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hoW to Get here The nearest local airport is in Mo i Rana and the nearest international airport is in Trondheim. The best option from abroad is to fly into Trondheim, either directly with one of several airlines that serve the area. You can also go by train from Trondheim to Mo i Rana. If you are a student looking for and intimate student environment, great outdoor adventures and a warm welcome, Nesna is the choice! Let Nesna be the next step further in your life!

ContaCt: Nesna University College N-8700 NESNA, NORWAY Tel.: +47 75 05 78 00

a UniQUe acaDemic opportUnitY in a frienDlY commUnitY | Tlf. 75 05 78 00 F O TO : H ALV O R H I L M ER S E N

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The midnight sun, the darkness, mountains, fjords, fishing and wilderness – Northern Norway has it all

Great experience – memories for life! A personal and caring environment Nesna University College is located in a small community with approximately 1,900 inhabitants on the beautiful Atlantic coast of Helgeland. Nesna offers an insight into the life of a coastal community far away from the mainstream and with excellent outdoor life and recreational activities.

Friendly atmosphere Nesna University College has about 1200 full-time and part-time students, and is popular for its friendly atmosphere and the intimate academic relationships developed between students and staff. Traditionally the focus at our university college has been in teacher training, but it has expanded since then, and now we offer a variety of academic disciplines. Today the University College provides education at bachelor and master levels within the fields of nursing, ICT and media production. Pedagogy, musicology and natural sciences are also available. SnoMus has a long tradition of academic research on Folk and Sami music.

“Campus Nesna is a modern campus where you can find what you need to enjoy your student life“.

FACILITIES The economic small flats provided for students are just a fiveminutes walk from campus, as well as the recreational facilities (gym, swimming pool and climbing wall). At campus you will find a well-equipped library and a canteen where you can purchase light meals, hot lunches, dinner and snacks.

History Nesna University College is the oldest institution of professional education in Nordland County, Northern Norway. Nesna University College was founded in 1918 as a Teacher Training College to improve the level of education among people in the Helgeland region.

Studies When you apply for studies at Nesna University College, please enclose certified copies of your diplomas and transcripts of records from secondary and post-secondary education. If the documents are not in Norwegian or English, an official translation to one of these languages must be enclosed. Also enclose your CV. All your documents must be certified as right copies and must be sent by mail. We do not consider applications received only by e-mail. NB! Applications that do not fulfil the requests above will not be considered. The admissions criteria for international students depend on your nationality, as it must correspond to the Norwegian admissions criteria to higher education.

CLASS SCHEDULING The majority of modules offered by the English Department at Nesna University College are organized around three intensive weekly gatherings (exceptions: British Civilization and the USA Study Trip). This means that a substantial part of each course’s workload is accomplished by the student in between gatherings. Students will also have the opportunity to work closely with their teachers and fellow students between gatherings via the internet-based, interactive classroom that accompanies each course.

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