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The annual Cristina Renna Foundation Gala was held at the Chateau in Lindenhurst on January 17th 2014. The Christina Renna Foundation was Real News, Real People

Volume 2 Issue 2

Delivered By US Mail Throughout Lindenhurst

Feb 7th - Feb 15th 2014

Christina Renna Foundation Raises $20,000 for Pediatric Cancer Research at CSHL

established in honor of Christina Renna, a Long Island teenager who died of soft tissue cancer in January 2007. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting children’s

cancer research and furthering awareness and education through the support of cancer groups and outreach programs for the direct support of those in need. Funding raised by the Christina Renna Foundation comes from various events throughout the year, including a golf outing and the annual Gala and Dance as well as from other activities. The Christina Renna Foundation donated $20,000 at their sixth annual Angel’s Wish Gala to, Dr. Linda VanAeist of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). “Now more than ever, the funding of scientific research is critical to advancing our

knowledge of how to fight pediatric cancers,” said Philip Renna, Christina’s father and director of the Foundation, who has been a CSHL employee over three decades. “There is nowhere in the world more prepared to do this work than Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and this is why we are proud to support the ongoing work of Dr. Linda Van Aelst.” Mr Renna Also took a moment to thank the many volunteers and board members who have worked so hard. He continued to explain that Since the first Gala they were able to donate almost $120,000 to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The Con’t on Pg 6

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Rotary District of Suffolk County’s Innovative Program Aids Sandy Affected Families

The Rotary International District 7260 of Suffolk County, with their community-minded focus and extreme generosity, was able to significantly improve the lives of twenty Sandy affected families in Long Island, NY. By working with Adopt A House, a non-profit organization that provides aid and resources to affected residents, The Rotary District financed an ambitious, impactful and unique

appliance program. They provided a generous donation of $24,000, raised through their admirable efforts and dedication in the wake of SuperStorm Sandy. Monies from Rotary International of Suffolk County were received by the District as donations towards Super Storm Sandy Disaster Relief, with the money allocated to to be used only in Suffolk County. The District Governor at that time was Connie Gevinski who created a committee, Disaster Preparedness Committee, to oversee the spending of the balance of the funds. Jackie Milton & Frank Seibert also served on the the committee along with other members from various Rotary Districts. These donations were accumulated through

the fundraising efforts of Rotary Districts across the country. Plessers Appliance of Babylon made it possible by providing an altruistic discount for this bulk order and were instrumental in the execution of this Appliance Program. Through November and December of 2013, this innovative program provided twenty families a complete kitchen suite, consisting of a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave. The recipient families were either displaced or living in partially finished homes, and previously living without functional kitchens or were rebuilding other parts of their home with no resources for kitchen appliances. The recipients of these kitchen sets were touched and deeply grateful for the aid from The Rotary District of Suffolk County. “This is the greatest news we have had

25335922B 405

H o u rs : M o n . - S a t. 1 0a m - 7 pm , Clo s e d S u n d a y

in a very long time.” Kathy Stanton, a recipient of the program, expressed. “We truly appreciate this so much and this appliance program will greatly help us a lot. We are so grateful to The Rotary Club and Adopt A House.” Adopt A House is extraordinarily appreciative for the charitable and considerable donation that enhanced the lives of these deserving families. Through the hard work of the Rotary Organization, who spent countless hours coordinating and choosing the recipients, these families were able to take a giant step towards the progress of repairing their homes and replacing much-needed items. Jennifer Mackie-Aulino, Executive Director of Adopt A House, worked tirelessly hand in hand with The Rotary District to establish this program and distribute these appliances. Immense efforts like these have helped residents who are still struggling over a year after SuperStorm Sandy that affected so many with its disastrous repercussions.


The Lindenhurst Gazette

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“It’s not how you START, it’s how you FINISH!” By Mark Some Dellosso of you, may have had a very difficult START in life! You may have been abandoned, abused, left alone to take care of yourself, and as a result, have been living with that pain and abandonment daily! Some people will say, ‘I am this way because I was abused! If I wasn’t abused, I could do this or that… but I can’t, because I was abused! I was abandoned… left alone to care for myself! If I wasn’t, I could have gone to college and done some better things with my life, but I can’t, because I was abandoned! I can’t because I was abused! So, I’ve come to terms with it! I have come to live with it!” Truthfully, you don’t have to let your past, (or your bad start in life), dictate your future! You have to make a decision today, to NOT allow your history to compromise your destiny! Because it is NOT how you start… it’s how you FINISH that counts! Here is a positive word that you can apply to yourself! After the death of Moses, the prophet and leader of Israel, God sent a message to Israel to

“Rise Up Now,” out of your depression and sorrow! Rise up now from amongst your pain, and move on to a blessing that I have prepared for you! [Joshua 1:2] “Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore, ARISE, and cross over the Jordan, you and all the people, to a land which I am giving to them.” The people of Israel were aware that Moses was dead. God wasn’t giving them any fresh news relative to that. They already had MOURNED the death of Moses 40 days. But now God wanted to give them a nudge! He certainly understood their sorrow! He understands the grief and pain the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job or relationship brings. But God wanted them NOW to “MOVE FORWARD!” Grief and sorrow are POWERFUL forces of the soul, and they can paralyze you if you let them! The pain and sorrow of a lost loved one, especially, may NEVER go away, but there is a time to ARISE, get up, PROGRESS, and go on with life! We are certainly not doing ourselves, our families or our God, any service by ‘Not’ moving on! God didn’t want them to GET STUCK in the wilderness! Better yet, He didn’t want

Back In The Day Because my daughter commutes via LIRR every day to NYC, I pay attention to the problems that have been happening with the trains. It seems more and more that the trains are stopped or slowed because of track issues and weather. This got me to thinking that it would be faster to travel by foot or horse to get home. Of course, that started me thinking about how people did commute between our sister towns when we first settled in this area so I started researching. I couldn’t believe that the first mass transit was a trolley on our south shore and it was horse drawn! Wow, someone did think of that! I researched that around 1870 the horse-drawn trolley was

them to GET STUCK in a wilderness MENTALITY! Every Passover and Easter we celebrate that God is still in the deliverance business! The Israelites journey out of bondage in Egypt, to the promised land, was only supposed to take 11 days! Yet it took them 40 years! If you were able to ask them, “Why did an 11 day trip take you 40 years?” They may very well have replied, “It was because of our enemies!” “The Hittites, the Jebusites, the Amorites!” This ‘ite’ and that ‘ite!’ We all have our own ‘ites!’ The ‘bad neighbor-ites,’ the ‘stupid boss-ites,’ the ‘poverty-‘ites,’ the ‘abused-ites,’ the ‘if only ites!’ They didn’t wander because of their enemies! They wandered because of their attitude! Attitude is everything! People will always have a REASON why they can’t do something! With that mentioned, we have to make sure that REASONS don’t become EXCUSES that will prevent us from going forward and moving on to the better things in life! “Moses My servant is dead…Now therefore, arise…” – It’s time to ARISE! It’s time to move! It’s time to progress to maturity and advance in life! How are

you with the little things? Luke 16:10 “He who is faithful in the little things, is faithful also in much.” – Are you faithful with the little things? Some will say, “I want a big house… I want a big car… a big ministry position… a big raise!” But are you doing the LITTLE THINGS that count? How many of you RETURN the shopping cart to its cage? Do you do it in the rain? It’s a little thing. I hear God tell me, “Return the cart, Mark… return the cart… return that cart!” (God can be very redundant, have you noticed?) “He who is faithful in the little things, is faithful also in much.” Don’t despise the LITTLE things! How much faith do you have? A lot? A little? If you have a little, then that is more than enough to do the next thing to get a great finish for your difficult start! God told Joshua, to have the people ARISE and cross over to the land He was giving them! The land is there for them, but (get this), they would have to ‘Activate’ their faith by RISING up and taking it! Isn’t it amazing that Jesus always commanded the lame to walk, the dead to rise, the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the mute to speak? continued on Pg 13

By Jane Carter

an open trolley pulled by 2 horses but because of weather, could only operate during the summer months to transport people from the local towns to the shores and docks of the villages and between our sister towns of Babylon, Lindenhurst, Copiague and Amityville. Thankfully, they developed a steam-powered trolley soon after and laid down tracks through each town and village to connect us. Around 1909,Babylon introduced an electrified trolley run by the South Shore Traction Company which ran along Railroad Ave in Babylon village and proceeded west on what is now Trolley Line Rd. It then traveled along what is now known as Railroad Ave

and becomes what is now Hoffman Ave in Lindenhurst. The trolley made stops along the way through to Copiague along Oak Street and then ended at the now railroad station in Amityville. These trolleys were privately owned and were operated by a motorman and a conductor. The conductor not only collected the fare but he had to direct the seating arrangement to balance the weight in the cars. Sometimes he and passengers would need to get off the trolley to lift it back on it’s tracks if it derailed due to speed or uneven weight. What a job! The cars held a capacity of about 28 passengers. The cost from Babylon to Amityville was 10 cents a trip and from Babylon

to Linderhurst was 5 cents a trip. The full trip took about 35 minutes . I imagine that since each location had a distinctive commerce, residents would travel by trolley to purchase the items they needed but were not available in their own village. Amityville and Babylon were our ports for goods shipped from Manhattan to our coast as well as fresh seafood docks that was caught by our local boats. Copiague had additional trade of manufacturing garments and harvesting farms. Lindenhurst had additional trades of lumber, textiles and butcher shops. All four towns were exporters of salt grass that was used by farmers throughout the island to feed their livestock and was harvested in the fall.

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor. As you are aware, the old Lindenhurst movie theater on Montauk Highway and S. Wellwood Avenue was demolished to make room for a new CVS store. I have noticed a lot of various comments on your website about the construction going on at that spot and was actually quite amused by some of the comments. It is obvious, at least to me, that this theater was a local hang-out for many residents here and it seems as though many a relationship were formed in that theater. I personally have no connection whatsoever with the theater, since I am a recent transplant from Rhode Island. I do however have fond memories of Lindenhurst. When I was a child, we would come to visit relatives here and sometimes we would stay for quite a few days. As I returned to Lindenhurst just after Sandy, I noticed that a lot has changed, the movie theater is certainly iconic, but other buildings which were of a historic nature are also gone.. While nothing we can say or do as residents of Lindenhurst could bring the theater back again, I would like to point out that if the citizens of our town formed a historical preservation society, nothing like this could ever happen again. While, a society could not stop the sale of private property, it can certainly enforce that certain characteristic of the building remain in tact regardless of the new owner’s plans. I’m hoping that someone will take the lead, I would but I already feel the “Newby” stare whenever I voice my opinion, so I guess I have to pay my dues first. On another note, Keep up the great work with the paper. It is most enjoyable. Signed A/K/A Newbie

Dear Editor. Recently, I came to you about a problem I was having with my contractor. When I told you my story, I thought to myself that you probably wouldn’t do anything with it, well I was wrong. Whatever you did, he called me the next day, he apologized and gave me a refund, then he said it was all a misunderstanding. ------------------------------------

Dear Readers: I am sure you have noticed that the Front page of the Lindenhurst Gazette now has Ads on it. Please Don’t Fret! We promise, never to become so obsessed with selling ads, that we don’t have enough room for all the stories, columns, advice and other pertinent information that makes us your Favorite Free Community Newspaper. On another note, I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for your support and for letting our advertisers know just how much you appreciate the way they support your Free newspaper by advertising in it. Keep up the good work! P.S. Feel Free to email me at Editor@



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Attention students of Lindenhurst High School

Are you interested in finding a way to help your community in fun and interactive ways? DO you want make new friendships that will last through your high school career? Do you want to become a part of a positive community and contribute to your neighborhood? Do you want to make a difference? If so, the Interact Club is right for you. The Interact Club is the teen group of Rotary International, a community service organization with over 1 million members! In Interact, any student ages 12-18 can participate in serving the needs of our town while also strengthening friendship and making everlasting memories.

We help in many notable activities around town, such as setting up and running the Oktoberfest, aiding the running of Safe Halloween, and raising money to fight Polio. Each year, we organize local missions that help people in need, whether it be around the corner or around the world. Last year, we donated toiletries and other supplies to the Northport VA Medical Center. We also donated backpacks to children affected by the Tornado outbreak in Moore Oklahoma. Interact has over 33,000 branches and 343,000 members across the globe in over 200 different countries and territories. If you want to make a difference and are looking for a way to do it, come to our next meeting and see what service can do for you! Our meetings in November are on Mondays, twice a month at 7:30 pm sharp. We meet at the Lindenhurst Community Center, 293 Buffalo Ave.

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As most of you are aware, this was a difficult year for the Village of Lindenhurst. We are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy’s wrath and the economy is improving at a very slow rate. We have also had our fair share of road damage due to weathering and of course, we are like any other municipality, forced to pay bills and mandates which we have no control over. Put that all together and we were forced to go to the well again. In this case, the well is the taxpayers of our Village. We needed to increase revenue in the 2014-2015 Budget by just over $463,000. The breakdown is as follows: $237,000 for the new Main Firehouse to be built in its original location on Wellwood Avenue; $80,000 to be added to the NY State Retirement for our employees; $50,000 for the LOSAP Award for the Volunteer Firemen; $60,000 in additional Workman’s Compensation; another $40,000 for Medical Insurance cost increases as well as a dollars here or there for Senior

by Deputy Mayor Mike Lavorata

Citizens Programs at our Rainbow Center and some small roadwork repairs not covered by Federal or State Funding and you have a tax increase that averages about $55 per residence. Many of these expenditures are those wonderful “unfunded” mandates which make local governments and school districts crazy since these items are forced upon us with no relief from the State or Federal Government. If you speak to our Lindenhurst Board of Education members, they will tell you horror stories that amount to millions of dollars in these unfunded requirements. Fortunately, ours are far less but it is still money that you the hardworking taxpayers are being asked to furnish. Please don’t misunderstand me, but as fiscal conservatives, the Village Board does not want to raise taxes for any reason. However, in today’s environment, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to balance budgets. You already know that from being faced with your own situation at home as to how to pay for this with that. Believe me, I’m also not trying to point the finger at anyone but it is

Heart of Worship Church “Welcomes You” Sunday Service 10:30 AM Rest���n� F�����e� ��r�u�� W�r���� �n� ��� W�r� � Go� Relevant Teachings Youth Services Men’s & Woman’s Meetings Childrens Church Food Pantry

Pastor Mark & Lora Dellosso

301 West Hoffman Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 631 957-3819 Heartofworshipny.Com

difficult to meet the NY State required 2% tax cap. We as a Village Board have been fortunate have avoided piercing the tax cap in the past since we have been working real hard to maintain expenditures at or near previous years in order to mitigate the need for high tax increases. At least if the unfunded portion of the budget was removed from the tax cap, it would be far easier to keep below the 2%. This year, as you are also aware, we are rebuilding the Main firehouse which is a major capital project of about $5.5M. Like any mortgage, we are amortizing this project over 20 years thus it will cost us $237,000 per year. We were very fortunate to get a very low Bond Rating of about 2.3%. That low rating was in no small part due to the fact that our Bond Rating has been AA due to the fact that we have been retiring debt each year and have not spent more than we take in. We are also required by NY State Municipal Law to produce a balanced budget each year. It is a team effort to continue to provide the services that each and every taxpayer expects including sanitation pickup, snow removal, playground areas, roadwork, drainage

repairs, etc. We as a Village still have a far lower tax rate than over 60% of the Villages in Suffolk County. Many of our neighboring Villages pay over $20 per $100 of assessed value while we pay just over $15. We are also the largest Village in Suffolk County so that also shows our fiscal responsibility when you compare our revenues and expenses against other municipalities. We try to do a lot with as little as possible. We are not perfect and no one in the administration would claim that we are but we try and are mindful of what we do since we live here too and so do many of our friends and families. The decisions we make impact nearly 29,000 people. That is a large population for an area of 3.3 square miles with over 100 miles of road. Although we are a suburban community, some of our problems border line on urban issues. Traffic, parking and roads are typical of those issues and we are working with the Business Improvement District, our Chamber of Commerce and local governments to improve in those areas. =Continued

on Page 11

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Cont’d from Front Page.Cristina Renna Foundation Laboratory is world renowned Aside from helping a really great for its cutting edge biological cause, guests were treated to a research. These research dollars night of fine dining, dancing and support the work of Dr. Van an overall spectacular evening. I Alest’s. Her research focuses on have had many opportunities to the molecular and cellular basis attend events throughout the year of pediatric brain tumors. “Our and I have to say if you can only hope is that our support of Dr. an attend one event next year, make Alest’s work may one day lead to sure it is the Angels Wish Gala the development of new therapies and Dance. For more information based on a greater understanding or to make a donation to CRF, of the cellular mechanisms please visit the website at http:// that guide the proliferation and differentiation of the cells that eventually become tumors.” 


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Choosing the right dog for your family.

Barbara Pezzanite, Ph D. for Pets

Choosing the right dog for your family is an important decision because he, or she, will become a member of your family. You want to make sure that this new dog is the right match for both your family and your lifestyle. No one ever wants to have to return a dog because the dog “wasn’t what we expected.” Some dogs need more exercise than the owners can give, leading to behavior problems due to

pent up energy. Other dogs need owners who are more firm than the current owner, which affects how efficiently the dog can be trained. In the end it winds up being terribly sad and traumatic for both the owner and the dog if the dog has to be rehomed. So what can you do to avoid this situation? Chances are if you’re purchasing a dog from a breeder, you’ve done your homework and researched


the needs of the breed so you’ll know what to expect. If you’re adopting from a shelter, or rescue organization, which I always recommend, it becomes more difficult because we tend to fall in love with all of them. To complicate matters, many of them are mixedbreed dogs so we couldn’t even look up their specific breed characteristics if we wanted to. So what can you do to help choose the right dog for your family? Here are several things to think about in advance of visiting the shelter, or adopting from an online rescue center: 1. Is this my first dog/how long has it been since I had a dog? Some breeds are higher maintenance than others and need to attend basic obedience training classes if the adopter does not have the skills to train them. Puppies are very high maintenance at first, especially because they have to be housetrained (we tend to forget this because

they’re so cute!). An older, lower maintenance dog may be better for the first time dog owner, and for those dogs that only need some basic obedience training. 2. My dog needs to be around young children, the elderly, other dogs, cats, or other non-domesticated animals (e.g. rabbits, hamsters). Some big dogs can be clumsy around young children and the elderly. Older dogs that haven’t been socialized with other species may be aggressive towards them. Safety for all family members, including pets, must be considered first. 3. My dog will spend more time with me indoors on the couch, or will spend more time outdoors in the yard playing with me and the kids, on the boat with us, swimming, or even out running with me. If you want a “couch potato” dog, that’s fine. Look for a dog who’s laid back. If you want an active, playful dog find

one with a lot of energy and physically capable of a lot of activity (not all dogs are capable of rigorous activity). 4. Finally, ask yourself how long your new dog will be left alone per day while you’re out working. Puppies need attention every 2-3 hours to be let out during housetraining so if you’re going to spend a lot of time away from home, consider an older dog. After considering these questions, you can then visit a shelter, or contact the rescue organization. Most shelters and rescue organizations are familiar with the dogs up for adoption. Your responses will help the staff pair you up with a dog who’s wellsuited to your needs, and of course the needs of the dog!

Barbara Pezzanite, Ph. D. CPDT-KA Cerified Applied Animal Behaviorist Long Island Animal Behavior Consulting

Thinking of Selling or Buying?


135 Deerpark Avenue Babylon, NY office 631 661-8888

“Trust The Team That Cares”

Sold in 10 DAYS ! 41 S Bay Drive Babylon


Call For A FREE MARKET ANALYSIS Cell 646 670-7935




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Grand Opening


Pizzeria • Restaurant



Call Us For All Your Home & Office Parties! Catering Packages Customized For Any Size Party & Budget. Come in Today to Sample our Catering. More Than Fantastic Italian Food

We also have Seafood, Greek & Latin Dishes. So Delicious...Churrasco(Skirt Steak), Grilled Pork Chops, Chicken Athenian, Tilapia Mediterranean & So Much More! $

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500 OFF

Pasta Primavera W/ Chicken or Shrimp Red or White Sauce & Salad

Any Check $25 Or More

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Grandma Pie

Fresh (never frozen) Sliced Meat Served With Small Greek Salad


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FOOTBALL SPECIAL 1 Large Cheese Pie 12 Garlic Knots 12 Wings (Mild, Hot or Fire) 1 - 2 Liter Soda


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Everyday Special

Large Cheese Pie


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16” Large Pie 2 Ltr Soda • 6 Garlic Knots



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Back in The Day:Trolley Time Continued from Page 00 By Jane Carter

The salt grass was the major attraction in the development of our towns as farmers would travel to the south shore to trade with the Indians for the grass. We then purchased the land to harvest our own. All four towns were used by city residents who came to relax in the sun and sea breezes during the summer. This required the building of hotels and summer houses and

entertainment facilities during the season. After the summer visitors left for their homes, each town needed to insure we could survive on other craft. I believe our individual villages and towns attracted and developed commerce that helped each community survive as they grew. As with all progress, the trolley car era become obsolete with the introduction of the automobile

which made traveling quicker and more convenient between the communities. A chapter ended and a new one began as car routes replaced the single-

track trolley. There are still some trolley tracks visible along the route through the towns. I look forward to finding them.

Minecraft Group Builds Socialization Skills and Teamwork

Minecraft members with adviser Florri Krefsky in the computer lab.

A new fifth-grade group at Alleghany Avenue Elementary School has been formed called Minecraft lunch meetings. The purpose of these gatherings is to bring the fifth-graders together for socialization, teamwork, bully prevention and their

common interest, the popular computer game Minecraft. During the meetings, the students eat lunch, share game-playing strategies, create Minecraft crafts and play the game in small groups. The groups emphasize cooperation, teamwork and friendship. Students do not play any version of the game that incorporates violence or anything inappropriate. I was surprised that almost 50 stu-

dents signed up for the group,” said school social worker Florri Krefsky. “The fifth-graders are learning that they can play computer games in cooperative groups and not in isolation. Additionally, students need to know the importance of being involved in extracurricular school activities as they move onto middle school.”

Champions Go Above and Beyond

At the January breakfast for champions, Lindenhurst Middle School initiated 11 new students as champions of the school. Principal Frank Naccarato congratulated all students for their exceptional effort inside and outside of school. “You are the students who go above and beyond and are all-around outstanding people,” he said. “These students truly represent what Lindy pride is all about.”Each month, selected students are honored for their achievements with a breakfast at the diner. Students, parents, teachers and administrators were in attendance to recognize the nominated students. January champions were Kevin Cekala, Chelsea Cuffaro, Justyna Filipkowski, Andrea Villanueva Hernandez, Caitlyn Hollywood, Sahil Kapoor, Colin McCarron, Victoria Rossi, Johnathan Smyth, Chase Viviani and Victoria Wegrzynowska.

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Super Storm Sandy and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Introducing Carolyn Kagan

Carolyn Kagan (LMSW)

Many of us are all too familiar with

the damage left by Superstorm Sandy. We can easily recall the visible consequences such as: the flooded subways, and highway tunnels, the loss of power across the region, the destroyed communities, gas rationing and much more. It was a unique natural disaster that left many of us in flames, under water, or worst yet, completely homeless. But what about the consequences that are less visible and that persists nearly a year and a half after Sandy has left her wake? Driving around town I can see how many neighborhoods have been rebuilt, while some people continue to struggle with regaining a sense of normalcy due to the underlying psychological toll that remains. Although millions were simultaneously exposed to some

sort of shock, horror and at times helplessness following the storm, those who were personally impacted for a longer period of time were at a greater risk for developing mental health issues as opposed to someone who experienced the event indirectly. For instance, if someone experienced harm to themselves or a loved one, were displaced, felt an impact to their personal finances or lost their home, they would be at a particular risk for psychological impairment more so than someone who watched the horror unfold through the news. The correlation between the severity of one’s trauma and the development of mental health conditions has widely been studied, so it is no surprise how many people are still experiencing disruptive symptoms as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Specifically, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which is the most prevalent of these conditions and is the most studied in the aftermath of a disaster . However, despite the wealth of information available about PTSD many people still fail

to receive treatment. In my clinical work I have been surprised to find out how many people have suffered in silence because they are unaware that what they are experiencing could be a normal reaction to a stressful event. Other barriers to care include a lack of understanding of how to identify and label their symptoms and how together they create the components of a treatable condition. Someone living with PTSD may continue to relive the distressing event through flashbacks, which could be triggered by watching the news, a familiar scent from the day or weeks following the storm or even hearing a loud noise. As a result they may avoid people, places and things that remind them of the event, and have a limited range of emotions such as feeling numb, or hypervigilance. That is why I have found that treatments geared towards promoting safety and the self soothing techniques offered through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy have been effective, but there are a host of other therapies that have been developed in recent years to

Knights of Columbus “Let us Cater Your Next Affair” Looking to Book Your Next Party!!! Come to OLPH Knights of Columbus #794 Hall Located at 400 South Broadway Lindenhurst NY 11757 We are open to all types of parties: Birthday, Sweet 16’s, Anniversary, Communions, Graduations and Fundraising events, etc. We offer both Catered and Non-Catered Parties. For more information or to book you’re party please call and ask for: Philip & Katherine Renna 631-226-3240 NOW TAKING BOOKS UNTIL JUNE 30

combat the effects of PTSD. It is most important to know that identification is essential to proper treatment and eventual recovery. Take a moment to reflect on how you’ve been changed by Hurricane Sandy and if you or someone you love is still suffering, know that it is not too late to get help, to reclaim your life and regain hope through the collaboration with a trusted mental health professional. “Carolyn Kagan is a Licensed Master Social Worker(LMSW) in the state of New York and obtained her Master of Social Work Degree from Adelphi University. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hofstra University. Carolyn has a variety of experience working with children and adults of many different circumstances and backgrounds but specializes in the treatment of trauma survivors, bereavement and women specific issues. She currently provides psychotherapy to individuals, families and groups in her private practice in Seaford”. She can be reached at (516)851-6936 or

Con’t from Mike Lavorata We are also very approachable people. Last edition, I provided you a biography of each of the elected officials but there are over 75 employees who work hard for this Village every day. Our Department of Public Works which includes Highway and Sanitation, are proud to serve this Village. Most of them are residents as well and also pay our taxes. We want to keep Lindenhurst as affordable as we can so that our young people stay here, prosper and become the leaders of this great community for many years to come. As I previously mentioned, should you like to contact anyone of us, please do by dropping a line to Village Hall at 430 South Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 or sending an e-mail to: It will be directed to any one of us that you would like to address specifically. Remember, we are here to serve you!

Beyond The Hoodie By Mary Beth Czubay A wise man once told me “the big things in life, like the exotic vacations and the new cars are few and far between. They are awesome, and give us the drive and incentive to work hard, but it is truly the ordinary everyday events that bring us the most joy.” The longer I live, the more I believe this to be true. It is the nights spent cuddled up on your couch with your kids watching a good movie, a good laugh with an old friend, a beautiful sunset on a warm summer night. These are the things that make us happy and define who we are. One of my greatest joys in life is my thirteen year old son, Bobby. He has special needs. This boy has taught me what is really important in life and has showed me the true meaning of unconditional love.Bobby tried out for the Seventh Grade Middle School Basketball team along with about eighty other boys, all hoping to earn one of the thirteen positions. While he was not chosen to be a player, the very kind coach, offered him the job of team manager.He practiced with the team every day after school, and attended all the games, traveling with the team when the games were away. His job was to keep the score book. Bobby loved being on the team and was very excited about getting a team “hoodie” with his name and number on the back. Unfortunately, when I asked about ordering one, I was told the order had already been submitted and for some reason we were never informed. i contacted the company that was printing up the order, but it was too late. The order was completed and unless I wanted to order a dozen, I was out of luck. My heart sank because I knew my son would be devastated. It broke my heart to tell Bobby, and when I did, he was very disappointed. The day the hoodies were handed out, he was so sad, but handled it like a good sport. It wasn’t like he was asking for an expensive video game system, he just wanted what his teammates had. It was a symbol of fitting in and being part of a team. What I didn’t know was that one of the boys, told his mom what happened. He was so upset for my son and told her “you’re a mom, moms can make anything happen.” Then she saw Bobby’s face as the other boys were handed their hoodies.

She spent the next two days making an almost exact replica for my son. She had the art work copied, then made into an iron on transfer. She bought a hooded sweatshirt and enlisted the help of some friends to fulfill my son ‘s dream. I was blown away that these people I barely knew, were willing to go to this trouble to make my son happy. They told me there is no “I” in team, and that they would not stop until the job was done. When my son was getting ready for school last Friday, the day of the last game of the season, and the team party, he was given a big green box.

It was decorated with artwork and a beautiful card from the team. It was better than any Christmas morning I can remember,watching him pull out the team hoodie. He almost danced out the door, eager to show it off. This story goes “beyond the hoodie”. It’s about Lindy Pride at its finest. With all the sad and depressing news we see every day, it is nice to know that there are such kind and caring people in our neighborhood. It warms my heart the way these two families got together to turn my son’s disappointment into a happy and wonderful story. Bobby wears his hoodie proudly every day accompanied by a huge smile!

Thank You Jackie Herig, John Kurtz Canobbio, and The Manger Family for making me proud to live in Lindenhurst and proud to call you my friends. Mary Beth Czubay is the author of Easy Out On Third- Raising A Child With Special Needs available on

Lindy Theater Demolished!

According to various records, the theater opened on December 25, 1948 with “Tap Roots”, Made by Walter Wanger Productions and Universal International Pictures, it was directed by George Marshall and produced by Walter Wanger from a screenplay

by Alan Le May, based on the 1942 novel Tap Roots by James H. Street, with additional dialogue by Lionel Wiggam. The original music was by Frank Skinner and the cinematography by Winton C. Hoch and Lionel Lindon. The film stars Van Heflin and

Susan Hayward with Boris Karloff, Julie London, Whitfield Connor, Ward Bond and Richard Long. Films were distributed under the Prudential Theater Circuit, a Long Island exhibitor. It had 625 seats on the main floor and 140 in the lodge. This popular movie house served the area for 54 years and closed Thursday, July 18, 2002, with “The Sum Of All Fears”. It was taken over by UA Theaters in 1968 and was a first run theater during that time. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, its price policy was as a reduced price theater. In 1998, UA sold the theater to 5 Star Cinemas which did some repairs but not to neglected seats. In all its year it provided an inexpensive and delightful experience for children of all ages. As I was interviewing workers on the site, they were amazed to discover that behind the drywall installed by the final tenants was the Old Lindy Theater. Pulling up the carpeting you could

see where the seats were bolted to the floor. I also asked if they were able to locate the Lindenhurst Sign that once was prominently displayed outside, but workers said they did not see, but assured me they would call if it turned up somewhere. The Theater and two other buildings on the adjoining property have been demolished for a new CVS store to be built on the property. Residents fought long and hard to block such a building but in the end, progress dictated that the CVS would be built. Efforts were made by several local residents to buy the building and turn it into a community theater, others were looking into buying the building to use as a church. All Photos Provided by Ian Cale. Thank You Ian, for allowing the Lindenhurst Gazette to use your Photos. Additional Photos at

Life Coach- Continued Jesus told a man with a withered, paralyzed arm to ‘Stretch it out!” (“Well Lord, I can’t, because it’s paralyzed that’s why I came to you!”) ARISE and STRETCH it out anyway! I believe, all the Lord required from that man was to ARISE in his faith, and give a little “Ummphfff” from his shoulder! So

the man gave an Ummphfff, and at that moment, the POWER of God hit him, and he was healed! Your start in life may have been a difficult and terrible one. Maybe your situation today is dead, dying, or just plain painful and overbearing! But be encouraged! Know that it doesn’t have to remain

that way! Your situation won’t remain paralyzed! Start with this little thing. Make a decision now to ARISE, and stretch out your faith! Even amongst the pain, Stretch it out! Go ahead! Arise! Stretch it out! Because, “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!”

Simple Tweaks to Improve Your Health & Wellness

By Victoria Witchey-Boye What if you could potentially increase your energy, boost your immune system, improve your mood, lower your risk of health issues, heighten brain function, increase longevity, maintain a healthier weight and diminish your stress and cravings- all through some simple tweaks to your diet? There’s a growing movement towards a focus on improving health and increasing wellness through better nutritional choices. Many are discovering that they don’t need to take an array of prescription medications, establish a grueling exercise regimen or make drastic changes to one’s life-

style to improve their health. With the trend of implementing a healthier and more balanced diet, people are finding that they can enhance their health by simply making small changes to the foods they intake. The availability of super-foods and a greater array of unprocessed foods and nutritious options for leading a healthy lifestyle has excessively risen. Most popular supermarkets are offering improved convenience and expanded availability of these products and lowering their prices on such foods that make it easier and more budget-friendly than ever to implement such changes. Most of the foods we ingest are highly processed, meaning they are commercially prepared foods that are laden with chemicals, preservatives, high levels of sugar and sodium, lower nutrition and often, increased calories. A diet that lessens the consumption of processed foods emphasizes fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and unsaturated fat. Modern staples and convenience

foods such as refined grains, sugary drinks, unpronounceable ingredients and unhealthy snacks offer minimal nutrition, decreased energy, and usually, a bounty of calories. As opposed to twenty or thirty years ago, today’s food contains more hormones, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, and trans fat to yield greater crops, increase company’s profits, and produce an increased size of livestock- all to lower their bottom line at the cost of the health of consumers. Cutting out all processed foods can be unrealistic, but lowering our intake of them can create a healthier and more balanced diet than can furnish enormous benefits. Many have turned to escalating their purchasing of organic foods- which can be a bit more expensive, but luckily the prices are coming down as consumer demand has heightened. One way to improve your nutritional intake and satisfy your body’s required dietary needs is to implement super-foods, which are superior foods

rich in nutrients. minerals, vitamins and antioxidants into your dietary regime. Spinach, blueberries, kale, tomatoes, yogurt, peppers, beans, oats, avocados, salmon, and almonds are some of the best super-foods Increasing your consumption of whole grains instead of refined white sugar can be as easy as replacing white bread with whole grain substitutes or shifting from white rice to brown rice, which both contain complex carbohydrates and key vitamins and minerals. However, you don’t need to make radical alterations to your diet overnight. Establishing a more balanced diet over time is more practical and feasible. By being more knowledgeable about the foods we eat every day, we can make more educated decisions about the items we put in our cart and the meals we feed our family to experience positive benefits that will have nearly immediate effects and enhanced well being in the future.


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OBITUARIES SITONE - Robert S. (4th Degree, K of C, OLPH) of North Babylon, L.I. on January 28, 2014. Loving husband of Nancy. Devoted son of the late Frances and the late Vincent. Dear son-in-law of Mildred and the late Larry Krupp. Brother-in-law of Larry H. and Ruth Ann Krupp. Cherished by his many aunts, uncles and cousins. Will be missed by his faithful companion, Annie. - See more at: obituaries/newsday/ obituary. ---------------------------------Kircher, William E. III, on January 27, 2014. Beloved son of the late William E. Kircher Jr. and Claire Kircher. Loving

brother of Cathy Hyde and Daniel Kircher. --------------------------------In Memory of Helen Anne Smyth January 26, 1922 January 27, 2014 After Glow I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one. I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when day is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave behind when day is done. -----------------------------------

GIUNTA - Philip S, of No. Babylon, NY on January 6, 2014. Beloved husband of the late Dorothy. Loving father and father-in-law of Joseph (Michele), Andrew (Rhonda), Christopher (Mary) and Paul. Dear brother of Anthony and John and the late Salvatore. Cherished grandfather of 8 and a great-grandfather

R.Barany Monuments,Inc. “Let Our Family Help Your Family” Let Us Honor Your Loved One With a Beautifully Crafted Custom Memorial While Providing You With Compassionate

Heart to Heart Service Through This Difficult Time. Be Assured That Your Satisfaction Will Always Be Our Top Priority Family Owned and Operated over 50 Years Serving All Cemeteries on Long Island and Queens Custom Crafted Monuments at the Right Price Call Today for a Caring Consultation 732 North Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757

(631)412-3268 Visit us on the Web at

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Poetically Speaking Annmarie Catania Nickdow

Although being in love is a feeling that can’t be beat maintaining love sometimes is not an easy feat Love can be shown by what we say and what we do It is something that can help with what we’re going through It involves patience, forgiveness, kindness and time and helps with life’s mountains that we inevitably climb.

Loving ourselves is also so important each and every day for what we don’t have, we cannot give away So precious is the love of a parent, child, loved one, and friend It is something we must unselfishly commit to continually send Love is a gift from our God above And we must give thanks to the Lord forever for HIS goodness and merciful enduring love. (1 Chronicles 16:34)

Lindenhurst Funeral Home 424 South Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (631) 957-0300 “Family Owned & Operated Since 1953”

Directors Thomas A. Brennan • Gordon A. Werner • Vincent Ayers • John F. Casey • Samantha Buzzolani

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