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Who is Anders Lindström? The hardest part , but perhaps the most important part, when you do a portfolio is to tell the reader who you really are. Instead of telling you who I think I am, I will tell you about what I am interested in, and from that you can hopefully understand a little bit better who I am as a designer. I would say that my design personality rests on five legs. 3D graphics: I have had an almost lifelong passion about polygons, nurbs and pixels. It was through this I started my creative life. Visualization is a very important tool for me to show others how I think and what I want to create. Technology psychology & philosophy: Everyday I am getting more and more intrigued by how new technology is shaping our minds and souls and behaviours. Are we heading in the right direction? User needs: Why do people choose product or service X instead of product or service Y? How can you design a product that fill the users needs? These are questions that is always on my mind. Business: What makes the world tick? Is everything about money? How can you attract capital to your idea? I think that the business side to design is as important as the design. If you can’t find a market for your idea, is it a good idea then? Future: Buddha said; Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. For me it is impossible to not think about the future. Right now my biggest concern is how we treat our home, the planet earth, and what implications that will have on our future lives. Now that you know a little bit more about me, I think you can see that I am curious to know more about things and that I constantly ask myself a lot of questions in order to understand the world a little bit better. I hope that you will find that my profile and my skills demonstrated in my portfolio to be a valueable addition to your creative team.

Thank you in advance for reading through my portfolio. Kindest regards /Anders 5

Short info Name: Anders Lindström Age: 34 From: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden Mail: Phone: +46 (0) 70-3468690

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Nexus 2 Gardena handsaw Ironman Iron Parfume de Poux John Deere meets Mora Forest Robot Bang & Olufsen blender Concept oligarky Manta Clean And then... Rally sport challange





Nexus 2 Interface & webgraphics Project purpose Job

Kind of project Group project


Project overview I got the job to produce the graphics for the interface for the Canadian company reFX’s software synth Nexus 2. I worked in close relation with the lead programmer and founder of reFX, Michael Hartmann. I also produced images for reFX’s homepage and Webshop. Watch it on


Nexus 2 Interface & webgraphics

Screen shots

Here is the software in action. The software is a VST-plugin for audio creation programs like Cubase, Nuendo, Cakewalk etc etc. To the right is an excerpt of the different skins I made.



Nexus 2 Interface & webgraphics

Webpage graphics



Nexus 2 Interface & webgraphics

Webpage graphics





Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design Project purpose School project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview This was a 5 week project, which foucused on ergonomics. The goal of the project was to gain a better understanding of ergonomics. We was assigned to redesign a handsaw for garden usage, for the brand Gardena. The reason for the redesign was the Gardena wasn´t happy with there current saw and it needed to be replaced. Acoording to them it needed better ergonomics.


Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design


First of all I need to analys what was good and bad with thier current handsaw. The best way to find out is to actually test the product, which I did.


Problem identifing With these problems identified, I could start to think about how I would design the handle of the saw to avoid or minimize these problems.


Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design

Sketches I begun my process with some sketching. I then moved on to actual size cardboard handles. I realized while cutting out the cardboard, that the handles proportions were off. I then came to think about a handsaw, which handle I liked, thatcould use as an inspiration for the handle. It helped a lot and I could move on to make three different concepts.


Concepts I made three different concepts of which I made mocks up of, so that they could be used for user testing.

Concept No 2

Concept No 1

Concept No 3 25

Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design

User tests

A very important step of the desgin process is the user testing. In this case I asked the users to test the three different foam concepts I had made, in order to find out which one that was the best in terms of ergonomics and usability. The users choose concept no. 2 as thier favorit.

The Winner. Concept no. 2


Design refinement Design refinement was made in order to find the final form.

Blade graphics After the wining concept was choosen, I begun the refining process. I also tried out different blade graphics.


Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design

Final concept


Design for all

An important aspect of designing a handtool is that is should be possible to use for both left and right handed persons. I therefore made a handle that is symmetrical on both sides. It it so has that same buttons on both sides, which make it possible to operate the hand saw with both left and right hand.

In action

Blade folding


Gardena Handsaw Ergonomic handtool design

Revised final concept

After I presented my work, I got feedback on what could be improved. I therefore made a revised design, which I present here.

Bigger button, easier to press

A more distinc handstopper


Rounded blade




Ironman Iron Tool time Project purpose Own project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview This projects aim was to redesign an Iron for domestic use, so that men would consider buying and (most importantly) using it. Generally Iron design has been designed with a design language that are used for products that are marketed towards women. This is strange, because domestic work is not just something for women.


Ironman Iron Tool time

Target Group

The persona is identified as the typical “weekend warrior” type of men, that have a passion for tools and consider themselfs as a quite accomplished “handyman”. As for the product comparison chart, one can see that there is clearly a segment missing to the left of the “male appeal” side. That led me to the conclusion that there is room for a “tool designed” Iron that could attract the target group mentioned above.




Ironman Iron The right tool for a foolw

Final concept





Parfum de Poux Form study Project purpose School Project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview This was a 4 day project which focused on form. We were assigned to pick a insect or bug. From that insect or bug we were suppose to make a sculpture or product that would feature some of the charactaristic for the chosen insect or bug.

Scenario My choice for the insect or bug was the hair lice. From that i decided to make a product. I wanted to make a product that is the oppsite to how we normally feel about hairlice. My choise of product therefore fell on a perfume bottle.


Parfum de Poux Form study The process


Final design




Mora knife John Deere goes swedish Project purpose School Project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview We were assigned to take the form and brand language from a brand and apply it to a typical swedish knife, which is called the Mora knife. The brand I choosed to apply to the knife was John Deere.


Mora knife John Deere goes swedish

The process


Final design


Mora knife John Deere goes swedish

Final renderings





Forrest Robot Saving the forest from humans Project purpose Own project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview With the rate we humans are destroying nature, we sooner or later need to fill that gap in the fauna. It may become so acute to fill those gaps that we might need to employ robots for that task. But first of all we need to send out robots that looks after the and report changes in animal populations and enviroment. Perhaps that can help the nature to repopulate the forests again.


Forest Robot Saving the forest from humans Predator

The Dodo

Humans effect on wildlife, an ongoing disaster. We are about to kill all living creatures on earth. If we don´t accept that we humans have a responibility, we will not just kill the eco-system. We will eventually kill ourselfs too.

As with many animals that have evolved in isolation from significant predators, the dodo was entirely fearless of people, and this, in combination with its flightlessness, made it easy prey for humans. The dodo’s significance as one of the best-known extinct animals and its singular appearance has led to its use in literature and popular culture to symbol-

Research 58

ize a concept or object that will or has become out of date, as in the expression “dead as a dodo” or “gone the way of the dodo

Evolution The idea is that my robot will act as a supervisor of the forest. It will look after and document animals and fauna. It will also detect environmental changes that affects wildlife. We can’t afford to lose any more species so it will do precise tracking and counting of especially endangered species. With its big feet it will spread its weight over a big area causing

Apperance minimal impact. It will dwell in the forest like a gentle giant. With its long legs it can climb big obstacles, cross rivers and don’t get stuck in snow. The long neck will ensure that it can look close a both the ground and high up in trees. The next evolutionary step is bound to be a robot, programmed to do no harm.

The uncanny valley is a place where no robotic designer wants to go. In my opinion it is better to aim for a slightly more mechanical design, instead of diving head first into uncanny valley.


Forest Robot Saving the forest from humans




Worst case scenario


Forest Robot Saving the forest from humans



Robot in action




Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future Project purpose School project

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview Over the course of 3 weeks we were assigned to design either a toaster or a blender for a given brand. I was assigned the brand Bang&Olufsen and I decided to make a kitchen blender.


Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future

The company

The Bang & Olufsen company has for more than 80 ears been deliviering amazing designs and products. Their formlanguage has been focused on “simple� and odd geometric shapes and materials like glass, aluminium. The overalll design philosohpyh is that they will never comprimise in order to achive outstanding designs.


Blender Competition

The competetion analisys showed that there was room at the top. A blender with stronger focus on esthetics could very well find a market.


Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future

AnnA Af SwenSSo

Age: 27 Profession: Project leader at a market resea Personal life: Married (Nils af Swensson, 29,

“The perfect home is not just I know that, cause I will have Target group & Persona * Spend an average of 50.000SEK per months on home decoration, furniture and design.

The target group that I was assigned for the blender is 20-30 years old, with high income.They also have high trend awareness and are willing to spend much money on design.

* Got an 100 m2 storage room for her “old” items.

From this target group, I made a persona. Her name is Anna.

* Most expensive item in her home, an handwowen antiqe arabic carpet. price: 1.200.000 SEK * Read 15 different interior design magazins each month. * Shops or window shops about 5 days a week. On average 35 hours per months.

Goal: To have a home the measures up to fancy interior magazines. To achive this she s and Nils salaries (which is not that high) and h (the family fortune) on furniture, design item often tells her friends that “money is no issue

Goal: People must know that she DO have ta haven´t “just bought” it. It´s easy to be reg those persons with money that buy stuff just have no clue what they bought. To avoid this ticulous when she buys stuff. She always read the item and the brand, so in case that so what the item X or Y her home is, she can te

Among her peers, Anna is known to be friend She do often invite friends to her home to sho “investments”. Here friends often gets a bit lo That is because she redecorate and move a lot. The only place that have stays more or le kitchen area. Even Anna don´t want to mess a there, because she doesn´t want to spend ti tools or stuff when she are making food or “fik Anna also doesn´t want to confuse her hus cause he can get grumpy in the morning what he is looking for (that happened a l Anna switched stuff around in the kitchen on

Anna likes to cook. She wants the food she exclusive as here home, so she have noth kitchen tools and aids. She regularly buys ne ances the she finds beautiful or useful. The old away in a a quite big storage room, which is g more full. She is on here 3rd espresso machi


Three concepts


arch company Tax consultant)

I made three concepts, which all had very different charactaristics. With the help of the Harris profile I was able to choose the “Tomorrow” concept as the winner and the concept that I would develop further.

an illusion. it.”

o homes found in spend most of her her saved money ms etc. etc. She e, but my life is…”.

aste and that she garded as one of t to show off, but s Anna is very med the history about omeone ask here ell a story about it.

dly but superficial. ow off here latest ost in here home. around furniture a ess the same is the around too much ime searching for ka” for her friends. sband Nils either, g if he can´t find lot before, when n a regular basis).

e servers to be as hing but the best ew kitchen applid ones she just put getting more and ine in just 3 years.



Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future

Form studies

When the concept was chosen, I could move forward and develop the concept into to a few different form studies. From that I decided to go for one of the forms I had made.

Sketches of the final design


Final foam model


Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future

Final design

This is the final concept design. The blender has a memory metal handle that folds upon touching it. The container has glass that can go from transperant to opaque. The blender it self is cordless and runs on battery.



Lid function When you press the open button, the top svivels to the right and you can fill the container.

Design for all


Bang & Olufsen Blender Blending for the future

Glass function Sketches When you press the “on� button, the glass goes from opaque to transperent. And the revers happens when you trun it off. This function so you can see what happens inside the container while you are blending.


Design for all

Handle function

The handle is, as mention, made from memory metal, and it folds into a handle shape when you touch it. It returns to its flat shape when you release it.




Oligarky Mobililty for the mobster Project purpose Personal prorject

Kind of project Individual project


Project overview Everybody deserve to ride a grand tourer. Just because your are a highranking member of the russian mob, you don´t have to ride a small tank to work. You should be able to enjoy the freedome that your money (stolen or not) has given you. Of the car must have protection against all sorts of projectiles. But it won’t save you from Putins wrath...


Oligarky Mobililty for the mobster


When I first started to think about how to design a car for a russian mobster I thought that It must be tuff as a tank, sleek like a GT car, stabil (and dangerous) as a hippo. From these inspirations I begun my design work.



Oligarky Mobililty for the mobster

2d Sketching



Oligarky Rally Sport Challange Game creation Mobililty for the mobster

3d Rendering

Screen shots



Oligarky Rally Sport Challange Game creation Mobililty for the mobster

3d Rendering Screen shots





Manta Clean A better nozzle Project purpose Own company

Kind of project Group project


Project overview Over the course of 18 months, the company that I am part owner in was trying to design a vaccum cleaning nozzle that would have better manuverability than the nozzles that was found on that market at present time. I was involvled in everything from market reserach, to design, to testing ,to visualisation.


Manta Clean A better nozzle Test mock- ups


For the project user testing and mockups played a very important part. We did hours and hours of testing. We made several mockups and tested them over and over again. Finally we found a technical solution that would work the way we wanted it to work.

User testing of current nozzles


Design inspiration Manuverability

One of the goals we had was to make a nozzle that had better manuverability then the one the could be found on the market. We achived this with adding a second joint, which enabled the user to manuver the nozzle easily around corners obstacles etc.

Design for all


Manta Clean A better nozzle

Air flow

A very important part of the design was the airflow inside the nozzle. The strighter way the air can flow, the less noise and better suction it produce.


The final design

A nozzle doesn´t have to look like dead piece of plastic. Instead we want to create product that had a high fashion value and would attract buyers from other segements then the typical vaccumcleaner buyer. Pimp your vaccumcleaner!

Design for all




And then... Storytelling with KINECT Project purpose School work

Kind of project Group project


Project overview During an hectic and inspiring week at Prototyping the Future 2012, I was part of creating a storytelling application. The application is based on a combination of the famous refrigerator magnets and the storytelling techniqe “the exquisite corpse”. The unique thing with this application is that the interface is controlled with armguestures via a “hacked” Kinect.


And then... Storytelling with KINECT

The Idea

The idea behinde the application we created was that we wanted people to tell a story. With the Exquisite corpse, people write one sentence and the next person write a another one and so forth. In the end this creates a (some what bizarr but interesting) story. Since we was using kinect as the input device, we had to find a way to build sentences with predifined words instead of writing them letter by letter. We therefore chose to go with the familiar interface of the kitchen magnets. Almost every person has encountered thses magnets and know what they are.

The interface is devied into 2 areas. The lower part contain the words you can choose. The upper part contains the area where the word pop up after you have choosed them. You can select a maximum of 10 words for your sentence. When the sentence is created, it is sent to a homepage so that everyone can watch want all the others have written so far. And the story is created.





The Process

Design for all


And then... Storytelling with KINECT In action

“and then...” is a concept which is built upon the Xbox Kinect and the FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit) technology. Inspired by magnetic poetry participants are able to control individual words on the screen using hand gestures. This provides a platform for continuous storytelling.


Right Left





Prototyping the Future 2012 The Playable Actor

Rodrigo Garcia, Mei Tzu Huang, Anders Lindström, Erik Rydell, Priyanka Kodikal, Jean-Baptiste Coger, Jules Fennis.


In action

Design for all




Rally Sport Challange Game creation Project purpose Employment

Kind of project Group project


Project overview The goal of this project at DICE, was to convert the best selling xbox title; Rally Sport Challange to PC. The main problem that needed to be solved was to make the game run on PC´s ranging from high end to low end. I was one of four 3d graphics artists working on adapting the graphics. This included a great deal of problem solving in terms of optimization. It also gave me a good insight in how the the creation process works.


Rally Sport Challange Game creation

Screen shots

These images shows pictures from how the actual game look like when it was released.



Thank you


for reading!


Portfolio Anders Lindström  
Portfolio Anders Lindström  

Portfolio industrial design.