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Official Paper of the Village of Lindenhurst

Super Storm Sandy

November 2013

ONE YEAR LATER On October 29th 2012, Superstorm

Sandy damaged or destroyed 95,534 buildings in Nassau and Suffolk and left behind 4.4 million cubic yards of debris, according to the latest federal statistics. Damage estimates continue to change but this is the latest estimate for New York. One year later, it is still evident that a disaster occurred right here in Lindenhurst. A quick look around almost any block in close proximity to the Great South Bay serves as an unfortunate reminder of just how devastating Superstorm Sandy was in our own community. Several homes in my own neighborhood are still in dire need of repair and “after a full year you would think that we would be done” said one Lindenhurst Resident. Another neighbor said “I hope we get it finished before the ‘Next’storm comes.” a thought shared by many in the community. Nicole Kypreos Oberst writes “Since hurricane Sandy, my family of four (which includes myself my husband and our two sons ages three

and four) have been out of our home. We have moved five times since the storm and finally settled in the apartment we are at. It has been eleven months that we are out of our home and spent the holidays from - Halloween Thanksgiving, Christmas New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s, Easter - and now through the entire summer without a backyard or lawn to have even an inflatable pool. We thank God we have an apartment, BUT it is on the second floor of a commercial building in which there are four storefronts under us. We are on a main road in front of a precinct a traffic light and a main parkway. Our view is of the precinct and the traffic light and a black top parking lot. In September our eldest son started kindergarten and takes the bus to and from, twice a day, from our block where we used to live. We are still paying the mortgage, taxes, & utilities on time while keeping up with the flood and homeowner’s insurance as well. My children have been suffering long enough living out of boxes and suitcases. We are incurring costs every

day that are making all of our lives extremely difficult. My husband and I had to make sacrifices. We are still struggling with these hardships and trying to cope through all its ups and downs but at this point waiting this long for building permits and variances is certainly not very encouraging.” Iris is 75 years old and the widow of a Yonkers fireman who died in the line of duty. Her home on Ocean Street did not appear to have that much storm damage at first, but then The power came back on and within a few hours smoke started pouring through the floorboards and it was evident that the wiring in the crawl space was on fire. While the fire did not destroy the home, it certainly caused enough damage. The house that avoided flooding in the living space now had several holes in the floors, walls and even in the ceilings. A few days later the “injury to insult” Nor’easter blew shingles off the roof and caused even more damage and of course leaks. One year later, Iris is still living in a damaged home. Her bedroom is still

gutted and not insulated. Her wiring, while partially repaired, is still not as it should be and her floors are certainly not safe enough for this feisty 75-yearold to navigate. A contractor who heard about her situation on the AdoptA-House website paid Iris a visit and took several pictures of the crawlspace. The pictures depicted unfinished wiring, debris and unfortunately mold. Ken is another Storm Sandy victim. While Ken actually had to move out of his home of 50 years a few months prior to the storm for personal reasons, he was actually on the road back when the storm hit. “Now it just seems hopeless,” said Ken who is disabled and living in a friend’s home for the time being. Ken’s home had some serious damage from Sandy, including the entire first floor which housed the kitchen, the boiler room and a workshop full of family memories. While Ken would love to get back in his home, Ken’s contractor feels that due to the repetitive flooding this house has suffered, raising it may be the only right way to mitigate the

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Letters to the Editor The

recently implemented Common Core Curriculum is a direct infringement upon our constitutional rights. The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Since education is not mentioned in the Constitution, it is one of those powers reserved to the states. Of course, the United States Supreme Court can declare that something not mentioned in the Constitution is so closely related to something that is mentioned in the Constitution that the unmentioned power is a fundamental interest, which rises to constitutional protection. So far, the Supreme Court has not declared that education is a fundamental interest. Thus, states have plenary, or absolute, power in the area of education. With that being said, states can decide to abandon the Common Core Curriculum and being within their constitutional rights. President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program offers states funds in exchange for adhering to the CC, essentially it’s like a bribe, let me control your states education system and you’ll be rewarded with these funds. Another downside to the Race to the Top program is the need for states to set up a database for teachers and students, with all of their personal information. This is a direct disregard for the FERPA Act. The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) provides significant legal

protections for students, and generally requires a student’s consent to disclose information within a student’s educational record. However, FERPA includes some important, and often times overlooked, exceptions that provide higher educational institutions with opportunities to share and disclose information within the institution that may assist the institution in protecting its students and employees. Another big issue with the common core is the limited accessibility to the curriculum by parents. In 1978, Congress enacted the Protection of Pupils Right Act, (“PPRA”). This act gives parents the right to inspect classroom materials. However this right only provided limited protection, because it only covered material from the US Department of Education. Since the Common Core is straight from the USDE, the “PPRA”, has actually been strengthened. The following excerpt taken from “The American Law and Justice” website will shed some light on parents concerns regarding opting out: “A parent’s right to remove a child from objectionable classroom instruction and activity is grounded in three constitutional provisions: the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause and the First Amendment Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses. Which provision offers the strongest support for a parental challenge will vary slightly depending on the particular scenario.”

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Volume 1 Issue 1

The Lindenhurst Gazette

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My Sandy Story - By Homeowner Kevin Sabella My name is Kevin and I live with my wife Robin and my son Kevin. From the time my son was very young, I tried to instill in my son family values and to always be thankful for what you have as opposed to comparing yourself with what others have. For a younger person, it’s a hard thing to grasp. Now he is 24 years old and after Sandy he understands more of what it is that I have been trying to teach him. The day after Sandy hit we returned home to find our home badly damaged. Everything that we had was completely ruined and the house smelled like low tide on a hot day. Reality set in we were HOMELESS!!!! This is the kind of thing you see on television and you think it will never happen to you. Where do we go? How will we live? How will we eat and support ourselves? Most of our belongings and clothes are ruined. The neighborhood looks like a war zone, no electric, no people, only police and National Guardsman. My son was devastated, as was as my wife. I know they wanted this to be just a mere dream that they would wake up from. We certainly all had a good cry. Turning to family for help, my mother and brother had to put us up the night before, we quickly figured out we could not stay with them, she is elderly and the house they have is too small. That day I put a claim into FEMA under my brothers’ advice, we went to the house and ripped up all the soggy carpets, it was horrible and smelled a lot. That same day I got a call from a friend that belongs to the Lindenhurst Moose lodge, a friend I’ve known for 20 years. We were both members and good friends. He had shared with us that he had an apartment in his house that we could use. He had generators and there was heat and electric. The apartment was fully furnished, it was meant for his father in law who was in Florida for the fall and winter. After some thinking, we said OK until we could figure out a plan to start rebuilding our lives. My friend’s wife and two children tried to make us smile and console us every day we lived there. We learned from them the true meaning of family and home; they have helped us with every step of rebuilding and getting back home. The second day after the storm I went back to the house, looked around, and knew that whatever I do it would never be the same. Then I looked around again and thought outside of losing pictures of my son growing up, pictures of holidays, and personal belongings all, which are precious, but just material things. I thought to myself, if I am truly the man I want to be and hold the family values I preach to my son then I should lead by example. I went back to the apartment and sat them down to talk. I was very brief and promised them that I will rebuild our home for them. I told them don’t be depressed and smile because we are alive and together. One day while I was gutting the house I found an American flag, I immediately went outside and hung it on the house, as I did this a Nation Guard vehicle drove by, they stopped, saluted the flag, and then saluted me. I knew they cared and wanted to lift my hopes up. Now, ten months later and we are just getting back into our home. I have injured myself many times. I keep pushing and refuse to look back. We repaired a lot and my friend was always there to pick me up when I stumbled emotionally. We still have a lot to repair and replace. I had to stop working for eight months so I could rebuild the house. I have pursued every agency that had money to offer, the house is coming back piece by piece and very slowly. For the summer I was able to get the pool up and running although I had to replace the filter. I cleaned an area for us to sit in the back yard and do what we do in the summertime. We swam, have BBQ’s and spend time at our house as we have done for the past 15 years. We will still have a home and we are a family, we are still alive and we are thankful for that. We are also thankful for all the positive things that has happened to us in rebuilding and all the giving and upbeat people who helped us through this whole ordeal. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME – boy does that statement take on a whole new meaning after Sandy. I applied for NY Sandy “Rebuild” Rising program on April 26, 2013. It was not until late September until an inspector actually came out to take his report. I am two months going on three months behind in my mortgage; I have exhausted all personal sources of funds. We are in desperate need of money to catch up on our bills, mortgage, a car, and we desperately need a washing machine. HUD refused us rental assistance and would not accept any appeals. What really hurts is the attitude of people, “Oh, Sandy is over, give me a break, what can you possibly still need!!!” I even had a contractor take off with a thousand dollars of my money for doors. When I got his wife on the phone about this she told me “you’ll never see that money, all you Sandy victims are users.” How hurtful to hear this, we felt like vagrants after what was done to us. So, as you can see we have been through our share of the aftermath, and through it all we pray, we stick together and move on. The advice I would give to anyone who goes through such a disaster is stay strong as a family. Remember you house is material it can be fixed. If you lose a family member you can’t replace them. Most of all DON’T GIVE UP. There is an old expression “It’s been when you have been hit the hardest, that you must not quit!!!! Remember that home is in the heart and not on a piece of land. Time heals all wounds. Respectfully Submitted The Sabella Family of Lindenhurst New York. Editor’s Note: Mr. Sabella’s story is the voice of many in our Village. Keep Strong, Keep Going and Don’t Give Up!


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It’s Official There

are probably many of you out there asking yourself, why exactly are we a Village and what do these By Mike “Village People” Lavorotta do? Well, I am glad that you asked that question. My first column is as good as any other place to introduce your Village Elected Officials so that you may be able to come to us with your specific issue! Contrary to what you might be used to reading about those gosh darn “politicians”, not all of us are bad. As a matter of fact, on the Village, Town, County and State levels, we have a very good group of individuals locally, who really do the right thing! But for this initial piece, we will focus on my favorite level of government, your Village. But why a Village, you may also ask? In 1923, Lindenhurst became an Incorporated Village. In laymen’s terms, that means that we are a municipality which has a charter from New York State and follows NYS Village Municipal Codes for various laws thus giving us “home rule.” Home Rule allows us to determine our zoning criteria. We also have our own Codes and Ordinances which protect our local zoning, planning and quality of life issues. The Village government consists of a Mayor and 4 Trustees which constitutes the Village Board. We have both executive and legislative powers, so we write local laws and enforce them. You may think of it as the Executive and Legislative Branches combined. Each elected official serves a 4 year term. Two trustees are elected every 2 years so that their terms are staggered. The Mayor runs with 2 trustees and two years later, 2 trustees run along with the Village Police Justice. Currently, Tom Brennan is our Mayor, Kevin McCaffrey, Joan Masterson, Maryann Weckerle and I serve as Trustees. Kevin, our longest serving member, also serves as Deputy Mayor, a position appointed by Mayor Brennan on a yearly basis. H. John Bopp is our Village Justice. The Mayor has a difficult job. Especially when you consider it is a part-time position for a Village of over 29,000 people! We are the largest Village in Suffolk County and the fourth largest in NYS. (Great Jeopardy question: who are the other three? Hempstead, Freeport and Valley Stream, in that order from largest to third-largest). There are over 100 miles of road, several Village Parks and dozens of Municipal Buildings that require his attention.

The Mayor presides over Village Board Meetings, is effectively in charge by statute of all departments and even the volunteer Fire Department. (The Chief’s run the day to day operation of the department but the Mayor is sort of the Fire Commissioner). He is effectively the CEO of a nearly $11M budget. He also works with many of the local businesses, assists in cultural events and is also able to perform wedding ceremonies within the Village boundaries! Our duties as Trustees are identical to that of a Town Councilperson. We too are part time officials and each have an equal vote on the Village Board. There are also many people who steer the ship on a daily basis from the Village Administrator who is effectively the Village Manager and the Deputy Administrator that works daily alongside of him to keep the various projects going as well as provide the taxpayers a liaison between them and the local government. We have our own Department of Public Works which handles highway maintenance, sanitation pickup and snow removal among other things. We are here to serve you, the residents of our great Village. We saw the wonderful people of this great community pull together nearly a year ago, when Super Storm Sandy hit us very hard. Volunteers from all over assisted in the cleanup and recovery effort as well as providing much needed supplies to those hit the hardest. It is true that when the chips are down, people prove that they are willing to sacrifice to help others I need. Even some of the folks who themselves were suffering, were comforting others in worse shape than they were in. It was truly magnificent and again, as a Trustee of this great Village, I cannot express my gratitude in words for what you all have done. I don’t have to tell you how proud I am to have served you these last 9-1/2 years. Please feel free to drop me a line at Village Hall at 430 South Wellwood Avenue, leave a message at 631-957-7500 or send me an e-mail to if you have any questions or if I could be of further service to you. Mike Lavorotta is a Village of Lindenhurst Trustee first elected in 2004, and successfully re-elected in 2008 and 2012. Mr. Lavorata’s other profession is that of an Electrical Engineer. He is a member of the Village Business District Executive Board, OLPH Council 794 Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis, the Mayor’s Beautification Society as well as the Lindenhurst Cares Coalition.

A Wake Up Call I found myself going out to stand on my front stoop a lot on the night of October 29, 2012. We lived in a flood zone but chose not to evacuate, like many of our neighbors. Around nine o’clock we were pretty much stranded - surrounded by floodwaters on all sides. If I looked down for a second to fix my faulty flashlight, I would have missed the water rise about 2 feet. But why would we evacuate if Irene caused little to no damage the year before? Two months before Sandy, I entered my thesis year at NYIT. It was my last year in architecture school. I wanted to focus my year-long research and design project on something meaningful. I chose to study the deteriorating ecology of the Newtown Creek industrial waterway in Brooklyn, NY. My research and analysis of the site was going fairly well for a while, then all of a sudden Sandy happened. My project - and my life for that matter - totally changed in one night. I become homeless for about a month, relying on the kindness of my friends from school and extended family. One night here, two nights there, really overstaying my welcome as far as I was concerned. I couldn’t really focus on my work as much as I wanted to. Our family had a game plan. We went back to our house every day and called FEMA, obtained rental cars, hauled debris out of our basement and garage, helped my grandfather (who lived a block south of us) take possessions out of his flooded crawl space and helped friends move saturated debris out of their homes. It was a very humbling experience. I got to know my neighbors so well over those few weeks. I learned how to siphon gas from abandoned cars. I worked harder in those two weeks

by Daniel Horn,

Operation Resilient Long Island co-chair than I ever had before, just trying to get to a normal state of mind again. My thesis project was in limbo for about a month. As soon as school opened up again I didn’t even want to go back. All I could think of was staying in my town to help those who needed it. I just felt so weird going back into studio knowing that I could be so much more useful helping my family and friends recover. In terms of my project, I guess you could say Sandy was the best thing that ever happened. It brought into mind a totally new line of research that I hadn’t even thought about prior to the storm - the issue of flooding from storm surges on the Creek. Okay - now I was officially back into it. I found every book I could dealing with flooding, climate change, surface runoff, flood-resistant architecture, you name it. The list of materials I drew information from became endless. I drew a lot of information from the Dutch and how they dealt with flooding for hundreds of years. They used hard-infrastructure to prevent flooding. Storm surge barriers, canal locks, dikes, levees, polders, and so on. At the same time I was on a roll with my research, a group of students including myself started thinking of what our larger action could become in the aftermath of the storm. With the help from faculty, we organized a bus tour of Long Beach, one of the hardest hit communities on Long Island. We started a student-led committee called Operation Resilient Long Island with the intent of helping these communities think of longer term strategies for rebuilding. The problem became that each individual homeowner now has a


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For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in...

I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

Halloween Dangers to Dogs & Cats from Pet Poison Helpline During the week of Halloween, calls to the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline increase by 12 percent, making it the call center’s busiest time of year. “Each year we experience a sharp increase in calls around Halloween, especially during the weekends surrounding the holiday,” said Ahna Brutlag, DVM, MS, assistant director at Pet Poison Helpline. “Most often, these calls involve pets accidentally ingesting Halloween candy or décor. Chocolate is one of the most problematic candies as dogs and cats cannot metabolize it as well as people. Thus, it places them at risk for poisoning.” The four most common foodrelated Halloween hazards for pets are chocolate, candy overindulgence, raisins and candy wrappers.

Is Chocolate Poisonous To Dogs?

Of all candy, chocolate is one of the most toxic to pets. Over the past year, more than 1,100 calls to Pet Poison Helpline involved exposure to chocolate and 98 percent of them involved dogs. Many dogs are inherently attracted to the smell and taste of chocolate, making it a significant threat. In general, the darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more poisonous it is. The chemicals in chocolate that are dangerous to pets, methylxanthines, are similar to caffeine and more heavily concentrated in the darker varieties. In fact, a 50-pound dog can be sickened by ingesting only one ounce of Baker’s chocolate!

On the other hand, it may take up to eight ounces, (half a pound) of milk chocolate to cause poisoning in that same sized dog. White chocolate contains very low amounts of methylxanthine and rarely causes poisoning. To avoid issues, keep Halloween candy well out of the reach of pets at all times. If you think your pet may have ingested chocolate, symptoms to watch for include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, agitation, increased thirst, an elevated heart rate, and in severe cases, seizures.

amounts of raisins (and grapes) can cause kidney failure in dogs and, potentially, cats. When it comes to your pets, raisins deserve the same pet-proofing treatment as chocolate – stored in secure containers far from their reach. Unfortunately, some dogs develop idiosyncratic reactions at any dose – in other words, they can ingest any amount and potentially be poisoned. Therefore, any ingestion of raisins or grapes should be treated as a “poisoning” case. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea, decreased appetite, lethargy, abdominal Candy overindulgence pain, and severe kidney failure. Pets are indiscriminate when it comes to eating tasty treats and Candy wrappers can gorge themselves on snacks Generally when pets eat candy, and food meant for humans. Large they don’t bother to remove the ingestions of sugary, high-fat wrappers. Ingestion of foil and candy can lead to pancreatitis in cellophane wrappers can cause a pets. Potentially fatal, pancreatitis life-threatening bowel obstruction, is inflammation of the pancreas which if severe, can require and very painful. It may not surgical intervention to show up for two to four days correct. Watch for after the pet ingests the vomiting, decreased candy. Symptoms include appetite, not defecating, decreased appetite, straining to defecate, vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy. X-rays lethargy, abdominal may be necessary to pain, and potentially, diagnose this problem. kidney failure or organ damage. Glow Sticks and Are Grapes and Glow Jewlery Raisins Poisonous To Pets, especially Dogs? cats, love to chew on Some people prefer these items. Over the to distribute healthy past year, Pet Poison snacks instead of candy Helpline received on Halloween, such as mini-boxes nearly 80 calls concerning pets of raisins. These are extremely that punctured glow sticks or glow are poisonous to dogs! Very small jewelry, and 70 percent of the calls

involved cats. While not usually life-threatening, their contents can cause pain and irritation in the mouth, as well as profuse drooling and foaming at the mouth.


Pets look cute dressed in costumes, but they might not enjoy it as much as their owners. If you dress your pet in a costume, be sure it doesn’t impair his vision, movement or air intake. If the costume contains metallic beads, snaps or other small pieces, be aware that if ingested, some metals (especially zinc and lead) can result in serious poisoning. Also, don’t be tempted to dye or apply coloring to your pet’s fur. Even if the dye is labeled non-toxic to humans, it could still be harmful to pets.


Keep candles out of the reach of curious noses and wagging tails. Sometimes pets don’t realize something is hot until they get burned. During this Halloween season, help keep your pet safe. If you think your pet has ingested something poisonous, the veterinarians at Pet Poison Helpline suggest that you get help sooner than later. It’s always easier, less expensive, and safer for your pet to be treated earlier, versus when he’s showing severe symptoms. Contact your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-213-6680.

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Safety Patrol Helps Others Alleghany Avenue Elementary School’s fifth-grade safety patrol serves a variety of important purposes for the school community. Patrols help younger students disembark from the buses, help walkers get to classrooms and even deliver a forgotten lunch. The safety patrols are assigned to classrooms, the entrance and hallways to help maintain a flow in the school building during arrival and dismissal. The students serve as role models for the school. “We look for students who are responsible in school with classwork and homework, and also show patience and kindness towards others,” explained teacher and adviser Elise

Photo Courtesy: (Carol Hauser/Syntax)

Tilden. “This year, we gave everyone who qualified a chance to participate.” The students have early morning

Alleghany Avenue fifth-grade safety patrol. meetings to discuss any problems they positive solution. “This year might experience with fellow students. we have an amazing group of They brainstorm to help find a girls and boys,” said Ms. Tilden.

Cover Story - Continued damages. “I just want to go home and return to a normal life,” said Ken. Deputy Mayor Kevin McCaffrey and Representatives from Adopt A House, Lindy Cares and several other groups continue to meet with homeowners to see how they can help displaced and distressed homeowners recover. Additionally, Kevin has informed us that Lindehurst Village is committed to doing all they can to

help expedite and assist homeowners, “This situation is not going to go away by itself, We (The Village) realize we have to make allowances when it comes to zoning laws and raising homes, We are constantly seeking help for our community and will not rest until we are ‘Better than Pre-Sandy.’” There certainly are many similar situations in our Village and this is one of the main reasons why I decided

to publish The Lindenhurst Gazette. Being a victim of the storm I constantly scan the newspapers for “relevant” information pertaining to our plight and wanted to introduce an avenue of information that is local, that is relevant and that is “community driven.” As future issues of The Lindenhurst Gazette are published, we will always report on what is being done, who is helping and even who is not and I will

continue to prioritize Storm Sandy stories as long as “We are Still in it”

Do you have a Storm Sandy story to tell? We’d love to hear it! Contact us at

Volume 1 Issue 1

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Volume 1 Issue 1

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Adopt A House was founded by Jennifer Mackie Aulino, Victoria Witchey Boye, & Christina Galante to help re-build our local communities by bringing valuable information and solutions to Long Island residents affected by Super Storm Sandy. We have become a pivotal force in providing support for area residents. Our collective vision was to help each and every home get back on its feet, and we are dedicated to making that happen. Adopt A House continues its mission and has many more upcoming workshops, programs and events in the near future. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to our goal "To connect families that have been affected by unfortunate circumstances, with community members who are willing and able to help those in need."

Visit for more info


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Letter to the Edtior - Continued from Page 2 The potential scenarios faced by Christian parents typically fall into two basic categories—those that involve some degree of student coercion, and those that involve mere “exposure” to objectionable or offensive ideas. An example of the first scenario would be a school curriculum requiring students to participate in mock homosexual wedding ceremonies. Such an activity can be challenged on First Amendment free speech grounds because such a compulsory ritual forces children to endorse speech to which they are morally opposed. Although some lower courts have been unreceptive to recent parental challenges to school curricula, the constitutional underpinnings of parental rights in this area are well established. The First Amendment Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses combined with the Fourteenth Amendment’s fundamental

liberty interest of parents to direct the education and upbringing of their children, form a strong foundation upon which parents can assert their right to opt their children out of objectionable school material or activities. The higher the degree of coercion on students to participate in, or otherwise endorse the classroom activity, the stronger the constitutional argument in favor of a parental opt-out right. In conclusion the Common Core Curriculum is a detriment to our children. Remember to monitor your children’s homework, discuss current classroom activities with them, and to remind them to alert you if anything going on in school is affecting them adversely. It’s time for us parents to stand up and protect our children. - Rocco Patto

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Community Calendar October 31st HS: Safe Halloween (4:00PM — 6:00 PM)

November 8th International “Love The Lindenhurst Gazette” Day

November 2nd Indoor Flea Market 8am-2pm Grace United Methodist Church 515 South Wellwood Avenue

November 9th Donate A Can of Food to Your Local Pantry Day

November 3rd Daylight Saving Ends November 4th Harding PTA Meeting 7:30pm MS PTA Executive Meeting @ 7:30pm

November 5th The opinions expressed in this Election Day (no school) editorial do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Lindenhurst Gazette Beginners AA - Our Lady of Perpetual Help 240 S Wellwood Ave Lindenhurst, NY 11757 in school bsmnt. The increased investment announced @7:30pm

Governor Directs State Agencies to Prioritize Rebuilding Projects Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced action through the federal Community Reinvestment Act to spur more than $3 billion in private investment to finance more resilient infrastructure and other projects in storm-impacted communities participating in the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program. Governor Cuomo also directed several state agencies to provide special support for community rebuilding plans produced through the New York Rising Program. As part of today’s announcement, the Department of Financial Services (DFS) is directing private financial institutions that the loans they make to support storm recovery efforts will be eligible for Community Reinvestment Act credit. That incentive is expected to help spur an estimated $3.2 billion in private investment in storm-impacted communities. “Communities across New York State have been shaken by major storms in the past few years, and we must adapt to the new norm of extreme weather,” Governor Cuomo said. “State government is doing its part to bolster the storm recovery process with actions taken by multiple agencies to expedite projects and spur upwards of $3 billion in investment from the private sector. Many families and businesses are continuing to face the challenges brought about by these storms, but together we can build our communities back stronger than ever before.” Benjamin M. Lawsky, Superintendent of Financial Services, said, “This action will help spark billions of dollars in lending and private investment in communities that were hit hard by these devastating natural disasters. We’ll continue to work in partnership with local stakeholders to rebuild these communities and help them better withstand future storms.” Previously, funding for local plans consisted of approximately $500 million in HUD Community Development Block Grant funds.

November 1 - 15th

November 10th Lindenhurst Library Presents “Liverpool Shuffle” Outdoor Concert @2:30pm November 11th Veterans Day (no school) November 12th Rall PTA Executive Meeting @7pm Daniel Street PTA Meeting @7:30pm Alg PTA meeting @7:30pm HS PTSA Meeting @7:30pm Beginners AA - Our Lady of Perpetual Help 240 S Wellwood Ave Lindenhurst, NY 11757 in school bsmnt. @7:30pm

today is facilitated through the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), November 6th which encourages banks to serve the Board of Ed Business Meeting credit needs of their communities, McKenna Building @ 8pm particularly low- and moderate- Library- Fall Story Time income communities and communities Age 2 ½ – 4 @11:15am Library- Make A Dream Catcher rebuilding from disasters. The New grade 6-12 @3pm York State Department of Financial November 7th Services (DFS), which reviews November 14th banks' performance in meeting -3:45 West Gates Board of Ed -Incoming Freshman and Parent HS Financial Aid Night @7:30pm their CRA obligations, will award -AA meetingOur Lady of Perpetual priority CRA credit to projects that Night HS 6:30pm Help are included in New York Rising -Albany PTA Executive Meeting Community Reconstruction Plans. @ 7pm 240 S Wellwood Ave DFS will also help connect banks -Library- Family Story Time ages Lindenhurst, NY 11757 interested in making CRA-eligible 3-7 @7pm in school bsmnt. disaster area investments and loans with -AA meeting Our Lady of Perpetu- @8pm New York Rising Community projects al Help in need of financing. By publicizing 240 S Wellwood Ave November 15th the New York Rising Communities Chinese Auction And Fashion planning process and hosting meetings Lindenhurst, NY 11757 in school bsmnt. Show 7pm Knights of Columbus for banks and New York Rising Hall @ 400 south broadway Community Planning Committees, this @8pm Library- Young Adult Council action will help spur an estimated $3 Grade 6-12 @3pm billion in private sector investments in New York Rising Communities. The Governor has also directed the All calendar information is up to date at time of publication. Events are subject to change without notice. following five State agencies to provide special support for New York Rising targeting storm-impacted businesses Assistance Program. This program Community plans in various respects: through the Community Development provides grants to alternative lenders • The Department of Financial Institution (CDFI) Continued on Page 13 Environmental Conservation (DEC) will work with New York Rising Community planners to determine which projects will require environmental permits, including those regarding Freshwater Wetlands, Tidal Wetlands, Protection of Waters, Coastal Erosion Hazard Areas, and Water Quality Certifications. These applications will be given priority status and expedited through the permitting process. DEC will also consider the development of general permits and/or standard activity permits if there are activities identified in the plans that are repetitive in nature and could be better managed through a standardized, expedited approach. • Empire State Development Press Pool Corporation will prioritize New “Many families and businesses are continuing to face the challenges brought about by York Rising Communities’ proposals these storms, but together we can build our communities back stronger than ever before.”

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The Lindenhurst Gazette

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Life Coach Corner Ever been frustrated?

I mean, really frustrated to the point where you’re not quite sure what to do next? Frustrations happen By Mark to all of us in life, Delloso whether they come from our jobs, relationships, families or raising our kids. The answer to all of our greatest frustrations lies in how we respond to them! The articles published in this section, will truly, (I believe), help you to respond without losing your temper, or for that matter, your hair! So put down that quart of Ben & Jerry’s and read on! Let’s start with this frustrating issue, “Waiting!” No one likes to wait! Many of us get frustrated when we go to the ‘Express’ line at the supermarket, in the hopes of getting out of there quickly! But it never seems to be express! Many times we still find ourselves waiting! Maybe it’s because the cashier is new and under the learning curve! Maybe it’s because someone has 20 items in the 10 item line! For whatever reason, we immensely, have a distain, for waiting! Thank God for the drive through! But even there, sometimes, we have to wait! Is it only me that this happens too? When it feels like the guy in front of you is ordering burgers for the whole football team? “Just my luck!” you say. Well, the point taken here is, nobody likes to wait! Sometimes though, we have to wait. We find ourselves waiting for the good things in life, and we especially find ourselves waiting during the trials in our lives. Waiting for something you see important, can be frustrating if you haven’t gotten it yet! Your greatest frustration here is because it hasn’t arrived according to your expectation! Maybe you’re waiting for a positive response for a job, or a bank, or a doctor’s report etc. Try not to get frustrated during these times. Waiting is like the letters, “L,M,N,O,P!”Why ‘L,M,N,O,P?” Well, we like the letter “A” because it usually means good or new beginnings! Everyone likes new beginnings! And we like the letter “Z” because it usually means completion! Task fulfilled! But in the middle of the A (new beginning), and the Z (Completion), there is a waiting period! The middle! The, “L,M,N,O,P!” There is an expression that says this, “Good things happen to those who wait!” This is true, and it is a man made

proverb. It is a man created word! What would a God created word say about waiting? The prophet Habakkuk wrote, “ For the vision is yet for an appointed time; but at the end, it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries… (though it LINGERS; though it is seemingly delaying), WAIT for it; because it will surely come…” (Hab.2:3) If you would consider God in this equation, you would see that sometimes, waiting is a process. And the process is established to prepare you personally for what is about to be given! I especially like the part of this word that says, “it will surely come.” This is a word of hope during the frustration of waiting! Let’s use a simple airport analogy. If you’ve ever flown anywhere, you then understand that not all flights are NON-STOP. Some flights have to stop to change planes or to redirect some passengers, with other connecting flights. Many airlines have connecting flights through “HUBS!” You may have a flight to San Diego California, but will have to stop in Chicago first! You may be traveling to Orlando Fla., but will have to stop in Raleigh North Carolina first! These are called connecting flights through a HUB System! Airlines do this to minimize travel costs and maximize efficiency! You may try to avoid connecting flights at any cost, but here’s a known fact; There are some places; that no matter how much money you have, (unless you have your own plan), you cannot get a direct flight, because it doesn’t exist! So, you are forced to do the process through the airlines hubs. Here is the real life principal. In God, there are some places He wants to take you where there are no direct flights to get there. Often we have to go through a process to get to a place, because there is something that God wants to do in you before you arrive at that destination! Like the airlines, God wants to maximize your efficiency! Possibly there is a maturing in the process! A completeness to come in the process! Be patient then. Let patience have its perfect work, so that you will be complete, lacking nothing! There are obviously, many other reasons for one being frustrated in the waiting! But this application may be the one for you! You may be in a holding pattern! A Hub, Bub! Even though what you are expecting appears to be delayed, it will be right on time! It will come! That is the hope you have in the process!

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A Wake Up Call critical decision to make in how they want to rebuild. The towns they live in don’t have any plan on keeping local community character intact. Homes will be raised while others remain on the ground. That’s why we started the 3C Competition. We wanted to engage the global community to focus on this problem. We defined this problem in our competition brief but kept it open ended as to receive varied entries and then find patterns within them that could correspond to any number of towns in the tri-state area and beyond. We were successful. With over 60 submissions received we went

Continued from Page 4

straight to work and came up with this playbook for towns and residents to use as a guide to keep their community character intact for generations to come. I’ll never forget standing on my front stoop that night. I looked to the sky and for some reason there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Instead a full moon was staring at me. Its glow on the floodwater in the street was sort of beautiful - a surreal moment during a night I will never forget.

Governor Prioritzes Rebuilding known as CDFIs for loan capital, loan loss reserves, technical assistance operational support, or organizational capacity building. These grants will assist New York Rising Communities in their efforts to build back their economy better than before and align it with their planned resilience measures. • The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority will prioritize and expedite New York Rising Community project applications for commercial/ industrial energy efficiency projects that include resiliency measures to minimize damage from future storms. Similarly, the New York Power Authority will give preference to New York Rising Communities for a number of initiatives aimed at energy sustainability, including determining locations for public electric vehicle charging stations as part of the Charge NY program, supporting solar panel installations under the NY-Sun initiative, and prioritizing of energy efficiency projects at public buildings as part of the Build Smart NY program.

Continued from Page 12

• The New York State Department of Transportation will expedite highway work permits for New York Rising Community projects. These permit applications will be given priority treatment and will be reviewed within one week of receipt, which will help move these critical projects forward. • The Department of State will give preference to applications from New York Rising Communities for support from the Brownfield Opportunity Areas Program, to assist those with significant brownfield contamination issues that are slowing the reconstruction and recovery process. The Department will also give preference to New York Rising Community applications for funding from the Environmental Protection Fund’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Program, which revitalized downtowns and local economies, created public access, improved water quality, and restored habitats. Waterfront revitalization can often go hand in hand with greater resilience measures.

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Hot cooking trends for cool weather foods

(BPT) - With the return of cool autumn weather, our thoughts turn to warm, comforting foods. But cold-weather cooking needn’t be dull. This year, take your menu cues from restaurant and cooking trends to create fun fall foods your entire family will enjoy. Here are some popular restaurant ingredients and cooking methods to inspire your home-cooked meals this season: Look for locally sourced meats. Locally sourced meats and seafood were cited as the No. 1 trend in restaurants, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA) annual survey of professional chefs. Visit your neighborhood butcher or the locally grown section at your grocer for the freshest cuts and catches for meals with the fullest flavor, from slow-roasted beef to hearty stews and creamy seafood chowders. Be adventurous with veggies. Everyday green vegetables are popping up on menus in new ways, putting a fresh twist on old standbys. Brussels sprouts, once thought to be needlessly bland, are the latest “it”

vegetable, taking on a new personality when sauteed or seared to bring out a nutty flavor. Also enjoying a new place in the sun is kale­- stir-fried, steamed, sauteed, baked or even added to a soup or stew for crunch - kale can add tasty, unexpected texture and flavor to a meal. Tools such as Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Cookware make these veggies a snap to prepare, thanks to a multi-layer non-stick cooking surface and hard-anodized construction that ensures lasting, easy release, even heat distribution and new dishwasher-safe cleanup. The line includes everything from saute pans to stock pots so simmering, pan-searing, poaching, frying or stewing your favorite fall comfort foods is easier than ever. Hit the fall farmers market. The popularity of farmers markets continues to grow as more Americans seek out fresh fruits and vegetables so much so that the number of farmers markets has grown by 150 percent in the last 10 years, according to the National Farmers Market Coalition. Farmers markets are no longer just a summertime tradition either. Even in

cooler climates, local farmers markets extend into November. Stroll through your local market to pick up in-season produce. In addition to brussels sprouts and kale, look for fresh-picked acorn and butternut squash, pumpkins, cranberries, artichokes and mushrooms. Preserve nature’s bounty. Americans’ hunger for preserving seasonal freshness is a contributing factor in the returning popularity of home pickling and canning. In fact, pickling is among the top five food preparation methods cited by the NRA chef survey. Pickled products are also showing up in artisan specialty shops and grocery stores, with varieties extending beyond the standard to include pickled cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots and more. Home canning is also seeing an uptick as the desire for homemade freshness continues. For tips on food preservation, check out the National Center for Home Food Preservation. Crunch into the newest apple varieties. It seems every year that new varieties of apples are popping up, ready to be added to your favorite recipes. SnapDragon and Ruby Frost are just

Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup Servings: Serves 4 Prep time: Less than 30 minutes Cook time: Less than 60 minutes

Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 1 cup onion, chopped 2 cloves garlic, minced 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, minced 1 tablespoon curry powder 2 pounds butternut squash, peeled, seeded and coarsely chopped

4 cups chicken or vegetable broth 1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and chopped 1 tablespoon port wine (optional) Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup plain yogurt (optional) Pinch each of ground cinnamon and cayenne pepper

Directions: Heat butter in a Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 8-qt Stock Pot or 5-qt

Dutch oven over medium heat. Add onion and saute until softened, about 8-10 minutes.-Add garlic, ginger and curry powder and cook for 1 minute while constantly stirring. Add squash, vegetable broth and apple to the stock pot. Cover and cook until the squash is soft, about 20-25 minutes. Add the port and turn the heat off.

two of the new varieties this fall, while heirloom apples are also enjoying the limelight. Whether your family loves apple cobbler and pie, or just can’t get through the season without a homemade caramel apple, follow your whims and try out-of-the-ordinary apple varieties in your own recipes. Serve soups with twist. What would autumn be without a savory soup simmering on the stove? This season, rev up your soup repertoire and try something new. Bring interesting flavors home by combining autumn’s produce with a bit of spice. Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup makes the most of in-season squash and apples with the added kick of fresh ginger, curry powder, ground cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Top with a dollop of thick, creamy yogurt. So go ahead - experiment this season with new ingredients and techniques - and help your family “fall into” a flavorful fall. For more cooking ideas and recipes, visit

Cool soup slightly; carefully puree soup with an immersion blender or in batches using a blender or food processor. Reheat the soup in the stock pot and season to taste with salt and pepper. Ladle into soup bowls. Garnish each bowl with a dollop (or swirl) of yogurt and a pinch of cinnamon and/ or cayenne pepper, if desired. Serve immediately.

Restaurant Guide Sorto’s Top Bun 136 S Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Mon-Sat 11am - 9am Sun 11am - 8pm (631) 991-7373 American Style

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Village Lantern 143 N Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Lunch & Dinner Served Call for Info (631) 225-1690 Spoon Coffee House & Eatery 125 S Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (631) 957-7666 Coffee, Tea & Live Entertainment Southside Fish & Clam Restaurant 395 W Montauk Hwy Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (631) 226-3322 Seafood

Goccia D’oro Ristorante 118 S Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (631) 225-9898 Fine Italian Dining Family Style Restuarant

Kabuki Sushi 183 S Wellwood Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Japanese Style (631) 226-8688

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Advertise Your Restaurant Here Just Call (631) 412-3940 Ask for Ashley

Duffy’s Wing House 95 E Hoffman Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 (631) 226-9646 Sports Bar, Venue & Event Spaces Avaliable! Lunch, Dinner & Late Night

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