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Climate change posters

Year 8 Jaguars Geography

By Year 8 Jaguars


Climate Change The Future Is In Our Hands

Rising sea levels and rising sea temperatures: ocean acidification, destruction of coral reefs.

Changes in bird migration. Increase of infectious disease. Changing habitats for humans, plants and animals.

By Ana More floods and hurricanes.


Climate Change Climate Change is a large and lasting change in the weather.

The Effects of Climate Change

Iceburgs melting in the poles which may cause rising sea level and flooding of coastal areas.

Flooding Weather




Destruction of habitats causing widespread animal extinction and human deaths from starvation

By Ben


Climate Change! The earth is changing. It’s getting hotter. This is called global warming. The earth is getting warmer and if it continues, the earth will burn and become a consistent desert! This chart has been keeping data of the earth’s temperature from over a century ago to 2004. As you can see, the line increases in degrees centigrade. First of all, use the car less frequently. It emits greenhouse gases into the earth, which contributes. Second off, burn less fossil fuels and stop damaging quarries! Thanks for listening, Leelee (Yr 8 Jaguars) 4

Some of the climate changes and things we do make animals lose homes, making their populations die Climate change can be effected by global warming SAVE THE ANIMALS AND US!

By Courtney

Global warming causes polar bears to lose homes

Toxic fumes ruins our planet and as a result, will kill us in the end 5

Climate Change As we burn huge amounts of coal, oil and gases, more and more carbon dioxide is being trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. This eventually will destroy our planet as glaciers melt, summers get hotter and water runs out. Not only will this damage our environment, but it will affect us too. More disasters (floods, earthquakes and tsunamis) are coming, the sun will damage the crops which will affect our food supplies. Did you know that 2000 to 2009 was the warmest decade ever recorded?!

By Guilhem 6

By Lauryn Walker

By Mohammed 8

By Saskia

Climate change

What started climate change? WE did. When we burn fossil fuels to generate energy, We release green house gasses into the atmosphere. These gasses choke the earth and make horrible weather.


By Scarlet


CLIMATE CHANGE • Let’s start from the beginning...

• Our planet is getting warmer

• How can YOU help? • Turn off lights when they are not needed.

because we are trapping • Try to cycle, walk, and use greenhouse gasses in the public transport instead of Earth’s atmosphere. This is driving cars. mainly caused by burning fossil fuels. The Earth is heating upBy Scarlet • Recycle as much as possible. and we are experiencing more Don’t buy products with natural disasters such as excessive packaging. melting glaciers and fierce storms because of the warmer • Only buy locally produced fruit climate. Water, air, and land and veg. In fact, try to grow are all linked to the Earth’s your own! climate. People are causing big and fast changes to the planet • Don’t waste water. Make sure that will affect our future. no taps are left running.

By Kat

• Use up both sides of the paper. 11

Pollution is caused by cars, factories that lets off smoke creating smog and acid rain, human sewage, littering etc. Factories are burning fossil fuels and as the population grows the more pollution and green house gasses we produce. Even landfill sites let off gases from all the acids underground. Pollution leads to global warming which is causing the ice to melt in the polar ice caps which means that low lying countries like Bangladesh will get flooded and animals like the polar bear will lose their habitats and die out. The weather pattern is changing which could mean that we could have increasingly hotter and longer summers and shorter cool winters which could lead to more deserts and less room for farming. By Morwenna

• De-forestation of the rainforest is also a cause of climate change. Chopping down to many trees means that there aren’t enough trees to give us enough oxygen to breathe. It also can make certain shrubs, trees and insects/ animals extinct. • The slash and burn method of clearing the rainforest used by ethnic tribes can lead to fires which sometimes get out of control causing air pollution which can lead to green house gasses and a warmer climate. Logging and the growth of palm oil plantations which destroys the eco –system can also have the same affect. 12

By Nic • The changes in climate can

cause devastating effects, such as the melting of the polar region or the creation of storms, or tornados. This occurs naturally when things are burnt or because of gas and oil pollution. The animals are usually the most endangered because they rely on the environment to stay as it is, because should it change then they will die. Plants are also endangered because of lack of rain causes their death. Should the climate change then so will the environment.

• So planet Earth needs •

you! It is advised to use the train rather than car, for trains runs on electricity while cars pollute the atmosphere with their CO2. 13

By Will


Climate change posters  

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