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Change Your Life with Neuro-Alignment and Grant Hamel

African Gems for the finest crystals

Dan Brulé in Cape Town

The breath is like a thread and you can follow it right back to its source… A Free Open Evening

Green Tea

How good is it actually?



Immune Boosting Juice Recipe by Megan Bosman

Hearth & Soul Eco-farm

Beautiful new residential retreat venue in Overberg. Ideal for workshops or group getaways; 140m2 function hall; 13 rooms (sleep 25-30). Self-catering eco-barn accomm sleeps 10ppl @ R1500pd or R180pppn. Tel: 021-813-9700 or sms 082 774 5576 •

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS Practical, fun workshops and adventures to develop your natural ability to communicate telepathically with other species. Learn how to understand animals and address health, emotional and behavioural issues. • Constantia: 6 & 7 July • Stanford: 7 & 8 September

South Africa’s only dedicated NLP Institute offers: • NLP Practitioner Coaching Certification • NLP Master Practitioner Coaching Certification • Personal Breakthrough Sessions

Facilitated by international professional animal communicator, Anna Breytenbach.

Get rid of blockages to performance, limiting beliefs and baggage from the past. Achieve rapid and sustainable growth in all areas of your life and business practice.

Visit or email

MIN MCLOUGHLIN 021-762-5732

TWO YEAR INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED ENERGY HEALING COURSE Due date for applications 15th May 2013 The School of Intuition and Healing is based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are a branch of the European School founded by Sue Allen in London, UK. This School is internationally recognised and provides high quality education in healing. The two-year healing course is a part-time, fully comprehensive course that covers all aspects of energy healing and equips the students with the training and practical experience to practise with competence once qualified. For more information please contact the School DOUG BUCKINGHAM PRESENTS ‘THE JOURNEY OF THE SOUL’ Wednesday 19th June, 18.30 – 20.30, Phakalane Centre, Hout Bay, donations accepted How Hypnosis, Past Lives & Life between Lives Regression Therapy can help us discover our Soul’s learning. ‘AN INSIGHT INTO REGRESSION THERAPY’ WITH DOUG BUCKINGHAM Saturday 22nd June, 10.00 – 17.30, Phakalane Centre, Hout Bay, R850 This is a one-day workshop on Regression. ‘AN INSIGHT INTO LIFE BETWEEN LIVES SPIRITUAL REGRESSION’ WITH DOUG BUCKINGHAM Sunday 23rd June, 10.00 – 17.30, Phakalane Centre, Hout Bay, R850 This is a one-day workshop on Life between Lives Spiritual Regression. ANIMAL HEALING WORKSHOP WITH NATASHA WOJNOW Wednesday 5th June, 10.00 – 17.00, Higgledy Piggledy Farm & Rescue Centre, Noordhoek, R700 ANIMAL COMMUNICATION WORKSHOP WITH NATASHA WOJNOW Thursday 6th June, 10.00 – 17.00, Higgledy Piggledy Farm & Rescue Centre, Noordhoek, R700 PRIVATE SESSIONS FOR PSYCHIC ATTACK, SPIRIT RELEASE AND SPACE CLEARING WITH NATASHA WOJNOW 4th and 7th June – booking essential

For bookings and further information contact Anna Prinsloo 0723804830 Email:


Discover The Beauty and Peace of


Accommodation Specials 26-28 April; 11-13 May; 28-29 June Pensioners Weeks 20-24 May; 1-5 June

Silent Retreats 15-19 April; 6-10 May; 8-12 July Mc Gregor Poetry Festival – Passion and Imagination 20-22 June Walking The Sacred Way – discover the art of walking 14-16 June Tel: 023 625 1871

Free Flow

PHYSIOTHERAPY & Deep Relaxation Sound Sessions • • • • • • •

Postural Correction Dry Needling Kinesiotaping Exercise Rehabilitation Fascial Release Manual Therapy Crystal Bowl and Gong Therapy

Anna Prinsloo • 072 380 4830 • Bishopscourt Registered HPSCA and BHF

Holistic Metaphysical Healing Healing on all Levels.

Mind. Body. Soul. Spirit. 3

Contact Nico Bekker 071 252 8845 •

Kagyu Samye Dzong Cape Town

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for World Peace & Health Under the auspices of His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje Regular Activities – April to June Mondays 7pm – Intermediate & beginners meditation Tuesdays

9am – Yoga 10am – Meditation 6pm – Chenrezig puja 7pm – alternate weeks Inspiring Ngondro

Thursdays 6pm – Science of mind study group 6pm – Chenrezig puja 7pm – Transforming fear Saturdays – 1st Sat of the month @ 10am Medicine Buddha – last Sat of the month @ 10am Laughter Yoga Sundays – last Sunday of the month @ 9am End-of-Month retreat

Visiting Teachers 2013 August Charlie Morley Lucid Dreaming retreat 22 to 26 August @ Bodhi Khaya November Ken & Katia Holmes Talks at the centre Retreat @ Bodhi Khaya 8 to 12 November

6 Morgenrood Road, Kenilworth • Tel 021 761 2978 • •

Naturopaths using Green tea Greetings! Well! The weather changed with a vengeance, one moment it was hot and the next, winter rains had arrived! Our garden is responding to the wet and we are enjoying the baby marrows and spinach that we planted last summer. There’s nothing like a ‘bit o’ earth’ to call one’s own and to watch the miracle of bare ground sprouting green leaves and eventually producing things to grace your dinner table. Congratulations to Michael Hand who won last issue’s Shiatsu competition. This time there is a chance to win a lovely hamper from Enchantrix.

Green tea is most widely known for its high number of polyphenols, the most noted of which is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Most of the research on green tea in the context of cancer care is done on an EGCG extract. Green tea polyphenols have been shown to inhibit every step of carcinogenesis. Green tea supports the induction of the phase II enzymes that stimulate detoxification. It helps to reduce or modify carcinogens so they become less carcinogenic. It also stimulates DNA repair, reducing the amount of DNA damage. If cell damage has taken place, green tea induces Apoptosis, i.e. death, of those damaged cells. If a tumor is already growing, green tea inhibits growth signals, making it harder for the tumor to spread through the tissue. Finally, green tea reduces angiogenesis or increased blood flow to the tumor. So there is great benefit in switching from your morning cup of coffee to a good quality green tea. There are many green tea supplements on the market; do some research into the company and origin of your supplement, allowing you to make an informed choice.

As we head to winter, coughs, colds and flu increase. Remember to increase your Vitamin C and Zinc intake to help your immune system to fight off infection. Echinacea, Golden Seal, Tea Tree oil all have their place. Hot water with ginger, lemon and honey is a delicious way to soothe a sore throat. Also, washing your hands frequently helps to reduce transmission of those nasty viruses. Stay warm and keep well. Till next time, Blessings

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Dr. Melissa Brown, Naturopath 072-549-4938

Distributors Fast Speedy Deliveries Fred: 083 686 3535 / email: G.P.O. of South Africa – Cape Mail CONTACT DETAILS Editor: Estelle Gaylard Tel: 021-712 1026 Fax: 088 021 788 3824 E-mail: Website: DISTRIBUTION AND SUBSCRIPTIONS Link-Up Western Cape is published every 2nd month. It is a free publication. 10 000 copies are printed and distributed. Please contact us to become a distributor or subscriber. Issue July/Aug 2013 Sept/Oct 2013 Nov/Dec 2013 Jan/Feb 2014

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Coming Events


Business Kinesiology: 7th-10th June 2013 Michela Collett will share a method of utilising our body as a reference for discovering our true path in the work arena. Join us in creating a surplus of Time, Relationships and Money. Simple and effective – it’s as fun and rewarding discovering your INNER WEALTH as it is your INNER CHILD! Contact: 021-685-5353 / Cultivate inner tranquillity. A one day Retreat for Women. 1st June. Tel Jill Fisher 028-315-2993/072-477-7120. DORN Method – Healing through the Spine Internationally certified course in manual alignment technique. Simple, effective and holistic. Cape Town, Knysna, Windhoek in May/June. Anna: 078-830-7242 FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS ONE-DAY WORKSHOP 9th June. Contact Robyn 021-788-1101 TheInnerProcess FREE course 4 Sundays in Noordhoek. Pure Original Ascended Master Teachings on the Magic ‘I AM’ Presence & The Laws of Life. For sincere, dedicated people who are willing to make the necessary changes in their lives to enable the Laws to act. Please email Anthea: or SMS/Call 083-227-0269 Green Bellies Course Judgement and fear release. 7-Day guided detox. Healing meditations. Body Connection. Self-Love. Rebecca 084-211-4525. HEAL YOUR LIFE – Workshops, Coaching and Training based on the Philosophy of Louise Hay Experience the phenomenal life changing work of Louise Hay! Heal Your Life® Training in CAPE TOWN 2013 A 7day course to become a facilitator. 22-29 June 2013 011-326-5209 / 078-538-0922 We have licensed workshop leaders in Cape Town, KZN and Gauteng Holistic Self-Care: Thurs, 16, 23 & 30 May 2013, 10 – noon Feeling stressed? Time for you? Learn EFT (tapping), relaxation techniques, more about essential oils etc. Constantia. R550, or R190 per week. See: (Events & Workshops). Tel: 076-485-8063 MAN’S DEPTH – MAN’S POWER – MAN’S SPIRITUALITY A workshop with Har Bhajan based on Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan. 18.5.13, 2 – 6pm, R400, Remembering Past Lives Workshop: Sat, 11 May 2013, 10 – 2pm Curious to learn more about your past, and previous incarnations? Constantia. R350. See: (Events & Workshops). Tel: 076-485-8063 THE PRESENCE RETREATS Integrating your Divine with your Human Self, a magical, marvellous experience. 1 – 12 May Fynbos Estate, Malmesbury , 31 May – 2 June Hearth and Soul, Overberg, 28 – 30 June Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre, Standford. Considerable early bird offers. Contact: NATALIA BAKER 021-788-2900 THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE: SACRED GEOMETRY & NUMEROLOGY TAROT DECK WORKSHOPS: Follow the path of the Alchemist as we uncover the mysteries of vibration in this transformative synthesis of Sacred Geometry, Numerology and the Tarot. Presented by Rosalind Pape. MAY 19th, JUN 16th, JUL 7th 2013. / 079-0494-304

COUNSELLING & THERAPY – Harold Epstein City & Southern Suburbs 083-613-8094 Heinrich Goosen: Integrative/Transpersonal counsellor. Individual and couples. 083-766-6886. Professional Counselling + Family and Constellations Therapy Anja Gerbers, Dipl. Counselling & Communication (SACAP) Tel: 073-761-5555 PROSTATE CANCER COUNSELLING Counselling for Patient, Wives/Partners, or Couples who would like a safe space to talk about the life changing difficulties this diagnosis brings up. Jill Kramer (Dip.Coun.Comm)(SACAP) 082-930-2424 / 021-712-7956 Relationship Counselling ‘Communication is to relationships what breathe is to life’ Satir It is a privilege and an investment to work on our relationships. See or phone Pippa (psychologist) – 021-783-3494, 076-882-8681, Kommetjie and Tokai practice.


AFRICAN GEMS AND MINERALS EST. 1984 We have the Largest selection of quality Crystals, Fine Minerals, Esoteric, Charka and Silver Jewellery, Fossils, Faceted Gemstones & Lapidary equipment in the Country at Wholesale prices that will make you smile!! We have 5 Branches! Our Head office: 14 Ostend Rd. Germiston On the East Rand. Call: 011-873-1414 Branch 2: GRC in Johannesburg. Call: 076-665-1711 Wow ! Branch 3: 142 Buitengracht st. Cape Town City Centre. Call: 073-531-2667 Branch 4: Montague Gardens Cape Town. Call: 078-888-0416 Wow ! Branch 5: Auckland – New Zealand. ‘THE GOOD ENERGY STORE!’

Doctors of Natural Medicine

Dr Shelley Ruth Wyndham Energy/Spiritual Medicine Practice dedicated to facilitate your process to release negative, destructive, imbalanced life patterns and to help you embrace more supportive ways of being. * Life Coaching * Counselling * Meditation Training * Energy Rebalancing * Spiritual Guidance 082-457-5032 Naturopath – Dr Eva Mihal (N.D.) Tel: 021-782-9051 Email:

For Sale – General

Health Charts Reflexololgy: foot/hand/face/head/ear, aromatherapy, chakra, shiatsu, meridian, acupuncture, acid-alkaline, food-combining, iridology, colour-healing, herb, muscular, skeletal. Ingrid: 082-937-1957 Meditation Benches Wood. R140. Tel 021-696-1821 WANTED!! Second hand Vacuflex machine Looking for second hand vaculfex machine to buy. Jane: 082-967-0557


Down to earth, eco-friendly and off-grid Mountain Retreat near Montagu De-stress & recharge in cosy cottages with fireplaces, hiking trails and plenty of tranquillity. or 023-614-1895 Stone Cottage, a unique combination of a river-stone cottage wrapped around a luxury caravan is luxurious, yet simply comfortable. Enjoy nature, life on the farm, peace and space;; Bev: 083-268-7678

General Services


Astrology for Business and Personal Business – target your strength and weaknesses, identify major events, enable decision making, Astrology can help clarify important decisions. Personal – Astrology identifies all those different aspects of your self, allowing a synthesis into an integrated individual, finding your true self. Monthly Astrology Workshops are conducted on discovering your purpose in life as revealed in your horoscope, need to have had your reading done and bring the chart with you, gives more clarification. Heather Koutny Tel 021-447-1012 cell 078-079-0200 Email: Cape Astrology Association Meets 3rd Thursday of month @ 6pm for 7pm – iKhaya Lodge, Dunkley Square, Gardens. Visitors R30, Membership R250pa. Call: 082-823-8358 or


Divorce Lawyer RENETTE RAUCH ATTORNEYS offer holistic, integrated divorces with a heavy emphasis on settling matters in a way that is fair to both parties. We believe that every party to a divorce inherently knows what is fair and we guide them to act from this place, and not from their emotions, which often fuel them to fight protracted, unkind and expensive battles about right and wrong. We also handle civil litigation, property transfers, Wills and Deceased Estates. Please contact us on or phone us on 021-418-1337/8. Improve your singing ability! Classically-based training by experienced opera singer for all types of singing and singers. Therapeutic and fun! Ph: 073-447-4515 / Integrative Lawyer Want an alternative? I run a home-based practice providing high quality, affordable legal advice and personal assistance with Conveyancing, Antenuptial Contracts, Wills and Deceased Estates. I am able to see clients in their home, if necessary. Contact Rhiannon Thomas on 021-671-5454 / 083-949-1590 / For more information see: Spiritually-minded person with an excellent eye for detail offering affordable proofreading and web design/building services. SiouxC: 076-721-3223.

Soul Coach & Relationship Coach Soul Coach & Relationship Coach Clear your past life clutter and step into your soul mate relationship, I will coach you through all your challenges. Emma Hamel (Soul Coach, NLP Practitioner) – 072-396-0869

Health & Fitness

T’ai Chi for Seniors Vikki Perreira: 082-3423240

Health and Healing

Amber Moon Reiki Master and Crystal Healer I heal, harmonise & balance your body mind & soul in a tranquil setting. Angel Tarot Readings. Come and browse around our Esoteric Gift Shop. Diane 079-326-3651 Meditation groups on Thursdays at 5pm. Holistic Health Centre We offer the ultimate in relaxation, stress relief, weight control and natural healing. Book in for the recommended 6 or 10 day stay in our single or double rooms, en suite. Vegetarian Detoxification diet and a wide range of therapies. St Francis Health Centre, Port Alfred. Tel: 046-625-0927 / 076-832-8669 Fax: 046-625-0953. Email: Website:


Link-Up Contact Details * Link-Up P.E. and Garden Route Office 041-368-7068 cell: 078-845-7562 email: * Link-Up Gauteng. Tel: 011-728-5699, Fax 011-728-5688 Email Address: available by phoning us or visiting our website Web: * Link-Up Namibia. Tel: 00-264-64-20-9595/20-9596. * Link-Up KwaZulu/Natal. Tel/Fax: 031-209-3872. * Link-Up Eastern Cape. Tel: 045-962-1131/073-689-5742 Fax: 086-692-9566 Email: Web: * Link-Up Mpumalanga. Cell: 082-551-3676 Email:

Living in the Heart

Markets & Festivals

Creative Life Solutions – an integrated approach to Thriving. Fiona Almeleh: 083-599-8487 QEC – Change your limiting beliefs With QEC I access your limiting thoughts and change them at the subconscious level. Freeing you to be in alignment with your conscious goals. There is no hypnosis involved and you are always in control. Use QEC to help with: Self-esteem issues Relationships Money or financial worries Grief and loss Stress and health issues CALL SUSAN 079-270-2016

Bothasig Fayre: 11 May, 8 June, 13 July 082-637-7417 The Jolly Carp Organic Market takes place every Saturday 10am -3pm 38 Sasmeer Road, Sasmeer Estate, Retreat ( See Notice board) We are looking for more healers to participate in our Wellness section Salsa classes will be starting soon on a Tuesday night Upcoming events: Freedom Day Market 27 April ( Celebrating 1 year old). World Baking Day Competition: Sat 18th May See our face book page: Jolly Carp Organic market. For more updates like our page Contact : Petrina 074-302-3254/021-761-5411 / Avril 072-404-4644

Martial Arts

Tai Chi Classes & Private Lessons, Northern Suburbs, 021-976-0003,

Health Products

Herbalife Nutrition & Weightloss Call Lindy: 076 905 9476 for free delivery in S.Suburbs. Excellent nutrition, guaranteed weight loss and loads of energy. Leading Organic Health Products. Made from the finest ingredients Nature has to offer. Vegetarian and Vegan Friendly. Gluten Free. Kosher, Sustainable, Glyconutrient technology. 100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee. Web: Email: Pendulums / Dowsing Rods For sale. Cel: 084-522-3700


Hawaiian Massage Therapeutic, nurturing, energy balancing oil massage. Lisa: 082-451-5968 Indian Head Massage Rejuvenating massage of head, neck & shoulders. Heather Gaspar: 021-762-9779 Massage – Claremont Destress and revitalise your body and mind. For the perfect massage using precious essential oils, call Yvonne 021-762-3369 / 082-453-3933. Massage Therapist (AHPCSA Registered) Deep tissue and therapeutic treatments to relieve muscular tension, pain and injury. Kirstenhof. Catherine Hoets 082-691-9610 /

Health Shops

Health Matters For healthy goodies and healthy advice. Sea Point Medical Centre Arcade. Tel. 021-434-5490.



Dr. Sandra Smit – Registered Homeopath and Craniosacral Therapist Muizenberg and Stellenbosch 084-700-0690

Life Coaches

LIFE COACHING Awakening your Creative Power Transformative Coaching, Rites of Passage, Munay-ki, Women’s Sexuality Contact: Denise Jones, Simon’s town (PhD) 083-261-2106 /


A STILL PLACE – Allan Wise teaches a basic 4 week meditation course, at Novalis. Phone 079-183-8430 , e-mail: FULL MOON MEDITATION – Allan Wise hosts this meditation monthly @19h30, at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute. Phone 079-183-8430 Meditation Classes & Courses for Inner Peace with Kadampa Buddhist monk Gen Pagpa & other Teachers All welcome! Cape Town CBD, Durbanville, Milnerton, Rondebosch, Simon’s Town, Somerset West. More info: 021-685-3428 Shambhala Meditation Group: All welcome. Erin Hall, 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch, Thursdays 6-8pm. Meditation instruction, group practice, talks and discussion. Please see for details, or call Jackie: 078-527-0057 The Dharma Centre – Home of Contemporary Zen Regular residential retreats at our Robertson Centre 023-626-3515. Rondebosch Centre: Tuesday Evening meditation from 7pm till 9pm, beginners welcome, 6 Lulworth Mansions, St.Andrews Road, Rondebosch, 021-686-3698. Web information: E mail: Vipassana Meditation As taught by SN Goenka. Vipassana is a technique of meditation which is taught in ten-day residential courses. It is a systematic way of developing insight and can be practised by anyone. The next 10-day courses will be held in Worcester, 01-12 May and 19-30 June 2013. There are no charges for the courses. Donations are accepted from those who, having benefited, wish to contribute for future students. Phone: 073-259-3872. E-Mail:

Accommodation & Retreat Venue


Pat Busch Mountain Reserve AND RETREATS

– Body-Mind Balancing – Craniosacral Therapy – Intuitive Massages – Pressure Touch Treatment

At the end of a country road, in a secluded valley of the Langeberg mountains just beyond Robertson, you will find serene peace & quiet. Our selection of self-catering cottages, large farmhouse & rustic banquet hall are ideal for functions, weddings & retreats.

– Scio Quantum Biofeedback – Spiritual Mentorship and Counselling Sessions – Transformational Consciousness Workshops Change Your Mind, Heal Your Life! For appointments contact Chrisli on 082 9408016 or visit

Hiking trails, indoor fireplaces for winter, fishing, wine tasting, birding, mountain biking. Family friendly – kiddies under 2 years are free, children under 10 years are half price!

Visit and be enticed by our world in one valley. Tel 023 626 2033


Immune Boosting Veggie Juice Help your body fight infection with this combo of powerful immune boosting vegetables.

Win a product hamper from

Ingredients: 2 large carrots 2 large cooked beetroot, halved 2 apples, quartered and cored 2 oranges, peeled and quartered 4 cm piece of fresh ginger ‘Do Enchantrix products contain parabens or petrochemicals?’ Send your answer with name, e-mail address and contact details to by 31 May and first correct entry drawn will win.

Juice the ingredients and drink immediately. Alternatively, you can process the ingredients in a blender, strain and dilute with fresh orange juice if necessary. (Compliments of Megan Bosman – Nutritional Therapist). 083 531 1043 or

We have the Largest selection of quality Crystals, Fine Minerals, Esoteric, Charka and Silver Jewellery, Fossils, Faceted Gemstones & Lapidary equipment in the Country at Wholesale prices that will make you smile!!


Unit 8 Prosperity Park corner Computer and Omuramba Road Montague Gardens Cape Town – (Please call before you come!) Call: 078-888-0416 *14 Ostend Rd. Germiston on the East Rand. Call: 011-873-1414 *GRC in Johannesburg Call: 076-665-1711 *Auckland – New Zealand. Call +64 21 256 5868 “THE GOOD ENERGY STORE!”

8 Week courses – learn meditation & mindfulness Denise Washkansky (psychologist); Debbie Grusd (physiotherapist) Contact:; 021-433-0791

notice board

HELPING HORSES Healing emotional, physical and behavioural problems. Karen 082-446-7780

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE Healthy Lymphatic System is vital to a Healthy Body Yvonne 021-762-3369 082-453-3933 Centrally situated in Claremont

MindFulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Psychotherapy and Art Therapy Integrative approach for children and adults Contact: Suzanne Joubert on 083 230 5597 or email web:


Enjoy a unique experience with nature and eco-living As you rest your body and soul @ Stone Cottage Knysna, Forest Nook Farm, Gouna. S/catering – sleeps 5 Bev: 083-268-7678


Detox on Cellular Level Kill Pathogens Loose Weight Boosts Immune System Sharon Baker @ Steps to Health, Diep River 082-455-1844

Using the Numerology of Moses, discover your Soul Destiny for this lifetime, including physical and spiritual challenges (karma), talents and goals. SiouxC 076-721-3223



Receive rites over 3 – 5 months R200 per set (3 sets) Teacher Training offered Robyn 083 309 6092

To harmonise body, soul and spirit JIN SHIN JUTSU; REIKI; PRANIC HEALING; SOLE REIKI body processing… meditation… Lesley: 021-797-8497; 082-920-4387



Highly qualified voice, acting, dialogue coach. 37 years experience in professional theatre and private individual tutoring. Lesley Nott Manim O21 797 8497; 082 920 4387



29TH SEPTEMBER – 9TH OCTOBER 2013 Sacred Valley, Macchu Pichu, Cusco and Raqchi. Experience the “Heart Of the Andes” with CAROL GEORGE 083 353 35317

Is your accent hindering you? Are you struggling to be understood?



Highly qualified voice, acting, dialogue coach. 37 years professional experience.

Lesley Nott Manim O21 797 8497; 082 920 4387

IMAGO Relationship Coach & Counsellor 083-709-0467

Learn how to balance, and harmonise and renew your body mind and spirit naturally Call Tanya 021-712-6053

Saturday Organic Market


At the Jolly Carp, 38 Sasmeer Road, Retreat. 10am to 3pm Join us every Saturday for a family fun day! Call: 074 302 3254

Let the Angels help you find answers to your problems GLYNIS DINSDALE Angel Therapy Pracitioner(R)/ Medium Certified by Doreen Virtue 083 456 8238 •


“Past life therapy can heal significant physical and emotional problems quickly and deeply”. Dr Brian Weiss. Using combination narrative therapy and shamanic journey 072 545 2542 Now in Noordhoek

MARGARET HOLTON Previously: Tea & Tarot, Lakeside 2001-2010 Wholism Healer, Inner Tuition Facilitator, Shaman EPASA registered 072 545 2542 Now in Noordhoek


SILVER IONS Nature’s Own Antibiotic Rejuvenate & Enhance Immune System Drinks / Spray / Gel Angela Botha – 076-156-3530


Everybody is better with Bowen Contact: Estelle Cell: 084 820 3920 Thursday mornings @ Health 2 You Blue Route Shopping Centre

Voice Training

Voice lessons in classical and contemporary genres. Join me on this journey of self discovery. Contact: Roche – 082-474-5367 Somerset West

Lovely Garden Cottage, “Elephant Walk”, self-catering, R680 per day for two, R120 for additional person (max.4). Email: or Cell: +27-83-754-2493 Join a Healthtour with Gudrun (see):


Healing Therapies,Counselling, Labyrinth Walks,Meditations, Empowering Workshops – in tranquil Fisherhaven – (1 hour from Cape Town, ½hr from Somerset West)

Jill & Martin Fisher 072-477-7120 visit

EXCELLENT NUTRITION WHILE YOU LOSE WEIGHT and cope with a fast paced lifestyle. Contact: 076 905 9476 Affordable, fast and healthy!


Journey through Dance Classes incorporate movement, dance, meditation and intention which gently guide you to journey inward, exploring the mystery of who you truly are. Classes combine creative, healing, shamanic and therapeutic wisdom to heal, awaken and empower! / Leigh: 072-183-2218

Ongoing Groups/Meetings

Artists Way Workshop Join me on a 14 week journey through Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artists Way’. This course is a tool for increased self awareness, growth and creativity. You will have the opportunity to discover and unblock your creative self within a safe group environment. Contact Nina 082-447-5378 Explore Nature – Sunday Relaxing Walks Meet up with like-minded people who are spiritually inclined for walks around Table Mountain. Extra time is allocated to be able to connect and share. Regular group full day walks & away weekends held to calm the soul & rejuvenate the Body. Call Iain 072-327-2840 / 021-462-6755 or subscribe walk update listing on / Hypnosis Guild of Southern Africa Non-profit, non-aligned organization offers membership, mentoring and networking opportunities to enhance competency beyond the classroom. Practitioners and all with an interest in hypnosis welcome. Check for more and next meeting date Sufi Movement Universal worship services, stressing the unity of all religious ideals, held every second and fourth Sundays of the month at 10-30am. At the Sufi Temple, 183 Campground Road, Newlands (via Mariendahl Road and Kinkleway). For further info tel. 021-671-8807. The Prosperous Heart A new workshop, based on Julia Cameron’s latest book offered by Nina, facilitator of The Artists Way workshop. 082-447-5378 The Spiritual Centre Tuesday and Thursday meetings. Daytime meditations. Sylvia 021-439-6005.

Parenting/Child Care

Aromatherapy Dr Claudine Van De Venter. Sea Point – Piazza Da Luz. 082-485-6145.


A choice of Body Balancing Techniques Balance your Body – Revitalise your Being! Bowen Technique / Gentle Lymph Drainage Massage / Intuitive Body Balancing Energy Work. Ren Redgrave Cell: 082-750-3845 Adult Music Play ‘80% of the adults I meet admit that they gave up on music after the ages of 6, 11 or 18’. Whether due to issues of mis-education, selfconsciousness, shame, uncertainty or self-doubt, registered music therapist Chris Wildman can help you find your hands, feet, rhythm and your voice and reclaim an active musical life. Call 083-660-6133 or email: Alexander Technique Visit for info and a list of teachers in your area or phone 082-562-9123 or 073-171-2309 or 021-671-2156. ATTUNEMENT Allan Wise will energetically balance your Endocrine system for powerful healing. Cape Town. Phone 079-183-8430 or e-mail BODYTALK Inga Jackson 021-715-3689. BODY WORK – a poetry of movement and rhythm – 021-780-1131/ 083-364-6237

JIKIDEN REIKI SEMINARS Reiki author and teacher


CONTACT: Sue van Heerden

083 262 0833 •


Bowen Technique Estelle Moys: 084-820-3920 Bowen Technique Carrie Garner – Plumstead – 082-969-8025 or Colon Health Centre If you suffer from irregular bowel movement, stress, bad breath, candida, headaches, spastic colon, skin problems, intestinal toxaemia, poor memory, or need a detoxification, call Rosalba 021-448-5562. Colonic Hydrotherapist Shaun Chater (Mrs). 021-689-4522, 021-686-6710 a/h. Also detox and fasting programme. (Nursing Sister; registered practice). Counselling, Couples Therapy, Trauma & Grief, Inner Child Work Psychologist Reinette Steyn. Tel 021-555-4248 Counsellor: ‘All of life is opportunity, had we but eyes to see’ Individual, couple and family counselling. A multidisciplinary approach towards healing and change. Glynis Depper 021-713-4195 / 083-602-6874. Counsellor: JILL KRAMER Areas of Specialisation: Individual Therapy, Couple Counselling, Prostate Cancer, Co-dependency, Inner-Child, Addiction, Grief & Loss, Dementia, Personal & General Counselling. Jill Kramer (Dip.Coun.Comm)(SACAP) 082-930-2424 / 021-712-7956 Cranio-Sacral Therapy Gentle release of physical and emotional stress and distress, including trauma. Phone Marion 021-696-5857. CRANIOSACRAL THERAPIST For adults, children, infants. City; and suburbs (at Drs Goldberg, Emdin). Harold Epstein: 083-613-8094. Divorce Recovery Holistic Services offered – individual, workshops and retreats. Based on universal international programme. Contact: 082-793-4387 or email: DNA or Life Activation Awakens & unlocks unused DNA. It is a powerful, one-on-one session to jumpstart your LIFE, get you moving forward and align you with your potential & purpose. An ancient process that opens your gifts, increases creativity, expands brain capacity, builds your immune system, releases unconscious patterns, clears genetic & ancestral patterns, lifts depression & brings joy, and brings light & energy to the physical body. Other: Emotional Cord Cutting, Etheric Surgery, Life Purpose Reading, Bloodline Healing, Purification by Light, Soul Retrieval, Isis Healing and more. Julia Tiffin 084-680-6029 Dr. Sandra Smit – Registered Homeopath and Craniosacral Therapist Muizenberg and Stellenbosch 084-700-0690 Emotional Cord Cutting Return to joy & purify your being: Clear all negative emotional cords and unwanted energies. Other: Soul retrieval, Life activation. Julia Tiffin 084-680-6029 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Experience and learn a simple, effective routine to deal with stress and personal issues without tears. Ph Marion 021-696-5857. FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS Individual sessions, monthly workshops. Contact: Robyn 021-788-1101 Homoeopath & BEST Practitioner: Dr. Megan Jones Bloubergrand 021-556-2382 Homoeopathy Dr Philip Sherwin. Seapoint Medical Centre. 021-434-0244. HYPNOSIS SPECIALIST Issues with Self & Life? Hypnosis can help you deal with and overcome personal and business issues whether they are Emotional; Spiritual; Financial; Physical. Difficult Relationships? HYPNOSIS works. Hypnotist, Life Coach. Pranic Energy Healer. Anita: 082-905-3755 – Office Hours. Hypnosis, EMDR, Psychotherapy Certified by SASCH, EMDRIA and HPCSA. Reinette Steyn [MAClinPsych]. Tel 021-555-4248 Hypnotherapy/Counselling Smoking, weight-loss, relationship problems, self-esteem, motivation, grief, empowerment, spiritual matters, stress, and more. Taryn (c. ht; dip. Couns. SACAP) 021-671-8455 083-553-3595 Hypnotherapy/Self-hypnosis/Soul Healing/Esoteric Healing Anthea Adamo SAMHA/GHSC/GMTI 021-790-1406 Kinesiologist Dr Sibis Mouton is certified through The Breakthru Institute (USA) in Nutritional and Behavioural Kinesiology. Contact her for a nutritional analysis (+ – 1.5 hours) or full integration session (+ – 3.5 hours) at 021-671-4956. Your muscle responses will indicate whether you have a shortage of a vitamin, stress on a particular organ and why. Often allergies or bad health have underlying emotional causes. The analysis will give you the answer to this. The full integration session can determine mistaken beliefs and then clear the underlying emotional issues to give people’s lives new meaning and purpose. Dr Mouton also facilitates the ZEST4LIFE courses in Newlands and on Mahe island, Seychelles – see

Kinesiology Kay 021-715-3142. Len Smuts Metaphysical Healer, Reiki Master and Spiritual growth Facilitator. Consultations in the Cape Town and Hex River Valley areas. Reiki tuition on request. Tel: 023-356-3394 or 083-530-1692. Lymph drainage For water retention and detoxification. Phone Marion 021-696-5857 Massage Back, neck, shoulder emphasis. Mervyn Feldman 021-671-3362 Massage – Indian Head Massage/ Back, Neck & Shoulder Gardens Lindsay Meyerowitz 083-232-2930 Naturopathy Dr Philip Sherwin. Seapoint Medical Centre. 021-434-0244. Naturopathy Dr Claudine Van De Venter. Sea Point – Piazza Da Luz. 082-485-6145. NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Coach Get results rapidly, practically and resolve your phobias, quit smoking and lose weight through NLP and hypnotherapy. Grant Hamel (BCom Hons, NLP Trainer) – 082-994-3262 Past Life & Spiritual Regression Therapy Live your life to your full potential 021-557-6164 / 074-579-0709 Past-Life Regression Therapy Offering healing insights into your everyday life. I am able to channel lives related to the many questions you have. All sessions recorded for your private use. Judy Le Cash 021-462-2011/ 082-777-6005 Philosophical Counselling A meaningful alternative to psychotherapy. Visit Helen Douglas MA, 021-788-4667 Talent Exchange member. Podiatrist – Tokai Deepika Patel 021-715-3142 Psycho-Spiritual Counselling Psycho-spiritual, healing, person-based counselling. A peaceful, gentle way out of any problems into new insight and healing. Judy Le Cash 021-462-2011 / 082-777-6005 Psychologist & Life Skills Coach Holistic approach. Reinette Steyn. Tel 021-555-4248 Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Attune, upgrade and heal on all levels. Heather Proudfoot 083-444-8807 Reflexologist Encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Gardens Lindsay Meyerowitz 083-232-2930 Reflexologist Mervyn Feldman 021-671-3362 Reflexologist Blog.Roberts 074-154-1130 Reflexologist – Registered Therapeutic Activating the healing powers of the body. Phillipa Cloete / / 082-792-4379 Reflexology Nadira 072-677-3144 Reiki Intiutive healling, balancing Reiki Master – Heather Gaspar: 021-762-9779 Reiki / Sole Reiki Treatments and tuition. Reiki Master. Mervyn Feldman 021-671-3362. SCIO Physical, Mental & Emotional Detects deficiencies & imbalances Sends healing frequencies to body Sharon Baker @ Steps to Health 082-455-1844 Sole Reiki / Reflexology Reflex therapy with energy healing Reiki Master – Heather Gaspar: 021-762-9779 Stephen Cox, Reiki Master. Experience the wonder of his touch Helderberg, Southern Suburbs. 079-886-4811 Survivors of Abuse Sexual, physical and emotional Recovered incest survivor and counsellor for twenty years offers psycho-spiritual, healing counselling which has proved to be a powerful path to recovery from traumatic or dysfunctional childhood experiences Judy Le Cash 021-462-2011 082-777-6005, The PSYCHO-SPIRITUAL Perspective to healing Dis-ease, Sick-ness & Lack by revealing Ease, Well-ness & Prosperity.

Seminars – Workshops – Counselling Ashraf Moorad B.Sc Hons (Psych) 082-752-6969 – Potent SELF-EMPOWERMENT Audio CDs Now on Promotion – Excellent Value – Free Postage! 1. ‘BLISSFUL LIVING – The Psycho-Spiritual Perspective to Enjoying the Life You Desire’ – 150min Seminar on 2CDs, R200. 2. ‘OWNING YOUR (Psycho-Spiritual) POWER TO PROSPER!’ 80min CD, R125. 3. Both programmes for R300. To order : text 082-752-6969 or email: WHOLISTIC BEAUTY THERAPY Learn how to balance, and harmonise and renew your body mind and spirit naturally. Call Tanya 021-712-6053 YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AFRAID OF WHO YOU ARE. Guidance, support and insight grounded in 28 years of Buddhist practice. Jennifer Woodhull, counsellor. 021-788-3466,


‘ A gift to read is not learnt, it is a faculty of the soul’ (copyright). Patsy Johnson accurately reads your future. Choose daytimes/ evenings/weekends. 021-671-0231 or 082-835-2608. About Angels Accurate Psychic / channelled readings, past life readings, by Tanja Jaeger via appointment, telephonic, e-mail or Skype. Ph: 083-229-4222 Accurate and Gifted Psychic Medium Private group/tel readings Michael 074-136-5787 Amazing Clairvoyant/ Psychic and Incredible Body Healer. Also does accurate telephone readings. Vanessa Herman 076-285-3329 or email BLUEPRINT4CREATION: PERSONAL BLUEPRINT MANDALAS. (Hand-painted, with a 25-30 page reading) by Rosalind Pape. Like my Facebook page and stand a chance to WIN a Personal Mandala! 079-049-4304 Celtic Rose – seer and mystic Clairvoyant, channelled and past life readings, life path guidance. 35 years exp. Rose: 082-830-3495 Clairvoyant / Medium 40years, Insight into your Life Situation and spiritual purpose. Also teaching Meditations for your desires. Past life,Angels + Masters.Eileen 021-4655991+Skype Clairvoyant/Psychic Readings/Guidance/Tele-readings Moira S: 082-777-6494 Gardens Gifted Psychic and Tarot reader One on one and telephone readings Claudine: 082-295-4489 Life Purpose Message Channelled from the archangels and ascended masters plus past life-regression therapy and psycho-spiritual counselling. All sessions recorded for your private use. Judy LeCash 021-462-2011 082-777-6005 Relationship readings 076-882-8186 or for info. TAROT READINGS For spiritual and practical Life Path Guidance, call Nina on 082-447-5378.

Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment


is a remarkable academy of the mind created by Ramtha the Enlightened One that offers retreats and workshops internationally to people of all ages and cultures. Using ancient wisdom and the latest discoveries in neuroscience and quantum physics, RSE teaches you how to access the extraordinary abilities of the brain to Become a Remarkable Life®. RSE facilitates live events and streaming over the Internet in many languages. For further information about The Master Teacher and Hierophant Ramtha, his extraordinary channel JZ Knight, this unique school and the Beginning Event visit For information with regard to Introductory Workshops and events on location in South Africa visit

Articles, Quotes & Free Online Movies. Also included: Awareness Updates, Conscious Movie Events, Explore Nature – Sunday Relaxing Group Walks. Open to all. FREE Intuition Update Newsletter – Healing through the Spine


A mix of Energy Healings, Activations & different massage techniques Refer web: / 021-558-5965 Buteyko: the clinically proven complementary asthma program that reduces symptoms by up to 75%. Intensive weekend programs offered countrywide, check site for details. Melody Mitchell 083-494-0661.


SHAMANIC CLASSES/HEALING Carol George 083-353-5317 Unleash Your Sixth Sense – Learn to Develop your Intuitive Self. Regular Comprehensive workshops over 4 evenings. Facilitator: Ren. Cell: 082-750-3845 for info.


Addiction Recovery Assistant Learnership Locally reputable part-time training in professional support for recovery from addictive/ compulsive behaviour. Comprises of 4 stand alone modules of 6 sessions each (on alternate Friday afternoons), which include an introduction to communication and basic counselling skills. The full course includes internships at registered addiction treatment facilities. For more details call 021-761-9049 or visit Authentic Massage Modalitity Courses Indian Head R850.00 / Hot Stone R950.00. Profound teaching covering Meridians, Brain Integration, with Certificate. Desi: 083-225-9139. Craniosacral Therapy Join us at Integral Health for a 2 day Introductory Seminar – 17 – 18 May 2013. Contact: 021-685-5353 / DORN Method – Healing through the Spine Internationally certified courses in manual alignment technique Anna: 078-830-7242 MASSAGE TRAINING: 021-780-1131/ 083-364-6237 Psychic Development, Healing with Angels and Angelic Energy Course Learn to develop intuition, ESP, Telepathy, reading energies, learn to connect to your guides. Shiatsu: Namikoshi School Practitioner and home-use courses. Thorough practical and theoretical training. Next course starts May 2013. Phone Marion: 021696-5857. Touch for Health Training Learn to use muscle monitoring to investigate the messages of your body. The Touch for Health protocol provides a method of balancing your response to life. Touch for Health is the foundation programme for further Specialised Kinesiology trainings. Next course dates : TFH 1: 20-21 July 2013. For more details contact: 021-685- 5353 /


Claremont Small yoga and relaxation classes in private studio. Marjolein 021-671-4068. Dreyersdal Rd, Bergvliet Small, intimate studio. Interactive, fun classes. SPECIAL: R100 for first 4 classes. Focus on correct posture and alignment. Creating Balance, strength, flexibility. Wendy 083-987-6899 Hatha Yoga Classes TEACHING FOR 21 YEARS. Constantia, Rondebosch, City Bowl, Harfield and Meadowridge. Yoga classes on CD also available. Contact Amber 021-696-3088 / 073-203-7617. LILA Yoga Studio – 201 Bree str. Cape Town Relax – Rejuvenate – Restore – Develop core strength – Flexibility – Overall sense of Health & Wellbeing Adult, Pre-natal, Children’s Yoga classes & private remedial / therapeutic classes for all. / 083-377-9248 / Oranjezicht Yoga Centre An innovative blend of Hatha Yoga, combining precision & alignment with breath, movement & flow. Classes are creative, fun & active. Small groups held from this scenic venue. Tel 083-442-7261 / / Yoga classes Plumstead. Colleen. (YYI and YTF cert.) 082-463-5109 Yoga Consciousness teaching.Knowledge of the I AM. Tel: 021-976 7121

Venues & Premises

Furnished therapy room with en-suite, separate entrance, part-time, available Northern Suburbs. Phone 082-750-3845 to discuss. HOPE in Stellenbosch Our new Inspiration centre, Hope, is fast and growing. We have done numerous NGO training seminars. We can seat up to 140 people (cinema). For more information go to http://www.stellenboschstay. com/conferences/ The Christian Community Plumstead. Hall: seating 150, kitchen facilities, parking. Meeting Room: 10 / 15 people. Flatlet: overnight accommodation R230 p.p. per night. Tel. 021-762-0450.


Sale of Essential Oils, Smudge Sticks, Herbs, Resins etc. Your Conscious Online Free Resource Centre, offering over 7500


Detect, avoid, reverse all neurological challenges

Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, memory decline, autism, add, depression, mood disorders

Offering powerful natural solutions for healing cancer without chemo or radiation!

Dr Janey Little tel: 0725 639 424

• Protecting your brain • Amino acids – are you lacking? • Allergies and how they affect your brain • The answers for autism • Overcoming eating disorders • Putting the breaks on Parkinson’s disease • Preventing Alzheimer’s • Schizophrenia can be cured.

Biofeedback stress reduction – because stressors cause 90 % of all diseases. • Anxiety programme • Trauma release • Sciatic • Paralysis • Epilepsy • Get rid of virus, bacteria, fungus

Medically and scientifically proven technique and biofeedback: • the other option to surgery • sport injuries and pain release • Lupus and other auto immune disease

Internationally recognized at the Bio Brain Center SA

074 899 2704 •

Manual Cell Stimulation is an exciting new technique developed by Anette Lordan over the past 14 years of intensive research. It is a groundbreaking treatment that brings relief from chronic pain, lameness, arthritis and ageing. • Permanent Release of Chronic Pain • Permanent Release of Osteoarthritis • Confirmed by X-Rays! • Exclusively practiced at the Nerve and Pain Release Centre

021 423 9522 • •

Dan Brulé Cape Town Schedule May/June 2013 The breath is like a thread and you can follow it right back to its source…. A Free Open Evening: Tuesday 28th May in Claremont: 7 – 9pm An opportunity to meet Dan and find out more about the Art & Science of Breathwork. Dan will introduce the practice of Conscious Breathing and answer any questions you may have about warm water & cold water rebirthing, Spiritual Breathing and breathwork in general.

Re-Patterning The Mind Body System: Thursday 30th May at Phakalane, Hout Bay: 6 – 10pm Something very remarkable happens in us when our breathing mechanism automatically responds in certain ways to stressful events... when certain resourceful breathing patterns become the habit of our system… . When we train these resourceful breathing reflexes into our system, we don’t have to think about being loving or kind, we don’t have to try to be patient or understanding, we don’t have to focus on being calm or creative. Instead, we automatically tend to think and feel, and naturally behave in these ways! We will be focusing on the power and potential of breathwork to free ourselves from physical, emotional, and psychological suffering, to remain blissful, ecstatic, loving, and creative, even in the most difficult moments of life… Cost: R500

2-Day Workshop Introducing Cold Water Rebirthing Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June at Phakalane, Hout Bay: 10am – 6pm each day Learning to breathe and relax into cold water is valuable for many reasons. Cold water triggers normal physiological symptoms and reactions...those same reactions often come up in other situations and when they do, they stop us, block us, distract us and interfere with our peace and creativity and so cold water is a great place to work out all kinds of emotional, psychological as well as physical issues. When you master the ability to be comfortable, relax and breathe in cold water...many other things are cleared in the process and they lose their power to stop us or make us uncomfortable in life! This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced breathers. We will spend Saturday on dry land preparing for Sunday’s Cold Water Rebirthing Process in Phakalane’s Love Pond. Cost: R2500 inc lunch

Clearing Birth Trauma and Infancy Issues: Tuesday 4th June, Claremont: 6 – 10pm The biggest trauma we all experience is our own birth! Remembering early primal impressions and events, we utilise the breath in re-programming them to empower and liberate us… so that we are able to more fully embody our divine nature and more fully express our true purpose and ultimate potential... Cost: R500

Warm-Water Rebirthing – Private Sessions: Saturday 8th June at Cape Town Medi Clinic, Gardens For the first time in Cape Town, Dan will be offering private sessions in the heated pool at Cape Town Medi Clinic. This is a unique opportunity to experience warm water rebirthing…..Dan’s intuitive presence will expertly and lovingly guide you deeply into the process. Sessions are between 90 – 120 minutes, depending on the unfolding of your process. Cost: R1800. Book early as there are only 4 session slots available.

1-Day Warm-Water Rebirthing Workshop: Sunday 9th June at Cape Town Medi-Clinic: 9am – 6pm After some preparation and processing, you will find yourself floating in warm water, using the connected breathing rhythm while being lovingly supported by two people. The process accesses “womb consciousness” and awakens unity consciousness, restoring direct conscious connection to Source, Essence... water rebirthing facilitates accessing memories of being in the womb and the world (sometimes past lives) that we took on as pure innocent, open beings... reviewing programs that were downloaded directly into the subconscious mind... recognizing that these early impressions control and limit us from the unconscious level... realizing that what our mother thought and felt, feared and believed, dreamed and desired... these were taken on as “ours”. Cost: R1800. Book early as places are limited to 15

Private Breathwork Sessions: 29th May – 7th June, Claremont The breath is the most intimate touch of existence. This first beloved caresses us from the inside all the time and yet we hardly notice its presence. Most of us have hardly begun to explore the power of the breath as a tool to deepen our intimacy with ourselves and with existence as such. There is so much more capacity for aliveness in us, right here in our bodies – if we open up more deeply to the breath. Sessions are 90 minutes. Cost: R975 Dan Brulé is a life skills and healing arts student and teacher, coach, practitioner trainer, and modern day healer. He is a pioneer in the Art and Science of Breathwork. Dan was first among the original group of internationally certified rebirthers. He is one of the originators of Breath Therapy, and the leading proponent of its theory and practice. He is a recognized leader in the worldwide Conscious Breathing Movement, and the founder of the Spiritual Breathing Movement. Dan has taught more than 60,000 people in over 40 countries to use the breath as a tool for health, growth and change, in spirit, mind and body. For more on his work, see

All Bookings Bookings & Enquiries: Rhianne van der Linde OR 083 679 1297 If you would like to attend more than one workshop please enquire re discounts available. Book soon as places are limited. Dan Brulé will be in Johannesburg from 18-26 May. For more information, email •

More info on

Kundalini Shaktipath 12 July 7-10pm

Jothi Body of Light Retreat 1 and 2 12-13 July

With Sri Pranaji and Master Raj Pranashakty is now offering Kundalini Shaktipath for spiritual aspirants outside Pranashakty. Anyone who follows a spiritual/energy practice seriously and is above 15 years of age can attend. After receiving Kundalini Shaktipath, the person can continue to do the practices that he/she had been following. Every spiritual aspirant has to go through some inevitable stages of development, no matter which path he/she follows. Those stages are common to every human being because our energy system and spiritual bodies are alike. Kundalini awakening forms the start of an elaborate and complex process of transformation. Why should I take Kundalini Shaktipath from Pranashakty? • Masters help remove the blocks in the path of energy flow • Accelerate the spiritual growth in the current path • Experience your Guru’s teachings and Dekshas intensely thereafter • Move faster towards awakening and enlightenment • Many other effect of successful Kundalini rise apply • Kundalini starts working in the brain physically; experience the neurobiological process. All effects are subject to your current stage of evolution.

We are happy to welcome two living spiritual masters in the ancient lineage of the 18 Siddhars, from Malaysia. They are the founders of the Pranashakty movement whose aim is to bring the gnosis of the Light to all seekers. You will receive powerful energies that can fill you with Divine Radiant Light. You will be given the Jothi, one of the most powerful energy initiation, as well as many other activations and empowerments which will transform your DNA. You will be taught how to do cosmic meditations and how to access energies you can use for healing yourself and others. This knowledge will transform you from the core of your being. You will also be initiated to become a Jothi Blessing Giver and Jothi Healer and you will be empowered to instruct others in Sarva Shakti Sadhana. We have chosen a perfect blend of practice, energy and spiritual knowledge which has already taken hundreds of people to new spiritual heights. Those who attend the retreat will go home with the most efficient healing practices as well as the most powerful path for spiritual growth. Fee: R 2,500. Space limited. Registration required. Email for inquiry.

Fee: R 1,500. Space is limited. Registration required. Email: for inquires. “Kundalini Shaktipath” Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge, Constantia, Cape Town

“Jothi Body of Light” Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge, Constantia, Cape Town


Siddha Inner Beauty Workshop Level 1 11 July 9am-1pm With Sri Deepa Jothi Ma (USA) and Sri Jothi Mayil Ma (SA) Inner Beauty is a unique therapy. It combines Diksha, inner power, some physical energy applications and ancient secrets from the Siddhar tradition. Its main secret ‘ingredient’ is known as’ Inner Cell Activation’. The Inner Beauty methodology and therapy uses the special life force energy, called the ‘Inner Cell Activation’. This system is developed by Siddha Institute. It will activate an inner process, through secret mantra and Diksha, which will manifest the radical inner changes and transformations to the external physical body and skin – in both appearance and condition. It is a thousand times safer, more natural and more powerful than any chemical process currently in use. The workshop will cover: • Inner Beauty Guasa Massage with secret mantra and Diksha • Special yoga asanas for body’s beautiful shape • Activation of cell regeneration and anti-aging, and more... You will be amazed at the instantaneous aura results which can be achieved and observed through this ancient secret method. Fee: R 1,200. Space limited. Registration required. Ladies only. Email for inquiry. “Siddha Inner Beauty” Venue: Healing with Bliss - The Siddha Way Organic at Heart, 23 Constantia Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town

Inner Power Level 1 with Master Raj 14 July 9am-1pm Siddha Inner Power is a unique system that not only allows you to access this enormous power sleeping within you but also to use positively for self-defense, to improve your immune system, to rejuvenate your entire body, for healing and to help prevent aging (The Kayakalpa effect). THE AAYAM SHIELD PROTECTS YOU FROM ALL INTENTIONAL HARM Students of inner power are given techniques and powerful activations, which are ancient techniques dating back to age of the Sufi’s and Siddhars. Once these activations are done, the student has to do a daily practice to develop and maintain ones energetic system in order to enhance the protective shield around. The simple to do exercises can be done by almost anybody with reasonable health, includes a set of simple meditations and exercises which can be done at ones own convenience. Aayam energy; the energy that is behind all these protective, transformative and healing properties of our Inner Power course can do more to your system than you can imagine… Fee: R 1,800. Space limited. Registration required. Email for inquiry.

“Inner Power” Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge, Constantia, Cape Town

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