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March 28th- April 10th 2014

Let The Clean-Up Begin

By Lance Walker Some of the areas of concern included initiating a community watch program, addressing quality of life issues and of course the increase in drug activity. The committee also stated that this group will focus on Lindenhurst as a whole and not just the Village.

It was standing room only at the first meeting of a new community based organization called, “Clean Up Lindenhurst”.Led by Mr. Frank Panzarella an EMT in the Local Fire Department. The group gained an amazing amount of attention on social media sites with close to 2200 “Likes” in about a weeks time.

The group was recently formed to take a hands on approach to some of the quality of life issues that are happening here in Lindenhurst. Mr. Panzarella began the meeting which was held at the Lindenhurst Fireman’s Park pavilion to a packed audience which left “Standing room only”. Attendees numbered around two hundred represented both young and old, business and consumer

alike. As Mr. Panzarella began the meeting, he introduced the committee members and wanted to make it clear that this group was here to “Work together, and work side by side”with other community groups to address the growing drug problem here in Lindenhurst. Members of the committee each had an opportunity to address different areas in which they planned on visiting as a group.

Mr. Panzarella then continued by saying, “Their wasn’t one event that started this, there wasn’t one event that got us into the room, We all know there is more than one concern in this village and in this town”. As the committee members finished with introductory statements, the floor was opened and several individuals had an opportunity to voice concerns. Community members and board members alike raised concerns about several issues, including what seems to be an insufficient amount of police coverage at problematic areas. While no one was blaming the police for Continued on Page 7

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Dear Editor

I just returned from casting my vote in the Village of Lindenhurst elections, there are 3 candidates running unopposed, turnout is very poor at best, even though these candidates are running unopposed, we should all turn out and vote, I might add there is also a section on the bottom of the ballot for a write in candidate, I thought of putting my own name in, then I thought I would hold off and do that in the next Presidential election, lol .In light of the recent community events and the issue of the deterioration of quality of life issues in our village and the fact that so many people came out in the recent community meeting and also so many folks have voiced their opinion on Facebook, I just find it hard to believe that voter turnout would be so poor. We as a community can not ignore elections or for that matter cast our vote on election day then sit back and do nothing. Then scream at our elected officials when something is not done or something is done that we do not want. In order to accomplish things within our community we must get involved in our community and not just come out on election day and cast our vote or not. If our elected officials do not hear from us how are they to know what our needs, concerns and wishes are. We must all get involved and not just on election day. -Gerard Dear Editor, I want to thank you for the column you put in about pets. I always find quite interesting. Perhaps you could ask Barbara to write about how to stop a dog from sleeping on the furniture. No one in our house allows it, never did, but as soon as we go to sleep, go out or just leave the room our little Skittles is sitting on the couch or bed. And when he sits on the bed, it’s always right on the pillow. Drives my husband nuts! Anyway, keep up the great paper. I’ve been telling everyone about it and always tell your advertisers when i use the paper to shop how I found them in

your paper. Again, thank you. Betty Carmello Dear Betty: Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoy the paper. I have forwarded your comments to Barbara and I’m sure that she will have something for you in the next few weeks. Until then, just let hubby know that we are working on it and to remain patient. After all, dog is man’s best friend! Dear Editor: Nice intro to the new bus company. Glad to see our children are going to be in new buss and that we will be saving money. Love your paper. Now that spring is almost here are you going to do some fish stories? Thanks Ed. B Dear Ed, As a parent I also am happy to see a new company will be handling our children s transportation needs. Suffolk Transportation, the new company has been very cooperative with us. We are actually interviewing them again for a follow up and from what I gather, they are very community orientated. We will keep you posted. Dear Editor: In light of the recent drug problems here on Long Island, I want to encourage your readers to attend every single community meeting available and voice an opinion on how we must all work together to solve this problem. If we don’t complain then nothing will get done. It’s up to all of us to recapture our town. Thanks Murray H Dear Editor, In response to Syed’s letter last edition- He/She insulted every teach who ever taught regardless of grade level. He/She showed ignorance of what goes on in any classrom. Kindergarten (CORRECT SPELLING) and 1st Grade teachers, as well as the other teachers, are NOT baby sitters; baby sitters indeed! Too bad Syed never attended kindergarten of 1st grade in Lindenhurst. -S. R.

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By Barbara Capella Loehr

An unexpected influx of students requiring BOCES services in the current 2013-14 school year have dramatically boosted Lindenhurst’s overall special education costs, district officials told residents at the latest budget meeting on March 10 at the McKenna Administration Building. This has resulted in a $1,253,605 rise in BOCES student tuition costs in 2013-14 - from $5,370,708 budgeted for this year to $6,624,313. It also comes a year after Lindy revamped its overall special education program and cut the number of aides to save costs, streamline the program and bring more students back in district. And while the BOCES tuition costs in 2014-15 are expected to decrease slightly - $213,998, from the $6.62 million this year to $6,410,315 - there’s still an overall $1,039,607 increase from the $5.37 million originally budgeted for this year. Unexpected BOCES Costs Dr. Barbara J. Brown, assistant to the superintendent for special education and pupil personnel services, attributed this year’s significant increase in this budget line to several reasons, the main reason being the number of students requiring BOCES services. According to Dr. Brown, the breakdown of costs of unanticipated student tuitions for the current school year 2013-14 is as follows: Private to Public Program Change (three students): $218,582 Hospitalization to BOCES Intensive Therapeutic Program (eight students): $592,820 (increase) New Entrants with BOCES Placements (IEPs) (seven students): $414,153 (increase)


Unanticipated Post-Budget Placements: $352,115 “Three students transitioned from private to public, with one of them placed in BOCES and two of them still receiving private services, but now also requiring BOCES services,” Dr. Brown explained. “Eight students were hospitalized, and BOCES services were recommended for those students,” she continued. “There were also seven new entrants to the school district with IEPs requiring BOCES placement.” She further explained this number of students requiring either BOCES placements and/or services as a result of new students in the district or hospitalization in one year is very unusual, but by New York State law “we do need to provide for these unanticipated costs.” Other Special Education Changes According to Dr. Brown, the student tuition costs for private day/residential schools are increasing $227,397, from $2,051,009 this year to $2,278,406 in 2014-15. Meanwhile the district’s health service contracts (school nursing services) for students living in Lindenhurst but in private and parochial schools are decreasing $9,063, from $182,000 to $172,937. Dr. Brown also indicated slight changes to the elementary self-contained (special classes). “We will retain the same number of classes (15), but in a different configuration,” she said. Changes include: There will be an 8:1:1 class at Alleghany Avenue Elementary. The two 10:1:1 classes at Harding will remain there, and there will no longer be a 10:1:1 class at Albany. The five 15:1 classes at


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Alleghany will remain there. The four 10:1:1 classes and two 6:1:1 classes at Daniel Street will remain there. The 8:1:1 class at Albany will remain there. Dr. Brown further noted 201415 program initiatives include an 8:1:1 high school special class and a 15:2 class expansion. “We are expected an increase in personnel for the 8:1:1 classes,” she further noted. Upcoming Budget Workshops The next budget meeting on Monday, March 31, focuses on buildings and grounds, transportation, technology, personnel (instructional and noninstructional). After that the Wednesday,



April 23, budget meeting is the finalization of the budget. At the Thursday, April 24, meeting the board holds a community forum (and BOCES vote) and adopts the budget. All start at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Administration Building. Check www. for any changes in venue. In addition, the BOE meets again for its monthly business meeting on April 2 at McKenna at 8 p.m.


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Lindy Student-Athletes Sign Letters of Intent

Lindenhurst Union Free School District senior athletes Rachel Gumowski (field hockey), Alyssa Lopresti (field hockey), Jenny Price (lacrosse and field hockey), Steven Schrank (volleyball) and Christina Zolezzi (lacrosse) have signed National Letters of Intent to play at the collegiate level. In front of proud parents, coaches and administrators, students signed their letters. Rachel will attend Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, while Alyssa will play for LIU Post in Brookville. Jenny will be a member of the Franklin Pierce team in New Hampshire, while Steven will play volleyball for Kean University in New Jersey. Christina will continue her athletic career at LIU Brooklyn.

“I’m looking forward to the whole experience,” said Christina. “I have played with these girls since we were in second grade. It will be interesting to play against them during this next stage of our lives.” Steven added that his teammates have been like family to him as well. “I look forward to being able to establish bonds like that at Kean,” he said. The district congratulates these five talented student-athletes.

(From left) Lindenhurst High School senior athletes Christina Zolezzi (lacrosse), Rachel Gumowski (field hockey), Alyssa Lopresti (field hockey), Jenny Price (lacrosse and field hockey) and Steven Schrank (volleyball) signed National Letters of Intent to play at the collegiate level.

Author Beth Finke Shares Experiences with Lindy Students The students of Daniel Street and Harding Avenue elementary schools received a special visit from Beth Finke, author of “Hanni and Beth; Safe and Sound.” Ms. Finke engaged students with stories of her experience with losing her sight at the age of 25, learning to adapt to life with a disability, and getting around with the help of a seeing-eye dog. Ms. Finke shared excerpts from her book, which is told from her previous seeing-eye dog’s perspective. She explained how independent blind people can be and answered students’ questions about her book, her blindness, seeing-eye dogs, her talking computer and Braille. She also demonstrated for students

the difference between a “working” dog and a dog “off duty” by removing her dog Whitney’s harness and letting students pet her. “It’s fun to visit school kids because they are really curious…they are not shy about asking questions about everything, and I don’t mind answering them,” Ms. Finke said. “It’s why I wrote the book. People are hesitant to ask those with disabilities what life is like for them. I wanted to explain it in a way where people would understand that they can still talk to me on the street – we can be friends and it doesn’t have to hamper anything. I just do things differently.”

The students of Daniel Street and Harding Avenue elementary schools received a special visit from Beth Finke, author of “Hanni and Beth; Safe and Sound.”

PARP Month at Alleghany It’s PARP (Parents as reading partners) month at Alleghany! and as one of our many reading activities this month, 4th and 5th graders got together after school on Tuesday March 18th to read to students K-3. This event was such a success that we plan on making “Big Kid Readers” an annual PARO event. Keep up the reading Alleghany! Photo Credit: Dale Rippo (both pictures to the right)

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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It’s Official

As the title of my column indicates, it’s official! Spring has sprung. Thankfully, it has arrived as we have just endured one of the worst winters on record. Each year, we anxiously wait for springtime and the new birth that it brings along with the rejuvenation of the landscape. It also presents us with an opportunity to do some spring cleaning (something that my wife, Helen does all year round). It is this time of year that we climb into the attic or basement and decide what should be thrown out! My mother always said, “If you haven’t used something in the last two years, chances are you won’t be using it again, so get rid of it.” My Mom is a very wise woman.

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By Mike Lavorata But what should you do with all of that stuff? I have a suggestion that we have been doing when we downsize a particular room in the house or remove those extra knickknacks (which of course, I never dust which gives Helen another reason to get rid of them). Why not donate them to a local Church Thrift Store (if it has one), Big Brothers of America or the Salvation Army? You will get a tax deduction for the donations but you will help others who may be able to buy those items at a very low cost. Folks who may not be able to afford to buy those new expensive items can purchase various things from the stores run by these wonderful organizations. To paraphrase an old adage, ‘one man’s surplus is another man’s treasure.

Should you decide to discard items from your spring cleaning, please make arrangements with the Department of Public Works at 631957-7520 to have a “special pickup.” I believe you are able to have up to 10 items removed at a time. Please do not leave anything on the sidewalk or in the street prior to the night before the agreed pickup date. Also, be aware that construction debris is not considered for a special pickup. You or your contractor must have those items removed and brought to a local recycling facility. We do not have the facilities to remove, store or house that type of material. Along with spring, we as a local government have the task of making many, many necessary road repairs as a result of this tough winter. Unless

you have lived on the moon and missed this winter (although in many places on Long Island, it actually does look like the moon), you have probably driven through a sink hole somewhere. Mother Nature and Old Man Winter teamed up this year to provide us with some of the most interesting storms thus changing our asphalt landscape to one that will require quite a bit of tender loving care. And yes, we have begun that phase of our spring cleanup, however please be patient as there is a lot to fix this year. Please call Village Hall to report anything that could be considered dangerous and we will prioritize that repair to the best of our ability. continued on page 15

Crucial Bill Passed to Avoid Massive Homeowner Insurance Costs By Victoria Witchey-Boye

After much anticipation, lobbying, resident and advocate action and protests in Lindenhurst, Long Island and across the country, on March 13, the Senate passed the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, and on March 21, President Obama signed it into law. The act reverses the Biggert-Waters rate increases for homeowners. This new bill provides discounted policies and caps annual rate increases at 18 percent. It also urges FEMA to “strive” to keep residential premiums below $2,500 annually. Additionally, the bill reinstates the FEMA’s grandfathering provision, enabling homeowners that adhered to previous flood maps to not receive considerable increases when forthcoming maps show higher risk of flooding. “After all of our hard work, and the work of so many local advocates here and those throughout the state, we were waiting on the news,” explains Michele Insignia, Vice President of Adopt A House and Lindenhurst resident. “When we received news that it passed with the senate, and then by the President, we

were relieved that homeowner’s weren’t going to be facing these incredible increases.” Many residents were excited about the news, but most were a rightfully skeptical about it after battling relentlessly with red tape, paperwork, FEMA, insurance and NYRising since the storm. Hours after the President signed the bill, local resident and an advocate for the bill, Barbara Schaffer admitted, “From a homeowner perspective, I should be relieved. I don’t know that I can trust it. Since this storm and everything we all have been through, I have become cynical about any promises being made. Hopefully this won’t be another promise broken and will truly give us a more fair fresh start.” With a year of help from the Stop Fema Now movement and all those who supported it, many are buoyed by this positive outcome after so many frustrating Sandy-related battles. “Even a local advocate can affect the entire country in change of policy,” Michele Insignia expressed, beaming with pride and expressing gratitude for the committed efforts so many put

forth. Michele was unquestionably one of the most influential advocates in the area in this movement. In Albany, Senator Charles Schumer relentlessly pushed for the Reform Act, and after the announcement, said the bill “averts catastrophic increases in flood insurance premiums.” While Michele finds this recent news encouraging, she doesn’t want people to forget about the review that will come in four years, “There is still plenty of work to done. The next congressional reauthorization of

NFIP is in 2017. Second home owners, severe repetitive loss and businesses still need to be addressed as well as results of the affordability study. An audit of FEMA is a necessary task that Congress needs to move forward with.” On the laundry list of the many concerns and worries Sandy affected residents have in regards to their homes, rebuilding and the future, luckily this reform act will be one less burden on their mind.

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Exp: 5/31/14

Exp: 5/31/14

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Exp: 5/31/14

Exp: 5/31/14

Exp: 5/31/14

Exp: 5/31/14

Exp: 5/31/14

Clean Up Lindenhurst Continued the problems, residents felt that the amount of units patrolling the areas at night time were simply not enough. Another concern of many was the empty stores in Lindenhurst and how it gives an overall sense that more is wrong than meets the eye. One person I spoke with said that he was happy to see so many people turn out for this meeting and hopes that they will continue to show support to this group and Lindenhurst Community Cares which is another organization in Lindenhurst that is working on educating residents about drug abuse and has offered seminars and campaigns to end the abuse. Community Cares board member Maddy Arrigali said “Our group’s main goal is awareness and education and providing resources for alcohol and substance abuse. She stated that the two groups “have far greater similarities than we do differences and the main focus is a healthier, safer Lindenhurst.”

Maria Destafano a single mother in North Lindenhurst said that while community groups like this are an important step in the right direction, it is only going to accomplish so much unless parents take control of their kids. Parents, she continued to say have to be ultimately responsible for demanding accountability for their kids and enforce some strict rules about the who’s whats and wheres as far as their kids are concerned. “Too many parents today think it’s okay to let children stay out late and go to parties where adult supervision is lacking. My children, she continues have a different story to tell me every day about someone who has started either drinking, doing drugs or smoking” Destafano then said she is sometimes baffled when she hears that some parents let children go to “Rave” parties where drugs and alcohol are a predominant reason children are going. She then said, “Parents really need to get a clue”.

John, who did not want his last name in the paper had this to say after the meeting, “Kids have to much time on their hands today. When I was younger, I had to come home from school, do my homework and then go to Pathmark and work till 7, then I would go home, eat and hangout for a little while On My Block, parents today don’t even know where their kids are half the time.” John then said it’s unfortunate that most parents will trust their kids to the point of stupidity” and “Parents have to remember that just because you provide your children with necessities like food, clothing and a Cell phone, you still have to maintain a parental role and not be a “Friend” to your kids, because if you don’t watch out for them you could lose them to drugs, alcohol or even worse Suffolk Legislator and long time resident of Lindenhurst, Kevin McCaffrey (R-Lindenhurst) also spoke at the meeting. McCaffrey told

the crowd that “like you, I’m here to take back this community” while also noting that substance abuse is happening “all over Suffolk County.” and the county is working on several initiatives to stop the spread of drug abuse. McCaffrey also said that he knows he was not invited to speak but as a resident, he had to be a part of this because it concerns him also. Other officials from the Village and Town offered to be present at the meeting but were asked by the Board not to attend this meeting in order to give community residents an opportunity to speak freely. For more on this story and some actual video footage of the event, please go to our website at www. and click on the link in the Clean Up Lindenhurst story.


The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Crimea Crisis a Cause for Concern Amongst Lindenhurst Residents By Joseph Kennelly, Contributing Writer

The events that have transpired throughout the last several weeks in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula have rekindled the idle embers of tension between East and West that have not been seen since the days of the Soviet Union. In a foreign policy move that has been perceived by the west as aggressive as any in a generation, President Vladamir Putin and his administration are in the process of annexing the peninsula to Russia after a status referendum, held over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, by the people of Crimea, resoundingly and overwhelmingly supported the aforementioned move. Ukraine, the United States, and the European Union have denounced the results of the vote, calling it illegal and an infringement on the political sovereignty of Ukraine. In response to the advancements that Russia has taken on Ukrainian soil, the United States has enacted some preliminary economic sanctions against Russia. More specifically, a

list of 11 individuals that are believed to be responsible for the actions in Crimea, have had their assets frozen and are barred from conducting any business with the United States. The opportunity to retake Crimea presented itself to Russia and President Putin in the wake of the Ukrainian political unrest and upheaval in recent months. Ukrainian protestors marched on the capital city of Kiev, against President Viktor Yanukovych, in response to their leader’s refusal to sign an association agreement with the European Union. In mid January, when the government adopted antiprotest laws, demonstrators took over and occupied buildings in the center of Kiev. Violence escalated in mid February, where riots left 98 dead and thousands injured. In response to growing seriousness of the situation, the members of Parliament found President Yanukovych unable to fulfill his duties and exercised constitutional powers to have him removed from office, and set a date to select a replacement. Within days, President Putin denounced the new government

by calling it a coup, and stated that he was concerned for Russian citizens in Ukraine. With approval by Russia’s Parliament, he deployed troops to Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, occupied the territory, and set up the status referendum, chilling relations between the West and East to levels unseen since the days of the Cold War. When interviewing a local Lindenhurst resident, a Ukrainian American, on the events that have transpired in his native country over the past few months, the emotions ranged from anger, confusion, and concern for family, friends, and the people of Ukraine, to hope and optimism. The young man came to the United States at the age of four with his immediate family, and left behind much of his extended family in Ukraine. One of his cousins is a young man in the Ukrainian military, and is waiting to see how the situation will unfold. Obviously, this ordeal has caused a major amount of stress on the interviewee’s family. He asserts that this is a deeply troubling situation that Ukraine is engulfed in at the moment. “Would you want your

Establishing the “City of Breslau” I love researching the beginnings of Lindenhurst. I’m always learning so many things. Recently, I was surprised to learn we are the largest village in Suffolk County and I wondered how this happened. I looked further for information and found that a man named Charles Schleiar, who was born in Breslau, Germany, decided to come to America and settled in Brooklyn around 1848. He’s recorded as being a “go-getter” with an eye towards making a fortune. At first he started different German drama clubs, had a decorating and wallpaper company and then started a German newspaper there. With his eye toward making a fortune, he explored the NY area and soon decided that the south shore of Long Island would be an ideal place

for German immigrants to settle and start a new life. It was soon after that he met Thomas Wellwood and sold him on establishing the “City of Breslau” which Schleiar named after his German birthplace. He had big dreams of a major port off the South Bay where ocean liners could sail up a canal right into the large town. The Breslau Cooperative Building Assoc. was established in several immigrant areas like Brooklyn, Pennsylvania and upstate New York to offer a convenient payment plan of $5.00 down and $1.00 a week for a land parcel here for buyers willing to relocate and make a new start. They eventually sponsored free excursion trains from Brooklyn to our Village to entice the German immigrants to move here. On April

By Jane Carter 18, 1870, two locomotives pulling twenty-two open rail cars carried more then 2,000 people to their destination of Breslau in the pouring rain. They were offered a celebration of food and drinks and a tour of the Village to encourage them to purchase their dream land. On June 6,1870 was the date that the dedication for the “City of Breslau” was held. Wellwood and Schleier provided food and beverages served in still to be completed buildings along what is now Hoffman Avenue. This was the start of a new life for a lot of people who visited and dreamed of there future homes. First to come were tradesmen like the carpenters and brick layers. Tents were set up so that the men had a place to eat and sleep as they built the establishments. Along came the

country to be occupied? Russia and a corrupt Putin has made it impossible for Ukraine to flourish.” However, he has hopes that the Ukrainian government and people can use this as an opportunity to finally break free of Russia’s grasp. He agreed with the Ukrainian people and their aspirations to join the European Union, believes that the ousting of President Yanukovych was the right thing to do, and hopes that this confrontation with Russia will be the push needed to ultimately separate from Russian influence in the region. When questioned about the response of the west in regards to Russia’s advances, as well as Russia’s foreign policy strategy as a whole, he was even more troubled by the situation. “You have the United States, the European Union, and Ukraine all pressuring Russia, and they just do whatever they want. The west is seen as weak by Putin, and he will acknowledge the line they draw, and then go past it anyway. How far this will go depends on Putin.” When continued on Pg 16

different business to support the residents. The butcher, baker, deli, hardware store, blacksmith, lumber yard, barber shop, factory, churches and a school. Our town grew and continued to increase. It’s amazing that after one hundred and fortyfour years, Lindenhurst still open her arms and embraces many,many other people while still keeping her beauty and reminding us of her heritage. It got me thinking about my grandparents who were of German decent and living in Brooklyn around the 1870’s. I started wondering if they were a part of the 2,000 that came out at that time to look for a new life. I’m researching my family tree now and will not be surprised to see that they were, indeed, within the area of Mr. Schleier back then. One more reason I’ve been drawn here.

Police Community Meetings:

The First Precinct Monthly Community meetings will continue to be held the First Thursday of each month at 7pm at the West Babylon Public Library, 211 Route 109, West Babylon April 3rd· May 1st· June 5th· no meeting scheduled for July· August 7th· September 4th· October 2nd·November 6th· December 4th


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Preparing Your Cat for Your New Baby Many parents are concerned about how their cat will react to their new baby, or how to keep the baby safe around the cat. They believe the cat may develop behavior problems because she is “jealous” of the baby. In reality, behavior problems may develop because of the drastic changes in the environment associated with the arrival and timeconsuming demands of the baby. Changes in the cat’s daily routine may occur (e.g. feeding time, play schedule, “quiet time” with the owner). Restrictions on where the cat is permitted to sit or sleep may be implemented. The majority of cats accept the new baby’s arrival without much to-do, however some do not. A cat’s behavior around babies can range from avoidance of the baby to intense interest, depending

135 Deerpark Avenue Babylon, NY office 631 661-8888

on the cat’s previous socialization experiences (with babies, children, and strangers), and the cat’s temperament. With supervision and training, most problems can be prevented. Advance Preparation Cats are creatures of habit. Changes in their daily routine and environment may cause them to become stressed and anxious. They may respond by hiding, becoming irritable and aggressive, urinating or defecating out of the litterbox, or by changing their eating habits (e.g. eating less or more). It’s very important to monitor your cat’s behavior during the first couple of months of the baby’s arrival to the home. Prepare your cat for the baby’s arrival several months in advance.

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Gradually set up the house the way it will be when the baby arrives (e.g. set up the crib, begin by moving furniture around if room changes are to be conducted). This is the time to train your cat to not have access to areas where the baby will sleep if you want these areas to be off limits. Begin to make changes in the interaction you will have with your cat (e.g. less play/petting time). Introduce your cat to smells that will be associated with the baby (e.g. baby powders or lotions, diapers, blankets). Use treats when showing these items to your cat so that he, or she, associates a positive event (receiving a tasty treat) with these items (that will ultimately be associated with the baby). Purchase CDs of baby cries/ sounds and play them to your cat. Start by setting the volume as low as audibly possible and slowly, over the course of several weeks, increase the volume. Watch for signs of your cat becoming anxious or scared. If any of these signs are displayed, lower the volume. The idea is for your cat

to remain in a relaxed state while listening to the tapes. Offer treats or play while playing the recording. Carry around a doll, preferably one with movable arms and legs and that cries, and handle it the way you would a baby. Allow your cat to sniff the doll, and give her (or him) treats for positive interactions with the doll (sniffing, head rubbing, purring). Before the baby comes home from the hospital, bring home a blanket or towel that contains the baby’s scent. Allow, not force, your cat to smell the blanket or towel. Place the towel on the couch, or in an area where your cat will have the opportunity to explore it when ready. So now it’s time for the baby to come home. Find out how to introduce your cat and the baby in my next Lindy Gazette article.

Library Events The Lindenhurst Memorial Library presents Extreme Design Makeover, on Thursday, April 24, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Interior Designer Jacqui Palatnik invites you to an exciting program focusing on re-doing and sprucing up what you already have. Her extensive design experience enables her to teach you the tricks of the trade. She will discuss color, space planning, fabrics, window treatments and much more. Registration begins April 10, 2014. Code: LNA169 This year’s library Budget Vote and Trustee Election will be held on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, from 9:00am to 9:00pm at the library. In order to vote you must be a registered voter residing within the Lindenhurst Union Free School District. In order to register you must be a United States citizen; be 18 years old by December 31st of the year in which you register (note: you must be 18 years old by the date the library vote); live at your present address for at least 30 days before the election; not be in jail or on parole for a felony conviction; and not claim the right to vote elsewhere. Registration forms are available at the library. This year’s library Budget Vote and Trustee Election will be held on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, from 9:00am to 9:00pm at the library. In order to vote you must be a registered voter residing within the Lindenhurst Union Free School District. In order to register you must be a United States citizen; be 18 years old by December 31st of the year in which you register (note: you must be 18 years old by the date the library vote); live at your present address for at least 30 days before the election; not be in jail or on parole for a felony conviction; and not claim the right to vote elsewhere. Registration forms are available at the library.

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Tragedy In Our Own Backyard

How many lives have to be lost before the drug epidemic on Long Island is taken more serious? A few months back I wrote about the rise in death’s and overdose’s due to heroin on Long Island, hoping to open peoples eyes to what is really going on. Due to current events I made a decision to write another blog on it. What is it going to take for people to see how bad this problem is getting? In the past two week there have been six deaths in the Suffolk county area. One was a 16 year old girl with her entire life ahead of her. The death toll due to drugs is rising by the day. I don’t know if parents and teachers are in denial or just turning a blind eye to what is really going on with their kids or students. I am sure it may be easy to just believe that your child would never get caught up in drugs because

they know better. However these days it’s not about right or wrong, some kids want to fit in and then there are the kids who can’t find a place to fit in so they turn to drugs thinking it will make them feel better. As a recovering addict I will admit that at first using did make me feel better by giving me a false confidence within myself. Over time things spiraled out of control and I realized the disease wanted me dead. During my use my family was in denial and didn’t confront me until after I had overdosed, At that point they couldn’t just pretend it wasn’t happening. My overdose made it real. I even denied having a problem after that and said I would stop. I basically just said everything I knew they wanted to hear because as most addicts know, we are amazing at lying and manipulating. Things only got worse from there and I ended

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written by Ashley Damian up attempting suicide. That attempt saved my life because I was able to get the help I need. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying, I am in no way condoning suicide at all. I am saying it should have never gotten to that point. Had my family actually paid attention to what was going on and not been in denial of my problem maybe I would have had more of a chance. Of course it was my choice to use and I am not putting blame on anyone else. I am just saying that if we keep pretending that this is not a big deal more lives will be lost. No parent should have to bury their child. As a community we need to pull together and do something about this problem. The sad thing about all off this is the people who have lost their lives to the disease of addiction aren’t getting attention. The media always

loves a great story when it comes to addicts committing crimes and really making things look bad. They never mention the fact that addiction is a disease not a moral deficiency or the fact that these days rehabs make it almost impossible to get into. Unless it is a celebrity that dies from use this topic gets swept under the rug. Is it really that important for people like politicians to save face by pretending that these horrible things are going on in their backyard? I refuse to stop fighting until people open their eyes and make an attempt to help addicts by acknowledging things are getting worse and begin to come up with a strategy to make parents, teachers and everyone more aware. Please help save innocent lives instead of turning a blind eye.

Blankenhorn Honored at Lindenhurst Republican Dinner

By Barbara Capella Loehr

Life-long resident Ed Blankenhorn was honored at this year’s Lindenhurst Republican Club dinner at Chateau La Mer on March 14. He received the Club’s prestigious Robert T. Allar award for his service to and support of the community, said Lindenhurst Village Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata, who presented the award. Blankenhorn was born and raised in Lindenhurst, and served in the Marine Corps. He holds a bachelor of science in industrial engineering from Hofstra University, and is retired from working at Grumman Aerospace for 30 years. He served seven years on the Lindenhurst Board of Education and 10 years on the Western Suffolk BOCES Board. He’s been on the board of directors of Smithhaven Ministries and has held various positions. He’s the junior governor of the Loyal Order of the Moose #1421 in Lindenhurst. Blankenhorn has been a long-time supporter of the Republican Party, noted Lavorata, and has run for public office twice: once for New York State Assembly in 1990 and more recently for Suffolk County Legislature in 2011. “I grew up here in Lindenhurst, and was taught to give back as much as I get. And whenever I’ve been asked to serve and step up, I did,” a surprised and happy Blankenhorn told the crowd when he received the award. “I will always try and give back because what this community and all of you have given me is 10 times more,” he added. Blankenhorn told The Lindenhurst Gazette after the award ceremony, “I really didn’t expect this. I was really surprised. I grew up here, and Lindenhurst has been so good to me, and I always try and give back.”

Joe Barone, sergeantat-arms, Lindenhurst Republican Club, has been organizing this event for the club for the last 10 years, and he said one of his favorite things about this event is to be able to honor someone like Blankenhorn every year with this award. “It’s named after Robert T. Allar, who started all of this, this organization, so without him, we wouldn’t be here. And it’s nice to be able to surprise deserving people like Ed Blankenhorn received the Robert T. Allar Award at the Lindenhurst Republican Club dinner at Chateau La Mer on March 14. Shown l to r: Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey; Village Trustee Ed,” Barone said. Joan M. Masterson; Village Administrator Shawn Cullinane; Trustee Maryann Weckerle; Trustee Darrel Kost; The ceremony Blankenhorn; Mayor Tom Brennan; Village Justice H. John Bopp; and Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata. also included recognition of Suffolk County and will stay the same,” he noted. Legislator Kevin McCaffrey, who thanked everyone Also recognized were Mayor Tom Brennan who supported him, especially his wife, Julie, and and the Village Board, which includes Lavorata and his daughter, Katie, and son, Mike. McCaffrey noted Trustees Joan M. Masterson, Maryann Weckerle and he and Julie just celebrated their 30th wedding Darrel Kost. anniversary. “In about two months we should have the Marina Sean Rogan, McCaffrey’s chief of staff, told reopened, after it was damaged during Hurricane The Lindenhurst Gazette later at the dinner the new Sandy back in October 2012,” the mayor told those legislator and his staff are currently working out of in attendance at the dinner. “And the new main former Legislator Wayne Horsley’s office on North Lindenhurst firehouse being built on Wellwood Wellwood Avenue, but expect to be moving to the Avenue should be ready in early 2015.” new office on South Wellwood next to Music Land He continued: “And today we signed plans in mid-April. to redo South Wellwood Avenue so it won’t get “The phone number is the same, 631-854-1100, flooded as much.”


THE NORMAL HEART by Larry Kramer

April 3, 4, 5, 11, and 12 at 8pm April 6 at 2pm Adults $15.00 Seniors/Students $12.00 To purchase tickets and for more information please visit

The story of a city in denial, THE NORMAL HEART unfolds like a real -life political thriller—as a tight-knit group of friends refuses to let doctors, politicians and the press bury the truth of an unspoken epidemic behind a wall of silence. A quarter -century after it was written, this outrageous, unflinching, and totally unforgettable look at the sexual politics of New York during the AIDS crisis remains one of the theatre ’s most powerful evenings ever. THE NORMAL HEART won the 2011 Tony Award® for Best Revival of a Play and is being adapted into a major motion picture by HBO Films premiering next month. *This play contains adult themes and content and is not suitable for young children.

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It’s Official continued Among the other spring projects North Lindenhurst. I believe the includes the Mayor’s Beautification Society working with the Business Improvement District to do some plantings and attempt to add some color to the downtown area. This will hopefully be done in time for the Annual Spring Festival to be held on the first weekend in May. Springtime will also give rise to one of my favorite things – baseball. We will be participating in both little league parades as we have the pleasure of doing so for many years. First, we will march, along with our partners in government from the Town of Babylon, in the annual Lindenhurst American Little League LALL) parade on Saturday morning, April 13th along its usual route along Spiegelhagen Avenue, in

LALL parade begins at 10 am. Afterwards, at about 1 pm, the Village Administration, the Lindenhurst fire Department and our partners from the Town of Babylon will join us as we host the Lindenhurst National Little League (LNLL) Parade, beginning at the Village Park on the corner of Hoffman and Wellwood Avenues which will proceed to Kienle Field. The rebirth provided by springtime allows us to reflect on the things that have occurred in our community over the last few months. In my last column, I discussed the serious substance abuse problem that we face along with many other communities across the United States. We will continue our partnerships with the organizations that we have been working with and begin to partner


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with other organizations who wish to join us in the fight which is taking place across the country to take back our communities. As I have previously written, many voices speak a whole lot louder than just a few. The message must be quite clear that we will not tolerate the influx of these poisons which kill our children and destroy our families. In either my next column or the subsequent column, I will focus specifically on the Task Force being created by Mayor Brennan to work with the community and our friends at the Suffolk County Police Department’s 1st Precinct. We will also seek input from residents on what we can do to strength these alliances and fight the battle together. Finally, congratulations to Village Justice H. John Bopp and Trustees

Darrel Kost and Maryann Weckerle on their recent election. It is great to have a solid team of hard working public officials like those three individuals working for the betterment of our Village. We look forward to their continued work over the next four years. And as always, should you like to contact me or anyone of the Village Board, please do so by dropping a line to Village Hall at 430 South Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 or sending an e-mail to: villageboard@ It will be directed to any one of us that you would like to address specifically. Remember, we are here to serve you!

Cullinane Responds to E.W. Bower Concerns by Lance Walker

On February 11th 2014, I had the opportunity to sit down with our Village administrator Shawn Cullinane and ask him some questions about various things going on in the Village. One of the items that I asked Mr. Cullinane about concerns what several of my readers have commented on with regards to the proposed sale of E.W. Bower. Several individuals have contacted the Lindenhurst Gazette either via email, social media and others have either called or visited our offices. The majority of comments reflect a common theme, that being that everyone should attend more board meetings so that they can provide input concerning that proposed sale. With this in mind, I asked Mr. Cullinane to speak to our community about the concerns that they have and his response was really quite enlightening and informative. Mr. Cullinane said that the Board certainly welcomes anyone to attend a Village board meeting. These meetings are public and we encourage people to come and see what is happening in the community concerning the actions of the Village board and to learn about proposed projects. As far as E.W. Bower is concerned, Mr.

Cullinane continued, Bower is owned and operated by the school district. The district has to first make a determination as to what they are going to do with the building. Will the district keep the property, sell the property or lease the property out? I believe the Board of Education is seeking the input of the community on this issue and as far as the Village is concerned, we don’t really come into the picture until after the property has been sold. If someone were to buy the property and develop it in a certain manner they would then have to come to the village and go through the building department which is when we get involved. That is when areas such as zoning, board of appeals, variances or whatever else come into play. Having said that and knowing that there is a potential for sale of the property, the Village has began taking input from the

community as to what should happen at the property. There are a couple of factors that go into it. One factor is the after affect of Super Storm Sandy. New York Rising and the people behind it are highly encouraging that no new construction is built south of Montauk Highway. Mr. Cullinane then spoke of how South of Montauk was flooded during Sandy and said , ‘Why would we want to build housing that would encourage people to get in harms way, so we are thinking about that in terms of

don’t build more housing, senior housing or something that has the potential to be in harms way. So, if not housing then what? The fields have been used for recreation as well as open space. A lot of people have expressed that it should remain that way. The only other component is a suggestion made by Mayor Brennan. There is a corridor that is adjacent to Bower Continued on Page 16 on Montauk Highway and is used for business. We should consider redeveloping those


The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Cullinane Responds to E.W. Bower Concerns Continued properties and putting them back on the tax role which would help with the village assessment. We then would have a great opportunity to come up with something unique, such as a medical center or a business center, perhaps something more than just a row of stores, something special and at the same time develop the rear of the property for open space and recreation. I would also ad that at this time it’s all in the talking stages and nothing has been decided. We are looking at what we can do as a community with the Board of Education to see what kind of plan we can all come up with that might work. I then asked Mr. Cullinane if he is aware of any proposed legislation that would prohibit the building of new construction south of Montauk and he said that as far as he was aware their was none, however he did say that New York Rising through the C.R.Z. holds a strong position on what can be done in the future to avert such a problem as we had

with Sandy.

A good depiction is that of E.W. Bower. The property itself is actually on higher ground then some of the surrounding area and while there is a creek just 200 feet away from the property when the surge came, less water entered there than other areas. That being said, the property could serve as a sort of refuge for vehicles during a flood watch. As you may be aware, Residents near Shore Road tend to park their vehicles in the parking lot during flood alerts, of course Sandy was not a typical flooding situation, so those vehicles were not as safe as they have been in the past during a typical Nor’easter, but this is just something that has been discussed and is the type of ideas that are suggested at various meetings. For more information on when the Village Board meets, contact Village Hall at 631 957-7500.

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Kennelly’s Corner Continued asked about the civil unrest in the Ukraine, and how it coincided with the current situation, he offered an interesting perspective. “The protests in Ukraine were already bad, people were dying, and then Russia saw this as an opportunity to take back Crimea. The people wanted to go western, but Yanukovych had ties with Russia. If he had listened to the people, none of this would have happened. Russia saw this as Ukraine is weak; let’s take it over slowly. They made up laws to invade Crimea, set up the referendum, and it isn’t even their own country.” I asked him where he thought it would lead to, and what the future would hold. “I don’t know, most likely another cold war. The people in Crimea wanted to go back to Russia, something like over 90% of the people voted to go back to Russia, but it is illegal, I don’t want to give it back to Russia. The vote should not be recognized, you cannot just invade a country and set up a vote to secede. Crimea has been an area of tension since it was given away by Russia in 1954. Russia wants it back, and Ukraine doesn’t want to give it back.” As far as how this heightened

situation will all play out, we will have to wait and see. He believes that Russia may not stop with just Crimea, and the United States and Europe are obligated to offer their support to Ukraine after they relinquished their nuclear weapons and scaled down their military in the mid 90’s. The economic sanctions and pressuring Russia to further isolate itself from the rest of the world is absolutely necessary for dissolving the situation. Ultimately, a prosperous Ukraine, a backing down of Russia, and a peaceful solution is the best that can be hoped for, but what will actually transpire remains to be seen. Reports of a natural gas plant being seized on Ukrainian soil outside of Crimea over the past weekend suggests that Russia plans to go ahead with the annexation, and is hoping to secure resources for the peninsula during the process. The United States and Europe are meeting to discuss further economic sanctions in order to try and bring about a stop to Russian advancement in the region. This is a constantly evolving situation, on a grand scale, and one that is affecting people throughout the world, even in a small town on Long Island.

Village Efforts to Repair Sandy Damage On Schedule By Lance Walker

Spring has arrived and The Village of Lindenhurst has been working very hard to make sure that some of our most used assets are ready for use. As you are aware, Hurricane Irene caused an incredible amount of damage to the Village Marina. The Village worked

very hard at repairing the damages to the marina and completed everything about a week before Super storm Sandy’s surge hit our town. The surge as you know caused an incredible amount of damage to the marina ans according to Shawn Cullinane,

Village of Lindenhurst Administrator, repairs to the marina are going as scheduled and should be completed in the first week of April. “The good news”, Cullinane said, “is that all the work that was done to repair the damage caused by Irene has held up perfectly.”Cullinane also said that the only work they expect not to be completed by then is the final electrical hook-up which is a separate contract. Cullinane also said, “Sandy was in 2012, a year and a half later and we are moving forward getting some of the projects done and we are happy with that.” Repairs include new electrical and water lines, decking and repairs to the dock it self. Cullinane continues by saying, Once the electrical and underground conduits are completed

the decking is the last component to be installed in order to complete the work. Additionally, the surge also destroyed the power transformer at Shore Road Park causing damage to the underground lines that feed the field lighting and restrooms. According to Mr. Cullinane, the transformer has been relocated to a higher area of the park and underground conduits, wiring and related items should also be completed during the first week of April Lastly, Cullinane advised me that the Village also has taken steps to repair the boat slips that the Village owns on South Broadway. According to Mr. Cullinane, the decking was ripped up and bulkheads were damaged. So, with all these re-construction projects coming to a point we April 1st as a Big Day in the Village of Lindenhurst.

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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From The Pulpit

Misusing power for personal

satisfaction is among the most odious things a leader can do. We are rightly disgusted when we hear the stories. The executive who uses company funds to cheat on his wife or the minister who drives a church-bought luxury car for “ministry reasons” or the politician who gives lucrative government contracts to friends and family members. Advertisement Such stories are not new. In the Bible, in 2 Samuel chapters 11 and 12, we find God’s chosen King David misusing his power to please himself. When it comes time

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to make war, David sends someone else to do his dirty work (11:1). Then one day he sees a beautiful married woman named Bathsheba and has her brought to him. He objectifies and then sleeps with another man’s wife (11:4). David then murders the woman’s husband, Uriah (11:15). Even when David is confronted and repents, his sorrow lasts only long enough to see if he can get God to do something for him (12:22-23). David is a terrible example of humanity. However, if we are honest, we can see ourselves in him. We sometimes use our power to get what we want from people instead of looking after their interests. We take advantage of others; we manipulate family members and friends and co-workers. We objectify people; we send others to do our dirty

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work. I had a professor who once told us that if he hadn’t committed a sin it was because he hadn’t had the opportunity. I wonder how we would fare with King David’s kind of power. What can God do with a terrible person like David? In Matthew’s Gospel, we find a list of Jesus’ ancestors. In that list we find these words: “David was the father of Solomon by Bathsheba who had been Uriah’s wife.” (1:6) David had acquired Bathsheba and murdered Uriah through a despicable misuse of power. And God used the coming together of David and Bathsheba to bring forth the Savior of the world. Centuries after David died, Jesus Christ would be called by the honorary title “Son of David.” (Matthew 9:7, etc.) Even though David and Bathsheba deeply sinned, God redeemed their union to offer salvation to us all. Consider the ways you have

By Thomas McKenzie

misused your power. Consider your sins, your regrets, your misdeeds. The things you are ashamed of, the things you would like to forget. If God can bring salvation out of David’s sins, what can he do with your sins? The Good News is that through Jesus’ death and resurrection, you can be forgiven of all your sins. And there is more. Christ is the Redeemer as well as the Forgiver. He can bring forth great good, healing and wholeness even from your darkest moments. Call out to him and ask him to do this. Then find a church community where you can know him and his great love for you even better.

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Case Made for Two Programs at Risk of Seeing Cuts for 2014-15 School Year By Barbara Capella Loehr

The heads of Lindenhurst Schools’ fine and performing arts and athletics programs presented their budgets for next year and made the case for respective programs staying intact. School budget season is in full swing, and the heads of two of the programs at risk for cuts once again for the 2014-15 school year made their case at the March 10 Lindenhurst Board of Education budget workshop at the McKenna Administration Building. Rose Marvel, coordinator, fine and performing arts, and Anthony Amesti, coordinator, athletics, physical education and health, laid out their programs’ respective budgets in front of the small group of residents in attendance. Music and Arts First up was Marvel, who stressed the importance of the fine and performing arts - the budget for which is relatively small, but does show a slight increase in 2014-15, from $108,597 to $109,069. “I try to be as frugal as possible when it comes to equipment and resources,” she said. “I look at BOCES big lists, and if the price is good, then I’ll look at it. I’m also seeing prices coming down, so the quotes for some equipment are for right now. I usually wait till prices come down.”

She noted the skills learned through music and arts help with critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, information and media literacy, productivity and accountability, and leadership and responsibility. Lindenhurst’s k-12 program includes music, dance, visual arts, theater arts and arts in education. All elementary students are taught literacy through the arts and sequential movement. And there are 5,935 music students and 4,492 visual arts students, spanning from elementary to high school; 84 students in the Lindenhurst High School dance program; and 63 students in theater arts. “Many students are encouraged to participate in outside events,” Marvel said, noting, for instance, 40 students were selected to participate in SCMEA and the district just finished hosting Division Three at the high school. “That’s impressive to have so many students participating,” she said. In addition to SCMEA, eight students were selected to participate in LISFA; eight in NYSCAME/SCMEA All County; one in SCMEA Day of Jazz; three in NYSSMA All State; four in NYSSMA Jazz; two to three ensembles in NYSSMA Majors; and the number of students performing NYSSMA solos have yet to be announced (at presstime), according to Marvel. She also indicated two students are showing their work in digital

photo at SCALA; eight students are participating in the LI Media Arts Show; two seniors placed their work in digital photo in the HS Artists of Excellence in Advanced Visions; and the number of students participating in NYSATA have also yet to be announced (at presstime). The LHS Evening of Dance and All Lindy Concert were also scheduled to take place (and did at presstime) - two annual student, parent and community favorites, noted Marvel. Marvel and Lindenhurst Middle School Principal Frank Naccarato also made the case for a wish list item of replacing at least one of two very old and out-of-tune pianos. The pianos were on Naccarato’s building budget for the LMS. They said there’s one in the music room that’s 50 years old, and one on the auditorium stage that’s 20 years old, and both can’t really hold a tune any more, and need to be retuned frequently after years of wear and tear. “We hope to replace one of them,” Marvel said. Athletics Amesti took the podium next, who noted the 2014-15 budget at $1,021,041 for athletics is less than the 2013-14 budget. The budget covers 1,995 studentathletes participating in interscholastic athletics, 112 coaches (not including unpaid volunteers) and 77 teams across the LMS and LHS. That includes, according to Amesti, 26 teams named NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete Teams; 14 Section XI Sportmanship Team Winners; and two individual athletes representing Lindy in New York State Tournament competition. Amesti also noted six teams made post-season appearances this year, including the Varsity Boys Volleyball team, which became

league champions and Suffolk County finalists; the Varsity Cheerleading team, which placed 14th in the nation at Nationals in February; and the Varsity Bowling team, which won the championship this year. Proposed equipment needs covered in next year’s proposed budget include an AccuPitch Indoor Pitching Mound, which has a safety, non-skid bottom with easy transport handles and would cost $1,800, according to Amesti. “The indoor mound is essential, as the one we have has no handles and has wear and tear from being dragged in and out of the gym for the baseball team. This new one is safer for the kids, and would be a good purchase for us to make,” he explained. The program has taken some cuts in the past few years, including the elimination of JV9 and JV2 interscholastic teams, as well as the junior varsity bowling and golf teams. Nine coaching positions were cut, too. Amesti also presented the much smaller physical education and health budget that covers the entire district. The 2014-15 budget shows a slight decrease, from $29,150 in 2013-14 to $28,950 next year. Upcoming Budget Workshops The next budget meeting on Monday, March 31, focuses on buildings and grounds, transportation, technology, personnel (instructional and noninstructional). After that the Wednesday, April 23, budget meeting is the finalization of the budget. At the Thursday, April 24, meeting the board holds a community forum (and BOCES vote) and adopts the budget. All start at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Administration Building. Check for any changes in venue. In addition, the BOE meets again for its monthly business meeting on April 2 at McKenna at 8 p.m.

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NY Rising Deadline 04/11 successful in helping people navigate this program, so if you have any problems while applying please reach out to my office at 631854-1100 and make an appointment to come in, my staff will assist you in any way that they can.”

Legislator Kevin McCaffrey, 14th District wants everyone to be aware of the following important deadline for filing an application for assistance through NY Rising. Please see details below.

Lindenhurst Chamber Hosts Steve Bellone

Congratulations to Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce President, Jo-Ann Boettcher of Douglas Ellman Realty. Jo-Ann secured Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone to speak at the Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce dinner held at Mooselodge 1421. (Which I must say had an excellent menu), Mr Bellone covered quite a few topics that are important to our businesses and our community.

Full story to follow in our April Issue of the Lindenhurst Gazette. Once again, congratulations Jo-Ann and please keep up the Great Work as our Chamber President. Incidentally, if you are a business owner and would like to join the Chamber of Commerce or the Moose Lodge for that matter(Which are both really great organizations, just drop me a line at my office at 631 412-3940)

Lindenhurst, NY: Recently the NY Rising program announced that they will set a deadline of April 11th, 2014 to apply for individual assistance. “NY Rising is an excellent program, and it is very important that if you were affected by Hurricane Sandy that you apply before this deadline,” said Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey. “There are still many people within my district who were affected by the storm that have yet to apply for this program. I know that it can be frustrating dealing with all the red tape, but it is very important that you take full advantage of the NY Rising program to help you get back to where you were before the storm. My office has been very

Also, In response to the February 18, 2014 Newsday article about a plan to expand the Southwest Sewer District to reach the Ronkonkoma Hub, sending that waste to the Bergen Point Treatment facility, Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey issued the following statement: “I am very supportive of smart economic growth, such as the Ronkonkoma Hub, and I am equally concerned with protecting our environment, especially our drinking water. At the same time, it is very important to understand the impact that this plan will have on the Bergen Point Treatment Facility, and the residents surrounding that area. As the additional expansion plan is discussed, residents should rest assured that I will research and make sure that the Bergen Point Facility can handle the additional capacity without affecting their quality of life.” --------------------------------------Legislator Kevin McCaffrey is Legislator for the 14th District covering, Lindenhurst, West Babylon, Babylon Village and parts of North Babylon.-


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Obituaries POLITO, Thomas J. of Lindenhurst on March 9 in his 90th year. Mr. Polito is survived by his sons Michael and William. Also survived by two grandchildren. Religious services were conducted on March 13 at the funeral home. Interment followed at Pinelawn Memorial Park. Mr. Polito’s funeral arrangements were under the care and direction Lindenhurst Funeral Home. BRODERICK, Adeline formerly of Lindenhurst on March 9 in her 96th year. Mrs. Broderick is survived by her children Ronald Gaudelli, Robert Gaudelli and Jeannette Field. Also, survived by 14 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and great great grandchild. Religious services were conducted on March 11. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated Thursday at Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church. Interment followed at St. Charles Cemetery. Mrs. Broderick’s funeral arrangements were under the care and direction Lindenhurst Funeral Home. LAWLOR, Charles T. of Lindenhurst on March 13 in his 63rd year. Mr. Lawlor is survived by his wife Gritta, son Brian and three grandchildren. Also survived by his brothers William, Thomas and Gerard. Religious services were held on Monday, March 17 at the funeral home. Interment followed at Pinelawn Memorial Park.Mr. Lawlor’s funeral arrangements were under the care and direction Lindenhurst Funeral Home.





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written by Annmarie Nickdow Although our troubles may come and go Peace is a feeling we always desire to know Practicing peaceful reactions in our everyday life can help train us to feel peace when we encounter uncomfortable strife

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Realizing that there is only so much in this world that we can control will help us react in a way that honors our very soul We cannot control all circumstances but we CAN control how we REACT so peace and self-control can help keep our perspective and dignity intact. A positive thought can bring calm and peace and may change the negative we see or sometimes we will find we just need a soothing change of scenery We need to give ourselves a break when we are not feeling our best and never forget the benefits of truly getting a good night’s rest Music, laughter, family, friends, even a comforting bowl of soup may also provide the clarity we need for our attitude to regroup Hopefully peace can be achieved but sometimes our sadness feels doubled in those times it is imperative to pray and remember “God is OUR refuge and strength and ever present help in times of TROUBLE. (Psalms 46:1)

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The filmmakers had requested that M&M’s be used to lure E.T., instead of Reese’s Pieces. The Mars company had denied their request and so Reese’s Pieces were used instead. As a direct result, Reese’s Pieces sales skyrocketed. Because of this, more and more companies began requesting that their products be used in movies. Thus, product placement was born. Steven Spielberg shot most of the film from the eye-level of a child to further connect with Elliot and E.T. According to the film’s novelization, E.T. is over ten million years old. At the auditions, Henry Thomas thought about the day his dog died to express sadness. Director Steven Spielberg cried, and hired him on the spot. Steven Spielberg’s original concept was for a much darker movie in which a family was terrorized in their house by aliens. When Spielberg decided to go with a more benevolent alien, the family-in-jeopardy concept was recycled as Poltergeist (1982). E.T. riding in the basket on Elliot’s bicycle flying in front of the moon has become the trademark image of Amblin Entertainment. The doctors and nurses that work on E.T. are all real emergency room technicians. They were told to treat E.T. the same way they would treat a real patient so that their dialogue and actions would seem real. Steven Spielberg personally screened his film at the White House for Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. Most of the full-body puppetry was performed by a 2’ 10 tall stuntman, but the scenes in the kitchen were done using a 10-year old boy who was born without legs but was an expert on walking on his hands. Elliot’s last name is never mentioned.

2014-15 School Building Budgets Showing Several Increases By Barbara Capella Loehr

The individual school building budgets are split for the 2014-15 school year, with four out of the eight schools showing an increase: West Gates, Albany Avenue and Alleghany Avenue Elementary Schools and Lindenhurst High School. The other four are showing decreases. That’s according to the principals of each of the schools when they presented their budgets at the March 10 Lindenhurst Board of Education budget

workshop at the McKenna Administration Building. Budget Breakdown West Gates’ 2014-15 budget is increasing $7,139, from $53,520 to $60,659, as the number of students is increasing from 366 to 395, pending kindergarten registration, according to Principal Donna Smawley. Albany’s budget is increasing $2,182, from $67,279 to $69,461, and the number of students is staying flat at 454, according to

Principal Lisa Omeis. Alleghany’s budget is increasing $1,205, from $49,750 to $50,955, while the number of students is decreasing slightly from 339 to 335, according to Principal Laura Newman. The LHS budget is increasing a nominal amount - $169 - from $293,837 to $294,006, though the number of students is expected to decrease from 2,194 to 2,139, according to Principal Dan Giordano. The rest of the schools

- Daniel Street, Harding Avenue and William Rall Elementary Schools and Lindenhurst Middle School - are all showing decreases in their 2014-15 budgets, and the number of students in each of these schools is decreasing, too. Here’s the breakdown: Daniel’s budget is decreasing $3,223, from $89,134 to $85,911, and the number of students is decreasing from 610 to 563. Harding’s budget is decreasing $1,237, from $56,526 to $55,289, and the number of students is decreasing from 384 to 363. The LMS budget is decreasing $639, from $194,927 to $194,288, and the number of students is decreasing from 1,429 to 1,375. Rall’s budget is decreasing $357, from $87,426 to $87,069, and the number of students is decreasing from 595 to 568. A complete, line-by-line look at each of the building’s budgets can be found on the

school district’s website, Upcoming Budget Workshops The next budget meeting on Monday, March 31, focuses on buildings and grounds, transportation, technology, personnel (instructional and non-instructional). After that the Wednesday, April 23, budget meeting is the finalization of the budget. At the Thursday, April 24, meeting the board holds a community forum (and BOCES vote) and adopts the budget. All start at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Administration Building. Check www. for any changes in venue. In addition, the BOE meets again for its monthly business meeting on April 2 at McKenna at 8 p.m.


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