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Antarctic Poems by Y9 Caracals


By Emma • Antarctica snowy wilderness • Northern lights amaze my eyes • Thunder from the melting glacier • A beautiful place to be • Ridges of ice freeze my feet • Cold yet wonderful to look at • Timeless frozen wonder • Ice which glistens in the sunlight • Cold that takes your breath away • Alive with animals and birds


By Jacob • • • • • • • • • •

All the ice shone like the stars, Nothing looked dull or horrible, The snowmen stood proud like superstars, All the views looked very noble, Remembering these views is like remembering yesterday, Condoning these views is like welcoming chocolate, Turning from these views is like turning to decay, I wish I could put it all in my pocket, Chilling winds blew across my face, Antarctica seems to be melting at an alarming pace. 3

By Joe • Antarctica there’s nothing like it. • No sound, no company, no disturbance. • Till the sound of penguins break the silence. • All around you white, white, white. • Rampaging seals fight for territory. • Cute little seal pups sleeping in peace. • Travelling for miles are the migrating penguins. • I am at peace. • Cool and calm. • Antarctica it’s amazing


By No’or • A quite place where no one visits. • Never any warmth. • Too cold. • Antarctica is bright and beautiful. • Reindeers don’t live there. • Clear blue sky. • Too freezing to ever live there. • Ice melts and forms lakes. • Calm and silent. • Always and amazing place


By Rebecca • • • • • • • •

Antarctica a wonderful place to be Nowhere could be a happier place Than right by the arctic sea Antarctica is a wide open space Running and playing animals, as happy as can be Cunning predators, stalking their prey at a steady pace The arctic sky shines so brightly during the day, for eyes to see In the night, the sky glistens, then fades to dullness, without a

trace • Coldness of the night, the animals try to sleep, but find it hard when they are full of glee • At night the animals rest, ready for another big race. 6

By Ryan • Alone, away from the world, arctic lights above me, • Newborn penguins calling for Mum, who braves icy waters for fish. • Tides rising, temperatures falling, the night approaching fast, thinking of returning home, • Albatrosses circling, with graceful wings, who observe the scientists as they, • Research every inch of this mysterious land. • Could anyone survive here permanently? • The honest answer is no. • I stand here in awe, inhaling the pure air as I hold my camera, • Contemplating the curious magic of this place. But, 7 • Alas, I have to leave.

By Thomas • • • • • • • • • •

As I step out into the snow, Never before have i felt so secluded, There is ice everywhere I see and step, And there in front, barley visible, a group of penguins hidden in the snow, Rarely do people get to see this, I am very excited, Carefully I walk towards the penguins, and suddenly I feel less secluded, The penguin’s warmth and movement have brought the lifeless dessert to life, If only everyone could have this experience, Clearly though I am very lucky, And this is just the beginning of what Antarctica has to 8 offer!

Antarctic poems  

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