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TOOL KIT Law Enforcement Presents

Law Enforcement Presents

POLAR BEAR PLUNGE Welcome Team Captain Team captains are key to a successful Polar Bear Plunge season. Special Olympics Minnesota is thrilled to welcome you as part of our mission to provide year-round athletic, health and leadership programs for people with intellectual disabilities.

The Polar Bear Plunge Based on an idea from Special Olympics South Dakota in 1993, the Plunge started in Minnesota in 1998. The ďŹ rst Minnesota Plunge was held at Como Lake with 65 Plungers taking an icy dip. In 2010, this same Plunge (now held in White Bear Lake) raised more than $159,000 with 850 Plungers participating! Back in 1998, Minnesota held only one Plunge a year. In 2011, we have 14 Plunges on our calendar! Not only have we added Plunge locations, but every Plunge continues to grow. In 2010, Polar Bear Plunges across the state raised $1.4 million dollars for Special Olympics Minnesota! The Polar Bear Plunges are one of many annual Law Enforcement Torch Run events. The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics involves local law enforcement personnel who help raise funds for and increases awareness of Special Olympics in their communities.

Law Enforcement Presents

PLUNGE TEAM CAPTAIN TIPS Team Captain Tips To support you, we have a number of resources available online at Below are tips to help you get started.

▪ Recruit friends, family members and business associates to join your Polar Bear Plunge team. The bigger the team, the better!

▪ Create your Plunge team online at and take advantage of the many online fundraising tools. You’ll find resources to help you start your own team Web page, personal Web page and send e-mails to begin collecting dollars.

▪ Encourage team members to register online, join your team and create their own customizable, personal Web pages.

▪ Set your frundraising goals and encourage your team members to surpass them! Your team must raise an average of $75 per team member to participate. Track both your online and offline donations.

▪ Send your teammates period updates through the Plunge email system.

Keep your team members informed of progress toward your goals and offer fundraising tips.

▪ Plan a team-building meeting or event and invite plenty of attendees. (Food is a great motivator!) Show pictures and tell stories if you’ve taken the Plunge before, so everyone can see how fun it is!

▪ Create a friendly rivalry with another Plunge team. Challenge the team to see who can raise the most dollars, and place a friendly bet!

▪ Plan and create a Plunge costume to help build team spirit! ▪ Ask for help! Special Olympics Minnesota is here to give you

ideas. We’re also here to

send you brochures, posters and icons for the Plunge. Contact or 800-783-7732, ext. 280 for more information.

▪ Be sure to provide day-of Plunge information for your team members. ▪ Have fun!

Law Enforcement Presents

POLAR BEAR PLUNGE Who Can Join My Team? Anyone with a little guts and a warm heart wanting to support Special Olympics Minnesota’s athletes is welcome to Take the Plunge. In past years, Plungers have included 5-year-olds, 80-year-olds, mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, deputies, corporations, organizations, clubs, fraternities, families, co-workers and everyone in between. In 2010, more than 7,000 people took the Plunge for Special Olympics Minnesota. That’s a lot of splashes! And for the more hesitant souls, there’s always a need for Plunge cheer teams!

Team Fundraising Ideas Bake sale Have each team member bake their specialty!

2011 Plunge Dates JAN White Bear Lake


January 29 | noon

JAN Willmar/Spicer

29 FEB

January 29 | 2 p.m.

Maple Grove


Febuary 5 | 1 p.m.





Febuary 12 | 2:30 p.m.

St. Peter


Febuary 12 | 1 p.m.


Prior Lake


Febuary 17 | 4:30 p.m.




Febuary 19 | 3 p.m.




26 FEB

Blue jeans St. Cloud Febuary 19 | 1 p.m.

Alexandria Febuary 26 | noon

South Metro


Febuary 26 | 2:30 p.m.










March 5 | 1 p.m.

Minneapolis March 5 | 11 a.m.

Eden Prairie March 12 | noon

Grand Rapids March 12 | TBD

Have coworkers or employees pay to wear blue jeans to work.

Icons Sell Plunge icons at a local business or around your office.

Restaurant Ask your local restaurant to help throw you a fundraiser. Inquire if a percentage of their sales on a certain advertised item can be donated to your team!

Matching gifts Have all team members check with their employer’s human resources department to see if they have a matching gift program.

Visit for more information on the 2011 Polar Bear Plunge presented by Minnesota law enforcement for Special Olympics Minnesota. You can also contact or 800-783-7732, ext. 280.

Law Enforcement Presents

PLUNGE TEAM BUILDING 101 Plan for a Successful Polar Bear Plunge Team As a Polar Bear Plunge Team Captain, you’ll have the chance to take pride in your efforts to support Special Olympics Minnesota. Being part of a Plunge team:

▪ Enhances employee morale and builds team spirit ▪ Provides an opportunity to build relationships with customers ▪ Provides business-to-business marketing opportunities ▪ Reinforces commitment to the local community 2-4 months before the Plunge ▪ Register your team online at ▪ Set your team goals and make a plan to achieve them. ▪ Begin recruiting team members via e-mail and phone calls. ▪ Find out about your company’s matching gift policy. 2-3 months before the Plunge ▪ Hold a team kick-off party. ▪ Continue recruiting team members. ▪ Begin collecting donations – it’s never too early. 1-2 months before the Plunge ▪ Hold a team fundraiser – cook off, garage sale, etc. ▪ Be sure your team members are registered online. ▪ Start thinking about team costumes! ▪ Attend a Plunge information session if you have questions. 1-2 weeks before the Plunge ▪ Ensure you have the most current pre-registration and day-of registration Plunge details from and communicate them to your team.

▪ Organize a time and place for your team to meet on Plunge day.

▪ Contact or 800-783-7732, ext. 280 if you have questions.

Plunge day ▪ Meet your team at the assigned location. ▪ Ensure each team member registers, turns in pledges and collects incentives. ▪ Take a team picture. ▪ Enjoy the day and celebrate the difference you are making in the lives of more than 7,000 Special Olympic Minnesota athletes!

After the Plunge ▪ Collect and turn in any late pledges to Special Olympics Minnesota. ▪ Congratulate team members and thank them for their hard work. ▪ Host a wrap party and recognize top team members. ▪ Send us your favorite Plunge pictures, videos and stories. ▪ Take the Plunge survey and help us improve future Plunges. ▪ Start planning for next year!

Law Enforcement Presents

PLUNGE TEAM BUILDING 101 How to Raise $200 in Seven Days DAY


Ask three friends for a $10 pledge.



Ask three relatives for a $10 pledge.

DAY Ask one parent and one sibling for $10

03 DAY


each. Your birthday or favorite holiday is right around the corner!

Ask two neighbors for $10 each.

DAY Ask your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or


hang-out spot to sponsor you for $25.

DAY After cooking a nice meal, ask your signiďŹ cant other or best friend for a $15 donation.

06 DAY


Make a personal donation of $10.

Law Enforcement Presents

SPECIAL OLYMPICS MINNESOTA Special Olympics Minnesota Special Olympics Minnesota, an accredited program of Special Olympics, Inc., opened its doors in 1973. Currently, more than 7,000 Minnesotans with intellectual disabilities participate and compete in 17 Olympic-type sports. Special Olympics Minnesota offers ďŹ ve annual statewide competitions, six regional competitions, more than 70 area events, training programs for 3,300 coaches and opportunities for 14,000 volunteers. Athletes can also take part in our Healthy Athletes program. Designed to improve health and ďŹ tness, free screenings and education provide athletes an enhanced sports experience and improved well-being. Other opportunities include Athlete Leadership Programs, which give athletes the opportunity to learn public speaking and leadership skills.

Statewide Competition

C ale n d a r Winter Games | March Spring Games | April Summer Games | June Fall Games | August State Bowling Tournament | November

Team Captain Tool Kit  

2011 Special Olympics Minnesota Polar Bear Plunge Team Captain Tool Kit

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