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By Year 9 Caracals 1

By Aydin The snowflake I only come when winters around, And when the cold tears though the clouds. I fall to the ground with no sound, All that can be heard is the winter howls. As I then turn to creep along the rocks, I find a nice place to snuggle up tight. A few years later I become hard, I am now ice, which then causes freeze thaw. Oh no the rocks begin to crumble and roll to the small path of the valley. As I watch the glacier grow bigger every day, The rocks are being pushed away. Now the glacier is coming together, And then move’s to another place. After a thousand years later, I was woken by the summer’s warmth. I then melt and become water once again. I am a snowflake. 2

By Emma In the cold winters sun rise the frozen tarn looked up at the sky and watched the snowflakes start to fall from the fluffy white clouds. The snowflakes floated gently down and settled on the mountain creating a snow white corrie. Before long the sun rose over the pyramidal peak and the Christmas card scene made a sinister change, the warmth of the sun was about to enlarge the striations. The freeze-thaw would cause abrasions in the ancient rock face. The melt water would start plucking at any weakness in the rocks. The rock scree from the arĂŞte would start their erratic journey to the U-shaped valley. The scree tumbled down towards the ribbon lake and some where saved on the drumlins while the others carried on to the hanging valleys. Each of the small rocks wanted to be part of a new lateral moraine and some would even end up on the terminal moraine and rest there sleeping peacefully until the next freezethaw. 3

By Joe • Once upon a time there was a rock his name was Felsite and he lived on mountain in the Lake District happily resting all day. One day he felt water drip into a crack on his head. Days past each night the water in his head would freeze and each day the ice would melt every night he felt the crack getting deeper and deeper until eventually he cracked in two! He had been freeze-thawed! His two halves then rolled down the mountain and landed in a U-shaped valley, his halves shattered when he landed. • Then his shattered pieces lived in the valley for a while until one day a glacier came and plucked one of the rocks from the valley and began pushing him along grinding him along the valley causing abrasion leaving behind striations as he went down the valley at the end of the valley he was pushed down a scree slope and eventually being carried to the base of the mountain merging with another glacier to form a medial moraine along the way. Eventually when the glacier stopped he ended up near some drumlins and just waited there alone. Then the same thing happened to all his friends up the mountain and ended up joining him at the bottom and since they were now away from glaciers they no longer worried about being split up and they lived happily every after. 4

By Noor • Paul the polar bear and Ellie the eskimo are sitting fishing together on the ice. Paul says “My feet are cold’’. Ellie says “Yes so are mine’’. Paul and Ellie are talking about what she learnt in science class and Ellie was learning about Desert Islands. They were thinking about how nice it would be to dip their feet in warm water. Suddenly the ice started to shake. Ellie says “ My dad told me about this I think the ice is starting to crack in the rocks, its called plucking”. Paul says “ Maybe we can sail away on the glacier, and get a chance to put our feet in warm water”. So they ran off to the glacier. Paul says “ Bring your blanket and your fishing rod we’ll need them to make a sail. As they are setting sail on the glacier it starts to get smaller. Ellie says “ I think the glaciers getting to small for the both of us. Paul says “ It’s getting smaller because it is getting hotter, we are heading to the sun. Paul looks over Ellies shoulders to see whats in front of them. They continue to paddle towards the island. As soon as they arrive on land they run towards the water and dip their feet in the warm shallow sea. The sun is so warm they are getting sleepy so they start to fall asleep. Ellie hears her dad calling her, he says “ Ellie it’s time to come home”. They both look at eachother and say “ That was a nice trip”. 5

By Becky The lonely glacier and the abandoned rock. Once upon a time, there was a glacier, which was bored, moody and needed a friend. About a few miles down the snow slope, was a lonely rock, all the other rocks had abandoned him and he got left behind, when the other ice sheet took them away. The glacier was so bored, that it decided to move down the slope, and also because it was getting warmer and all the arctic animals had moved to colder land. So there, on his journey he travelled, down the slope. He then met a rock, who was sad and lonely, and had his back turned to the glacier. The glacier said excuse me? The rock turned round and said yes? Then the glacier replied and said would you like a lift? I have an ice sheet attached to me, you could travel in that. The rock said yes thank you! 6

By Becky

The lonely glacier and the abandoned rock. So the glacier slid down the slope, and the ice sheet grabbed hold of the rock, they then talked and talked as they travelled, but as they got to warmer lands, the glacier had to go somewhere else so it would not melt. The rock then said, thank you for the ride. I need for the lateral moraine to take me now, it was fun talking to you and we have become friends. The glacier then said, yes this is what’s called the terminal moraine I must stop here, then go, or I will begin to melt. The Glacier then also said, keep in touch, and remember by posting letters through Snow Stone post office. As the glacier went back up the slope the rock was then carried by the lateral moraine, they both then said goodbye! They then stopped the glacier came back for the rock and they hugged as friends. Then they both went separate ways. If you are wondering yes they did keep in touch with each other, the rock and glacier still meet up and go snowboarding and skiing on the snow slopes. Thank you reader, I hoped you enjoyed the story of: The lonely glacier and the abandoned 7 rock.

By Ryan

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a lonely boulder whose name was “Erratic.” Erratic was bored with his surroundings and wanted to travel to a new place. He often wondered how he was going to get to new places because he was a heavy boulder. Suddenly, a huge lateral moraine of ice plucked poor Erratic from the ground and swept him away. As Erratic slid along, the ground became smoother because of abrasion and he travelled even faster. Erratic had noticed many of his other rock friends were in the moraine too along with other debris. After a short while, Erratic was joined by even more ice, rocks and other debris. He had become part of a medial moraine. Gradually, the glacier was slowing down. Erratic could feel the ice becoming thinner and warmer. Erratic then said “Wow, isn’t it hot in here? I must be going past somewhere nice and sunny!” 8

By Ryan

In the blink of an eye, Erratic was underwater. The ice had melted and was now just water. But he couldn’t swim! “Help me, please!” cried Erratic, as the rocks and other debris were swirling around with the fierce current. Erratic was floating for hours, although it felt like a life time. Just when Erratic began to wonder if he would ever survive this journey, he dropped onto something firm. Soon after, all the other rocks and debris fell on top of Erratic. His eventful journey had ended up in a terminal moraine. Erratic’s dream had come true as he was now part of a huge wall of rocks in a lowland valley. Once he had recovered from the shock of his journey, Erratic thought to himself “That was exciting! I want to do that again. But I think I’ve had enough adventure for one day. I’m so tired!” And so Erratic went to sleep 9

By Sabrina

This is a story about a snowflake, one beautiful Christmas night thousands of years ago. Snowflakes kept falling & falling until the bottom layers formed into ice. Snowflake eventually grew up into become Glacierhood, big, shiny & very strong. Glacier was big enough to cover the mountain valleys & strong enough to create striation along the surface of the valley. Glacier was born to be an artist. As glacier moves down the valley, he falls in love with lateral moraine, merges with her & forms a medial moraine. As medial moraine flows gently down the mountain, her new found friend, erratic, comes along for a ride until his stop to the U-Shaped valley. As the ice age ends and medial moraine reaches the end of her road, she slowly melts away & joins the sea, only to be taken up to the heavens and fall again as a new born snowflake. 10

By Thomas

I may be here in this hilly landscape but I never started off here. Millions of years ago, I was a little rock in Brazil. It was very cold and it rained and rained for days on end. The era was known as the Ice Age and because it was so cold, the rain turned to snow which then froze covering me. The ice on top was known as a glacier. As time passed more ice formed on top of me and I gradually moved due to the force of Gravity. No, I didn’t have feet and I didn’t walk – the ice acted as a slide and was known as an ice sheet. The glacier helped me continue on my travels by transporting me and my fellow friends, known as moraine, a great distance. My friends and I made deep ruts in the earth called striations. Gradually, the weather started to warm up – a little at a time and instead of feeling icy cold we started to feel slightly wet! The glacier feeling a lot lighter, could no longer carry me or my friends and so deposited us in a mound here in the Lake District. There are several mounds around me to keep me company. We are now called drumlins – and are described as being a swarm. I’m not sure why though as I no longer move and I certainly don’t sing. Lots of people actually like to sit on me admiring the11 view!

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