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SYNERGY Advertisement Firm Alternative Energy San Antonio, Texas

Synergy. A 20,000 sq. ft. advertisement firm that represents alternative energy companies. The three top sources of alternative energy are solar, wind and geothermal. A very literal representation of these influenced the concept. Sun-ceiling, wind-movement/furniture, and earth-flooring. This project consisted of a program provided by theclient, schematic design followed by a set of construction documents.

Concept Images

5th Floor

Furinture 4th Floor

4th Floor

Fun. Merry-go-round allows for the break area to be inviting environment with an abundant of different seating arrangements for employees to interact. The paneling on the ceiling addresses the acoustic while tying in the concept.

Productivity. Executive and administration offices are located on the lower level with the creative department on the fifth. Store front windows on the exterior and interior of the offices allowed for dispense of natural lighting.

Executive and Administration

Material board


Schematic Design


Hierarchy of offices applied through the movement is defined by the spaces. The Creative department has an open floor plan to allow for group collaboration, expansion, and accessibility.

Creative Department

Break Area

PAT T U Hotel Lobby Reykjavik, Iceland

Nature. Pattu’s environment uses elements of nature to convey Icelandic coolness. The five elements of fire, wind and water were applied throughout the design and the logo. Keeping you warm with heated oak floors, lounge fireplace and a posh cocktail bar. Glass sculpture and reflected surfaces provokes you through the space, which concludes with marvelous view.

Concept colors found throughout Iceland

Bubble Diagram

Schematic Design

Elevation of Front Desk and Boutique

The couture dress designed by Amal Sariedin inspired the forms and movement on the floor plan. This is a life style hotel that seeks a unique balance between body, mind and soul, by producing abundance of private and public spaces.

Schematic Design Amal Sariedin Boutique

Floor Plan

View of Lobby

Amal Sariedin has a boutique near the front desk with store front windows so modelsexhibit the dresses and attract customers by the silhouette. Glass art pieces relate to the rocks carved out of the waterfalls found all over Iceland. Bits and pieces of the breath taking view can be seen around almost every corner but it is not till you enter the lounge the spectacular view of Reykjavik takes effect.


pe path thro a c s m a dre gh a g th e in k a T

. . . d rl o w natural


Public Gaming Floor

Casino Reykjavik, Iceland

Dream. Casino Draumur is located in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland. Iceland has many myths and local stories of whimsical sprits living in the landscape. Taking the dreamscape and harmonizing forces of Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummers Night’s Dream” with the abstract design of enchanting woodlands, combined with a fairy world creates the spaces throughout.

Concept Images

West Elevation Public Gaming

An organic flow throughout the design guides you to the spaces devoted to gambling. The magical ambiance is reflected through the captivating play on textures, curved walls, railings, lighting and unusual motifs. Twinkling lighting that represents fairies, branch railing giving privacy of the VIP gambling and also ties back to the forest as well as towering columns that look like trees.

South Elevation

Second Floor

N Private Gaming

First Floor

Public Gaming

Lackland Air Force Base, Dermatology Clinic Lobby

This was a group project with a set program, we designated certain areas with square footage then each person designed an area. My focus was on the front desk and lobby, this was a twenty-four hour facility located on a military base. Front Desk

D E R M ATO LO G Y C L I N I C Lackland Air Force Base

Waiting Area


San Antonio, Texas

Floor Plan

The use of local material and a paneling system are used throughout the spaces with an emphasis on the different layers of skin. Guidance through the space is applied through lighting, special arrangement, and ceiling and floor treatments. Evidence based design was used to pick the colors that divide up each space. Sustainable materials such as resin panels, limestone, recycled gypsum board, and natural paints are applied throughout the space.

Las Vegas Health Care Convention 2010, Student Desgin Charette.

The creation of a facility serving clients undergoing rehabilitation treatments and counseling related to traumatic physical and psychological distress who wish to transition to a more joyful and socialized state as an element in their recovery. The facility will be designed to address the transition beyond the basic physical needs of persons experiencing mobility and aesthetic recovery from various traumatic events by providing clients support and control over their degree of access to experience and socialization through the activities and culture of fun provided by the Las Vegas environment.

Hotel Casino 3595 Las Vegas Blvd.

FULL CIRCLE Casino and Rehabilitation Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada


Rehabilitation Facility

Medical Lobby

Program Diagram

Casino Floor

2010 Healthcare Conference AIA AAH Student Design Charrette Sky Costello, Jing Hong, Brita Pearson, Suzanne Schaefer, and Lindsay Shannon

This was a group project of 2 architects, 2 interior designers and 1 urban planner. I was involved with the space planning and interior environment. Universal Design was the key component in the space planning and furniture used throughout this space. This casino has two levels, one for the public and clients, the other just for clients. “Full circle in the process of recovery.�


Work done throughout school