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Land use in My Town

By Year 7 Margays 1

By Aby 2

The picture at the top left is the CBD, one of the main shopping streets: that is where part of the market is. There’s an estate agent, coffee bar, bakery, two banks, two clothes shops, jewerlers and the town hall. The picture at the bottom left is a row of small houses, they are terraced and appartments, without gardens The picture at the top right is a detatched house, but probably two homes and has a very nice big garden around it. The picture under that one is a semi-detatched Extension house with a tiny front garden. My town is very similar to the pattern on slide 15, but the style of houses is very different. 3




Here's a cbd in Pontefract • Why because • 1= it has loads of shops • 2=it has some banks • 3= it has 3 and 4 story buildings • 4=it is busy and 6 crowed • Pontefract town

Here's a inner city in Pontefract • • • •

Why because 1= terraced 2=old 3= no front garden • 4=small • 5=on road parking • Queen street 7

Here's an inner suburb in Pontefract • Why because • 1=semi dethatched • 2= off road parking • 3=front garden 8

• Camp

This is an outer suburb in Pontefract • Why because • 1= it is modern • 2=It is dethatched • 3=has a garage • 4= large • 5= has front garden 9

• sand hill rise/

Heres where the cbd is


Heres where the inner city is


Here’s where the inner suburb is


Here’s where the outer suburb is


By Callum This is the area with smallest houses

This is the medium sized house area

This is the area with the biggest houses This is the cbd


By Joey


Settlement patterns



Inner city Inner suburbs

Outer suburbs






Brighton By Paul


Dyke road house

This particular road is full of expensive large houses and some have turned into dentists 23

Mouslecoomb house

These houses are near some old industrial complexes abandoned or turn into flats via Lewes Road going into Brighton. Mouslecoomb is now full of council houses. Poorer housing area. 24

Western road shop

This is a highly developed are of shops linking Hove and Old Shoreham. Flats above. Expensive.


Churchill square shop

This is now a shopping precinct area just off Western Road. Inner city and Business area and tourist information. Lot more houses converted to flats in This central position. Expensive.


Brighton pier

Night time at the pier near Old Steine bus depot and Aquarium and link Roads to Brighton Marina Cinema, large outer shopping malls and Expensive harbour apartments. 27

Brighton Pavilion

Highly expensive Prince Regent Palace and bathes and Royal museum. Town Centre and near seafront position and near old Steine bus depot/once carriage Depot for horse journeys to London. 28

The dome

Fabulous Dome shaped building formerly for Opera and town central. Not far from Old Steine and a little walk to train station. This is an expensive housing area. 29

The Theatre Royal

The grand old Theatre Royal for ballet and acting performances, town Central. Not far from Old Steine horse carriages and fashionable shops Kensington Gardens. Also, links into the Brighton lanes via 2 streets. This is an expensive housing area. 30

Knoll business centre

This is off the Old Shoreham road, outer boundaries of Brighton and more Business linked area. Heading towards Old Shoreham you have now large Super stores built for huge companies. The knoll business centre houses small Business rentals and Rockwood House is apart of this complex. This is a good Area for commerce but Like Portslade poorer housing. 31

Brighton train station

This is an amazing feature of Brighton because of the size and built under Glass canopy. Fairly near town centre. 32

brighton old steine bus depot

This is an area now for buses but many years ago we would of Seen horses and carriages. Near seafront and main town centre.


Brighton seafront

This is a good example of a lovely walk by the sea and some areas have band Stands and lighted at night time. Also, bowling green and lots of hotels and huge Houses turned to expensive sea views apartments.


Overall Conclusion • Brighton has developed from the seafront and bathes, tourist and links with Lewes, Old Shoreham. • The Royal connection with the Pavillion, theatre and Dome would of pulled hundreds of people to visit, as well as the sea promenade. • Hence housing town centre expensive and full of hotels along seafront. • The pier is like a point and as you travel inland everything expands outwards.Inner more expensive and outer more poorer housing and some middle band homes built 1930’s near Patcham and Hollingbury with industrial parks linking Old Shoreham Road. A port place/old Shoreham town. Newhaven along the sea road for good connections to France’s Deippe. • Imagine years gone the rich would of loved to visit the seaside and bathe. The poor as servants within hotels, big houses and fisherman for local fish. Old band stand by the seaside for a sea walk. 35

Land use in my town Y7 Margays  

Geography land use

Land use in my town Y7 Margays  

Geography land use