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line & honey brand guideines



spacing headings line height: 0.95



Rozha One

primary font - headings Montserrat Extra-light

secondary font - body text

body text line height: 1.50 headings letter spacing: 20 body text letter spacing: 0 and we use a semi-circle symbol as a bullet point/seperator

◠ example

wordtype linear


commissions: creating with you in mind line and honey works with feeling - women of colour, plants, neutral colours and minimal lines are central to it all but feeling is what forms the narratives we create. business cards ◠ headers/footers, and other brand stationary ◠ product packaging

colour palette

quick use guide - hex/web colour codes

dark brown - 775135 tan - A26632 orange - C4622D beige - DACEBA white - F4F5F0 codes PANTONE 7568 C



Color values: RGB 119 81 53 HEX/HTML 775135 CMYK 156710065

Color values: RGB 162 102 50 HEX/HTML A26632

Color values: RGB 196 98 45 HEX/HTML C4622D CMYK 0699812

PANTONE 13-0907 TPG Sandshell

PANTONE 11-0601 TCX Bright White

Color values: RGB 218 206 186 HEX/HTML DACEBA

Color values: RGB 244 245 240 HEX/HTML F4F5F0

colour palette mood board

brand key words

refined intentional minimal soothing intimate bold

brand icons

brand pattern





the possibilities when creating a brand pattern are endless - use a ready-made template or create your own version using the transparent image files of the four icons.

these four icons are used decoratively across the website and on both print/web-based design for line & honey assets. they can be used randomly and interchangeably in order to add interest and depth to a design, and importantly, they are enlarged and placed intentionally to create the brand pattern used as a background for product packaging, IG stories and shipping labels etc.Â

styling: best practice

these three examples utilise the main components of line & honeys' visual identity: the fonts, the colour scheme and the brand icons. they are used appropriately in order to be fit for purpose. for example, the use of a tan background and orange wording for the moodboard is fine as the information we want to portray is visual and meant to invoke feeling. This is in comparison to the newsletter & fest notice, which places emphasis on the heading, and allows for easy readability.

styling: best practice cont. as line & honey is a visual brand aiming to connect with those who interact with it on an intimate level, it is hard to create explicit rules on exactly how to create an on-brand asset. our narrative is based on feeling, and these guidelines aim to transport you into that feeling. nonetheless, here are some principles to bear in mind, in order to create the perfect line & honey design asset.

play with text directions (90° angles only) and font sizes in order to influence what you would like the viewer to focus on ◠ use LOTS of negative space. space is a luxury, and a reason for pause and reflection. those who view should feel at ease ◠ black isn't on the colour palette, but can be used for body text if it suits the overall design. black should never be used on the heading font, as it is overpowering ◠ delicate handwritten elements are a trademark for line & honey in both illustration and text. whilst only the brand icon illustration can be used in design, bits of text can be handwritten to add dynamics to the design. all handwriting is done personally - it isn't a font anyone else can access these guidelines will be continuously updated and improved. please ensure you have the most recent version.

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Line & Honey Brand Guidelines  

Line & Honey Brand Guidelines