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Graphical Work by

Anders Lindstrรถm

Graphical Work This is graphical work I have done over the years. It´s a everything from ads, web graphics to personal projects. However, everything you see here from photos to 3d models to 3d renderings to layout, is created by me. These images hopefully shows my skills as an designer and graphical artist. Sincerly Anders LindstrÜm

Table of Contents Inga from sweden

Ad for print in magazin 4 Photos for catalouge 5 Excerpt from catalouge 6-7 Webpage 8 Postcard/Flyer 8 Shoebox Design 9

Freddie Boston

Visualization of table lamp

Watch Concept

Personal design project

Concept Mehrnaz

Personal Design Project

Vengeance Sound

Ad / Webgraphics 10-19




Svenskt Kosttillskott

Ad pitch 36

Virgin Water

Personal Design Project


Bush Beer

Personal Project 22-23


Personal project 24


Car interior design project


Personal projects

Webcam vizualisation 37 Badass Cyborg clichÊ 38 Free 39 Stilleben 39 Don´t feed the animals 40 Screws 40 The plug and the prey 41 Candle holder design 41

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Graphical work  
Graphical work  

Graphical work done by Anders Lindström