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R’ R’ yourMIND yourBODY an event experience from


Pause a little.

Take time to R’store.


brings to you.

opportunities to take a break from what you need to take a break from.

R’ R’ yourMIND yourBODY Enjoy the sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and heated pool. Sleep in an immaculately appointed bedroom and be indulged with fine food and a complimentary pampering treatment.

Realise and develop your potential in learning sessions offering information insight and practical guidance; coaching and supporting you to be the best you you can be.

R’ yourSPIRIT Examine how, as we are body, mind and spirit; we fail to experience wholeness and balance through limited understanding and how we can demystify the ‘spiritual’ by exploring and underscoring what we believe. Our beliefs inform how well we live.

R’ A restoration experience...towards wholeness Whether you are a regular subscriber, or are new to our services, we send you the warmest of welcomes and hope you are as excited as we are about the up-coming R’store spa break. The details over the next few pages are to provide you with information so you can prepare, and to ensure your experience is one of relaxation, where you are able to

R’fresh, R’new and R’connect

30th – 31st May 2009

Check in: Saturday 30th May 2009 @ 12 noon* Check out: Sunday 31st May 2009 @ 1.00pm *12:00pm is the preferential early check in time for R’Store guests and is subject to availability

Crowne Plaza endeavours to have our rooms ready by this time [and hasn’t let us down so far]; however in the eventuality that your room is not ready, R’store staff will be on hand to direct you to a lounge where you can be comfortable should you have to wait.

Registration is from 12pm to 12.30pm. Please sign in at the R’store position in the hotel lobby. Your complimentary treatment time will be given at this stage. If you arrive after 12.30pm ask for the R’store event by L’indulgenza at the main desk to get your room allocation. Once inside your room please read the programme schedule to familiarise yourself with the dining time and location. The spa is available to you throughout your stay.


Crown Plaza Hotel London Heathrow, Stockley Road, West Drayton UB7 9NA

Getting there:

By Car: Please enter the link below for directions: Ample parking is available at the hotel Nearest Tube: Heathrow Terminal 1, 2 ,3 Nearest Train: West Drayton Rail [Shuttle bus from Heathrow – hopper number H1 or H51 from stand T5]

for spa ...

Bring swimming costume/trunks The hotel provides towels, however if you feel more comfortable using your own towels, please feel free to bring them. A pair of flip - flops is a good idea for walking around the spa area. Cosmetic/ toiletry products that you would normally use to personalise and enhance sauna effects might be another consideration.

for dinner ...

Dinner is not a formal affair, but it is a smart one. Take the opportunity to dress in a way that you are comfortable, relaxed, but also feel special – making the most of your experience.

for workshops ...

All materials are provided by R’store. Workshops take place after dinner on the Saturday evening. This allows for a good balance of restorative spa time on Sunday before check-out at 1pm. Just bring your enthusiasm and determination for discovering, developing or restoring your potential. May your life be one of Dreams – not Drift.

for shopping...

As a hotel serving Heathrow airport, The Crowne Plaza has a souvenir shop for keepsakes and other conveniences. There are also bars serving snacks and drinks should you require something before our main meal. You may find the prices a little high and our suggestion is that you bring light nibbles if you know that you may need it. Because you are using the spa we recommend that you keep yourself hydrated but keep snacks light. Dinner will more than satisfy. The location is chosen with the focus of relaxation and spa in mind. For shopping away from the hotel you would need a car or be ready for a walk.

When you arrive at the hotel you will be given a time for your complimentary pampering treatment. These will take place between 1.00pm and 5.30pm on the Saturday. Please be on time for your allocated slot as it is not always possible to rearrange them and we will not allow the late arrival of one guest to impinge on the experience of those who are on time. Please complete the contraindication form and return it to us by May 25th so we are aware in advance of any health issues that might determine your treatment. If you are in good health the form must still be completed and returned, you will then have a choice of treatments allocated on a first come basis at registration. Contraindications are health conditions such as varicose veins, diabetes.. that determine which treatments are suitable to ensure your health is not put at risk.

Hand and arm massage with paraffin wax treatment

[20 min]

A deeply relaxing massage to rest hard working and tired hands. Incorporating reflex and pressure points to relax the entire body via the hands and enhanced with a milk and honey paraffin wax treatment. Hands are dipped into the warm melted wax and wrapped up so that the lingering warmth penetrates the hands relieving joint and muscular pain. The warm wax also serves to accelerate the absorption of the selected massage oils and creams adding skin improving benefits. Milk and honey wax in particular contains skin softening nutrients fit for a queen and the benefits to rheumatic and arthritic hands cause us to have difficulty defining this as a luxury treatment or a necessary one!

Head massage [Head, neck and shoulder massage]

[20 min]

Head massage aims to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Sitting in a massage chair, a range of different kneading and compression movements are used over the pressure points of the scalp and focus area. A head massage is particularly good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis. It leaves you feeling energised, revitalised and better able to concentrate.

Upper back massage

[20 min]

Most people carry their stress in their upper back with many knots building in this area. A medium to deep pressure massage used to aid relaxation, stimulate circulation and remove toxic build-up is an excellent choice to ease aches, pains, tension and to help people unwind. R’store add the use of therapeutic hot stones to this treatment, bringing penetrating warmth to deeply relax and reach stubborn areas. Wellbeing benefits of regular body therapies such as this are fast being redefined as essential rather than extravagant. Indeed this is full circle to where such treatments began. | | 0785 33 77 400

R'Store Welcome Brochure  

Welcome brochure for the R'Store event @ Crown Plaza Hotel, London Heathrow on the 30th-31st May 2009