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Using iPads in your classroom Taking learning mobile and turning learning on its head

Jon Audain University of Winchester




Content Introduction to the module The new computing curriculum and Assignment task Assignment – Produce an online file to support your learning during the sessions. Using an Interactive Whiteboard Introduction to ActivInspire – Basic work

Using an Interactive Whiteboard – Advanced Studies 3


Online session (**Please note, for this ICT session ONLY, you will not be required to come to the taught session **) your attendance will be monitored by your online response to the task Exploring web resources, online software and curriculum resources for the classroom.

How this relates to my classroom practice The new computing curriculum will be introduced in 2014. This session will enable you to gain an overview of what you will need to teach. The interactive whiteboard is one the main tools you will use to teach with in the classroom. This session will introduce you to the basics. Clear design and interactive elements are essential for learning when using a flipchart. This session will introduce you to the principals and tricks of good design. Learning takes place inside and indeed outside the classroom. The lesson explores tools you can use to support this process.

Using Web 2.0 in the classroom – Blogging and wikis 5

E-safety The new Computing Curriculum (Sept 2014) – The computing language – ‘un-geeking’ the terms 6

The Computing Curriculum – A hands on practical session 7 Databases 8

Mobile Technology – Extending the classroom to the outside 9

Many schools are publishing and writing about the work that happens in the classroom. This session will explore the tools you can use as a teacher to achieve this. In this digital age of technology, you as a professional and the children you teach must stay safe whilst online. This session will prepare to begin this journey. Unpicking the language of the new curriculum, is vital to understand the new computing curriculum. The only way to explore the new curriculum is to try out some of the activities in the same way you would encourage children to. Identifying the skills needed by children to understand data handling You will investigate graphing, flat file and binary databases. More schools are exploring mobile computing and how iPads and other tablets can support learning in the classroom. Be prepared to get out and about for our last session

Session outline •

iPad tips and basics of using the devices in the classroom

QR Code Reader

Book Creator


(PuppetPals HD)

Safari Safari Taking Taking aa photograph photograph Gestures Gestures Photos Photos Notes Notes && the the keyboard keyboard Speech Speech


Core apps - Safari •Apple's equivalent to Internet Explorer & Google Chrome

Multitouch Gestures • Under the General settings, there is a switch to enable Multitasking Gestures. These actions allow you to quickly flow from one app to another.

• Closing an app • Switching between apps • Accessing the multitasking tray and closing down apps


Photographs, images and the Camera Roll • Any photograph taken with the Camera tool will automatically be found in the photo app. • Albums can be created using your photographs. • Slideshows can also be made to show case your work


Core apps - Notes •Notes are blank pieces of paper. Children can write down their story, ideas for writing and anything they need to keep. You can search notes for key words and they can be emailed.

Session Outline - Using QR Codes to support learning

•Using QR Codes to add practical elements to your sessions. •Create your own QR Codes. •Explore how you can use QR Codes in your own teaching.

What are QR Codes?

•QR Codes are a great way of: •sharing information in different ways.

•Asking searching questions. •Links to curriculum resources.


QRReader app •The QRReader app allows you to scan and create your own QR Codes.

QRReader app •Placed around the room are QR posters like this: •Use the iPad and scan the code and collect the facts.

Creating QR Codes within the app •You can create a QR Code of any of the following:

Task •

Create a QR Code

Create a QR Code Learning Map

Book Creator

Making your own multimedia books for the classroom

Task •

Create a multimedia book, worksheet


VideoScribe •Talk about concepts in different ways. •Have to think carefully about the message. •Can use photographs from the camera roll. •Narration and music can be combined together.

PuppetPals HD All the World's a Stage‌!

Using iPads in your classroom Taking learning mobile and turning learning on its head

Jon Audain

University of Winchester

Ipad in the primary classroom