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Flying fish faux snow

& Your exclusive, behind-the-scenes guide to the making of the For Everything You Love TV commercial

Last spring, we introduced our most visible marketing campaign ever by asking “what do you live for?” For 2013, we’re taking it to the next level by answering that question. When we think about why we stay healthy, we don’t think about doctors, hospitals or fancy technology (though that may be how we get there). We stay healthy for love. It’s a powerful emotion linked strongly to healing and well-being, and at Park Nicollet, we understand how powerful feelings like LOVE impact our health.

For everything you LOVE.

The PN connection Many of our actors are Park Nicollet patients in real life – and a few team members even appeared in the spot. Take a close look at the commercial and you might recognize Abi Girard, Marketing, with her daughter, Ani; David Homans, MD, Cardiology; and Kaisa Johnson, CNM, Midwifery, with her newborn son, Fletcher.

More than 40 cast and crew participated in the shoot, which took place over two days at three locations.

A sweet surprise: our actors decorated real sugar cookies for this scene. Needless to say, Tyler was not hungry for dinner that night.

LaNika and Tyler

Kaisa and Fletcher

Kaisa is a certified nurse midwife at Park Nicollet; Fletcher is her son.

Just 14 days old, Fletcher slept through most of his time on camera.

A (fake) winter wonderland Although the commercial was shot in early December, we still didn’t have any snow on the ground. To create the wintery appearance, we used two different types of water-based artificial snow. The snow on the ground and trees was sprayed on using a compressor and wand, and was rinsed away after filming; the falling snow was created with a special machine and fan, and melted on its own. And while it looked just like snow, the fake stuff wasn’t cold and had the consistency of very light foam – similar to hand sanitizer.

Chris and Nikki

The real life father and daughter both have diabetes, so it was only natural for them to represent diabetes care in our campaign. Read Nikki’s story at

Three fish were caught by our angler, Sam, to be used in the ice fishing scene. When the one live fish managed to wriggle out of Nikki’s hands and into the lake, Sam jumped in and recaptured it with his bare hands.

The artificial snow was non-toxic and environmentally safe, but Morgan thought it tasted like soap.

The production team kept a close eye on the action via live-feed monitors.

Park Nicollet marketing planner Abi Girard spent time on both sides of the camera.

Abi and Ani

The first-time actors had fun being silly on camera.

Patty and Dr. Homans “I was paired up with a terrific woman who was playing my patient. Although we’d never met before, I felt like we bonded during our time together. At the end of the day, healthcare is an act of love and is about two people connecting.” – Dr. Homans Patty is a real Park Nicollet patient.

Dr. Homans wasn’t too keen on the makeup he had to wear for the shoot.

Nicolas is a goalie for Minnesota Made Hockey, so he knew all the right moves and even brought his own gear – including a helmet custompainted by his dad.


Phillip Phillip is a real HealthPartners patient, but he doesn’t really drive a motorcycle.

Melissa Schoenherr, Vice President of Marketing, was quite impressed by the vintage Ducati motorcycle.

“Keep giving me hop keep giving me

pe for a better day e love to find a way” Everything’s Okay by Lenka

Flying Fish & Faux Snow  

Your exclusive, behind-the-scenes guide to the making of the For Everything You Love TV commercial.

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