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Joshua Young , Jania Hodges

Christmas in Holland

I dedicate this to Mrs. Turner, Joshua

I dedicate this to my Grandfather, Jania

December 17, 2013 Reading class Mrs. Turner Covington street elm 5th grade

Christmas traditions in Holland

St Nicholas arrives early in Holland with his gifts, in November. He is dressed in Bishop's robes and journeys in a boat with his helper who is called Black Peter and who wears Spanish clothes. It is said that the pair live most of the year preparing lists of

presents and writing every child's behavior in a very large book. Many people go to Amsterdam docks to greet him. He mounts a snow horse and rides through the streets in a great parade, amid many festivities.

In Holland St. Nicholas visits the children on December 5 accompanied by his faithful helper "Black Peter." He, or a black gloved hand, distributes the peppernoten to the children by throwing them through the door before the arrival of St. Nicholas.

2½ cups (300 g) flour 1½ teaspoon baking powder 1/2 cup (75 g) brown sugar 1 egg yolk 4 tablespoons water ¼ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon nutmeg ¼ teaspoon cloves pinch of salt ¼ teaspoon anise seeds optional

Knead all ingredients into a soft ball. Butter two baking sheets. Form about 50 marble-sized balls. Place them on the two sheets, so that they are the same distance from each other. Flatten each ball slightly.

Bake at 350º F. (175º C) 20 minutes or until done. The cookies will be very hard, but they will get softer as they get older. Makes about 50 peppernuts.

Jingle Bells Dashing door de sneeuw In een one-horse open sleigh O'er de velden gaan we lachen helemaal klokken op bobtail ring' geesten helder te maken wat het leuk is om te rijden en een sleighing lied vanavond zingen! Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle helemaal. Oh! Wat leuk is het om te rijden In een one-horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle helemaal; Oh! Wat leuk is het om te rijden In een one-horse open sleigh 12 days of christmas Op de twaalfde dag van Kerstmis gaf mijn ware liefde voor mij. 12 Drummers drummen 11 Pipers leidingen 10 Lords-a-Leaping 9 dames ringen dansen 8 Maids-eenmelken 7 zwanen-a-zwemmen 6 ganzen-a-tot 5 goud 4 Colly vogels 3 Franse hennen 2 tortelduiven en een patrijs in een perenboom I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Ik zag Mommy kissing Santa ClausUnderneath de maretak gisteravond.Ze zag me creepdown de trap naar het hebben van een gluren;Ze dacht dat ik tuckedup in mijn slaapkamer snel in slaap was.Toen, zag ik Mama kietelen Santa ClausUnderneath zijn witte

baardzobesneeuwde, Oh, wat een lach beenIf papa zou hebben had alleen seenMommy kissing Santa Claus vorge nacht I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus Underneath the mistletoe last night. She didn't see me creep down the stairs to have a peep; She thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleep. Then, I saw Mommy tickle Santa Claus Underneath his beard so snowy white; Oh, what a laugh it would have been If Daddy had only seen Mommy kissing Santa Claus last night

Merry Chirstmas gelukkig Nieuwjaar ik hou van giften prettige vakantie wensen u een vrolijk kerstfeest

Geography The Netherlands is a small country sandwiched between Belgium and Germany in Western Europe. The North Sea, located to the north and west of the Netherlands, is continually battering the land. The Dutch have a saying: "God made the Earth, but the Dutch made Holland." The North Sea would have washed away the Netherlands if the Dutch had not erected defenses to protect their land. Over the centuries, the Dutch have built series of canals, dams, dikes, and pumping stations to keep the sea and rivers back. Today more than 1,491 miles (2,400 kilometers) of dikes shield the low, flat land—almost half of which lies below sea level— from the North Sea. Without the existing dikes 65 percent of the country would be flooded daily. The population 16,296,000. Dutch, Frisian Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Muslim Currency: Euro Life Expectancy: 78 GDP per Capita: U.S. $27,200 Literacy Percent: 99 The Netherlands, on the coast of the North Sea, is twice the size of New Jersey. Part of the great plain of north and west Europe, the Netherlands has maximum dimensions of 190 by 160 mi (360 by 257 km) and is low and flat except in Limburg in the southeast, where some hills rise up to 322 m (1056 ft). About half the country's area is below sea level, making the famous Dutch dikes a requisite for efficient land use. www.

Christmas in Holland By Jania and Joshua  
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