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Totem Poles By Year 7 Lions

By Lauren

By Sufyan

SALMON - Dependability & Renewal. A Provider. BEAVER - Industrious. esourceful. Creative. Determined. FROG - Transformation. Duality. Frogs occupy both land and water, travelling between the two worlds. They communicate with beings from both, and serve as mediators. I chose these animal symbols because the Salmon represents my Mum who is a provider for my sister and I and she is totally dependable always. The Beaver represents all of us in my family as we are hard workers and determined in all we do. We are also all very creative in different ways and very resourceful as a family. The Frog represents all of us in some ways as we all love the water as well as the land. But it represents me mostly because I am very close to animals; I can communicate with them as well as I do with human beings. I have always felt like I came from two worlds, that I could live as well under the water as on land and I feel as soon as I am in water that I have transformed.

By Lowan

By SĂŽoned My family Totem Pole Beaver

Killer Whale or Black Fish



Beaver • I chose the Beaver (family crest) because it reflects the members of my family. • The beaver is industrious like my mum who is always working very hard at her job. • The beaver is also resourceful like my dad as he looks after us. • The beaver also represents creativity like myself because I like drawing and making things. • The beaver shows determination which my sister Ciara has to show everyday in university due to her disabilities.

By Sîoned

Killer Whale • The killer whale is a guardian and a traveller. • My mum travels a lot for her work and we also travel to Wales and Ireland to see family. • My dad is a guardian as he looks after me and my sister when mum is at work. • I also like to think that my grandmother and grandfather have been reincarnated in to killer whales to watch over me and my sister.

By Sîoned

Hummingbird • I chose the hummingbird because it represents love, beauty and symbolizes the fragility of nature and all living things. • I like nature and animals and like to think someone is looking over them. • I also like the idea that in times of sorrow or pain a messenger will come and healing will soon follow. By Sîoned

Moon • The moon is a protector and guardian. • I chose it because I like to think there is something protecting my family and keeping them safe.

By Sîoned

By Aidan

By Aidan I have chosen an animal for each of my siblings for my totem pole • for Ashleigh I have chosen the beaver because she is creative & resourceful and describes her very well. • For Caitlin I have chosen the dogfish represents persistence & strength because she is strong willed and determined to do her best and will all ways stand her ground and stick up for herself. • For Nathaniel I have chosen the halibut because it represents strength & stability because he's very even tempered and laidback


By Brendan

Wolf Totem • A wolf represents teaching, guidance, loyalty, freedom, respect and patience. • I choose this because it represents us learning from home and being patient with each other in this. This also is my favourite animal.

By Brendan

Killer Whale Totem •The Killer Whale represents Family, longevity, harmony and protection. I choose this one because It also shows how my family Try and be with each other. By Brendan

Salmon Totem • The Salmon Totem represents determination, Courage, passion, hardworking and family. I choose this one because it makes me think of my dad and his hard work in providing for us

By Brendan

Bear Totem

• The Bear Totem represents Motherhood, dreams, healing Natural strength. By IBrendan choose this one because it reminds me of my mum.

Y7 Lions Totem Poles  

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