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Saxon Sun DEAD ED! Braking news Edward The Confessor has died from a series of strokes he was bedbound the first then there was more! His poor kingship body was not strong enough for all those others may he rest in peace Jamie Roden

By Lucas

The Saxon Sun

15October 1066

Norman Nonsense Wins the Battle It is with great regret we can confirm that, yesterday just before dusk, our heroic leader and King died. He was brutally murdered by the Norman beasts, with a single, fatal, lucky arrow just above his right eye. The thugs did not stop there though as they chopped him into pieces. Harold had worked so hard to win the battle. Our loss was a result of the Battle of Stamford Bridge; if the army had not tirelessly walked and fought for our lives and freedom already, we would never be in this situation today – Kingless! By the end of the Battle of Hastings it was obvious; William and his army had cheated in their battle tactics and taken advantage of our fierce Saxon warriors. We are now living with Norman murderers in this country and a Norman tyrant on our throne. Who knows where our future lies!

By Marissa Stevens, Yr 07 Lions

Saxon Sun  

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