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Volume 2 Issue 3

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Feb 28 - March 13th 2014

Man Arrested for Stealing Donation Jar at Lindenhurst 7-Eleven

By. Victoria Boye

There are serious, severe crimes that make an impact, and then there are what seem to be lesser ones that unexpectedly truly extraordinarily impact and affect people on a deep emotional level. On February 3, at approximately 9:45 p.m. a man took a donation jar from the 7-Eleven, located at 849 North Greene Avenue in Lindenhurst. The jar contained money that was collected for Leukemia research in memory of the store manager’s daughter, Isabella Pine. Isabella Pine,informally referred to as Belle, was a beautiful little girl with blonde hair as bright as her personality who died from Leukemia suddenly on October 31, 2012 at the age of 8 years old, only five days after her diagnosis. She was a Lindenhurst cheerleader, an avid Islanders fan, a dance enthusiast who participated in years of lessons

and recitals, and described by friends as ‘the happiest, funniest, silliest girl ever’. The shocking theft was captured on store video surveillance. Once his photo was published, numerous tips from the public assisted in the identification of the subject in the video. After an investigation by First Precinct Crime Section officers, it was determined the suspect was Matthew Donadeo, 20, of 361 Catskill Ave, Lindenhurst. Officer Madeline Cunningham and Officer John Sheridan arrested Donadeo at a friend’s house in Lindenhurst on February 11. Donadeo was charged with Petty Larceny and with an unrelated charge of Criminal Contempt. He was arraigned on February 12th at the First District Court in Central Islip. According to a statement by Diane Pine, the mother of Isabella and Manager of the 7-Eleven, “They arrested the guy that stole stole the donation jar from 7-11,” she proclaimed, “I’m so glad they finally

caught him and I want to thank everyone who helped turn him in with all the tips phoned in. Yes, he’s a drug addict, from what I’ve been told, and hopefully after this, he will get some help and become a better person.” Since the donation jar had been placed on the counter, donors have contributed more than $11,000 in honor of Isabella to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. When the Lindenhurst Gazette editor, Lance Walker, had the opportunity to speak with Dianne immediately after the theft, he asked what she would express to the individual committed this crime. Police Released this Photo of Her tearful response quickly Matthew Donadeo after his arrest. brought him to tears as well. Diane Photo Courtesy SCPD answered, “If you need the money, biggest fear, when she passed, is that take it, but don’t throw away the jar. people would forget her,” Pine told It has my daughter’s picture on it- and CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan, in what that’s like throwing my daughter in rapidly became a regional story. the trash.” The Leukemia Lymphoma Society “We put the donation jar on the said it depends on the funds from counter right after my daughter had Isabella’s jar. Cancer survivor Patty passed away. She was diagnosed with Manzo conveyed. “We all put a nickel AML leukemia and she passed away in the jar, a Con’t Page 11 five days later,” Diane remarked. “My dollar there.”

2/28 thru 3/14

2/28 thru 3/14

2/28 thru 3/14

2/28 thru 3/14

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Be sure to mention The Lindenhurst Gazette when contacting our advertisers Nothing gives me more pleasure than getting a letter from our readers. Some of the letters I get are simple words of encouragement and some are rather extensive and extremely informative. Others are simply letters that suggest I add a certain feature or cover a certain topic. This week, Ms Frances Brosan of Lindenhurst sent me a little note with a gift. In her note, Ms. Brosan indicated how much she enjoyed the Lindenhurst Gazette and she wished us the Best of Luck and encouraged us to Keep up the Good work. Ms. Brosan, From all of us here at the Lindenhurst Gazette and especially from me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtful gift. I can’t tell you what an encouragement it was for me personally. It really impacted me in a way that I can not fully express, but know that it really had “Perfect Timing”. Again, thank you and please continue to enjoy our paper. Dear Mary Beth Czubay. Thank you for sending me Easy Out On Third. I really enjoyed your book and encourage you to keep on doing what you are doing! You have what it takes! I encourage others to go and get this book. Dear Editor. Your newspaper and coverage of Lindenhurst is Excellent! When I first read your paper, I told my husband about it (Who is serving overseas in the military) and he was all excited about it and wanted copies for the guys in his unit that are from Long Island. They Loved it! Thank you for helping me send a little bit of home to my husband. God Bless! Janet C.D of Lindenhurst. On February 3rd, We posted a story on our website at http://www. about a plan by the New York State D.E.C. to eliminate Mute Swans in New York. The following was submitted by a Reader about that story: Maybe we should protect some other destructive invasive species as well. The first that come to my mind are asian carp and zebra mussels. <sarcasm> To present this issue as being caused primarily by their aggression to humans is disingenuous reporting at best. The National Audubon Society, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, the Severn River Association, the South River Federation, the American Bird Conservancy, the Wildlife Management Institute and numerous

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Dear Editor other organizations all support the eradication of these birds, not only here but throughout the east coast. I am sure you already know that assuming your extensive research into the subject or was it really just “don’t kill the pretty birds.” I think many people may be coming here for an alternative to the agenda based reporting elsewhere, something to consider. Good day, sir. Paul H Dear Editor. As a resident of Lindenhurst I’ve always felt that much more could be done to encourage new businesses to open here. Obviously, the more businesses we have the more tax revenue is generated and hopefully our property values will increase because when a place has more commerce, it is somewhat more desirable to live in. Recently, you posted a little blurb on your Facebook page about two proposed chicken restaurants opening. One at the former pizzeria location on Wellwood and the other at the former Checkers location on Montauk Highway. Personally, I thought this was a good idea and something that the community would enjoy and benefit from. From time to time you hear chatter in the streets about how the politicians don’t do enough to attract new businesses and for the most part, I personally believe it has more to do with landlords and the chamber than the politicians but what really shocked me is that some of the same people who complain to me about “All the empty stores on Wellwood avenue” actually chimed in your Facebook page in opposition to the new chicken establishments. Really? What is wrong with these people? If I was going to invest my money, my time and my energy into opening a business here I would hope that I would at least have the support of the community behind me, after all, I can guarantee beyond the shadow of any doubt that sooner or later, one of those naysayers will walk through the doors of both of those new chicken establishments and ask for some type of donation for one of our many groups that we have here. So, to sum it up to my fellow Lindy neighbors.... Grow Up and think before you speak. Welcome, encourage and patronize local businesses or be prepared to live in a ghost town. Really! Name withheld by Request.


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An Easter Visit by Susan Marie Davniero


Easter came early this year – falling on last day of March. We felt a slight chill that awakened us in the morning air as my husband, Bob and I, briskly walked into the Church for an Easter visit. On this holiday, faithful townspeople accompany us, in haste as if to arrive before “the show begins.” The sunshine brilliance is glorious as if the Lord Himself smiles upon us. How heavenly the church is dressed for the holiday, thinking as I look toward the altar walking to our pew. The church’s altar is blissfully adorn with luxurious white drapes, graced by white lilies, as the gold glisten off the Holy gilded ornaments appears to be kissed by the sunlight through the multi-colored stain windows. A respectful rule of silence is followed as we all rise to greet the congressional line of altar servers led by the Priest. The silence is broken by the soft hail of a parishioners baby cry from the back of the church. I notice the Priest officiating at this morning Mass is the newly ordained Father John, adorn in a white vestment festive garment to serve the Lord, like the good shepherd leading his flock. Father John serves his master well as he captivates the congregation by his



When we feel our world is crumbling and find it most difficult to cope, we must reach for something powerful and that something is HOPE Hope CAN give us the strength to move on with courage each and every day, it encourages us to believe that we will surely find a way. We know looking forward, not back is not always an easy thing to do, but hope can HELP us to carry on with what we’re going through. Family, work, finances and life can get out of control it seems, but hope can help US to think positive and get back on track with our dreams. Hope can help take us out of a rut and make our souls AGAIN sing.

inspiring homily and worship. Church is a place where singing the hymns loud is nearly as important as singing them right – as I join in. I try to sing better than last week as we all sing “Alleluia! Alleluia!” As the mass proceeds my faith grows stronger and I leave the church feeling better than I did before I entered. The Lord is divinely hospitable. We had a Blessed Easter visit at the House of God. My mind wanders back to another Easter visit at my parents’ home. I was young, barely 18, finding my own way. Alas, my way was leading me away from the church. I can still hear my Dad’s plea; “Go back to church…” as if it was an answer to all my youthful problems. That was then, this is now. As I sit today at Church – I whisper, as if my beloved deceased Dad, Gerard Fischetti, can hear me; “Dad, I am back.” The answer is there. Dad was right. The church welcomes everyone back. Their door is always open. Regardless of attire, wealth, or creed - all are invited for a visit at the House of God. Come home to the church. You can go home again, after all.

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Submitted by OLPH Parishioners: Susan and Robert Davniero



By Annmarie Nickdow I heard a saying not too long ago, that if you had hope, you had everything. Hope that things will get better and hope that good things will come. For happiness, love and a beautiful life, was meant for ALL, not only for just some. Hope can be given to each other as well in deeds and in the words that we speak, but most of all you must have HOPE IN OUR LORD, for it is He who gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak! (Isaiah 40:29)

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By Joseph Kennelly, Contributing Writer As Long Islanders are dreaming an iconic military decision that of spring, many will be enjoying required resolve, courage, cunning, time off from work and school in the and navigation through a myriad of upcoming days, commonly referred logistical hurdles. It was a pivotal to as winter break, president’s day point of the Revolution, and restored weekend, or any other title evoking momentum to the Patriot cause. an opportunity to advertise sales on new cars, electronics, furniture, and Some of Washington’s greatest everything else under the sun. In achievements, however, perhaps came response to the commercial assault, off of the battlefield. When victory it would be pertinent to budget some was assured in 1783, Washington time in the upcoming days towards resigned as commander-in-chief of the reflection of two great leaders’ lives Continental Army, instead of seizing and accomplishments that have power for his own gain. It was a actually led to this time off that we selfless and honest act, and spoke to have grown accustomed to having his opposition of dictatorship. The during this dreary time of year. The act was instrumental in allowing the lessons and inspiration that can be United States to have an opportunity drawn from the actions and words to function as a republic. When of both George Washington and the government was faltering under Abraham Lincoln are too important the weaknesses of the Continental to simply be dismissed in the wake Congress, Washington presided over of just another day off from work or the Constitutional Convention in school. 1787, a meeting that would develop a Washington’s unparalleled displays new federal government of the United of leadership during the Revolutionary States. After the convention, the War are well chronicled. The famous Electoral College unanimously elected crossing of the Delaware on Christmas Washington as the first President of night, 1776, which led to the surprise the United States. He served two attack and capture of Trenton, is terms as President, and declined to

run for a third term, setting the precedent of serving no more than a maximum of two terms in the position. In his farewell address, President Washington urged future administrations and public servants to avoid governing through partisan politics, and warned of the evils of political parties. He stressed for public servants to look beyond partisanship and govern for the common good of all people. He was adamant about not allowing foreign influence effect domestic policy, and urged neutrality, calling on future policy to avoid entangling American interests in long term alliances. Our first President’s words are rich in wisdom, foresight, and can eerily be applied to some of the issues our nation is facing today. With our government actually shutting down in the past year due to partisan politics, it would be wise for our current elected officials to heed some of the words of this great leader. In today’s political arena, partisan politics reigns supreme, and it has not proven to be a better strategy for solving the nation’s problems. Perhaps, our elected leaders should

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try following the blueprint set forth by one of the greatest strategists of all time, President Washington. As important as President Washington was in founding the United States, President Lincoln’s impact, it can be argued, may be even more profound in ensuring that the nation endured. Mired in the horrors of the Civil War during his first term in office, Abraham Lincoln desperately tried to preserve the Union of the United States during his presidency. He never recognized the Confederacy, citing that secession from the Union was illegal. Lincoln’s time and effort was dominated by the Civil War, and he walked a political tightrope and carried a burden that Con’t Pg 10 was

Supt. Nathan: Lindy Schools at Risk of ‘Educational Insolvency’

Richard Nathan outlines an initial budget for 2014-15 featuring a budget-to-budget expenditures increase of 2.81 percent, or about 4.1 million. He says Lindenhurst faces more program cuts and ‘educational insolvency’ thanks to a tightening tax cap, unfunded mandates and ever-increasing expenditures like healthcare benefits. The Lindenhurst School District kicked off the budget season on Wednesday, February 12, with an overview of the 2014-15 numbers that

featured an initial budget-to-budget expenditures increase of 2.81 percent, or just less than $4.1 million, from $145.7 million to $149.8 million. However, as Superintendent Richard Nathan pointed out throughout his presentation at the McKenna Administration Building to a small group of residents, the tax cap for Lindenhurst tightens this year to 1.48 percent - a “drop above” CPI (Consumer Price Index), which is at 1.46 percent. It means that since in New York districts can’t raise their tax levy above a two percent tax cap or the current rate of CPI, whichever is less, for 2014-15, the district can’t raise the tax levy - or rate - above CPI, which is currently less than the two percent cap - in place till 2016-17. Nathan explained expense factors allowed for districts in the state’s ever-changing tax-cap formula that let the district to go as high as 3.55 percent last year - which it didn’t in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and stayed at 1.99 percent - aren’t there this year. ‘Educational Insolvency’ And what does that mean for Lindenhurst Schools? According to Nathan, it could mean what he calls “educational insolvency,” or the elimination of sports and activities that go beyond the basics of learning.


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Nathan said, “Imagine how tedious it would be without those sports or activities.” He explained since the state is only restoring only several hundred thousand dollars in aid - which has been lessening by the millions in the past few years since former Governor Paterson tried to close the state’s budget deficit by cutting aid across the boards throughout the state’s programs, including education - the district has to make up the difference. “The Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) is a formula in the state budget that reduces the amount of aid in each school district is entitled to receive. For 2013-14 we lost more than $5 million as a result,” Nathan said. “In three years we lost $18 million in aid, and while $804,624 has been restored for 2014-15, we still have a gap of $4.4 million.” Unfunded Mandates The superintendent also pointed to unfunded mandates. “According to a recent BOCES study, there are 151 of them,” Nathan said. Among the most troubling for the district, he said, were APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review) for teachers; Race to the Top requirements, including revised curriculum and assessments; and PARCC Assessments (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College

By Barbara Capella Loehr and Careers), which would require an entire grade of students be prepared to take and equipped with computers to take these assessments. Additionally, with ever-increasing TRS, ERS and healthcare benefit costs the district is obligated to pay - not to mention the district is still in negotiations with three employee units, TAL (teachers’ union), aides and nurses the district is, once again, faced with cutting programs. At Risk And, at risk, once again, are full-day kindergarten, elementary instrumental music, fine arts electives, JROTC, home economics, technology electives, other secondary electives and athletics. Other costs that add to the risk of program cuts, Nathan said, include the possible loss of more federal grant money and increased energy and special education costs. “In the last four years, we eliminated 71 teaching positions - that's huge. That’s 12 to 13 percent of the original staff since I’ve been here,” said Nathan. “We also lost three of the 33 to 34 administrative positions.” The district also cut five custodial and three clerical positions, and cut approximately 70 aides after making Con’t Page 9 changes to the

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Mayor’s Beautification Society Cordially Invites You to their 23rd Annual

Pancake Breakfast

LONG ISLAND TRAVEL GUIDE AVAILABLE Assemblyman Bob Sweeney has announced that the 2014 Long Island Travel Guide is now available. The Guide includes over fifty pages of general information about Long Island, including golf courses, cultural and performing arts, wineries, sports attractions, museums and historic sites, lodging and dining, local attractions, a Long Island map, a calendar of events, and much more. You can also get valuable coupons at www. For a free copy of the Guide call Assemblyman Sweeney’s office at (631) 957-2087.

March 2nd, 9 am to Noon Firemen’s Park Pavillon on Heling Avenue

Tickets are $7 per adult and $3 for children under the age of 12

This is one of our major fundraising activities which allow us to continue with our annual village plantings, purchasing of holiday decorations, planters, perennial shrubs/trees and much more. include a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, orange juice and coffee/tea. Local bakeries and bagel shops are also generously providing us with some of their tasty treats! Join us for breakfast and take a chance or two at winning from our “famous” Chinese Auction table, Raffles and 50/50! Tickets may be purchased at Lindenhurst Village Hall, 430 South Wellwood Avenue; the Lindenhurst Community (Rainbow) Center, 293 Buffalo Avenue; or Bak & Vogel, 191 North Wellwood Avenue. You may contact Evelyn Chivvis at 6 31 226 0207 for tickets or additional information. We hope to see you there!

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Bonnie Pisciotta Makes Bobcat History Freshman Bonnie Pisciotta (Lindenhurst, N.Y.) became just the third Bobcat in program history to finish with a sub-26 second 200m dash as she tallied a time of 25.98 seconds on Friday to finish 60th out of 212 Bonnie, Graduated from Lindenhurst High School in 2013… Lettered in both outdoor and indoor track and field as well as cross country at Lindenhurst…Helped break the school record in the 4 x

Frankie and local merchants. She explores the warmth and consistency of intergenerational relationships in a typical Italian-American family. “It all started in a writing course for teachers offered by the district’s OWL Teacher Center, that’s where I first planted my seed for this book,” said Mrs. Bohrer. “After six years, more than 26 revisions, and numerous rejection letters from publishers, my

By Lance Walker

400m and 4 x 100m relay events…Also owned several individual school records by the time she graduated including the long and triple jump as well as the 55m dash…She tallied the triple jump record in her senior season of outdoor track wherein she jumped 36 feet six inches while her long jump record of 17 feet five inches was achieved in her senior season... During her senior indoor season she transferred over to the 55m dash and tallied a school record time of

Perseverance Pays Off for Author Congratulations to Lindenhurst School District reading specialist Maria Bohrer, whose first children’s book, “Sofia’s Stoop Story, 18th Street, Brooklyn,” will be published in February by Blue Marlin Publications. Ms. Bohrer’s story reveals the 1960s Brooklyn landscape through her memories of Sunday dialogues with her Nana, Uncle

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7.49 seconds in the event. Born in West Islip, N.Y. and raised in Lindenhurst, N.Y… Daughter of Angelo and Crystal Pisciotta…Has one older brother Brock…Plans to major in Athletic Training…She was a stunt double on a new TV series coming out after the Winter Olympics in 2014 titled Believe, produced by J.J. Abrams and directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

By Carol Hauser

manuscript will soon be a published book. Perseverance and patience finally paid off.” Mrs. Bohrer’s first book signing will be held at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library on Saturday, March 1st at 2:00pm. All are welcome.

Reading specialist Maria Bohrer with her upcoming book.

Knights of Columbus “Let us Cater Your Next Affair” Looking to Book Your Next Party!!! Come to OLPH Knights of Columbus #794 Hall Located at 400 South Broadway Lindenhurst NY 11757 We are open to all types of parties: Birthday, Sweet 16’s, Anniversary, Communions, Graduations and Fundraising events, etc. We offer both Catered and Non-Catered Parties. For more information or to book you’re party please call and ask for: Philip & Katherine Renna 631-226-3240 NOW TAKING BOOKS UNTIL JUNE 30

Police Community Meetings The First Precinct Monthly Community Meetings will continue to be held the First Thursday of each month @ 7:00 p.m. at THE WEST BABYLON PUBLIC LIBRARY, 211 ROUTE 109, West Babylon. Below is a list of the meeting dates for 2014: Thursday, March 6th Thursday, April 3rd Thursday, May 1st Thursday, June 5th July – No Meeting Scheduled Thursday, August 7th Thursday, September 4th Thursday, October 2nd Thursday, November 6th Thursday, December 4th

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Supt. Nathan: Lindy Schools at Risk of ‘Educational Insolvency’ By Barbara Capella Loehr

special education program for 2013-14. “We also changed the transportation guidelines, eliminated the Orion and ALC programs and turned them into after-school programs,” he said. Assistant Superintendent of Business Jackie Scrio also noted there’s currently an RFP for transportation services - a “significant” piece that hasn’t been settled yet. Other program cuts in the last few years include the elimination

of sixth-grade world languages and study skills, plus several business and art electives, the superintendent said. “We eliminated ninthgrade teams and eliminated several teams - junior varsity and varsity bowling and golf teams. We also lost five to six coaching positions, too,” he added. “And we closed a school,” he added, pointing to Bower Elementary, which is now up for sale and recently had five offers presented. They included one for

$2.8 million, with the developer converting the building to senior rentals and giving back 1.5 acres of the fields to the district; $3 million, with the developer converting the building to market-rate rental units and giving back a similar amount of field acreage; $3.5 million, with the developer converting the building to senior rentals and giving back two acres for field use; and $3 million, with the developer knocking down the building and constructing senior

condos, giving back 3.22 acres. Also offered was $5.2 million for the entire parcel. But nothing would be decided till next year, said BOE President Donna Hochman, since the developers would have to go to the Village Planning Board to see which are viable. Upcoming Budget Workshops Nathan reminded everyone that this was an initial overview. “The Board of Education has a lot of work in terms of

fleshing it out. Things like programs and personnel haven’t been decided yet.” Scrio added, “The board just received this year’s budget book right before this meeting.” The next budget meeting on Monday, March 10, focuses on special education, athletics, music and arts and building budgets. The Monday, March 31, meeting focuses on buildings and grounds, transportation, technology, personnel (instructional and non-instruc-

thanked the Lindenhurst community and played some of his top hits to a thrilled, cheering crowd. “I’m so excited to be here, thank you so much,” Gavin told the audience, “I’m told that you guys sent out 12,000 letters than anyone else. That’s pretty incredible.” The event was covered in The Wall Street Journal, and attended by Rolling Stone photographers. A photo of Gavin in mid-performance is highlighted as one of Rolling Stone’s “The Hottest Live Photos of 2014”. It was especially meaningful for 1995 Lindenhurst graduate Michelle Gill-Foti and her husband Mike- their wedding song was “Follow Through” by Degraw. “I can’t believe that I got to sit in my old high school auditorium, next to my husband, and see the musician who sang our wedding song performing live,” Michele raved “He sounded great and he was so friendly and down to earth” “The people of Lindenhurst really took the time to show our veterans and active duty armed services how much we care,” said Ed Doherty, Chairman and CEO of Doherty Enterprises, which owns 100 Applebee’s restaurants in four states, including the restaurant in Lindenhurst. Before the concert, DeGraw took photos with fans and displayed his humble nature by repeatedly introducing himself to his ecstatic devotees with ”Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Gavin”. He kindly signed two guitars, one that had already been signed by Darius Rucker, former fro

Lindenhurst High School Hosts Multi-Platinum Musician By Victoria Witchey-Boye

The Lindenhurst High School’s Auditorium Stage is usually the venue for the latest school play, orientation for incoming freshmen or an assembly given by the principal. But this time, Lindenhurst rolled out the red carpet for a talented and grammy-nominated musician to take the stage in its very own makeshift amphitheater. On January 31st, a Gavin Degraw concert at the Lindenhurst High School turned out to be a wildly successful event that drew more than 800 attendees, fans and veterans. Gavin DeGraw is a multi-platinum recording artist and pop-rock musician with hit songs such as “Chariot”, “Follow Through”, “Soldier” and “Not

Over You” as well as a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”. The free Gavin DeGraw concert was an event the Lindenhurst community worked relentlessly to win through “Applebee’s Thank You Movement ” and “Thank A Veteran” letter writing campaign contest. Lindenhurst, named as “America’s Most Thankful Neighborhood”, secured the win after contributing 23,771 messages of appreciation for veterans and active duty service members. These messages expressed their gratitude and respect for their work, service and the sacrifices they and their families make to serve our country. Once the win was solidified, Degraw, a New York native from South Fallsburg in the Catskills, announced “I’m looking forward to celebrating with Lindenhurst,” DeGraw said. “I’m thrilled to have been the voice of the Applebee’s ‘Thank You Movement’ this year and for the opportunity to extend my thanks to our servicemembers for all they have done.” Moving speeches were made by Lindenhurst Mayor Tom Brennan, Trustee Shawn Cullinane and and Ed Choe, Applebee’s corporate representative and President of Doherty Enteprises, the owner company of the chain, to an excited packed auditorium.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate Lindenhurst for showing how much we deeply care about our veterans and our active members of our armed services” the Ed Choe, Applebees representative declared, “And to our veterans, who serve our neighborhoods and those defending our freedom around the world, we all thank you and look forward to bringing you home” “One thing I’d like to do is acknowledge all of the veterans that are here in our audience,” Mayor Tom Brennan expressed, “So if you’re a veteran or an active duty service member, please stand up,” As they did, a standing ovation was given to recognize all of the service members, accompanied by roaring applause, “Thank you for your service. You’ll see I’m still standing too because I’m a Navy veteran- best years of my life.” “I’m very happy to be here- I haven’t been to many concerts. I think the last one was Fleetwood Mac,” Brennan joked. Shawn Cullinane noted from the stage “Just last week, Gavin was in LA for the Grammy Awards, for which he had a nomination, so a big Congratulations to him,” With avid enthusiasm, he continued, “So without further ado, it is my great honor and pleasure to introduce to you, Gavin DeGraw!” The singer-songwriter energetically took the stage and immediately

tional). The Wednesday, April 23, meeting is the finalization of the budget. At the Thursday, April 24, meeting the board holds a community forum and adopts the budget. All start at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Administration Building. Check for any changes in venue.



Con’t FromPg 5



By Joseph Kennelly, Contributing Writer

unprecedented by anyone before him as commander-in-chief. He was criticized on one side of the Union by failing to compromise on slavery to bring about an end to the war, and on the other side by Radical Republicans for moving too slowly on abolishing slavery. Lincoln realized that to put down the rebellion, and secure the preservation of the Union, he would need the bipartisan support of Congress. He risked alienating one side of Congress if he openly supported either compromising on slavery with the South or calling for abolishment of slavery too quickly. Lincoln’s leadership and resolve during the darkest and most uncertain hours of the United States is legendary. The fact that he was able to successfully preserve the Union, and abolish slavery, are both monumental feats and are truly remarkable. In his Gettysburg Address, Lincoln cites how this great Civil War had called into question whether or not

the government set forth four score and seven years prior, could endure under the proposition that all men are created equal. Lincoln masterfully articulates the sacrifices that have been made by the men of the Civil War. “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have hallowed it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here; while it can never forget what they did here.” Lincoln goes on to stress that these men cannot have died in vain, and it was the responsibility of those survivors to ensure that the nation would have a new birth of freedom and the government founded of the people by the people for the people, cannot perish from the Earth. The words he used are inspirational on so many levels, and epitomize the type of leader and President that Lincoln was during his time in office. He was courageous and able to bear what must have seemed like the weight of the world, and was able to hold our nation

together, while abolishing slavery and accomplishing what he believed in. These great men are to be revered, and this time that is dedicated to their accomplishments and memory should be reflected on and held in high regard. These men were intelligent, compassionate, honest, courageous, full of conviction, and possessed all of the traits that one could hope for in their leaders and should aspire to in their own lives. In the days and weeks to follow, take some time to appreciate that our nation was fortunate enough to have been led by these Presidents at pivotal junctures in our brief history, for it might certainly not have endured today. The lessons and inspiration that can be drawn from their lives can be applied to our leaders and citizens today and in the future. Moving forward, this writer certainly hopes some more of the traits that made Washington and Lincoln the great leaders and people that they were are brought back to the mainstream.

Man Arrested for Stealing Donation Jar at Lindenhurst 7-Eleven

Continued from Pg 1. By Victoria Boye

A strong and angry response rippled through the community. Customers and residents expressed outrage over the theft. “I went to her wake – this little girl – it was a shock. I am so upset, I can’t picture a human being doing this,” 7-Eleven customer Mary Ann Beck disclosed. One 7-11 customer offered, “They ought to catch this punk and make him do community service in a pediatric cancer ward in a hospital.” Others were not as kind as to what they should do to him but all felt terrible for Dianne. “One thing is certain,” said a local truck driver, “Crimes like this do not go unpunished. Someday this person will have to face the Judge and give an account for his actions, and unless this person is totally devoid of a conscience, I am sure his own heart will convict him sooner or later.” A Long Island Railroad Employee who stopped in for coffee had this to say, “I don’t know what it is to drive people to do such mean things,” he proclaimed, “But I know whatever it

is, sooner or later, it will catch up with them” A kinder perspective was given by Robert Ruggiero, “There is a turning point in each drug addict’s life, when he gives in, or realizes what his life has become. Lets hope this is the point where he turns around, and does not use his addiction as an excuse. He is, of course, still accountable for his actions, regardless.” Police say the suspect may have been buying coffee, turned and grabbed the jar, put it under his coat, and ran out the door. Another local precinct officer called it a ‘crime of opportunity.’ “I don’t know how to explain it. I felt my whole body get hot and I just got an angry feeling,” admitted an emotionally distraught Pine, “I think the part that hurt me the most is the fact that he took the can that had a picture of my daughter on it.”Members of a police philanthropy organization pledged to replace the stolen money and more. “We are

going to run a spartan race in Tuxedo, N.Y. and the funds we raise are going to the Leukemia Society in this lady’s daughter’s name – Isabella,” promised police officer John Farley, of the First Precinct Brotherhood Club. “To make the donations and do it in memory of Isabella is just awesome,” Pine responded after learning about the altruistic fundraiser plans. When I spoke to Dianne right before this issue went to press, she expressed compassion and empathy for the man that was responsible. “I’m just hoping that they get him into a drug program so he gets help,” she continued, “He’s a 20 year old kid with a drug addiction. I’ve watched it take so many lives.” Reflecting upon the events of the past weeks and her emotional turmoil, she explained, “So many things go through my head- like I would like to meet him show him a picture of my Isabella while she was sick in the

For The Latest School Closings, Delays and Updates


hospital. Maybe it would help him realize who he stole from. I’m just glad he was apprehended. I just wish he would have looked at the face on the can, read the name and saw what it was for- and maybe thought twice before taking the can off that counter. But I know with addiction, it’s not about the faces or people you steal from. I’m honored that my child will be remembered for doing some good, whether it be for the leukemia lymphoma society or for hopefully helping the kid that stole the can.” Throughout this entire ordeal, Diane Pine has been a true inspiration and example to the outraged community by expressing empathy and hopes that this crime might turn his life arounda genuine and uplifting example of strength and kindness in the face of such an emotional and deeply personal crime.

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Lindenhurst High School Hosts Multi-Platinum Musician

Jen Mackie Aulino, Victoria Witchey-Boye, Gavin Degraw, Ian and Amy Cale with the Guitar Signed by Gavin Degraw Photo Credit Lance Walker of Hootie and The Blowfish, during children. Ian Cale, crucial in the social his visit to Lindenhurst to purchase media voting push, had purchased and donate toys to Sandy affected the green and white Fender to reflect

Lindy pride colors. He plans to donate it to Adopt A House to auction it off with all proceeds going to Sandy affected residents. Adopt A House also provided a guitar for DeGraw to autograph, to be also be auctioned off with all funds being dispersed to Adopt A House families. “We are so pleased he took the time out to sign the guitar for us. The sale of this valuable memorabilia will go a long way to providing a bit of assistance to a handful of our affected families” remarked Jennifer Mackie-Aulino, Executive Director of Adopt A House. Nicole Stewart, 17, a Lindenhurst student nearly jittering with anticipation right before the concert, exclaimed, “Gavin is someone that I look up to. I listen to his music all the time. I absolutely love Gavin and I am so excited to see him!” Morgan Smith,

By Victoria Witchey-Boye a 9th grader, shared, “I thought it was awesome that we were the ones that were chosen to have him perform for. It’s definitely the coolest thing I’ve ever attended in my high school auditorium!” After bringing the roof down, DeGraw later commented, “I loved being able to perform for the Lindenhurst community. The gratitude they showed the brave men and women who serve our country is incredible.” Tickets were given out on a firstcome basis by visiting Applebees at a specified time and date, and a bulk of the tickets were distributed to local veterans. It was certainly a highlight for a community still recovering from Superstorm Sandy and a welldeserved win for all the efforts put forward.

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Real Life Coach Corner

“Soul Detox? Interesting terminology,” you’re probably saying! You’ve probably heard the term detox a few times in your life, and the truth is, when you hear that term you most likely think it pertains to the body! Many people will take care of their body! It’s a good thing to detox the body by fasting, drinking a lot of water, dieting, or just being careful of what you eat. But we also have a soul! Many times we forget to do the same with our soul! There is NO FOCUS on the soul! So please think about this! Every day of our lives, we are faced with faith-threatening, heart paining, emotionally aching, soul pollution! The things we hear and watch, (on tv & the news), are actually toxins that effect our emotions


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By Mark Dellosso

and our behaviors, and, if inhaled continually, can damage many of our relationships! So, I want to spend some time talking about soul detox. I believe there are two powerful forces that affect the destiny of our SOUL! Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions! In this edition, I want to TALK to you about TOXIC THOUGHTS, and in the next edition, I will address TOXIC WORDS! Let’s start by defining the word ‘Toxic.’ Toxic is any POISONOUS material capable of causing severe sickness or even death! So many of us are poisoning our souls with Toxic ‘Thoughts” and don’t even realize it! Many of the problems we

face today are a result of our ‘Thought Process!” Many of the struggles we face today are fought in the mind! The reality is, if you think negative thoughts, you will become a negative person! Likewise, if you think positive thoughts, especially Godly thoughts, you will become a positive & Godly person! There is a Proverb that says, “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life.” (Prov.4:23) – Nothing enters your heart without first entering your mind! Therefore, in order to “Guard” our heart, which drives our emotions, we need to first identify and reject any thought that is negative and deemed toxic! Here are four thought processes that can seriously affect our soul. Negative thoughts are first. “I don’t have what it takes! I will always be poor! I Can’t…!” The second is Fearful thoughts. “If I lose my job, what will I do? I’m afraid I will never get healthy! I’m

afraid I will never get married.” Next is Discontented thoughts. “I really hate my nose! What a crappy job this is! I wish I had his job!” Then lastly there are ‘Critical Thoughts.” – “Did you see what that person is wearing? I wouldn’t be caught dead in that!” Or “that guy doesn’t know what he is doing! I can do a better job than that!” - These kind of thoughts are toxic, and can drive us in a direction we really don’t want to go in. Take this food for thought; What you THINK is what you will BECOME. What you BECOME is what you will DO, and what you DO is what you will HAVE! So it makes perfect sense that if you don’t like what you have, you would have to change the way you THINK! You have a choice to reject any toxic thought that enters your soul! If any of the toxic thoughts mentioned above, want to persist in your head, you can REJECT it! Don’t think on it for too long! Say, “No, I don’t accept that! Then replace it with a positive thought!


Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.

O) Old poem, one found among poems by misfits (8) P) Might have been offered in exchange for a foal? (9); Boy has nothing to give to a girl. That’s some thought (10) Q) Find tail of oriole in search for woodpigeon (6) R) Frolics following music by singers (9) S) The quality of being impassive requires tolerance chiefly - in hard head (10) T) Eponymous amphibian in time had a fool ( a dolt) confused (4,2,4,4) U) Consumes American drink without a hint of enthusiasm (4,2) V) Heartlessly boast about one’s years in position of superiority (7) W) Every time that we should admit women only, the vicar comes round! (8) X) The team look for a place in China (6) Y) A group of students.Yes, right (4) Z) Focus attention on King of France wearing his nose backwards (4,2)

A) Sweet and sour with a small drink (4,4) B) Soprano Cecilia looking up a great deal, surrounded by some baritones (7) C) Means of giving information to one guy in the services (14) D) Laid back sect developed localised variants of language (8) E) Groups that are one over the eight? (7) F) Having a painful condition brought about by Jack’s teeth? (11) G) A near relative I see is said to be Teutonic (8) H) It’s a bleeding nuisance when I ham Ophelia badly (11) I) Eric possibly is unemployed (4) J) Yes, the German’s snoring in the music (4); Garment from sail? Nonsense! (6) K) Tend to look up (4) L) An explosive noise after cutting top off fruit tree (7) M) Could be montages of units of For the answer See Next Issue explosive power (8) N) Old M; terribly sad following the end of Bolton Wanderers (6)

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It’s Official IT’S OFFICIAL: by Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata You have probably heard the phrase, “shop locally” before. By shopping locally, you have the power to affect our local economy. As you are no doubt aware, the old Mom and Pop stores have been put out of business by larger, corporate entities. That doesn’t mean that these big stores are bad, not at all, they too provide many jobs but since we live in a Village, we are fortunate to have a business district which can be almost anything we want it to be if the climate is proper. Naturally, most people who head out to shop generally have a specific item that they are looking for. Whether you are going to the local supermarket to purchase food items, or to a local paint store for paints, brushes, etc., it is the folks that you patronize who are our friends and neighbors.I have often heard people complain about empty stores. Why can’t they be filled? Well, there are two (2) reasons for

By Mike Lavorata

that: 1. a landlord may be asking for a rent that it too high in the current economy or 2. It isn’t easy to start a business with the kind of upfront costs required for rent, inventory, insurances, office supplies, etc. However, when I ask them where they buy their local goods they reply Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Target or any one of the shopping malls here on Long Island. Now please don’t get me wrong, I too patronize these places but only if I cannot find the same products locally. But anyone who knows me can regularly find me in the deli aisle at Waldbaums. I am also a regular at CVS. I tend to eat quite a bit at all of our bakeries (and we do have the best ones anywhere). I support our local restaurants such as Goccia D’Oro, Villa Gaia, New Empire, Village Lanterne, and I frequent all of our local pizza parlors! It’s a wonder that I don’t weigh 300 pounds. My point is that as often as I can, I keep my money locally. Most of these local businesses also employ our children. It is tough

enough for kids to get a job today so by patronizing the local merchant, and especially small businesses, we keep our youth working. Places like our local restaurants, bakeries, ice cream stores like Rosie’s and especially, Waldbaums probably employ more Lindenhurst youth than most other businesses. Remember that a strong local economy helps keep property values higher because it affects the wealth of a particular area. Sales taxes are generated from these purchases and help to fuel the economy. But most of all, a vibrant downtown creates an atmosphere of success that tends to encourage other businesses to seek out the area. Why would a business want to move to a place where it felt that the locals wouldn’t support it? How will the failure of a business such as a restaurant, bakery or even a bank, translate to a good business atmosphere that will attract other likeminded ventures? In my position as a member of the Business Improvement District or BID, we discuss these

kinds of issues on a regular basis. We also know that we have a parking problem. We are constantly looking for new ideas or assistance in these areas. Ideally, like our neighbors in Babylon Village, a large municipal parking lot behind the business district would be the answer. However, given the geographical setup of our Village, it would be difficult without displacing residences in certain areas. So naturally, we must look at alternate plans which would give us the same result. As of yet, we have not been able to create the perfect plan that would serve us in a manner that would help with the parking problem. But rest assured, we are still looking at it and will continue to strive to increase the business climate so that we may attract an “anchor store.” An anchor store is a well-known establishment such as clothing or shoe store or even a big name restaurant chain, which would bring even more foot traffic to the area which will, in turn, help all of our local establishments. Remember, the old

Seasons Change, So Do Allergies Across the country, 25 million Americans are living with asthma. As the winter months come to an end and the spring makes its arrival, the change in seasons can be problematic for adults and children with asthma. It’s important for asthma patients to understand the triggers of each season to prepare for symptoms as the temperature changes. Asthma patients know the symptoms: coughing,

By Lance Walker

wheezing, trouble breathing and tightness in the chest. The cause of these symptoms is inflammation, or swelling, of the large and small airways in the lungs. During an attack, the airways become narrower and tightened, making it hard to breathe and reducing the flow of oxygen to other parts of the body. During colder months, it’s important to know

that seasonal asthma triggers exist both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor activities paired with cold temperatures can put adults and children with asthma at greater risk for asthma attacks. Staying inside can also be problematic because unexpected triggers like indoor dust, animal dander, mold and even wood-burning fireplaces can cause an asthmatic to experience

uncomfortable or dangerous symptoms. With spring

on its way bringing warmer temperatures, asthmatics have new triggers to pay attention


To Advertise with us, Call (631) 412-3940 saying that “a rising tide Village employee. raises all ships.” So with This former employee that thought in mind, pointed out in my last that if we column, I gave a assist the business figure of $80K as the community as a whole, Village’s contribution it will benefit all of the to the Employees local shop owners while Retirement fund for the providing our 2014-2015 Budget. residents with almost Her contention is that it everything that could was $50K. In fact, the need right in their own actual number is $77K backyards! (refer to Budget Line We are also blessed Item A9010). There with a great little is also an additional park on the corner of $27K to the Employee’s Hoffman and North Healthcare Contribution Wellwood Avenue (refer to Budget where we hold a Line Items A9060.A, great deal of events. A9060.B, A9060.C During the summer, and A9065). We also it becomes our included $30K for concert headquarters salary increases across each weekend. We the board to Village as a Village, try to employees both blue incorporate these local collar and white collar. events so that not only I just wanted to clear up our own residents will any further confusion. visit our local As I previously merchants but many mentioned, should folks from outside as you like to contact well will track to our anyone of us, please great restaurants before do by dropping a line and after a show. to Village Hall at So remember, 430 South Wellwood please shop locally Avenue, Lindenhurst, (and visit one of my NY 11757 or sending an wife’s favorite places, e-mail to: volmayor@ Bak and Vogel, the It will be Benjamin Moore Store directed to any one of us on Wellwood Avenue. that you would like to She likes to paint or address specifically. try to get me to do so. Michelangelo, I am not!) I recently received a note from a former to. Allergens from flowers and trees and the change in temperature can trigger an attack

in people with asthma. “Asthma is a condition that requires attention year-round. Patients

should be aware of their seasonal triggers,” says Dr. Nemr Eid, a pediatric pulmonologist from Louisville, Kentucky. “It’s important that I maintain communication with my patients and keep them on-track with their asthma management plans from season to season.”Being smart about asthma management includes working with your health care professional (HCP)


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Residents at the first overview meeting and community forum for the 2014-15 Lindenhurst school budget say after three years the district’s largest negotiating unit really hasn’t done anything to financially help the district as it continues to face reductions in programs and aid. A new school budget season has started, but old resentments surfaced again at the initial Lindenhurst Board of Education 2014-15 budget overview and community forum on Wednesday, February 12. It’s been three years, and one move toward mediation by the BOE in the past year, and still no new contract settlement has been reached between the BOE and TAL (teachers’ union), the district’s largest bargaining unit, despite the BOE continuing to remain “hopeful” and both sides noting they continue to talk. And this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Lindenhurst residents, with those at the meeting voicing their opinions. Healthcare Option John Lisi, president of the Daniel Street Civic Association, pointed to a new healthcare insurance plan he, fellow civic leader Denis Garbo and retired insurance executive Frank Pepe helped the district develop and put together for the district’s employees as an additional choice to their current contract choices. The educators currently have only the Empire Plan and a HIP Plan from which to choose. This new, less costly plan, had great coverage, Lisi said, and would be another option employees could choose. He said it would’ve also saved both the individual policy owner and the school district, significant money. To start realizing the savings in 2014-2015, Lisi noted, all the TAL leadership had to do was to formally approve its presentation to its members by December 31, 2013. An outside consultant’s group, put the first year estimated savings to the district at $500,000 minimum , according to Lisi, who also put the savings differential per employee at approximately.$ 400/year (individual plan) and $ 662/year (family plan) “As I understand it, it never got approved to be presented to the TAL membership by December 31, 2013” Lisi said, noting, as a result, both the employees and the district lost out on the possibility of the savings for at least another full year. District savings would have been approximately $ 2,262/employee (individual plan) and approximately $ 3,750/employee (family



plan) In contrast, Lisi said, “I understand that the clerical, administrative and custodial unions have all accepted it, and presented it as an alternative to their members.” He urged educators “to ask their leadership” why they weren’t presented with this savings alternative which would have benefited them, as well as helping the district preserve many educational programs for the children. More Frustration Another resident noted the president of TAL - John Mansfield, who was elected after former TAL president Rose Russo retired from teaching last June - was absent from the meeting.

“We’re the ones paying, and I’d love to know what’s been happening the last three years. I understand that if they truly took a zero or less, then many of the programs on the chopping block every year could be paid for,” the resident said. BOE President Donna Hochman said, “We’re always talking with TAL on a regular basis.” She also noted there isn’t a timeframe for reaching an agreement. In actuality the Triborough Amendment says when contracts for unionized public employees run out and new ones aren’t in place, employers can’t alter the terms and conditions of employment. As a result the teachers continue to receive step and lane increases as the union remains in negotiations with the BOE. The Lindy administration and BOE have questioned local legislators like Assemblyman Bob Sweeney and Senator Phil Boyle at the district’s annual Legislative Breakfasts about the amendment, like the one on Saturday, February 8. But it appears the legislative


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climate in Albany is not amenable to changing it anytime soon. However, the lack of timeframe to reach a settlement and the appearance by TAL to have not made an attempt to give anything back as the district and its residents have taken increasing financial hits in the last few years have left residents frustrated. “Three years is a long time,” said resident David Sirica. “If one concession - or give-back - was made, like so many other unions in other districts on Long Island have done, it would make a difference. But, correct me if I’m wrong, TAL hasn’t done anything.” Expenditure Increase Another resident, Maria Kalish, also

asked what comprised the expenditure increase of 2.81 percent, or just less than $4.1 million, from $145.7 million to $149.8 million, that Superintendent Richard Nathan outlined in the district’s initial 2014-15 budget overview earlier that night. “It’s the contractual increases - health insurance, TRS and ERS. Everything else is either flat or decreased,” Assistant Superintendent of Business Jackie Scrio said. And with a tax cap of 1.48 percent and ever-increasing TRS, ERS and healthcare benefit costs the district is obligated to pay - not to mention the district is still in negotiations with TAL, plus the aides and nurses - the district is, once again, faced with cutting programs. At-risk programs include full-day kindergarten, elementary instrumental music, fine arts electives, JROTC, home economics, technology electives, other secondary electives and athletics. When asked by residents what’s going through their minds at this initial budget presentation, Hochman answered, “Where


By Barbara Capella Loehr

am I going to find $2 million?” BOE Trustee Val McKenna said, “This is my third budget cycle, and it’s a sickening feeling, and it breaks your heart with all the children have to go through. We love Lindy. There are so many things we can’t touch, so it’s always those same programs we have to look at. But don’t think we’re not getting out the blackboard and nickel-and-diming everything.” “We go line by line - $3,000 for this and .85 per paper clip. We’re here to 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. It’s really difficult,” said Trustee Robert Vitiello. Vitiello, along with Lisi, were also disheartened by the very small turnout at the meeting. All hope for a better turnout at upcoming meetings. Upcoming Budget Workshops Nathan reminded everyone that this was an initial overview. “The Board of Education has a lot of work in terms of fleshing it out. Things like programs and personnel haven’t been decided yet.” Scrio added, “The board just received this year’s budget book right before this meeting.” The next budget meeting on Monday, March 10, focuses on special education, athletics, music and arts and building budgets. The Monday, March 31, meeting focuses on buildings and grounds, transportation, technology, personnel (instructional and non-instructional). The Wednesday, April 23, meeting is the finalization of the budget. At the Thursday, April 24, meeting the board holds a community forum and adopts the budget. All start at 7 p.m. at the McKenna Administration Building. Check www. for any changes in venue.

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Finding The Right Therapist For You. By Carolyn Kagan


FACT The reporter on the beach is Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel “Jaws,” and also co-wrote the film’s screenplay. FACT In the novel, Quint dies differently. He is stabbing the shark with a harpoon. He then gets tangled in the harpoon rope and is yelling to Chief Brody to give him the knife. Quint then gets dragged underwater by the shark and drowns. This is similar to the death of Captain Ahab in Moby Dick. FACT The man’s voice on Quint’s radio is Steven Spielberg. FACT The name Ben Gardner comes up in the film when Brody asks if Ben caught the tiger shark, and when Brody and Hooper find Ben’s battered boat (which leads to Hooper seeing his severed head), though Ben is never introduced in the film. Ben does make two unidentified appearances while alive. When Hooper arrives in Amity, Ben is the first man to greet him at the dock, and at the start of the shark hunt Ben is the first man shown in a moving boat, as he complains about the other fishermen. FACT Richard Dreyfuss initially turned down the role of Hooper, but after worrying that no one would hire him after his performance in the film “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz”, he immediately called director Steven Spielberg and asked for the part back. FACT After the shark blows up and they show it under water you can hear a sound, taken from “Creature from the Black Lagoon “. It was also used when the truck was falling off the cliff in Duel, another Spielberg movie. What was Your favorite Scene in the movie Jaws? Tell us about it, Where did you see it, How old were you? Were you SCARED to go in the water after seeing the movie? Tell us on Facebook at and Win 2 Movie Tickets to a Feature Presentation.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you can no longer face an issue on your own. Those who choose to seek the help of a therapist should take pride in trying to gain control of their lives through a process that can be enlightening and ultimately very rewarding. However, the initial step of trying to find the right therapist, is one that can be overwhelming. Take for instance the litany of characters that follows each provider’s name (PhD, LMSW, LMHC, etc.). All these therapists can provide mental health services, however they all bring different education, training and character to the table. With that formality out of the way, above all it most important to find someone who you can truly connect with so here are some tips for finding the right therapist for you. 1) Shop around: There are many ways to approach gathering information about potential therapists and don’t just consult the list of providers from your insurance company. Once you’ve settled in on what you’re looking for then begin to ask people who you know and trust for recommendations. This can include close friends, family, school counselors, and especially doctors. Also, consider online databases through and, which are both rich sources of information. Through databases of this kind you have the ability to find therapists based on their location, payment options, specialty areas, office hours, education and much more. Many times you will have the ability to

view a professional bio or even a view a picture. Look for a therapist who tells you about their experience and philosophy about working with people. 2) Make the call: Once you’ve gathered your information and have chosen several potential candidates then attempt to reach them by phone and have some questions prepared. Through this phone screening you might want to ask questions about fee, availability, credentials, and specialty areas. If you’re seeking therapy for a specific issue, it will be important to know whether a therapist has experience in that area. Ultimately, pay attention to how you feel through the phone call because this brief interaction can be speak volumes. 3) Assess the situation: If you’re still comfortable after your phone screening and feel like you have found a potential therapist, then consider scheduling an initial session. After your first meeting, do you feel like he/she listened to you? Better yet, do you feel understood? Ask yourself whether you feel safe and does this therapist respect you, your values and your goals. Finding a therapist who understands who you are and where you want to be will enrich your experience and enhance the chances of more positive outcomes. Even if things go smoothly during an initial visit you might still be uncertain because like any other relationship it can take time to develop a solid bond. However, it you decide that it is not a good fit then let the therapist know. He or she may be able to adjust their approach and if not they may be able to refer you to someone who is better suited. Overall, take your time and continue to search until you feel accepted because in matters of your inner most concerns, the decision to choose a therapist should not be a rushed one.



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GLASS, Angelina of Lindenhurst, LI on February 9, 2014 in her 91st year. Beloved wife of 64 years to the late Sherman. Devoted mother of Patricia Glass-Zukowski (Michael), Michael (Maureen) and Gerard (Liz) Glass. Loving sister of Nancy Hensley, Theresa Hudson, Joseph DeMartino, the late Anne Esposito and Rose Codoluto. Adored grandmother of eight and eight great-grandchildren.. Interment Trinity Cemetery in Amityville.

Moe, Leonarda on February 18, 2014. Beloved wife of the late Thomas Moe. Loving mother of JoAnn Rosen and her husband Burt, Carolyn Brooks and her husband Josh and Patty Caronna and her husband Sal. Cherished grandma of Leah Ziniti and her husband Anthony, Alisha Caronna and Adam Brooks. Adoring sister of Vito Razza and his wife Joan. She will be missed by her many nieces and nephews. -----------------------------------REUTLINGER - Dorothy M. of Lindenhurst on February 1, 2014. Beloved wife of the late Walter J. Reutlinger. Loving mother of Walter G., Ronald, Joan, Patricia, the late Richard and the late Judith. Caring sister of Mary Neumann, June Nodrowski and Gerard Amon. Cherished grandmother of Eric, Walter, Sara, Ronald, Andrew, Kristi, Kosta, Katarina, Samantha, Jordan and Jason. Adored great grandmother of Makayla. Mrs. Reutlinger was a charter member of the North Lindenhurst Fire Dept.

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Lindy Varsity Cheerleaders Ranked Nationally 3rd Year in Row By Barbara Capella Loehr

The Lindenhurst Varsity Cheerleading team performed in the semi-finals on Saturday, February 8, at the National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC) at Disney World. Ranked 14th in the nation, the team placed nationally for the third consecutive year. Photo: Courtesy of Marie Rizzi The Lindenhurst High School Varsity Cheerleading squad has placed nationally for the third year in a row. The team was at Disney World February 7 to 10 for the National High School Cheerleading Championship (NHSCC), and after two days of competition on Saturday and

Sunday, the team returned to Lindy that Monday having placed 14th in the nation. There were “30 teams” that competed on that Saturday in their all-girl, Supervarsity Division I and “15 moved on” to Sunday’s finals. Our team came in 14th,” according to LVC Coach Michele Corcoran. She coaches the team along with Anne

Addie Klein’s Lindenhurst Nine By Jane Carter (My Wonderful Aunt) Presidents day. Another day I learned all the names by their of having to push a shovel down my number, ( no names printed on the driveway to get my morning paper! back hurt, but I eventually knew what Where’s the warmth? I need sunshine. they looked like). Core 4 – Jeter, I need to look forward to something! Mo, Bernie and Jorge. Others could Mr. Lincoln’s speech of “four score come and go, and seven years ago” can only warm but there was my nostalgic heart for so long. always a center When I moved to Lindenhurst, I to the team. came just before a major November Remembering storm. I moved in before the snow hit we started but with the smell of winter in the air. watching during I remember I carried in with me spring training my husband’s Red Sox cap and a games would 1980’s vintage Met’s jacket. My remind me to Husband was a die-hard Sox fan, I keep hope that was a Mets fan and I moved into a warmth was Yankee household with both items coming back. that was sure to stir up problems. I Now, sitting in my chair watching was wrong. There was no problem. the snow falling I started to read my I was outnumbered. I simply began newspaper back-to-front, the way my Watching Yankee games. The “boys of husband would do it. The headlines summer”as my children called were Derek Jeter Retires. The last of them. That’s why my mantra- CORE the Yankee’s Core Four? Impossible! 4 And 10 years ago is on my mind He’ll reconsider for sure we thought. now. That’s when I became a convert. I so looked forward to the summer The next day, the movie Pride back then that I didn’t mind having of the Yankees was on the classic to watch the Yankee’s games. Soon, TV channel. We watched it for the

Wishniak. “The routine was really good, and the girls did really well,” Corcoran said. Overcoming Obstacles The 29-girl team was the sixth team to make the cut after the first round on Saturday, but it was a nail-biter since Mother Nature wasn’t on their side. “There were downpours all day - even on Friday, which made it hard to practice. We were supposed to go on at 5 p.m. on Saturday, but because of the rain, we didn’t compete until 6:30 p.m.,” said Corcoran. And when they arrived on Friday the rain forced them to move practice indoors to a gym 20 minutes away. “We normally practice at the hotel in the grassy area outside, but Friday and Saturday the rain was non-stop. The Plainedge coach actually got us a gym for an hour on Friday, and we all piled into the cars of the parents who were there with us and got there,” Corcoran said. After the cheerleaders’ first-round performance the next day, they got word late on Saturday night they made the finals on Sunday, and were set to compete at 9:30 a.m. Thankfully, while it was still cold, the sun was shining. They arrived at ESPN Zone - which covered the competition the next morning and went through their warm-ups. According to Corcoran, the girls were a bit shaky, but when it came

time to perform, they were perfect - until the last few seconds when, unfortunately, part of the pyramid fell. However, despite the weather-related obstacles and nerves, the LVC team once again placed nationally. “It was crazy, but the girls really pulled together - they did a really good job. And while there a couple of other teams from Long Island, we were the only ones to make the finals,” Corcoran said. “I’m very proud to say we moved onto the finals for the third year in a row and ranked nationally.” The Competition The LVC squad was among 50,000 cheerleaders, coaches, parents, judges and fans that descended upon the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida for the Nationals. There was a wide range of divisions at the two-day competition for co-ed and allgirl teams from schools of varying sizes. However, the LVC team competed in the all-girl, Supervarsity Division I for schools with more than 2,000 students. The February 8 to 9 Nationals were streamed live on that weekend, but were also filmed to be televised on ESPN and ESPN2 to more than 100 million homes and 32 countries at a later date this spring.

first time. How odd to see Babe Ruth starring in a movie where he was a real life character. I decided to see what else he was in. What a shock I got. He got around, alright. Lindenhurst has more of a draw to me then I ever knew.

special needs. I also found that Babe Ruth visited Lindenhurst a lot. He came out here for the south shore fishing along with golf and our night life from the spring to Christmas for several years. Barnacle Bill’s on Montauk Hwy was his favorite hangout because no one bothered him there and he was able to relax and be himself. Too much! That just happens to be the location at the end of my block where I moved. Well, here I am again being drawn by a magnet that connects my personal journey of moving to Lindenhurst with something from the past that connects everyone else. When I read that our local Historical Society still had the signed ball from Lou and the Babe, I was thrilled. I can’t wait till they reopen so I can go peruse all the relics. Who knows what else will catch my eye and further my connections. Oh, by the way, Spring Training starts this week.

Did you know that Four Scores and four years ago, in the 1930’s, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig got together a team and played here in Lindenhurst against the Addie Klein’s Lindenhurst Nine team on Friday Oct. 29 1930 and the next day at the BACCA Building that was on North Wellwood Ave in Lindenhurst. Of course the pros won but the proceeds they raised went to the Lindenhurst American Little League Division for children with

Editor’s Note: Let’s Go Mets!


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Nervous When a Fight Breaks Out? Are You An Average Joe? We Have a Class for YOU! BASIC FIGHTING SKILLS Adult Class for beginners Join The Average Joe Glass



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V2i3 final  

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