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LINDSEY Anne TELFORD (314) 707-1016 5605 Summerside Trail, Saint Louis, MO 63128


Master of Architecture, Minor in Regional and Community Planning Anticipated graduation; May ‘14, Kansas State University, Aug.‘09—Present; College of Architecture Planning and Design Czech Technical University in Prague, Jan.‘13—June ‘13; Faculty of Architecture University of Texas at Austin, Aug. ‘08—May ‘09; College of Arts and Sciences, Chemistry






ULI Hines Urban Design Competition, Team Leader, Jan. ‘14, Kansas State University Two week, 5 student multidisciplinary team, urban design and development for a large-scale site. APDesign Inaugural Research Symposium, Selected presenters, Nov. ‘13, Kansas State University Presented poster with Nadav Bittan of our studio’s research on ventilated metal rainscreens. AIAS Freedom By Design, Student Co-Chair, Jan. ‘12—Sept. ‘12, Kansas State University Community service group that designed and built a 120’ long ramp in Eskridge, Kansas. Student Farm Club, Architecture Liaison, Aug. ‘10—May ‘12, Kansas State University Coordinated with Student Farm Design. Participate in workshops and volunteered at farm. Phi Beta Chi Professional Women’s Fraternity, Jan. ‘09—May. ‘09, University of Texas at Austin Developed professional materials and skills. Philanthropy at Ronald McDonald House. Emerging Scholars Program, Aug.‘08—Dec. ‘08, University of Texas at Austin Social and academic honors program. Volunteered at animal shelter. The Wischmeyer Scholarship, AIA St. Louis, Aug.‘12—Present Knapp Student Delineation Competition, Kansas State University, 1st Place: Freehand Color, Apr. ‘13 Kansas State Next Big Thing Competition, Kansas State University 5th Place, May ‘11 Dean’s Honor List, Kansas State University, Aug. ‘09—Present Purple and White Scholarship, Kansas State University, Aug. ‘09—May ‘10 Dean’s Honor List, University of Texas at Austin, Aug. ‘08—May ‘09 Kansas State University, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Aug. ‘12—Dec. ‘12, Jan. ‘14—Present; Manhattan, KS Lead recitation studio for Environmental Systems in Architecture 1 for Professor Coates. Kuklinski + Rappe Architects, Architecture Intern, Jul. ‘13—Aug. ‘13, Chicago, IL Field measuring, drafting, meeting with clients, designing, hand rendering. Kansas State University, Graduate Research Assistant, Aug. ‘12—Dec. ‘12; Manhattan, KS Gather resources about the history and semantics of the Neighborhood Unit for Professor Brody. Union Computer Store, Sales , Aug. ‘10—Aug. ‘12; Manhattan, KS Design promotional material, understand and communicate new technologies. Harper Law Office, Legal Assistant, June ‘10—Oct. ‘12; Manhattan, KS Work with confidential client information, draft legal documents, Accounts Receivable. Hand drafting and rendering; Acrylic, oil and watercolor painting; Model building; Fabrication. Software, Proficient Adobe Creative Suites Google Products Microsoft Office

Autodesk Production and Presentation Software Ecotect Analysis Windows and Mac Operating Systems Simulation CFD Rhinoceros, Grasshopper

Scott Rappe, LEED AP, AIA Chicago 2014 President, Bob Condia, Professor—Architecture, Gary Coates, Professor—Architecture,


Urban design

The Lower Dell: Nashville in Balance ULI Gerald D. Hines Competition Jan. ‘14, Collaborative Holešovice Riverfront Development Fourth Year Design Studio Czech Technical University Feb. ‘13—May ‘13, Individual

Research & Development Community Cultural Design & Build Tectonics

Part I: Cool Skins, Part II: EPA Laboratory Fifth Year Design Studio Aug. ‘13—Present, Collaborative/Individual The Seed House Community Center Fourth Year Independent Study Sep. ‘12—Dec. ‘12, Collaborative Olafur Eliasson Museum Third Year Design Studio Apr. ‘12—May ‘12, Individual Eskridge Ramp Kansas State AIAS Freedom by Design Feb. ‘12—Sep. ‘12, Collaborative Study of Renault distribution center Structures IV Fall ‘11, Individual Study of Tjibaou Cultural Centre Algorithms in Architecture Seminar Feb. ‘12—Mar. ‘12, Collaborative Consulate for Bosnia-Herzegovina Fourth Year Comprehensive Studio Jun. ‘12—Jul. ’12, Individual The Armadillo 20th Century Furniture Design Seminar Fall ‘13, Individual

Hand rendering

Graphite, ink, colored pencil, watercolor Sep. ‘09—Present, Individual

THe Lower Dell

The Lower Dell Wetland (Rendered by Elizabeth Decker) Hospital


Museums Apartments

Farmer’s Market


Ballpark Plaza



Bicentennial Mall Hotel


Nashville, Tennessee; Sketch-up, ULI Urban Design Competition Arc GIS, Adobe Creative Suite Jan. ‘14_Collaborative The Lower Dell responds to the challenges currently facing Sulphur Dell and the Nashville metropolitan area. Flooding, creating profit for landowners, and the poor health of the region can be resolved when considered cooperatively. The Lower Dell is a model neighborhood for Nashville, balancing ecological, urban, and human health. Civic leaders in Nashville will apply the strategies introduced in The Lower Dell to suitable sites throughout the region. This ecological, urban, and human balance is the foundation for a prosperous future Nashville.

Development phasing is timed with the implementation of flood mitigation strategies to provide resilience.

Urban design: The Lower Dell: Nashville in Balance

Currently, the flooding from the combined sewer system and Cumberland River renders almost the entire neighborhood unsafe for development.

Wetland Nightlife (Joint rendering with Elizabeth Decker and Ashley Schwemmer)


for Neighborhood Development

Total Points Earned**


Smart Location and Linkage


Neighborhood Pattern and Design


Green Infrastructure and Buildings


Innovation and Design Process


Regional Priority Credit


*Out of a possible 100 points + 10 bonus points **Certified 40+ points, Silver 50+ points, Gold 60+ points, Platinum 80+ points


Urban design: The Lower Dell: Nashville in Balance

(Joint rendering with Ashley Schwemmer)

Riverfront Development

Holešovice- Prague 7, Czech Republic; Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite, GIS

Czech Technical University Feb. ‘13.—May ‘13_Individual Urban design project based in a formerly industrial district of Prague. New development standards, street typologies, and transportation infrastructure will help link the old town, the new town, and the river.

Above: Plan of riverfront development, Below: Rendering of new public space

Urban design: Holešovice Riverfront Development

View from South of peninsula looking East

View from Bubenské Nábreží ž looking East

Urban design: Holešovice Riverfront Development

Part I: Cool Skins

Houston, Texas; Rhino, Adobe Creative Suite, Autocad Simulation CFD, Microsoft Fifth Year Thesis Project Excel, Thermocouples, thermal imaging camera, pyrometer, anomometer, brake, Aug. ‘13—Dec.’13_Collaborative shear, mig and tig welding, CNC router. Initial research explored improving the cooling performance of ventilated skins by manipulating the geometry of the ventilated cavity. The “turbulator” design has corrugations, which slow down cavity air to increase convection and lower radiative heat transfer.

Research & Development: Cool Skins

Site Plan

Part II: EPA Laboratory


Houston, Texas; Rhino, Grasshopper, Ecotect, Revit, Adobe Creative Suite.

Fifth Year Thesis Project Jan. ‘14—Present_Individual Design Thesis: By creating a resilient building that is designed to create a highly functioning pleasant work environment for the EPA, and also that has the potential to have a life beyond it’s intended user, the building will help improve the relevance of the EPA and of itself. Convex roof provides 1. These systems have an interconnected network structure. light to offices 2. They feature diversity and redundancy. 3. They display a wide distribution of structures across scales. Concave roof allows 4. They have the capacity to self-adapt and “self-organize.” labs to plug into systems

Program, structure, and space

Design iterations

Research & Development: Cool Skins

Translation of geometry

The seed house

Wichita, KS; Rhino, Sketch-up, Adobe Creative Suite, GIS

Fourth Year Independent Study Sep. ‘12—Dec. ‘12_Collaborative The co-founder’s of the Seed House approached Lili Torres and myself with this project over the summer of ‘12. The Seed House aims to create an arena for established and emerging community leaders to grow and develop in their capacity to bring justice, equality and sustainability through collective action I studied the Pre-Design work done by one of our independent study professors in order to determine which components were essential. I learned start a project from nothing. By using GIS, navigating city code, negotiating with government employees, and talking with clients, I helped The Seed House lay the ground work for a community empowerment center. large sink fridge food storage utensile storage

loft apartment small kitchen bathroom room


TO UPSTAIRS APARTMENT mail event information office supplies small library/gift shop




garden space storage space stage/seating outdoor cooking afternoon/evening events



storage for all sorts of seating multimedia space storage counter surface natural light operable windows

men women family janitor storage gray water recycling

Community: The Seed House



storage space tack board space sink for paints operable windows controlled lighting natural lighting

storage space display space large entrance



Use of local and reclaimed building materials

Lo fo

Native landscaping



“Third place�




Indoor outdoor relationship

Anticipating needs of the guest


Complimenting historic built environment

Spaces can change to respond to activity

Natural light

Responding to site and environmental factors

Articulation at the human scale

Warm, haptic finishes and materials

Passive systems

Building Module that encourages prefabrication and off the shelf parts

Visual connection to outdoors and all parts of building Low operating costs so energies can be focused on main task

Use of local and reclaimed building materials Native landscaping

Legible and clear circulation

Community: The Seed House

Eskridge Ramp

Eskridge, Kansas; Rhino, Autocad, 3ds AIAS Freedom by Design Max,CNC Router; Nominal Lumber, Feb. ‘12—Sep. ‘12_Collaborative Painted Marine Grade Plywood, Steel Rod, Bamboo Composite Decking I served as co-Chair of the FBD Chapter, consisting of two faculty advisors and 3 other students. We designed and fabricated a 120’ foot long wheelchair ramp for Eskridge United Methodist Church. I helped lead design and detail charettes. I also worked in the shop fabricating prototypes, which led to the fuselage design with a series of ribs connected to a structural underbelly. I learned the process of digital fabrication, and was trained to pre-fabricate pieces using the CNC router. The entire team constructed of the ramp over the summer.

Top to Bottom: Completed ramp, exploded axon of ramp module Design & Build: United Church of Eskridge Ramp

Clockwise from bottom: Construction of ramp underbelly, CNC routing of vertical ribs, member of congregation using ramp, corner detail, completed ramp

Design & Build: United Church of Eskridge Ramp

Olafur eliasson museum

SoHo, NY; Rhino, Grasshopper, SketchThird Year Design Studio up, Revit, Adobe Creative Suite Apr. ‘12—May ‘12_Individual Eliasson is an artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation pieces with light, water, and air temperature. I have created the blank canvas equivalent for Eliasson by providing amble natural light and the flexibility of hanging floors. The space frame structural system allows for the top two gallery floors to hang, thus freeing them from the envelope, allowing the gallery volumes to be experienced. The space frame creates an ephemeral atmosphere for the gallery. Clockwise from top: Mid-critique section perspective, early massing sketch, parti diagram, final study model

Cultural: Olafur Eliasson Museum

Scripting the Museum space frame

Rhino and Grasshopper

Algorithms in Architecture Seminar Jan. ‘12—May ‘12_Individual 1. Surface created in Rhino. 2. Explode surface 3. Offset each square. 4. Find area of each square and create point at center.




5. Move center point back a certain dimension and connect corners of squares to center point to create diagonal members. 6. Use points list to define subsets of points.




7. Create a subset of vertical points using a series. Use this subset to create vertical lines connecting points. 8. Create a subset of horizontal points using a series. Use this subset to create horizontal lines connecting points.

7 Cultural: Olafur Eliasson Museum



9. Join and pipe all connecting lines.

Study of Tjibaou Cultural Centre

Algorithms in Architecture Graduate Seminar Spring ‘12, Collaborative

Consulate of BosniaHerzegovina




Fourth Year Comprehensive Studio Summer ‘12, Collaborative




Thin Veneer Stone Facade ESTCODE





Parapet Stud Wall Engineered Soil Wood Siding Rain Screen

A 7.3 - 1 A 7.3 - 2

Raised Decking Decking Insulation Window Head

The Armadillo

20th Century Furniture Design Graduate Seminar Fall ‘13, Individual

Tectonics: The art and science of construction

1 North Wall Section 1/2” = 1’–0”

Tectonics: The art and science of construction

Hand Rendering: Watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, ink

Hand Rendering: Watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, ink

To my big sister Meghan.

Lindsey Anne Telford, Architecture Portfolio  

Kansas State University- College of Architecture, Planning and Design

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