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Gunpowder T imes mounted on wheels and more mobile, which will only increase accuracy over time. As I said at the beginning, cannons are here to stay.

Oh My Liege, Please don’t let us be Under Siege! 1454 end of the 100 Year War

1429 Seige in Orleans



Gunpowder is storming the hills has amazing ammo it is the secret weapon for Cannons are here to stay – especially if you’re the English winning the war. Although it caught in a siege… takes long to load it really is a hit!!! The evidence of this is the power of it can Whilst cannons in the late 1200’s were even kill its own soldiers! My opinion is experimental and not very effective, as time went that this machine is the best EVER war by more experience in both casting the guns with weapon. fewer flaws and making them more accurate and less likely to explode along with making the right ********************************************* gunpowder turned these war machines into very effective weapons. So much so that the last battle in Gascony last year (1453) had 300 cannons in use and this was the first battle where they were a deciding factor, but I suspect it won’t be the last. Leading up to these last days at war there have been many uses for cannons to help both us and the opposition to succeed in taking over territory. They have been mainly used in sieges such as in 1324 the English fortess of La Reole in Gascony fell after a month’s bombardment by cannon. This was followed in 1429 with the siege in Orleans, where once again England fell to Joan of Arc. I think that cannons have now shown how effective that they in warfare. They are great at shocking and causing fear to the opposition, and with the threat of how powerful they are becoming especially with them now being

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Guns are a use of many different things such as self defence, protection, looking tough and of course criminal offence. When people say no to guns it’s something we don’t agree with and that’s why you should go for guns and make life easier you could save your own life with one of these! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< The two brothers who own this company have apparently been ‘Working Their Bullets Off’ All this time their guns had been out of stock! The brothers are convinced that their new guns will sell very well. The new gun has already started selling in local gun and rifle shops and costs only £700! Here’s a list of all the new details: A new grip made of thick leather. Comes with new size range of bullets. A guarantee of 2 Years if your gun breaks and it’s not your fault (unless a bear just attacked you and sat on it!!) ***********************************************

Musket Something Better !

isn't a weapon fro the weak, not only does the musketeer have to carry the weapon and the rest, but he also needs a flask of course powder for lading, a touch box of fine powder for priming, a bag of bullets, matches, a sword for 'back up' and tongs for fixing the match to the gun! As if this ridiculous amount of kit is not enough of a hindrance, the burning match is fantastic at giving away a soldiers position in the dark. the musket is useless on expeditions and guard duty. All in all, a waste of time. I mark the musket a measly 2 out of 10! Lucas Milnes ******** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Who on Earth thought that the musket was a good idea? The cumbersome weapons are extremely heavy, requiring a rest to enable usage. The musket

The Arquebus fires the long bow into the pages of history It has now been many years since the first hand gun was invented and a few years since the Germans come up with the invention of the Arquebus in 1475. The revolutionary Arquebus works by a spring which is let loose by a trigger that

throws the match, which was fastened to These amazing new developments now it, forward into the pan which contains the make the Arquebus a very potent priming. It is from the spring that the gun weapon. gets its name. The military leaders now must look Now new developments has been made forwards not backwards and realize the to the brilliant Arquebus, which will solve age of cannon and gun is the future of the problems of aiming the gun and the modern warfare. The long bow is now in danger of being knocked over by the the pages of history. recoil of the piece which also meant that hurting the enemy was very small. The Germans have come up with the answer to these problems by bending the butt downwards and so this elevates the barrel so as to bring it into the range of the eye so improving the aiming of the Arquebus greatly. They have also sloped the butt so it now fits into the shoulder instead of being held against the breast, so that means that the soldier can put one foot forward and can also lean forward so that the recoil no longer knocks him over. He now has better balance in his stance. ****************************************************************************************************** THE NEW MUSKET FLOP It has just been announced that the musket has been redeveloped and is now the new  weapon for today’s soldier. We will no longer have to carry around a small child just to  hold it for us but it has become smaller and lighter so that we only have to carry around a  stick to rest the musket on when it needs to be fired. However to fire the musket we will  also need to carry course powder, fine powder, bullets and a match and by the time I  have got all of this stuff out I think I would have been shot by the enemy! The aim of this weapon is very poor so there is a good chance I will shoot my own side  and there is also a chance it could blow up in my face so the question is will I be getting  this new weapon?  The longbow is much faster to load and has a very good aim and I  think this will not be replaced by a weapon we cannot properly rely on so I will stick with  the longbow which is a weapon to be proud of. **************************************************************

Gunpowder tTmes  
Gunpowder tTmes  

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