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Christmas in Spain

By: Olivia and jadala

pictures of spain during cristmas!

Traditions Christmas is deeply religious in Spain. Most people have nativity scenes in their homes. Papa noel, also know as Santa Clause in America, brings them gifts in the morning, also on January 6 three kings bring them gifts. Children will fill shoes with straw, for the camels that the three kings ride on to bring gifts to the children. Families will get a grape vine with enough grapes so that they can eat one grape at midnight till New Years Eve.

Mentecvados These traditional Spanish Crumble Cakes are every Spaniard's favorite and a regular on every Spanish Christmas menu. You need to try making these delicate cookie cakes to know why Spaniards swear by them. The recipe for Mantecados though similar to sugar cookies has its own delectable variations. Butter, sugar, egg, baking soda, and flour are mixed to make simple dough, flavored with cinnamon. The dough is then formed into balls or cookies, brushed with egg white, sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar, and baked to perfection.

Songs in Spain for Christmas "Feliz Navidad"

José Feliciano


"Arre borriquito" Traditional "Hacia Belén va una burra" Traditional "Ay del chiquirritín"


"Ande, ande, ande la marimorena"


"Dime niño de quién eres" Traditional "Canta, ríe y bebe"


"Las doce palabritas"


"Noche de paz" ("Silent Night")

How to say 5 Spanish words

¡Feliz Navidad "Merry Christmas" in Spanish ¡hola "Hello" in Spanish Despedida "goodbye" in Spanish ¿cómo estás "How are you" in Spanish feliz año Nuevo "happy new year" in Spanish

My country is in the red continent, Europe.

The population of Spain has greatly grown in the past few years,currently 46,661,950 is the population of Spain. Spain is north of the equator . Spain is located in the northern hemispher . Spain is bordered

by portugal, and france.

Spain is a very interesting country. My country speaks Spanish. Spain is bordered by Portugal and France. My country is in Europe. Spain has many city’s.

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Christmas in Spain by:Olivia  
Christmas in Spain by:Olivia