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Hi my name is Eric Smith I am a black smith and that is where my surname came from. I am a free man and get a good amount of wages. I am more happier than villains because I can leave the village without permission. We eat rich meat, eggs, bred and soup. I wear dirty clothes for work but when I finish work I wear good clothes . I live in Warrem Percy and I get a lot of customers. I have to hire a horse and cart from good old Steve to go to Beverley which is about 10 miles away to collect iron ingots (blocks). He sometimes gives it to me free because i fix the cart for him.

My work shop I hire my work shop for 7 shillings a year from the lord. This is my work shop I make a lot of weapons for nights and bailes I don't have many tools just a hammer and a hot fire

My tools I have a hammer, a big fire, a pare of pliers, some ingots and nails. The nails are special nails for blacksmiths.

Now I am going to Beverley to get some iron ingots I mite take half an hour so bye.

Going to Beverley

That is the cart for Steve that I use.

My friends This is my friend John he is my work shop neighbour he does horse shoos where as I do weapons that why we don't get angry with each other.

My friends This is good old Steve as you know a horse and cart owner.

Steve the Norman  

Life in a Norman village

Steve the Norman  

Life in a Norman village