s that all about?” The bartender told him he that would tell him

For years you’ve lived on the borderline, afraid to commit. You feel ugly inside and your reflection, you no longer recognise. Resentment and anger has found a hiding place in your heart and slowly your beauty fades.

That was not the way you were designed. You’ve forgotten the beautiful creation God made.

You’re not alone. Many have travelled that path before (myself included) and today, having made an attitude change, can say: ‘Looking back going over the years, through the hurt and the pain, still we overcame. Mountains high, Valleys low but with God on our side, yes, we overcame.’*

By faith, just step over into grace and access all that’s in store for you. The enemy may have set you up for a fall but God has a plan for your future and He will (if you allow Him) make it work for your good. “All things work together for good, to them that love the Lord” (Romans 8:28). So start to give Him the praise, for you’ve been loosed from those chains. He is longing for a relationship with you. Won’t you let Him in and let Him take control. He’ll clean you up.

The enemy has poisoned your mind against the things of Christ, so, your moulding process will hurt. But you must go through this process to become beautiful again. You’ve tried other avenues and still beauty fades. It’s time to give God a try. He won’t let you down [Love never fails]. To that I can testify.

*Theme song from the musical ‘Gospel Glory!’ (Song title: Unknown - written by Esther Blake/Denise Wisdom/Neville Kelly)

later. So the guy asked the bartender for a drink. The bartender said, “Before you get your drink, you get to rub the magic beer bottle and make one wish.” “Okay,” said the guy. He went over to the magic beer bottle and rubbed it. Poof. Out came a genie. The genie, of course, said, “You have one wish.” The guy thought about it and then wished for a million bucks. A cloud of smoke filled the room, and then both the genie and the guy disappeared. In a few minutes, the guy reappeared back in the bar with a million ducks all around him. The guy was astounded and said to the bartender, “Hey! I didn’t want a million ducks.” The bartender replied, “Do you honestly think I wanted a twelve-inch Pianist?”

I hate vain thoughts; but thy law do I love. Psalm 119:113

In The Spirit


JUNE 2010 TUES 1ST: Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked. PSALM 37:16 WED 2ND: You shall not misuse the name of the LORD your GOD, for the LORD will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name. EXODUS 20:7 - email: Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell)

EXODUS 20:3 FRI 4TH: Resentment kills a fool and envy slays the simple. JOB 5:2 SAT 5TH: An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. PROVERBS 24:26 SUN 6TH: Honour your Father and your Mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God has giving you. EXODUS 20:12 MON 7TH: Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him. PROVERBS 22:15 TUES 8TH: I cried out to God for help; I cried out to God to hear me. PSALM 77:1 WED 9TH: To the arrogant I say, ‘Boast no more’ and to the wicked ‘Do not lift up your horns. PSALM 75:4 THURS 10TH: Teach me and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong. JOB 6:24

The 7 Point Plan To Enhance Your Marriage. -- Point 3: Allow Your Spouse Time to Rest -Janice S Ramkissoon

FRI 11TH: My eyes have seen all this; my ears have heard and understood it.

him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the truth. 1 JOHN 1:6

JOB 13:1 TUES 22ND: SAT 12TH: Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to the words of knowledge. PROVERBS 23:12 SUN 13TH: A generous man will be blessed, for he shares his food with the poor. PROVERBS 22:9

THUR 3RD: You shall have no other gods before me.


MON 14TH: For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men. 1 PETER 2:15 TUES 15TH: If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. 1 JOHN1:8 WED 16TH: My eyes have seen the defeat of my adversaries; my ears have heard the rout of my wicked foes. PSALM 92:11 THURS 17TH: Do not repay evil for evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.

The LORD is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 PETER 3:9 WED 23RD: We ought therefore to show hospitality to such men so that we may work together for the truth. 3 JOHN 1:8 THURS 24TH: Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life. JUDE 1:21 FRI 25TH: Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did. 1 JOHN 2:6 SAT 26TH: I am ‘Alpha and the Omega’ say the Lord God, who is and was, and who is to come the ALMIGHTY. REVELATION 1:8 SUN 27TH: The first woe has past; two other woes are yet to come.

1 PETER 3:9




Unless the LORD had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death.

And I heard the altar respond; yes Lord God Almighty, true and just are your Judgments.

PSALM 94:17




Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in his ways.

Good and upright is the LORD; therefore he instructs sinners in his ways.

PSALM 128:1 SUN 20TH: The LORD has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. PSALM 126:3 MON 21ST: If we claim to have fellowship with

PSALM 25:8 WED 30TH: May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you. PSALM 25:21

To cease working for a period helps to replenish the body, mind and soul. Therefore, it is vital for us to find time to recover the strength/ energy we need, to perform our daily duties/chores. Rest is important in order for a woman to fulfil her role as a wife and a mother. It is also necessary for a man to operate effectively in his role as a husband and a father. Sometimes it is in the quiet moments of reflection that some of the answers we seek come to us. Exhaustion is a marriage intruder, producing a negative impact, especially in the area of intimacy. It can force us to act on our anger, sometimes causing us to be physically and emotionally abusive—[abuse in any form is wrong]. It is the route of many lingering problems, often developing into major disasters and sometimes the onset of divorce. Vince Says: “Before I understood the importance of allowing my wife time to rest, I would come home from work and watch her carry on doing the household chores and attending to the needs of our son. She would sometimes fall asleep putting him to bed and we would miss out on quality time together. I started to get angry; resenting her for not spending time with me, and almost caused it to break our union. Since then, I’ve learned that there are things I can do to help out around the house that, in effect, benefits all. Now I ensure that I give my wife a break regularly, by spending time with our son. We have our ‘father-son bonding’ on Saturdays and most evenings after work we will do things together. Sometimes I help him with his homework; other times we play board games. I sometimes encourage my wife to take a break from the kitchen as I prepare the family meal [some weekends or when


Janice Ramkissoon


Mother’s Day poem Dedicated to Mrs. Rachel Barnes (A mother to many)

You ushered me through the storms You loved me as if to you I was born You called me in the middle of the night Providing a much needed light Your love extended across the seas To a lonely heart living in misery

she is unwell]. In giving her that break, it allows her to spend time doing other less-physical things like: reading, writing, spending quality time with God, or simply relaxing/ resting. Either way, she has time to rest which benefits not just her, but the whole family.”

Exhaustion robs you of quality time with each other and this is one of the routes, the enemy uses, to introduce adultery and a general lack of respect where couples are concerned. Our advice is to go back to God’s instructions, in order to avoid this evil in your marriage. God created the world in six days then rested on the seventh (exodus 20:8-11). If God, our Master, thought it necessary to take time-out, who are we to not honour that? If this sounds like you, then it is time to implement a time-out strategy. Find some time to relax and release the anxieties and accumulated stresses of your day/week or month. It will do wonders for your marriage.

You will find that having rest helps to put back the spark in your marriage. Recognising the importance of rest for your general health, you will realise the need for rest in your marriage. Try it! And help your spouse to implement such a strategy. Then support each other in this and help to maintain the balance in your marriage. We have applied this to our marriage and find that it helps in many ways – some of which I cannot discuss in this article but I guarantee you will experience a difference in your relationship, if you try it. Rest works in all areas of our lives. Take time out for yourself and for each other. The whole family will benefit and you will find that it plays a vital role in maintaining the health of your marriage.

The bond between us cannot be broken A gift to me as a love token Happy days now here to stay You replaced that which was taken away Helping to usher away the strife I am blessed being part of your life May your special day be great! Chocolates, flowers and cakes Precious memories to make With off-springs coming to stay








Baby Of The Year Competition 2010 Terms and Competitors must be between 0 months to 4 years Conditions



old. Just send in your baby’s cutest photo and state child’s name gender, age and birth month. Send in to: THE BIG EYE NEWS, 1 DRESDEN HOUSE MILLGROVE STREET LONDON SW11 5DP

or Email: Those wishing to enter the 2010 competition please send your childs photos now.


Wah Gwaan

By Gebre Morgan aka Ras Negus


reetings brothers and sisters welcome to another edition of The Big Eye News. This column WAH GWAN is written to educate and liberate.

REPARTRIATION IS A MUST! Greetings brothers and sisters welcome to another edition of The Big Eye News. This column WAH GWAN is written to educate and liberate.

In past editions we have been highlighting topics for the nation’s interest such as, “THE WILLIE LYNCH SYNDROM”, “WHO IS MARCUS GARVEY” “A CONTINENTAL GOVERNMENT FOR AFRICA”,WHO IS THIS MAN?”, “BEYOND THE HYPE OF REGGAE MUSIC”, “SHASHEMENE LAND”, “THE BIBLICAL DIET”, to name a few all of these articles has set the stage setting for this edition’s article, “REPATRIATION IS A MUST”. “Repatriation is a must” is a much used phrase by the Rastafarian Black activist communities worldwide. And

to the mother land has taken a strong toll not only on people of African descent but also European and Asian nationals. “All the solutions for Africa’s problems are in Africa”, HIM. Repatriation is the act of returning to the country of origin, this was the concept for most black or African people after the Trans Atlantic Slave trade was abolished. The repatriation of African slaves and freed persons to Africa was first advocated by the Africans who had freed themselves from slavery by revolting against colonial slave masters. They burned and killed their oppressors without remorse, such free slaves were the Maroons from Jamaica who fought ceaselessly to attain their freedom. Land was granted to them by plantation owners, land which is owned by maroons to this very day. Tousant from Haiti who

contributed to the abolition of slavery in Haiti which was the first caribbean country that was freed from slavery. This cause was later taken up by the American Colonization Society (ACS) of which Thomas Buchanan (brother to future president James Buchanan) was a member. The repatriation of slaves to Africa from the United Kingdom and its dependencies was initiated by the Committee for the Relief of the Black Poor and was later on taken up by the Sierra Leone Company. In time, African American Black Loyalists and West Indians would immigrate to the colony of Freetown, Sierra Leone in smaller numbers in efforts led by black merchants or beneficiaries such as Paul Cuffe. Ex-slave repatriation or the immigration of African American, Caribbean, and Black British slaves to Africa occurred mainly during the late 18th century to mid 19th century. In the cases of Liberia and Sierra Leone both were established by former slaves who were repatriated to Africa within a 28 year period. Educational systems contributes to the lack of knowledge The educational systems in the Western World is designed not to free us from mental slavery, but to entrap us as a people, as it divides us

into social groups or classes, upper, middle and lower classes. The history they taught us in the schools from a basic level gave glory to the oppressors highlighting them as great men who had done Africans a favour. Such people included to name a few Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Henry Morgan, Queen Isabella, Queen Victoria, General Venibles, Admiral Penn,etc.Even in these present times the mission to keep the Africans ignorant of knowing self is very active. Most students are introduced to African languages only if they ever make it to universities and accepts African language as something interesting which is quite rare. Languages enhances communication, and keeps one in tune with self, this was one of the main reason they separated the Africans who spoke similar languages on the slave plantations in order for them to forget their land. There is a major motive behind the inclusion of Spanish, English, French as a part of most schools curriculum at every education level. Spain, France, and Britain played the most significant part in the Trans Atlantic Slave trade and are now held responsible to compensate the millions of Africans trapped here in the Western World without knowledge of self, due to the inhumane crisis they had to bear for the longest period, Slavery which was and is the worst brutality upon humanity.


Prince and princesses must come out of Babylon we Ethiopians shall stretch forth our hands and hearts to God, O thou God of Ethiopia, His own Divine Majesty, thy spirit has come into our hearts to dwell in the path of righteousness, lead us and help us to forgive that we must be forgiven, teach us love and loyalty on earth as it is in Zion, endow us with wise minds, knowledge and understanding to do thy will, thy blessings to us is that the humble be fed the naked clothed, sick nourish, aged protected and the infants be cared for. Deliver us from the hands of our enemies that we shall be fruitful in these last days, when our enemies are passed and decayed in the depth of the seas, depth of the earth, or even in the belly of a Beast, grant us all a place in thy righteous kingdom now and forever more.



RAS- - email: Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell)


Ruth Taylor

OPEN MIND Life Coaching You Gratitude: The Vital Attitude


e all deserve to succeed in whatever we are setting out to achieve in life, but what happens when we’re not getting the results we want? Could it be that there’s an important ingredient missing in our strategy for success, and if there is, what is it?

I believe it’s an attitude of gratitude. Often we become so focused on the DOING; we completely overlook this vital ingredient. Jack Canfield, author of, “The Success Principles,” says, “Gratitude is the single most important ingredient to living a successful and fulfilled life.”

When you’re focused on all that you DON’T have, it’s so easy to forget to give thanks for all the good that ALREADY exist for you. When you focus on the good that already


exist for you, it becomes a cure for, anxiety, worry, envy, bitterness, and other limiting beliefs, which disempowers your spirit. I love how Oprah Winfrey says it: “Be thankful for what you already have, you’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” It’s important to remember that you attract through your feelings, and what we pay the most attention to in our lives, is what we get more of. It’s IMPOSSIBLE for the Universe to move us in the direction of our goals and aspirations, when we spend our time complaining or feeling resentful or angry about our circumstances. Rhonda Byrne, author of the bestselling book and film “The Secret,” writes, “Gratitude

to be properly represented email: inquiries@bigeyene wslondon. com explaining your situation or contact us on 07534147328.

Through a defining research we are happy to recommend a Law Firm that has helped countless individuals in the past and as assured us that with over 50 years combined experience they are ready and willing to take on the cases and concerns of our BIG EYE readers.

You cannot apply for naturalisation just like that but there are options that may apply to your circumstance. If your grandparent was born in the UK and you are over 17 years and able to work we can assist in making a UK ancestry application which will be granted for 5 years, after then settlement and British citizenship. Or you may have a right of abode in the UK if you are a citizen of the UK colonies and had a grandparent born, adopted, registered or naturalised in the UK before your birth.

To be directed to the experts and

How to practice the gratitude attitude? What are you grateful for? Do you ever stop to ask yourself this powerful question? If you have trouble being grateful because you cannot see past your lack, the following simple, yet powerful exercise will get you started. Get a pen, piece of paper, and find a comfortable place where you’ll not be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. When you’re ready, ask yourself, “What am I grateful for in my life right now?” Take a moment to really think about this. Then write down everything you can think of, and a student visa to indefinite leave to remain?

ith immigration laws seemingly changing everyday it is difficult for the many thousands who have immigration issues to keep on top of these ever changing laws and with constant reports of neglectful solicitors and consultants, clients cases are not always handled in the way that they should be handled. Thus THE BIG EYE has made it our point of duty to direct our ever enquiring readers in the right direction of help.

The Firm covers status Regulations in UK Overstayers, Extension of Leave, Amnesty, Failed Asylum, Refusals, Appeals, Judicial Reviews, Detention Release, Signing on reporting issues, Employment & work permit, Marriage, Divorce, Student and Children status, Delayed response from Home Office, UK Airport Issues, Naturalisation-British citizenship, Overseas Visa Entry Clearance and lost documents.

is one of the most powerful emotions you can use to bring all good into your life.”

QUESTION My grandfather was a British citizen, however I was born overseas and I have overstayed my given time here in the UK. Am I entitled to apply for naturalization as a result of my grandfather being British? ANSWER

QUESTION I have been on a student visa for the past 5 years and I have now met a nice person (who is a British Citizen) that I genuinely love and he wants to marry me is it possible for me to change my application from


You cannot just get indefinite leave to remain just like that. As long as you currently have leave to remain as a student, we can assist in making an application for permission to marry in the UK, after then you may marry. After marriage we can assist in making an application for leave to remain as a spouse of a British citizen which will then be granted for two years, shortly before the expiry of the two years we will assist in making an application for indefinite leave to remain. QUESTION In your August 2009 edition there was an article written about kids that are born in England yet they are not considered as British. I am a Nigerian mother of two children that were both born in this country and I have been told that my children are considered as Stateless, due to the fact that I and their father’s case are still pending. Is there anything that can be done to let my children gain the British Citizenship that they

perhaps take for granted. In order to really benefit from this exercise, it’s important that you WRITE DOWN whatever comes to mind that you feel grateful for. You may want to begin with the people who are important in your life: family, friends, etc. Next include: your home - even if it’s one room; food in the fridge; current job/ salary - no matter how small; clothes that keep you warm. The purpose of this exercise is to remind you of all the good things that ALREADY exist in your life RIGHT NOW! I strongly encourage you to harness this powerful emotion of gratitude by practising a daily habit of being grateful. Whenever you start feeling “stressed out” about life or work, divert your focus onto one thing on your list and allow yourself to immerse into the feeling of gratitude. Here are some more things you may want to include on your gratitude list:


• Acceptance – the ability to be at peace with how things are for the moment • Adversity – reminding you of how strong you can be

Each day offers you the opportunity to select the attitude you wish to embrace for that day. I encourage you to do your best to start with an attitude of gratitude

In my next article, we will look at relaxation techniques for reducing stress and tension, so remember to get your copy of “The Big Eye”

Until then, have a Great-Full month!

Ruth Taylor is a Stress Management & Life Coach. Ruth holds a Diploma in Stress Management and an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Certificate in Life Coaching. She coach clients in relaxation techniques, self-esteem, confidence building and goal setting. Ruth offers a face-toface and telephone coaching service throughout the UK.

• Hope – reminding you there is a positive aspect to every situation

Contact: 0794 710 4061

both deserve?

died recently and I am supposed to resubmit my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a spouse in Dec this year. My question is Will my husband’s death work against me when they make their decision?


The Home Office policy is to treat children born in the UK who are not born to parents of a British nationality as having the nationality of their parents so your children are not stateless. Children born in the UK are not here unlawfully and do not require leave to be here. However depending on your children’s length of residence we may be able to assist the whole family. An urgent appointment to see us is recommended QUESTION I came to the UK in 2002 and on arrival my passport was held at the airport by immigration officials I was allowed to stay two weeks in the country but I later on refused to return for my passport, Is there any way that I can obtain my passport and move towards getting myself sorted out in this country? ANSWER

We advise that an application should be made before contacting the immigration authorities. Just asking for your passport back is not a wise approach. However to be assisted we need to ask you a number of questions. QUESTION I received my initial two years stay on my application for indefinite leave to remain in this country but my husband who is a British citizen


You do not need to wait until December to make the application and your husband’s death will not jeopardise your case. See us urgently as we need to prove your relationship with your husband was subsisting before his death. THE BIG EYE wishes to inform all of our readers that immigration solicitors do not make the final decision on any application submitted to The Home Office for all decisions on each case is decided by officers working within The Home Office. PLEASE : SEND AN EMAIL TO US EXPRESSING YOUR IMMIGRATIONAL CONCERNS. EMAIL : inquiries@ TEL: 07534-147328

THE BIG EYE - email: Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell)


Rasta Man’s Vibe-brations THEY CHOOSE TO REVEAL OR CONCEAL Pt 5

own, and we wonder why we fail. CONTINUATION FROM LAST EDITION


otep African Family

Praises unto the Almighty creator, greetings in the name of our Ancestors, hope all is well with each and everyone out there, those young and old, and those yet to be born, well African family, I have been writing this article for sometime now, some of you may not have caught it from the beginning, so I will try to write the rest of it so that the ones who haven’t been able to read the early editions, will be able to over stand, what I’ve been writing. When I look at all what’s happening around us today, the story of our Ancestors, and the history of Europeans, I’m more convinced that we should be re-educating ourselves, and doing things for ourselves, and by ourselves, we have adopted everybody else’s religion and lifestyle and denied our

Now I have to ask you African family, the description I have given above, does it sound familiar to you? Well let’s look at it, 1. Deceased African with arm stretched out. Deceased Jesus with arms stretched out. 2. Deceased African with X on his chest, or if you prefer a cross on his chest. Deceased Jesus nailed to a cross, or if you prefer, watch any Hollywood movie about the life of who they perceive to be Jesus, pay particular attention to Jesus carrying the cross on his shoulder, the position in which he has to carry it, can you see the X? remember African family, symbols can reveal, as well as conceal, 3.


Deceased African with erected penis. Deceased Jesus with erected penis subliminally painted in, and why is this? Because they had to meet their Western hypocracy of so called pornography, next time you see a image of Jesus in a Catholic church have a good look, do not look for it in the statues that would be to obvious, that’s why they destroyed our Ancestors wall carvings because it was too obvious. Now I know that they are many die hard Catholics out there in the African family, who may read what I have written and take offence, I assure you, that’s not my intention here, all I am doing is looking at the evidence around me, and as they say, “no matter how old the evidence, its always relevant, and if that’s the case, then how can I deny what’s carved in stone in Mother Africa, which has been there for thousands and thousands of years, for sketches given to me in a book by a slave trader and invader? I don’t know about anyone else, but if you want to believe all that you are told in the church, then hey, knock yourself out, question African family, how many of you would gladly welcome a pedophile as your next door neighbour? I can



hear the answer now, and its not a very nice one, yet many of you would dress in your best clothes on Sunday, go and sit in the pews, and listen to a pedophile priest give sermon, am I missing something here African family? What many of you believe to be gospel, is not what the church fathers believe, they live by Esoteric means, while they preach the Exoteric to the masses, 1. Esoteric. The true and original meaning understood by only a few, and closely guarded by them. 2. Exoteric. The meaning was invented, or the explanation modified intended for the many. So lets look at the Catechism of the Catholic church which teaches, For the son of God became man, so that we might become God, the only begotten son of God wanting to make us share in his divinity, assumed our nature so that he, made man, might make men Gods, marvel and rejoice we have become Christ. Question African family, if you are a Catholic, and you have read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, what you have read, is it the same as above? And if the answer is no, then don’t

you think you should be asking questions?

The Western World prides itself on been seen as a Christian nation, but if that was so, then why are we surrounded by statues of monsters and occult figures, dragons and gargoyles on Churches, oh yes African family, the same Churches that are meant to be Christian and Holy, they are no statues of Isaiah, Jacob, Ezekiel, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Solomon, the 12 tribes of Israel, no statues of Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Barnabas, Daniel, Samuel, Job, Ezra, Joshua, no African family, not one, the only image we get, is that of Michelangelo’s cousin being nailed to a cross and killed in the most brutal fashion. TO BE CONTINUED! By Courtney Connell


Did you hear Tiger changed his name to Cheetah? What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa Clause? Santa stopped at three ho’s. “Tiger always gives 110 percent. That is why he gave 100 percent to his wife and still had 10 percent left over for his alleged mistress.” His actual name on his birth certificate explains it all………………Tigers Wood Tiger hit a tree, now all the birdies are falling out. KFC’s coming out with a new ‘Tiger Meal. White breast only. EXCUSE ME TIGER but I thought that the idea of the game was fewer strokes. Mrs Elin Wood should be the number 1 ranked golfer now. She beat Tiger by using only one club. Now we know what Tiger and his wife were out doing at 2:30 in the morning. They were Clubbing!! Why was Tiger speeding out of his driveway? He was trying to make it to the next hole. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NO MORE TIGER JOKES OK ONLY 1 MORE Tiger is back in the hospital. He was eating an ice cream cone when a scoop fell into his lap, giving him a severe case of brain freeze.




aiti’s recovery from the devastating January earthquake is proceeding slowly. Aid workers and government officials say it’s clear that some of the almost 2 million people displaced by the quake will be living in “temporary” shelters for another year or more. Outside the capital, the recovery is progressing faster, but the task ahead remains huge. The southern city of Jacmel shook violently on Jan. 12. The quake completely destroyed parts of the city, while other areas suffered damage to 20 to 30 percent of the buildings. The quake’s impact is still visible. At one gas station, the torn-apart cement awning leans ominously over the pumps. Cracked, abandoned buildings are all over Jacmel. But crews have cleared most of the rubble out of the city’s streets. Scooter taxis buzz busily around town. Shops have reopened. Old ladies sweep the pavement in front of their modest homes. Slow But Palpable Progress Thomas Oriental runs a workshop that sells traditional papier-mache voodoo masks. “I’ve been badly affected. I lost my mother, my wife and a niece. I’m very traumatized, and at night if I don’t drink, I can’t sleep,” he says. Oriental’s shop also partially collapsed, and he lost much of his merchandise. He now lives in a tent in the parking lot of what used to be the Agriculture Ministry. Oriental is frustrated with the slow

pace of recovery, but he says that things are improving in Jacmel. The road has reopened between Port-au-Prince and Jacmel. Some tourists — mainly foreign aid workers and missionaries — have started to return. At least there is some business, he says. Jacmel’s mayor, Edo Zenny, says things have improved so much that he’s asking all the refugees from Port-au-Prince to go home. Zenny says the main problem now in his city is the garbage from the people who fled from Port-au-Prince after the quake. Most are still living in the streets. He says the people from the capital dump trash at the curbs, and it’s become impossible to keep the city clean. In a public speech a few days earlier, Zenny declared that all these outsiders should go home. “The majority of them are still here. We can’t push them out. But we are going to find a way to be a nuisance to them so they leave,” the mayor said. Two months ago, he wouldn’t have made such a demand. In a way, his statement shows how this crisis is evolving, and how Haiti is moving toward something like normal. Demolition Needs Still Great Across the quake-ravaged parts of Haiti, one of the main challenges is still the demolition of buildings. Demolition crews are in high demand. Dale Lawson is the heavy equipment manager for CHF in Haiti. Despite being an ex-Canadian soldier, he is

ST. KITTS & NEVIS GUN TRAFFICKING DESTROYING the street screaming and running OUR ISLAND for cover. Fortunately no one was


wo young men are in police custody assisting the investigations into a shooting incident that occurred in the McKnight area on Tuesday 25th about 8pm. Residents in the area reported the sound of rapid gunfire from what could have been automatic weapons that resulted in bystanders on

injured. This incident followed a shooting in the Newtown area in the early morning hours of that same day that led to a young man, Shamon Herbert being rushed to the hospital in critical condition with gunshots to his chest, abdomen and both legs. He is still hospitalized.

wearing a U.S. Marines T-shirt. Lawson oversees several crews that are under contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development to clear rubble in the coastal city of Leogane. Walking through the valleys of debris of what used to be the main street, Lawson says the whole area needs to be demolished. “You can’t move forward when your place looks like this. ... There’s no way,” he says. Leogane, which lies 18 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, was at the epicenter of the quake. Most of the city was destroyed. Backhoes Like Bugs Watching a yellow Caterpillar scramble over a pile of shattered concrete that used to be a school, Lawson says his teams can remove a five-story building in about a day and a half. Caterpillar excavators on steel treads are their main demolition tool. In April, CHF demolished 30 schools in Leogane in less than three weeks. Lawson has trained Haitians to run the excavators, bulldozers and dump trucks. And he says he’d clear even more buildings if he could just get more heavy equipment. “We are not getting equipment the way we should. There should be a lot more equipment in here,” Lawson says. In the capital, demolition crews are also constantly clearing the rubble. Bulldozers knock down a school here, a bank there. The French military has heavy equipment rumbling throughout downtown Port-au-Prince. But the task of rubble removal in the capital is so large that the backhoes are like bugs tearing at a giant crumpled sand castle. They clear a plot, but they’re still dwarfed by the wreckage around them. These two incidents ad to a total of more that 30 such incidents so far for the year and highlight the serious problem facing the federation with the trafficking of illegal firearms. The month of May looks promising as being the first without a homicide for 2010 and it is certainly hoped that no one dies but unfortunately considering the six shootings that have occurred this month it will be simply because of good fortune. The gangs or whoever it is that is shooting at people are certainly trying to kill someone. The sad fact though is that no country can rely simply on lucky circumstance to deal with a problem as serious as this one.



teenager from Gouyave, St. John’s has been charged with the robbery of a huge sum of cash belonging to the Gouyave Gas Station last week Tuesday. The 15-year old who resides at River Lane in Gouyave is accused of making a daring nighttime robbery of the day’s monetary intake believed to be in the region of $7,000.00. He is accused of launching an attack on a female attendant of the lone

Gouyave Gas Station as she made her way to a nearby bank to make the deposit. It is reported that the female employee was struck on the head, and the young man made his way through a side road with the bag containing the money. The teenager appeared in court on Monday, but was remanded in custody to the Richmond Hill Prison to reappear in court on June 4.



ne of Grenada’s leading legal icons, Edwin Allen Heyliger, Queens Counsel, has passed away at the age of 93. Heyliger, who died Tuesday at the St. George’s General Hospital, has had a long and distinguished career in the law, serving in several capacities since his call to the Bar close to sixty-seven (67) years ago. In 1942, Heyliger obtained his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from Kings College in London. One year later, on July 7th 1943, he was called to the Bar at Grey’s Inn and has served the legal profession since then, making him the longest serving practitioner, not only in Grenada but arguably also in the OECS. Among the several portfolios held by Heyliger within the then Leeward & Windward Islands, now known as the OECS sub-region, were Registrar of the High Court, Magistrate, Legal Advisor, Legal Draftsman, AttorneyGeneral and High Court Judge. Born in then British Guiana in 1916, Heyliger first moved to Grenada in 1949 when he took up the post of Magistrate at Grenville. Before taking up his new position he had done stints in St. Lucia, both as a Registrar and as a Magistrate.

While serving as Magistrate in Grenville his clerk of court was young Julius Alexander Isaac, whom he encouraged to study law and eventually went on to become the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada - the first black/Caribbean person to hold that position. In the early 1960’s Heyliger was appointed as a Judge of the Leeward and Windward Islands and served in that capacity in several of the islands before his eventual return to Grenada in 1967 and his journey into private practice. Heyliger’s practice covered many areas of the law, including Criminal Law and Constitutional & Administrative Law.

He was consumed with a deep passion for the law, read extensively and was always ready to engage practitioners in discussion on issues of legal interpretation and general points of law. He was well-known for his wit, great sense of humor and sharp intellect. Many too have experienced his sharp and biting criticism. Heyliger has carried the title ‘Queen’s Counsel’ for more than 32 years, having been elevated, on 4th April 1978, to one of Her Majesty’s Counsel in recognition or his outstanding work in the legal profession.

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TRESSING he did not want to see Barbados become as turbulent as Jamaica, Government Senator Dr David Durant warned that it would be unwise to dismiss reports that Barbados had a gang problem. Speaking on the Penal System Reform Amendment Bill in the Senate yesterday, Pastor Durant, one of this country’s newest senators, said any issue related to gangs should not be swept under the carpet. “When I heard of the emerging gangs in Barbados, I know many tried to ignore it. I don’t think it is something we should just sweep under the carpet. “For whatever it is worth, we need to give some attention to it. Some may argue it is being blown out of proportion . . . I will not go down that line but for whatever it is worth, I think we need to give some attention to that gang problem that is within our society. “We don’t want it to get out of hand and become like our Caribbean neighbours, especially Jamaica. We don’t want that situation here.” Durant told the Senate that it was important to nip any issue in the bud. “Remember, the largest tree started from a small seed. The Bible does say ‘do not despise the days of small beginnings’. Things that begin small

have the tendency to grow large and become uncontrollable. “An adult tiger was at first a cub, then it became a serious predator with a strong killer instinct. We don’t want this kind of thing to continue to linger in our society and infiltrate the lives of our youths while we adults pretend it does not exist.” Durant also called for provisions to be made in relation to guiding and monitoring those who had been deported after a period of incarceration overseas. “Some deportees return here never having seen Grantley Adams International Airport in their lives, yet they are sent to Barbados because they have Barbadian origins. My question is: Is that individual met at the airport by the police or some social worker? “Is that worker briefed about the culture of Barbados and the do’s and don’ts since they have never been here? Is that individual monitored as she or he seeks to integrate into our society?” Durant thinks that Barbados should provide some type of support system for deportees. “We could look at providing accommodation, somewhere to sleep, something to eat, especially if that person does not have a family member in Barbados.”



NOTHER murder-suicide has plunged a family in south Trinidad into grief, in which a husband stabbed his wife to death then hanged himself. The tragedy occurred hours after a similar incident in Tobago, in which a man slit his wife’s throat on Friday night then ingested poison.

The incident happened at about 4 am yesterday at Clegorn Village, Princes Town, when Guyanese national Christmas Cecil Roberts, 48, had an argument with his wife, Eastlyn Patterson, 41, in their bedroom. He got

married to the woman six months ago and according to a police report, Patterson’s 17-year-old son, Stephenson Thomas who was in an adjacent room, was awoken by the commotion. He told police investigators when he heard his mother screaming, he pushed his way into the bedroom and saw his stepfather stabbing his mother who was lying on the floor. The police report stated that Thomas ran out the room and towards the home of relatives nearby. Villagers said that they heard Thomas scream-

ing on the road. When relatives, together with Thomas, turned up at the house, they saw Patterson lying in the bedroom in blood. The blade of a knife was sticking out of her chest. They saw Roberts in another room hanging from a piece of electrical wire which was tied from the ceiling of the family’s house. Police investigators who arrived on the scene and viewed Patterson’s body, said the woman was stabbed more than 20 times in the face, chest, neck, and abdomen. Patterson’s brother, Alrick, 35, who lives in Princes Town, said that on Saturday night, he dropped his sister and Roberts to their home after they attended a Christening ceremony at the Princes Town Community Centre. Expressing shock over the incident, Alrick said, “Listening to Roberts speaking to his wife, it appeared that he was going through some problems. I was driving and they were in the car and he looked upset. He

started talking about not being able to find a job. He was doing all the talking and Eastlyn was quiet. But he seemed frustrated,” Alrick said. Robrts came to Trinidad from Guyana three years ago and six months ago he married Patterson, who has six children from a previous marriage. Thomas (the deceased woman’s son) was too distraught to speak. He is currently taking the CSEC examinations. Alrick said, “This boy actually saw his mother stabbed several times. He is so frightened, and he is not talking much. It’s as if his life ended. I don’t know how he would get through this.” PC Ramdial of the Princes Town Police began investigations yesterday, after Dr Ragoobar examined the body and ordered its removal to the Forensic Science Centre. On Friday night at about 10.30 pm, Ramdarasa Jagroo, 39, slit the throat of his wife, Sunita, 28, then drank a poisonous substance. That incident happened at Happy Hill, Tobago.



he foresight, clear thinking and bi-partisan ideas put forward by the LPM on how to manage the scourge of crime in St Lucia is now common talk-show currency in the electronic media and in various political circles on the island and only serves to enforce the point that the St Lucian People’s Movement should and ought to be given a chance to govern the country, says the Political Leader Therold Prudent.

As part of its crime fighting strategy, the LPM now advises the government to require gas station owners to record all gasoline purchases and identify all by requiring them to present their license, and/or insurance document while making a purchase. A quick check of the vehicle’s registration, the mileage on the vehicle and the location of the purchase should be noted. This information should then be entered electronically into a database that will be continuously monitored by the police. It should also be made illegal to sell gasoline to any driver who does not comply with these recommendations. Surveillance cameras should also be placed at every gas station on the island to monitor the movement of vehicles and the purchase of gasoline by drivers. The

police will know as it will be within their discretion to check up on certain drivers while ignoring others. Criminals need two things to operate successfully in your neighbourhood, says Mr Prudent. They need guns and cars with a full gas tank. But, in as much as the government cannot effectively control the illegal trade in guns and ammunition in St Lucia, it can put a spoke in the transportation wheels of criminals by keeping a close watch on those who uses our public roads for illegal purposes. Mr Prudent says that a person who buys a full tank of gas in Castries in the morning and fills up again in an out district in the afternoon should attract the attention and surveillance of the police unless he/she is licensed to operate a taxi or some sort of transportation service. Such requirements may cause some inconvenience to law abiding citizens, Mr Prudent says, but these times call for all of us to be patient and forbearing. “While such a policy may cause some delay in travel, it will make it more challenging for criminals to get the gasoline they need to drive to your neighbourhood, commit a crime and get away quickly and safely.”

Mr Prudent says that this plan will be paid for by adding a two cents Peace and Security tax on every gallon of gas, by cutting out certain overseas trips and entourage-travel by Ministers, including the Prime Minister and all civil servants and by sourcing overseas funds from countries that are willing to assist St Lucia financially in the fight against drug trafficking. The LPM leader says that no overseas trips should be authorized by the government unless it can be shown that tangible benefits will accrue to the people and state of St Lucia.

“Every St Lucian must be willing to make some sacrifices if we are to give the police a fighting chance to tackle crime in St Lucia. And an additional two cent tax on gas is a very small sacrifice to make. We can make that sacrifice together as one people and one nation, or fall victim as individuals to the crime wave that is sweeping over the island, the Political Leader says.

Mr Prudent pointed out that these out-of-the-box ideas put forward by the LPM inclusive of its call for the close monitoring of criminal deportees as published on its website and released on January 11th, 2010, demonstrates quite clearly that the LPM is serious about tacking crime and ready and able to govern St Lucia.



n his first press conference as acting police commissioner Vernon Francois vowed to clean up the police force of corrupt officers. The commissioner questioned the effectiveness of the police complaints unit and advocated for an independent body to be set up to investigate police officers.

Francois says him and the new police team will take crime head on and called for the help of the public. “Criminals need to be made to feel uncomfortable in St Lucia,” he said. Vernon Francois has been given six months to produce results.

I am poor and needy and my heart is wounded within me. . Psalm 109:22

under the care of unskilled midwives.

GHANA GHANAIAN STABBED TO DEATH IN LONDON Hundreds of sympathizer and mourners filled the St Ignatius Catholic Church, in Stamford Hill, London in the United Kingdom for a memorial service for Ghanaian teenager, Godwin Lawson who was murdered in London in March this year. The large crowd, hundreds of who did not find space in the hall, included some high profile political and social figures, members of the clergy as well as team mates of the late football star from the Oxford United Football Academy. Ghana’s High Commissioner to the UK, Professor Kwaku Danso-Boafo, some members of the UK Parliament David Lammy and Diane Abbott, together with some other parents of victims of knife and gun crimes in London such as Jimmy Mizen, Damilola Taylor and David Idowu were present. The mourners were clad in traditional Ghanaian Black and White funeral outfit. Godwin Lawson, 17, died on March 27 after being stabbed in Hackney, East London. He was stabbed at the Amhurst Park at 1.50am. A postmortem examination gave cause of death as a stab wound to the chest. Godwin and two of his friends aged 18 and 20 were attacked by at least four other youths during which the two other friends were severely wounded and later taken to hospital suffering from stab wounds. The soccer starlet who had won scholarship into the Oxford United Football Academy last summer had returned to visit his family from Ox-

ford where he had been engaged in football studies. Another Ghanaian teenager, Moise Avorgah, of St Ann’s Road, was later charged with the murder of Lawson who had dreamt of playing for Manchester United. The head of the St Ignatius Church, Father Tim Byron who conducted the service expressed dismay at the loss of the life of a young man who had so much potential and aspirations. He called for pragmatic efforts from all to help combat the knife culture in the city of London which has taken tens of illustrious youth lives over the last few years. Father Byron recalled Lawson’s dream of being a professional football star and noted that such a wonderful vision could not be materialised primarily due to the wickedness of certain individuals who have adapted to errant cultures adding that “his dream was cruelly taken away from him” He urged youngsters not to join the knife crime culture and urged those involved to desist from it to help save innocent lives as well as their own. Lawson’s mother, Mrs Yvonne Lawson’s eulogy, assisted by husband Calvin was virtually drowned by weeping. The bereaved mother’s song “there is no one like you” and the description of her late son as “My full of energy boy” put most of the sympathizers in tears, some of them uncontrollable.

KENYA BIRTH COMPLICATIONS NUMBERS CONTINUES TO RISE The number of women suffering from fistula, an ailment related to birth complications, is on the rise. Health minister Beth Mugo on Wednesday said an estimated 300,000 women suffer from the condition.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 cases are reported annually. Fistula afflicts some women due to tears at childbirth. The complications are as a result of early pregnancies, low use of family planning services and giving birth

“Although 92 per cent of our women attend ante-natal clinic at least once during pregnancy, only 44 per cent deliver under a skilled healthcare worker... The Kenya Demographic Health Survey shows that the maternal mortality rate is 410 per 100,000 live births. Mrs Mugo urged women to delay their first pregnancy, attend ante-natal clinic and deliver under the care of a skilled midwife. She was speaking at the Kenyatta National Hospital when she pre-

sented a cheque for Sh1.7 million to the Flying Doctors Society of Africa towards fistula operations. Operation Costs The hospital’s acting chief executive, Dr Charles Kabetu, said the hospital, the largest fistula repair centre in the country, conducted more than 400 operations annually. “While the average cost of the fistula treatment and post-operative care costs about Sh150,000 in private hospitals, Kenyatta offers them free. Sadly, most women with the condition do not know this,” Dr Kabetu said.

MUGABE: “GAYS LOWER THAN DOGS & PIGS” Attorney David Hofisi says he has not been allowed to visit them in jail since their arrest last Friday but they were expected to be brought to court later yesterday. Ellen Chadehama, 34, and Ingatius Mhambi, 38, are employees of the Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) organisation. They were arrested on allegations under Zimba-

bwe’s censorship laws. Police raided the offices of their gay and HIV/Aids awareness group searching for indecent materials, and removed documents and computer files. Homosexuality is illegal in most African countries. President Robert Mugabe has described same-sex partners as “lower than dogs and pigs” but arrests of gays are rare in Zimbabwe.

NIGERIA SENATOR QUIZZED OVER MARRIAGE TO 13 YR OLD The Nigerian senator, who has been under fire for marrying a 13-yearold Egyptian girl, was on Tuesday quizzed by investigators, an official statement said. Investigators of the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP) questioned Ahmed Sani Yerima for two hours over the marriage, the agency said in the statement. “The senator stated he had not contravened any aspect of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He confirmed that the marriage (was) held as reported and was officiated by the chief Imam of Abuja National Mosque,” the state-

“I am only following Prophet Mohammed’s footsteps who married a nine-year-old girl, Aishatu,” Yerima told journalists last week Monday.

Yerima was governor of Zamfara when it became the first of 12 Muslim-dominated northern states to introduce Sharia law in 2000.

The Nigerian Senate has ordered a probe after the national rights watchdog and 10 other groups accused him of shaming the country. Media reports have alleged Yerima paid a 100,000-dollar dowry before marrying the girl.

He faces 500,000 naira (3,270 dollars, 2,680 euros) fine or five years jail term, or both on conviction.


A defence attorney says police in Zimbabwe have arrested two members of a local gay organisation.

in the footsteps of Islam’s Prophet Mohammed.

ment said.

Yerima, 49, supplied an affidavit of marriage from the Sharia Court of Appeal in Abuja, and told investigators that the girl was currently in a secondary school in Egypt, it added. The lawmaker, who was granted bail until June 17, said the Nigerian Child Rights Act of 2003 “must have been enacted in error” and that he and his government rejected it when he was Zamfara governor between 1999 and 2007, the statement said. The law forbids marriage to anyone under 18. Last week, the senator justified his actions by saying he was following



Walk in wisdom towards them that are without, redeeming the time. Colossians 4:5

Love On The Rocks Write To Roxana White


uestion My partner and I live in a 3 bedroom flat with his mother. The flat belongs to the council but it is in his mum’s name. My partner is 29 years old and I have been with him for the past nineteen months and I do have deep feelings for him but I am having major difficulties dealing with him the way that I would like to because he puts his mum before me and before anything else in life. He is a grown man and behaves very mature but his mother has an influence on every decision he makes (and I mean every decision) and it makes me feel unappreciated. His mum treats me good whilst he is at home but hardly talks to me when he isn’t there. I am unhappy and I feel very uncomfortable in this situation. My partner loves THE BIG EYE so please give a response that might help him to understand what I am going through as I know he will read it in your next edition.

Answer Well I would suggest that you tell him that you think it’s great that he has such a good and close relationship with his mother. And that there is no way on earth that you would try to come between that. But remind him that your ears

are open to, and anytime he wants to approach you with life’s issues he can, let him know you’re not just his woman you’re his friend, and you would also like him to listen to your thoughts and opinions when it comes to what’s going on in your relationship and life that you share. Maybe you should organise a family days out with just yourself and his mum so you two can work on your relationship and get to know each other better. Once you and his mum form a bond, you should both feel at ease to talk to each other when he’s not there. As you said she’s nice to you when he’s around, so when he’s not there spend time getting to know each other. Who knows she may end up being your best friend!

incest. No matter how many years have gone past you’re always going to find it hard to deal with, these things don’t just go away over night. I know you may be scared of letting the family know what has happened, but just say he targets other people. Maybe letting your close relatives know what’s happened will enable them to offer you the support you need. Remember you did no wrong, so don’t feel ashamed for his actions. You may need counseling and also to attend a support group, where they have specialist people you can talk to, and build the courage to tell the family so they can support you in giving details to the authorities, if that’s what you want.


uestion My uncle had sex with me when I was fourteen years old (WITHOUT MY CONSENT) and though I will be twenty six years old in July I am constantly reminded of this every time I see him. I used to hate him with a passion and once planned to get rid of him but my best friend is my cousin (his daughter) and I know that she loves her dad and would be devastated if anything would happen to him. No one knows what happened because I have never disclosed it to the family but I write to you because I am still struggling to cope with this even though twelve years has past.

uestion My son is only fifteen years old and already he is having sex. I only discovered this a few weeks ago when he forgot to take his mobile phone to school and just like most parents would do, I browsed through his messages and there I discovered that he was having sex with a girl at his school since he was fourteen years old. I was initially shocked and angry at my discovery but when I calmed down I looked at areas in my life where I should have been more aware of what my child was up to, as oppose to just thinking that he was just sweet innocent. It has been nearly three weeks since I found this out and though my son is still undergoing punishment from me yet I see where this has helped bring us closer together. Please let me know what you think of the whole situation and I am ready to take any constructive advice on how to handle this case.

Answer Well this is extremely serious. If your uncle had sex with you without your consent at the age of only fourteen, then this is rape and also as he is a blood relation this also makes this

Answer Well even if your son is having sex, you must remember that he is engaging in under age sex. So if he’s been seeing the same girl for a while, I think you should talk to


her parents, so they are aware of the situation and see what actions they want to take. Also let him know that you’re not consenting to it, but if he is going to do it, then to do it with protection has pregnancy is definitely not encouraged at these two teenagers stage in life. Go on the internet and get information on all the different STD’s there are, and how they can affect the body. Just so he understands why it’s important to be safe. Also take him to a GUM clinic for regular checkups. Even though we all want our kids to be as good as gold, we must remember, there will be times they experiment and try to grow up too fast. It’s the parent’s job to try and guide them and keep them as safe as possible, even when they end up doing things we don’t always agree with.



Hi Roxana, I have read your column and I am very impressed with the answers that you give to each case scenario. Now my problem is not with my boyfriend simply because I haven’t got one. I am hot with no exaggerations but I just don’t trust guys because my first boyfriend broke my heart and I have discovered that when a guy gets too close to me or I find myself falling for a guy then I become afraid of what might happen and then I just blank that person with no explanation. Help me because these poor guys are suffering and by now they must be thinking I am nuts. Am I suffering from everlasting heart break or will I get over this? Just to clear the


2. Do you see yourself as a dancehall icon? Yes

3. Where are you originally from? Kingston, Jamaica

4. In what era of music did you start going to dance? Super cat, General trees, Ninja man. Early 90s late 80s from when linen suit ah wear

5. Who is the best reggae artist of all time? Bob Marley

10. What year to year dance do you enjoy the most? Wet wet by Steve Bush, Richie Indian Birthday bash, Dudus birthday bash crazy, Mickey Blacks

uestion My step mum is always on my case and though I grew up with her for most of my life I really don’t think she likes me. I try to always be respectful but no matter what I do it never seems to please her. I have never discussed the way I feel to my dad because I don’t want to cause any trouble. What do you suggest I do?

Answer I suggest you talk to her and explain to her how you feel. Tell her that you feel as if she may have some kind of resentment towards you and tell her why you feel this way. Listen to her response and then give it a while to see if there’s been any change in her attitude towards you. If there hasn’t been an improvement, then sit down with her and your dad present, discuss this issue again, talk as a family and see if they can find new ways to respond to you so you don’t feel like that anymore. Good luck.

17. Dancehall is all about hype what would be the ideal vehicle to arrive in at a dance? Bentley

7. On a Sunday morning what genres of music do you listening to? Slow jams

9. Where do you enjoy partying in Jamaica? All over…


16. Who is the dancehall number 1 icon? I will leave London England to decide because there are so many icons.

6. Who is the best dancehall artist of all time? I love music so I listen to everyone

8. What kind of liquor do you drink when you go to dance? Courvoisier or Hennessey

Answer Well once you give your trust to someone and they break your heart, it can be hard to trust anyone again. You’re not nuts, you’re just scared of letting go again and being in that situation again. Try to remember that not every man is the same, try to slowly develop a relationship with the guy that you like, try and develop a friendship with him, and then when it comes to that point where you find yourself falling for him, this time don’t run. Instead take each day as it comes and see what it has to offer. Trust him until he gives you a good reason not to. If you keep running every time you get to that point, then you will never know what could have been.

15. What’s your favorite clothes store? None


1. How did you get the name…? Being that my dad is an Indian and I am Indian it fit my name hence the name Richie Indian.

suspicious minds of the readers I am not a lesbian and will never become one.

British linkup 11. In the industry out here in the UK who would you like to big up? Put god first, Mickey Blacks, Papa T, Milo, Hya P, Emperor Crew, Keisha star, Big D, Alan Brando, Beautti Boo, Latoya, Keniesha. All my fans and can’t forget my wife. 12. Who do you think is the UK number 1 Selecta

Very tricky question I just want to bigup all the UK selectors cos right now they are all doing their thing. 13. Who do you rate to be the UK number one promoter? RICHIE INDIAN Apache Entertainment. 14. What’s your favorite brand of clothing? None, clothes don’t wear me I wear clothes.

18. What do you think you contribute to dancehall? I introduced dancing into England by bringing Bogle. When I came here there were only various singers and DJ’s on stage shows I brought artists over that people didn’t expect to come over I also gave a lot of dancers an opportunity to prove themselves, so that is my contribution.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

Tooth Fairy (2010) Dir: Michael Lembeck

Dir: Mike Newell


wayne “Don’t Call me The Rock” Johnson returns in his ever so charismatic role, in the fun loving family flick ’The Tooth Fairy’. You would have thought that after his performance in “The Game Plan”, the arrogant yet charming quarter back, Johnson might have decided to move onto a completely different role showing the world his acting diversity – I was wrong.

The movie stars Johnson as Derek Thompson or better known to his fans as ‘The Tooth Fairy’, the arrogant hockey player who spends most of his time in the penalty box for fouling his opponents so hard, their tooth falls out. He is loved amongst his fans but fails to be a positive role model to his younger fans telling them that “You won’t make it to the NHL, lower your expectations”. But it doesn’t stop there, Derek’s attempts to try to impress his girlfriend, Carly played by Ashley Tudd, trying to be a father-figure for her two children. But his lack of compassion takes centre stage when Tess, the younger daughter’s tooth falls out. She is overcome with excitement knowing the tooth fairy will come to visit, but when Derek attempts to tell Tess that fairies don’t exist, he is magically transported to the Tooth Fairy land. There he must serve two weeks as a tooth fairy, mentored by Stephen Merchant and Julie Andrews. His new temporary life as a Tooth fairy, conflicts with Derek’s real life as his tooth fairy duties are called upon when Derek least expects it, causing havoc when he tries to overcome the threat of being replaced by a new young, talented hockey player and trying to settle into Carly and her children’s life. Unfortunately, this film is not for adults, as most of the story is really predictable

especially if you have seen movies such as The Pacifier, The Santa Clause (which was directed by Michael Lembeck) and of course, The Game Plan. You know from the start that Johnson’s character starts as a self absorb egomaniac but then when the film comes to an end as he learns life’s hard lessons and falls into the fun loving father figure we knew he would become. The majority of the film shows more of the relationship between Derek and his mentor/trainer Tracey (Merchant) than anything else. Rarely is there any laughable moments between the two, especially when Tracey is putting Derek through Tooth Fairy Boot camp. In fact, Johnson’s delivery as a comedic actor is when he is acting on his own, it seems to me that someone funnier than him can be intimidating which in my opinion hinders his performance. Rarely are there any funny moments other than watching Johnson run all over the place in a tutu yielding a magical wand, however, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to adults who want to see a movie to make them laugh for you will probably die of boredom through the predictable storyline, however to a much younger audience, they will love watching Johnson fall over like a clown, being chased by a giant dog and brain washing parents. You don’t feel any emotion when Carly and her children finally accept Derek into the family because, quite frankly, from the beginning you knew they would, hardly is there conflict between the two lovers and their “interest” in one another is something to be desired. Nevertheless, Johnson charm and likeability always bring up the ratings which ever film he stars in.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) Dir: Samuel Bayer


Nightmare on Elm Street is deemed to be one of the greatest slasher movies of all time. Somehow, Wes Craven managed to frighten us through five sequels, tormenting us with a disfigured man yielding a giant claw rising from his grave, trying to kill teenagers in their sleep. Robert Englund has been best known to take on the role of Freddy Krueger in the 80s, but would he now slip the red and black jumper and claw back on? Enter Jackie Earle Haley. Without much imagination, the film follows a group of teenagers who are being torment by a mysterious and disfigured man who haunts their dreams and finally, kills them in their dreams too. As I said before, there is no imagination to the film, I can’t say there was one memorable kill and most of the parts that made you jump out of your seat was due to loud noises. Quite frankly, there is nothing different between Samuel Bayer’s version of A Nightmare on Elm Street to Wes Craven’s original. Many of the formulas Craven laid out in the original Bayer just recycled into his own for example, the claw seeping out of the water while Nancy sleeps in the bath tub. To me, it just seems Michael Bay who produced the film, was stuck between

whether he wanted to remake the original or make a movie complete from scratch, so instead he merged the two together which was a complete flop as again, another Hollywood movie is predictable. Jackie Earle Haley however did make a good attempt to raise this film out of the ashes. It would have been foolish to try and capture the same funny yet disturbing one liner that Englund delivered over the years. So instead, Haley was more sinister and more disfigured than the original Freddy which made him that much scarier. They didn’t focus so much on his lines and he never appeared in the film so much, giving us that feeling of ‘We fear what we can’t see’. Though as the film was coming to its climax, suddenly Haley was given a few jokes to say and I thought to myself “too little too late”, if you were going make Freddy that “uncomfortable humour” they should have given that to him from the start. Slasher movies are supposed to be different from its other prequels or even other slasher movies. But for some reason A Nightmare on Elm Street failed to deliver anything different and seems to be riding off Craven’s hardwork with a little bit of special effects to disguise it.


am not a massive fan of the Prince of Persia games, a platform game with a twist, if you fall off the edge you can press the ‘R1 button’ and he will rewind back time to his original spot – within minutes the novelty wore off and I took the game back. So, when I found out Hollywood is running out of more ideas and decided to adapt yet another game into a movie, I was very apprehensive if they could pull it off and make a decent movie that could make you want to buy the DVD and reclaim the video game? The answer is disappointing NO!. Prince of Persia stars Jake Gyllenhall as Dastan, the adopted son of the Persian king and Gemma Arterton, who plays Dastan’s love interest, the beautiful Princess Tamina. When Dastan is accused of murdering his adopted father after invading Princess Tamina’s home land with the aid of his two brothers, Dastan goes on the run to find the truth about the conspiracy surrounding his father’s death and the mystical dagger which can rewind time for no longer than a minute. As the film unravels, we yearn for the sexual tension between our two leading character’s Tamina and Dastan. Thankfully I wasn’t let down. I really did enjoy the bantering between the two, as the film didn’t fall into the trap of the love stories of “boy meets girl formula”, and within 20 minutes of the film starting they are already sleeping together. Yet they spend most of the time fighting and trying to outwit each other, which raises the question “when are they going to kiss?” (Don’t worry they do). The bickering between Tamina and Dastan took centre stage over the rest of the story, as I found it highly enjoyable and

couldn’t wait for their next encounter, especially when Alfred Molina ‘s character Sheik Amar was introduced adding more charm and light hearted humour to the frame, throwing the couple into more peril. You would have thought that the “8 hours a day” Jake proclaimed he spent in the gym working on his physique, he would have learnt some combat training, if he did, why wasn’t it shown? In the fights sequences, you hardly believe its Jake actually fighting (Shots from high and lower angles) which comes as no surprise seeing as Newell isn’t famous for his technique for showing believable fight scenes. His free running, pole swinging and crowd avoiding is very convincing....for the first 30 minutes but I thought “is this Prince of Persia or Assassins Creed, where even his outfit resemble Assassins creed character.” Even the accent got a little tedious as in some parts; I felt that his American accent accidently slipped in some places. This Aladdin meets Indiana Jones parody doesn’t try and take too much from the video games and stands on its own two feet, but if it was not for tension between Dastan and Tamina with Sheik Amar witty humour, the film would crash and burn. Most adaptation whether from a book or video games, the film rushes through the story and rarely do you identify with the characters and for a Jerry Bruckheimer film, it’s very short compared to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy which had a lot of action, comedy and even had time to squeeze in a love story. If they do decide to do a sequel to this movie, maybe Jerry still has Johnny Depp’s number? his British accent is better.

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18) If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and why? NELSON MANDELLA BCAUSE HE IS THE GREATEST FREEDOM FIGHTER OF OUR TIME.


1) What’s the name given to you at birth?


2) What’s your stage name?


3) How did you get your stage name?


4) Where are you originally from?


5) How long have been in the business?


6) Do you have a mentor?


7) Who is presently your favourite reggae Artiste?


19) You grew up in Jamaica now living in England would you say that these two places had an impact on your career?

By Lavinia Leonie


ENOUGH FOR ME. 8) Which Black male or female would you say has been the most influential person in your life?

12) Who is your favourite Dancehall Artiste?


13) Which Selecta would you rate to be the number 1 Selecta in the world?





what he’d seen. Matthew smashed his fists repeatedly into Theo’s torso, beating him down to the ground, not stopping until his friends pulled him off. Little did they know, this altercation would kick off a series of disastrous events.

Introduction The London of the movies is the Land of the Queen, posh teadrinkers, and rich crumpet-eaters. Where police officers speak in cockney accents, and soldiers wear red outfits with tall black furry hats. One aspect of London that main stream media neglects is the streets.

Theze London Streetz. Theze London Streetz is the real London, where there are over 170 known criminal gangs, and where 45% of teachers leave their profession due to the behaviour of the youths of today. This series will illuminate the reality of London living with episodes based on real situations and scenarios that London’s teens can relate to. WRITTEN BY JASPER MITCHELL copyright Theze London Streetz Episode Two “Painful Breakthrough” Theo is sitting beside his good friend Byron, in his English class. The teacher is gibbering on about

the world of Shakespeare, but Theo is in a totally different world. Byron has noticed Theo’s coma, and he’s trying not to agitate him. “You alright, Theo? You ain’t talked all morning, fam.” Theo intentionally ignores Byron, and Byron knows better than to ask twice. At lunchtime, Theo and Byron sit together. Theo’s appetite had long faded away. “Don’t you want your pizza?” Theo glares into Byron’s eyes, causing him to move in his seat uncomfortably. “Clara’s pregnant. Have the pizza.” Byron takes the pizza and takes a bite into it before realizing Theo’s initial statement. “Woah woah woah, wait a second,” He lowers his voice, “You had sex with Clara?” Theo glares into Byron’s eyes again causing the same effect. “Sorry. Dumb question. Your mum’s gonna kill you, fam.” “My mum aint the one I’m thinking about. Matthew’s gonna finish me when he finds out.” Coming out of nowhere, Clara sits down next to Byron. Byron leaves before another famous Theo-glare. “You okay?”

“No. This morning I threw up. What should I do?”

“You really wanna know what I think?” Carla nods slowly, having a fair idea of what Theo is going to say. “Abort it.”

“Do you want a slap?”

“Do you want a baby?” Clara thinks about it. She is also more fearful of Matthew than of her mum. “I don’t want to kill our baby, Theo.” “You sure it’s our baby? I aint taking on no responsibility that aint mine.” Theo’s words stab Clara deeply. This was slightly intended. Theo has a way of verbally cutting people deep. It is his personal defence mechanism. Carla was familiar with this but it still had Theo’s desired effect. And that’s why Carla smacks the taste out of his mouth, causing the whole lunch room to erupt with excitement. Theo grabs her by her collar, but is instantly torn away by a pair of strong arms. “I told you don’t touch my sister!” Matthew had seen from a distance, and of course he didn’t like

When Theo gets home his big brother Liam is waiting for him. Theo came straight home, and his mum hadn’t arrived yet. “Sit down. Now.” Once again, Theo isn’t in the mood. That’s meaningless to Liam, though, and Theo knows this so he sits down at the living room table with Liam. “What happened today?” “What are you talking about?” “Don’t play dumb, blood. Byron called me. Why was Matthew hitting you?” “He saw me grab Clara. She slapped me first.”

“Aint that your girlfriend?”

“Was. Not anymore.”

“Alright. You know I’m getting involved now, yeah?”


“What’s Matthew’s number?” Meanwhile at Clara’s house, Matthew is in her room giving her

20) Finally is there anyone that you would like to big up that you haven’t already mentioned?

MY DAUGHTERS, MY FAMILIES IN JAMAICA AND THE UK, MY QUEEN, ALL MY FANS WHO SUPPORT JAZZY P THROUGH OUT THE YEARS WITHOUT THEM THERE WOULD BE NO JAZZY P. BIG UP ALL THE BEAT FM STAFF, ALL THE HAIR DRESSERS AND BARBERS , Father Dex, Olympic high power, Wissi ,Spangy,, and all the young Selectas. WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ jazzy p, face book Jason sadder Also tune into on beats fm 101.9 Rae town Sunday afternoon 1:15-3:15 where you get the best old hits and classical soul also dance hall Thursday were you will here all the latest and old dancehall music 10:15-12:15 You can also listen on the website www. Email

the third degree. “I’ve warned you about boys! Liam and the rest of “South’s Most Wanted” are involved now! Why did you slap him?” Admitting the truth could cause Clara the same outcome that Theo faced earlier.

“I dumped him. I told him I don’t need the drama, and he said he just wanted my body. So I slapped him.”

“You beat him?!”

“You think we’d have sex? We’ve hardly kissed! I’ve done nothing you’d be ashamed of.” Although, Liam knows his sister isn’t as innocent as she sounds, Clara did a great job of covering her tracks… until her phone rings. She whips it out of her pocket, and like she expected, its Theo. Matthew expected this too, so he attempts to snatch the phone out of her hand, causing it to fly from her fingers into her bin. “MATTHEW! Take it out!

As the words leave Clara’s lips she regrets it. Matthew dips into the bin, take’s out the phone… and then takes out a used pregnancy test. TO BE CONTINUED… Fact- An average of twenty 12-15 year olds are impregnated daily, in London.

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ichie Feelings is lucky to be alive after his motor vehicle alarm for ce thieves to flee his home on a We dnesday night in May. THE BIG EYE understan ds that the perpetrator made off with the selectors wallet containin g some change, a credit card an d driver’s license. Richie Feelings says the incident took place at his home in Havendale, St. Andrew. A report was later made to the police.



LE Rapper-turned-actor 50 Cent has shed four stone in weight for his new film, as these gaun t pictures of the star show . The star also spent three hours a day on a treadmill to get fro m 15st 4lbs to 11st 2lbs for forthcoming movie Things Fall Apart . 50 Cent - real name Cu rtis Jackson - lost the we ight to play the role of a star high-s chool footballer who is diagnosed with cancer. The rapper, 34, normall y weighs 214 pounds an d is often seen shirtless, flaunting his mu scles. Yet after nine week s on a liquid diet, Jackson now weigh s just 160 pounds, and appears gaunt. He posted these pictures on Twitter, saying he wa s “starving”. Jackson, who begins a US tour tonight, has assured fans: “I’ve been eating. I’ll be back in shape in no time!” 50 Cent previously revea led that he was also having several of his tat toos removed for the role


inie Tempah has admitted that he is “too busy to spend money”, insisting that it does not rule his life.

The rapper, who scored a number one hit with his debut single ‘Pass Out’ earlier this year, vowed to be careful with his cash and remain grounded despite his success.

“They understand money on every level and I’m so fortunate I have parents I can confide in and help me manage my money. I’ve got an agreement with my parents now where every year I have to take them on a holiday.”

He continued: “They brought up four respectful, well-educated kids so it’s time for them to let their hair down.” Tempah releases his new single ‘Frisky’ on June 7.

“Sometimes money can overpower your decisions if you think about it too much.” “Some people only get up for the money and I don’t want to do that. I didn’t have much when I was younger but I was brought up by my parents who work really hard for everything.

THE GAME chose to stay with DRE than to go by LIL WAYNE If he would have just go tten on a plane from L.A. to Miami, the Game could have added to Lil Wayne’s pre-prison vid eo-shoot marathon. The Compton MC said one of the standout cuts fro m his Red Room mixtape, “Everything Red,” was supposed to be a single fro m The R.E.D. Album, bu t he didn’t shoot a visual. “I flaked on the video,” Game said of the track, which features Lil Wayn e and Birdman. “Bird wa s like, ‘Listen, daddy, you can come down here. Ju nior is gonna turn himself in next Wednesday. You can come down here. We can shoot the video before Junior go in. You just ha ve that in the safe.’ I ble w it.


has teamed oe Jackson dignitaries up with Gary eate a rs to cr and investo icated to his museum ded a and work of the dian late son in In rly as in begin as ea ld u co ct je pro 2011. is son’s father Ja Michael ck ing a new deal after land celebrating ated to his useum dedic m a te ea cr to tive Gary, e family’s na th in n so te la spent the Jackson has e Jo . a n ia d In e project ying to get th ates tr e d a ec d st pa he st nd and now off the grou as in 2011 y rl ea gin as e b ld u co rk and arts wo lion museum il m 0 0 3 $ a on center.


ent with announcem Making the estors on ries and inv Gary dignita e Jackson June 2nd Jo y, a d es n ed for me W a happy day said, “This is that my is something because this always ichael have family and M nging something re bri wanted. We’ back.” ho has Rudy Clay, w Gary Mayor er of the time support been a long project will the museum plan, claims for locals nds of jobs create thousa onomic crisis and it e ec hit hard by th ost when e tourism bo g u h a s of will be ating million er en g , d te le lly. it’s comp e city annua dollars for th ject will id, “This pro The Mayor sa t will draw people et tha fficials be the magn orld.” City o w e th er v o from all of land d 300 acres have donate Family n r the Jackso hael as the site fo e l and th Mic te o H d n a m Cultural Museu ing Arts and rm fo er P n Jackso eaters. Center and Th

I didn’t make it down. On ce he went [to jail], I wa s like, ‘I can’t use this.’ I didn’t want to save it, so I gave it away. That wa s like, ‘Single!’ “ So what was so importa nt that he couldn’t make it to Miami for his own video? He was finishing up tracks with the most successful hip-hop producer in the world. “I think I was in with Dr. Dre. I couldn’t move,” he thought back. “I think we was finishing up his records. When Dre is mi xing, you don’t leave. Yo u gotta stay posted. But I couldn’t move. So I gave it away. Fans appreciate it, though.” One of the Dre-produce d records that will appe ar on his album is called “D ead People.” On the tra ck, Game thinks of who he wants to murder and ho w he’s going to get away with it. The R.E.D. Albu m has been pushed back to lat er this summer, but the MC promised another mixta pe before then.

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’NEIL EDWARDS 08/05/74 --26/05/10 He just enjoyed his 36th birthday not knowing only two days later his life would change forever as he wa s shot down by gunmen. The funeral service for the Voicemail group me mber, Oneil Edwards, was he ld on Saturday, June 5, at Church on the Rock located on Clifton Avenue in Kings ton. It was scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. Edwards succumb ed last Wednesday (May 26), to injuries that he received when he was attacked and sh ot multiple times at the gate to his house in Duhaney Park, Kingston, in the early ho urs of the morning on May 10 , 2010. He will be laid to res t at Meadowrest Memorial Gardens.


leman off life the doctors to take Gary Co ct tru ins to rity tho au the id Shannon Price have support? now with a few other things— g That’s in question—alon an lem Co t ed proving tha that documents have surfac ed orc div t d in August 2007, go and Price, who he marrie ge jud A ble differences.” in 2008 due to “irreconcila g g. 12 of that year, not lon Au signed off on the split on t ren pa ap Divorce Court in an after the duo appeared on ge. attempt to save their marria on the night he er eth tog bed in And yet there they were al head injury. suffered his ultimately fat led 911 one week ago to Price was the one who cal fallen down in their Utah en she asked him report that Coleman had t they had been in bed wh tha lice po told She s. ou heard a thud from home and was unconsci l in the master bedroom, she stil ile wh n, the ; eat to to get her something downstairs. audio recording of dispatcher, according to an 1 91 the told ce Pri y,” od what happened.” “He fell. His head is blo over the floor. I don’t know condition, Price the call. “There’s blood all Co t irs to check ou leman’s sta wn do go to her ed ask atized right now. When the dispatcher k. I don’t want to be traum sic of d kin n bee t jus e the dispatcher’s resisted, saying, “I’v She can be heard relaying p. hel to irs sta wn do go wound. She did ultimately put pressure on his head instructions to Coleman to I can’t do it. I can’t... sor on the phone. “I’m ry, d sai ce Pri ,” od blo the th d at their house, she “I just can’t be here wi Right before a crew arrive .” ing yth an do ’t can I d There’s blood all over an od on myself, I can’t deal.” said, “I’m gagging, I got blo out, like, really bad.” ,” she said. “I’m freaking was bleeding from “I just don’t want him to die incident report, Coleman ’s ent rtm pa De ice Pol uin edics’ questions. According to the Santaq enough to answer the param ake aw s wa t bu d, hea his orted him to the a 2-inch laceration on to the ambulance that transp lk wa to le ab o als s wa r The Diff’rent Strokes sta hospital. she could not look edics arrived, telling them ram pa ce on irs sta up yed n, the investigator Per the report, Price sta zure”—a common reactio sei a into go or t ou ss pa at blood “or she would noted. ious.” observed “nothing suspic The officer stated that he Read the police report. a four-hour kidney en he fell after undergoing wh te sta ned ake we a in d had related health Coleman had been with one failed kidney an rn bo s wa old ar-ye 42 dialysis treatment. The . problems throughout his life sed his apparent fall, which cau m fro ge ha orr hem in bra a ed fer suf an on Friday. Doctors said that Colem was taken off life support him to slip into a coma. He leman’s wife and she Co as f ce identified hersel Pri t tha s say l cia offi tal ndy Kester, said he Meanwhile, a hospi leman’s divorce lawyer, Ra Co of. pro ed ent cum do e ns on the actor’s wasn’t asked to provid ey to make medical decisio orn att of r we po d ha ce Pri didn’t know whether behalf. to do that,” Kester whether she had authority ues iss g sin rai are blic pu issues of authority.” “Some people in the g controversy about some pin elo dev e som be to ing ers to the questions said “I think there’s go who are demanding answ ts, ren pa ged ran est s an’ And here come Colem ’s death. they have about their son ’s office for further h’s state medical examiner Uta to r ove ned tur n bee s ermine answers to Coleman’s body ha office looks at cases to det ’s ner mi exa al dic me te sta man Janet Frank. examination, “The l Medical Center spokeswo na gio Re lley Va h Uta d e this weekend, but questions,” sai eral service for him sometim fun a ld ho to g pin ho s Coleman’s family wa ed. plans have not been finaliz ious to that this looks very suspic nd sta der un st mu u yo ce Pri ss Mi to his TS: old EN Arn beloved HE BIG EYE COMM y did you push our dearly wh ion est Qu ing the eth ask som to t you’ve go us so I am forced port machine shows that sup life his on g plu the g T STROKE. death and you pullin t you gave him a DIFFEREN to hide. It seems to me tha





izzee Rascal has record ed a cover of Tears For Fears ’ ‘Shout’ with comedian James Co rden as an England World Cup song .

Called ‘Shout For Engla nd’, the song has also been backed by Simon Cowell, reports BBC Ne ws.

Corden and Dizzee Rasca l are now calling on En gland fans to contribute to the song, by singin g the chorus via a free phone line on 0800 049 49 49. The lyrics fans are being asked to sing, along to the chorus of ‘Shout’, are: “Shout, shout, let it all ou t Come on England!!!/The se are the things I could do without/Come on, I’m talking to you/C om e on/Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!” he track, which will be released on June 13, rai ses money for Great Ormond Street Ho spital, and both Dizzee Rascal and Corden have waived their royalt y fees for the song.




fter being shot and then had his home shot up by unknown as sailants in two separate incidents, dance hall deejay Mad Cobra for the first time has stepped forward breaking his silence. Ev en after surviving the near death experience , Mad Cobra still maintains a positive ou tlook on life adding that; Dem fire di bullet bu t mi still deh ya “The devil can never pre vail, mi giv thanks to di Almighty we still ag o do the music and still ago preach love, he also went on to say tha t he himself has sung some wayward tunes in the pa st but insist he will contin ue to sing love.

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ELECTA BWOY STOP DISS WOMAN Yu notice how some selecta bwoy always ah talk up sum tings bout woman inna dance hall dem chat dis an dem chat dat an is like dem nuh realize dat ah woman bring vibes inna dancehall an wid out woman dancehall would ah cum een like a bull pen wid only sum long cocky man a stan up an ah pose pon dem one annedder. Selecta bwoy mi want unoo hear weh mi ah sey cos mi kno di whole ah unoo read di BIG EYE suh unoo jus need fi listen mi ….STOP! cuss woman inna dance tru unoo a look ah hype instead unoo need fi cuss sum dutty politican weh ah try get wi out ah dem country, ar start cuss di batty bwoy dem weh ah fight wi music an wi artist dem…. unoo deh Yah ah cuss woman wen ah woman unoo cum from yow mi sey unoo fi loow di gyal cussing ting an start bun sum likkle petty teef an sum wanna be badman weh nuh stop mek trouble outta road an wen trouble tek dem dem kyaant hold it instead dem tun snitch. SELECTA BWOY! Ah yu



Wen ugly did ah gi weh some people guh inna di line two time fi it cos some people pass ugly dem zugly. Mi kno sey a bare intelligent people read di BIG EYE an mi kno sey di whole ah wi ave sense suh mek wi reason togedder pon this issue of ugliniss di trute doant it some gyal really really ugly an doant it some man ugly til dem buck….memba mi sey unoo fi talk di trute cos nuff ah unoo kno sey ah nuh lie mi ah tell but unoo jus fraid fi talk di trute. Ah one ting mi kno an dat is only bruk people ugly cos nuh matter how yu did ugly from yu start mek money yu start get better lookin …jus check out Kartel how him did ugly an couldn’t get a gyal an from him start mek money ah bare gyal a rush him.. ah nuh sake ah him money mek dem ah rush him but ah tru him get betta lookin

mi ah talk unoo fi elevate black woman an stop put dem down inna dancehall jus fi get ah forward from di crowd. Hear mi good nuh man…. yu ave di microphone inna yu han an before yu use it fi sey sumting constructive instead yu ah use it fi talk bout unda frock an ah put dung good good black woman weh spen sumuch money fi do dem hair an sum ah dem even risk getting lock up while dem ah teef dem dress fi cum ah dancehall NO! selecta ah nuh suh yu fi treat dem unoo fi sey nice tings bout dem an stop put dem down. Selecta bwoy it look like unoo luv cuss suh mek mi tell unoo who unoo fi cuss an bun out…BUN OUT di BNP party weh nuh want si blackman inna dis, BUN OUT di conservative party weh nuh cater fi poor man ..BUN OUT di immigration system weh nuh memba sey a blackman build back Englan wen it did pop dung an now dem nuh want gi nuh amnesty to dem weh nuh straight inna di country. SELECTA BWOYS mi kno sey nuff ah unoo illiterate an dunce an if dem write unoo name pon bulla unoo wi nyam it but learn dis ah only marma man luv cuss woman unno fi STOPPI. …an yo! Gaza fans mi nuh waant unoo bex wid mi cos unoo kno sey ah true mi ah talk..Di nex ugly man is Mavado yu can imagine tru him ugliniss him couldn’t get a gyal pon di gully side an from him buss an start mek money him start get betta lookin an right now him own every gyal pon every gullyside inna di worl an mi kno sey ah nuh sake ah him money but ah jus tru him get betta lookin…. Aliance fans nuh worry unoo self cos unoo 5 star general Bounty did ugly too but money an fame correct dat right now him ah di best lookin DJ inna di bizznizz but not even all ah Shabba money couldn’t save him ar tek him outta di ugly club……Well intelligent BIG EYE readers unoo can judge fi unoo self if unoo tink sey Lady Saw an Macka Diamond money was enuff fi save dem from di ugly club. To all di ugly people out dere nuh worry unoo self bout unoo ugliniss jus gwaan mek some money an unoo ugliniss will disappear

um man jus nuh good, dem cyant wash, dem cyant cook, dHello sar yu can tell mi ah wah yu ah smell mek yu ah ben up yu face suh, which part ah yu bady inna pain mek yu ah wrinch suh, ah yu an who inna tings mek yu eva ah serious up yu face like yu waah man fraid ah yu. Hear mi now monkey jus in case yu nuh kno, mi barn inna zoo suh mi use to di monkey face dem an right

now weh yu ah try nuh fit yu, cos yu nuh kno nadniss like mi an yu nuh ruff an tuff like mi but yet yu nuh si mi ah ugly up mi face like mi warnt people fraid ah mi. Tek my advice bwouy yu si ah man but yu nuh si him heart suh nuh tru yu si ah man look simple yu ah guh feel sey yu can deal wid him any an any how ar yu can guh roun him. Jus memba dis silent river run deep an in your case empty barrel mek di most noise. Earth ah run wicked yute suh if yu waah liv long jus humble yu self before man haffi humble yu. EVERY MAN NEED TO MEMBA DIS

PROBLEMS INNA DANCEHALL I have always enjoyed the happenings within the lives of our artistes in Jamaica, for if one of them even coughs too loud at night then the whole island suddenly becomes aware of it for of such is the celebrity status that is taken on by these imperfect beings who serve to many of us as idols. Recently there has been a lot to talk about certain artistes but…….. INTERRUPTION!....But yu rarse yu chat too much an luv gwaan like yu kno every ting, yu need fi leave di talking to mi cos ah mi name Mr SEH SEH an anyting mi sey from it nuh guh suh it near guh suh. First of all nuff ah di artistist dem weh yu ah talk bout need fi change dem name from artist to craftiest cos nuff ah dem crafty yu fuk. Look pon dis bwoy L.A Lewis any weh him guh him eva inna mix up dats why Beenie haffi hold him an put on two loud box pon him at Oneil funeral , imagine dis Beenie park him good expensive vehicle an dis bwoy cum wid him likkle hand cart car an lick up di man good good vehicle, mi hear sey wen Beenie put on di louders pon him yu couldda tan down town an hear it. Bounty an Ele do one big tune an shoot video fi it but mi still ah wonder ah which bwoy Bounty ah drop wud pon bout dem can buy nuh Hennessy ah dem spit dem haffi ah swallow. Condolences to di Edwards family on di passing of di Voicemail artist an words to di gun man dem weh ah keep up di f.kry mek unoo nuh find sumting fi do an stop shoot, rob, teef an kill innocent people ah weh di blood cl…t do unoo if unoo wah shoot sumady tun di gun pon unoo

self nuh man an do di worl a favour shuh unoo ah get mi mad yu nuh. All di man dem weh shoot Cobra an bullet up di man house unoo fi stoppi ah wah mek unoo waah kill off wi artist, an Cobra ah yu sing sey WI PRESS TRIGGER WI NUH PRESS PEOPLE BUTTON yu need fi check di tune dem weh yu ah put ah road cos yu ah boost up gunman an si it deh ah dem same one tun pony u. Kartel yu need fi ave ah talk wid Clarkes Shoes Company cos yu mek more Clarkes sell inna one month dan wouldda sell inna one year but wid all wat ah gwaan mi feel sey Mavado tune AH MI DI GYAL AH MAD OVA badder dan yu Clarkes tune. Mi hear sey dem batter an bruise Bob Chin FROM Black Chiney Sound tru dem clash wid ah soun from NY, dat’s why me nuh join di soun clash ting cos if ah bwoy eva tell mi bout mi modder him ah guh pronounce . Mix up deh ah Englan too cos right now Gappy Ranks deh ah lead although mi hear some likkle mix up bout management an royalty but nuh sey nutten Gappy yu tuff, Stylo G an Bucky Jo unoo ting sorted suh keep it dat way cos wi nuh need nutten more dan luv inna di ting, Mi hear sey Ras Negus fly left di Capital an garn liv ah Birmingham ah coulda waah kinda pressure reach him mek him do dat, natty big up yu self cos ah yu sey “WOMAN AH MI JOY”. Hy a P gwaan do yu ting di original singing Parrot ah yu recognize nuff ah wi an gi wi big award ah year time ah full time yu fi get a grammy now. Dancehall selecta inna di UK unoo ah gwaan good too although nuff ah


unoo chat too much an luv chat one bagga sitten but nuh sey nutten unoo ting ah click jus keep it real cos from last year wen BIG EYE ask di nation WHO IS UK No 1 an Di nation vote sey di top 3 was LIZARD, KILLA FILLA an SQUIDLEY nuff selecta bex but yu caant bex wid di nation jus like Gordon Brown caant bex wid di nation tru dem nuh vote fi him. BIG EYE office get report sey from di people dem vote SQUIDLEY as UK No1 a bear wud ah drop an fight out fi bruk an one bagga tings ah gwaan, mek mi warn unoo jus stop di foolishniss an gwaan play unoo tune cos everyman ave him favourite your favourite might not be mine an mine might not be yours but everyman should be entitle to his opinion without facing WAR. Until next time dis is Mr Seh Seh saying LOVE RESPECT HONOUR and MANNERS til next time.

LAUGH TIL YU DROP THREE CARIBBEAN COUPLES WALK IN THE PARK Three couples were walking in the park, a Jamaican couple, a guyanese couple and a Trini couple. As the trini couple was walking the wife slipped and fell from a gopher hole, her skirt raised up and to his astonishment the wife wasn’t wearing any underwear, HUSBAND: “why yuh ehnt wearing any panty” WIFE: “well yuh doh give meh money tuh buy” Husband: “here’s go buy some tomorrow” As the jamaican couple was walking, same thing happened HUSBAND: “wha de rass, why yuh na wear panty?” WIFE: “well you don’t give me money to buy” husband: “here’s, guh to di store and get some” Then yet again the same thing happened to the guyanese couple Husband” wha gwan, why u na wear any panty?” WIFE: “yuh na give meh money fuh panty HUSBAND: “well here’s a comb, atleast keep it neat”

Righteous art thou, o LORD and upright are thy judgment. Psalm 119:137


Take the ribbon from your hair, Shake it loose and let it fall, Layin’ soft upon my skin. Like the shadows on the wall. Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light All I’m takin’ is your time. Help me make it through the

night. I don’t care who’s right or wrong, I don’t try to understand. Let the devil take tomorrow.


Girl I’ve got a date And I just mean, I can’t stay late, whoah-ooo-oo. All my life and I’ve warning you, girl And not just once or twice Take this from me: I’m as free as the birds in the tree-eee

LAUGH TIL YU DROP MEN ARE JERKS AREN’T THEY? Q. Why do men like masturbation? A. Because its sex with someone they love. Husband: I don’t know why you wear a bra, you’ve got nothing to put in it? Wife: You wear briefs, don’t you? Q. Why are men like laxatives? A. They irritate the sh.t out of you. Q. Why do men want to marry virgins? A. They can’t stand criticism. Husband: Want a quickie? Wife: As opposed to what?

Girl I’ve got a date And I just mean, I can’t stay late, whoah-ooo-oo. All my, all my life and I’ve

Lord, tonight I need a friend. Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow’s out of sight. And it’s sad to be alone. Help me make it through the night. I don’t care who’s right or wrong, I don’t try to understand. Let the devil take tomorrow. Lord, tonight I need a friend. Yesterday is dead and gone and tomorrow’s out of sight. And it’s sad to be alone. Help me make it through the night. Help me make it through the night. warning you, girl You just can’t be my wife Take this from me: I’m as free as the birds in the tree-eee-eee Girl I’ve got a date And I mean just, I can’t stay late, whoah-ooooo. No, I’ve been warning you, girl No, no, no, girl, you just can’t be my wife Take this from me: I’m just as free as the bee-eeeee-eee


I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood.

When you feel the beat, You’ve got to move your feet, You’ve got to clap your hands. You’ve got all the soul, Deep inside, Coz you can’t hide. I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood. < instrumental solo > When you feel the beat, You’ve got to move your

feet, You’ve got to clap your hands. Coz you’ve got the soul, Deep inside, Coz you can’t hide. I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m I’m

in in in in in in

a a a a a a

dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing

mood. mood. mood. mood. mood. mood.

(quieter) I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood. I’m in a dancing mood.



hief Justice Zaila McCalla is yet to deliver her judgement in the application brought by West Kingston fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke who is seeking to stop the process to have him extradited. Coke’s legal team, headed by Don Foote is seeking leave to go to the Judicial Review Court to get orders to quash the decision of Senator Dorothy Lightbourne, Justice Minister, to sign extradition documents to begin the proceedings against him. Coke’s lawyers are also seeking an order from Chief Justice McCalla to stay the warrant of arrest which was issued last month. Attorneys-at-law Don Foote and Paul Beswick made submissions in chambers over two days last week. The Director of Public Prosecutions and the Justice Minister are the respondents in the case. Coke is wanted by the US authorities on a range of criminal charges including, firearms and narcotics trafficking.

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JAMAICAN P A T O I S C O R N E R In Loving Memory Of Miss Lou English Is The Language Spoken In Jamaica But Patois Is The Dialect Commonly Spoken Amongst Most Jamaicans. Children Born In Jamaica Or Children Of Jamaican Parentage Would Know That There Are Some Old Time Sayings Yet With Meanings For Our Time. Each Fortnight We Will List Some Of These Sayings With The Interpretation.



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H ME” - email: THE BIG EYE Tel: +44 (0)7960 214 527 - Jamaica: 876-981-2973(Office)/ 876-575-8316(Cell) JAH JAH BLESS ME sounds it as THE BIG EYE cameras EVENT BOOKINGS like the single that will will be there. skyrocket HY A P’s career DUB PLATES ETC to the next level under the LOOK OUT! In the right guidance. The tune was CHOICE FM Charts for produced by JAZWAD and it this single when it is released will be officially released on and just for interest it will 21st June 2010. The video also be released on 7 inch. will be shot and released in early July 2010 and Hy A Hy A P BIG UP YU SELF CONTACT 079404/19346 P’s fans will have the chance AND MAY JAH JAH BLESS to be a part of it as parts of YOU! From THE BIG EYE EMAIL hyapakaparrot44@ the video will be shot on his family. annual SUMMER SPLASH BOAT RIDE where he will Facebook hy a p johnson FOR MORE INFO be performing JAH JAH BLESS ME live. Don’t miss



Y A P is definitely the man of the moment rocking the airwaves in the capital and around the country with his new single “JAH JAH BLESS ME.” It is the latest tune within his diverse catalogue of hits. HY A P better known to many as Parrot is widely known for his year to year sold out DIA awards show and his annual Summer Splash boat ride but though he is so busy with his promotions he never seems to lose sight of the real gift given to him and that is his GOD given talent to sing.

Left: HyaP


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Beauty Of The Month WHAT’S YOUR NAME? Gina Rose 2)

WHERE ARE YOU ORIGINALLY FROM? Born in England – Dad from JA 3)


To become a qualified Accountant with my own business in accounts, have a furniture designs store, and an investment in a wide variety of properties to build up my estate portfolio. 4)





WHAT THREE THINGS DO YOU LIKE IN GUYS? Sense of humor, ambition and independence 7)


I attend the gym at least 2-3 times a week but I eat what I eat 8)






radios stations, and has been making quite a positive impact.


he single JOY is now available for download via,,www., or email gebremorgan@,

as Negus I is a face and name that by now should be very familiar to the United Kingdom and VARIOUS parts of the world. His overly anticipated Album is set to be released this summer with eighteen uplifting and informative tracks. The single “WOMAN AH MI JOY” is now officially released on the Ras Negus I independent label, this track has been air played throughout the world on major

he artiste popularized nationally by his BIG EYE column “WAH GWAN” is known to many as Gebre Morgan, his contribution to THE BIG EYE via his articles has challenged readers across the world and will continue to do so.


Contact person: Robert Butler Advertiser Type : Private Seller

Sellers City, County : Speights town Other Barbados

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ft and is currently divided into 4 one bedroom apartments. The upper floor measures 2400sq ft and is divided into 3 rooms,2 bathrooms, kitchen, living and dining room, verandah and a porch. The middle floor measure 2400 and is divided similar to the upper floor. There is an internal reinforced concrete staircase connecting the upper and middle floor. External improvement includes concrete-paved walk and driveway. At present there is still some finishing work to be done;the house is 95% complete. Please feel free to contact Mr.Carlyle Francis at:473-4370075(h)/473-536-1919 Ref #: 7417 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3 3 Storey Building

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Left : Jermaine Defoe

Above : David James

Above : Glen Johnson

Above :Ledley King

David James Rio Ferdinand Glen Johnson Ledley King Aaron Lennon Shaun Wright-Phillips Emile Heskey Jermaine Defoe

Portsmouth Manchester United Liverpool Tottenham Tottenham Manchester City Aston Villa Tottenham

Above :Shaun Wright-Phillips

Above : Aaron Lennon


Above : Emile Heskey

World Cup 2010 Rainbow Nation

hat could be a more wonderful place to host the football world cup 2010 than “The Rainbow Nation”, South Africa? I get very excited just thinking about it. Every nationality in the world comes together and mixes, in one spectacular event watched the world over with audiences reaching as high as 715 million people. They say football is the language of the world, and the final itself is one of the most watched events in the world. The legend, and, in many people’s opinion, the greatest footballer to ever live, Pele, famously predicted many years ago that an African nation would win the world cup by 2000. Whilst this didn’t come true, the emerging African countries in the world football have opened the eyes of the world to the talent that exist. Premier league stars such as Emmanuel Adebayor, Michael Essien and Didier Drogba, three of the best players the league has to offer, all hail from Africa. There are so many different cultures living in South Africa, now in harmony at least after all the nation has been though with the Apartheid which resulted in Nelson Mandela spending 25 years in prison. As we know, he came out of prison and went on to become the president of his beloved country. We have fought so hard to ‘kick racism out of football’ so what better place to unite together for the pinnacle event in the sport, the World Cup. This is the nation of all people, as one, as God intended us to be. South Africa is very proud to be hosting the event and

is also proud of this new mantle bestowed upon it “The Rainbow Nation”, signifying every colour and creed as one. Cape town is a beautiful city, albeit stricken by poverty, so I really hope the world cup will not only increase tourism for the event, but increase the city’s tourist industry long term by showing the world its splendour. For the event itself, hundreds of thousands of fans over the month of June and into July will visit South Africa and this will boost the local economy hugely and showcase to the world what South Africa is all about. England fans share a sense of expectation this summer, after the arrival of Fabio Capello they’re starting to believe they can go all the way. They begin against Algeria on June 18th in Cape town. The success of fellow under achievers Spain in the last European Championships only stokes the burning coals of hope more and it’s believed they have the talent and vision to bring the trophy back home for the first time since 1966. Who can forget England 4 West Germany 2 with my idol Bobby Moor holding aloft the Jules Rimet trophy to a packed Wembley stadium alongside greats such as Jack and Bobby Charlton, Geoff Hurst, Nobby Stiles and the rest of the legendary team? South Africa is the first African nation to stage such a tournament and this follows on from other recent global events that took place there. The British and Irish Lions recently toured South Africa, as did the England cricket

team. Last year they also hosted the football Confederations Cup, another huge event watched the world over and featuring teams like Spain and Brazil, Brazil going on to beat the USA in a great final. Jacob Zuma, the current South African President is proud to welcome the world and it’s fans to his country. I have heard the people of Soweto have already invited fans and supporters to stay with them in a desperate bid to turn around the negative perceptions of their beloved country. I was very sad to read about the shootings at the South Africa Cup of Nations in Angola which were targeting the Togo national team. I hope this does not deter anyone thinking of travelling to the World Cup. South Africa has already promised security will be at the forefront of their thinking and they guarantee a mass presence of security officers coupled with intensive planning to ensure the event goes ahead trouble free. They also point out we should not tar the continent of Africa as a whole because of one incident and they consider South Africa in a better position than Angola to provide the kind of security level and event of this size warrants. If you’re considering travelling, then do your homework before you go, check the website for helpful advice. I hope everyone who travels from our “Great Mixed Nation” to South Africa’s “Rainbow Nation” for the World Cup 2010 will have a wonderful time and a once in a lifetime experience and, of course, good luck England! Peace and God bless - Julie Jones.


mile, Ashley, Shaun Wright, Defoe IN - Theo, Bent OUT! Left: Theo Walcott

Phillips was also selected, even though club colleague Adam Johnson has been favoured by Roberto Mancini since the latter’s January transfer from Middlesbrough.


rsenal’s winger Theo Walcott is the highest profile casualty in England managerFabio Capello’s official 23-man World Cup squad, with Manchester City’s Gareth Barry and Chelsea’s Joe Cole included.

Bent will not be in South Africa either, for with Emile Heskey’s experience and selfless teamwork considered more of an asset than Bent’s goalscoring potential.

Walcott and Sunderland striker Darren Bent are among the seven named in the provisional 30-man party for the finals who did not made the final cut when it was announced by the Football Association at 4pm. They are joined by Everton’s Leighton Baines, West Ham United’s Scott Parker, Manchester City’s Adam Johnson, and Tottenham Hotspur duo Tom Huddlestone and Michael Dawson. Barry was a doubt to make the trip due to ankle ligament damage sustained at the beginning of May, but Capello had pledged to give him as much time as possible to prove his fitness. The Manchester City midfielder successfully came through an assessment on Tuesday morning and should be present to perform his vital holding midfield role when the tournament begins in just under two weeks. Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick edged out Parker and Huddlestone to shadow Barry despite a lacklustre performance in last week’s friendly with Mexico.

Above Emile Heskey

At the back, Jamie Carragher has been selected to provide experience and cover. Dawson missed out in favour of West Ham United’s Matthew Upson.


ortugal national team coach Carlos Queiroz has downplayed the injury of Cote d’Ivoire star Didier Drogba. The Chelsea striker remains in doubt for the entire World Cup after sustaining a fractured elbow in the Ivory Coast’s 2-0 friendly win over Japan in Sion on Friday.

Above : Darren Bent

The Italian contacted each of the players who missed out by telephone. The rest of the squad fly out to South Africa tomorrow to commence preparations for the tournament. As usual, the focus will be on Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney to provide goals, with the main creative thrust seeming to come from the livewire pace of Aaron Lennon out wide.

Above : Jermaine Defoe

Above : Didier Drogba

“When great players are out of the biggest spectacle in world football it is always a shame,” he said at a press conference. “But right now we are only thinking about our team. My worry is to think about what we will do. The more we impose our game the more they will have problems. “I want the players to know the match is ours and the style will be our own. I do not want them to give up playing good football.

Drogba is regarded as the Ivory Coasts main threat to Portugal when the two national squads meet each other in their World Cup opener on June 15.

“I do not want to play like England, Germany or Brazil, I want us to play like Portuguese teams have always played.

Queiroz has now indicated he is only thinking about his own team.

“I do not care if Drogba plays or not, it is a shame for the World Cup, but more important is that we have our style.”



Capello sprung a surprise by selecting Aston Villa’s Stephen Warnock ahead of Baines to cover Chelsea left back Ashley Cole. Manchester City’s Shaun WrightLeft: Ashley Cole


ROGBA INJURY “He May Miss The Entire World Cup”

“Tottenham Hotspur’s Michael Dawson has been contacted today and will fly to South Africa on Friday evening.

“Steven Gerrard will lead the io Ferdinand, 31, broke England team as captain in the down after a tackle tournament.” from Aston Villa’s Emile Heskey. Manager Fabio Capello added on the F.A.’s official Capello confirmed last website: “It is obviously bad news week that Dawson had been and everyone with the squad is very drafted in on stand-by after Above : Rio Ferdinand disappointed and sorry for Rio. he was initially cut from the “It was an accidental injury in training, provisional 30-man squad. but had nothing to do with the pitch.” In an official statement issued, the F.A. confirmed that Liverpool midfielder The skipper’s Manchester United Steven Gerrard will take over from campaign was blighted by a recurring back problem, though today’s blow is not Ferdinand. related. He only started 11 Premier League It said: “England Captain Rio Ferdinand matches last term as the club finished one today suffered a left-knee ligament injury point behind champions Chelsea. in training. Ferdinand was handed the armband in “Further to a scan arranged by the February after John Terry was stripped of England medical staff immediately after the role after newspaper revelations. The training on Friday afternoon, Rio has been duo were expected to start in the heart of ruled out for 4-6 weeks and will therefore the defence. unfortunately miss the World Cup.


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